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4-22-16, Garland 11am, Self Driving Cars

Apr 21, 2016|

Cars that virtually drive themselves are already here.  Is the world ready for them?  Would you buy one?

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We'll do our little comedy it is so we're doing continue to think about. But central plains so with the Americans he article we brought out the way it is now worked. We're only. 50%. Of Americans. Do. You'd. According to a number of say that Tuesday had 400 dollar emergency work had in the immediately. They couldn't. Sell its own to make long continue that. Do think about self driving courts. And I told. But boring subject for move people. I imagine that would be. To me. It has potential to change lives tremendously. And when it comes to technology. And Patrick were like so. What are the league from. Is that the American. Is. This businesses on Newt. Hybrid cars. Or. The of those boundaries. And robbery expensive. And your. Bulk of the bar arm little damage through. Well hybrid that record all over the place that is being cycled. And actually unite. Too expensive and bury in and of course so. The key issues that technology. To de. Novelties. Heaters it's moving acts but actually. More talk about that in war in particular. So Oprah in court we would you Bob. Would you again and in fact if you. Take a continued to Google and capture. Google probably he's self driving cars backseat drivers there or it. A raised the people. That have these cars like that you've slowed them virtually. Totally self driving. Sitting in the backseat of cork worn down. What. In the backseat probably for a very live and on top and then all will be. Your drew warnings through there don't try this home does is crazy thing to do bought. The have been self driving cars and I'll explain when we come back. I don't think it's coming I think it's virtually year. Which 11. Would you buy and when you run him at least one shall pride and come right back in the call whose eggs or 187. Welcome back Paula historic. Vote to Watkins Silicon Valley correspondent watching boats. I apologize up to look at the screen and kept waiting. We're talking. Self driving collars in 10. And which exits the room and movie makers are testing technologies to meet its. Attention to the world. About that is I didn't think I would be surprised the article. All banks and archery and gotten in the it up an. Oil. Will come up a good job at that as you bitter. I know I was there years ago and but that the interest thanks so just imagine a your car and and that is coming you cars. Luxury car in 2017. Or even earlier cars that Cameron. In batted in and actually watch the driver as the high end and their facial expressions. And basically nude. Archers on how and technology data mining trying to pick up a little thing like it here iceberg Andrew. Or looked in the laughter look down too much and then it you know their testing systems that would and you are paying more alert. To kind of wait you lot make you pay attention so essentially the car is watching you and you drive and we went down in our story. I'm with my colleague Mike Clancy we found that most major automakers. Toyota Kia and Volkswagen and and a big auto parts suppliers like Audi and others. Are opening and the cars for their next model. They'll big Colin Prague roots date sensing systems around and. Yeah. I wouldn't call them and drivers stayed and and that and what. It started out. That's self driving cars and all that age but stopped. But it out because drivers are getting increasingly distracted by using the cart. We know Tony states have enacted don't actual driving laws and penalties. And there are some data like the Virginia Tech transportation institute the people who reach reach for our own look up on actor brought the Internet. While driving increased risk of a strike three times. So. These pistons were starting to develop to respond to. More acknowledging cart and I and it really err on that they're putting more technology into cars to respond. To our network talk. It. And mind. Colleen we were talking about Leo we got this story smarter cart makes you confident. Because then anti missile strike. That you have now we're gonna hopefully I'll try hard sometimes could you and it. A lot of cars are adding in features. You let you know. Advanced cruise control adopted that take him off the real there now feature that cheap car in the lane. Their features. At heart induce them looking right Atlanta for use and there's more and more automation coming in a car which link to human. Being in that they're not only driving car having to do let them all right. And they are already starting should be data that. That makes people easier and that makes people in some cases. Not as skilled. As our quick. To adapt to potentially perform distracted driving are not as quick to adopt children. You know something happened and they need to work quickly out of the way for you know and human could take over. It's much harder than if you were just driving hole I mean were alert or high drive. Much harder when you when you let your child can now a little bit too quickly and back on. When we need to be in the industry they called up and problem. And pilot should have penned that zoning problem right. Yeah doubtful that interest thing on my colleague Mike and I. We were looking trying to find it to say is that more car make you Jupiter. And remember that that are very emerging area there not a target date on all the people who re searched. Distracted driving accident. It's hard to know it's always a lot of doctor Karp an accident at you know. So it's hard researcher actually pinpoint one actor like technology. But one recent study came out of the aviation industry where. In in the airline's pilots have been using a lot of automated teacher for some time now. And what they've found. Is that. Of these features are actually leading operator slack off and I think one study from the Federal Aviation Administration. They noted in Jiang. Pilot involved in double recent crashes. Lack the necessary skill to take over planes expertly when it auto pilot stopped working. And pilot he's automation and not a huge nine Arnold right away but like a little bit of canary in the coal mine isn't what's happening to pilot. Look at an app and actual drivers as more of the auto out future come into car. Oh over the years this program. What good things on notice about public in particular when it comes technology and I think the older generation. Or immediately negative animals never work because it's we can do what so driving Gardner on in the numbers show notes. And didn't get activities that are ruling inhabitants from four. And those that felt that would have been privacy they're gonna collect all this implementation there goes our products are going to be you quarter order. They're alternative and trivia BI were looking for a we're gonna have Packers did take care take over the car. But it more than your first paragraph of few point talent. That these intelligence. Devices. Are being set up for privacy. To avoid a quarter order and didn't cryptic information. That hackers came to Canada right. You know I wish I could be more of an expert on pat and Kelly. And then a what the auto makers are doing what what I use data and privacy. You know bit today. You know that they're not that you know. It's a cart scanning your seat belt sign it collects a lot of dot. But the people like talk to. Read an event like you think about your face in the car like. Adopt along you heard it you know there's a public place. Your initial actions are the with the with the coming at one there not storing images and any debate in the are ending in real terms than just. Faces and other bio metric signs like for example on our might be able masters what level. So let me having an emergence in the car and their sweat on bike. Karma to look they can actually really like your drive. And opera could send an alert 91. Our private via the company's what they are not storing and that law enforcement. Or hacker can to get it. They say that they would have been there that. Doesn't necessarily mean it wouldn't be on the car like you know with apple. The question at the data on the device actually an apple they're law enforcement about asking apple how they law. To get the dot from the device it was an apple and so the debate could still be on the car well. And somebody hacked into that they can get from the cartel. So. I think that. These systems are still evolving and there are a lot of security researchers now every time and Parker. White and black that every time an auto maker or someone else announces a new feature the first in India is trying to hack into that. And in ways that that's really important check in now. So. But that happens and I wish I could tie that opinion these things are not. And I'm I'm watching what happens like correct about I can only repeat what you what they help me that they've done to protect. A nerdy guy limited Tom one last question in again actually keep feeling you do get burning deep into the but again over the broad months of talking about driver those cards and technology. Everything that's been brought that is in Laguna word beat cost. I can find ventures or potential answers except liability. Are you in your Richards talk canoe by breathing and thing. That suggests. How we're gonna get tabs the liability problem. Well I think I think that it's bad it's gonna be a top four and with them again. Is it fueled I had never heard of a car. And somebody explain to a blockage can do what it's going to be about 2000 pound steel. It is can be owned rubber wheels and he can go like nine miles an hour and we'll have the number one going in the opposite direction. But don't worry about liability we're gonna part of white dotted line between you. We would probably say that wouldn't work but it does a itself and I get a good deal including that there weren't enough from the base of. So I can. In that state. And even the federal government are in the profit kind of unveiling irregularly. About the role and what I think like in California ruled that it goes. Hold that drivers responsible. Regardless of whether he'll earn that I know is what I proposed California. Armed. And I think that the act in the fatter. The it. And I'm sure you cut out for its gonna go we laws. And I'll bet that's I think right now you were single thing we need in California. And I think the federal government is also weighing the war to the side is that the bitter at the responsibility of the hurt them. In the car or the responsibility. The car itself. And you've gotta think if it's a person. I think when there were. The person responsible. The driver. That they're not a driver human beings are there. You'll in the day here. A fine line with responsible for something more. And I knew what it wasn't my ball chipping just human behavior. You can all sectors that you benefit continuing to all human being responsible. On the other hand if the software only malfunctions. And that's not my fault at all. Sure and I'd be the one blamed or should be an actor on the dining car. Elizabeth you revealed wanna been able to convince c'mon and talk about. So drug cards who pour putrid shows we'd like to be able to call you at least 330. More. 329. Thank you so much I do appreciate your time and expertise in the article have. When we come back again and things. Being. You probably have been hurt by putting content so drubbing cork. Will also touch on the subject we didn't look it. Received so much attention if you will look at it's immediately and web site. And the and was secret chamber of middle class Americans nearly. Of the American. Trouble funding 400 dollars to pay for and merchant. And we have a couple of absent from the platters on Newton was much discussion. The oval portion. Of this is true and they think it is news. Is it's is capable and they and boarding thing to its eggs or 18 sub. A show on self driving cars and speak. When they are very much like one of your supporters is. Mortgage abuses them a computer. Driving. Car. A border being content from complete control with car I'm driving besides. Yours or even two homes and the score. Didn't. Brown in the country. Well I swear I think most on this are not noticing this week. Happily that if if not more than half a point there and give me an example. Right now go. It and me and the of the regular cars we've allusion to warn. Warned drivers of the traffic I had actual Ingram. Lane departure warning lights. I was in Europe and that this of the driver encroach to talk and drift over the way in Cortland and pull back. Rear cross rapid alerts your backing up cutesy. Cores and leads ought to be mentioned who know them. Blind spot monitors most of its world votes. Adaptive headlights. That twist. To liberate the road records who wrote car. Parallel. Perpendicular parking. Automation. I adapted cruise control what that means it is you do it in the huddle and maintains certain. Mild for all war. If you have to close cart blow automatically. Slowed down. And already. In the models that have goal of reducing. Insurance. So. When the gentleman of the lady that bro. Well that's up from one complete control. Let me give you one and bitten or think is gonna. And the yeah. Unknown. Doubts about technology the rule and should join the technology. You walk out 1 morning you're gonna take out the drag show. Your neighbor Stanton there are you talking. A card bribes. Annie gets in the back seat ended drugs well. I'm next at least in some of those companies would that the new and Lowber. Our bouts didn't do Hertz. Rent a car. Driver call. And duel Saturday. When you do that. In that got devices and they're watching you you're you're putting your life on the line. And he says well. Unrivaled cost. And you're so why wouldn't want car. And you say. No insurance. No parking through the use. No word is about being stolen. No core insurance. And no gasoline cost. Got to tell you I think Q where did leaves start thinking about it. And wouldn't. Their deserves an up to a tip over and true mostly everybody's doing it. You're gonna feel. Like you kind of crazy. To be spending. Higher p.'s own church. Gas to use parking p.'s car repair these parking lot. And all over allotment. So I think the very back. That it is virtually have four here I mean I'm looking at software. Wrong to have companies. Don't buy a higher roof solar technology. Being. May be owned in American Gordon named ten different companies. They're deserved developing drivers states and singing systems. One of them. Actually and they tested they ignored worked it recognizes. Signs of Rhode break. Now. Only one so I would think you would think. Welcome warmup prior to its odd odd I get angry board somebody does to me out of water recorded. But just think about it. Yeah look around today and to get angry reduced some in the re thinking about drew and something you know you shouldn't even if it's minor. It would look around for a camera. You were stopped at the boardwalk and are always goes down notice the camera ever lose its. These buildings are putting Cameron and reliability. And its ever well. Infineon no embedded in the software. Injures symbolized so tribe and collect we have now. Or yourself driving are you view when you when you start to go ballistic and had wrote carted. Might you'd have been down a little bit. It's. In removed from Darko or tell you. Why am I think we're gonna have to get use to do it. Whether we like it or not him. We're gonna have to get used to it. Old life faster than we think most of the some sightseeing tens in twenty years before that occurs. Totally due thrilled to a one woman come back in the go to secure one so. Some of your messages. About. Self driving cars so. A little bit of self government driving Cora blah and actually. You know and hold formed. Is it Google or apple has to have their re small cell probing card and think its rounds in the ego. They have been doing exactly that as good news in the weeks broom. Drew show people how well would work. I think Gibson early restricted. Area and square miles that can and and and there are allowing. Blind people called these cars getting word they're going on me. That should of just one of the many many reasons I think it's gonna take all floats elderly people. Guns in their card at the cars segue here. Can't see well enough it I think it's come to them tell you why he quickly. Let them do this bill in Metairie. You're under a bill appreciative call. They always usually it is an arbitrary yet regalia you're. A majority. It's certainly easy they try to make it complicated here if you can take control your world you're liable Islam should note that spirit world. That they've individual like who would be liable for the automobile. Topic it's a great idea you wanna go to larvae in instead of you know as we need to chip and argue dropped lower floor. To call out Wilbur they one and there ought stand out. And argue. Get in the air which you got art and sleep well. And I think that's going to be exactly it and you'd you can look at. Google. And apple. Moved forward hold tall and big companies. Just tried to buy a mapping company. That's using satellites and they're lifting hopes to literally map the entire United States. Height of stop light. And roads everything else to Wear them map. Goals and to the self driving car and follows them. And that knows what there story can look war Q London and mold and that kind of thing and drive along all right. Let me tell you why bring this thing is coming and coming thing. And I'm sure people in radio. And television people in the audience that you can't talk about this stuff from the radio Soo boring. And the audience is hungry for the kind of stuff. There's something going on right now called deep learning all right. What it is it's it's about drew computer geniuses. All over the world. And billion bands and their technology is now visibly. Excluded from the nature. So what shall we conceal a lot more mild shall don't think we did not think who's gonna happen. And they're gonna be happening soon what what they're doing this deep learning. They are taking to computers in copying all of the arts. And they know. They can do it. A little would you be good example of what. You can begin Google this and Elaine have all the details. Absolute prize. Some people were pro group and they're working on deep mine and art of visual intelligence. They brought about this game called girl it's a game that is way more complicated. Than ships. And buried under incorrectly. Berry is one expert. In this game of goal that nobody can't coached. The big guns or Google says. This Chinese play your goal is going to be an Austin and their big technology show a couple of months ago. And he's gonna play go. And maybe we could contract with him. To play our software five time. And AB and instant that by donned weakened to at least make it a little competitive. Blow it won. Four out of five car. And even the guys did that develop. And girl Childs. Said. I'm thrilled that this happened. And I'm reading now and drones were neck if it's used in the characters so that would. Boston Globe. It's let's. They got into the machine after it beat the Chinese expert pour out of Papa and and they found. This thing was using a database of 175. Million China's positions. He had hit detained. International master level channels. Reading in 72. Hours. By repeatedly playing itself. So windy wind to blow. He had taught itself. When it wasn't being used that night it was playing against itself. But does that say replaying itself millions of time. So when they open up and start all over again. They beat the world's expert. This is. A different tools EU debt of technology. What this machine did and reading lists and interior. Says the total number of items. In all the universe is combined. Would be close to the possibility. Of a single. Goal. Board game. That's willing and how complicated. Game goal it. And this thing beat it. By teaching itself. So do I would submit technology. Is moving this quickly. How do you think there will beat technology in cars. Double drive themselves. And you'll have the option of turning at all. And driving yourself. And how much do you think the cops wouldn't love. When everybody else's so drug court bidding to be human suffering its upside and and you're not. How much do you think the insurance companies can charge of. Where all of the self driving cars are not having accident. People are not paying insurance rates and you are. I think I'm due on everything every bit experts I have problem. So drug records or have we here. And they or any of whole lot Colin. For better or worse than we think couldn't what do you think public thoughts and that the time. People riding. It could be dangerous as they Google bomb. Strike. Could of these. Water and throw it over the next day with a golf club that would be called big thank goodness and would you.