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Scoot Show 210pm, Will Smith Shooting

Apr 13, 2016|

On today’s show: At 1pm…POLL: After the death of Will Smith, Sean Payton said the city of New Orleans is broken. Is he right? NOPD says Will Smith had a gun in his vehicle at the time he was shot and killed. Does that change anything in your mind about what happened? Sean Payton thinks the idea that “everyone needs a gun” is “madness!” Is he right?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back George Jonas says this rainy Wednesday afternoon wanna mention again that the every Wednesday at the square concert sponsored by the youth leadership council has been canceled for today but the good news is. He's been rescheduled for June the first. The official coroner's statement is that Will Smith stance has been ruled as a homicide. Also via attorney for will Smith and his wife. Attorney Peter Thomson. I said that to Raquel Welch his condition is she's OK I he says that she was shot in the right leg and suffered a fractured bone. And that she was also shot in the left Blake the bullet went through her hip. And it appears as if according to the attorney that she was shot first. Then we'll see it was shot in the back. Here's part of what else the attorney said at a press conference just a little while ago. I am not aware any threats by mr. Smith to go get a job does said. He was just attacked. His car was just rammed. Hit two big men yell anatomy and cursing. Yeah the more I hear about this the more questions I have and if you've seen the video from magazine street which is has gone viral it's been all over. It's a video of a Hummer a stopping there's traffic built up in front of the Hummer on magazine street. And in my opinion and based on the experience and I am driving all these years. It seemed to see if the harbor stopped rather quickly to slam on his brakes but soft rather quickly. And then the vehicle comes really close to if not bumps into the hunger. Now the consensus according to Wilson's attorney because census in the car with Will Smith. With Mitt will Smith's wife. And another couple was appear Thomas and his wife I don't know but there was another couple India India shooting with Wilson at this point. The consensus was they did not hit the Humber. The Hummer pulls over as if he was hit. And the issue vis which will Smith goes around it. And has done magazine and then the Humber takes off after Will Smith. At some point crashing into Wilson is not as UV with such force that it shatters the back window. And then according to his attorney. Somebody gets out of number two people get out of the harbor. And Kaka contour will Smith and apparently go to wise get out of the first vehicle wheels just vehicle. And feel like they have have have calmed the situation down. I thought that this had been at least resolved to some degree. And then not long after that. The alleged shooter cardinal Hayes. Allegedly had a gun and allegedly shot Will Smith eight times in the back. If you wanna join us from the comet are numbers 2601870. Very code 5042601878. And our text. Is a 7870. Also were reacting too well what Sean Payton had to say about the city being broken and that's our party jaguar opinion poll. After the death of Will Smith Sean Payton says the city of New Orleans is broken is he right. He did this in an interview citizen an interview with USA today sports. This is a story that is is. Being covered nationally. And at the press conference of the attorney earlier today for the Smith family. There was a an NFL Mike and an ESPN. And then Sean Payton says New Orleans is broken on in the USA today interview that's his opinion do you agree. Only 8% say Sean Pate is wrong 92% say Sean Payton is right the city is broken. If your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com to get back to your calls from Gramercy Kristin you're on to every WL. Hi. I'm looking. When I was gonna I can end Ian. Eight. Many. Any that it was time well and cheat lie and apparently shot and Charlotte. I'll sit at a birdie or lack there on hurt in that not out and that should be you know. Domenici and up and out of the year now and you can you may want to try. The attorney for on this earth friendly says that they were afraid in the car they were freed after this harbor crashed into the back of their car they were afraid. We'll got out of the car. He wanted to find out why this guy is very large man. Was coming at will and why he had slammed his car words were exchanged. Will apparently wanted to find out who the guy was and why he slammed his car the attorney says he was yelling and cursing at will and enraged. Rock kill Smith and the other woman in the car came out to try to defuse the situation. They felt like they had done that's. But the killer follows them suddenly two shots are fired. Hitting her book leading her to lay eggs. And then six to eight shots fired at will now we know was eight shots fired. And if it most of them it's not often hitting in the back how do you mean self defense if he shoots somebody in the back. And that. It did you know he Chapman all I was out. That that back to back. That's pretty that made it. And ill check it. Chris and I'd that's the way it is seems to me want to wait to by the way I apparently I just calls rock tell Smith Raquel Welch hire our price for that. Yeah that's it that's just another indication that this is live radio it's unscripted and what you're hearing happens alive before your very ears. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601 A somebody text 87870. From on Metairie Dave welcome to the show. Hello Dave. All right telescope to New Orleans and done reverend Littleton welcome to our show. Felt guilty sir you dude. We are the column here there cold blooded murderer. Or methane children and our. Hatred pinch them range. Ma ma ma. All right reverend thank you for your thoughts. From Hanrahan shown you're known WW LK. Based go to more micro sure it. All our mom malt. Portland was what would it right now there's literacy. That could here it will mean it is. And it would put good it would augment the flow. You're if it. Blows ms. Berry and we seem to receive our video that the coy thing be to call. The other caller jumped out period after you hit the article crumbles like these stop for a certain little. Will Smith not north and that too it is Lewis mentioned throughout. In seemed to lose tried to avoid. Deal taken to Jordan or whatever you do and he'd go to other dharma guy Rwanda and into in the shooting somewhere. All further down in a further O'Connell whatever what have you. If these are having an argument before the shooting. Any can't be premeditated act at noon tomorrow. If when you have an argument. I tell you that I'm about to go to Merkel or ink it. Margo and and Tunisia before you do GO car. They truly happen a week. I'm if the guy abuse since the killing and that the law. Please give him all of these fools you put. But to make it because we love will assume that we do love listen. Let us follow what it won't be another show in accordance with the true accordent made up spoke. The idea called policing skate it. So. Then that justice and why would you state of the coal but he killed so. It Larry why would you shoot some are in the back so there's lot of questions that. Agreed to pediatric showing I I I I agree with you it is much as we love. One of the people involved in this tragic incident. We do need to be fair because Karr dale Hayes type is not guilty decline as a whole lot to say is dead he would only be guilty if he secure. Yeah. Yeah and the police dubious quality of the Arab I'm seeing video police also wondered reached its future. Information your idea in registration goggles what is cloak on the depletion and and coaching and then you can hear it at the body Campbell that the guy but the police. And so that matter what you should be told me that he did little dignity in Poland police is justifiable if it's they've been hinting that in that nature. Well yeah I got a text a few minutes ago from our simmering it was a bringing up there's points when it comes to. But police shooting and killing somebody everybody says let's not rush to judgment but yet it seems like many people are quick to rush to judgment in this case. I can only tell you what I feel what I sense I and I have no idea what happened and I'm not to placing blame anywhere. But I have questions about. Wanted to vehicle hit the Hummer in fact would there be evidence. Look I know that I know that debt doubt Mercedes that you see is is well built but if he did indeed ball into the back of the Hummer. Would there be evidence of that on the front of an issue of the Will Smith SUV. You know I I don't know maybe you can go above somebody lightly and there would be no evidence of that are all shot I'm really glad you called. If you're on hold hang on if you wanna join us with your thoughts are numbers 260. One a seventy. Area code 5042601. A seventy text Amber's age 7870. And dec tyra Matthew says that's this alleged killer. Is a coward. He tweeted out a cardinal Hayes. He has been behaving expletive coward. Never knew he crawled to the killers though. May you get what you deserve collared. That's a tweet from tyra and Matthew but a friend of side Hayes says. This guy was a good family man does a lot for this city and tiring Matthew hasn't done anything for the city. I'm scoots and we'll be right back on WL. Sean Payton says he hates guns said this in an interview with the USA today or sports department. He said the idea that we need them guns to fend off intruders people are more apt to draw them in other situations. That's some silly stuff for hanging onto I'm not an extreme liberal. I find myself leaning to the right on some issues but this is an issue I cannot wrap my mind around. He said I've heard people argue that everybody needs a gun. That's madness. I know there are many kids who grow up in a hunting environment I get that but there are places like England where even the cops don't have guns. Sean Payton was unable to sleep. On Saturday night after getting induce him to his former player Will Smith have been shot and killed at 5:45 Sunday morning Sean Payton said he got his car. And wanted to go to the scene of the murder said he wanted to just see it's. If you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601870. Tex is a 7870 from Metairie Steve welcome. I feel it's good. The idea that brewery at your bumper requirements. That I need to I want to. Is it a lot in relation that would be helpful. Well and and it's it's it's so enlightening church. I actually chat to my class and I'm actually from a permit shelf or mail. And a lot being. You know from a previous call or that which Allah. They shoot the next beyond upset because it so happened that. Bush Steve give me example of what you're what you're referring to. Well the because it upper class but he basically your self and here. Your first reaction. Is to retreat. Thank. Previous call call about that the shooting a colossal air station. And he said oh god it was all about the court shot it actually roll gotten that the shooting that you can Cuba permit future. Q retreating into the sport and I approached you know. So it is retreating to dispose of it they used so a war situation not. Into opposition but it took them carry on the Internet. And Archie. Pathetic but you know. Say you're into that. But some. Right in you'll lose. Do you think it despite did you get that done and choose not. To oh. And I think that they teach you to think that they that you know at the you know you're carrying. Up and it is quite. And there are real but he is one reason why. Because you're a mile at some adult day. And now that that that where you know. It should be well strike that case. It. And Steven although all the experts and I've talked to about concealed carry classes so they'll save you the exact same thing that you mark taught to retreat at these new. Stand your ground laws which are I guess there's there's a new popularity of stand your ground lost. It's giving some people the impression that you don't have to retreat and I guess in some ways illegally you don't have to retreat. But if you could retreat why wouldn't you take that course of action rather than kill somebody unless you wanna just punish him right there in the air. Well there are retreating by about an amp a and paper produced a gun at that point action. The date by it not sure it's like it's like individual yacht that Doctor Who and rapidly in the kidnapped and thank you. They'll now from Napoli. So because he saw a lady in kidnapped at the connector on that girl when it stopped. He got turnaround produce a weapon it should win it at that point. Now if that doctor at the apartment. At the aliens. Got program produced on an act now and now. There are certain circumstances that always elect its gonna be that that's an area now I mean I. Not so I'm that it quiet but it should not the opt out. But deadly and it's also important to remember that a lot of people have guns. Don't take the class. Well at our identity is it that and just like individuals who it will. Get BP basically intended. To get back at you know what it it would you know what. They ought not report. You know rear and have been without regard it proper. That was my first reaction to this effect on Monday ever to blog about this we talked about it on a show. On that afternoon one thing we know for sure there's a lot we don't know but one thing we know for sure Will Smith should not be dead. You can't we do not use guns to settle. A confrontation of of words and when you mentioned a very earlier our conversation about people guns in and confronting people. Unfortunately. Guns give a lot of people confidence to enter into confrontations that they would never intervene if they didn't have the gone. Tell me that goes well beyond using a gun for protection. And I and and enact it into the tree I mean out in raise around them but I doubt kit on it. There are a lot of pain that just basically throw light all say no doubt about that in it and it really should that you it paid model you know. Props go to that cut training. Steve I. Appreciate the call and the insight. Part of your whole hangover coming right back after this WB will news update with Chris Miller. And we've got some rain to get through today and tomorrow and maybe early Friday morning but it is going to be a another spectacular weekend I know I'm gonna have a great weekend I just got a text of my son and his fiance. Just landed from Portland will be here for a very special event this weekend. Here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll after the death of Will Smith Sean Payton said the city of New Orleans is broken. Is he right. 10% say no 90% say yes before get back to your calls an issue this text with you. What difference does it make if Will Smith but the guys Hummer. How is that relevant. Leaving the scene of an accident gives this guy the right to ram will Smith's vehicle on purpose then kill him. The next call that says. That the fact that Will Smith bumped his vehicle. Please explain how that is even relevant. And I think that's a good point. If somebody can do something really bad like like bought your car and take off. But nowhere in the law do you have a right to kill. You can get into an argument with somebody. Verbally. But I don't know anywhere in the law. Where that gives you the right to kill somebody. Up from Kenner Tony you're under the WL. Go to school you don't have good Tony. I honestly actually be it. Everything that you own dark green where I agree are orchestrated not at all broken up which city. These are world broken arm gotta. Outbreak it is probable that it won't be. Now on the politicians. Low we can't do it out of control. Whose other pro corners to control who can change. Triggered. A way to people. Or. Two ago. Which there. Are only being. Good. Thing oh. Atlantic and it. Sort of you know but now we call now. And we beat me at all and not. Well. Tony for those who. Heartbreaker after voted for those who don't specifically believe what you believe. It seems to me that yes your your right politicians can't change its. But we have the ability as individuals to change. And if we all as individuals and and and summer accountable to god in summer just accountable to themselves if we were all accountable to ourselves. And held ourselves responsible for our decisions and our behavior whether comes to having kids are decisions that we make every day in the real world. If we were more responsible this would be a better place we've got to stop looking to the government or politicians to make things right. I'm from New Orleans Robert here and every WL. It allies had. Don't talk about couple. And referenced you last column that politicians in. You know the situation all can't be changed. It can't be changed outlook and your parole or time subsidy. From the murder capital of the world. Jack having it the sabres large city in the country that was done because of policies that were implemented by the police department and the administration brought in the city are. I have is a very strong Republican Rudy Giuliani administration. Why. Did. You cry it back in by going at the quality of life issues urged. Secondly I agree hundred templates that. City. And for people to deny it. People ignore. It just perpetuate the problem. And a couple of the previous scholars you know they kind of like Internet and well. Implement and obviously hit. It in the right somebody mention that I'm back. Yeah I can't tell if the Hummer moves as a result of being bought by the car like I couldn't tell that there was a direct hit there what I've seen the video over and over again. It looks to me like for whatever reason. The Hummer stopped quickly. Stopped kind of short of the traffic that had done had built jumping in front of him didn't slam on his brakes but it was almost as if there's a possibility they lose he was looking for a confrontation. That's exactly what it was doing he was not to shoot some nice seven iron would actually aren't sure I'm I'm with. YouTube like twice before shoot well and yet. It is in any and all other. Cursory. Start and it's littered. Don't. He redirect him to double standard Kia. At all after supposedly bopping. It doesn't. Buy it out. Golf Channel and that would be thought. That would need to be talked about it as a community at. That we have been going on. Eight people shot all people shot. People opening fire on on Bartlett street in the middle well. Without people on the street. Talk about it before that we as a community ever. Come up with suggestions to install. And Roberts are Sean Payton said you know you don't hear this much noise being made when it happens in New Orleans he's a little Lower Ninth Ward and now it's creeping into the the prominent area of the Garden District and I think he's right about that date. Because as a mentioned earlier this week. Devers who Will Smith did I suppose this tragedy in somebody's life everyday in this country in many times it's it's it's in this city we don't hear about it and it's almost as if we. It's almost as if we turn our backs to it Robert I'm I'm going to college you attend this is a really really sensitive topic for me right now because of my son his fiancee. And a lot of her family and a lot of difference. Have come to New Orleans for a long weekend from Portland. And I I hate you were talking about this on the show. Because I remember this past weekend it was beautiful there was French Quarter fast this is a great great city. Unfortunately. There's some bad people in it but there's some bad people everywhere. Are if you're part of the baby boomer generation are gonna put things in in perspective when we come back it was on this day. 71 years ago. That a child star was born the guy 71 years old today we'll tell you who it is who we come back on W ago. And it. And it. Since I'm just cost coach your calendar and April 13 through McAfee birthday today to Tony Dow who played Wally on Leave It to Beaver. Think about this Wally is 71 years old. But then again you know big Jack there's in his seventies a lot of rock stars and a lot of the pop culture of people we remember from the pastor intercept these now. Seventy is the new forecast for hours on concerns. It does how to put this in perspective. I still never figured out I think it was called the people. Through June coming over the next hour we're gonna ask the question should business is like come. Steelers know they support religious liberty lawless. Either way should they let the customers now. And Venus and discussion and next are we continue our conversation about the shooting death of a former saint will Smith and from home of Paul welcome to WWL. The most valuable good and a lot of the we were all on one of the questions are all. When mr. page is that he didn't have been and had been on the air by. That's the impression that I got hearing via attorney for Will Smith that's the impression that I got to DP PP two but that's the impression I got I could be wrong to. What. Sort of start to mama ball. It's. Where. That was a problem but. So far calmer in the back of my what well you've. Public Obama keep the cap. Well the back problem but it would have been technically. It didn't think getting. Could cause you to look at video that life. Yeah I couldn't. From the grainy video I couldn't tell us the united liberal recession. Separate videos. On the enough not for about now. But it was one big on that could break with the extra other women but it does not yet. Such okay well it is. Everybody out of no such. Thing is where and when will it took off from that point in the case that we just followed. Okay. In particular mr. Smith and completely. The court from the list of the vehicle so. What we unit that was just on the attack. And so it is somebody hit my vehicle and they took off I would aggressively followed him to get their license number but I am gonna down. Exactly I would I would definitely a problem to get a lot of you look at got on the. However having seven or just animal you continue buy it if if the person got out of the vehicle. And confronted me and I feel like my life which threatened you know I I Killen. Well today that an optional two. A a ball or post them in the opener norms. On that spot or accountable with him. And secondly it doesn't just call you just take a council of it would Obama. Where and when it came down to. What whatever the situation was between the sniping continues at. The problem. It is shot. The man was shot in the back a pond were using. It to me that that's completely able. Well the question will be if if five youth. The suspects felt like Will Smith was going back to his cart to get it going to turn and kill him the question is going to be. If somebody if you believe somebody's going to get a gum line does that mean your life is is is threatened do you have a right to shoot him before outlook. I. I looked like it you made common earlier. If I happen. The way up to witness in India to a situation if you bought back his vehicle on the back in my court at our. Well sure you can do you could bunkered down in your car with your gun and it Will Smith came toward your. Paul I really do appreciate the call if you're on hold hang on we are. Coming right back to our numbers 2601 a seventy. And checks and receipts 7870. I stood in the afternoon. And this is where politics and pop culture meets your opinions every afternoon. It WL. Andy was on this Davis is on a pop culture calendars well this became the number one album in the country on this day in 1974. I still have to payers and Elton John tickets to giveaway. That's coming up but if you will. And will announce a winner after the news also we've got to know appeared to to see giveaway next half hour. And Alberts your WWL welcome. Yeah you don't scoop good. OK I had that question two I heard mr. he's with a restive with drug and gun charges. And is that is the king wasn't supposed to be you and haven't gotten that does. You know Albert I don't know the answer that question he was so he was put our probation he was he was arrested for gun I'm going. Possession and drug paraphernalia assault I don't know if that too means that there were no drugs or it was just drug paraphernalia. Mean. I just cons of either culture these. Complex dorms are advantages to culture young black males to get mad drug type of cultures and carry guns in the car mean. Is just said that they needed that to happen will. And in destroy this young man by announcing. Do you right to license in effectiveness right right right. Howard I appreciate your call. Here's a text that is similar to a couple of text or have come in from Mercedes-Benz owners that's an interesting thing to note what Mercedes-Benz owners listening to our show. I believe the at Mercedes G wagon is a break safe this stops the vehicle. So you don't ran into the person in front of you. And here's a tax debt. Says where's that something about I have a Mercedes-Benz. These text are coming so fast they jump around all my Mercedes-Benz breaks. On its own does not allow you to hit someone. Off from the rear. It's a safety feature. So I Jesse singer the Mercedes-Benz. Vehicle allow issue to. Allows you to stop it automatically stops in so you won't hit the yen hit the vehicle are we do have our winner congratulations to Patrick Kilgore. He just won a pair of tickets to go see Elton John in Baton Rouge are ways in October the fifth listen again next hour for your chance to win two tickets. And the concert tickets go on sale Friday April 15 that's this coming Friday 10 AM Ticketmaster dot com. And good luck for the radio station that loves rock and roll elections WL I think it was so cool it Tommy Tucker this morning giving away tickets to Guns 'N Roses. I'm giving away tickets to Elton John. There was a time years ago that you never would have thought that a radio station like WWL we've giving away these tickets but that is who our audience is today. I'm scoots glad you withers and will be back on WWL.