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Think Tank 1110am Dave Ray, Sanctuary Cities

May 20, 2016|

Should Louisiana have sanctuary cities? According to FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) "there are an estimated 60,000 illegal aliens in Louisiana costing taxpayers roughly $213 million after taxes." Are sanctuary policies bad for Louisiana? Are they bad for the nation? This hours guest: Dave Ray - Communications director, FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome in our number two of the Friday think tank glad to have you with us of course. Phone lines and text message board always open for you Texas and 878 certainly pleased next responsibly you know designated driver if you going to be texting. And we also have a phone line a final four to 60187. If you wanna talk with a steel fashion. At this hour we're gonna talk about Sanctuary Cities in Louisiana. The early this month the House of Representatives that pass a couple of bills. That would eliminate Sanctuary Cities here in Louisiana those bills are headed on the way to the senate now talking about housed 1148. Which was. Authored by representative Valerie Hodges which would prohibit state and local governments was sanctuary policies from borrowing any money from the state. For new infrastructure projects. Also health bill for 53. By representative Jane Morris which allows victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens released by Sanctuary Cities to sue that city or parish. With such policy. We attempted to get representative Hodges launch unfortunate she had an illness in the family. And could not be with this but we do have Dave ray who was a communications director. For the Federation for American Immigration Reform fair to talk with about this topic day thanks for taking the time being weather's. They'd done I think perhaps. Haven't mean this is my first plunge in the tank and so then poured. Well that will try to make it go find boy. David fuel and I like to do is let people know from where our guests are speaking from tell me about there as they die all what about you're organization. There's the acronym stands for Federation for American Immigration Reform aboard the nation's largest and for most influential organizations looking to regain control our borders and our immigration policies. We were birthday several 100000. Our members in the United States and many right here in the state of Louisiana we're actually. Our home offices in Washington DC but we have satellite offices in other parts of the country and how you fund. We are funded is a membership organization and also through contributions from private foundations we're. 501 C three nonprofit organization. All right very good Dave if you would and so listeners that a not to make you would explain what exactly a Sanctuary City is an and one of the ramifications of being sanctuaries. You know time is it disheartening for me to see how quickly we forget. Perhaps well at least one of the most valuable lessons that that came out of 9/11. Outweighs. The notion that state and local law enforcement need to be able to work together if they're going to protect all of us miles of us I mean. Did the entire population of United States from the people who are out to do harm to. We know that two in the course leading up to the attacks of 9/11 at three of those terrorists were actually stop. By state low coal highway officials for various reasons and had there. Perhaps been better communication between them and federal officials somehow. That plot might have been on copper it wasn't. But we learned the lesson at least we thought we had in now we have. Sanctuary Cities popping up across the nation they're kind of like. And elected Don't Ask Don't Tell policy towards illegal lately it's it's too bad public policy that Indians. Operation primarily in the form of communication. Between local officials local law enforcement officials. And federal immigration. These agents. If it encourages illegal immigration. It in danger the lives of our citizens. And perhaps most importantly. It's in direct violation of federal law. So it is it's on the one and it's unfortunate it's states like Louisiana have to take it upon themselves. Packed sanctuary bills but that is just too. The result of having the federal government the Obama administration. Has completely. Beef banged. Immigration enforcement mechanism in this country at the border and interior part of the country and so ST. State local jurisdictions are having to do that they and the federal government. You know should've. At one time was going after Sanctuary Cities and closing them down that's not the case under the Obama administration. What is the motivation for a city to declare itself a Sanctuary City and has got to be something in it for the city and on do. You know. Many people scratch their heads and ask that question. It's primarily a political statement is really all we can make it and its own fortune I don't know if you were called. The key to take stunningly last year on California woman who was walking arm in arm with her father. Along Tampa just goes embark dare it's a big year waterfront pier there and in illegal alien holed out on a broad daylight shocker dead rate parent her father's arms. This man had ban. Deported to five times from the United States. What was most chilling in his testimony after he was arrested. Is that he said the reason to see him and Cisco. Is because he knew it was a Sanctuary City and that he would be safe there. So politicians duties for political reasons. But but citizens pay with their lies and unfortunately for the Stanley family it's it's not to me. A mistake can be done. Well let me ask you this to give a comparison in yesterday's. Advocate newspaper here in the metro New Orleans Baton Rouge area. There was a story a Monday a twenty year old Mexican national. Who was caught and pulled over by Jefferson Parish sheriff's office and one thing led to another and he's he's and he's a bad actor in a lot of trouble. As being an accomplice to murder but the story goes on to say that. What's gonna happen is after he completes the sentence in September. The federal government then is gonna begin deportation proceedings against him and it's not clear how long this is gonna take. What would have gone on if this happened in the Sanctuary Cities such as well as would they have not been able to without a court order some other portions. And able to cooperate with the feds in in getting the deportation go on on somebody like the news. Right there would not been any cooperation. In terms of having. Getting beat detainees order from. Ion mass and actually holding onto that person until the immigration. Agency took control of the person would be released onto the streets. On what happened more more often than not though are attacked. Folks are you know pulled over drunk driving or what have you. Com and have yet to commit heinous crime but it you know once forced and officials come upon them. And during the normal course of the year. The questions and interrogations of the people they find out that the person is an illegal aliens at that point. The person in the country illegally they are a portable at that point they have violated federal law. Instead of putting it dictator on those folks and having them move. By the federal government should have been key in. The man who murdered eight stunningly. They are. Then released it and go to other state are born to remain in this easier on other state. And it is but really kinda rubs you the wrong ways had this person in. Com. Somebody who was pulled over drunk driving say in and it's found out. You know they're from New York there are US citizens and they are wanted back in the State of New York for having committed a crime that person would build been held on to. And then turned over to the State of New York if it's an illegal aliens. And we have an operation. Our agreement going with the federal government that we're going to release the illegal aliens on our street that The New Yorker gets sent call. Run. I may have an accurate I may have misspoke on that case a bit Bennett music kidnapping case the style it was a murder this was demanding that the right same. It's crime it committed our right to your organization fares and obviously taken an interest in these two bills that have made it through the house and as they move on to the senate. In the absence of the authors could you explain what these bills would do with regard to the Sanctuary Cities situation Wii's again. Yeah I want me what you did a pretty good job at the top of the hour but HB 1148. Basically cut the ability for Sanctuary Cities to derive. Money from the state government so it's for building projects or what have you so apparently it's some in the purse strings. And then HBO or if the three allows those of Louisiana and who have been victimized by illegal aliens to sing who. The cities are parishes that are harboring. These illegal aliens with sanctuary law. Again I'd like under school war. The only reason did the fact the only reason the state of Louisiana it happened to do this is that the federal government. It's failing. To uphold the it irritates sanctuary policies it is against the law to bar any employees. From cooperating with federal officials. In immigration enforcement. Serb target area of Department of Justice. That selectively. Deciding which laws it's going to. Stand behind it which pointed art and in terms of the sanctuary laws it's decided to ignore them. I was gonna take a break here we come back out likely to talk about does some of the discussion that went on in the legislature about these particular bills as to who should. Make the determination should it be the attorney general's office issued dispute turned over to a court. As far as determining which jurisdictions have Sanctuary City policies we back our guest is David Ray if you wanna speak with a in my phone numbers Bible for 2601878. And we're getting some text messages in an 87878. And also all update you on the latest on up ready opinion poll or asking should Louisiana. Have Sanctuary Cities simple yes or no cast that vote at WW all that does produce the think tank will be back and if that is. And we're talking with. Dave ray he's a communications director for error about the the bills that are in the legislature right now on this discussion that went on Dave are you familiar with it whereas some others the senators were questioning. As far as who has the authority to designate whether he cities' sanctuary and not the the way the bill was written some original form. Was that our attorney general would make that determination and some think that it might be better handled by the courts. I would not. Part. Part of that discussion I can tell it that there is little did. Puzzlement over what is Sanctuary City is in just beat ties. You know these laws are often not called quote sanctuary laws but what sanctuary laws are. Actual laws ordinances or any kind of policies that bar owners. The exchange of information or cooperation with federal officials so federal immigration officials actually so. You know like I would think it. These lies take many forms in the going to be called many names but they L out wine. Things in common and that is that they're bad public policy in the mean danger of this citizens of Louisiana. Speaking of that how extensive. Is the problem in Louisiana compound but according to fair do you have any statistics on how many illegal aliens. And I'm sure it's a very hard number to get complete accuracy on but is there any estimate the best assessment on how many a year and what does it cost to us. The most recent estimate that I saw was that there were roughly about 60000. Illegal aliens in the speed of Louisiana. Com hand. That costing taxpayers even when you ask you take out beer. What taxpayer current border illegally aliens pay in taxes that costs. Taxpayers probably about 213. Million dollars a year. So it's quite a bit of money. Arm hand it is going to be quite a bit more if we see continued these sanctuary policies mean we can actually say. In immigration there are things called poll factors in pushed actors push factors can beat the local economy. Simple ones rest of the population what had he you know factors rake there in the countries that are pushing people want to sleep. Then we have things called pull factors what are those pull factors are Sanctuary Cities. Cities that put up you know hey come. If you happen to get past the Border Patrol happen negate. Through. You know the screening process that the local airport and near an illegal alien come to New Orleans and did so. You know you're running free. Unfortunately and need to think about how demoralizing. Would be for the men and women who are putting their lives. On the line everyday on in the Border Patrol by trying to regain control of our nation's borders when it's. You know cities that are in the interior like New Orleans arrive advertising. Sanctuary policies. Well we had a representative from the Border Patrol. Agents association come on no longer on tells that they've been given all visitors a hands off. Your hours if you stop them you know and let him go don't even tickle reckoning when they go to the law and obviously the first place they headed. Is a city that comes on the sanctuary you know. Yes a little you know over the course of the last eight years the Obama administration. Has systematically. Removed. The key. Out of all the laws that enforce our immigration control in this nation being at the border in the interior of the country. What have you and you know so now immigration enforcement looks more like toothless manic and then like. A strong force that we'd like to present. I mean in. If you were gonna take more holistic approach to immigration enforcement we have people who are at the borders by making sure that. That that people but. Entering illegally there we have an airport in and we also have immigration enforcement in the interior part of the country. On keeping illegal aliens from getting jobs should be going to Americans and certainly. Arresting and having deported those who were on our streets. And that's just not happening under the Obama administration. So you know I would say right now. If you were interested in making sure that Sanctuary Cities are a thing of the past in Louisiana. Let your state senator that you that you like this bill that you want to send it to pass. The date sanctuary measures and then on the federal level. Make sure you vote for somebody for president who promises to regain control of America's immigration policies mean. This is democracy in voters have a say. Let's shouldn't be hard to determine who that might be. Day stay with me asking you stay with us to lose and come back again a couple of calls and have some comments or questions and at a time very good we've promised I would daybreak communications director of the affair. Federation for American Immigration Reform and right now on up ready opinion poll. Should Louisiana has Sanctuary Cities in 96%. Of respondents say no. Only for presidency will be right back gases news is Jim hands though with the only use. I if you're just joining me Friday think tank we have day race from failed the Federation for American Immigration Reform is on line with a Sweden discussing a couple of bills that are being considered. In the Louisiana legislature which would discourage. Cities or come entities parishes maps. From becoming what is designated as a Sanctuary City. Let's go live line we got a couple calls on marrying in cattle owners up first on line one Mary thanks for you call. Yes liked being at the tenement. I've heard that you all and then mapping yet. Can't stand that is generally damn. That the people volley and I'm the only people that it's that. Well like I can now actuaries at New Orleans is Sanctuary City and Louisiana's attorney general has raised the issue two in the US attorney general look rattle wedge. And in fact EU's. The New Orleans is saying that they were her. They signed him to a parent consent decree with the police. At the bit with the federal government about. The conduct of police in New Orleans TP. Sanctuary was part of that. By. Louisiana's attorney general as well several members of congress have pointed out actually not BP kitty. Because is. Any type of stage where policy. Would be against federal law and. Surely the Department of Justice would not violating its own federal laws so. I am not sure about. Is located. Yeah and the only one apartment California on nation. Well you can find out more out our web site they're US dot com war. If you don't have access to the Internet you can do this to call it. 202. To read to eat. Seven euros Euro forward Washington DC weakened and information or even get on line. All right an air US dot work or national membership organization and you all FA I'd argue that it's. Like there in the piano playing US. Yeah okay thank you and you may. Let's go to Sally on her cell phone line to Sally thanks for you call your own daybreak. I. Not comment is just about. And get rattled people of Louisiana legislature. Yet as to the people who seemed to. It's gonna me like it well. Courted when there on adult southern trinity and skis are kinda that stop but it comes to help people right. Giving them wreckage and calm sanctuary for them. Horrible situation and I went there. Christian thing to ignored except I wonder why are me and lot of the country feel like what what the problem. Liking you know help the meat aisle when we came here. And stole their country proud of these that are into that for a and then it read earth aboard an effect did I think Donald Trump to get anything done is absolutely. Still has. Each having. Nothing happened except the budget chaos. I don't know why you can't be human and men care humanitarian thing. People. And sending your people who were coming complete you don't have well. Okay Sally hold on today's call why have people in Louisiana rest of the country. Hateful to people who wanna come here and to the country illegally. Well first of all let me clarify. I did not endorse presidential candidate nor can and I and I did not name and she did so I just wanna put that out there on the record but let me. People week and it can be very proud because we are very generous nation we take in more legal immigrants that. The rest of the countries in the world combined. And we take in refugees war between. Certifiable. Religious. Persecution in their home countries we take in. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants here actually a million immigrants a year year in and year out. That we eat what I am talking about our laws that comedy. People who come in the country Il legal. And they come in it and that would leaders sneak in illegally or they overstayed their visas. When that you commit crimes they're released back on the streets. And he. In that commit those crimes again it's sometimes. Worse offenses. And so yeah I would. The United States does offer saying you people. Are refugees are. And we are very common needing to legal immigrants we have. Nothing to be ashamed to be very proud of our we will charge brought to the over number. Agree with you eat. Selling what would be your plan to to to reduce the Jesus say anybody who wants to come in to escape poverty or persecution. For whatever reasons is his while on the come across the board. Now I am the way that we do it is actually staged at eight goal and that's when a man's and how should we do. Oh. Not a problem it is my opinion I just am trying to meet people. Or of people. Other people in. There and it. And it. Ear apparently from them cool or country maybe. That is it. On or. Is she helpful or terrible it in the country now you would you be open Lyle and art would you allow them to come you. Add that. It up and how many how many illegals staying unit. On that I want to. All I'm an hour earlier question I had. Oh. Not going down unmasking unit that I don't I'm. At. My lower. Or the day. You're you have my question for certain personality now. You Ortiz and I lockyer or you go to bed at night. Are. Okay and that's because you'd think you have the right to control who comes in and out of your home right. Term costs where we are actually. Out apart Asia our nation is but is home for our American family. We're trying to regain control. Of our back door in our front war. And that all immigration control is looking at the country as it adds that as our home. At the moment the American people try to regain control of all of our goers and all of our windows and there's nothing in you mean about that in fact. For the Americans who suffered and the legal immigrants and there are have been tens of thousands it is to vary. The I think being Indian rule. That said the problem is that Egypt's. The way you have never act that we it's still the country are you make it. We are still. Here. Well I don't entry. I would. I would put it this way acting native Americans had bad immigration policies I don't we should repeat their state. Our days Sally sorry illusion I would be right back after this gym Europe next if you like to get on the conversation it's viable for 2601878. Are sent us a text and 878. Cents. And with this. And the think tank daybreak communications director for fans of the Federation for American Immigration Reform when discussing a couple of bills being discussed in Louisiana legislature which would. Actually. I guess discourage would be the easy way to put it cities are Paris is dominant realities from becoming. Designated as Sanctuary Cities. Dave I don't know who's got more hate ticks me you but we both got to cut those out and I wanna get to the calls on not gonna bother read them all except for a couple of them that the dominating Texas common in. Is an awful lot of requests for Sally address Sosa bat cafe what you asked you know and again it. Yeah I you know there was like three per cent of the people in this state who voted no on people he took that the ball. Oh that 3% or jamming the phone line. And I'll listen up promise you have a good time it's gonna get bad let's Jim in Metairie line three Jim thanks for eco. Right out the door and yeah yeah. I idol proudly do but it. It is in 01. Hour and a ball oh in well more than the day. It is supported century and the Gruber. And sure. If the numbers. And you know he would block here is actually. It is an act of war well. By the board. Warren Hannity. You know. There. Had so let me lawmakers. Who work with this also complicit in. As well. Well I would like in this very. Albert I can't paper and let's go. I yeah. I would say that there'll makers are are are guilty. But it would negligent ominous it. 08. Murderers don't worry you know it. Murder actually lately so yeah negligent on it is. Yeah that's a two year yet because. Because. Of your location. And the work. So many ways it is that you know what in what he would look there. There's no controlling it and that. War by it and Bible. On one. Of born and so. Loudly. If the drop in the bucket compared to what happened. While Kelly have a lot accompanied by the end of this radio show. I think you ride I want to get to one another accident in you know part of these bills were talking about is one that would allow. The person who had a crime committed by and really illegal alien against them would be allowed to sue them minutes of banality. And one of the text to wanted to know up until now what situation will bring a person to sue the federal government over money settlement. Due to an illegal aliens. It that would probably question it's better. Better given to an attorney I would say that often times. When there are these no cooperation. Agreement in place. There really are mechanisms for citizens to protect themselves I mean. You know hardee's new illegal alien you don't even have a real address on. You know that they like to call themselves undocumented immigrants but they have any of documents the problem is none of them Alley so which mean are you going to use when news in them. I mean you know it's kind of like trying to nail jello to the wall it's hard to do. But what this bill would do would say that let's say you know New Orleans is that is offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants and one of the residents of New Orleans is. Gunned down by one of these illegal aliens he's recently been let back on the streets you know by the New Orleans Police Department it would loud and disputed city of New Orleans. That puts the heat and consequences. In the local law Cindy's. You know this thing to where's that no longer be com's. A political statement it actually has consequences. And the city paid for. I'd day the music means we're out of time hope you enjoyed it as promised and they like. Yeah you know you certainly have and hope you'll give tanked another time Dave thank you very much and again it's fair dot org. Yeah and if you wanna send some of these they'd done male and texted debut as well you find it or about it. Thanks Dave. There US stuff all night will be riot act that he was coming up in the new now the think tank right practice. George city's land it with this Texas someone wanting to know what is Sally serving for supper tonight. I also want to say about the kick MS to the curb event Metairie lake you jazz asides and arsenic teaming up to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis that's gonna be tomorrow 7 AM to 1 PM. Seventh when he won veterans right across from door next between Gordon and Sally Beauty shop. Doctor Bridget baggage director Abbas is MS and will be speaking at eight if you want more details. 834123. Degree. I coming up next hour I will straighten out the L issue who's on first what's on second problem with two game schedule for the weekend. And also we're gonna talk descent to Conrad a LO has a very unique perspective and approach. On what we might do in the face of the new reports scientific information. With regard to coastal restoration and subside and here in Louisiana all coming up. On a think tank and activists.