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4-20-16, Garland 12pm, Politics

Apr 20, 2016|

Did your candidate win the New York primary? If not, do you think your candidate still has a chance to get enough delegates to win the nomination?

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Well. Tea lived there for a sale or done. I mean you could these ideas in this moment. I know he's severed the Arab Jewish guy said the claims abuse social has been gotten these of young people of Lebanon it looks like he's gonna portray it and hope. He has definitely done Mihm with Scotland's and finish him off and then brothel. Me on the ground game didn't even know the rules. Mean nobody was going to look like a roll Elmo doll. After that beating. On pure and reading the wrong ample options. That was booked for yesterday oh. Semblance. For include and not out alone. Bowl. This I got it. I can. Rowand who should do for. I just never pretty do you pinch and toward leaguers and deviant in and time. Before radio. And in troops entered thing about it didn't think movement may emerge blueprint. But I got Mitt. This number now. This is better than me Holley would be great move. Unfortunately. Our political. And frozen encourage broad church group. Who keeps me semis saying. By explaining things can be did say in. In each applicable welcome back good darkened. Well thank you Carla hall like betrayed and that is all. That. Actually enjoyed it euros Euro cup. You got choked Dublin. Are able. Aren't too hard dog to me in New York now we've got benevolent. Clinton and the prompt it could be the knocked Al brown and does that he couldn't bring you Maryland Connecticut bro the window where or just more of the same column. Well I'll let let let's start with what. The fact of the matter is that clip and as it. Of very strong delicately. Better is practically it's remarkable and it and it has been so. It's not the new ball. Sanders because he's one string coached both. Those caucuses that are a couple of primaries. In recent weeks. This looking stronger than it. And he made an attempt to win. New York. Stricker matter if you could win New York where Intel want the all of it though is it possible racial. The first leg of the strategy when in New York real. And so so you know I think we're clearly back to where we're at war which is close. Rapidly moving you don't treat me now that doesn't mean she still won't be fighters they'll be implicated or scandal. It's still world plot or Wednesday but there's nutrient she's she's. Pretty four of the delicate count now on the tribe still saw at the Republican side. An Arctic what was particularly. Helpful borrowed what happened last night. Well as you know we remember about Sri wait to go to Donald Trump. Was making one China's state got altered stated. And it began to look like. It was bodily. Slightly. Ball they eat the apps. Look what happened in the last week or so is his numbers all archery. It starter so to. Combat. And it. And key. The stronger the terrible they've lost three or so in that and in your win last night so that you mattered that. All the analysis. They're doing on the delegate count showed that. Trot needed to we have bite you know it's but he. 22 biggest markets. To win the nomination on the first ballot. That stands out about 89021. It there's a report that it still the year so to speak clearly matters are. So so the point being that. But as opposed to saying for weeks ago when we say welcome export. Picture. I think we're now saying it's still possibly could be open aperture but it's also possible that trump could go all the way your way to first bell. Our amid take a first break cub got 101000 more questions for you. Roland protruding here to save me once again when it comes to politics. And conversations. Thereof state witness. You know. Are welcome back we're think of about the big boy and where he'll wrinkled old pro but knew your guilt surveying. We're brown pulled through this or political analyst. Wronged does this lead some strange question but I think it well. I'm looking at the latest Wall Street Journal NBC news poll April 10 through fourteenth. Clinton and your record of 56%. Of the negative feelings of voters torched her. Negative ratings for Donald Trump 65%. Ted Cruz 49%. Trump in collecting. Of the nominees. Would be the culmination. Problems from popular candidates ever. And then more Hughes trumpet and cruised. Maybe you'll only two Republicans who could lose student delivering client. It's true have we we get to these conventions. And a ton of people just stay away. That just say. No ma it's. I I can't vote about. Well I think. I think there will be you know certainly a lot of this rubble Republicans and Democrats that what the connections to include an Albany. That there's nothing knew that that app that which you're most collection. But don't. But the but the size and extent. The depth of the negative treaty. That trumpet and play there they are much taller. We're privacy what major presidential candidate in recent decades so much taller. In the past you know they have negative ratings might have been in the dead batteries. A bit forty's or maybe even on board. But never that we. Negative ratings in the highlight sure beats that they are in it well at the sick so. So I think you're gonna have a lot of voters. On both sides and a lot of voters in the biffle who were going to be Currie at Easter should end. And not that you know the question is will they just not slow. You know. Perhaps the answer to that point sugars. Oh what we've seen in the primary so forth that took a Republican truckers are particular. Have been getting much per. So wa so my guess is that we will have either turn out the stronger we at war. That people wore out their frustration at not stereo. But by voting it won the tour. Do you'll. And have a three reasons for Trump's Russa urgent some other van inch whose home state. You know I think Donald Trump's message. That. That the the political party system. On the dominating interest in this race is working. You know every time trump gets in trouble. Are those lupus or analyze in the campaign. Sit around and say well what can take you to get out there that you'll cope with so too. Somebody in a war student gets in trouble any daughter and yet. I think that. That Americans did not like political system at all like secure page system they think it's coral they think it's brokered. Donald Trump as the senate Watergate get. Whether you agree or disagree that is its decision Acura. That he's still out there. Feelings that most of America tale. In any sport. Or an interest a position. Where crews just now. A system that many Republicans believe is it broken coral. So wa wa I think that excuse. Well over the last week so it's critical patrol. Had. And I think trump has positioned himself well well. Until then he goes to conjecture. It sees you know 304060. Billiton short. The majority. That. A lot of Republicans would treat you well we're probably better off. You know moving that direction delicate state of the that we ought to risk. Beating them and you're taking is right out the rent their supporters. The general election. And troops during wind wind you'll listen to do the talking head and QB. Radio talk troops and the powers would be had boring and c.'s super delegates. Delegates who over the and they duty. Repeating over no review win challenge about the rigging with Poland's. About the mold of pollution of the rules and confusing in boulder road and are counting. And the basic camps that they seemed to always give it is a well number of you bet that include. Number one it's the girl too and it's ruled to be say eight. And we set it up there where you choose state would heavily saying. And the quote illegal organization. Or in free agency. Don't have ultimate power to give power to this stage. And all of these routes can be changes are simply the rules that were made the last time. Do they make a mistake. By it's not staying. We understand how the voters you do that way. What we have now has just evolved. It. And we agree with mr. trump and it's going to be effects. The it seems like even cruise ship should be wind hit over Norwood description. Said. Well. I have a morning talk about the issues over talk about the budget he wouldn't talk about the middle leads. And and it seems like nobody responds to war seems to be the big issue right now in my in this news. Well. I think a lot of Americans to link broken government brokered politics it is the and so they relate that relate to Donald Trump all that. It's true that the Republican Party officials. Are all really bought it bought because they are. Operating. Under the rules that party is skippered awkward. So they can't stand up absolutely law these rules. And that nobody should follow them because. Because as party or. If the people who work for the party. You know if it's there. Responsibility. To carry out those rules so so what their offense they're applied. Whether they like the process not. But. But I also think that would talk but this the show but he caught that this. National nominating process that we now know that some maps. And in it and it can operate. Variant fairly certain circumstances. And and edit each to be cleaned up just soared to clean it up because. Because she. Right now it's operated by individual states. Get all the streets to greet it to -- century agents. But it would it would seem that would be the end from what Jeanne jewels gave. Him upon her and hi erupt in glory and 3-D and he'd say exactly what you said. An up though like to wasn't rated. I would say well they basically admitting that sings and bounced up from Britain the picture they'll let me move on group quick. Pennsylvania Maryland Connecticut Rhode Island Delaware. Of trump. She web though so. To whatever the percentage would be to quote sweep at. Word could become mathematically. In feasible tune beat to beat the beat him. Not home at 1237. Number word jaws the convention. You couldn't you couldn't really go perhaps the first vote count delegate count about it and being elected. Both short ball I mean if I had predicted today that predict but he will follow on a comic a possible. It could fall short. To put out as a state that's not likely that we all. And he's likely to agree to a political leader war to get to the well there shouldn't be Chia. I mean you know he's on track to do spirit. I mean you know practically speaking. It's already you know virtually impossible to cruise torture case to win on the first ballot so there'll oh. Use the bit ago to serve for all the worry what winters are not delicate little at all. You know so that neighbor game it is is is where was a few weeks ago in oh it's. Could control get. Well there except that. Our if you can't get the twelfth there except that it comes so close. Though it's great for the very end it gives you two anyway. All of what we will bolt beat bella. Race swear. Where anything could happen in the I think that's where we. We we wore some weeks ago that there where we are now. Old boat trump is now meeting is mortgage we get to where he needs to go. Energy doesn't it in the next week but it's particularly alt one. And I and I also think. Kasich what exactly. In the states. It's important because it's because it's weakening courtrooms. State Street. It's very hard to make the point this is a trot. Crews children. Would kasich's beating Cruz. In a lot of the streets. Rollins to and we took a feel like I'm been watching and had let us out of the other and a one more or. All right would we won't use and thank you grow always being there. Oh run poacher and political analysts agreed college opened on the buy you instantly. President of clever through church group come back to talk to an issue for culture of political science. Hubbard organ. Until noon and it is better than here and watching Netflix. Is presidential. Election. It's better than and they. B grade. Hollywood movie. I mean. You'd think again he sided with news feed them. Hillary Clinton's shoes and make it she scored and Jean Houston some horrible stuff and theirs is set to review ruled sure wish. Whites social. And ran just. And I. Held girl like New York. Reality show. On Schultz. And and odds he got crushed and was Clinton's people have no idea about rules of politics. And who wouldn't even pay attention to a bore hole but there's between easily except eight. Clinton and thrown pork gonna crush everybody and it's her better than Annika neutered him. Doctor Robert Hogan was shoe professor of political side. In a doctor use to wonder why you bug would get into science of political. But now islanders say. Well and although it's not doing is very much good this year Dario would not have a series is old. Attitude should I'm very hard to understand. Oh Lugo alone. You know life is it is pretty pretty interesting. Certainly last night what happened on the Republican side let's. We Donald Trump winning. A whopping margin. Sweeping blow. Almost sweeping the all the delegate erupt from rapture. Crews did not get one delegate. State. So others a lot more. Attention given to trump campaign. Today and people are we visiting the question of what her notch. It will be it will be impossible for him to get to the magic number of delegates he needs a majority. Are going and can mention Cleveland and look like. Yet it's this. If it is what is to come in. Next next Tuesday. 1 in 5 eastern state will be or. It becomes more closed to do that well these other states. He's very well could do it because it. Ultimately get to that the magic number people could be very close. Already a bit of a few wins Pennsylvania Maryland Connecticut Rhode Island and Delaware food. He bubble waiting need to put him over the 1237. Number in California. Yeah I mean it's easy it is that translate into doing well now one and what step the. One of the big stake out there that that that column. Probably make a determination of of how well he does is Indiana. They're good many. Delegates in Indiana up for grabs 57 of them and it's a winner take all of the state level surgical virtual strip. There hasn't been a lot of polling done there it's sort of major blow each. And people speculating of course it is. Job Katie Couric would do well. At Ohio. But it's you know it's trump is coming off a win big win New York did win. Next week perhaps in Connecticut Delaware Maryland and violence and Beckett helped him do well. Now I have become highly educated on this very complicated process we call. Primaries caucuses. Conventions. And so. The question is. In Toronto and York or Maryland or Connecticut or Rhode Island or Delaware. If somebody ramble. Knows this super delegate. Who caucus. Both poor she primary do. And god convention. In two. New bicycle. For the convention. How many bonuses we need to be played. A are we into the dude do the votes matter all war. It is our goal indeed sedate and what are but the Boca Newt and his ground proves the Golan and make sure. They convinced. The delegates that were supposed to broad terms and the voters to vote for him. We'll go through all that again. Well I think it did a year and a few months ahead. Back kind of so behind and arm twisting and we were dealing. This and in some of the state that you'd get the delegate or a the state level or are currently in charge here and Pennsylvania as early action case where. You've got a dignity that like seventy or 71 delegate and entering its B a lot. But fifty war crimes are on bail and they will line. Read each of the eighteen where. They want. As. Delegate to the national convention. And Republican voters on the ballot boost vote. But they're not all connected to which. Can't they were there on the ballot so. It takes enormous amount effort on the part of rank and file order. To try to do it in your opinion. Manifested. In terms of the dial. I don't implement living take a break here but again to improve Mullen on some foods did viewpoint. This feels like watching horse race. There is a clear winner. And the guy with a lot of money. Gross all the of the jockeys and load Q if you would agree to be number two in the new could be number war. In the new take over as a broad wanders it is a bruise or products as. Say this would come and play back yeah. Opinion but I think worth thinking about where it could predict who raised you presidential. Election over. Often termed a Kohlberg Robert Hogan knows through propelled through political science to better understand all that. Prefer usually I don't read listeners. Questions but but the the swollen I think a lot of people as. There result we Republican can win the general election. After their candidates have alienated. Every demographic group except old white men and but all will be demographics. Are bred overlay ocean by eight. Is from god the bode of Wimbledon than mine Norah it is and friend. Jill and her shelf and ponies and everything else. Well this is a big concern that. Of course trump is that you daily news large swath of the American public. And as one of the reasons that we feel a lot of polls that these match up. Between potential whispers prospective candidates. Judicial and trailing greatly. Even even some of children trail and answers. And the potential general election. Matchup so and that is the big concerns with him that is that it does mean that it be earned I think. Among the GOP establishment is that. Not know and and as much as losing that election but perhaps it was made. Enough voters through the course and there he did we campaign. That you harnisch. Iraq. The Republican brand and I think that is what. The readers in the in the party streamers and party people are. Bar or extremely ward. Is how it is hurting them. The GOP brand because it's not just the president and president that they elected. Yeah you're electing. Third in the senate entire House of Representatives. Not to mention state level law and yeah it does result in Republican trouncing you know this November. And I trouncing over a period. Of elections. Don't don't be actual white for the party. Is going to be called into question. And to be able view that is you know this is quite a party by. In. A year your wife alienating large groups of people is is something that I could call them. Third party to form. In the income direction certainly that staunch conservative. Ted Cruz like people I don't like mr. trump for that reason as well that the fact he's not very consistent on. You know the deadlock core principles of conservatism. That dominate. A large or a Republican Party right now so. You know there are lots of reasons doctors. That had people worried about his candidacy. Wall Street Journal NBC poll most recent one. Clinton. A new record of negativity. That these experts and negative feelings of via Gordon populist torture or. Donald Trump 65%. Ted Cruz 49%. Prolonged crews may be the only two Republican. Who could lose to Hillary Clinton. Do do do do we gonna get a president elected that nobody likes. Oh probably. Yet again in Europe so. It's always Clinton has huge. And. And I mean she looks good going to expand that this year and it gets people with which surged. A much tired. And and part of that is a reflection. Of the personalities. And what we know about the people all public that ought to also an extension of under intense partisanship that we debt has. Been occurring at the national level. And you know whoever is. In the opt opposing quality. People with old disliked him no matter what they do it won't find reason to dislike. And I think it's partly a reflection bat well partly also what you but what we know about them and Clinton of course has a very wrong. Very long history and art and politics. And people a lot of our leader and are now. It tuned to find things wrong with her camp. Well if you word for were next interviews to likened veterans and all that do a little call rowing boat little. I did. As carmakers have a great day. Welcome right thing though that Tokyo big. And three yeah. Or Friday. Do I go where scooters that one on the results of the New York primary means in the reasonable way to help. Scoble helps though the nomination provinces make you feel like the political establishment. Of both parties. It is more powerful than the boys of America. Matter more covered on that but Tokyo brigades the immoral I'm do we have them at eight rigged it.