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6-3-16, 3pm Scoot, Trump Rally Violence

Jun 3, 2016|

Protesters aggressively taunted Trump supporters at a rally in California rally last night. There were reports of anti-Trump protesters – some with Mexican flags – surrounding the vehicles of Trump supporters and banging on cars. One woman was surrounded and had an egg thrown at her. Hillary’s campaign chairman immediately tweeted that the campaign condemns violence against the supporters of any candidates. Why has violence become part of politics? And even when it’s not physical violence – it’s verbal violence and hate speech against another American who supports a candidate someone doesn’t like. No matter how much you hate Trump or Clinton – or any candidate – why are so many resorting to hate and physical attacks over the disagreement of which candidate should be the next president?

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We're expecting some rain but that shouldn't affect your play an estimated there. Raise your yeah. You what you wanna do like LAQ and a game in the NCAA regional. The first game Alex box seat that Ruth still in rain delay it looks like we're the certificate issue to love to 4 o'clock this afternoon. But is that it's been a fun election this afternoon. Ensues we get an update on when they will have the first pitch. What you know if indeed they get to it today also the oyster festival was scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday that his or her while convert park on the river. Another. Great festival itself off on time great food great music Cranston. Just being downtown and on the banks of the Mississippi River is always a very. Historic spots not only into this area but it it it's a historic spot in the country. Not to be so hopefully that it takes place with only maybe a few scattered showers here and there but even though there's some rain expected. It's Friday it's the beginning of the weekend and few have plans to enjoy your weekend here's our properties are brought to you called this hour something we're gonna add to our conversation. If an artist. A professional artists performing. Asks fans. To not take video of their show. Would you help the artist. By trying to prevent somebody from making a video. Covering up to date on some of the other things we're talking about it recently added Adele concert somebody that really sent a camera. And they were they were videotaped. And got a text here this correct me it wasn't a cellphone they sent a camera on a tripod. But we cellphone technology the way it is today I mean I see all the time. And you see it on YouTube you see it on FaceBook. There are people who take video of concerts. Now if you love this star beat you when you go see a performer. You do like to performer in some cases you really love the performer. For example on Rick Springfield is coming up as a champion square Thursday night June 23. There are people who love Rick Springfield. If you really bond with the artist and the artist says. I don't want anybody taking any video sadness. Would you do anything to prevent somebody near you in the audience. From defying Rick Springfield were to I'm not saying that Rick we do this but. If you go to a concert in the artists and don't videotape or don't not videotape it's not videotape anymore just taking video. Would you do anything to stop somebody would you side with. The started you've loved and do anything to prevent somebody from taking the video. If you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 2601878. Erica 0504260. When it's happening in our Tex is a 787. I think one of the reasons that artists don't want their shows to be a tape like down a phone or. A small camera. Is because of the way comes out you know the sound is never good and these are not professional. Camera people video Agra first who were taking the video so you know you you see the raw video on FaceBook or YouTube or somewhere and return it looks rather crude. But I always I always except that. And I don't ever think that all of this is really an indication of of how good or bad this bandits. I remember recently I saw the in 1975 that's a new band. A champion square. And the lead singer of the band stopped at one point in this was this was a younger audience so. When you when you looked out over the audience you saw all the the bill lit up screens of all the cellphones and everybody taking pictures and everybody taking video of the event. But it one point this this young performer said. If you've been taking video of the show. I want you to stop right now. He said you came here to see us live on stage. And many if you knocked out of a really interesting point he said many if you are are watching us through your your phone. As you take pictures an issue videotape. One what you put it down. And enjoy this while we're here live because you can see it's on the screen. When you're home you can see it's on the screen anytime you want. And I thought it was a brother profound thing decide because he's he's he's right so often you're trying to line stuff up like I find that that aren't guilty of that sometimes. He gets so caught up in taking a picture. You get so caught in capturing a moment that you actually missed the moment. And that happens a lot. Sometimes I think we should just appreciate the moment because you you will remember the ball but I mean of course she take pictures of some thanks. But we've become so obsessed. With taking video and pictures of everything that I think sometimes we actually. We actually missed the moment. Would you do anything to prevent somebody in the crowd again because who cider you won't. If an artist that you really do what you've loved and artists over the years or it's a new artists that you lost. And if you're young person and you you go to concerts if you really love the artists and the artists is that I don't shoot videotape my my show. Would you do anything to try to stop somebody in the crowd. Who was trying to defy. What the artist that you love but suggest. If you got a comment on numbers 2601878. Every coach final four to 60187. Or text is 87870. Also you can give us your opinion on that question at our website WW dot com we'll give you an update on that in just a few minutes. We were scheduled today to talk about a nineteen year old. In Indiana who's accused of killing three people over forty period. In attacks that seem to follow the theme of the movie the perch. Since we didn't know we've we're gonna have a full show today because of the LSU game I'm gonna put that off until on Monday. A product of an analyst on the campus over the weekend until Wednesday next week but I think this is brilliant and uninteresting on question and it comes up quite often. If somebody follows the precise theme of a movie it committing a crime. Should the producers of the movie. Being held accountable. And the purchase of interesting movies are the first we came out to in in thirteen. There's a sequel and in fourteen and there's a new Persia movie coming out purchase essentially this scifi movie set in America in the future. And America has become so violent. Then. The government allows. 1982 perch. You could kill people you can commit any crime you want and if you do with in this period of time from sundown to sunup. During the purge. You're not punished. Again this is not science fiction but. The theory is that if people are allowed to purge. That they won't be so hateful and angry. The rest of the time. What's interesting about this new movies coming out next month is it's titled. The courage. Election year. So I'm going to be testing to see below we'll talk about that we'll talk about him on the show next week. Also today we've been talking about two protesters say I'm getting very aggressive I'm a truck rally and we season not to trust supporters. Those outside of antitrust supporters. And they're really in my opinion there should be greater respect for somebody who is supporting a candidate that you don't like. And then nailed there will be those who say yup it's true. Well there are people who hate Hillary. There are people who hated bush. There people who paid Obama. I mean it doesn't matter who you hate shouldn't there be enough respect to to not. Commit a violent physical act or even a violent purple act against as somebody that simply supports another candidate. Because this really is supposed to be America where were supposed to have differing opinions. Also we've been talking about a blind man from Metairie who is Cecily McDonald's because he was refused service at a late night drive through at a McDonald's. The lawsuit contends that McDonald's discriminates against those with disabilities. Scott McGee is legally blind and you refuse service and he says he laughed at. When he was have refused service at a local McDonald's and nobody should last anybody like that. But he said he walked up to the drive through and McDonald's has a policy of only serving customers in vehicles in the drive through lane. So if you can't. Drive then you're not served in the drive through lane at McDonald's. Do you support the lawsuits or does McDonald's have a right to have a policy. That only allows customers in vehicles to be served in the drive through late. If you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about chart numbers 260187. Every coach final four to 601878. In a text is a 77. Out of fulsome Michael welcome to the show. In Michael. I don't go to security down Michael and Justin just listen to the phone. The agreement. I am so it feels anyway. Down. Not income you know concern is that what it is with the protesters. I'm I'm just wondering have picked up the court as the epic and against trop. Then they got beat support somebody and it's important you know creates anger and the need them then that candidates say you know. You know. Protests and he's an hour you know different now because that. Campaign involved humming I'm I want people can it be like you know. Perhaps some comments now well I mean. You know sand. Yeah but the the the chairman of the Clinton Campaign did immediately to eat out to the campaign condone I'm not condones but condemns any violence against the supporters of any other can't. I want it that these. Protesters that that would be support needs somebody who do not support and our company that support and somebody and they are not important that money. Then they just like that people and it cost probably don't know me. And then I'm and then learn what it looked as if you know I mean to participate in the book you know maybe not with the if you have a community support in Donald Trump. And you got these important you know Barney I mean I know personally you know in. I'm assuming that the protesters are active voters I would I would hope they would be. Yeah well I mean it is great I mean you being at the APEC economies and technical. Support that. It would come out and say that not campaigned on Halloween protest and they and so that means that I mean. You know I think he's. Welcoming come on them up on its own pocket the money they get to make sense to me that they you know. Total lie and. Well we know they give the candidates don't know reassert control their supporters Michael I appreciate the college you have on a nice weekend on the farm. Part of your hold hang with this if you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon on numbers 26 don't wanna seventy. Every coach final four to 601878. And are taxed fears they tell me it's happening I Jon Bon Jovi is on the campaign trail with. For Hillary Clinton no surprise there. And Jon Bon Jovi once and we spend time together and all we talked about was politics because it was right after. John going to be endorsed John Kerry for president. So another rock star supporting. A candidate happens quite often doesn't change my opinion of the rock star for the candidate. I stood in the afternoon will be right back on him if you don't like if you really loved an artist and he was here seeing him. In concert and make this the fans not to videotape to show. Which you helped the artists like trying to prevent somebody from making a video. That's a pretty general opinion poll 28% say yes they would do something to try to prevent somebody from doing it looks like with the artist simply Q percent say no. If your opinion by going to W real dot com. Here is Texas so what to Fall Out Boy with my wife didn't even bring my phone. Too busy having fun and singing at the top of my launched a wall nation was great as well. I I noticed this and I thought it was really interesting that this this young lead singer of this this young band the 1975. They remind me of a stuff from the the eighties. And it's just that struck me as interesting that this guy was on. Bringing up the idea hate stop watching us through your phone stop the videos stop taking pictures just Inge in join us. Up from every day here now on WWL. I go back there both. There striker to try to topic. It can relate to escalate the shop and you know unquote power ball ticket late you're you're this and enjoy now. You're note O show and true to me in the show what I would like Jack yeah. It can't stop there. Allen were all alone out there and every thing again that you take away and orders and they could regret it. Ward obviously we're picking up state all old common and now there are you know. Cart until we should. They get you. So remote port and go. Democrats and in an hour and every. And it and been through you know. You put into it but. You know what it all lie. The majority government go watch these Democrats are now well. It's the same reason that did that individuals are called the show during a campaign and I talk up the candidate that their four you know they wanted to they wanted to. If they're like citizens and they wanna promote they wanna use there. Celebrity status to promote the candidate that they think they should do they think should be in office and I think it's also on ego driven because. If that person wins then they're gonna be close to the president of the United States. Air where they're part. Or our Jessica. In areas all out where they can only Spain and in and barricade at all you know. The blue cross and you know they are outside the end. They want. Oh OK and a bit like shell were point. People in their first thought that they. Nadal. Took a bullet speak trump gets no matter it's eaten at the negative but take away from their. Follow. Davis bunny you have a great weekend and I'm glad you called today as far as I know in San Jose they kept the protesters away but there were still troubled that erupted. I'm Mike here now on WWO good afternoon Mike. Here's you can do. Actor's actor virtual. It's hurting those that lie to the program it. Partner Gregory it's it's coaches it's terrible and we should be. You think that you hope American vote reasonable that a lot of point out that some people. As well. So very. Short sale. Hateful messages. Day spa. Patrol and pan around or. So expect it. I think trumpet and Rush Limbaugh and people. One neighbor so it's on himself in order to. Dictate that the that tea collect people. Who are likely. Circular. But. And once and renew Norman's. What's the source and its stock at a bar in New Orleans archery and you. That being bark. That it's a good point. Yeah because you know that does Capital One in the first quarter. I appreciate the call you have a great weekend and you know it talking about self season talking about taking pictures of fans are video when the events of concert. Don't shoot notice people who nears the moment in life. You know and I parked myself fifth one of my favorite coffee shops on suburban street in the French Quarter. And I'm writing her working on the show oriented market on opera music where I work on different things there. And watch the parade of of people walking by in front of mass in the count are overlooking Bourbon Street. And people so. Infatuated with its obsessed with taking pictures and ended the stealthy stick in there so involved with that that is like their. They're actually missing the moment that period. So sometimes it's just it's just. The phone down and enjoy the moment because. You're gonna actually. Remember that moment and you don't need at the picture to catch of course there are pictures that you you wanna take it you wanna save knows I'm not talking about it every case but. I just noticed that some people just so obsessed with that that there really missing the moment if you're hold hang on we're coming right back with more of your comments. I'm skirt in the afternoon and here's our WWL news update with Donny missed. This is sick Calvin Harris is so big so last year Austrian thank love shows don't summer hits there. Calvin Harris. Just broke it off. With Taylor Swift. So I guess it's a point announcement re writing a song about Calvin hands. And she's so cute maybe she's been behind me this is Calvin Harris could take apparently you can still see France. I'm still in the afternoon here's a quick update on a pretty general opinion poll if you really love and art. Missed and and the artists as the fans not to video their show would you do anything to help the artist by trying to prevent somebody from making a video. 36% say yes they would 64% say no they would not give us your opinion at WWL dot com from Baton Rouge doc market to the show. He didn't. Pure. Well. You. But it. All. My. Old port out there. You have heard. Or. Hillary. Clinton out there. That. But. I ol' ball. Democratic. Senator. He's so is trump is trump behind those who protest Bernie Sanders. Was it why would you assume. About there were some people that rush the stage the other day. Here's is his rally was interrupted by people who rushed the station to get you molestation Secret Service around him. I mean in all other idea that it's a protest to Bernie Hillary. Now we're dot org or call in our. So shall it be the great barrier there where. I. Well and get them. Several. Now docked that's just that's that's ugly immediate it's it's ugly in your opinion I mean you just made a really ugly. Judgmental comment you obviously don't like Mexicans as her reason for that. No no I just don't like her on what you put out the Mexican flag and you said it's just ugly mean. Something like a flag org that's subjective. We're all or. Are hurting I think it is but it doesn't mean I don't think pretty. It. You wanna get in that conversation doc. I can't answer that because I wouldn't burn the American flag. But the freedom in the constitution. Allows somebody to burn the flag. I don't think somebody should do it. But I understand that the constitution gives you the right to express yourself in that way. How would mean a quieter yesterday war actually. Legal. Well doc I'm gonna end this conversation I mean I'm I'm I'm glad you called because you really point out something that is really quite obvious during this campaign year we we talked about a lot. Mean you obviously have. A specific. And judgment I agenda. I don't know how many of them were legal maybe they were all legal maybe they were all illegal. The one thing that I agree with what doc said it I have experience from this being a Seattle and Portland. They are are far left liberal socialist type groups. That are fairly violent. One of them in particular is known as elf. The on the Earth Liberation Front. And they are vicious vicious people. So as I do they show I've I get the impression that people think that the only done the right wingers. Are aggressive and hateful but that's not true because I've seen it with the far left as well. And it just eat shouldn't it shouldn't get to that point from the flu shot Mark Gearan never WL. Yes sir scoop on bank in particular call your. Didn't tell me it would know. What time did it again when walk up to the. Should drive around dry too. I don't have the specific time and it was the late night drive through and they're the rush strongest close so it was probably sometime after midnight but I don't know the exact time. I'm not permanent normal air from two judiciary but obviously that. Could be sent him. You could deal I really don't mean and a you know. And appreciate. Or understand people that have this bill but it someone's. Patently nor do to drive war. Would that particular pair of being ball. I don't understand. You know. I think you're I think you're right to you I think that there's a possibility that this was on sent out two to get this lawsuit which I think was filed in their court in Chicago. We're here. Scenario you know I know I hope McDonald's does not settle because that's what a lot of attorneys like you wanna settle out of court they won again they're quick block. They really care. A lot of attorneys don't care as much about their clients that you might think look many do and I'm going to be afraid to be critical of some attorneys. Just because I criticized some attorneys doesn't mean I don't like it turns. And that's not that's something that has started to happen recently in this country if you criticize one person and a group you must national group and that is absolutely absurd. And we should never backed away from criticizing the bad people within any group. Mark I appreciate the call so you know I would like McDonald's to carry this to court. Like this be tested in court. Does the constitution require. That if you had a drive through you also have to have a walk up window. I'm all for making everything handicap accessible. And on offer to all we can't. To help anybody who has any kind of disability. And I appreciate my site everyday of my life. But I can't. Support somebody. Just because. Their blocked. It's about the behavior it's not about the blind purse. It's my opinion. Are to your hole stay with issue got a comment on numbers 26. When he 73050426. And 27. Tech's Jason he said he was another one of our favorites Friday for music songs Katie you're in the last 49. Hang on for comes right back going to be if you want to populate your calendar on this date June 3. And eighteen cents assuming different here listening. Mistakes it's. Have kids trapped those 6000 miles from New York to London to change the words he Lola. From both the cold and to carry me because the BBC had fans of the original version as soon because they don't know reference to commercialize items. I come home soon. Wow technology has changed you had to fly from London to New York in 1970 to change the lyrics in the song it's. I can certainly season from London's today. For coming today and I've talked handed her Roger you're under the WL hey Roger. About the picture. Yeah where I want a bigger than what we can block. Back forty years ago but what are. But again. And Al. Ecstatic at many pictures and video you won't during the park's great call me. Not yet but people what they took it into and out. Pitcher ever your beat up and everybody cooperate. And so after that people put their phones who. Would you have said anything to somebody who defied what Peter France financed. Two. People in a very different people decree in the last aren't we. You know it just. The the artwork it. You you turn to tell me that somebody had a drink at a Peter Frampton comes from. Check out. I. I. Knew it was on. The back. Of the oh I. Yeah it's okay and it'll look a lot of people have cut their hair. Bon Jovi he's cut his hair. I'm trying to think of odd that they go Lisa Kevin Cronin of Oreo speed wagon has a short haircut now is that even the guys in Metallica the leasing or Metallica. As a as a short hair kinda Roger I'm glad you called it Everly is if it's fun to go to those concerts if we're going to says the past from uptown and frank you're never WL. Portrait and call your. I don't know who can actually hear him bird didn't. Shoot back. And usually. Well there and worker yes. I think I made that very clear just a moment ago Padilla you can bring and a mile and. Yeah. I think the players present here racism. Normalized. A bit solution blow. Very quiet which. I think that the little girl wouldn't want to references to people actually. People to be more vocal numbers. And it. So they beat the and so what apocalypse. I'm into that they're important. You know that you're right we uses non human or camper and that was on the air statements. No movement frankly misunderstood I I. I that's exactly what I said I said the chairman of the Hillary camp playing campaign condemned the violence. Academic early exit no one has put you know as the early and condemned the violence and our on our core. Well in in general Leo yeah there has. Been okayed this was the the case that I heard of but there have been some times in this campaign cycle win that has not in the case where they just the campaigns don't talk about. Frank don't get too sensitive when we talk about things on their showing and in America's become very sensitive about things if you don't. If you don't say something about everything they knew you must stand for something else and that's not really the case. Subsequently re opened and company that there is much concern. Is that the idea that racism is an acceptable. Form of Saturday. Who's it going to continue to grow except that you get more of the electrical now who's accepting. And everybody. Else who would people. And people feel free you wouldn't people be free to attack people. It was there Mexicans. Feel free to attack people workers there or to the right. And the a strong person it is Islam it it is a former so it is always due to them out or. Deployed solutions. And we talked about their only son you know. And then the other day and we talk about it all the time the other day when trump talked talked about the of the united judge in San Diego this involved in the truck you university case. When he called him a Mexican somebody said lol why is calling somebody a Mexican derogatory. When sometimes to win the message comes from a certain person who stands for something sometimes the messenger defines. The message and when Donald Trump said he some Mexican. That was not in honor of his heritage. Personally it was map is remembered from open and so was something like go. You know their rate of drug dealers that are so and I presume you'll remember. That set the title and I think that's total for a lot of things that. It'll occur in America I wish the world watched and did so much about you and concern. Are you are you are you bothered did this is the candidate that is getting so much attention and they beat out all the Republicans. Bother about reducing. That you showed holes on Tuesday. Bob is the worker really concerns. Is that regular troops. Dole speak to me. A person to its sloping you know the issue now count 12 or. Basically and I don't really think he's he's a salesman and he still would they want to hear it but that. Yeah acted to meet the same argument. A quick judgment and somehow people. Wouldn't ordered Clinton would agree on the. And a lot of people feel that way frank in this speech that Hillary gave yesterday way is an excellent speech and the tone of that speech is something that Hillary needs to study. She was not talking. At the crowd she has admitted she's not a good campaign or she does not connect well with people but the speech she gave yesterday ways Kerry presidential. And that's the tone that she should carry on the campaign if she wants you better have got to get to break frank a blaze called the show. If you are known to hang on. I'm scrutiny afternoon. Hey it's Friday we're heading into weekend and we'll be right back Debbie are you well. Sports talk is coming up next we have headache polls show the game LSU was supposed to play their first NCAA regional games beginning at 2 o'clock this afternoon but because of rain delays we just. State of the year all afternoon and I am glad you had been witness. Up from Slidell Laura you're on WWL welcome. I wanted to make a comment about the Mexican flag burning and you had said that the American flag burning thing it's uglier right Americans black history at that stage. I'll have early and talks. He did not lie in the colored. Mexican and felt like it was ugly that it's and that each picture actually quite different and you called him a racist and where did he did not like. Which set him out there not the pregnancy. I don't think that sent glory. I don't think that's the same is calling him a racist and this is the way to run the show he has the freedom to say that but not on the show I don't have to listen to him continue to save those carpet. I led all kinds of comments on this show but it's at some point. If I don't agree with what somebody saying not because I don't agree but I don't agree with their tone and they've made their point I'm gonna move on. Even at that the American flag in their somebody's calling that thing I hate to colors of the American flag and it Utley doubled semi. It would that vocalists into the and that the Conakry in the eight to allow the program. They're probably subject we're a real or fake Oscar glory we allow freedom of speculate on every situation that I would be in that in that particular situation I I do if let me tell you I defend. My actions. Dick I said only wanted to say and he was obviously someone who has a problem with Mexicans wondering. First of all how many of whom were legal implying that none of them were legal and so he's nobody had to say and I was ready to move on the guy made it. The initial comment. Out there America I would cry here. I'll sit Lawrie on our I don't read too much into this city is. All night. Action when that have American flag crater and any other. Why what are you trying to trying to say that I hate the American flag. We understand that every action and is that hatred toward an arc and an American flag and and wind and today about a lot more dollar rate when did I do that for him when did I do then Laurie. Did not lie. The copper. And it felt that the Mac five that ought to tell you. Because he he was obviously. Against Mexicans. More laughter. Lori I just relax glory relaxed there's no conspiracy here. And and I had never him. Lori I have never said anything negative about. Americans. Other than when Americans do stupid things and I simply was making the point. The constitution allows the body to burn the American flag. No I disagree with burning. The American flag. I mean my god this is a radio talk show we talk about a lot of different stuff. And when a guy starts ranting and raving about Mexicans and illegals and he doesn't have a foundation for what he's saying. He said what he had to say I'm of the conversation. You have a great week I'm skewed to the afternoon we'll be back on Monday what do you do.