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May 18, 2016|

On today’s show: George Zimmerman is now saying that he has an offer to buy the handgun he used to kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin for $100,000. He criticized Trayvon Martin’s parents in an interview – for capitalizing on the death of their son. Isn’t that what he is now doing as well? Zimmerman went on to say in an interview with The Daily Beast – that Trayvon’s parents should have done a better job raising their son and “it’s their duty to have an internal dialogue to see what they should have done better and what they should have done appropriately.” In justifying auctioning off the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin – Zimmerman said that is what our forefathers would do – but he said he originally wanted to save the gun for his children and grandchildren. What do you think of George Zimmerman? Is he a hero or a heretic?

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Look at George showing this so Wednesday afternoon as turned out to be a very nice afternoon kind of a gloomy morning. I don't really think it's gloomy when it's cloudy like that but some people describe it as soon as gloomy. Should be a nice afternoon for a Wednesday at the square of the union leadership councils have free concerts starting at 5 o'clock this afternoon food beverages and a lot of people will be out there it's always fun this time here for Wednesday at the square thank you for tuning in being part of our afternoon radio audience. This is where we talk about politics and pop culture and also we deal in the commodity of your opinions. That means we're not always agree on everything because we're free to express different opinions and it then don't be so quick to judge the show. Based on the opinions you hear listen over a period of time before you make that judgment ends and certainly don't judge the show by our party general opinion poll. Because quite often that the poll is which is unscientific. It's a result of those who were listening and responding to the poll. That's not necessarily a direct indication of the audience I guess in some way it's loosely. Reflective of the audience but not not necessarily directly but you are very important part of the show. Love being with you every afternoon. There's a video of a woman holding a Bible a she goes to target. And she shouting things like America when are you going to wake up it's time to take a stand and have a voice. She's protesting target's policy of allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they most relate to she calls that he wicked practice. And she says she's no longer gonna spend her money at target disk video has gone viral. Here's my question. Is this a religious issue. What is the Bible what does religion have to do with. This issue. Is the transgender bathroom issue a religious issue will talk about that a little bit later in the show. Also coming up this afternoon on Bernie Sanders supporters created turmoil at the democratic state convention Saturday in Nevada. Followed Gary's were shouted chairs were thrown the death threats continue to this day to democratic leaders. And now there's a growing concern that there may be violence. And unrest at the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia. We heard that about the Republican Convention in Cleveland concerns about that. Some of the supporters of Donald Trump had been criticized for being violent and now there's and general criticism of a conservatives for resorting to violence well now. Democrats are doing the same thing not all Democrats not all Republicans are violent but it does bring up an interesting question. SA group. Which do you think is more violent. Democrats. Republicans. Or are they equally the same. Are we gonna talk about that in the next hour also click more and be a Connecticut primary by the slimmest of margins and Bernie Sanders won convincingly in Oregon. And he's not saying that he's gonna win in California. So Hillary still has the numbers to win the nomination on her side. Particularly Bernie Sanders is kind detaining her image. And causing some at least sub conscious questions about Hillary Clinton when it comes to the general election we'll get into that coming up in the next hour. First up on the show is Wednesday afternoon. George Zimmerman. You remember the name he's back in the news. George Zimmerman in an interview with the the news outlets the Daily Beast. Criticized Trayvon Martin's parents in the interview. For capitalizing on the death of their son. George Zimmerman. Is now saying that he has an offer. To buy the handgun used to kill trade on Martin. It's up to a 100000 dollars. Is that dot capitalizing on the death of a seventeen year old. Zimmerman went on to say in the interview. Betrayed by Martin's parents should have done a better job raising their son. And quote he stared duty to have an internal dialogue. To see what they should have done better and what they should have done appropriately. Zimmerman went on I mean if you just say the black lice matter movement is a fraudulent. Violent campaign. He's also vowing to fight them. And compensate law enforcement officers that had been affected by the likewise matter movement. In justifying. Auctioning off the gun used to kill seventeen year old Tripp on martian. George Zimmerman said this is what our forefathers were due he said he did originally think about saving it for his children and and grandchildren. And I decided Dow to to cellist and here's what he plans to do with the money. He was supposed Hillary Clinton's anti firearm rhetoric. Which I mean a lot of people wanna do that. He wants to end the career Angela Corey if the prosecutor who charged him with second degree murder in the shooting affairs on Martin. And he wants to compensate police officers impacted by the black lies matter movement. What do you think of Georgia are. And here's our party shag opinion poll. Easy hero. Or a heretic. If you enjoy pressure with a comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601870. And our checks to see 7070. I find something a little hypocritical about trip on marred criticizing I'm sorry about George Herman criticizing their trip on Martin's parents. For capitalizing on their son's death. When he now is bragging about having a 100000 dollar offer to buy the gun that he used to kill trees on mark he says that this is an iconic. An iconic piece of history. And I mean I guess I understand that point did there is this macabre. Curiosity that there that a lot of people have. Lot of people would put half hour curious nature about things like the kind of wish used to kill John F. Kennedy with a gun that was used to kill Martin Luther King Jr. Mean I don't necessarily understand that but there are people who were curious about those things to. At some of those things are indeed historic I'm not sure that the gun used to issue trade on Marten at this point is a historic icon. Now I don't buy today and in babies because enough time hasn't passed. But I think the sad thing is. A seventeen year old is dead. And an even if you argue that George Zimmerman was defending his life which is what the jury concluded the trial. He was found not guilty. Even if you argue that George German was defending yourself. Then it's still sec ahead. That he had to shoot somebody in the process. And the the sad thing is that a seventeen year old is dead could trade on margin have acted differently. Of course. Could George Sherman had acted differently of course but the bottom line is. Seventeen year old was killed. And it didn't have to have it shouldn't of had it but he did it. And there are a lot of things like that that happened that really should happen. So the basic conversations afternoon years at this hour. Is say is that George Zimmerman I hero or a heretic. And that's a pretty general opinion poll gives your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here's a Texas says such a tired of hearing about black lies manner all lives matter. And and I agree with that I'm just telling you what George Zimmerman said I'm not standing up for black lights matter. And I were to the out what to the taking the stand. Taking a stand march on Saturday between a city hall and Congo square. And one of the mothers who whose son was murdered. I'm sad. All lies to matter and she was absolutely emphatic. About saying that all lives matter so there are a lot of people. On both sides of this debate the degree all lives matter. Here's another checks that status says I think Zimmerman is a despicable human being. But that is the joy of this country. He is allowed to be. If you've got to come in our numbers 260187. Text 877 from Vogel is a very welcome to the show. Good good good answer mr. potato. In my opinion government does that disgraced that you were rates. I'll apparently even even if you widgets she would act out. Given out at BQ public. Eatery wouldn't say it is. You apple weapon that was used to Cuba and it's a summit. A seventeen Neil Young outwardly tips and how do you want to go pick a new program but I'll eclectic practically. That it's something that perhaps that you are depressed or a puppet to pop rap and out. There's other human being into Kiel a young and got killed. And you know amnesty districts and I like backed it big when we went and spent too much of a racial thing went to Cuba but like in Iraq well the rope. On her abrupt but and religion topic potential and and multiply it better to blow it out and it's. Not illegal. Yeah I mean an end and very I do understand the argument they're tethered to trade on Martin might have acted differently it and there would have been no confrontation but you know of people. People react people are human beings and they they do make mistakes and and think about the Democrats that. Went crazy at the Democratic Convention and they've they've they confronted some democratic leaders and we've heard about a truck supporters but very refined really fascinating about this. Is. Somebody's offering according to George Zimmerman. A 100000. Dollars. So the guy spends a hundred or the woman who spends a 100000 dollars on this. When they buy me what do they do to have a party unified difference over to see the gun become a note from and we got to go on to get the gun that George Zimmerman used. You know and I think. I might be wrong but in the personal what is good and it's probably. Applauded the Ku Klux Klan the field because. Rachel and it is apparently about potential proceed to debate. But potentially. BT Denver this gap and that led all 100000 out done if got at least about a couple Morton Agnico-Eagle putt up to on the elbow one out. Because topic beats being. A simple up and happened to racist. Area I appreciate your call got to get to break here or if you are joining us with your comment this afternoon George Zimmerman easy hero or heretic. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica at 50426. So morning seventy. Text numbers 87070. And our pop culture calendar this is this song that was number one on the R&B charts on this day in 1985 and remember playing as a lot. Is under been under seven a few years ago. Fresh. Only gang and we got some great cover music playing for you this afternoon is to stay with us I'm stewed in the afternoon and we'll be right back on WW well. At a Texas a 7870. Here's a text that says. First time listener what could have trade fine done differently he was walking home from the store. Well based on watch. I heard and what you heard. It seemed to see if I there was a confrontation some car. Entry on Martin stood up to two retreat provide details on Martin stood out to George syrup and I'm not saying that it's not legal to stand up to somebody. There are ways to avoid confrontations even if you're right. And I remember at the the taking a stand march this past Saturday. There was not a young guy who said he says he's a local rapper. And he said that one of the things that he remembers about growing up in New Orleans. Is that he had the courage. To walk away from confrontations. He had the courage to not. Feel the need to stand his ground. I you stand your ground when your life or property or something like that is threatened. By. Just because you you can shoot somebody by standing your ground is that something you wanna do. Here's a Texas says Zimmerman is a patriot. He stood for his rights. And it's more of your text you're just a moment from the merrily Ron you're under the WL. There used to good day Iran. You know I things and then. Zimmerman has. Hold it on his wife is it true. Yeah I don't know all the details of that but he he was arrested now the charges were dropped it was his girlfriend and I don't think it was his son and his wife as far recollection of it but yet he's had a couple of run ins with the with the law so. Here's a guy who is kind is and it seems like he is seeking publicity when it dies down a little bitty. Does something to to get some publicity out I'm not impressed with George Herman as a person. No indeed. All the worst cure this. And and nieces. Chi he was it. Because it was a black guy a little. Bit it was caring hands sums it rules. There and it's made the trade on more than Clinton's done something to hopefully. I say god and choose not worry. And apply again. And in my opinion is the same I I agree with you. Here's a check to says what is a heretic. I'm a heretic use. Somebody. Who Iman looked this up to get to a better definition but it's. It's somebody who. It misrepresents. Morality misrepresents. Religion misrepresents what's conventional wisdom considers to be right that's that's my loose definition. If you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon our numbers 260170. Erick are 504260187860778. So are pretty general opinion called this hour what do you think of George Silverman is the hero or a heretic. And here's a Texas says the poll results. Make me sick. I Jenny you're on WWL or good afternoon. Tiny. Do I Oliver L or light Chu is a Democrat chooses who is under. I love that kind of eleven people break stereotypes. I mean the white people the voice of people think it's like Democrats don't own guns indicating. Surely you aren't. People here mystery what. Your goal. You're ready for. And wait and history but it'll end to order a Sacramento right cheap in approached. Show. Anchor Jewish state in the car at that hour and terror and besides she approached you know it in an aggressive manner and just because it's seeking year old. Well the better fighter he got shot in need to be. That injured but they're. Right. On the law but it early in the ignorant lawmakers have. Urged. Based since it's you and I were not in the courtroom you know it sometimes it's quite different when you're sitting there in the courtroom and you're on the jury and you're. Instructed on how to apply the law to a situation and sometimes to court public opinion. I it it appears to be something totally different same thing right in the case of the Alley police officers who were found. Not guilty nobody's really people don't understand that but then when you consider how the law was applied to that situation there's an aspect of that it is understandable. I disagree with that but again I I was in on the jury. But in a desperate in this case there were so many options and a treatment Morton. Could have acted differently but George Zimmerman could have acted differently if his goal really was too. Make sure that nothing wrong happened. Could've at least called police and in stating his car I never got the impression that that people were in imminent danger that he had to get out of his car. They don't want to rehash the did it the whole situation or or or by Terry George agreement here. Iowa he's a loser and I hope that AG is one idiot I think that problem. Is excellent. We are such a little of that there's another aspect of this in her article Daily Beast this scares me he says he wanted to leave it for his children and grandchildren that scares me. Ray. Nice. To any. Appreciate the call thank you for being part of our afternoon audience. I'm scoot and we'll be back after this step BW will be something with Jim and so one of the top songs in the country right there on the charts. Seven years by Luke. Random. The op Ed blog that I wrote for our website at W dot conference title violence erupts at the Democratic Convention yeah we're gonna talk about that in the next hour right now we're talking about Terry George Zimmerman. What do you think of Georgia ruined is he a hero or a heretic that's our party general opinion poll 58%. Say he's a hero. 42% a growing number say he's a heretic give a shipping him like going their website WW dot com. And it's it's it's human nature to talk about they morbid curiosity that's as if you intent. And I George Zimmerman in an interview with the Daily Beast which criticizing Trayvon Martin's parents for capitalizing on their son's death but in the same interview. He was surprising about having a 100000 dollar offer to buy the gun which he's auctioning off. Pick on that he used to kill seventeen year old tree on Martin tells like capitalizing to me as well. He also said the Trayvon Martin's parents could've done a better job. And he wants to raise the money to among other things in the career of Angela Corey the prosecutor who charged him with second degree murder. If you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy echoed final four to 60187. Texas a 7870 here is that Texas says so. I didn't trade on Marten beat up the store employee of the Davis confrontation with Zimmerman I'd I don't know. But that doesn't have anything to do with when you deal with the court of law. That really doesn't directly have anything to do with with the case other evidence I guess can be. Somewhat used but I don't know that it sent directly it directly used here's a text that says. Based on. Based on your definition of heretic how does it fit Georgian government. Well I'm I'm I'm loosely using the term here to 'cause it it's 'cause it's in a nice of liberation with hero hero or heretic the united sounds that sounds good on the radio. But heretic is just as somebody that goes against. Religion that goes against what is again morally. On acceptable and there are those who think George shares Iran and is a hero. There are those who think that he's. He's trash that he's a heretic that he did not have to do what he did that he was looking to do what he did. And the reason that this is still important conversation today. Is because they're still a misunderstanding about standing your ground. And the idea that you can legally stand your ground. Allows you to maybe shoot somebody the question is do you wanna go out of your way to stand your ground to make a statement. Or do you really need to kill the person. A from Mississippi mark welcome to the show. I. I just want the same damn problem. You know for about Islamic court com. They're in the polls but did you do result of this quality and and we don't you go to share your four. It's creditor has come at school or relation. And as well as you or them know he's not here I'm. Not. Very young girls. Yeah I agree at this not to suggest a trade on mart as a hero. Right now you know Egypt Egypt's. The way that some you know some some people that and actor criticized you know and and what not meet the mortuaries it to criticize. But that aren't you out you know but it should know. Just fully you know he yeah he's trying to you know get your opinion of what I'm trying to stay. What is right or wrong that go into what you are doing Weaver. Mark appreciate the call I'd George Zimmerman has done a very dizzy job of faux painting a picture of of the person years as some people love that person and some people like me I think it tees we useless. A from his city Brian your WWL. They used to connect to new now previous conversations you probably remember Ryan McDonald and you know on a personal bomber responsible gun owner that not considered the Second Amendment right to be. Among our sacred right in this country. And I have to say that's I'm very disgusted by George Zimmerman and it's abuse of the second amendments by. Failing to exercise proper date and some responsibility. To get himself from the very stupid situation first place. That resulted in him having to. Used yet they forced out eventually he has recognized by formal court. But this has nothing to be proud of it is this the whole thing was a tragedy. Yeah. And it's it's so disgusting. To mean that's bad taste. We'd get what you wondered Bryan I mean who should we be more critical of George amendment for selling the gun or the guy you who is willing don't according to George should run the hundred grand sport. They're pokes. They're both very disgusting assuming there really is a 100000 dollar offer Garrity made a false claim that the Smithsonian Institution cigarettes in the Smithsonian Institution. Issued a statement saying no such. Well you know it's interesting as a man get so much attention because he seems to be pathological. You spend. It's things he needs in his late twenties. He might be that it occurred and these may continue to make an ass of themselves and get negative attention he just needs to go wait obscurity. Brian I appreciate the call if you are on hold hang on a few and join us with your comments are numbers 260 when he seventy. Erica final four to 601 A semi tech's numbers 87870. So do you think George Silverman is a hero or a heretic that's a pretty general tenure Paul is getting closer originally lopsided earlier. We'll get to that and more you're checks worth your calls coming up next and here's a really good advice from Crosby stills Nash and young. I'm Steve actually right tech. There are zero. It was one of my favorite movies music is still in his I'll watch your literacy and through artery runs its. One of the really good movies constantly on our rock star. On this day on the pop concert calendar may eighteenth 1978. See the movie the Buddy Holly story story Gary Busey. He's not open up for the first time in new York and Gary Busey Winston nominated for best actor and I I believe he lost he came suddenly becomes certainly. He didn't win but he was nominated for best actor I Jon Voight one that are here for coming home. I Gary Busey did all the singing in fact here's here's a video or audio from the video of the actual movie of Gary Busey doing but he colleague and I thought Kerry PC games. A phenomenal job. And sounding like Buddy Holly and actually looking like Buddy Holly. His career didn't do too much after that. Gary Busey was also different. High school in the afternoon litigated quick update on attorney general pick. Paul which is has gotten closer what do you think it George Zimmerman Carol or heretic 57% say hero 43% say. He's a heretic you can give us your opinion. At every WL dot com here's attacks it said to that was Michael Brown who stole the cigars. Justified Derry shooting. How we that was Michael Brown that was the case in them in in Ferguson. So you know again a lot of people wanna want things together and it's I guess it's easy to do that because there's a whole lot of news out there it's always changing. Here is an interesting a text that says says screw everything is about context. What part of black lives matter to some of the audience not understand black lives matter which created. Ouch. Unnamed black people being shot by law enforcement. No 1% all lights do not matter but the whole narrative of black lies matter. I came. Came from that has nothing to do with black or white crime or anything else yeah I do understand that point. It's just that there were a lot of people who saw the likewise manner group as only. Only responding. Like the reverend Jesse Jackson and like the Reverend Al Sharpton only responding when it's white on black and it gives the impression whether this is true or not it gives the impression. They're all lies don't matter. That only black vice matter when their shots. Byron white. Here's a Texas says so I'm white conservatives and were George we're George Sugarman did on May be legal but it discuss me. I want my African American neighbors to know. Many of us think he is an embarrassment. To our race and I wish he would just go away. And again I'm not really sure what raissi is because and he looks like you might be Hispanic I don't know what his actual. I heritage is out from Slidell Howard parent Debbie WL. Hello Howard. Don't put it on hold a CT system leader Janice you're under the W well. Yet but I believe that this disseminate it expand it to actually get sent from his history and maintenance so. You know what back in his which equality in the history. Now I was going to tell you that yet that was the other guy Michael Brandt and yet he's exploration of click around is taken on it. It was tied on video camera in the stealing the show and the click around in the Iowa. Probably yeah you get but the police officers. And he had made and glad that that is so funny how much data plan my kids can take a look. But I looked on line it yep Pollock and I treat. Via phone this yeah are happy hunting in the pilots on because it. And these. Need a policy and yes I appreciate that sometimes you get livelier and you know he. And now this isn't gonna watch Fox News a lot embassy judge an apology on I. I'm innocent I do appreciate the call a hot regardless show. To. Regularly. On it and yeah you're passionate about the lectures and there should original questioner of people ordinance on your. Right. Yeah but he changed. Or are you now it's a 57 to 43. Or luge unemployed tree on the lighter shade it looked like Milosevic perimeter. Document chased young people have voted actually it would actually more current Shaq and he portrayed bound. Chunk of overall. On behalf sort of shine be sure there oh then they're right and what this you'll torture yourselves glow right Baghdad. You know some water alcohol on my own just by voting history well. You know chargers want to achieve that that in the future go to people. I'm actually what I. A yacht I appreciate the call mean and the like there are people who think George Zimmerman music is he here. And and this is America mean you're entitled to have that opinion. Hi I don't share that opinion. But I'm I've allowed everybody the opportunity to call up orders Centex in and say he's Georgian government is a hero or is CA heretic that's been our pretty general opinion it'll give us your opinion. And Debbie WL dot com here is a Texas says George Zimmerman can kiss my grits that's acceptable to say on the air. Here is the text that says. Why not talk why not talk about two black murder from New Orleans last week you or an enabler. Black lives matter. When Y eighty is the suspect. That's interesting. I spent a lot of time talking about black on black murder and I went to the taking a stand in March which was about plaque on black murder. So maybe don't listen to show long enough. I'm skewed in the afternoon. We'll be right back under the W elm. And today in a pop culture countered may eighteenth it would show very happy birthday to her George Strait 64 years old today. All my exes live in Texas. Look I don't wanna get into that here's an update on a pretty gentle opinion poll what do you think that George Zimmerman. Is the hero or a heretic 63% say he's a hero 37% say. He's a heretic you can give your opinion WWL dot com and for Kenner Paula got time for a fast comment. I. And hasn't returned your people. Can. Are we got a really really bad connection Paula I think when I heard was it Zimmerman is there is a German name and on again tonight. That released it shouldn't have anything to to do with this. George George or memoirs but not black I mean we've okay we know that but again that it shouldn't even matter. If you just joined us we're talking about this because in and a recent interview. I'm George Zimmerman I've criticized Trayvon Martin's parents for capitalizing on their son's death but in the same article same interview he brags about having a 100000 dollar offer from someone to buy the gun is auctioning off the handgun used to kill. Seventeen year old Trayvon Martin. In my opinion there's something a little sick about that. You're entitled to your opinion I'm entitled to mine and again we don't we don't always agree it's one of the great things about the show went to great things about America. All right so first it was. The Republicans. And truck supporters getting criticized in a threat of violence at the Republican Convention. Now it's the Democrats. You know there's something a little hypocritical about all of this we'll start that conversation when we come back I'm stood in the afternoon I'm glad you're with us on this Wednesday. Under the WL.