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4/29 8pm Saint Draft Coverage

Apr 29, 2016|

The Saints picked a wide receiver and safety in the 2nd round. It’s the Big Chief Deke Bellavia – at Tchoupitoulas Beer Garden with the Founding Father of the Who Dat Nation – the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert & NFL analyst Mike Detillier. We were also joined by Saints Wide Receiver Willie Snead.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But you went out to the head job for the fifth brought. I'm all about if there might think it's basically a saint Lucie were. We lease the time the ability of local back out to Chicago in the mold with these accounts it does make the second round pick for the New Orleans Saints. Prowess you Michael Thomas and deuce is standing by with eight and a former Saints great in that being Scott Petit. You tell you got that it would. Deuces stepped aside and Scott Palmer in the building again we got as anybody with appetite who has gotten him we got my grades too you know we were talking last night it. The Saints that you left they could have him replace that position in open to do so now your thoughts on the first two picks to think it may not. You know it every linebackers favorite players in the tobacco that's what I mean that that the guys that first for a man happy camper. Scott this might what do they don't want to ask you about use the game laryngitis played a lot of football. Tell us what he brings that they've wood you'll hit it put the sites it was good to play with a guy John at that Bill Lewis he was the captain article. And I think that's what Lara not as those also leads the cab that it. If you guys can bring a little bit everything and that wouldn't be that they can can use right now a guy who's Smart and don't let it play. The new general all the things that you want him to linebacker. Discovering that some tables I was through with the pick up and we all are if you think that it's safe driver of the formal great. Scott we view lap back in Chicago at the fair. Not now the Scott. So there's a they did as the review in my rather get a little dusty but I bring about a couple times of the year yes. Probably have to bring it out because you know Obama got the mob violence of the eight that the only thing is that if today is Scott you rely on luck to you before you associate it with the Saints. We now because my daughter went to calculate the counselor you know I'd love going to Berkeley and hang out telegraph wrote in. It to do that you know pull one who always you know you goal the whole coming or it definitely gave me it's been that quality time but. The question I have and I thought this intriguing. To show you why you still relevant. It what you did to help the statement is doable so that was filled with Jimmy Anderson. And he said you know what we look at but it nix drove sideline backer is like with god he Jeter brought to the table. So to me that that gave you a lot of props because now at this day and age. You know you gotta wake gets the run. We can't you run feel eight coverage of the tide is there even is just as the old concept. That they got to think we're lacking. With the linebacker pass coverage flashy or did he needs obviously to get the blame but I thought that were really struggle the linebackers the pass coverage last season. Up to a commitment them humanism and that's about. I've thought about that can happen. At the end of the days is that I have a well rounded defense and I thought when we're there we had guys that are positioned to do their job. Who's just going to implode in a few holes here and there you got to get after us you got to cover him that's who can lock down on the back again. He gets a good pass for us we simply couldn't sense it's simple as that Scott wanted to things you've got to see the first so. Roll the kid is drafted in here golf was allotted to now made it I've got to spend some time would have as many passing academy. Sharp guy and got me hit point as a passer when you watch out plate basically every play he was getting racked. He was getting hit as the what they got there with nickel Tweety was at Louisiana Tech you don't know anything about Max protection. And not possible bit about what you've seen Jarrett golf and how well you think he can translate. From played at a high level of the pact will to be NFL. He's really bright that about it he's and that's been a little bit of time it's weird he's a tough kid in you said he's taken a lot of shots he's not going to be an offense. Where he's taken those lines not play after play after play is going to a place. In LA now with with the sound defense in a running game. An effort young player who's what's when he wants me to yours on the true freshmen came out of the Buhner is a young guy and now. That halfback and a running game to start his career. Doesn't appease huge huge dividends for him. Almost think great staff with even live with us in the draft and Chicago's Scott always a pleasure look you in the family doing well. Like guys that that you would be back as the premier did not know really good about Utah Utah played applause and that's it on the backs of yours I mean everybody. Yeah right yeah always loved the talk was cut the cute because you know it if I had a daughter. And a all of those you've brought Scott did you go home like you'll again I keep it good yeah. For the record Bobby everybody to everybody. So I thought. I that is about it that you do but we appreciate all right become a team I've looked up to do with being brought into all of Saints have you wouldn't rank that in my receiver. Michael Thomas is that you picked amount don't read it thought I would her dues McAllister of we've heard from Michael Thomas I wouldn't even be going to show it in body might take that go out to the states can't Wear off. Double Covert group Christie Garrett takes out out of old off with directly and to about eight there will give us their take on everything it is have until four in round two guys. They very much the two outs for with the Saints elections which seventh overall wide receiver out of Ohio State. Michael Thomas kind of figured at some point because of the Baltimore Colts in this off yeah they were going to. That that this weather's music. Pats would but Michael Thomas seemed obvious and revisionist talks about old times. That is in the red zone in. Yeah at least like network or pull it out with you was with the thought process out and use him in the rental lot like. Yeah O line. I think affiliate talked about it but really this step that I love what you're looking up his numbers dismiss statistics standpoint he's back to back nine touchdown season yet and what you watched the film like your talk by the way that he boxes out the way that he uses his body to yield. You position. If they perfect it. For the saint written in the house secretly trying to quietly it Thomas it's. If he ends up being that this. Young receiving corps and rain coats release the OP leader Michael Thomas. We Drew Brees conducting a few reasons to be the pieces around the chessboard there's not a lot of defense is we're gonna wanna see that once you start threatening their end zone. And at the Christian we gotta give a shadow terribly nick undergo taught him a lock them up to the draft from the add that he had this one nailed. From a couple months out that's been his guy. And it really means something to keep an eye on with Thomas is just talking to people on Twitter setter. A lot of analytics guys and Scott Smith went pointed this out to me. The analytics guys not as high necessarily on Thomas as people who were just judging. From the word traditional scouting role so he kind of represents one of those great litmus test as to. What do you just eating a polarizing figure between guys who are numbers driven guys who are maybe they'll enter. Yet when they sailed all the scouts that they trust your eyes trust which sealed on the table. It'll. Done it this organization to it that's really care what. Expert. Analysts note on that explicitly say about especially the second street. With the heat would roll please the T seen here in the second album Michael Thomas and second round pick wide receiver out of Ohio State go to the Wall Street we seven. Overall. In the big Cody white hair does go off the board I believe it is you always appear so. Really what was the pick right we're thing it is free Cody white here maybe some I mean I was leaning toward right and actually it was before. Yet Thomas was. Mean necessarily on my radar a bit. So what can we learn from that in making this this reading too much into things that I think that the Saints are expecting interest he. You start a caller I think that there may be more comfortable. With their all but the line and we give credit where you look at how they drafted O line in the past. Activities later round picks. Into that valuable long term starters maybe you'd think they can. Find that magic once again so. Maybe that O line and not as resting and as we previously thought ever bodies out there some deep into should be here readers is the guy was there. Well we read specifically. Easy run stoppers on this only three down guys. He may have been a bit of overkill in the spot lets you know you don't oh absolutely oh. Great there. But it's one of those things where you want to be so law in any one position that you closed off other avenues witnessed it tells me. Is that the Saints stayed true to their board now. Hedo took their borders right or wrong but they did it go outside of themselves they chose the players they felt was the best meal the best it. Where their team as a whole Allison tiger off the board the first one linebacker beyond going to. The because my caddie my favorite he's grown up man Falcons. Look I'm I'm I'm a slave to honesty I told us right the cannot I cannot. Hell line my dad that he might. Try to forget these times that he raced me. To be a Falcons in this division yeah Kwon Alexander for the books. Jones wallet to its funny righted Joseph and to have been really good sink and QB theorized by. Two former LSU linebackers in the Easter really cheer for us in the plane for the Saints. Spears now by mr. Belichick they are disease still light. Hand. How they passed up. On O line in this program but to all Alexander continues to become more interesting. As to whether or not the Saints go that route tells the dude. Evian masters do you mean that's probably his biggest trade is that he sizes. Literally overwhelming. I'd also meet his greatest weakness and that sometimes you as a bit of plodding forward but when you look at a guy that seems like he could be a multi year starter at the guard position. All Alexander has the potential. QB not a 100% on it. But it certainly inane for Saints and keep an eye on and Els and even later in the draft depend on what kind of great teammate Mike him. Those guys can speak better it is with Jay Lynn Mills as well. Safety corner personal probably be a slot you know in nickel type of guy. In the league so their there's hope yet. This ain't committed up with a tiger but. Who knows him he knows it probably every other team to Stratton island have been very good. The Ryan Fitzpatrick. Saga in New York with the Jets took another turn with Christian Achtenberg got a mid state going to the Jets that you strategy you know it's been a few years ago in the second round so and at pick was met with a solar reaction from the Jets fans. Not too happy with that sort. Yeah. A lot of people out there question in fact in looking in we all run the danger of letting. Who are I'm not seen this like there word is law but just you know on Twitter on the Internet looking around at these picks are going down. And Sam moms who is the I think he's easy irishman but he's the guy who originally started pro football focus. He is an article from three weeks ago. Why PF that doesn't even have a retractable. Grade on Christian Hatteberg and I think it's law but it just gives you some perspective. On how may be. To a whole Iraq if you had Jets pick will be what they're trying to gain a little but I guess leverage but Allen. By that by talent but it makes went up from pro football focus. What was really one bullet generous I mean what is that some may be that tells us that he had a really good work out in New York. Whenever they interviewed him they really Jordan something along those lines because. Some of those other quarterbacks may be like to honor code deck press cut. I mean it would be going over a Achtenberg. The New Orleans Saints which up to the beard guarding him make two picks thus far the draft. One being showed him ranked defense a month from Louisville. With the first pick twelfth overall in his second round pick with the sixteenth at around 47 overall was wide receiver. That being Michael Thomas from the Ohio State University now moment ought Beckham mats patrol tells us an idea that the Saints it just may eighth trade. With the New England Patriots to move up to the 61 position overall which would be the thirtieth pick. In the use of ground Mike and their 61 overall the black and go obviously have talked to somebody who. No question about it they they've found somebody they want you move up in what they were doing it. You know since Belichick had placed I think that's like the six horses that Brady's played on draft date I mean he likes he really view around so. The pick and spin so to speak so when you wake up well with the Saints make that selection yeah but I'll be honest with you. They gave up really pick that guy that they want and out it is to do with it gave up to get to this spot. It still might what you have you looked off into the -- give it made you want all the the player would be at the man had a good or targeted and one of the things I was look at that and keep up brought it up also is. The down Alexander as the third round. Because that means the rate terrific block also on the offensive tackle guard from Texas Tech. Maybe that's been so that'll all that's that's not the football that that court. Now view critical at the pit they're idiots even dominated bullet is still in the bowl are you rattled at all artists got on the board. My interested and not division Tampa Bay beat the kicker. At a Florida State with a record do you Wales the ticket night you can break the balls accurate kicker nick Beverley history didn't miss a field goal globe from inside audio it. No listen that's typical of most tickets today. What do practiced along peaks. Outside the kicking camp wood or a report don't wanna think he told me just. Op practice all the kicks inside 45 yards that's mobile big mob money this Bart. A lot of these tickets all the wanna do this to the fifty leg body at that I'll let it ain't all about that you've got to hit the consistency as we talked about being Bailey. Not conclusive if you will because it's the Dallas yeah. Georgia. Selected sixth overall. Defensive lineman. Richard Seymour. The. Look who's six years election. And the 2006 in NFL draft. The Patriots select Cyrus Jones. I think now the Saints on the clock it straight come from Arizona through New England. They move in front of Carolina what's at the 31 pick in the bay at New England does at that point I think in the round. That was sixtieth and now the Saints had a thirty Pete in his round with a sixty versatility some more details and see what to saint. Had to give up to move back into round of the two. It that's the most interest in what Whitney had you love to get in this they better get. Could you give it up so that the move from Ralph Reed that a lot of part of the second round what they were Belichick. You don't want you small you know he wants off the back in return. Beat well we have and we picked a well received its few moments ago with one this fall a step that's already witnessed the judges now he would tell them about winning thank you for coming out how I. It's you know will be a tremendous year defense Q what will will let you have a breakout you. You know I think just trust that something gave me this year it's going produce and like I did and that's our building confidence once. Look you start feeding me the ball and then after that it took office. My football equivalent of. They are willing talk about the process obviously. You from the state of Florida you go to Ball State and Ohio. I'll pick it up and Ohio and achieve it will be you background. That being the coach is one thing I appreciate that I value football. And and that it would help you McGwire received who's who want to also quarterback which is break off all that down call me yet that I Florida the ball they did. It is really. Learning it was just the wide receiver. Could you background yet like his seventh I was the coach and he was close to listen to Florida at the time of the month period. And let the coaches that the coaching position at Michigan at the and we that there for three years once they championship together. And my last few years that has roughly quarterback like he says. And you know then I just took off like novel has been a quarterback that's what practice that. In a mop my father worked. You know when when it came down at the in the college Ball State was a great opportunity to put new coaches that came it was people vote. His staff. United's as well I was at the quarterback receiver. You know my dream was always the go to not so much. So let's assume. It's all night at the moment things had anything to hit it and let it go to announce the New Orleans Saints collection. Please welcome. From the University of California Berkeley. The Saints 2009 Walter Payton man of the year. Linebacker Scott Fujita. I. Okay. And with the 61 pick in the 2016. And a vote drafts. The New Orleans Saints selected Vaughn Belle. Yeah. Flacco run ought Ohio State. University athletes continue to come off the bullet Bob they'll say to you talk about Curtis and electrical freaknik they make the trade. With the Arizona crew doing a good move back into round two took with its two picks in around wide receiver from Ohio State Michael Thomas safety of upon they'll tell us about bump him. Month bill was my number one ranked strong safety in his draft class his dad was a ball player at Missouri. Yep where it's a he was a big time recruit Bob you might do the high school Richland high school would talk to yet that that's where you went to high school let. He was a running back there got converted to the safety position. Bit not label Ohio State. Well all big hit last year. 65 tackles nine rate breakups to pass interceptions. Hit it two years starting in an intimidating guy out on the football field might nobody crossed the error it would spot. You rock you if you cross that border that he. Well I age you look at the safety position obviously. You know you look at depth and where red right now you indicated that Cairo Jared Burton. It that you look at it the future of now hopefully Gerris. Late night believe all lived up today contract. Which you also have to look to the future is Raphael bush now what you try to line. So what would you break it down that was one area. That would you look defensively you know we talked always about the front seventy tackle at the end we addressed the live back with this kind of buzz create the but that does not surprise me gauntlet the safety at this early. A right. It's McAlister don't just now lap from Chicago deuce three picks in the Saints moved back into round two. Two players of Ohio State Michael Thomas and now safety Bob they'll do. Well I think it's gotta like a might sit you know he's a phenomenal athlete and he gives a lot of flexibility you know when you look at what the Saints have done in the past as far as sometimes playing three safeties. In an inning game I think that you do that type of flexibility you know because one thing you know as he can always lab in. If you wanna call over him on a slot receiver or any idea and he he has that type of ability but it also you know loaded chance. You know all we know that knee trouble it is his head over a couple of years. Last couple years so this use you some some some incidents you've lost a rep field woods so this gas steps in. And can you know pretty much go in and be that third safety for you so it's a pretty good pick you know they moved up. Gave up the third rounder to move up and give him but you know the organization and the like important. Deuce one of the things that I think the date why he was my noble went right strong safety you can double. Not today you know if you can't covet strong safety you've got to commodity game. The last two years he has started. Fifteen past the collections eight pass interceptions. So he has that bullets a lot of plays in the coverage what the game in the Big Ten. You've got to be able to cover its faults they either that or you like that Billick your runner not a down that's why I looked this fit not think about it. Bonds Dell was up 47 ranked player I had him ranked tide and Michael Thomas he was fifty. So you got now three of the top fifty players or mop award which he got the number one ranked strong safety. But his sponsor is and he's that intimidate us but it's also great in accomplished what. Glen I mean the way the league is going that's the most important part you know because if he can cover that makes him even more valuable now. Italy is listed as Allen get a little more creative like this it you know. We got burned a little bit with the injuries to quarterbacks who shuffling guys in and now. Now eat if that does happen or heard it that forced your hand as much because you know if you're three safeties are healthy. In those guys that kind of be interchangeable little bit how they cover and who they cover. You know news if you look at. You know where a guy's projected to go it is not an exact science but the one thing outlast you make. I don't think it was a reach but not look at them robot drafted by bell. With the go late first round early second round today. And this evening Michael Thomas. Early second round in the second round it wasn't like where did they do it. You'll both looked at double or it was out exit that you got to trust. And Jeff finally Kovalev boarded. What he's got it's footprint on this or hand written by every wanna call it but. I think Michael Thomas. But now if you look at Ohio State football. They are truly relevant and they know what it takes to win here. All right with that would just Deuce McAllister tone that's. From Chicago to New Orleans Saints have made it do is pick. If that is safety bomb that we needed he wouldn't now will be a new receiver and a safety to compete with the players and offensive player since new teammate to Hewitt with the Eagles thought I think his. The veteran you know we need to receiver you know to replace closest Sears you know hopefully can comments that and it will help us out this year. You know we were her in defense really most of the US is so. You know having to force on the with glee we definitely he's going to be great for us in the you know like you got says the Kiffin mostly the safety he's going to be great you know to contributors to the team and you know hopefully makes a couple of. Now Willie what you look at and it's all about swagger and confidence. Rivers led the team is you know you look at it the wrong that you got to know where a player who you think that you went through. Becoming. Talk about the validity to the fans that from day one. That you were confident that you would not only had that confidence that you make you ladies. And put it out their own bill it's not about the process that you go through practice squad player with the Carolina Panthers. All of a sudden have an opportunity to go back to profit with the Saints and things like that they want you back like that that you alone in that I delicately NFL. Yeah absolutely nor are those on alert my mistakes and it's and everything you know like started training camp you know every that is. Learn something knew I had to keep making it not make mistakes or that but I can't make things that place that's the thing you always have to keep improving. You have to make a play every day and I thought I was doing you know the fans were great they were awesome attorney camp. You know are still the Soviet you know I just felt that confidence is go out there every day fallout that was the PC games came. You know I'll just have the you know go out there and make plays and you know hopefully with a lead than me and gave when. Now will they keep it now eighty yard receiver are really is playing. Refuted NFL that figured to be room the wide receiver group when you watch the film. And Buick you cope. I mean what's saving the one thing in all of it I guess it's speculating here that they might get on you is that almost that stand. That is not going to be perfect but they'll they take approach but your hand to got to catch it. When they are because at the Connecticut especially going from drew you know it's going to be right there. He does government to play every time focusing and that's that that's what got the receivers to play makers and ethical to expect from an expert. That's a true single released need to do All Saints have made a tree they traded their third round pick and a fourth round pick. To move back into round number two and this was through doing an. It via Arizona. The Saints with the thirtieth pick in the round which was 61 overall. Picked safety bomb bail out of Ohio State University so might the New Orleans Saints now have showed him ranked of the defense upon them Louisville. Michael Thomas the wide receiver Ohio State and safety on bail Ohio State University so I pieces. Obviously they're the same but this move here is that he did look narrow it scares her know that somebody type. All I know is getting booked our Rose on the contract holding one more year yet. Terrorism birds on the fitness of life he's got to reduce yeah it did not that he's not a that you gotta cut bait but he his but I think it is insane thing that line back. If you can't Bubba. Did you you've got a lot of battles. You've got to be able to public now feel and that's the thing bond bill brings to the people. We can come up in way to run real well but he also was really good and reverse this guy out the last two years a 157 tackles. That the pass deflected eight Maceda stepped up last few comedies don't say today coming out eight passes that. Well that's great if not getting I think getting that Carol alt the top of my head it was the first round draft pick. At Torrey this it's is that not correct at prairie Texas is blocked out came out early yet yeah yeah so when I. That lift that I think you also all olive to outlet you know pick they'll that it will about this. Look at the concept. And a lot of teams what you're trying to keep you off it or you give a different look. Really utilized to restate the Raphael put. All of us at Rafael bush is now you try to you know they could be a package that would you give it up your third your fourth round. Well you move up the second round that they'll redshirt developmental player. It like it even if a car of healthy ever hurt would it get by build the field. So whether that you look at nickel or dime we look at it five PP six he'd be. Bedecked Nellie is let you know quarter safety that would hit five or six PP font bell field the field. I think two guys is think about it. That the analytics of these beat mixed all been really productive college please the Saints pull away from that with the other guys he dropped. Charles Brown still original met these knock me for all those guys will metrics play as they got the numbers could play. All right joining us now is the newest member of the New Orleans Saints safety bomb you know Bob thank you so much for the top congratulations Sewell to do well. Open to promote promote bond that you on now a former Saints quarterback Bobby ate there. Now by what you think you have it it looked into that this they are talking you win it all looked at that no room mock drafts that. You going anywhere but late first round to early jacket that bit of second round. So it's things like. The state talk if you that you don't Wear it Wear active number two expect you to get wrapped. Walton. Me because I you know you scream. You talk on all levels. And I knew that the that there than it did you know. And I guess but if you look up the phone so I have been good. If so what the Bible verse nine and throughout the mojo that is what. A very trustworthy guy you know what. I was so. Busy with new Saints safety Bob they'll hear on Saints radio did you get BO bod you now talk at the NFL analyst Mike it to you on it happened watched him play. I think outrageous but not rates phones they. Reason is you picked up. And I think that's such a big part you know felt today how much work if you've done in the off season. Played it reverts everybody see you know about this team make that tackle. You do a great job with the coverage what do you gain eight passes receptions the last two years that'll ice thing that's impressive public work if you'd done it. With it techniques that the footwork into reverse position. Followed him all the were mop the goat coat and and those that. Where we're honored repaired. But it is much of him out that you and he was it to my Internet well on the middle market he miserably did know what NAFTA news. It be attributed Carpenter went to are. And got their moves you about this place since they wouldn't you know my go to move that now. Completely out. But what. Call up there and thankfully. More ago. Bond you were a bit done offensively or ice. A pickle with seventy that are all purpose yards to what he went touchdowns on the offensive side of football at Richmond. Vick did that move from joy to Ohio State what made you choose the Buckeyes and even the South Dakota Ohio State. And the local market do. If that is the old pupil now that the use of threat and that too is obvious that out score. I knew that you content quote would that I could because he couldn't really believe in him and that is. I was operated by. You try to about it makes it so it was something different not then won national championship. As an individual Saints at the end he'll out think you ever think book guy on bail bond and congratulate Stephen man that loved you knew Wallace ankle doing this time with the fans. So we'll be all right to have an individual at saint bomb them New Orleans Saints have three plays defensive it showed ranked in the first round pick. Second round pick wide receiver Michael Thomas from Ohio State. The Saints traded back into round number to the thirtieth pick in the round 61 overall they take safety bomb bail in exchange that the Saints currently have no third round pick. All fourth round pics of everything stand pat the next it will be tomorrow. Round five it sexy as you can pick 152. With to get back down the street to studio with Stephen delicate that the fans recap. Thanks Pete is WW LN FL draft recap is brought you by Louisiana lottery. Buy a ticket for Saturday's 314 million dollar powerball. The black and gold went offense with their first second round draft pick Ohio State wide receiver Michael Thomas is too. Reasons it was within and we asked the six foot 2222. Pound pass catcher shortly afterwards elected. His plans on coming to this in franchise. Definitely something about this date down on there. A lot about where they could. Drew Brees marching. Just watch TV last year. I'm didn't commit. Did he move forward and reach some it greatly. Thomas caught 56 receptions as a junior last season for 781. Yards and nine touchdowns. The Saints then traded back into round two to nab another buckeye this time safety bomb belt. In his three year college career he totaled 175. Tackles and nine interceptions. Looking house some of the third round shook out. The Dallas Cowboys with a thirty for 44 overall this miles jacked UCLA outside linebacker going to be Jacksonville Jaguars. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Would be 39 but overall selection getting eastern Kentucky defensive end Noah Spence. Alabama inside linebacker Reggie ragweed going to the Buffalo Bills met the we first overall pick in the second round. Another Alabama boy came off the board win. The Detroit Lions with a 46 overall pick took a Sean Robinson in big defensive tackle there. Ben Jauron read the other. Alabama defensive tackle lately because Seattle Seahawks also in the second round the first LSU player coming off before going to the Atlanta Falcons. At the 52 overall pick it was beyond Jones outside linebacker. Now looking at the 56 overall selection was Kansas State offensive guard Kobe white you're going to the Chicago Bears followed by Clemson received the DJ green going to be Indianapolis Colts. Pittsburgh Steelers bat corner short biggest coming out of Maryland. Beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers would trade up and select. Florida State kicker Robert OY deal with the 59 overall selection. That it was Cyrus Jones go to the New England Patriots Alabama corner. Bomb belt came off the board go into the New Orleans Saints after that was just that sixty horse over all selection. Then the Carolina Panthers got Samper corner James Brett Barry. And then the second round would find a third round by the close out the Georgia Tech defensive tackle Adam Coates is going to beat Denver Broncos. The third round began with the draft pick heavy. Tennessee Titans getting middle Tennessee's strong safety Kevin by your Penn State defensive end Carl massive wooden bench coaching the Cleveland Browns. San Diego Chargers would be on the clock next. And would get Southern California center Max story. Followed by the Dallas Cowboys getting Nebraska defensive back crap movie that's here at them confident. Mississippi State corner will Redman. Just went to the San Francisco 49ers with a 68 overall selection. After that you'll be to Jacksonville Jaguars follow by the Baltimore Ravens and then in New York Giants currently missing don't have another pick now. Until round five which will be tomorrow which you never know. They could see someone like you trade back in this evening. They do for more draft coverage on Steve Geller now back to the guys at the chopper two was your garden in the warehouse district. I say thank you very much we are allowed atop the two with we have gone visiting with where these eight. I have a lot more to get to run over the phone lines in just a bit.