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4/21 6pm Mike Detillier, Saints Draft picks

Apr 21, 2016|

One week till the NFL Draft – let’s dive deep into not only the Saints Draft, but our division competition. Our NFL analyst MIKE DETILLIER gives us the latest on the Saints and his perspective on the NFC South.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening about the outcome of Dario sports talk on 8 o'clock at night here on WWR radio operated jaguar opinion poll which NFC south. Graham cliff do you fear the most the Carolina Panthers. They don't let the latest in round one number thirty the Atlanta Falcons five it's behind the Saints at number seventeen in the has picked among AFC south teams gone into the draft. And number nine at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cast your vote online at WW dot com we are representatives from all three of the NFC south opponent. And now we welcome me in FL analyst Mike the TO UAW WW da Mike to QBA dot com at. Mike K eight on Twitter Michael Bay right now some questions a lot of people have been day as good and I'm gonna get to know just a moment. But Mike are you surprised. With the amount of degrading it is going into the issues quarterbacks and you you have sit in a welcome opinion. That there is no Andrew Luck there is no Peyton Manning. You know certainly as it is points I'm coming out of college. None of these guys rate as high as Ryan leaf deal when you talk about Manning in me. While I did Philadelphia. And and and and that Los Angeles let's say Saint Louis Los Angeles. Why did they move well Michael and some so much uncertainty Auld made it true that one of these two quarterback puts him one of the ones gates. Double want to get all the ones is going to be that big on him owning guns. We get to question in this league you know you've you've got a quarterback and the people. It out again being poked up a franchise. More than the off day I'll have a quarter of a young quarterback come in and popped like in the green. I mean that's what they're watching those Rams did I mean the one yard draw when he would. I'd name on the more. That it is already pretty good. The original call. On the Eagles and he realizes in Italy. It honeymoon period there the first unit coaching lap and all the you know annual on the you've got to make it happen and it you know. So a lot of patience with coach. I think it gives them that opportunity here. To compete and I think in years to which of the green. All want it now the pressure's always played quarterback. And you hit it in the bits. And that you got the quarterback and you pick it but it next coach. You know it. To. Get away. You'd pop the light in your organization. I think somewhere on the mind since you've been worked out. He used to in my should collapsed. At third with the with that in market arguable that player come on now injured often caught in. But it's supply and demand it at. These guys. My it was a pretty good spot well. What you call. 212. Spot and it was called. In the top unit you want to get a quarterback and I'm gonna say number two guy no doubt in my. You might not it would work at the but if to a sure a lot of public. With the team pick in 1213. G. And out that that may nineteen to 22 what is going to make the Jets. Quarterback. It is a lot of that. Richard guy with. Department yet but well. Get out there. So. The ones in the comic book in question where an early round picks. On court accurate happens in college. And it opens. It. Import. With the NFL analyst Mike the team might the Saints and their ability. Oh what they have done as well as entertaining and taken now quarterbacks. Is posturing is it are they and Manson put time to go back. The legal issues. On the right yeah. I think that with it and you know it's not so you've gotten. Trying to see a big draw the wall. Exactly what you can get up. And that is a Smart. And so I'll go to be known yet but not that. The game went election. You don't like really in that game with less than that on that would make him. You've got to play against him twice a year. Now you're in a situation now. Used to play as Wimbledon winner and golf in. The play. You know what. And so. That is. Also to a bit of an old quarterback. Get to note that when I'm up again because you know what it is quite a bit. No the way the story quarterback up against core elements are off. Comical. That Brett got caught you know go. Against the starters one. Why wouldn't let that trot and removed it. No intention of asking them on. A court date. While I want to pick. So injured and along with his coaches aren't the watch college football. Game a year ago what was the word. Not ought to do with it smallpox. And why wouldn't get an opportunity here and talked to a quarterback who is what we hear. And find out what you like it goes with that. Oh. I think it's a great idea. Mike DA's with the NFL annals to take a timeout we've come back a bunch of questions some about and to be an exam at Baylor. Saints don't know picking on the linebackers that would do the things do if children rankings is there some of trying to compare him to use that for three months it. A Cedric Ellis in 08 it might take on that and plus the Saints in the smokescreen or is this some validity there. As well as a work now quarterbacks like Mike said you get a chance to look at him he did the noting he had one. It was the only suitable bowling what's the opening kick I'll put return for a touchdown that by Devin Hester in the Chicago Bears are one of losing to. Peyton Manning in Indianapolis Colts into the low point one down in south broad marred by bad weather. The rich refuse. And not perform to not not pharmacy on it and time widely considered the greatest hand to jail. With Ryan was stalled and Mike is not a sports arena former excellent hockey or baseball or basketball or football in eastbourne. It dumplings in the print as music is based in 99 he was again a made a lot of music that was an arena. He could I've been a lot of concerts in my life and heard a lot of music in there. You're not mean he's the most influential. Our political now live in it and that I've ever heard artillery in. And didn't Louis so many other people's. So it's remarkable his body of work and then he put in. That you think back in the early days and really started. It would be it was it was Michael Jack only the that this collegiate and it created out. You know you've had a lot of the pop rock that was common then call from Europe. You. You know that that was a lot of pop just thought we get started. Is ground level at that point. Won't let's put it at another level yet now that what those journalists. But the honorable but didn't know we hurt and didn't expect so well well been greater slot in the Carolina. Of my generation. Hear anything about it too much from performance that come to the wall on the course Michael Jackson's Jackson by. And the victory to a didn't stop you close it came with Atlanta I believe in their point I'm. But when you think about what prince did I mean that that 99 and B from Breslin does. The football although hood and it just so happens that 2007 suitable woods. Devin Hester returned opening tickled certainly music. Was and I never got the season not to my dynamic guy I've seen Michael Jackson but I saw Princeton assault call broke and go to a certain classes. By themselves with NFL analyst Mike deteriorate on Twitter at my detail EA and WWW Dunn might be to me. Dot com Mike will be in talking to people around a division. And a raw coming to the Tampa Tribune says if Bernhard raises and cornerback kind of brought that to tamper with select yeah Carolina is city Emanuel are Ole bock the defense in the end. A composite B there if he's in Carolina which they may look to add another defensive line which means the rich get richer. But Mike your fault so what took place in the division. Josh Normandy he did bad information from these his people about what he boarded. And cannot see that they did pay we lose and have a pretty good player but our front seven is a reason why deepened to over. The bottom line is you can well. What happened before but actually our best cornerback. I'm me do what you do best. 101. Quarterback in pro football he was better and Richard chairman better than we. It's. It made it a lot. Well I think you look at it as were. Forty years old one so yes it is that big day. You don't get another huge payday. You know at 28 or not one not at quarterback. That's not going to happen sleeper but you know below the and the campus refused to pay. Oh not a good team today. As well or two ago. Because that is all it took away one. Now it was possibly put into New. England that someone make a quick deal. The moment and you know that was a couple all well and that's been a lot of money and make a splash. In 19. With the Washington against. And it wouldn't shock me at all the cigarette QB what are asking what the paper we'll look at Jacksonville. And just go. But. Not about the name on the more key. And that would mean could be a spot put Josh Norman head to is watching it but. It's. Yet. He has not as good. As it would be. That was the question the best cornerback. Palpable here. So. That it once was but it doesn't want an eagle but the principal. Situations where the Eagles cornerback. And in multiple. Secondary was last year and not cornerback but it should. Day to upgrade. The spot. So changed the I understand where he's coming from the year that he has one of the sites. Because you know when his contract or you'll be there. And a lot and and you can rule out big money but what you'll court. Mike DA's he wouldn't mind that Kobe takes here at the beard and I'm giving him Mikey takes this in what they're saying is Mike. You know Rankin is being compared to Sedrick Ellis of a way grant basically a 43 only defense to tackle your take on. Own showed him ranked. Who compared the quad short coming out of Purdue. Who. Instigate a bad contract would Betty that is some ball. It. MIM Mike debt debt we spoke to Joseph prison earlier. That was one of the logic to think it's the GM look Carolina was a dig on had to pay Shaw and if he came down to a Dave had a trip front seven players and backing that. Deeply about the Greeks settled but I'll let you know if you go to that well really good talent and a really good the smaller guys go to big. So a bit actually Uga the paid. Want short and hit the year yet let's call it comes to. So not go to guy. That you could happen make that decision and they called it the week completely. Open it would help counteract that happen. There so that and yet well yet that does pay debate. Keep it and it will get cornerback. I think two years. And I Titans have done this and I think the camp those all of stumble. Look at all these guys in the music contract and get some problem with chatting with their own jeans. Now Carolina went with it and cap space. Naked in the veteran cornerback did make it right and pitcher in that state and also one. So a lock on that chapped bones in it being made. On the one against air in the NFL outlook player at the top of their game. At any position become available. And Norman has become available. Knock out it was OK actually be and it won't be able. With NFL analyst Mike TA WWW dad Mike TA dot com MIT on Twitter got a lot of takes on the Hillary in the Mikey in just a moment. Might not mediate left but it still wanna get a copy of the 2016. In the deep draft report how could they do. I think yeah we have a few left they can go want to look it's actual sport dot com also might retaliate dot com and we'll get it out whom first class you know give it real quick. Well you announced that an early eighties there. The nineteen that it had to apprentice the time in vanity six. Three shows that this thing there including November 14. 1982. Indians too true that night. And in back in decent. Also played a bad routes into it tournament Ruth that had to place remembering the great prints he has the world. Is dot com honoring the music legend dated eight feet seven steal new lease on now I hate that and the thing. Complications from the flu welcome back to sports so much more on line about Princeton feedback from. People in New Orleans and taken also superstars and athletic world as well as entertainment industry. Hope online at WW dot com which in FC south draft class do you feel the most its operating dad walked in people on line. At WWL. Dot com Micah I rode out the most are the questions he was a question asking Mike to handicapped. Andrew Billingsley defense and I'm from bay. He's. It. It's so they can get. An area. That can. 00. The record in. That one yeah. The it. They're in the real. 01. And it. Mike when you talk about that outside linebacker position what about the Saints as is or is. That position and are they in a market fallout back or did they feel like date they hit on some linebackers and I hear. Well aware that you wish you know. You really can look back you know so. In public. Well. Positioned to collect. But. In. Late may as well. He'll get that. It. Yeah that you. In the order of the day. Good groove. Are at the end of the year. I think that is it. I. Yeah. And there. Is a goal. In. There in the mean. But it it. On the cup. In. Sweden. I why don't they are like oh yeah no. It. You don't. Want. Might now people say it is a deep deep into reliant position is that because of the interior defense and Simon called Ian Russians. It got. In. Here. Would like it's that much so that. I need it and that you. Quality big. In the I mean years. Is that they can. It. Q bill would be because. It. Copycat here. And there but he. Is. 01 short in that. It being. Asian. Quality in their back in one. Mike the Saints and have retreated back in the Sean Payton and they've traded up we've seen that happen many times most notably and await. When they were in the market to either give one atop the defense and I'm in what was Sedrick Ellis and obviously. I'll move than Dawson and LSU. Is this a year in which of all the years they may be likely to move back. If it's a strange thing get on the ball lie. The Saints. Particularly big away from all the way. Wear and Wear it ain't that guy that we are equipment in. Either match. OJ. There. And Carl selected. Yet. So I would be surprised. What are those critics. Earlier this is. Why. It. All the talent that's about it well what can get at that. It may technique Michael bishop early that you are a very good out what. It is true. But you. So Ellis should have been at well. Look at back at it should be no way. Out. As you. Want in that game. Yeah. You shouldn't know. Wasted there. And our question about you aboard in different people that. Once tell who's out and he's told me. That being a lot I'll let that all of them but. It. So. That's what does that. So you know you. Mean in light of those. I. Like. That. But. What. Is it important well at. With the NFL analyst Mike the team mine got us some questions here about Javon call great immediate defensive player of the year from South Carolina State asking you about him. We don't like a lot and I think he went public in the end. In the second round pick but it strapped Lance I think he falls into Utley again. Yeah because it is because a win he would school my. But I think that's collapse or you don't tackle. I think may look at what he's been. Able. To get what what that. You got skills that they knew what what. About. And talent that they'll tell. You that player. Is where I'm game you put it that dependable and all. He. Is as a technician. But I think he can do real quick for. If rush the quarterback. Pick it probably be a late second round pick or elbow why the first couple picks. Oh well we beat a good prospect. Is that. In this class of so many of the backcourt. I. Like everybody. Because there's so. Say go back to truly one of the greats. It was in new lawn. Close to a dozen times he befall most recently at the twentieth anniversary you performed at the tenth anniversary of essence this and opal. And the point hampered its abilities. Deshields in the last thought of his career at the ninth eighth seventh at 57 today at his place at the Minnesota multiple online at WW dot com it. 98 it was only one manic aware there and he holds it looks to move that was Woody to name a there was only one manic aware. Longhand Rada. NBC rude about it. That he. The coolest cat in a rule not that way. He even he knows. Let's get to the photos go to Mike in New Orleans Mike you always Mike the two BA on WW ago. I don't know that. Look outlook call and I wanted to know. Well I know people pay a racial rub some sort of going global war in the first for an out. But when you look at him physically what he can do and let it slip on all stopping that just approach trying. Do you think he would be a good fit for the strength and other thing awards. Why I didn't Sedrick Ellis can't now I'll just listen on the radio. Good look at it now because. We'll put all. Day. It'll get them. Yeah. But. Yeah. And so as. That. That was at. Port. Yeah. Are you guys got the game. What. Would separate. Oh well and so that's why. The oldest. Player. Not that. I. Felt. And so. It and basically it. Is it that. Is a player. Topic. Is not agree eligible. It's. Pocket. So it's. You know. Oh well coached. Grew. And people out there here. And Williams. Elbow. The war. Are. Can stick in round one that. It's been more like being 220. And you. Conservatives. Can bet. Is it's. That it. Can. Go. Into it. Might talk about a small town here and make him beat my dip from summit Mississippi plays gains on the same cuteness I was amazed at the community college and hers memorial stadium in summit. Bernie and both of them all I ask who the Jaguars about in the weeds can't take he becomes the first of Louisiana tick. Invited to the NFL dram Mike he will be in buy into Chicago would approach crown next week and we just talked to Joseph Harrison of the Carolina. Observer in Charlotte he's is that Burnham Bogut is clearly clearly owner Orioles took care about what their thirtieth it. Think picked them because it is indeed the tackle. And get to where to go and meet. Their goal. Well we've yet to exit being. Old. Football. Oh. The key word there. At. And Michael Lotta people don't notice this issue to Louisiana Tech defense was thirteenth nationally. Think it got underway at all you do it and directed page can put tech. Well that they weren't scoring team in the public could be just right ash here they played some good bits and brought it. Wasn't disturbing problem in the middle. He's a guy can push the pocket well jumped at it how what he has probably can run the and he's all that to tackle and he's done a much better job. Ship saying its parent level not to get pushed out and those offensive linemen get out there and molded. Also that was a pretty darn good basketball player you don't ago but he still so very athletic family. And I think he would have been on very. Well. All our global entity early and too and it's now. All of their cue it up that this coming weekend we that there are two of the top seven spots where you strap. We had Bernard Butler and running back a bit. The increase in night while crucial Mike Didier on WW ago. Pokey Cabrera. Well I'll be on what under. Where the hall of ago mantra that you own players which is so are are all of our rock so we're trying to figure out there. Well reasoned you guys mean believe it he's not looking that just sit and she went. We've been an old note does now Lotto. Players that Pete called time. I'm Kristi you're not wondering you know remembered which users we can't hold onto the corner which you're kidding. You know. I mean. In it don't process on the wide write a note that these guys doing. Running. Back. Two years ago. I got a call from somebody. To Jeremy yeah. And told me if Jeremy. To the site got a ticket. Model bad because you know. You go actual. Physical that. On. Injured and will quit there. Basic common had a lesson two years at the draft and Ingram. And so. I thought they Estrada get out there and that you'd like him that much any hit the ball. Joseph break out there. And Bobby try to talk about that that getting. Ticket we go to camp and out of that short they were. Albeit Atlantic like what Jeremy you. So. There. Are no qualms about the past and on our and that you understanding at the moment. You don't beat it or didn't get you know it could be here but it did bring him. You know. A good form why. Seeing action at. In depth and talent rich area. Of the day it's it's well. But. You get to that and I'm not that they're the only yeah well we all out war and it. Pro. And so we like but it hasn't been what we get. Of the situation. That that football team was as much talent. As it is today. And you know. I think all of the big part of it. That way. It's appropriate that way or the state. The second but the thing that they're. Mike did Didier dot com and might detail on tour and Mike would talk again next week. Our right he's an event as my two TA on WW.