WWL>Topics>>4/18 11:35am Dave Workman, gun control

4/18 11:35am Dave Workman, gun control

Apr 18, 2016|

Should gun-makers be held accountable and sued by victims of gun violence? A Connecticut Superior Court judge ruled that a gun maker could be sued by the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. He said, “ that a federal law protecting gun-makers from lawsuits does not prevent lawyers for the families of Sandy Hook victims from arguing that the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is a military weapon and should not have been sold to civilians.” Do you agree with him? Garland speaks to Dan Workman, Senior Editor for the Gun Mag.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And then there was the others Edward Lincoln about land week. Should terror record drugs bureau records and did you June Connecticut. Ruled that a Wall Street can go forward against them mate or a rifle used in 2012. Sandy hook on the moon roots school shootings. He ruled that out after a number of families. Filed a lawsuit. To in tune to good number and concerning Somalia automatic rifle it's and Q and talked used rob de Bord when. Senior editor for the gunmen Dave good talking you're gonna appreciate the call. Not at all I don't think remote for Evan. Are gonna snake you feeling your against the list. Well yeah and not because it really do you foresee it just it's the precedent that this could step. And he could be perfect every industry in the united state. It's just easily doable in good beacons. Somebody missed you. It is deeply he would did. The school in the he that you didn't quite get. Used to what. Probably small arms density bakery poor in the world via the school to commit just the horrible heinous crimes that are but he remembers. I don't see how. A court order certainly not sure. What it would be convinced. That the water industry is in any weak call for for. Is the U do their talking about your routine some element poems or four of the automatic right. That stands for the war. Noble. Eight yard is done expedient for automatic or able. That stands for horrible light were able. It's he does release date approximately Cortland new war talk about it. A semiautomatic work would be just happened readable popular the more people in the United States right now. Meets people. Even if there was any kind of comparable. Troy the law we certainly see it now because there are so many of the circulation bit. People want with them but he they compete wouldn't be. The target to recreational would have. Across a lot of rule America. Former tech year ago crops there Campbell from the and certainly downer in in the towel. I know that there's a lot of people using your territory at all in an annual no problem with one or two. Ari bureau among number of people have been older no more than talk about does. Michael well you're aware of the Dave Gordon might. Yes sir. Go on the show. Thank you very much. I really euros you would hear their. That they are a roller coaster. It's. You know in the officer you know I agree you know arms so you'll see people QB. You know you can take ago we're the number of hours. The Stewart Georgia. It states it is it's it's not you know. Under there but he is itself that you know people. Outraged just wills. You know. All these situations. There unfortunate what what are the schools savior. You know all the it and you know it wasn't the active and that's what. So all while or just it doesn't make it. The right thing else. Maybe. It's a wired mention about sports naked you know automatic rifles burst Serbia. You know. Well there are. You know single shot cultures or are there a credible stock market remote want to show a lot of spot circuit completely illegal. Not Serbia ought to. Portable fire burst of the most semiautomatic or. You know it it. It doesn't matter Jerry you know. The market or salt of the market what are people started my hero here to read people's structured. Would marry girls though we we. Bill bizarre idea. You know so you you battled somebody reliable product they're Mary subordinate news. I'd and foreign Mike for running on time. Dave obviously use you would agree with the them. Yeah me to do it. Shot in I think we all remember. The year issues in Washington DC. We're several people were people. Rather quickly. It and the news media at best actor went almost no exit cleaning it should career what is absorbed. So cold so actuality you. Will be Pope shot in the U and so model look it would. One round book closely since nine the I think thirty to tell ports deal Rory. And he fired simple shot with. So they actually people political action or an assault weapons because he gets so many people will not believe the east it's not applicable. He would. By awhile we need a lawsuit to do is because so do you keep individual. Mis used for. Eat that person goes forward. Likened likened scene where. Part companies might be sued bully people and you know well India but some. Were behind we call our welcome which is that you should make cars that can. Do we year ninety miles and now the word that at least so much to what group of people that's the kind of reasoning. That it's scary did the. Forward from work or talk about right now is suited to. Like I concede that port extremist element to a complete. Where it. With possible. It's meg do you have loans because they upstaged her record charge in Connecticut. There's allowing aerial lawsuit to a broad broad the families of some of victim and sent the San Diego coach shooting. May have skilling. Of the judges. Along the wall of sued to continue against the gunmaker. Of whip David Boardman with the senior amateur pro gun magazine and they've been here every time. We do of these gun control. Gun laws Todd shows we always getting to a debate. Over the restrictions. Ed cone show. Talked to me about. The restrictions. To law is the the procedure to sell a gun at a gun show. All. First. I think is important to note that it can issue more liberal people lead reader. The source of any didn't it crumbles. But a couple studies didn't. They determined the worst 1% of the or equitable skipper does go. Through that period. What the the gun control law be. Who watched the perpetually. Via. You keep cool background check for re orient for work or in six at all weathered. And issue. Decency and you'll hire new girl and you do what. Told the awards so it but we could get to trot them woeful condition because the only true for years. And you know you need correction. But he did perpetually does this argument that it. Background check also now. It reduced the potential for conviction across. A lot of the people who have been responsible for reaction. Has gone through background checks because. They bought their June retail. Or at least like incident he's vault bought that game at retail. In the seed Connecticut look at some of those Google the country. The the problem with is that it you'd. I think it district's public attention away from some of the real serious causes of crime. And district public potentially Ole shall from the little problems that have been created. Oh yours where lack of funding pools institutions. In this in any number of causes here. On the bit. This universal back where it currently does it. He lives in New York can choose. To do and should. They're worried and always pleasure talk to you I appreciate your time. As senior editor for the gung regularly in the album soon they find your magazine web site ago. Yeah where were on line at the bit and may dot com. It and you can also read scripture read the Seattle gay rights examiner. Dave always pleasure and good but it her. The media.