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4-18 4pm Deke: on the NFL Draft and LSU spring football

Apr 18, 2016|

Deke takes calls on the NFL Draft and talks with Tigerbait.com's Mike Scarborough about LSU's spring game.

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Good evening and welcome to sports Tokyo on WW radio like keep Hillary indicate to anybody it would be with us. Tomorrow welcoming up on today's program we have a lot to keep you to date including the LSU Tigers a lot of Butler shoot this spring game of football over the week and plus. The Tigers baseball team has come July oh the last couple games including the time the Tigers have done them three series. They've beaten Auburn they've beaten you it may be in the week misery on the road and yes it's fifty to two victory over tiger here here. Ought to be Tokyo Radio One the partners are critically at 7 o'clock that night with. Called pulmonary also at a few bring all over the over the weekend on Saturday. A lot came out course be featured on talk about how Cam Cameron had to just a lot of things because he was taken the English training camp. Interest stories and about that and how it if you should be better this year peppered him him being there with the whole time and there are camp. The bulk at play here coach Kim was not in the way it is now an L Hugh course comes up in. How Vanilla but now all spring game can be seen the year but it kicked him out there all only SEC channel but it pre game with on the SEC. I was there you can lose and our board support with socially how big time college football the calm. It's Saturday at point point by years ago it was maybe a handful of greens and now they're just a few games that are not brought in each week. And a competent. Some type of tie it at some of the agreement with them network over the course of this beat them in new eight college football. This 60 late seventies and over again while he could that that's an 87. Aids in today's pretty Dag or that you over the line WW dot com would listen to equipment if Beltre. You all the you'll incite the trio. Tree down off the hook with a twelve overall pick in the notre. At the beaches they were great years in saint team to worry about Robert could be a big bowl talk about the the Saints are taken on him what he's done and also the chance on not that you know what he can do. And to me might be one of those guys you've got to roll the dice with you to a meal is that he's he picked good par. Only other dominant Romo and other players in his clients can make it that much better book in DT. The way it's not accurate point. Gonna be a risk with somebody but it may land him the way he picked it could be a tremendous value opera type of that company with. Talk about the LHU pre game. And line gentle it was an update on the Saints go to draft and on a day of the week with me please welcome. The ancient Rome or try to put and it kept the if you losers baseball series. And god awful tough eaters if we Mississippi State completely game the red hot southeast line. And the one at DePaul players felt you know pretty jaguar you close to two weeks less than two Kuwait and Beltre. You're the site you trade up trade down or stay put with twelve overall pick in the union goes 601. You can make it a seventy. 870 who come back take a look at it that you had to go the week it reached at the UBA playoffs in Eto'o playoff. In BA of course and making it now we will bank on Jeff Van Gundy get another job. His name is being service in Minnesota so is Tom Thibodeau who was certainly hear both those coach things service here a year ago with a delicate way with. Alvin Gentry we'll see if those guys that come up and landed jobs now maybe do or what have my vote Butler Minnesota where it leads the and the ability it's a sports talk on baby get you real. And welcome back to sports Tokyo on W did you know. Jesse can't count this. Anybody can change the awesome Jay's care who could use a thousand dollars right where you have an opportunity to right here on WW 1000. Dollar and on nationwide there's can't cut it. Just isn't right before the topping out is that Sammy in my living at 2 PM at five. 672881. That seven to anyone you can't forget that award go on vacation bank account. With 1000 dollar to educate them already you need to come out with a WW we thought that equipment to protect the decorate the six of one point seven Texas and 878 him. College football is it really an opportunity now. Excuse. For a team that's not a power about conference. To become a month the program. Think about it. Over the week in. Spring stadiums with what Theo. With spring football Ohio State had a 100 now nearly a 102000. I just don't know it. There's a monopoly. On the but Powell Viacom to college football like it monopoly in the NFL. It's the of them it would be it definitely. They compete. And if the team that not a power of want to compete. Though Winnick and it is. Or. Or comment that an opportunity. For college experience I just don't see how they can do. I just don't see how it's always Ku and compete when I haven't had big tapped it. And meet the people crap load week in that. Some some crowd in the ACC. Schools will queue or that and it's a whole year. But it's it's got to be so beat them Bobo and at this moment through the council votes this week Alabama's spring scrimmage Tokyo few theory. Ohio State. They were pointedly at Nebraska you talk about touching that with a young man. And break. Brilliant penalties on the two years ago. They missed him now. Putting a yoga. It off the ball to him on the field running alternates that even if they like sixties audio touchdown office all. The cause he needs to open now an opening and mean just here waiting if this this this that the confidently. It lies about this edict that happened it was unbelievable. And go to Q will. Remember that how well he Leo. If that Carrasco and packed crowd you know on a big crowd that you. Elections spring game of course but felt like that Mike Bobo coming. Lou. In a spring game to what they are it's the fan base turned up he gets people excited but I think people have come used to not seeing it. That you they it would be QC. It like trailing it you're like Harris. It feet made it with a quarterback. 26018. At Texas eight Sammy and the New Orleans Saints in the and they Andrea. Operated jaguar that you Pau. The Saints and all the to a pin in the first round of the draft. You'd think. You can we just don't pay your Puerto. It's a deep draft. You see a bunch of good receiver there but attack with there he can maybe move back. That are never frown the optimal. That would have six Indy. With you do it. Would you be inclined to move back to thank him Buddha before the company. That move Beckett is that a philosophy where is you don't believe in two and move him back only move. 60 wait that would. You could pick this 8787. And the Saints at and a lot of the defense. Seven players that into last year. David saint you know pick though that they don't even have an airline laryngitis. And nick fairly. But look at the trail that will be huge in the you to the team close league is that that they're about to be 8879. And the saint. The game back to the top NFC south Carolina at home. The last three seasons. He had to be a basketball and take that out. Are you into Golden State. Doing well. Edition of prominent compared to the whole time. The Chicago Bulls. We don't care a lot of people calling NC ABA basketball to all play eligible now in the playoffs on the second week in April. It won't deal with the June. To possibly. Get too much. Toronto leads us into Toronto Chris Indiana game two tonight in Toronto paces on top political tool that a Raptors. After the Oklahoma City one to zero in the Golden State Warriors all over the Rockets. Was the biggest win by defeating champ. It was an embarrassment with the idea in the related to save team in the Western Conference finals a year ago. And I'll basketball. Well look at what we have here and you'll want the best young though that if he Davis. Is now a whale. An opportunity for the fan base at the eighth two people to a and obviously. Excited but open real with. I think as an opportunity whereas. This team has that been spoiled. Over the team that has been males keep him market. Excited about 2601870. You could Texas and 87870. Let's go to a mic in New Orleans all I want to believe that you're calling it we did you know. Hello date. Well this my first call. And yeah I remember real well and go on. Can days and everyone in the city so that they can go. You know just like that at the game. And his game. But it does this in the terminal pro. Deal. I think it's a great idea nick I think that the a lot of them that they don't like that. Lately did you were you able to a kick out eating and always keep up with Will Smith story and everything that happened last week with the serves as vocal player. So make you think it'll be Sotheby's should be done in season or just want you. Well this week. Some of the problem that they won a jewel in the weight in there. Couldn't get on the radio and talking. It got a it's a great idea what a package this thing the twelfth in the draft it needs to stand pat. Koubek a move to a picnic and Andre. If you were shopping would you move look what you move back. What. A Xavier which all Peyton trampled you move look so bad pick would you move Beckett can get more players. Total. Defense nick. Thank you yeah. Yeah I did that. Don't know I'm look no doubt about that maturity of material. With the way the defense was last couple years you know fifth in the good old. But they have you know you know I expect to be paid for if you look at them. People point to the optimistic. Side of it and I don't. DuBois groove so to speak you look at the finance me the only Kaka. You know it's long it's a Indians. If things got to work out I mean I remember with him last year we brought. You know we gave like Keenan Lewis. And this that their players as there what do think that really a greater secondary they know Carroll out there. Keenan Lewis and you know the best surprise last year and a question. With Dillon broke. Well question he with a bit surprised so you know it is easy eagle to have a go and some teams that do well gonna have some surprises. I mean even the guys that win that if civil issue they had may have just played. Unbelievable relation you're gonna have to have that in a championship. So we'll see but at royal. Whether grant that's got a lot of value might you be because tomorrow might create dot com and might create it with his weekly and if they'll take. On the NFL prayer. Is it worth moving up. To pick Isaiah is what does that mean the back in just that the we don't do it. Are you trying to move back. Because you know you can get similar players. You're not one of two players away from where you wanna be more like optically it where you wanna be. Or maybe there one or two players that you that it could be that's special. Could be the difference maker on offense or the 60 wait that eagle ball on line it Debbie did you go dot com. It was shoot eight. All the things you do that guy coming up at that break might call girl I debate that com. Well we would lose the other issue baseball teams meet at Missouri over the week Ian. Coming of these could go fifteen to. Win in that she was just a bit below a few weeks ago now they are kind of success that these obviously moved to the pit spot in the country point five and eleven. So we can we when it gets the southeast outlines of it we gamely tonight in the end they will play the Mississippi state board. Come and appear on WW rate you beat years ago this week LSU Mississippi State. The comeback will get to. The Colts Bryant and it will probably LSU spring game. And at a sweet and Ryan now I'm Ryan thank you calling Debbie video you would you take. I'm good that are that it can't be written about it art but I like DuBois. Well it well I shot pretty good. I dropped them a little bit right now though. There are a little bit similar. To that tackle. And throughout the early written that the tackle. I think we get a real good player. At that position later program to make more fit the couple really neat when the few players away from. Are becoming a really dynamic game where we need more bodies. And had twelve of them sheltering in racial and I think we all. And I think we should pretty much indeed and it dried out. That shot to do one thing that badly but the talent these college bound. Him. And needed and that created on the dog out like tiger. And grit that are called then. All of our program our program. So I I. If you take that approach because you don't feel that this hit too close to beat a team that he could be it's worth more for him to get more players ITI agree also. Yeah well we didn't know then again other than that and as well. And it strapped we need to implement. Player back in the ballot where he ripped here that really can but there aren't that we can parlay bet that. And you know question as interpreter. Out there and wrap them up pick up more picks and be very judicious with those six. Background it rattled as Iraq thank you so much for calling him a good since I appreciate call. It all right you too to think though that. The Texas League that hates it if Bryant and Edmonton and the you'd like a particularly if you lose time. Is it for 31 berth into Christmas. Able about the sport so what he'd do you think that it ran trade out. Who Penn State at them but will do 60 points that he could take any techniques and their root for Bryant on line to Bryant but he that you calling WW. I'd be all I do I think. Do it all I think that things should Cedeno and try gave bid deep and well like from our chat Walton. I. So obviously you'd you'd think if somebody got almost better than the ones that did there in there the whole class but it. All yet. They're Mikey if everybody keeps saying that people gravity is based on defense that land you know my my logic is. Would you be better all kitten. To a three of players. And in you know add to your roster like that went with several players or is it that one guy is it worth you know the handsome we have head. What is the Saints have moved up and please you know you'll agree it when State's Boudreau. But it what they traded picks that they don't. And that you want to give grant it to all the same thing with the ridiculous Belinda who was who hope that it turned out to be. In the call don't you line the line and it was it. You know you might have been I don't look back and get notably. But we'll see if that well is that it's 60 point that. The ticket that welcome back off a couple of cool word in the nationwide what dance has cut as an L through spring ball all the target critical to speak outta here. And what is really good. Into the U Alabama. Well disagree through Alabama and back on top and away is it to Atlanta. Is basically going to be a hue and cry Dupree had been reported that got the people when all. But grant. So what has to be. That's an. Eight good ukulele he you to lusty 60 points and who don't know if you bring bought it bought it because you're. Expected to vote to go to go to Sean. If you walk on Iowa shot that you called that you get yeah. John. Hello hello how are you. Jimmy. Pocket me you'll. Okay. Matt. Saying I don't. It'll be. At the dark. Why why people. Like other color we are up I. And eat there. It went well. We do right out. We went up the street at what are you people are out it felt like. A tree or a if. Don't get to come down to showing tape talk wanna go through you felt about him not just they put. Oh. Where Sean out to you what you sack. You sound like you know what we talk about it no doubt about it we don't appreciate you call that industry is that the Mike's golf or www. I debate dot com is what is it now Mike thanks so much time. You also have issued brief practice this year. Well you know I think it's kind of you know you know what did my town that we that I think. You know you're you're you're the question mark that you actually in this boring I think he's still. Although I do think that maybe it might be an additional. Concern and that's at wide receiver open. They'll issues. Like got some talent there. I don't know which you've got to clear cut number three of four wide receiver. They can actually be consistent it in the octaves. I you know which happened to rally they do priests gonna keep getting better be. You know you know when your top guys in the league. But you're who you're number three in a wide receivers. And you know certainly get a little bit look at Dave and his defense on Saturday. But there's a lot of that that there is still yet to be seen in installed. Later in the summer. In league in the fall camp. Mike and I know what the owners like Jordan. Yeah ago tiger bait I count we've got great to entertain questions from. Must bring a capital crimes are put together we got multiple recruiting story that was probably the big. Two positives Saturday when there was injuries in the spring game. In those the great date from recruits that were in town visiting that day. Michael is a lot of people to an issue and for various reasons they'll say okay same old assembled the quarterback but when you look at this team. What is it is if the quarterback into. And you what do they had to do to get over the hall what do they have you from a year from now we're talking about what emits an expectation they didn't. It did not not meet the expectations. I think they need to do. Similar to what they did last year ambient and about time they get to November. And instead of losing three straight. And I mean they need to win those three. And finish him into an unknown meet expectations. And I. You know but it gave in on them welcome now yes. Yeah and then and I think that's where the fan bases you know it. You know a lot of people you can read comments you get a morning show and you know line LSU fans are basically yeah Kuchma also about the quarterback to progressing. They look at the gaudy passing statistics from scrimmage is that we don't get to see to verify does that add those stats are at or accurate. You know who's to say yeah probably wanna see and you know and obviously don't generally the games each week but. Really it's just I think to me like last year we look at each week as a of the earlier this season you're saying you know these mistakes they're making these deficiencies. Is gonna cut it November. And sure enough that's what happened last year I didn't give it about these things I do think there's will be better not do think the defense. What will be improved. But you know what there's some still some questions on the offensive line. You know you come up my can only after left tackle. I still think that that that often Alonso is a work in progress. Concerned obviously still a quarterback and wide receiver I've got a lot of returning starters that we talked about eighteen returning starters. But there's still some things to be worked out there if you think they'll she's going to be a legit. Contender for the SEC west title. Mike's cobra tiger bait I come with the Spears is on issues bring vocal though they finished up spring practice. And Micah Boyd the SEC network today could put put everybody's. Pregame morning it. The ball football with his big Sam now Alison talking earlier you know if united a pal final conference it's public all the you know. Two ticket apiece and it packed me you got Ohio State showcase and a 102000 offspring games this. The rich get richer and in goes to a cabinet they'll pull it all I think you can do is hopeful it will come expansive somewhere on line. Yeah up and you keep wondering when indeed power. Are gonna break story all together we keep. Nike's been in discussion is going to be New Year's and next year but it just seem like it's a matter of time before. The pal Bob does break three. And create a different division of college football. On because it is it is very difficult. Prefer other schools. To keep up and and I think that gets gonna keep getting wider wider. Might have a baseball team looks like load duplicate what you were to go behaving they turn and all the awful that point three game win streak that we used back. They're role right now three straight series win city pizza comes up big but what they erupted a few teams if they went five burning on. I Alicia baseball article written. Yeah. You know just kind of scenes with K Kendall Rogers to say that day in. And in talking to some other people and it's still. You know what does she do. I do during the knew that week is is that the do those games really matter in the calendar there are a bit object when I team but he's getting better attention from the that the middle relievers in and in the lineup on weekends and the bats start to come together a little bit. But you know kind of the electric there's 23 weeks ago that he. He taught them which was where they thought they would be maybe a game behind. But when you can you know based on Missouri and sweep. That helps to keep pace and I think. You know as the season progresses in these young guys that are gonna get upon some hot bat and some. Castro to get streaky and you get one or two that coming in their own and next thing you know she's. You know personally for super regional. My again let him go was upon a sigh and also give us your take on an issue recruiting. Who who's a who's who were top recruit showed its. Yeah you know. How big the big night and it's their commitment for 2017. That multiple stores on net in the video. And out of him today and opted to lineman. Operas on the line commitment for the class 2017. So protective. Big Three 120 pound guard got that for you but post story on Torre Rosenthal the 2018. Linemen. Compared it was committed Alabama. He's one of the top kids in the country about post story on him so we have properly tiger base that count. Might go Borough tiger bait that come Mike thank you so much it's been a busy busy tan on OJ. I'll write them. Mbeki called muscle giving the coordination while without bud says he can't on this on WWL. The go to scare me at Texas on alive to hear everything calling Debbie did you fail people. My brother right here. I'm. On to say about the Saints whether or not they move back. And radio out here although there were them. Oh now and earlier. The guy iridium at that point in their saying that. Statistics back up. The fact that win two teams straight in the draft. That that he that straight back. Actually when belt better than the team that straight up and the use an example. You know one Atlanta. They. They turned a bit and then yeah eagle actually rated pack they picked up. LaDainian Tomlinson it in the first round and then breed tech. So in my opinion was. Those that I don't think that. Let's say they weren't there at twelve I don't know that he would that are going to be. The door. Some well but it they do it straight back. Yeah Matt didn't makes that they can make some good points on and I appreciate you call it.