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4/21 4pm Sports Talk, Saints Draft Picks

Apr 21, 2016|

One week till the NFL Draft – let’s dive deep into not only the Saints Draft, but our division competition. We get the inside scoop on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from ROY CUMMINGS with the Tampa Tribune & Pro Football Weekly. Also, which NFC South Draft class do you fear most? Buccaneers, Falcons or Panthers. The Big Chief takes your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From WW LTV. News talk and sports leader. It is sports talk quick Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Call 5042601870. Tax paid 7870. Court tweet. At deep big tree. Now lives. From our letter in bloom studios. Here's a cajun cannon Bobby Grier and the big chief Deke Bellavia. And good evening and welcome to sports talk a big ability indicating camp by BA bear is out to date you'll be back Willis tomorrow coming up on today's program. What take a look at the NFC south one week at a date that New Orleans Saints will be on the clock as the 2016 NFL draft takes primetime exposure night. And downtown Chicago Illinois the New Orleans Saints a number twelve on the clock currently would they hold that position but what about the other teams in the NFC south. A lot of times what teams do in the division. Teams try to Alter. For instance. The Atlanta moved well Julio Jones several years back prompting many teams in the division to beef up their secondary or at least try to get to saint standpoint. But we saw moves in that direction. What are you trying to do you go back to do Jammal Brown draft remember when Japan it is in the Saints they kind of 88 head back and forth so to speak. The Saints won a game Jammal Brown a lot of dictate and a lot of going on eight look you have to kind of looking all backyard. What I grass is green. Let's make sure passes are good but he also had to be model of what team do you division. Because those are the team Jim Bowden bowl. Those of teams that you are fighting for this pace she won or lost one game the year before that. It was an eight win team. They won the division. So. It obviously. Plays a big. And what teams do. Maybe not in it same year bush in previous years you know in his division everybody has been trying to catch him with the Saints often. Atlanta's office. About Leo Matt Ryan Julio Jones. Of the players. Saying the Saints with Drew Brees. And everybody's pretty much got a quarterback now. There franchise quarterback in his division. These teams have 80. Three about way of dread to think about way of free agency would Drew Brees and six but Atlanta to their quarterback Matt Ryan of Boston College. Dan. Obviously. Undrafted Cam Newton at Auburn. And Tampa most recently James went. So everybody got him walking quarterback well if we keep. But it to a talking about today. Operating jaguar opinion poll is online at WW dot net com. Which NFC south land you via remote Tampa Bay Buccaneers the event bout went on the count and we were kicking it around the division with. Roy come into the Tampa Tribune. And pro football weekly also. Will visit with a at a date knocks Marty he is with the I left out and ninth two point man to gain in Atlanta found that the hole the seventeenth cake in the third round the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the ninth. In the program and Joseph Pearson who cope with the Carolina Panthers went with many years with the observer. Carolina has the 38 in round number one day and almighty to you to have questioned the week out of grant. Whose stock has risen way the Saints and the moves it had been made in the last week. The moves from. The Philadelphia Eagles getting to number two spot. And the loss and their friend you know once will blow the top two quarterbacks Beagle golf. Went so. Well could be someone else to 601 mates in the context this it 87870. And looking at the dread. Would dig deep deep into the thing to Mike ETA. And obviously on the service if it is that meet neat wide receiver. Could the Saints somewhere down I'm looking pulled it. Game innocent Ive receiver Robert Meachem type guy in a deep in talent Andre. Somebody call on Monday when I was in have been the last two days it's into a Andrei will he's the real deal go point game. W saint you can get a guy like to run in with the from miss to be state on in this shape and Eric Moulds great career in the National Football League. Good Korean national. On payroll coop could be a second round third round. That is a lot of value there will get the value from Mike in the 6 o'clock hour away he thinks the issue is values. May issue with scored in the first round. Into the second round. As of about 45 deep into guys and graded out were pretty good grief disposal can be considered for for Andre. 26018 and also. It's that time to be jazzed up the package as he cares 1000 dollars and nationwide contest. Right before that Douby out news that sodium 112 and five you now give you code word and you take the seven to 81 we autistic. Jazz at the award drove your home your vacation or your bank account 1000 dollars Jazz he came from smaller radio intercom and all of us here. At WW. We take a timeout welcome back to the phone lines over to get distorted what about our division. And of course. Got to remember I can't prints she noted that of the big music where you've won the first show its first game. Knuble. Might have been on a once you thought about its first appearance. With they bring back in 1980. You may remember. In. He when he and handle on it and another dude and early eighties with him on that too. See it regain. The opener of retaining the strike the principle I found out that today they killed innocent man that's a tough one. We all can relate to print that news and Ian he got them even up boom a lot of population of promise today. Prints and not a big reason for its youth. Andrew good money for Josh Norman. I don't know what my deteriorating where just almost gonna want to go on might be highest bidder. Now that he becomes a free agent. Aubin at best even the back in the league last season with Carolina Panthers. What's NFC south opponent the saints' draft class you've you're the most big dol Carolina's. Thirtieth in the first round the pants this day. Is it to Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the highest peak in their grant of the NFC south teams currently. And that is ninth. In the Saints are whale without its seventeenth. 26018 in the context as an 87 eights and remembered it. Through programs like school wars lose an icon. In probably played in New Orleans in most recently at the poignant completed ten of anniversary. It isn't this an old boy was that that outing going fourteen at the twentieth anniversary but those last Tommy Lee. In New Orleans with July the fourth 2014. When he broke down house at the tune in essence for us to the phone we go with his dog Marrero nobody to thank you for calling WW. All right go on your mind any link. It could argue what we're zero and that's over your career I want yeah. Yeah are you hear about your goal Mair it was adrenaline. Them under. Yet you know that that was I think I wanna say Annandale with the first Lacey played at Louisiana. Or I haven't dale was and and a because I went back and what they do they have an archive of all the to a date that he played in back to them bad routes into next in this ball torme and everything but. He makes a small being used it in Shreveport and he played with them you know he plated that you talk about. On the West Bank in Annandale. They're so they're under one embryo. RS ago on Doug's so we think about the Saints in the draft what's team and it's in the south. Draft class do you fear tomorrow Tampa Bay Atlanta on the team has been dominant division lately Carolina. I don't know I ago. DNA got a lot of good talent already. Yours here it'd it'd be common. Not too remote. And Paducah kind of people that. Yeah you know you're right they're pretty much. They pretty much locked him but I mean I got a battle on and now they gotta keep Josh Norman a brilliantly Colombia free agents that can be addressed to see what he does. He's out on the complied legitimate goal. Yeah here you know a lot of times teams at aloha ball they knew nobody. It kind of rescinded the franchise tag on him and that's you know now he's open I guess to test the market today and we'll see you know he's. I think that he had a year. That was. Like one of the best years did Revis island had Darrelle Revis I don't clap or I'm as the real Revis yet because he had hurt. He hasn't had game meaning years like debts of commuters to see teams people say. Okay we've seen is is the rule August exception to rule we would expect more this adjust on the move formal cause. You know. I'm not knocking him but. You know a guy like rivas he's had multiple years that it brought him in my dad you know and just Norman this this was his money years you know. Or. Yeah we'll see what Doug good call man thank you so much a colony it. All right. 2601 meets them. 687870. Here people texting him about prince I'm a guitar player. Whitney ankle are rock again like it when he hit in the early eighties and a scenario let's go crazy in holy. Dispersants. But the with. Impressed about what prison you know political Corey got 260 points and you can Texas at 878 Sammy. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the ninth pick in the NFL draft last year and he took the number one quarterback available in. Came with went. And he showed signs of improvement obviously they didn't think it was at both sides but the team improvement wise to keep Lovie Smith and obviously as of now the head football coach at university of them all. They went in different direction coaching wise but Tampa Bay on defense does that lot of young talent and they all ballclub that. I would that you go on on him is better than seven days come this year apartments and they hit an eight. So to be in half out of five places behind New Orleans Saints at number seventeen around one. If you put Josh Nomo on the team out of bed defense he won't be the same player. Also he doesn't really. In Maine Maine very well as a good point. Of I don't. I think sometimes you have to use caution sent a bravado when you're when you're breaking down the player meeting in the standpoint is not to say okay. He wouldn't be booed he was somewhere else because I don't think it's fair. Now I think it's fair to say he may not be as successful. If he were somewhere fails. That to mean it's fair game and I do believe that's the case because let's face wise counsel good defense. They can't one of the best defense to thoughts in football last few years. You know I mean it's the reason why you win the division is meat is they had and you look around in it they know. That's that he. Mean. Other than New England. And I'll MIA at. Cincinnati and gamba. They're right up there. What team to have dominated the division in the last three seasons but they hand because everybody else in the way into the to have different camps in the west the last few years. You've had your chance and east of a few years. With the south has been the same. You had in the course bringing basement chance. Green Bay and Minnesota. The and on the flip side you look at in the east. In the AFC east it's always been New England. And the solid on the side you talk about it today in the north. And in the west is of them so it's only a few teams they really dominated that have dominated that division and Carolina has been one of them. Darryl ballclub that you know that's probably Lang yeah with a 38 but they gonna be some value there and look I'm in a mindset the way is it this is a deep. It down to draft a wide receiver. Discount on wanna go another year to whereas I don't think the other gonna count on having that many injuries to the receiver position. But with a time beef up their receiver position. It can be a lot of light in there are frowned but receivers. 260187. He could Texas and eights in the eighth Sammy LSU baseball red hot tomorrow game on the Tigers in Mississippi State. Taken on the bulldogs. And it's all three games here on WW or radio will be on the network at 634 simply hampers it's. It's a top ten matchup with LSU MB CB state number five and number seven front seven means everything. Exactly right exactly right same situation like him back. Backside from above low gears berg I think this there via. If you squad just in the moment but do remember last year brew would have been a Provo weigh in on what event at the same success is Borough. I don't know I don't necessarily say that I disagree with that whole heartily. But I do think did do we Dillon played concerned that lack of pass rush he had was phenomenal. And in what he did in the you know you go back and look at the top surprise players in the league when she was one of them. And missing guided and you know any college ball experience because of his injury status when he got hurt coming out of high school so I I do agree that. He would've be better. Did he is with a better pass rush. Deion in the plus Deion thank you for calling WW yeah. API. DL is on your mama man. Good I got it to you or about press man operation in the native back and I. Back in. Did 80% or fiscal belt level at one of the last car sort of went well for the tickets go to prince concert hall particularly at all women well moderate to Israel. And they and that was a show Greg gatlin. It now was it was at was that it wasn't like after purple rain Dion was in late at owning a Manning Angela. No oil dug back in a mediator before ordering. OK okay I got laid it is an amendment in in 85 loss on me if they were 85 that's when he did purple rain. To he with the revolution into all those are real good early. Physical at the top that over divisional and I go to perform and beat down on Deion did you talk about Victoria's Secret so Manuel well. Man I wanna say I wanna see wanted to use in the superdome it was. He came he he once and we came out the bad. That's abuse thing is scandalous and that was that to bed and eighty and CB he came out. And a bad to have that. He could do or don't Dionte was a man you know I want to I'm immediately it was a rabble him Michael Jackson was you know they were they way they can. It. They were Mecca it will pop into you knew he had it when he had to Iran one of rain in the red and everything he was ruled man. Usually look at it and as it is not a stadium in the country Deion. Baseball basketball football hasn't played nineteen. -- no no 00 but that's that's a big time stadium song you know. Did Tuesday. You will also go in the day DL on no doubt and I was ultimately. We take era of our. All right thank you. You can use both old but obviously defense is more and it is at this point right now but I don't know. It will we be shocked if the things to offer as a player. Looked at twelve it. Fellows probably what I guess it would depend on you know exactly who. That it would be at Wales who would be in would have to be I would think from the fan base at the Buick stoop superstore. Caliber players like turn he would electorate will somebody if they weren't all that deployed. Climate deposition and I don't think that but I don't know if you go back to back to pick immediately if you and the it's passing away is in the dominant talks here on a radio all over. What's been going on truly universal to the world and play here most recently at the point in membership essence mr. laughed for 2014. Points. Did that age if he says welcome back to sports talk with NFC draft class do you fear the most the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who is ninth in the first round. Is the Atlanta about the two Big Five places behind the Saints at number seventeen in the first round. All of us doubt sound and from roster their roster top to bottom they've got the best roster. In the division right now and at Carolina and they can add another first round pick to a thirtieth overall in the first round. Big tuna rank with compares to. To big Steve Ellis of 2008. Draft 43 on defense tackle. Well my as my identity about it if that's if that's the case because in the Saints moved all kind of had been inundated they weren't going to move up. And the top two defensive linemen in their draft in no way we don't know where. Sedrick Ellis. And Glenn Dorsey and where they were drafted I would think it well question Dorsey had a better record he's still valuable commodity in the league. But. Not to be a single digit draft pick. No but you know you go back and Luke in every year's draft class. And take a top team in how many of the team in turn out to be where they need to be. As far as it would you consider where they need to be a part of of a stout team depending on what to position news is it a situation where is it team wins. Because to me if you team goes to a Super Bowl that draft class and who's a part of this team is a success if you get a championship. It is all its talk to go get to championship. It really years in my book with me as stores all about and know some people look at well yeah it's a championship but did he did he pan out he'd be a certain player. As you know. His position is a good digs Deke honestly I feel a rebate B. Yeah that that dad's from the Sabres answered there. 26018786686. Did you don't bring them negotiating a program. We talked to keep giving them with caller. That's go to Ricky. TD was on your mind man and you. You you you know Ray-J. Man at a great regulator. Called for an recipe cards. The print outs as an at bat and. When your social widget goes seam and I rented. Yet you know one you know one year Reggie how I'm in the enemies are rollers down and in the controversy. Is to go with the controversy tour I want to say and early eighties he played the sank a three times that year. He came he came he's going once summer early and he came big with 81 and 82. He came back and came magnolia with 82 he played in November of eighty. At the Sanger and he came back in December. In a bad route to diss them and he came to New Orleans game in December of 82 people to be played and lost three time that you. XT two shows one night this thing 81 on one Lleyton he came back again. Let. Where that it is full year total all of the record amount on remote openers and what he would Kato. Well like McDonald on an. We wounds. I went to the they were down at the that is the acceptable. Yeah that yet. Years he was called as I need to blow us and of this tragedy as that that's exactly right. And I'll be used car that. We got the goal of the week ago we got cute true well welcome to where the big. We needed. Arguments that are up and in and he does like he gave green ball real. Teacher like Oriole. Yeah I bridge did remedies and I as far as him is that is. Come out of college I am on which your heart the sand out and look. I know that you know in the last so many years Calvin Johnson has rated the most on a high as a reliever to receiver standpoint. I believe true well is ease ease in their clients that I've I'll agree with you I believe he is that special. Well under regular. The war in match. Guys want that well so about that given. The Rio Rio basketball. It's been a three million dollar bust you noticed this Beriault was a raging deep. We will let the man know he will the Knicks 2009 in and out it could do was jump shoot. It jump hook he could jump shooting that took coat but he with a hell of a ballplayer though. They were. I don't predict outcome more so. Yeah but he's blood and I don't I don't think because I don't know but I would imagine he deserved the but it joking. Yeah he seemed to me he wasn't a bit of arrogance I mean it wouldn't be tickled as my reduced. He rode the coattails of the Spurs organization and you went to the final four championship game and lost when you when glamorize amused decided lights out remembered seeing how lost a year. This game yeah rise could miss that night they could deem up. That was his claim to fame so but anyway he wrote he wrote a degree and MBA too McCain don't Burnett. Your sidekick in Butler but it it well is the main. That depicted are all shekels. Austin alls I got to raided the wrinkles they want we tonight we'll see. 2601870. You can Texas dates and his it takes he has not had a hit and how many years I guess he's talking about print. But I think along with us like like The Beatles like The Rolling Stones. It's like a Metallica Manhattan here again I mean who cares look at all the news they made Horry. If Pearl Jam never had another heat who cares. He's got enough in the bank he gamble here it's the negro. I mean with he was all maintenance. 260 when he fifteenth you can take this hates him you can put this in the bank Trey will not give as either Tampa Bay or Cleveland. Who am Iwuh. If you put him with him based dean what what they've already got receiving with the bearing Jenkins to tie it and end and the other receivers. That can be dangerous. That a danger to talk about given. Give it some some serious weapons the Tampa Bay. And I think Tampa Bay's stout defense to me out of a total obviously it was a poster right bugs all they did show improvement this year but he did show enough. You know with take a timeout will come back Obama ticket with Tampa Bay all day. In the minds it for a receiver this year Roy Cummings at Tampa Tribune John just next to the Mike on an idea that are a few callers. They remember any great prints he passed with the age of 57 is it takes Deke to the Saints gave Reggie Redmond as a by the back position. And good defense and I'm in the second round they would. Rula will talk commodity about it wherewithal to Lowe for Murrow had a lead in the semis showed today because I sang okay from the Scobee. In the 6 o'clock now. I'd love some her hand as it takes did speak forgive prince while we talk about the laws of the world sport today. China. Okay. That deserves mention there's no doubt about it okay cause she was unique. Bigger than life. Female in the world wrestling federation probably known at its height there in the stone cold there. With the Generation X. but you got to be smoke and role in both olympians. If you think you compare her opponents on the calm you want to be wrote got a ox to figure that out and that's not sports that's sports and same. Okay and I know they are people who gave made it if it's a rest honestly I don't think he's made I think some of it is scripted it is sneak. Now you don't compare to mean not here. Raw coming into the Tampa Tribune in pro football weekly with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently have the highest peak and and C south team. In the draft at number now and Roy what are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers talking what does it need him what do you think they might want to Nolan. Well I think there aren't really defensive line more like more than any event. And cornerback jury they have weakness there in the team that you guys were big part of your routine to get a lot. Order in which 70%. Last year so. Think they need help getting faster and I absurd. Organic and do that. So great so. They're looking up pretty hard the quarterback and the first two linemen are like particularly the current event like an article all the QB there I think there's the pick it could be Murton are great but. If you're here to talk about. You know possibly yeah. Moving down to be taken of the current band second attempt to tackle. You know when you it and improving maybe the inner strength that the current line or not. Creating a little more room for the guys on the outside to get to the passer but so. But that option you know the bigger news and bring the street to see which give them some you know your ability take the overall player of the best player available at that might be. You ought to mark trucks and all that tackle a shock that that happens but done more than likely into a quarterback that. Broke up with the Tampa Tribune pro football weekly is out against the Carolina Panthers. At the thirtieth pick in the first round and then Palkot number seventeen in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the highest peak of any NFC south demon number nine. Road as some people here asking. With Tampa Bay be in the mindset if he is there. To add to their already is talented authentic guy like Vincent Jackson all since the very Diggins and of course. Come off the heels of Benton and the more quarterback in Damon's Winston would they be inclined to give a hard look to a guy like a contract well. Yeah I get the war. You know it's possible again I think thirteen they're they're so looking at the best player available and they think that another wide receiver. When you do it should be and act it out to Mike Devin. They only guy like pre. Don't slot receiver but it would our guys. You know but only one year and we get drafted. So you know he bit wild card but you don't want I think there's an interest there. They're great elsewhere but you know now I think that from the could certainly happen by a lot of people. We got franchise quarterback yet of Portland. Go around get more and more out there opium on the ball. Roy that what was it about it does seem like Lovie Smith was the right got a boost the bugs of the deep into talented Tampa had. It didn't turn out there way they did show improvement but obviously I'm not enough is the move. As said that the Tampa Bay or is this a situation where they feel like they need to make the move to keep moving forward. Well you know go out and hope that back I don't think it is. I was shocked by the move them to Ireland but I think. If you're gonna make that change that makes sense that you you promote you go to court it's been a trend. That we're seeing now we really more than you know wait and certainly we get here they'll. You know you don't want to disrupt. What going out on the opposite side of the ball you know. A lot of players talk about Doug Martin's Mark Martin thought. Even Europeans went and bought if they go back. And learn another playbook that would probably be back there in the back they don't do that open side all a lot of guys excited for so problem. It's a purse how are they bigger that go back and learn a new law there you know it's been for years it occurred according last year so. We got last year you you know more strength to them I think this year at all that. I raw Cummings one week from today to Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the ninth spot who'd they pay. I think you Burton are great they're great and they needed on that side of the ball that I think you arguably the best. Player available at that point if he's there are a lot of teams Adam mania a lot of birdie and are great little small but he got all the skill against you watch now you. And or a play or are great he got skill set to. To be a special player certainly got the that bloodline Yugoslav coach. He could be a special I think they're gonna in general with the Murton are great that he's there. Raw come into the Tampa Tribune in pro football weekly Roy how can people keep waiting on social media. Are coming deep below and on page book as well so was that are muted readers spot and he does all of the news that we're. Repeat to bear a couple of ball flight so. Don't do what they're looking into the final of new book box there are no before. Broad comedy brought always a pleasure thank you so much of a man I appreciate. All right today you hear that Roy I'm mistaken if he's they have an congress from Florida will go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers given him some more. Doubt on the defense of line or a pretty rich they have to think about what they've got interior wise with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers comeback to DeVon. Michael and Scott I'm Deke Bellavia basis sports talk on WW.