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Think Tank 1010am, America's Nominating System

Apr 28, 2016|

Do you think America’s nominating system for President is rigged? Drudge Report claims half of all Americans think it is. Are you in that number? This hours guest: Hans Von Spakovsky - "Manager, Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies @ Heritage Foundation "

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And do you. Turn the channel was that we're doing that Kia. Rio de Louisiana attorney general. Government talk about. Louisiana on the New Orleans and Lamprea being sent into words cities. In a plunged and his concern is getting interest. Is that. We or is sanctuaries. Cities but in and again Colombian mentioned stood. We are such because of the consent decree. By the Justice Department. So did turn Joseph has basically saying I think unity it's it's illegal for the please Morton shares spartans say. We're not gonna ask anybody about they're illegal inquiry. And at the same time I think he's risking their head. Of the department of job losses. Or. Blood you. Or are causing them to do a violation of federal law Axl can't get a boob who listened to both sides of it. And broke through gonna talk about Sanctuary Cities it's. But what we do that gifted. After Kerkorian. The biggest disaster in the future of America. Perhaps a lot of ways in the have cube world this leaf recent visitor industry. Louisiana. Is now ranked dead lapsed. Or what. Preparation poured disasters. In hell emergencies. And keep in mind Bobby Jindal. Was assistant director of the department of human and held resources and Washington. It was a health expert. Then. Review which governor Plosser I think but where he became governor. And in the path of his governorship. Where deadline. In his category. Should be an interesting two hours this hour. You'd be in a bureau there that loosened shorter regular big week called the thing doing because we really are not deep south conservative. What we are here is a information shall try and have fun and true trying to buy and ranchers. And whenever we and he. Political debate congress and to bring in Thursday liberal conservative side and we're try to bring them both noon and one of the outside world can turn to for the conservatives cited Heritage Foundation here in studio with me. Is sold one spoke on ski. Manager election lower perm a liberal or brother initiative senior legal fellow and at Heritage Foundation. Amongst thank you for coming and. Well I've I appreciate you inviting me and that. You know like I working that they take do so I'm I'm going to think tank in Washington think tank indoor. So you're in New Orleans is it over the bird Sanctuary Cities big immigration. Debate. As a matter of fact yeah I'm speaking at noon to the lawyers chapter of the Federalist society and we're talking about. USC Texas you know that's the lawsuit that the 26 states buy out. Against the Obama administration could look to try to stop the immigration amnesty plan he came up with in in 2014. For about five million Helio and it was just recently heard by the US Supreme Court. Loved it just showed Donald discussion Jarome our review shall and twelve noon after that it. All right let's let's talk about this there's this what we called you about Cooper's place. Oh euros lead today yup you think it is exclusive. Half of Americans help all Americans. Think presidential nominating system or rigged it. An and all the conversation it's a convoluted. Orbit query or thirteen. Too often booed her lips process. What are your talk. Well I think I think part of a promise people don't know who relished the home know how the system works and I think also part of the problem is they're confusing. What's going on right now with the general election in November what I mean by that is like in the general election. It's a pretty straightforward system we although the polls we we vote for whichever candidate with a battery president elect right now what's happening is. We're basically having winner in essence a private. Election to private selection process by each of the political parties to decide who their nominees are and what that means is the party's. And in fact each state. Can come up with its own rules that that's why it varies so widely you know in some states they have just straight out primaries in others they have these caucuses were people. Get together in counties. And increasing society who it is and you know. Kind of how the system works. Is. Isn't this system that should just be slightly. A trusted to order the news. Exiting quote and good system well. I mean for example. The Democratic Party does something that Republican Party does which as you know the Democratic Party has all these what they call super delegates. Mean no delegates don't actually have to get elected. They're they just automatically or delegates to the convention because they hold that position in the party their elected officials. There are a lot of and I mean I don't. Necessarily it's a good idea to have people who are getting elected to be delegates but just automatic because of their positions being the ones that helped choose who The Who the nominees in but that's. That's up to the Democratic Party where they wanted to or oral out of the delegates congress people centers. Yeah folks like that but should they just automatically be delegates as opposed to you know voters members of the party making a decision. You know I I I tend to be someone more in favor of you know democracy and and the voting system but again it's up to the parties decide how they wanted to let. Win win when I look at. Proportionality. Right. Trojan horse that's elegance. Open primaries closed primaries super delegates delegates. That's confusing enough. And then Michael wooten went Liddy he got more votes. But these eating get as many delegates know because the way the party senator. Is those that are apparently. Don't pay builds every day take their kids to school. Made sure that. The house is clean and go to work. Go to some kind of parties. In and promote themselves and worked very hard to be coming delegates. So. They get more power than your bowl butcher vote really counts the key element there well look I like that a lot of these rules are very confusing. And I mean I agree that and they vary greatly from. From state to state because. The the state political party organization makes a decision on how they're gonna choose a delegate and I I'm for a more open process. In which people can participate. And and vote on the other hand. You don't want the rules so loose that for example. Members of one party crossover. And go to the other party's caucuses or whatever it is in order to try to mess up the choice. That that particular political parties make either there's a balance you've got to strike between those two. How about independence and it feels like it depends who's got locked out all together like. All right you're too powerful entities talk among yourself what are you decide in the and let me know when I can vote. Well that is to listen won it one of the problems in this country and this is because we've we've had two political parties for so long is it. If you are an independent and if you wanna run as an independent candidate. It is extremely difficult to do because. Many states have these very strict rules about what you have to do to be able to qualified to get on the ballot. And I play in a lot of states those rules are two straight in and do make it to top. For independents to get on the back so. Again help here and and and I'm not trying to be antagonistic. I think of ruling now in question I am well below par and I'm an independent. I look at everything and everything done and shouldn't from proportionality. To Trojan horse owners. All of these and different states in the news now can this be. The state leaders say bullets rule. It's the way it setup and it's always been that. Newt sale caring. The rules. So out of the system. Where. You we vote give the most bowed to a and that that not guaranteed. You'll get the delegates to become that candidate that the votes call for. And in fact. After we get through with the old. That big Goss of Florida and Nikko at some hanging chads. Big Electoral College will overruled the popular vote. That's all rules. That all the way it's always been. Why should I bow. West even there you're talking about the electoral college and the general election one which Oregon's budget is still rent. Into trees that don't seem to board the most votes. Wind there or of the most votes. Well I I. Again our differentiate between the the primary nomination process that for a party nomination process in the general election but in the general election. We are not a direct democracy you know we our republic and the founder of dread and somebody mentioned that some of the date. Groups warning and said the clintons. They called news of democracy. When it says that with the music well you of the things to democracy and borrow Brooke well look we we have a democratic. System but we are not strictly a democracy if we were democracy. We wouldn't have state legislatures for example we would just. We we were just vote through the referendum process all the time on pieces of legislation that we are Republican which we. Elect people represent us in state legislatures in. Congress. And in the presence in the Electoral College system. You know we don't do we don't vote directly for president in November. We vote for delegates. Who have pledged that they will vote as a member of the electoral college for particular candidate to any notes after after Election Day November. They actually go to the the delegates ago elected. You know they had a meeting at the Statehouse. In every stage. And there they actually cast the Electoral College votes and attitude determines is pro or they've required to vote the witty. But most most states you yes most states require them to vote the way they pledge and an actually an entire history of the US. There's literally. Just a hand fall I mean just a couple of cases. Where a delegate did not vote the way he or she had planned to that that has not been a problem but. You could argue about the electoral arledge. Garland but but the whole reason that the founders Purdue and was they said look. If we just do a direct democracy the candidates are simply gonna go to the big cities. And they're gonna skip over. At the rural and areas or smaller states where it would only to need a New York called flyover country. And by using Electoral College system where even the smallest states has at least three Electoral College votes. There's a better chance that candidates who actually. Campaign in some of those other parts of the country not just skip. Our little drag break. Lifting up their what do what do you think USA today eighty hampered the people poll. Said they think the system rig. You're listening to any expert on election war rule form. Who's sitting in rubbed a lot of distance where it's always been some up and again it's. It's still work. What do you think introducing 0187. Welcome back we're with the Harlan and bones become ski. A manager election law or. Reform the computing from group formed a new should senior legal fellow and for Heritage Foundation. I don't want to go back to. If if everybody. Did depends the system now primarily the parade it's the rooms lose the weight Rangers. It's the best system in the world. It is yours and they pulled right. And half the people here and say I don't care pink and from richt. And maybe in other large percentage like me. It's just mystified. By the products. Two we have people that you ought to bow we're gonna have we already. Have a system for her future of the vote. Are we gonna run into gigantic. Problem. Convincing people that worthwhile go into Pau. Well we've got to Carly you know we have that problem already. And and what's interesting about that is is that the US Census Bureau actually does surveys after federal election and they go and make. Query non voters and ask the wide union vote lighting your register writing about. And the vast majority of folks say. I know it's gonna make a difference in my life. I'm not interest in politics I don't like the candidate so that's the biggest thing and if yeah if people think that the system isn't going to. Reflect their votes either. Yet that that add to that problem of the biggest problem we have is people saying. It is so they might not gonna make a difference and who gets elected didn't is an important to have my everyday life. In news in imported reform making it simpler or or. Were looking for perception. That it some more fair process. Well I think you could do that like I I don't want you to think that I am currently defending the system that went out what I'm saying is is that. Each state sets up their own roles and if people think that the the rules a way to set up or bad and you know thing to do is get involved. And and try to get him change and I know this from my long experience and it. That the political parties in the states. I mean they are really run at the grassroots. That's particularly true and even more so the Republican party of the Democratic Party to they're really around the grassroots and if you really wanna make a change. McKay you get. Yourself and about your friends together and you go down and you get active. Eventually you're going to be public change the way the rules are. On drug and thank you so what route taken the time come talk to news. Until overloading and all the time and ten years ago was part of the zero interest and knowledge of politics. But recruit people like Q have whole blood that were understanding. Now and use them while we should be enters it as much as we can and and we don't do that if we can talk people like the Harlem but thanks for enemy appreciate it enjoyed New Orleans oil. We're coming right back we will speak with the doctor Glenn made news. I mean you and more on story hook and hold up complete Q do you note compliment and I'm sure. I'm looking I'm looking a bunch Skid Row and give them thinking about somebody who communicated to be ten more minutes and are met I'm happy to be my apologies they would double BO what do you think of their Gibbons skull. Tootsie general wondering itself. Are welcome back my apologies to Holland bonds cubs. These. Charred Joba election law or reform. With Heritage Foundation the senior legal problems there. And I Apollo drives. I was thinking and guilt on the and thank you for ordering speak a bit longer. Before we get to why you were here in New Orleans. We go back one fun time for the view and that things. You'd sitting Craig got home. While we news people get involved with the grass roots we couldn't make it different to like says some gold fix it. And in the mode of stone you'll off all there. Something most people have. Even appeal of the inclination. To go pit exit. Shouldn't movement duty for those that lives. Are made up so much of politics. Not be aware that they need to fix the perception. Of lack of fairness. And do it from baton. Oh I'll listen I agree. And I also understand that people are very busy lives I mean I I do too just like you. But but folks who have more time to devote to working. With candidates are working with local local party organizations yeah that they need to be sure that their. There were putting together a system. That people see as atmosphere. Because most folks you know even if they lose for example in political race. They're OK with it as long as they think that the system was there the process. Had integrity and yet the other guy just got more votes. But if they think that the system was raid that's what it makes people really mad and we got to be sure that that's not perception that American thing. Wrong it. Blue urine tone pull one of the subjects of we're going to be doing at twelve noon talk to me about that. Sure I'm how Amitabh talking about the case USB Texas and you know that's the case that the 26 states have filed against the Obama administration. Trying to stop the president's. Basically amnesty plan that he announced back in November 2014 just this is the plan that would provide. Administrative amnesty for about between four and five million illegal aliens heard by the US Supreme Court on April 18. And you know so far the government's lost. The federal judge in Texas where the lawsuit was filed issued an injunction stopping. Administration from implementing this plan. The fifth Circuit Court of Appeals actually had the arguments here in oral. For decades and the Newark new New Orleans this circuit. Also upheld the injunction so at the moment. You know as an order saying the president can't do this and it's not just that the that the president. Put in a plan that said we're not gonna deport these people you know his plan also provides him with work permits. So they have the ability to go out and and work. And also his plan makes him eligible for. Social Security benefits. Social Security disability benefits and through that. All kinds of other things like state unemployment. Benefits which is gonna cost taxpayers a lot of money. Have you ever heard of the under events. I arrests Poland to Horry it's. On. So obscurity. Have you ever heard this suspension file. The suspension file for Social Security here is that an ace. It's the illegal. Oh yeah yes clutter on the corner 200 book troops on the utes coach are numbered drivers lights and so while arbor. They apply for a job. And the businesses look at shall skirt and so global good geek OND. Send them all and and and some of securities and we should. I read that to look at it and says we don't have any about it like that home by now. So we won't put the money in the suspension. Part. It's like that the four billion dollars right. And growing. Multi billions every year. What would happen to that. If Obama wins all are done and what does anybody know. Or else a lot of people real interest company a public is helping troops urgently you asked tread water in the way that it is. Well that money would be end up getting paid to those illegal aliens because in fact. I think that commission the IRS was up in front of congress just a couple of weeks ago and made big headlines because he's at a that I. The iris new crew and had the names people who are in the country illegally. Some often using false Social Security numbers to pay taxes. And the IRS was not doing anything about it. Deuce and in manned by the end and then. We've we've talked about it earlier it in this I've had people say. Keep asking the incorporation. And my response always it is awkward when I get an answer. The electronic could implication. That the government gives 43. To hear one sort of input god over 101000 businesses dates starting to use. Very few state for requiring. That flight 98%. Fool proof satisfaction. Breeding from companies. Is a better satisfaction bridging to and in the of the government program. And what it does is. It is big companies whose shoes and suits are a lot of abuse and the illegal aliens got eight days to prove who you and if he doesn't. They can't have the job ripple and go. Well. Arizona is lost a quarter of million illegal aliens because that he barrel pa. Isn't that the end to wooden debris but the Guatemala when the debate over. Cents words cities. Beaten. Nolan boy and if we usually. Alyssa I agree few right now that biewer right system under federal laws is voluntary. But like every time I hear candidates say well gosh we just have the resources to deport the you know 1112 million I think luck. You don't have to deport them all if he made. Did large percentage of illegals in the country would self deport if they could no longer get work. And yeah there are some people who work in an underground economy but. That they and that Canada so war although this vote if the if we made. They couldn't hire these votes and by the way if the federal government finally started in forcing you know there there's federal law. That sanctions. Employers who knowingly hire illegals. That provision into it that provision unfortunately administrations of both parties have not been willing to enforce. If they did those two things. A large. Percentage of the problem. In country would disappear because the biggest reason. The biggest reason and it illegals come here. Is an economic you know the second biggest source of income in Mexico aren't as Smart money being sent around the united say. Bonds thank you so much and it would have appreciated the picture at time too much or have a good stay and what have you only get a view of glory here any time could talk and come right back and governor of the the bank. Valid thought from one of loose ends and part of doing take his what I think and then frighten who's proved what I things who have contingent on being good club Barry implicated. I did pass it. Were Boris when we're were in the room garnered through with The Heritage Foundation. Is that to get involved in the green grass roots level. Element to read that time opinion bill's going to work doing Aaron raisin child it is just. There's there's not enough time due date to get actively involved. Well what these lift her sentence I'd be interested to know how many of that 50%. Referring to 50% yours say today and Colby came yesterday. Saying our election system is rigged. How many of that 50% would be a blue name there's senator you're state representative. State legislators. Or even City Council member. When siblings enters the realm of pop culture of the violently on engaged and on aberrant form call out of the would bore. I think that's valid criticism. I'm not sure. I can name them. A I can name our senators who has represented them capture likening fall. There's seek help from members shall and one of them those that have come out of what were put. To be on top public. Where. You can avoid the stigma of do not doing enough. You have to learn about proportionality. You have to understand why there and open primary and closed primary. You have blunders to him boy independents. Can vote. In both states. You'd have to understand what they're calling Trojan horse delegates. Elected by the grant roots movement. Voted all in by a doable Kurds. And then voting girl old mind. If they make it to the second or third round of voting. In eight convention. About the super delegate birds as the regular delegates. And that's where I'd say you've got a very good point that approved wanna make immigrants learn our civic. On the other side and I'm not true most of those. Would know everything we're supposed to learn. Much lasts. Find it time to learn what I've found I didn't know and when I've watched this Peru system. So make cents a hybrid in the thing. All of Robert herb with the Gibbs called troops in general 187. We're gonna continue to debate. It's. Sanctuary City Lou that longer a little bit later in the show still brokers to them via. Big rig Bobby Jindal. Both foreign and a during being governor he was our health specialists. And how were ranked well. In response to held emergencies. Can beat. Well back ups the time to 1000 dollar and they flagship disease care into. Code word this hour is ring. Techs are. In eight to seventy to 8172881. Chance at a thousand dollars can actually detects what it lists and product code word boom for the talks over news at 2 PM. Remember charged protects would individual play and tents and they agreed to apply a huge bill and Ted's Bindra.