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Think Tank 1010am Blocking Advertising

Jun 1, 2016|

Hundreds of millions of people are blocking advertising on the internet.  How do the world’s companies stay in business if they can’t put ads on cell phones and laptops? This hours guest: Dr. Karen North - Director & Professor of USC Annenberg's Program on Digital Social Media; expert in social media and Internet privacy Dr. Johnny Ryan - Head of Ecosystem @ PageFair. He was Chief Innovation Officer at The Irish Times. His second book A History of the Internet and the Digital Future is on the reading list at Harvard and Stanford.

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Welcome back and through dear hunting drank. If by track them correctly about six and proposals. To cut the call from control the girls. A talks for the year we unit education plan and funded by via tumor foundation. At least in part by a detailed and shouldn't sell up to home. Families that struggle getting higher education poured their children. She will get these many of proposals to cut it controlled the cost in the future and the reason is. We're still fighting these 600. Million dollar deficit. So bold talk to a representative. From the regions state representative legislature. And Doug told junior director Louisiana network of vote columnist. Try to figure out what's being proposed and bought me column out of all these complicated. Debates. Once again we're waves of illegal immigrants. But the biggest we've had some peaceful way Islam we. Tens of thousands of children come across its border binding sell notes. Now get tens of thousands again crossing the border. And moved we're gonna blog and talk to the expert but also. Who do you blame Obama. The Republicans. Or blue. If there or ways to stop the leak would we've had. Those way is exporting to us on the showtime and drug and but neither party wants to stop them sure we're gonna find out what the leaders there is and what may or may not out. Or something a broad about any number of times in in my and a first for I've said. All I'm sure that it's is. A couple laps something small something for a true. Never will catch on because. That does. I have very dip called time imagining. What the Internet would be what we're talking about looking. Headline New York try and rise of ad blocking software. Is threatening online revenues. Now we got about 420. Million people world why using those lenders sell Opel needs. Everything every says that than 90%. Increase. We got 200 million people. Worldwide user ending that on their desktop computers. And mortified and in closing here in America it's a little over four million people 159. Million in China. Sure it would seem like go to India. Indonesia. China. It's all of the 400 way ahead of boats would this technology and the question is bullets for a big and more. Thankfully were able to attract some real experts in this pre you'll live and students from her valuable time a doctor Erin or. Director and professor bureaucracy and the broad program on didn't want social media and an expert. Social media and the Internet on privacy doctor thank you so much. Thank you for having me back so what do you make it tests. Well it you know it really interesting when you look at people's motivation for doing one thing or another. And yet here as you pointed out that there's that phenomenon that was anymore and emerging markets and here. And sometime let it stop and think ourselves. What is it about there are stated that makes them so motivated to do things that we don't do it were not on. And in the case in this case. Aren't. A big part of it. Is the American markets. Cap the problems that. Decade the way they hate but there aren't open and it certainly is big news here. It is it costs them money for it costs and time because it would have the ads that pop up. Actually wrote. The reason. On competes well. So what happens is if you're in that part of the world where everything is Novo and nobody has laptops are up. Computer. And our interaction with the Internet what digital that's your son and every time you load something. It takes longer it has. Asian chat it's like you walk. There really isn't renovation that in emerging market it's time on on notebook on mobile devices. You get past that wouldn't let in on that stage where activity on line up silencing. So I did during those. And the overall thing. Is really complicated because. To some extent while one odd because we especially the United States where it. We we are people. Do it church for our services and products that we want. So well targeted. And sometimes they parts are out. But the other thing is that it's that. Making our data and trying to follow up on line and figure that out of their privacy and is very complicated issues relating to. Doing nude scene in this increasingly. In America. I can get on two things at it and yet of course that these people. Who will want to block in fact most of us most of the time which that we can block. And Derek indeed there there will be private. To put privacy concerns. Who want to stop companies. Tracking that one of those typical ones that are. In the United States citizens. It. On now and then I didn't insane that is sort of the Clayton that story collapsed and some out L or digital experience Internet in attaching it emerged. On that absolutely certain that so. When you would never instituted. And so now we can go get any content and experience. We want. Pretty much afraid. That most of them and the reason that we can do that it's paid for by. We blocked the odd then. Companies. Need to make money even if you don't think about eight billion dollars that they. Even though. Is that certainly operating on. On how people and businesses online which is what it's going to they need to get on. And it did not then the question of what they. Aren't looking to take a break here if you just London were up to about the big increases in ad blocking software that blocks commercials and so on and so phones. And on the left talks primarily. In Asia at this point. We're growing very quickly and if it comes to a miracle would you do this would put salt ordering your phone in your laptop. And I have commercials. It was called 26018. Celebrity double Bob yeah. It's it's so big that I'm surprised. And reared its head before. Big increase in ad blocking software. And businesses businesses online and get the revenue to stay on line. We got hundreds of millions of people using them on the cell phone primarily in Asia. We got hundreds of millions of using it took on deserve laptop. Primarily in Asia. Only. Reportedly little over a million here in America. Our Dublin rubio pretty drug were opinion poll we do every hour and skew. Argue for against blocking advertising. On the Internet and pulled six the poor person of view or pour it. Likened doctor Karen north director Brooke Belcher. Yours season and burro program and to drew and social media and expert. On this guy and media and Internet privacy. A doctor do you do I'm I'm surprised. That is not much bigger. Here in America that that would something seem to be something particular young people. I don't want to say about that it's really injecting much like an adopted. So much more quickly here. There I think. Particularly in electric. That the big deal and places well on top on. I'm I think that we are grown to think about it and when the person emerging market was not out ignorant. And within days not grown up for Internet chat. Took them needing more in the front and just guessing and for us it's just something that is part of Internet deadly train our eyes to a borders that we need. And it's not cyclical problem. It may dispute that we put it enhances their questions are sociologists to figure out why we. Electric and there are consequences if we all start using Internet arena out blocking technology. What what happens. If that Kyra I'll give you a a good example of this kind of creeping. Into my world. I've read publications. All over the world. Every day. But there at their four main publications. That that cost squad of the Washington Post New York on Wall Street Journal. So I don't buy ago it was a void for the articles shore up real clear politics. Or. Some other forum rugs report monitored that border Brad May be even. Huffington report did some time. So dole is I'm not paying port big Tuesday and charged quarter. In this home. We barge Amazon Netflix. Hulu and and will actually go to cable television. Then they absorb. Not a whole kind of surprised Iraq aggravate. Are always heading in that direction. Almost unconsciously. Well I mean you know you hear the problem is. In the United States like that one thing that apple that's a positive. Both people were creating an I'd. On commercials. Including additional pop up. Especially commercial and now hiring real film makers and that creating. Good to act and now. I thought in the Angeles area. And the people were content creators have been hired to create because. DJ could make it engaging content indeed working on the ground. Then people who enjoyed watching. And from the marketing side if they can make it targeted enough that we look at it well actually want. That is on the on the service rather than burden. So there's the positives that it is positive and that way. But that that problem is. As you point out when he goes to watch that content such on the news you need. Yeah none of that I would like every every route and wave are around playing for something that that the Watson and her. Experts are that there are you currently used station let me add revenue in order to survive. Absolutely. Absolute. On that annuity Q that is the there's any public television public radio Ottawa and inscriptions or in the mountains and the nation's. But we're not gonna target partly what I would purchase of that's a very complicated question. I think most Americans kind of accept odd that the titans hall. And extent infect my kid I kid and there's some games that they play where they have the choice to either change real money to buy. Jam through whatever they need you know in their game or that watching hat. That they want an ad they earn it my kids that song means that they can earn. Point you know trinkets and senate seat mobile aimed at Taiwan the watch. May you may be some delight that dinner it's. Strange the Auburn I'm old enough to remember ABC NBC UCB. A what are you we get to a point where bill solve border is there and even the world all cognizant. What it would do to the revenue moved a ball and reading and watching and listening to. We put her on their records it's convenient sentences muddy water over. A what are we don't go back to blow honored truth through four mega. Internet. Facilities. Like you know Amazon. Ordering the Washington Post and all of sudden it becomes do you current mechanism to goat to. A wonder if it becomes that survival of the fittest. Well there's a lot of discussion about how being United States is moving from 600 for about six newspapers. And then there'll be hyper local little. But the medium newspapers. I really. Hurting and at risk. And yet. You and I and upon the people that should be okay and hit it it's people like. And we don't wanna take some news you better or for any parent I'm fine. Given very interest and pour luge or more is cute quirk put shouldn't own pride as soon. We go to show with the Brookings institute couple weeks ago. Something I've never heard of books is not black renewing their call it sex Leo. And it's young men and their instinctive ball in court a few of them. Dead or using their cameras oral laptops. And using dole audio from the laptops and cell phones and cameras. From cell phone. To video tape of subjects in compromising. Positions. Walking out of the shower. Having sex with their husband or wife or whatever it may be. And then playing it back to them. In saying you futile want to send to every body of work. To your friends put on the Internet. Not you have to pay me Monday. You have to do porno tape. And apparently. It's spreading all over the world and that landslide. I'm watching. A web site but the name of vice. And they did a documentary with the Arab Edwards golden on the state of sure bail outs in this country in the world. It will listen to all this all week. Heading for a society where privacy. Really is no longer. I mean. You know accuses thing and it. Her and and there are thirty something states have laws against revenge for which it usually whether he boyfriend or girlfriend or act accent and a white. Video that they did together cooperatively. And then when they break up being used it for revenge. But if you think about it there are laws in most of those things and people need to call the police in somebody's blackmailing them with pornography and involvement which is really. It. In it and ended when you say it. Spreading and that kind of thing that I didn't. Small numbers just sort of astonishing when it happens. But that they are illegal and should be illegal and people in mind that. People should be prosecuted. The problem as. Everything on the Internet everything in digital. Is meeting considered permanent. And hold on nonpublic. That somebody put something up because there you know there trying to would seek revenge or extort money. And possibly going to back down there are some. Doctor Nora on Tuesday real pleasure. And an opportunity. Mobile blue talk to you to do Gelder your expertise as always. I appreciated his time and we will call again. I love it when you calm me and I love your part of the street. So I'm. I'm in Kabul on delta were down is would give you some good cajun food. A dog can. There are covered right banks they were others. Too low and really good. Reports number of reports on this issue. Last year and I haven't that a shorter because the senate did well. This should note surprise news. Of course suits couldn't come this. In talking about it so headline New York tolerances eyes of the and blocking software. Threatening. And revenue. Hundreds of millions of people. Blocking advertising. Cellphone hundreds of millions blocking advertising. On the laptop when I got into the story considerable time to do is between what was surprising. Almost all countries. Asia. India Indonesia. China. Or pro am early ones that are doing this and here in the United States it's nearly 2% to four point three million Americans. I thought was superb lob find out why. It draconian. And Lee's report Asian Pacific alarm. Storing. And same time not a curtain and sheer. You're looking up the good doctor John brought in had to be. He was achieved in division officer at the I urged iams. His second book a history of the Internet in the digital future. Zora all of Reading list at Harvard and Stanford. Doctoral welcomes sure appreciated Stellent. Thank you very strong. But they were here. And bunch of birds or maybe that will. A boy Asia Pacific. Sure okay well the first thing that those sectors and the New York Times that soul comes from the reports that we pitcher just released. And the report is totally about mobile's. So we were looking at people who were using my phone to block yeah. So what do you think. It will the other people who are on the computers and what their behavior it's. Said the missing figure there is actually pretty decent acquitted. And you might be guitar and this year. That in the United States between. The middle of 2014. And two than fifteen. It was big quote that the point where 45 million Americans are now actively blocking. On the desktop computers. So. This happened and the tragedy that. Settled so it's a very good news in the short term the safer also uses to block. We're blocking all web site that we low. And really blocked those. People who publish web sites. Can't necessarily afford to keep the lights on because they're making money especially to. So that the problem. And let me just talk about it in Asia for a second. You know as we announced recently have in this new reports. A level crow outlawed in a mobile phone turn that across the globe is double the level of blocking on the computer. I'm desktops laptops. Now the big problem right now I was small and the US that the mobile phone or cellphone well but it will get bigger. And one of the things that's happening in Asia. It many many many people on the two million people argue web browsers on the bombs that kill all. By default were that the unity and so if you start to keep it in the states. It is the same way has been made very wealthy. A lot of big impact on all of the people who publish content on the Internet and make such an important. And black we have moved the browsers. Here at this point and for those dead or mutilate and provide the browsers. What's their benefit. So let me take that back in the idea that first. It. A Smartphone user form into developing. Economy. So let's say you're in the rural part of China or rural part of Indonesia both places have very very or India. I am you know of a slow. So. You have an extensive data connection to vote amateur and and you probably don't think really that you could afford to take two tablets from the losses. So it makes sense for a wetlands here that want to be popular with those kind of into it makes sense the web as perhaps too. That measure the strip yeah. Over here in the way. It is easy. If if you're using for examples. Up awful. Well if you think chrome or Firefox probably oh or one of it is the future and stole something actual thought will salute that. We found that actually reasonably low levels of people were talking you know seven million. Are arguing that it's so there's an awful lot of hype from September of last year at that apple and what they were to complement. Garland problem that they were going to let people to install of blockers on the phone and in September last year. Other five million people actually don't. So it's growing but it's still quite small so what we're seeing is that patiently. I am of that time in the world to fix the problems with Pia. I have but of course. And the what's happening with people is they're saying that to jump on the screen. The other thing on the data much appreciated in ways that can couple it. Sometimes. Them and the obstacles. Obstructing. The view of what is trying to see or read or watch. And so we need to change and the case. And I don't think we also need to start trying to reach those people who are currently blocking. And they defined way. Assure them that way that is sustainable because right now and here you you'll and so that climate change right now there's an ecosystem problems on the way. We've been using up people's attention. In the same way we've been using the planet's resources. And we have to start to look stated that will be on the way that we we need our our moment of the kind of a consensus in the industry controls on Umpqua standards which for the. Are there and take a break here I think that's news has some. This topic it is an ad blocker or are grew like topsy rumble world. And that this will keep companies from getting the revenue to two times they only here to stay on Leah and so this this is something good could be ground shaking. Are doubling of the Oprah jaguar opinion poll the Brea Oscar Rio we don't argue for against blocking advertising. On the Internet. Now it's 81%. In favor doubled up. What do we didn't have in the pan and so only and that wouldn't effectively eliminate the Luna border effectively. Removed the modern thinking possibility. That the company like Google page book and read DO company. That we use on the daily bases. We're looking at blocking software. All over the world hundreds of millions of people sort of put that sin. Here in the United States I thought it was round four million dollar gift told me that for around 45. Swords don't small. We're growing. Rib bone doctor John Bryant wouldn't. Read the book three history of the Internet and digital future. Doctor board what do you see in the future of this or is there any way to get to a point where disputes the courts and the the portals. Battle while this or shut them. I think that's very well might end up with legal action on legal action and threatened. Certainly in the United States. On the national and newspaper association. There have been cases actually elsewhere in the world. However. If you capture about fifteen years. Can decay Napster. There are members that the lawyers for the music industry went through Napster like hot knife through butter. And not to let statement for many many of those them music piracy and product. There are also not and a few of those companies. Thought music industry wasn't able to do what he does digital consumers. Some sort of complexion. That they can buy it and ultimately what will apple turned up and set the rules. And the music industry. Now it is largely I think you know operating. And it isn't very diminished capacity. We're apple an electrical. So I think the election. The news is potentially something that publishers could do. There is no guarantee that it will in the case mr. haven't won them so far I am actually I think you should. And the music industry makes me think without so much the issue. The question what should be dealt. Well we have we are announcing that means is really. But hundreds of millions of consumers. Are mobile devices all across the globe that insisting it go and advertising. Know quote that you. Doing is they are they're growing and you part of the way let's call it the book for a place where corporate image you know that we've seen. Now that does not mean. One can not sure that my company as it happens nature it don't it shows that you do. That cannot be circumvented that can't be broken by. But the question for people like Ross is. What responsibility should we net page. And make sure that. The first twenty years that advertising on the web has been built it and we try to create some new form. Some new respectful form of advertising. At consumers can actually tolerate. And that support publisher on the way. Brew brew brought out time board. Believe me looking you to book talking to you can we get your back on a later date lights to give was more talk and talk about it. Very important and I don't figured nobody had more expertise in news shall thank you Brooke calling hopefully wouldn't talk again. Oh. You have a good day. That era. In Britain Booker Gifford the blended did you future. Laura I don't want to do and bring the level of immigration both legal and legal in two groups over the past two years. As dwarf the previews slowed. No higher than it was prior to the 2007. Recession. And once again I'm sure we'll have an opportunity as good a couple of questions on. Why Ortiz. Dough boy uses being used to lose votes popped. Illegal and the embassy of we ever get an answer common rite bag but yeah.