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Scoot Show 310pm Orlando Mass Shooting

Jun 13, 2016|

On today’s show: Could anything have been done to prevent the tragic mass shooting that took place at a gay bar in Orlando over the weekend? What could have or should have been done? President Obama refuses to address the source of terrorism by calling it to work of “Islamic terrorist” or “Muslim terrorists.” But would calling it that stop it? Hillary Clinton and others have talked about controlling guns with stricter laws. An American citizen who apparently got guns legally and bought a couple of guns just weeks before his terrorist strike – is the gunman accused of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in downtown Orlando, FL. Does the freedom of our Constitution protect those who wish to commit terrorist acts? How do we respect the Constitution and keep America safe? Are you willing to give up some rights if it will make you safer? Would we have to give up the important characteristics of being America to reduce the possibility of terrorist attacks? Is there any one thing that would make America safer from the individuals who wish to commit acts of terror?

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I hope you're having is go to Monday as is not possible to have because after all it is a Monday but you know for all those people who were in the hairdressing industry. They're cutting industry. This just like your Sunday so I hope we spent a great day for you. Father's Day is coming up next Sunday and so well all day and every W well we've got some great chances for danced to win things in for you to win things for dad's six chances all week every day. And every day this week we're gonna have a chance for you to win a gift certificate from H two O salon spa on every road for a groom your dad package. Now this is a great gifted it's just really gonna totally pampered dad. And they'll be a little man escaping involved in this if if daddy's a little bit of that. Look if your dad you can win this for yourself or you can waited in and give it to a dad. The song we're gonna play this hour nap sometime between now for clock is Papa don't preach that's our fathers Dave related song by Madonna. When you hear that I'll give up the contest line which is different from the line you call into talk on the show. And if you think eight call your winner from every WL. The op Ed blog that are a part web site to attorney right now is does America's freedom protect those who wish to terrorize us. And in a lot of ways we have this bottle this battle between the constitution and and and freedom and and those who wish to do us harm. Of course if you know what will be Veba would be what we would be talking about over the weekend you know if you heard about this who we would be talking about the worst mass shooting in American history. Happen to it and LG BT club in downtown Orlando. Place is called to a pulse. And it was packed it was right before closing time and today at 2 o'clock and somebody went in there and this went on for for hours the standoff went off on for hours I don't think he killed anybody. After he took him hostage after the police. I started to us or to intervene he killed people before that. But I woke up in the middle of the night as I usually do this was early Sunday morning and this was actually going on at the time so was following it Ted van and I knew we would be talking about this afternoon to talk radius a great opportunity for us to. To express our views to express our thoughts and an somewhere in all of the things that we discuss. There is some wisdom that there are some wacky ideas. And and you and I may not always agree on things but we talk about it regardless every afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions in the afternoon. On every WL a President Obama spoke yesterday afternoon to the nation about. About what this means and in America and the president was talking about how we need to we need to stand united. We have got to take action and the majority of Americans and indeed the source. It was just an owner Joseph I'd I'd dishes President Obama who's talking about how we need to a stand united we will not give in to fear or turn against each other. Instead we will stand united as Americans. To protect our people and defend our nation. To take action against those who threaten. Us and think about how divided we are right now. I mean on the show this afternoon some of the Texas some of the calls were very divided and it's OK to have differing opinions that's that's just part of being an enemy and American. But we we've become very divided over issues like this and we we take sides based on political ideology. There are those who think that semi truck has the right answer and right now other thing they're people who think that Hillary Clinton has the right answer. There are people who support president Obama's approach there are many people who are critical oppressor Obama's approach to counterterrorism and and 222 all of this. Hillary Clinton. Had her thoughts about banning assault weapons this came up almost right away. We've got to take action and the majority of Americans and indeed the majority of gun owners. I agree with that let's keep weapons of war off our streets. You know we did have a ban on assault type weapons are for ten years in this country and happily that was under the or George W bush administration and nobody lost there. Right to keep and bear arms. So I don't I don't know if that band that really doesn't threaten a Second Amendment that's an interesting debate and that's been our party jaguar opinion poll. When a band on the purchase of assault weapons prevent terror attacks like the one that happened in Orlando. 42% say yes it would. And 50% say no it would not. If you would rejoice with your feelings and and and what you thought about issue for her at all there the talking you Randy and you've seen and you've heard about the things that that happened with this. Horrific atrocity over the weekend. What is it that she won assay. If you wanna join us on numbers 26 cell. When he seventy Terry code 504260187. In a text is a 77. From Carrollton merry welcome to the show. Hi listen to everything and I believe that a lot of good comment but at this port to trade but they have been here we get to. If this man was not able to guys I think it was not able to upon the content. What would have prevented him from Macon embalmed and his apartment this thing in the and hopefully not from the people getting killed anyway. So yeah you're suggesting something that a lot of people believe in ideas that the will is there it just so happens that in some cases they use guns but in other cases they can you sponsor biblical look at what they used in night in Boston why I'm I think it's I think it's a good point. And are inherently difficult. Here is attacks. It's. Is. Those that would sacrifice freedom slash liberty for security deserve neither. And yet that's at a cliche that Terri is is is tossed around a lot and and various there is some truth to that. How do we maintain. America. And respect for the constitution. And then do some of the things that are suggested. When it comes to trying to stop somebody like this this Muslim shooter. There are there are those who are radical. They may be didn't start out radical they didn't come into this world radical they became radical. And the more I read about Islamic fundamentalist. And Muslim terrorist. An crisis. The less I really understand. And it's so difficult for us who have a rational mind. To understand how they think and why they think that way. But they are as passionate. About. Their version of a Islam. As many of you more about the United States of America. Willing to die. Willing to bring an end to the evil empire which they believe is us. I'm not comparing patriotism with what they believe. Put their passion. Is that and it is at least twenty. We don't understand it. In fact admitting that we don't understand it may be the first step toward trying to figure this out from Kenner Eric here on WW well. Yes you know at that particular Cox and the political point the personal like it is is there Arctic we should start seeing Bart chapter prompt. The book that the virtues and down and speaker tax that Arab buses but now where. The federal authorities for it will sent a letter telling them that they are. They're not. Being prosecuted that they are being investigated for possible terror activity and then the person who received a letter and can go and policy voluntarily. What can post a bond. It's simple civil bond in agreed not to lead this country not you know and so. Some can even who volunteer to Wear an ankle monitor and that. Allow people to do couple is a lot and you. Out attract people that they believe may be involved in terror groups in the open to weed out others that are saying look I'll voluntarily. We are the ankle monitor all voluntarily put look at the global until you can without the red. Or not. But how many people in our country would hide behind the constitution say well I'm not doing that because that may be an unconstitutional. And there will be those who wins who would be did defending that. That that is true that it's a voluntary in that that in into. Obviously it is not going to have to go with it. But you can use of this particularly an open due to high orbit may actually be some some part of of where it. And as I say is is that you don't Whitman on the illegal war in. Our goats chickens are you Mexicans come home to in any on art you know anyway. Are trying ten. You know the stand he would this person did. But in the there's absolutely no way they're the American people say they were going to be so ignorant to allow illegal war like that to occur there is still occurring this. And so the where we hear about it the group. Troops there. And to pay their you know we're in this country with nothing to do it and we're going to kill hundreds of their open that the billion. And when other people either on YouTube. Video. Civilians and children would be killed on the legal war on. The people aren't going to be so they're willing to. Kill. Had had we not gone into Iraq. Now we didn't go into Iraq via I guess in some ways we did but that the first the first Iraq War. Was about to a freeing up Kuwait it was about pushing Iraqi troops back across the border it's it's. A little it's so that's a little different than trying to defeat an ideology. Had we not gone into Iraq the second time. Well over 9/11 and over the fears of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction when we don't have this ideology problem today. Well I think you would have a crisis and you wouldn't have crisis I think it would I think that because of all of Saddam Hussein. Indian invasion of actor didn't keep it. That that person would have never been radicalize the right that would be inspired by cases and law so and so part of the attacked. But I am. You know Brit. That is the indeed been questioning you know obviously we didn't pay ran partly on the let me it was the first. Gulf war but that was all. Secular function that was over you know drilling rights that claimed. That you know. Yeah and there was there was a lot of criticism of the first President Bush for not going into Baghdad. But deal that bit of but the I would like it to say it has been you know an American people we just can't happy blindly ignorant current foreign policy institute and don't think that we're not limited to deal chopping block. Lindsay they go very very dollars. Erica appreciate the call and got a gets a break here if you're on hold hang on if you wanna join this conversation here's the number it's 2601878. Every coach 50426. So when he Saudi text they said he seventy. I'm scoots the last song that Weezer played last night accounts are coming up next on WL. Yeah I I left a little earlier I I left before the final song and I ask somebody on now my FaceBook page hey what was the last song are Weezer played they played Buddy Holly yeah this was the last song they played last night. I I loved it I thought they were actually phenomenal sounded great. We're not gonna get into this this afternoon but I wanna talk about this this sense of of bringing back the whole feeling of slam dancing and what all of that meant. Psychologically. To a young generation that was coming of age in the early and ended nineties when when the alternative cry and sound was very popular in Weezer. You know the lead singer rivers Cuomo looks it looks coming geeky but I mean this was truly grunge alternative and they were people in the crowd that looked like they were just. On the verge of wanted to do it's a group of guys in front of me. They're they're hugging and pushing on each other and they didn't get in to slam dancing but it was almost as if they were trying to trying to bring that back. Also a panic at the Disco I thought was a phenomenal last night and we've got a one of their new songs coming up out of the news break it to one 330. Up from Metairie Hank you're now into the W out good afternoon thank. It scared I have a question. How to write a law that differentiate between eight and in the seventy odd man. Military is by far from a modern semiautomatic. Or fire or a Iran itself ought to alright brand India are. I don't know. I mean it may not be will be possible. Oh. Well that that's probably are Kissimmee we did have a band I don't remember the specifics of the the assault weapons spam but we had that it expired. Countless million in 2009 medium wrong it was in effect for for ten years. We did have this ban in effect I don't remember the specifics of the band but nobody lost a right to keep and bear arms but like I agree with you I don't know how you I don't know how you right. This on this specific band because the constitution sees sees things in terms of black and white the constitution sees things in in terms of I guess. A true sense of the law and emotions on applied to. But if you think back to the American columnist and it's appear our arms to the British troops and why. Because they'd been developed in your truck specific raised. I I get to dip but they are people who argue that you don't need an assault type rifle now. You are not in the an assault rifle but it still I'd it's semi automatic right. While adding again I think this goes back to the beginning of all of it sank and that is is that if you ban one kind of weapon you gonna tell me this summer is not gonna get another weapon and do what they wanna do. It's like Jane who label what are rock. Yeah. Good point ecological. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. Erick are 5042601. A semi tech's 87070. Here's a Texas says growing issue is awful well you know there are those people who who believe that but you know. If you like rock. The rock from the sixties and seventies. And even eighties. Especially with the sixties and early seventies there was an adult generation that was the establishment of the time it's said that music was awful. And the way people dressed was awful. So it was interesting to me to watch this transition when when Christ came in. Because the defenders of music and fashion and hair style and everything from the sixties and early seventies. The British invasion everything went with it the defenders of that were saying the exact same thing about grunge that their parents said about the music of The Beatles. And the stones and I thought that was interest here's a Texas says so the largest mass shooting in US history was wounded in the 1890. I'm not Orlando and and I've got another text that says it disturbs me that the media says Orlando was the deadliest domestic terror incidents in the United States. And we forgot about Oklahoma City a 168 killed. A 684. Injured well here's what I think is meant like I can't speak for the rest of the medium if somebody saying this is the worst domestic act of terrorism that's wrong. It's the worst mass shooting. And I've been very careful to say that on chartered the worst mass shooting in American history and we go back to wounded. We were down America technically at that point so that's why this particular description of the day seems to fit. I if you are a tourist who comment are numbers 26018 Stephanie also Omar Mateen beat the most of killer. He was on the FBI's watch list. Wouldn't you like to know why he was no longer on the FBI's watch list to me what it's gonna what did he oversight of the a boy scout placing get off the list. I mean he did something to get off the list I'd like to know what he did to convince them that he was okay. Because obviously. He wasn't. An the FBI was interviewing him 2013. And fourteen. Not that long ago. I'm scooter the afternoon and we'll be right back after this to BW will news update with crystal. This is one of the new songs from panic at the desk. I Thomas telling me that this is the best he's ever heard panic at the Disco since they've got some on some some new members and I thought they sounded really really good. You might not like the music but again as the music of the young generation as the music it is defining this this decade. And the lead singer Brendon Yuri is a very very talented guy I mean the guy played drums the guy played piano. They did tonight they did their version of bohemian rhapsody and they did a pretty darn good job the guy's got great range with his voice. You know this could be a kind of an Adam Levine tight. So he's gonna be popular for a very very long time a wanna remind you. That you've got a chance to win something for dad for Father's Day is part of our. A Father's Day giveaway all week long we've got out on groom your dander groom your man package from each to a salon is bile on merit broad. Yet which you'll let guys it's OK to go do this kind of stuff it feels really really nice. On the sort of we're gonna place Papa don't preach by Madonna when you hear a give out the contest line if you deep color you already winner from every WL. So the these Islamic fundamentalist Mormon team. Was on the FBI's watch list. But no longer on the list. And it wasn't that long ago. It seems to see if our government has a very. Very difficult time connecting the dots. And I thought we would've learned that lesson after nine elevenths. If I take an interest and text about 9/11 and and the conversations we're having now about things that we need to do. I've used planes in 9/11 and nobody's talking about banning planes and you know sometimes the most ridiculous text. Actually tell the real story also I am getting at a text here about two it wounded he 1870 yes we were America yes you know we were. I I guess we should say things like in modern American history because there's some. There's some moment of deep part deep demarcation where. Well OK that was then and in in modern history this is so what we're talking about now but yes the F. Massacre wounded knee wish there was not pleasant if you rejoice for the comment we're still talking about. This tragic mass shooting at the LG BT club in Orlando. And this touches on so many things that we talk about with our national debates today. It it it deals with gays being singled out. And the father of this shooter said that his son became enraged. When he saw two men kissing in South Beach. In Miami. Now if you see that and that's something you don't like. Then you'd you need to deal with those feelings. I don't care how much you don't like that. This is not acceptable. In fact. The father. Of the shooter. Says that. He's very sorry for what his what his son did. I picked up on another clue what might send it. Then I am. I sat in my you run the or fuel economy. You know it's it's it's possible the dead didn't know anything. But I I like that the FBI is investigating. A parents investigating. Family members because if somebody knows. You need to have you need to alert the authorities. If you know somebody was becoming radicalized. And is it not your responsibility to let the authorities now. Mean you have inside information. We need to know that. And it might be nothing. But going back to the San Bernardino shoot the terrorist attack there. There resentment that Ted neighbor who clearly said that. That she wanted to say something but she was afraid to because. They were Muslim and she didn't wanna be politically incorrect. Well that's not the right reason to be politically. Correct. And she should've said something. And Donald Trump this afternoon said that he will support it support. And suspending. Immigration. For some people. OK who's gonna argue without. Some people shore to spend immigration for some people afraid you're never WL I Fred. All of what I am what put in charge here is that we can blow labeling partially failed some rain now. You know. We just made him where. And you know that department started out yesterday. You know they plan of disgusted with you or. I'm not a big play and his as a partial you know I'm not support the president not only. And outlook has been to the statement yesterday. And it started out like in the raw statement. He Britain. For charity care and include terror possibilities. That are which really to. But finished and two. The support further though you pretty kitty you know I mean yeah that there. I mean you know it's your support but the bottom line risks. Americans to seal here and Americans are. And this or able to go to black Americans and lesbian and Jerry Americans and aren't Americans and whatever real slow. You know and and just become Americans and start demand the other coast keep keep and that is there's probably split over try to. Fred I appreciate the call and and right now we're dividing we're divided act after every tragedy whether or not after every tragedy after nine elevenths. After her and after Katrina. We were united. But when it comes to a lot of these things like these mass shootings we're we're not united. We we take political sides. And we we Wii's we side with like one politicians is suggesting over another politician. And yet I really don't think either one of them and has really had a definite idea about what to do it all sounds good. It all sounds really good but what if you think about this being an American citizen buying guns legally. Doing what he did ha ha. I'd love to think that we can absolutely positively stop this. But how do you do that. And there's more talk about mental illness. This guy may not have been mentally ill he may have been quite sane and what he did appears to be quite calculated. On our pop culture calendar for this day June the thirteenth 2008. C a Chicago jury acquitted. Both. And the defense argued that the man on the tape did not have a larger mole on his back as does. So they said the tape could have been doctored and it was on him and he was found not guilty. I congratulations to Debbie dingle I she is the winner of the yes or Tiffany euphoria a groom your man package. Oh. And I got a sexual alerting us to put that sounds like. It's a group of a group here and like it's it's taking care of the germanic and taking care of a father or grooming him and I got another text it is it men or women who do the grooming. I think this would be women. And women at age to a salon and spot mirror they'd do a great job for men and for women is that it's an extraordinary place that it would be great. Again it's not gonna go buy this for himself but you've got a chance to win this every afternoon this week leading up to Father's Day. Plus if you listen all day this week he got a chance to win other great gifts for damn. Whether it's you're the dad in your life. Each host is giving away unique gifts everything from Guns 'N Roses tickets to an evening with the yes music at that an ugly that's at this anger. Odd to auto detailing from classic auto wash. A thirty day intro course for 22 iron tried fitness or gift certificate. For the for the breakfast at breakfast in bonds. And I don't know what that means but I know how a lot of people the audience thinks so you know just like your imagination go with them but that's another great place biscuit and buns. Let's treat dad is something extra special this Father's Day listen and win do it all for dead right here. Under every WL. One of the great things that I did over the weekend wise I was asked to perform the wedding ceremony for for a couple and I perform the wedding ceremony for Carla and Justin aboard. It was a beautiful wedding and this city park pavilion. As Saturday evening a little warm outside but didn't we rushed inside to get an all the air conditioning I met some really really nice people and I I appreciate those who view. Who says hi. And I love to meet you because it gives me a chance to put a face with the listeners. And when I talk to every afternoon I envision the faces of the people I meet. It gives the chance to. To feel personally connected to EU. So again I I've I love when people come up and and make comments about about to show an adversary really nice to do that and I loved. I love doing the wedding ceremony it was it was nicer and relieves. I really enjoyed doing that because there there are beautiful ways to describe this this union that takes place in America. Here's a quick update on our party jaguar picking Paul. Do you think that a ban on the purchase of assault weapons would present terror attacks like the one that occurred in Orlando over the weekend. And for some reason I'm having a difficult time. I'm getting arc and look sometimes your desk in your computer does not react immediately. Well when I'm on the air and as an act immediately. I gonna kill time here all right I'm 39% say yes they would support the band they think he would do would prevent terror attacks like the one that happened in Orlando 61% say no. It would not. And for Mississippi Robert I got time for a fast comment. So quickly scoot. Questionnaires. Halted. In the 1930s. How. The United States. Government making it illegal. Argued. Ought to attic where one of the things that they. Prosecuting. Why. They'd be faced now. The appellate courts that were killed by illegal. A sort of carpal wept there. I figured years ago America. And the FBI knows of that but there and watch your back to. Robert good constitution within the good of the our salt actually got legally. Robert I'm gonna look into that I'm also gonna look into some of the specifics of the assault weapons band it was in effect for ten years and again correct me if I'm wrong I think it expired on its own. In net in 2009. So we'll get into our Internet press tomorrow that we a lot of stuff to will be coming out about this guy and so we may be talking about new aspects of this new angles of this tomorrow. Then does something might be. A dominant topic and we'll talk about that. We always talk about the top issues every afternoon. I'm scoots it will be right back on to every WL. I sports talk is coming up next with Bobby and deep states mini camp starts tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday is free and open to use the public as long as weather permits. This was one of the songs that Weezer played last night very diverse crowd mostly our younger crowd especially for panic after the Disco. But they were mothers and daughters and fathers and sons and fathers and daughters I'm assuming of our fathers and daughters but I mean these days so you never know. You know there was a little pot was being smoked and I am I guess it's gonna be kind of difficult to get people to might not do that look they they were doing it when it was actually really illegal. Mean we've always done that as a society. I even if it was illegal and and now in New Orleans it's just you just replica because a forty dollar citation. I I had a great time with you this afternoon we always talk about the other top issues even if it does it controversial and heated time. We wolf I'll pay attention to what's going on and there may be aspects of this tragedy will be talking about tomorrow afternoon. What do they Diane Newman our executive producer Todd and NASA's associate producer and John wicker studio producer. And thank you for being a very important part of the show. And for being part of our after their audience and scoot in the afternoon like your New Orleans.