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May 31, 2016|

Overall, has the media been a “friend” or “foe” to Donald Trump? AND: It was a violent Memorial Day Weekend in New Orleans and NOPD Police Chief Michael Harrison the number of armed robberies and carjackings over a short period of time is “unusual.” Over 30 people were the victims of violent crime over the long weekend and the police chief said, “A number of these robberies are being committed by juvenile offenders.” Even if the murder rate has not reached a record pace – the number of armed robberies and carjackings are a growing threat to everyone in and near New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And UNESCO days we had some very strong thunderstorms in the afternoon and we're just started to get some rain downtown and you might be in the rain right now and remember if you are in the rain. A turn your lights on. It's really so others can see you know you you might be able to see just find it. It surprised when I walk around downtown at night I'm amazed at how many people don't turn their lights on. And I guess it's because they did a lot of a garage or parking lot. And because downtown is for the most part well lit vacancies so they feel like they don't need to turn their lights on. But it's in the in the rain it's not so you can see is so others. Can see you and you know you could see others better when they have their lights on them when the lights are off if you just joined us so we've been talking about the the tragedy of the Cincinnati zoo over the weekend. A three year old boy. Who got through protective barricade and failing to. It fell into a mode in the gorilla enclosure. It's a pretty severe text earlier you know nobody's really talking about the fact that this kid survived a fifteen foot fall. And that's like two stories. Are based on what I saw with the guerrilla it looked like maybe he was trying to protect the child but I clearly understand how the Cincinnati zoo. Had to make the decision to kill the guerrilla. But the gorilla would not have had to have been killed in my opinion if the parents had kept a closer eye on their child and the child had not gotten in that position so human error led to the death. Off the guerrilla. We've also talked just a little bit about if violent Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans. And a PD chief Michael Harrison has said the number of armed robberies and carjackings over a short period of time is unusual. Over thirty people with the victims of violent crime over the long weekend. I don't know maybe is even more than that the test the last hour print. The police chief says a number of these robberies are being committed by juvenile. Offenders. Even if the murder rate has not reached a record pace. The number of armed robberies and carjackings. Seems to be growing threat for everybody in or around new or what's. Have you lost all optimism. That anything can be done to save the city. From young printers. That's a pretty check opinion poll. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com if you rejoice that comment about anything we talk about our numbers 2601878. Arie cut 5042601878. At a Texas 877 it also add to the conversation Donald Trump in a late morning press conference. Was attacking the media. And one reporter said is is this what we could expect if you become president desist order white house press conference would be like. Don't trust again. It is our staffers Donald Trump reveals that he race five point six million dollars for the arts. Now do you remember I don't trump refused to participate in more of the Fox News debates and then on to another network. He I forget what it wants there were some kind of a rally your interview or town hall meeting or something I don't remember specifically what it was. But Donald Trump held an event opposite the Republican. Debate on on Fox News if you wanna participate. And he said he was gonna have this event he would raise money for veterans. And so many in the media were asking questions how much did you race and where did the money go. Donald Trump has consistently said. Every six million dollars. As it turned out it was five point six million. Now when you broke things off if it was five point four million then you would say five million if it's five point six you can say six million. I might have been better to to downplay it and have a number B actually bigger than what you what you're claiming. But I understand Donald Trump's point about the media. Making up stories that he didn't really raise that much. The Donald Trump also did not come forward with the information. And one of the questions is whether or not it's failure for the media to. To ask Donald Trump okay how much did you race and where did the money go. Donald Trump makes it seem as if those are not even fair questions. In some ways trump. Loves the media because they given so much attention. And then when something negative comes out he bashes the media. It sure everybody. There are a lot of people in the media who were totally fair. But there are some who let their bias come out and we've talked about that don't want on the show. Last hour are pretty general opinion poll wise do you think based on what you have seen so far overall. Is the media a friend or a foe to Donald Trump. 46% say your friend 74% said a follow. So. Here is before we talk about it here's Donald Trump. This is part of his. Blasting the media and now a late morning press conference earlier today. I believe that I knew bar today are being contentious with the press corps kind of caught us losers to our faces and all that. If this guy all of you just many of America. But enough about. Yes it is this what you did it hit is this what it's gonna be like telling you to hear president yeah. It is it let me would have this kind of got our pitchers Lester okay yeah that is going to be like this statement. If the press writes all stars. Like they did with this because you don't price half of your base that I raised all this money. If the press writes false stories. Like they did where I wanted to keep a low profile I didn't want to credit for raising all this money for the vets I wasn't looking for the credit. And by the way more money is coming and I wasn't looking into the credit. But I had no choice but to do this because the president saying I didn't raise any money for that not only get a raise that much of it was given a long time ago. And there is a vetting process and I think you understand that. But when I raise almost six million dollars and probably in the end what raised more than six because more is gonna come in and is coming. But when I raise five point six million as of today more is coming and and I and and this is going to phenomenal groups and have many of these people vetting. The people that are getting the money and working hard and then we have to re. Storm probably libelous stories we're certainly close. In the newspapers. And these people know the story is a false. I'm gonna continue to attack the press look. I find the press to be extremely dishonest. I find the political press. To be unbelievably. Dishonest I will say this. And I totally disagree with Donald Trump yeah and sometimes the media can be very dishonest recently Katie Couric has apologized for. Creating a slant on the story that she did about about garments and and and gun control. She edited so did it appeared one way when in reality the story wasn't that way. And we quite often CNET. Sometimes it's done to I guess in advance personal agendas sometimes it might be done to make the story more interesting but it's not something that can be done. So Donald Trump blasting the media. That overall has given him such attention that some say it hasn't been fair because he's gotten so much attention and been handled with Jack Nicholas. If you wanna join us with comet this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy area code 5042601. A seventy. At a Texas a 77. Also there's a lot of information coming out about this trial involving trump university. And Donald Trump criticized a judge who made a decision to. To. No longer keep sealed some of the documents and some of the records in the case. And Donald Trump says this Hispanic judge is a Mexican. And he can't be trusted try to remember exactly what he said but he he dashed to the he'd actually judge cling to the judge is part of a group of lawyers that are anti trust because it's a it's a group on Hispanic lawyers. And I would assume that Hispanic lawyers would be against Donald Trump not all of them but as a group I can understand why they would deconstruct. But for truck to call this guy and Mexican. As if it is a derogatory term. When apparently the judge was actually born in America. Is a mistake. And yet it's this kind of stuff that up to this point hasn't really hurt Donald Trump. Now I find it interesting that you've got Donald Trump. Who claims the media's liberal and unfair to him. And then you've got Hillary Clinton who claims that the right wing conspiracy. In the media. Is unfair to her. You know these. These candidates can't cry and whine. Every time there's a negative story now if the story is unfair. That's an entirely. Different situation. And if some of these cases challenging truck in the money he raised. Some of these stories. Did appear to be unfair to Donald Trump. But he has some ways that's kind of part of it and you know you do you wonder if Donald Trump is it is the next president of the United States. Is is he going to be this contentious with the media. There were times when George W. Bush was very contentious with the media. Times it got many times that Barack Obama has had an adversary relationship with the media so some of this is natural. But it's the job of the media to ask questions. And it should be the responsibility of the candidates. To answer those questions. Is the media being unfair. To doubts from any he is he right to to bash the media. And why. And also. After a violent Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans. Are you losing optimism. Are you losing faith. That something can be done. To stop juvenile predators. One of the videos over the weekend. Showed. This. This park walking into our convenience store robbing the place. And then coming back a little while later robbing it again. And the guy behind the counter a shot adding missed. Shot shot his son is four doors glass went door. To pieces. Missed the guy. When you can't walk into a convenience store. Is certain parts of the city without fearing that somebody's gonna come and they're wrong. Every fast food restaurants that have been brought. Please don't call the show would tell me that these kids are hungry. These kids don't have a job they're starting where these are men try to provide the famous crystal called showing thome then. Because I don't believe. I don't believe for one minute. Our school in the afternoon if you got a comment our numbers 260187. Area code 504260187. Tech's number is 87870. On this day in 1980 this song became number one in America and I think it's one way to describe New Orleans. We'll be right back on definitely well. More than thirty people became victims of violent crime over the long Memorial Day holiday weekend and even though police chief Michael hairs and says this is unusual. A man in New Orleans east had just finished a long day of landscaping yard. Car pulls up to young men approached him this was yesterday as it on your your Sunday afternoon. At 5 o'clock. They ask him where's the playground. The man said the two suspects then got out of the car shortly after they asked him that. Came up from behind. Pulled out a gun demanded as well. They patted his pocket he had his pocket city did have a wallet but they hurries keys jingle. So one of the suspects then demanded to keys. The man refused to hand them over. On and turn turn to head toward a nearby house. His wife says she heard a big scream. And annoys the suspects grabbed the man ways T shirt pulling into the ground. And punched him. This essence second suspect got out of the car and punch the victim in the face and head. Bush really just suffered black guy and an ensor had been is his wife said he had dizzy spells. All day yesterday. You're working in New York. And some people come up in a car and pull out a gun. When Iraqi. Is it appropriate. Police chief Michael Harrison calls and young offenders juvenile offenders. Is it appropriate to cult and you've not predators. And Richard we elevate. Their status to predator. Because if you look up the definition of predator. It seems like the people who commit acts like this. Are predators. And I'm happy application called a show or say what he did no jobs. They're hungry they're just trying to get food to trying to help the families. I don't believe that. There might be few cases like that but I've. I don't believe it. If you enjoy it from the comet this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy. Arie cut final four to 601 a seven in a text is 87870. Gives you takes your just a moment but here's pretty Gerri what can you pull this hour. Have you lost all optimism that anything can be done to save New Orleans from young predators. 73%. Say yes and 27%. Saying no. You can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Got a text here that says so I'm going to hard rock cafe. Tomorrow night's is that a safe area. They're going to 7 o'clock in the safe area. I would say yes it's a safe area. Part Rockies are in the quarter beginning of the quarter one block off canal a canal that would be canal when and I ever feel. Sorry urban. Ann Arbor feel right off canal. I would say to safe area. And I would not tell somebody to not go there at that if you wanna hang around their trick. Aka the morning let's say don't do it. But if you want to go there seventy or county to look here's a guy. Who would who would think that spending all day cutting your guard working in your yard who would think that that's not a safe place today. That's what's so threatening about the armed robberies and carjackings. Is that suddenly this is not just criminals attacking criminals in some cases over the weekend apparently that was the case. And isn't it interesting. How the police already have pictures of so many suspects. If there's a suspect in the case the party get the picture. Why because the person's already been in trouble the party got their picture. I just I have no idea we've talked about this so much on the show I have no idea. What's gonna stop this cycle. If anything. First of I don't think we're being honest about the problem. And secondly. Political leaders don't wanna address. The problem. Which is a problem of human behavior. And yes the police are are are shorthand. You you you could have a full staff a police officers you could have as many police officers as you needed on your staff. And how what they gonna stop. Somebody from pulling up the car. And robbing somebody who just was working in the yard. Somebody else was around punch train park. And they were dropped. People are jumping in cars and just taken the cars. It's appalling. It's scary. And I don't know what is gonna stop this in fact this is not even the peak time of year for this to happen. And a crime crime statistic guy analyst. For governor Google TV which saying this isn't even the paper this is even the prime time. That happens later in the year. The problem is you've got. Enough young people. Who feel like. They can do this and get away with it. And there's something wrong in my opinion within society. Has sent this message. To citizens. That you can get away with us. If you would like to join us for the comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Erick are 504260. When he said he takes a 7070. I'm scoots in the afternoon and we'll be right back after disturbing if he wilders a date with Jim Hansen. And this is still one of the hot songs on a charge right now and played on our sister station B 97. Lucas Graham seven years signed scoot in the afternoon welcome back to our show. Here's an update on our attorney general opinion poll have you lost all optimism that anything can be done to save New Orleans from young predators. Not talking about young men are talking about young predators. Who fit this the description and the definition of the word creditor. 76%. Say yes Tony 4% say no you shipping in my going to our web site WWL I count. I got a couple of text or a moment ago because mr. McDonald program to get right back to your calls but Donald Trump I'd call this this judge who. Is making a ruling that don't talk disagrees with in the trump university case. Called him a Mexican. And there's nothing derogatory about calling somebody a Mexican. But if your attitude is we sometimes. Sometimes the messenger ants meaning to the message. And if you're somebody who said the things that Donald Trump has sent about Mexicans. If you call some if you're mad at somebody and you called them on Mexican. That's intended to be derogatory. If it's for example there should be nothing derogatory about being calls a liberal or conservative. But yet I have people called the show is the way they say it when you're. At the what do conservatives. Are you're nothing but a liberal. The perspective of the messenger. Can add meaning to. The term so Collison in Mexico as I mentioned it that's on derogatory. But if it's used in a certain way. By a certain person that has an image of certain intent when it comes to people south of the border. And yes it can be derogatory. And I just you know I don't know if it's ever gonna happen because it hasn't happened up to this point. And they don't trot I've blasting the media today and in some ways than he needs to be plastered and quite often we blast the media on this show. But you wonder if some of this is ultimately gonna catch up with that with Donald Trump edit teachers I don't have the information farming because it's still being investigated. But it sure seems like trump university was was a scam. And if Donald Trump drastic. And puts it behind him bullets that's one thing but to. To make it seem like this was such a great deal and again we don't know what's gonna happen with its. It might have been a really wonderful deal and it may just be a few people who were. Donald Trump haters we're coming out against him. But if it is determined to trump university was a scale. Then. If you continue to supported and eat your playing into the hands of those who say you can't be trusted. But he any point any affairs affect Donald Trump who knows our numbers 2601. A seventy. Arie cut 5042601870. A Texas a 7870. From New Orleans that I shot here and every WL. I shoot. Actually know you pursue mutual friend and some good guys and that measure and Somalis and all that. I would tell you about my motorcycle. It happened about a year ago there really no open got stolen Obama. Else. And I found it Sunday afternoon. So up sounded at the corner release and feel and think Claude. Called police was behind a chain link to. They showed up about an hour later at different equipment. They said because of the Fourth Amendment. I basically. They can only knock on the guys the work and ask that you stole my motorcycle. So. Basically. That's what they did. It says that exceed. Would not agree. To it it's look at the pin number of course you remove the license plate. That they would have believed they wouldn't do anything so we went a block away to gene pool boys watchful finger down. And the document on the porch by minutes later the police medicine's yeah it and searched properly motorcycle. But that so we can do into the Fourth Amendment. So toward Obama's haven't seen what that answer to. It that's what we didn't do so and they haven't meet and they said let's go about another half block from Angel tell you app. So now we're out of sight from the motorcycle that would keep the could get on the motorcycle and take off. And that says he wouldn't be that down. So they told us that it is gonna turn the information that lead detective. Who have never spoken to in a year I don't even know who it is. There's please report on and basically we made you turn and the like this on. And I doubt however it again. So that thing deputy artwork from me on the I share on FaceBook it's gone viral and there's all these people commenting on that. I don't know I'm glad you shared with us on. You know this might seem like it's a minor problem compared to the murders in the armed robberies of motorcycle stolen but here's the problem with things like this. If they know they can get away with this than what's stopping them from committing other crops and he'd duck when when this happens it it makes the it makes law enforcement look like they can't do their job. And I respect anybody who respects the amendment of the constitution. He can't tell me that there's not a way to get around. I don't see why they couldn't wait. In the parking lot exodus house. Until a search warrant that it probable cause I think we have it because I had mom been number on my own documents. They found a police report. But they said because of the Fourth Amendment they couldn't do anything and it's like why can't you wait a minute apart lot make sure it doesn't take off on. And and you know Ketchum. Do it legally that wave but it's like they're in a people even wait you know. My jock I'm glad you're assured to terrorism are gonna get your rate to. In effect on your rhetoric don't appreciate the call a lot of good police officers out there but you know when. When. He can't say when the constitution gets in the way because we have to respect the constitution. But the constitution should not protect somebody for something. There should have been way to follow this guy's lead to get the person who stole disguise motorcycle. I'm skewed in the afternoon coming up we're gonna wish happy birthday to law and actor. And we could use the character he plays in movies right here in New Orleans right now. I'm astute will be right back on WWL happy birthday today to Clint Eastwood Clooney's what is 86 years old and I think about the movies that Clint Eastwood was in. He he's so defined by the Eric I mean he did a couple of different things like the bridges of Madison County. But for the most part he played a particular type of character. We could use a guy like that a New Orleans and this is not to criticize in OPD because this is not I don't blame and LTD for the for the crime. But the York case is likely to case that we just heard. If this is the way it all happen. There should be a way to. Figure out a way to find out whether or not disguised motorcycle was still. I mean how frustrating is it to see something that was stolen from you in the police can't do anything about it. Again there's got to be way too to do it at what people continue to get away with crimes it only gives him the impression that they can get away with other crimes as well. I really don't know what it's gonna take to stop this. Because there is. There's a group that it's not all of them it's not all young people. But here there are enough. Young predators. Who. Get attention. They get what they want. Without working for you know if if they put this much effort into a job. As they do it to like carjacking and an and robbing people I mean I know in some ways it's it's simple but you do have to make a commitment to do that. They could be contributing member society patsy that's not cool. There embraced. By their own pricing their own I mean other predators. There embraced and celebrated. Because of what they do. I guess in some ways they know that they're heroes. But don't judge don't judge everybody. Based on the behavior of some. Stand here and have a WL. Yeah look at all the way to that bird belittle my adult pull collude in the Ninth Ward didn't lose as good relation Libya. Because of being. Which totaled an ill official there will delight now treated it certainly is a tactic he got into an important tool. Well we can if op bit over the top about lack of sleep every time would be rendered. What do they don't police we can't stop that does it cause their black. Because I don't think we're in trouble getting enough. We can do not like. While they shot they shouldn't be stopped because they're black and are there exhibiting. If it's it's that they should be the the the could be stop because of their behavior not there yet. But you know unemployment or bow out of what I was completely black. At all the and outweighed violent yet. We'll stand they shouldn't none. They should. Be parents. Am I got you know great god you know let. Black like me game formal that burning up the race card that read sorry you know. Well nobody should be prosecuted because of their race nobody be protected because of their race. Andy how badly does the standards and it would not be offended when they do you old girl you know. It's great I'm great and god bless you for helping out your family. But look there are a lot of people in the black community who are as outraged as you and I. In fact some of them are more outraged because. They are more susceptible to the crime than in many of us. You might live in a neighborhood far away and have bought it still happened to me you're driving anywhere around the city to carjacked. I mean there are some new rules there there's some new rules that that knife and implemented. When I stop at a stop light. And I now assuming it's really a damn shame but I now assume. That at any stoplight. I could. I can be carjacked. And I'm looking around looking for somebody approaching my car. I'm skewed in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions. And we'll be right back on WL. And sports talk is coming up nicely Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia it's the second week of OTA is getting under way for the same Sean Payton. Said the pre season is going to be very important for Gary Grayson. And who could be the backup quarterback to Drew Brees sound off with the pros Bobby Andy coming up from 48 here and home of the saints and LSU WW well. I'm from New Orleans Walter welcome to the show. The it. Sounds like the but in the end it. All. That. And if that. In the that the Internet that it's. And that's. Where east. And it's. And it. Want to yeah yeah youngest. I mean is this. Be I don't know beat design. And I'm not only reluctantly only. If you wanted to discuss then you've got a game at that. That is self doubt about promoters to guard down. Like you you can bet on it that. And outside Kabul and. But it seems like they might have been. Going on the ways so as a guy which dot knows that they were talking about sent him. I know you noticed that. The brother Walter and you could be running. Dirt 200. And keep your attention to their friends and it was it. Well Walter. I certainly hope this entities meant and I got a. Are you. The ordinance. And edit and on the Major Garrett is not juror. I'm military advocates of open you know you and ultimately it is not to. Mention. That and. Their boss I appreciate the call why I wasn't there but you may be right you know there are some. Unfortunately it is so bad police officers out there most of them are goods but there are some that. Or not. Straightforward. Have you lost all optimism that anything can be done to save New Orleans from young predators 77%. Say yes and 43% say no. This is not a conversation that's gonna go away. We may have another excuse talk about it tomorrow we'll talk about it whenever we have to. What do think Diane Newman our executive producer associate producer John Vanessa sent our senior producer Jon quick. Have a great afternoon high school in the afternoon bloody New Orleans.