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Scoot Show 310pm, Reminiscing with Music

May 12, 2016|

The Cure opened their North American tour in New Orleans and the 2nd sold out show was last night at the UNO Lakefront Arena. There was a broad range of demographics at the show last night from Baby Boomers to young males and females who were too young to have any reference to the band when they were hitting their peak in the late-80s – passionately sang the words to all of the bands big hits – like “Just Like Heaven” and “Picture of You.” Even the mature adults were reduced to less than mature behavior when they heard the songs of The Cure. Were you there? Did you like the concert? When you go to a concert like “The Cure” – are you there to relive or remember the past? Do you have kids who love bands, like The Cure, that you loved then and now? What bands are spanning generations? If you go to a concert of a band from your past, are you sad that no longer back there or happier where you are today?

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Other songs security. I think you'd only read them. I was there one. I thought it was a it was a great show me even now even moments when they play new stuff. Long. Extended versions of songs that were more obscure. It was still the cheer it was still Robertson sought I thought it was also we're gonna talk about that this hour of the cure. Hopefully their North American tour in New Orleans Tuesday night and last night at the you know like front arena broad range of demographics of the show last night. Baby boomers like myself to a young males and females who worked really too young to have any reference to to the bandit here. But they were passionately singing every word to the songs like just like heaven or Barbara picture review. Life song so we just we just played. So it's interesting when you when you see the different generations at ten and concerts and I'm Irish in a blog in a row which is on our web sites about the cure concert tour last night's if you were there you might wanna read it chairman others. It's a W if you will dot com. I saw some similarities between the music and also. The band. From the 1975. Which way is on Sunday night champion square very young audience. And the the crowd last night did you want out. Which was an older audience but yet there are a lot of younger people there as as well people who were too young to know the cure. Or maybe even have been born when the cure was set was first hitting their peak but yet they love the cure. There's something about it music today. The new stuff that's coming up much of the new stuff that's coming out today that is very reminiscent of the eighties. And if the median is a reflection of the audience which I believe it is. Then that says that there there's a generation that. That wants to feel happy. But what's to be a good mood that wants to celebrate life. And that's what music was like in the eighties that. The music that we define from the eighties was really a celebration and I know the cure. Is kind of on the darker side of a popular music. But the music that we generally refer to as the eighties music. It was ha it was happy op tempo style it was danceable stuff. And I see a young crowd doing that the same things acting the same way with the band like the 1975 as I do with a cure today. And in the cure and and and terrain to rein in the past and and recently there was the drain to rent concert at some of the king center. And there's there's a young audience that just wants to have fun and it's like there's almost this admission that you know the world is screwed up. But it's not our fault we didn't do. So let's just do the best we can. And have a good time. Here's specifically gonna wanna talk about when you go to a concert like the cure or Iran to ran recently or anybody that's from the past. It's popular today are coming back today. Does that make you feel sad. That your not back at that point in your life we know songs or popular. Or does it make you celebrate where you are in your life today. If you wanna join us for the comments are numbers 2601. A seventy. What was the band. And and how do you feel when you were there last night or two rendering and recently irked some the year there the concerts that. Has featured people that were popular when you were John Weaver Springfield Spaniard by America some announcement about per expect you're coming appear just few minutes. If if you if you see somebody that you that you went to see and you listen to their music a long time ago how does that make you feel today. Are you saying at or you are you happy with where you are in your life. Our numbers 2601878. Area code 50426. Cell white Stephanie at a Texas a 7870 and this is our party jaguar opinion polls. If you go to concerts for banned from the past. Or use and you're no longer back this year or are you happier with where you are today. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com look at to a more do you text here in just a moment also Libya DH and what we've been talking about in case you have just joined us. How we talked about George simmering announcing that he was auctioning off the handgun used to kill trade on market. And for a while it was actually funny website I've gone auctioning website. The website took it down. Obviously thinking that this was in poor taste. The gun sells for about 350 dollars at the store the starting bid was 5000 dollars. So does this not really explained the morbid curiosity a lot of people have and it which abiding gun and have people come over to see it. I had a text a few minutes ago from someone who who tried to compare. The dying dad George Silverman used to kill seventeen year old. With the rifle that Lee Harvey Oswald used. To kill president Kennedy with a gun that John Wilkes Booth used to kill Abraham Lincoln. I don't think that the trade on Marten. Gun the gun used in his death. I don't think that carries the same historical significance but maybe that's just because this is in in modern times. We've also been talking about the big meeting today between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan. How will talk about what Donald Trump had to say ya some our show tomorrow afternoon. I Don Donald Trump hasn't really said much out Paul Ryan has said that it was a it was a very good meeting. If they struck was a very likable person but there were no life no promises made. And he said that we have some core principles to come to agreement on it talking about that I've had some calls from a couple of people who blame the media. For giving Donald Trump too much attention. And and that led to my response which is the media gets out front attention because. Donald Trump is getting support from voters. It doesn't work the other way around the media doesn't push somebody who's not popular. The media focuses on the people who are more popular because the goal of the media is too to get attention. And so. The crowd the audience the voters created Donald Trump. Before the media and a lot of people disagree with Tampa I just don't see how that's not. Really the case again if you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon on numbers 260170. Very code 5042601870. Or text. Is a 77. Getting a few text from people who say that they did not like to show they're they're using language that I'd rather not use on on the air. I there's some people who didn't like the secure show my site. But that's not the big question the big question is when you go see a band like to cure or to rendering and or. I'm some other popular band that was popular when you were young or younger. When you hear their music today. Does that make you sad that you're not still back here at that point in your life. Or are you happy. That you can enjoy the music kind of relive that a little bit but you really appreciate where you are if you wanna join us this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Enrico 504260. Points a pretext 87870. From Slidell Roberts welcome to the show. It. Award and a couple points of wine. You earlier about alternative corrupted to the capitalist style of new media that we have currently. And. Yeah and I just think you could have responsible journalists. And still. Have the corporate model I mean why don't we have more news howling and 100. Point. Television. We ought what's essentially the audience doesn't event. But I understand what your problem I think that a lot of people. Unique content you're additional realized that it they are opinion. Not necessarily good news. You know they can get it back and not as it sure. You know you go back a year ago albeit on opinion what did you push good economic and look where we. But Robert if the audience I mean this is the media responsible for the audience being stupid. I mean how could the audience the audience doesn't get it is that the media's fault is that the response to build on the audience to get. I think I think it's twofold I think it's it's the lack of education and then and power and and and involvement in politics. And how things work. And I think that it should be. An epic cycle just chasing Newton story you know that you have a 32 clip wants something but you know there's nothing really for QQ news organizations do a good job. And it into it in particular the newspaper what. Some research. I want. Or cut a break and appear Robert I think I'm losing elect I enjoyed a conversation I think you bring up some really really good points and when we talk about their soften its its confirmation by Sunni people are looking for a media outlet. Not that gives them the truth they're looking for the media outlet that confirms what they already police. People don't tune into fox to to get an objective view they tune into fox because they agree with most of what is said on fox sipping with MSNBC. And CNN. It's just it's important for us as consumers. Of the media to understand. What drives the media the audience is not stupid. But if you. If you say the media's responsible for the audience that doesn't get it. Dan I think you're taking responsibility away from the audience in the audience should have responsibility. For understanding that some things are biased some things are opinions. And somethings are not fact that's your responsibility is an audience member and it's OK and there are a lot of different shows are a little Lotta different opinions. Are you did got a comment on numbers 26 ago when he seventy. -- final four to 601 a seventy Texas a 7870 I'm stewed in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture reach your opinions. Another song from the concert last night pitcher review by the cure and will be back on WWL. I enjoy the cure concert last night and I enjoyed watching the audience when I when I go to a concert it's not just about the music for me it's kind of about studying the band in the crowd and how it reflects society today and I saw of baby boomers and younger generations and and very young generations. Who know all the cure songs what they also I know is really interesting about secured out of course Robert Smith has a very distinctive voice. He's the only singer. I mean they're like no other Mike's there's no harmony. There's no background singers he is the only voice and they're not many bands that are like that and it's a thing I didn't notice until I was there last night. But I think the bigger question is when you go to concerts. And it's a band. That is representing music from your past when he saw him in the past two or you listen to their music on the radio. Maybe I've played eight years ago on the air. When you see that band today. Does it make you sad that you're not part of that world. Then. Or are you celebrating where you are today. That's a pretty general opinion poll here's an update 50% say they're sad they're no longer back there when he wore when they hear the band. And 50% say they're happy where they are today. I think there are a lot of people who listen and think. Oscar to a talk radio can't remember when he was screwed in the morning on B 97 in the rocket northerner when where and when school was just wild and crazy in the morning and and he had a time in due course edited just like it like we should greet. OK life was fine. Life was great packed him but I honestly tell used it. This is happy so I've ever been in my career. I love doing what I'm doing now more than any of the time occur. I love that pac ten. But it served a purpose. And I've heard from people like. Elton John as saying recently that at the age of 69. Elton John says he's he's happier now that he was in in the past. Not not everybody is another everybody is all the time but but I I hope you are. And would you go see something like. A band featuring secure or you know Rick Springfield spent here recently York. Years ago geno finale came back in New Orleans was one of science you know and at least eight big markets. Hi he comes back and and people who saw him then are seeing him today and you know. Maybe your body's changed. Maybe you've changed. But I hope you're happy with where you are now because she can't stay the age you worry. I guess and I'm different from a lot of people. And I I feel blessed. Because I love my life more now. Than. I I did then and it's it's great when life continues to. To improve it it doesn't mean that I have everything that I used to have. There were times when I had more in my life in terms of a new car in and and I'm in new things. But that I look packet that really didn't make me happy so I go see the cure last night or two Rand Iran recently consumed peaking Sandra thank you now. I mean this is great. But I really don't wanna be back in 1984 B that was fine when I saw Duran Duran at the dealership assembly center which is a service called at the time. I thought it was great. Honestly I love being boring and I love the fact that they are still perform. I love that these groups are still performing today. And that's what's so sad about somebody like Kurt Cobain who commit suicide. Because at the age of 27 committing suicide he robs an entire young generation of seeing him evolve. Where would he be what would he be doing to what kind of music would he be creating today. If you are Jewish of comic where you with a cure concert we have to rendering recently have you seen a band in recent years that was part of your past. When you saw the band. Are you saying it because your not back in the past or you happy with New York today. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 504260187. Or text is a 77. I'm scooter the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture always meet your opinions and here's our WBU realtors updates with Don aims. If you go to what kind search of a banned from your past are years and that you're no longer back there or are you happier with where you are today that's a pretty general opinion poll. Right now 53% say they're sad they're no longer back their 47% say they're happier. Where they are today getting a lot of text about there's not a get to the sticks here just a moment if you wanna join us with the comment this afternoon your feelings about seeing a band. Now that was part of your past our numbers 2601870. And what band was it. Recently Duran Duran was here and a lot of people had a same feeling you know and surrendering ends getting older but sold lines like it's okay meet its okay to get altar and I guess the best thing about all of this is. Duran Duran and secure last night they remind you that you don't have to act your age. Enrico 5042601. A somebody text 87870. From Metairie nick welcome. Court. About it if you add it or not. He. That. On electronic. Like rap. About. Not being up. Let up lives at great bulk where over that. I. Where you know nick I talk about a lot of the new bands that I like today but I I don't I don't hear earning new Led Zeppelin so I mean let's upland whereas where is just and you'll mean a really really talented. I'm very unique and you know it's interesting because my dad wanted me to get into big band music because that's what he was into and Ella FitzGerald and Frank Sinatra and I never got into that music guys appreciated more now. But it's interesting how generations today has actually on adopted the rock music at their parents listen to. Oh. But even a lot like they got the call on everybody I think everybody. And it like you were taught about other back. And it is a great thing here it is well now that. That would be a will it well. Nick I appreciate your call and appreciate being part of our after her audience. All right a point to Pataki gets sued for intentionally Tony your WWL. You can't go to the cap it. All to aren't the smoke Iraq and cut it to mark. And when an opportunity and I and it chain beat at night of oh well I mean. The gay people are purity you know G. In my late Cheney did that 61. Beach. Company didn't show. My to an Asian Allah O line and that it and go to the mall may. And Joseph aren't. And they'll want he. In that light on it. Edgar and get in a (%expletive) out being the party that actually eat. Ernie and when you see Smokey Robinson or somebody like that it's like OK you know we know that we have have gotten older. And so to see them. A little older are still doing it I mean I think that's I think that gives his confirmation that. You know there's still a part of us that's a kid they're still poor plus it's a rock and roller. That's true an opportunity is on that jet set to meet and shake and you know and and and all of fraud. And I know it man. You know thank you so much for your music let out government you know he does it ever the bottom. And entry it if it's the other not that Canada. And yarder into indicated that the Iraqis. If she's somebody spilled a fog and and see him now aren't then I've enjoyed that moment. But. Would have to be back or did departed our beat Annika. Well listen no we we can't go back and Tony are great attitude and thank you for being part of our after their audience. Here's a Texas says Cecil Pearl Jam it Jazz Fest guys seeing songs. Like even flow and alive which I loved when I was twelve or thirteen. Was really special. Yeah Jazz Fest is a great place to see people who may have been part of your past and yet they're groups are still performing today. And Tony baby think about another interesting aspect of this. It just it if three candles and if you if you've gotten jaded in life if if things get you down if you have forgotten what it was like to be young. You go to the cure you go to terrain terrain and go to a concert where. The music is is which part of your past when you were when you were alive and and and happy and having fun. He kind of weak handles that part of view once again you get to re live that person and it's it's a reminder that that person. Is still part of who you are. If you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica final four to six so when a semi tech's number is 87870. I here's a text that says I'm 62 and happier now than ever and that's from bath. And here's attacks that says yes I'm happier today but it took me 52 years to get here I play the drums better now. Then went highways. Twelve years old. You know a lot of things actually do get better as you get older happy birthday today to this guy. Billy Squier. Lot of people thought were. Pepper knows here's some with their. I have to do we come back after the break back to. I got released papers astronomy forgot how all the news and I'll tell you how the US weekly. John Richardson old. Because of this video are all here it is what you thought Billy Squier was gay but apparently he's not dive and I can't imagine going through life with some people think in your game when you're really not. Billy Squier 66 years old today I'm screwed in the afternoon we'll be back on WWL. Rick Springfield. Lover boy. Knight Rider all and conserved New Orleans champions square. June 23. I've got down on my calendar. I'm skewed in the afternoon and this is where politics and pop culture reach your opinions. Quick update on our attorney general opinion poll if you to a concert for the banned from your past are you. Are you sad that you're no longer Vader or happy where you are today right now oppose 5050 give the shipping unit of the if you don't don't count. Here's a Texas as. In the past Weezer and Fitz and the tantrums all coming. I'd like to see them but I turned down recent offers to go see book of love English feet. And secure here's attacks on Pearl Jam at the gorge amphitheater in Washington State. Yeah I have been here to a concert and that is an unbelievable city from Covington a Camille is your Debian to develop good afternoon. And let me act college in nineteen PRI and it shattered me in me. We're the best here at my life immune to that great in the last few years on issues out trap allot let it. I'm gonna eat or drink me. Lately Mac why eagle try. Rock and in part why. Lean on route all hang out and shot. Back in art speech Heidi he can't let it. How did make you feel OK so it. Six you know you can't go back how does it make you feel when you relive that music. And it in the mount an accurate count. There are yet. Put on. The music. If something about that error. And I think it just unbelievable. Camille I appreciate the call and appreciate you are sure there was this is the reason why I wanted to make bumper music a very important part of the show. I did music radio for a long time so. As long as we're gonna play bumper music why not make it part of the show because music is a soundtrack of our lives. Chuck yearned to be of you out. You could. Musical. And they. There are music critic. Here. It. Makes me feel good. I appreciate that Erica I did get Texas somebody you know zero V show Florida who said that. He's happy today because there was no stewed in the afternoon in the eighties world Airways says scoot in the morning is this who I think it is John. Are okay riser I've kind of scared me just a little bit there thought it was sent somebody a former a former somebody has the same name is a former state I Jimmie welcome to our show. I'm a great thing. As you look at news at night writer as moderator that's. All right I'm sorry I'm right Carter. It's just it's just further proof that the show is live in not scripted I like to do that once in awhile to prove it. And it felt good the funny thing at their hand caught my rudder. But I'm sure most good and you know they are back at all. Sort of you know art talk. Jimmy appreciate and this not the first caller they gave me a hard time today thank it's not even a full moon a look at the calendar. Tomorrow is Friday the thirteenth. And it's a full moon. So I think we started to get some free full moon calls in here today but it has been a fine. Afternoon. Here's a text that says so and that WA. Sad because is easy. I here's a text I grew up with eighties metal. Tom I've Kiefer a Cinderella sounds just as good today. As he did back then. And you know a lot of people do sound as I mean I love and I really thought about this just a few minutes ago in the year. In a realist at last night and numerous Andre Durant it just it brings back it brings alive that little part of view. That was younger and more innocent. And there's nothing wrong with still feeling like that person and still being that person in the world that we live in today that is made so many people very jaded. I knew what the terrain during concert recently at this who we consider a lot of people were excited to see Sheikh. And my hike collide they sounded. Austin. Very much like on some Bruno Mars songs. And also like that are new bands today that do sound a little bit like Daft Punk sound a little bit like ciccone is so I either of the Tony it's that the Tony first. It bit but I saw on FaceBook so I thought it had to be true I. We need somebody would post something that's not true anyway to Mars Friday the thirteenth so willow we'll have fun tomorrow. Christie Garrett is coming up next hosting sports talk ESPN has released its post spring top 25 L issues number six what do you think of that. And Christian is so looking forward to talking about should undrafted underclassmen be allowed to return to college to resume their playing eligibility. Try Christie Garrett coming up next sports doc Fareed here on to be a hero. Wanna thank John wicker studio producer Diane Newman our executive producer and time necessary associate producer and thank you for being part of our afternoon audiences outstanding artist. I love being with you every afternoon thanks for the text thanks for the calls. And thank you for listening can't wait to get back here tomorrow afternoon some rains on the waving its going to be a spectacular weekend have a great afternoon what you New Orleans.