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5-3 5pm Bobby & Deke: grading the Saints' draft

May 3, 2016|

Bobby & Deke get a grade on the Saints' 2016 draft class from Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus and get the callers' take, too.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number two sport star coming up depth offers breaks Saints punter Thomas More stated. Six into the radio auto your mom and ought to say in the plans to run on state has agreed to a new contract extension with the black and gold he's in the fall for quite some time now. So we think the Saints will sign nix will be sent to Max Unger. All quarterback Drew Brees is a pretty jaguar opinion poll online at WW dot com widowed bottom of the hour. CBS news update on the Indiana primary where tonight Bobby some feuded down from and Hillary Clinton can punch the new week. As a nominee. And then Republicans did you know when the Democrats and Democrats than Republicans be like oh god doing in moth we have the two of front runners but yet. Big if I look at. Well the Saints arrived in I mean Aniston because. And come visit his age Toronto says. In the breeze through that thing is Max Unger. Even though that the level that he's playing at and he does have leverage in its debut wanna wait and see the it continues to play at a high level before they'd reward him I'm just speculating but. I would think Max Unger and Drew Brees. I'd be caller boarding robberies in Max Unger. But that's this time I'm just speculating but I'm fine with it right now I would say neither one. That that would mean that Max I would wanna wings he was he's gonna do. And I Drew Brees tomorrow but it it feels their terms and drew would be well not so path. Because in a market deal. I judges don't know would make he would comment on this. Drew does a great job compartmentalizing. We did his press conference. About because a lot of times you or to be distracted when the seasons starts this trying it and when a contract that. Drew. Ask them as kids in a while and he can compartmentalize it and I'd be distracted if all of with. Oh them. You know middle of the season and drew is playing outstanding ours in October. We just sign an X that you Drew Brees. That it would happen during the season but I'd. What you're doing community center to see him get paid well and yes and I think though the that being said. Holding anything can happen before training camp. I mean he's gonna happen during training camp but what if Pete you rethink that approach. You think you don't want to the season when you know while while line. Seeing none though because they because they did I hear me keep listening. When he's on the contract. You know that there's no hard date is no. You know where it would have to get a jump on this date you know they come out five and though some like I'd go north arm bar. If Kyle like Joseph Flacco. And all of a sudden you know although this season play itself well and anyone who need. So I just think jrue looks at the market. And where. You know you might think the Saints have an edge because of his age. It Drew Brees is healthy. And if he has the same type of performer as you did last year. That mattered if 500 again you will want to donate go to giant hit eagle take over drew angry. You know when in them have been in. And I'm just so much established young canned like local and knew no Wilson. They are gone nowhere don't write this thing away put names some young cat out there you'll takeaways of my like drew very. Well would end up happening. The Broncos have an answer. And now located in the same project OK Denver. Is coming over soup bowl victory. They got a great team great supporting cast. You gonna tell me at this time action is theater broad goals. While there missing pieces of quarterback. And Drew Brees been out there wouldn't when he viewed it as the second coming of Peyton Manning on the pay drew emotionally wound. Is that that that sliding. I I just don't see drew or his people given the things hometown discount. Bit because who's available. Now he is rolling the dice. You know to stay healthy obviously that dented as every football season. And and what kind of numbers you gonna put up but. And you think used to be like oh well. Are you quarterbacking a winning team or a quarterback in a playoff team. But all the general manners they realize the value of Drew Brees of the Saints at the reason why the Saints are govern. Hovering around 500 is because it Drew Henson wounded you know so and and so that's a big edges on the bank. Listened to their there's no hard date ideas don't see damn. All of a sudden you know before going away as you're in the West Virginia or Jerry West Virginia trade killed the saint Andrew got some things work out I've. Seen them. Let's go to John Allen John hale thank you for calling WWL. Eight or you don't speak about a decent and goals that. We're we're a little need be I'd who will correct the world so. Their return in week here and and this is Eric is risky. On the 10. Carl Nicks and we Gatt or our bus to accomplish our. We are unique in their worship. Here bottled up and you're right he's not been in your arm. Labeling you could add other you'd ever does that give you hit you hidden pretty good and what happened was is Jammal Brown. Went down in Houston in mom bush yeah. Yep and I. And in and in congress went to. India and we got such as Chicago right Indian. In the end we we picked up on it in the draft and you know certain curb it has taken apart and obviously heard what we can we. I didn't regret it he has trouble blocking it all and they termed. Up and wanna see you turn and got the all pro. Wee bit too well you've got you all mark is our is not. And we can again or any of you got people poppy pop out Boller and ball alternate more. Than you would happen here by doctors. Being Kirk actually old system all. What is the murder you're out of college that and you're Bobby you've got people ball. I've ever get a chance. But a muscle and became much bet that they'll and so it'll teach them a little wild card. We. Do. We get into our initial term of art was in owns. Or are steady. Yet. Look I don't think uh oh. Did you pull the topic I would which and then get it in OT in the woods. Ultra liberal didn't like please for and we wouldn't buy an issue and you know we had that on at all a little boy it's truly one. In particular call long Nixon wouldn't it be nice. -- anybody would take to ramat dues he's been really become one of the top players in the game so you know one of the top players in the game Saints on Thomas More state has been so since he was in. By the black eagle he joins us now Thomas how are you under great. Thomas you got a lot going on right now I'm Amanda told us of the tugged it a bit about it today's give Nolan day event. Well it oval act today the IRL are all broke via server. People getting grand them. On the strategy out by. I want people getting. Online and not ruling that particular that you are page and we are. Going to be at shall snowball stand on ordinary road and so or why anybody come and double. Now Thomas at this part of the football season and offseason in the draft rounds. Did that can actually art. Woody viewed you look it. Expansion team hours I know one being that it needed a catch every head. Serve. Oath that enemy the kicker in the second row. Yeah Mobil's accurately and ultimately it is trio. So I mean it's double B to this round is guy that's the work now. Yeah I mean I'd get hepa. In April the hot months for me personally. A look at amount and I am enamored by him. In a culture optimal way it works. So I definitely. Keep my eyes dark Pennington obviously exciting to. Q what players are selected every year and she's in the new teammates and just hope that you guys are sector. Of the people that are gonna fit into our program. Now what Thomas oval what do you look at your role going forward and he did what you dealt with the quad injury is it. Is like if I could strictly be upon her. All aren't the good guys still wannabe. Kickoff guy and a partner what what what role do you take going forward. You know considering that they have a lot invested in you you've performed at such are. Tour you know I'd. My my and absolutely kicking off again you know depending on the air at. You know it's kind of. Dictates differently every year so I'll you now. It kind of more on what the he would have to repeat that job every year. And I don't know I don't plan on getting out. Now not Thomas. Department one path that you look at rule changes and you look at kickoffs and and do you think has it come about you know it's all about the NC we players' safety two part question do you think the kickoff for ever. Be eliminated. Are do you think in theory that you practice. Where you get enough height. And to get to kick off coverage down there and maybe landing. Let's in the one a two yard line. Verses is consistently Kagan out there and back it and so where you given opponent the ball on the 25 yard line which benefits the team. Like the things as well as some whispers now basically. With a title office things but when you look at that new rule is that. Could you look at what you did in number of partners with the clearly kicked the back spin on that is that possible. Where you beat kick and all the get enough height. And dropped it almost like a golfer. Is that it is Kagan obvious on maybe you know height would you coverage coming down that 12 yard line. Yeah out about our court and it on their part yeah I'll go throw the ball bark off. You can argue headquartered toward you on and it kicked I don't know that I don't haven't had an inside source on the right it. Can't get field whether or had it calm I think out of the weight of it well this year I think you can hear it backfired it and he'll lock key. Pocket and shorter kick up higher the goal line and track or turn that he would bite injury on the. And I think after the one year they're an odd way to kick off I don't know that but they're kind of right. Gut feeling I'm. No will be attracted to me because. My whole career had been coached to trying to think Ty law and put more energy outfield you know get further and actually higher. Jack I've never been told and CI a itself. Will be attractive and see what. Coach taught and coached Greg expand. Haven't store kind of what what their plans are with the new rule. Thomas most it is a special Guinness of course Thomas is that. Do on the big part today from six to 8 PM you can meet Thomas and enjoy a snowball on mr. Moore say 1823. Metairie wrote in Metairie at Al snowball and Thomas to know about the bit about. About what you give will grow. Well it's pretty simple you know we got command much more from knee. City on that team. Had been here long time Q. A lot of good times. And he and he should or Italy or are you that stands. Air you know within your outburst so law. It's there it felt like well or are kill or spot here and point your backs so. There they call it will grow and we are we you know like in pediatric. Children's cancer. We searched and all though but I drink it all on your that are here and Olin. Kind of yeah Olympic kit struggled there. Oh we also need to all cities quarter and a Buick. The year end. That in order to restore. Their count trouble and you know in the right direction so. Com the Nittany and we took action about our support that we. Or other non profit in the area well. Saints on a Thomas molesting a Grammy Thomas today 1823 manner rudimentary itself snowballed and snowballed on him and enjoy some good times Thomas always a pleasure thank you so much at a time. Lecture I write this is sports talk on WW. All right coming up AC BS news a date as the polls and Indiana are less than thirty minutes away in east Indiana from closing. On the primary receiver Donald Trump in Hillary Clinton inch closer to the nominations and democratic. And Republican parties that's coming up in just a moment plus we'll talk with Steve palace solo. Senior analyst of pro football focus a taken on what the teams in the NFC south the it. This is sports talkies Bobby eBay Randy bell idea purse is an update from CBS didn't. And welcome back to sports soaking it all and at WW Mayo the NFC south consist of the Saints the champion Panthers. The Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the palace Zoller joins us now senior analyst for pro football focus. Talk about the same draft class and the rest of the division Steve how do you write to division who had a better read. Paper right there at the top you know that I get will be lots of a great example an epic got great value children ranked in the upper well overall. Michael Talbot in the second round or first round player per out. I didn't low generally to lovable Falcons did it and like either there or pick. But I about the Peppers had a good first pick if men are really reached out to be type of back after that while the Hawks were okayed you know pretty much. I'd do it OK until they traded a particular article overall I give thanks. Yen Steve now it's ago would. Team by team and now look at and I was kind of surprised that you look at a number of mock drafts and I don't think any team had. Could do Neal a comfort out of his name right deceived out of Florida going that high for the Falcons. The other battle rumors that he was going to end up in the first round and did not bat. I had a deal but the first drop a six rout by wire. It's built like you every year the other team at bat tunes or a box seat you got to beat degree you know they want to beat the I'll. You know before over the middle field and I think that the players are available and it'll. Be. I get a mile seventeen overall. You know not a great expert roulette IB guerrilla trying to add some speed that would be that the deal beyond. You I've got to beat you want it all. Now honesty Laguna Carolina. Excuse me and and at what they did obviously. How can you replace Josh Norman. We just look you know on paper. A public and there were early where he's at and and and as a cornerback I mean. Could it find a diamond in the rough could you look we're jars Dorman came from what I believe coastal Carolina. A there were able to find that but is saves like that they look to do replace Josh dorm room and I would say I'm not so fast. The you know others you'd agree in games Brad Berry Daryle Ward early eighties actually I just wore a bit like I'll stride. Yeah stock up in the secondary and able to replace a game. Possibly the big bully pulpit that their system. I will come through local drive through so speed in the book that double. I've Norman to take the chances that you'll be able to take it to make it all though but he could try to reload but that'll blow. On a fairly low like it there Worley on potential but. The other element of respect would just pretty remote corners who. Just got a little except what it called global. Now was the Goran that the Saints and obviously Adam. You know you wanna hit and every need so to speak and and you look at all the the guard position and how wide open that is since Jahri Evans retire to be in his in his seat and as Pete. It's of starting open Loral's guard positions. And any pitcher becomes a right tackle who would you look of free agency and the Saints have always been an outstanding job in three days thing. It's they would have a couple of guys that all of you look at it landed turner. The guard from university dark Carolina Jack Allen to sinner. Policies in a guard guards sitting you know that is the more you can do it seemed like both have a better run blockers and actually pass protectors but. Well what is your take on all Landon turner and I Jack Allen. As far as potentially a contributing to the Saints are making the team. I'd be able to package on turner as we saw. The middle round and knows some teams are there degrees. They're great. Out there. Howell or run blocker not a great athlete not a terribly. No going to be great and Speights by at the point of attack in need abort. But it beat you chip it. Our alum you know smaller guy but. Talk you know talk I'd moved around mission statement the robot tackle pat you're. Bobbled ridiculous all applicable make the roster we have more round. Now rusty looking at. You know obviously Shelvin ranking that's a no brainer at. Look at did to Ohio State players I think considering where he was drafted. That Vaughn Belle might be almost a greater still be able to work out the safety from Ohio State. Vs Michael Thomas wide receiver I think I like both those picks. But I think bond bell and obviously his coverage skill and what they want to do defense that let I think on the back in. That he can help and maybe contribute. In the giggle all what they expected from Michael Thomas. Like talk to players. Separate does well receiver in the ops lined up outside typical agree that it. You know shoot he route runner at QB. I would belt certainly brings a covered or ability especially. You know. You know keep Jerry Byrd back there in a RO close scrimmage and more often it. To give credit to his skill that in the run game need to do against our agreed to a that'll law so it would be. Our belt certainly not a great tackler so to speak by keep the ball problem it pretty good range and it shall. At Ohio State player Mets center field goal but. Yards and beat you got a lot of options they can do better safeties. Now you look at it and the bay. In. Obviously part graves and look at them mock drafts now animals where he was at the globe recently at the rate in in the states where he was it now I'll look at know with. And well although he give opposing quarterback that threw me. If he's an every down player than Cameron and ride him he might have. Commented on this as your past Russian draft. But to me. I kind of guy you will receive you've been every play and allowed you to comment on it and also. Maybe in his second round. Against Florida State happy with the kickers. You look genachowski with the Raiders but do you think that was too high in his second round are. Mean is that accurate. Robert while the K apart as the ego what did you take it day. Getting obviously hectic for the future also in the. Notes that you're right on ours. You know he's not agree you can run that beat. Out went back in because these are but. The only way to be that. Rob I do think that rule be that that they needed cap structure early ought to expect him. More report scheme that it would about it and so. The ball a little bit to play defense it and sell it to be able all. Would nickel packages being you know 60% of in that will be what he's trying to do in the field in after the QB. Toward McGwire though we have our special teams expert go to yet. Called him more low career Matt Stover wasn't. At Hyatt while it perhaps via cell one I think when you make a trade up in the second round get it or. You'd better really intelligent but they'll be out. There. And out no doubt be a bell. Yet taking extremely valuable well. Man that I told you that need to trade ought to go taker. They what do you what do you think about the young man from candidate the defensive lineman David all Ramada. That's old couple. We graded every step back game. He played deep that the band. And you get an offensive tackle all they can handle BA even though probably projects or interior. Structure. Has it and that. It didn't take good when you watched him against that level competition while he was clearly. You know the superior athlete you'd good technique and a lot of things that they Tripplett Villa thought Barry brought a lot of people saw in going to the third or fourth round. And with these things with the Saints look at it Daniel Pasco the running back from now. Obviously where he really shined. With junior 2014. He was the MVP at account team even though they had Jerry all way over eleven yards rushing twelve touchdowns on the ground. But to me it's and I notices. Almost mind boggling we look at these numbers. That broad jump eleven BBs in apartment he is the best about running back and come line. But an onlooker about this is like. David Thompson. Doc did Duncan's died Darryl grip it you call RD one and half inch vertical. I mean Palestine what what what Jalen Randy for the best that any player any position. This year and to meet. Well if you look at a dark horse to make it teams sadly his contribution. Went coverage or does a team in. Have a backup running back in he could make tackles that you met the twelve that was probably one year's team. That it you'd stay healthy I think he has a great chance to make things. Yeah you summed up well in the first you know it's a little. Obviously injured and want it fifteen by. Outsold frat boy every time I do a lot of Al games and our initial greeting him impressed every single time whether it was. Running the ball to the vault space or do they even added weapon an excellent pass protection because the guys that could see the early. You know to duel but batters our division and are reading blocks as a runner but I think about it about what it does them in his ability to. Contribute in the pass game I didn't think oh you know could be a really good player for the. Steve that was always Steve how the people Tebow would you work and volley on social media. The world over at pro football vote doc called for all of our drought covered even a 1070 blocker in albeit. That he got that under sports beat. Steve as always thank you so much of the time we appreciate him a freak at the NFC south to do his thing. Thanks I'll ride this is sports are going 8 o'clock and I don't WW. And welcome back this board so Nextel pairs offered Jones to Zito was Ole miss football for the daily journal. We talk about what's gone on of an oxygen now. A week after the draft 31 round picks all 340. The prize as subtle means. Several years back in period three feet in Miami counsel Robert can DT. And the quandary it Will Allen apart from but it would call. And what. Did limit on Tuesday. It turned out to be true or fabricating what does this mean that Ole miss football program that is deal waiting. A pending investigation by the in C a a you've got in the on a level of whom was made the most. In the draft room. Thursday night that go to nick say. There's only one player going for frown often to play. And it from a level of tight skated did swim like a hole with few free. Cause and a man he went from kind of like a father figure comforted due to go like with Dan here who is going to own opinion champ. We're all less so about console. And look. Vito who released the pitches in the stuff on console. They dating someone a favor because if they would release today you know I'm dearly if they would release of about an alum before that all the day before. He got screw this like oil Collins the he really got screwed. They waited they waited almost Leino Woody's NFL people like you say you talk a good agent to agent and he never pay a drug testing college and so forth. But he had a little more time exasperated. I don't feel out of first. I don't know of these dollars with the putting him on I don't know if this day before on Ohio evidently is I'll kind of like David maybe you like the humor it's the wonders hit the ball with a cast that but they had eight they had they had they had to grasp of the had a Al Collins. Also object and they're coming out okay is that those speculation. Reverse again well and is that part more with the award hopeful that it means yes yes I mean. They got that thing. NFL and it is that is the biggest pot dollars applied yet but really. They'd be in again if you don't ride ride it as now like he's a crack did right but it's. This is how I presentation you know moved wanted to hit his it would stuff roll you know open don't know like. Oxidation man asks them in that scare. You mean like he was on the depth off line. She then you fall like dog they. If you feel. Like. You Joseph Maddon. When he first entry points the dollars that it's OKC. Is Angela is indeed he needed a damning in his pocket to call when he got when he was he dominant program. All right this is sports talk on WW well.