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6-13 5pm Bobby & Deke: LSU baseball post-mortem

Jun 13, 2016|

Bobby & Deke talk with Chandler Rome of the Advocate about the LSU Tigers' baseball season.

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And good evening and welcome to our number two a sports talk a long way by BA Bears I'm Deke Bellavia taking a look at operated jaguar opinion pro. We're asking you right now about LSU baseball the Tigers go 02. In a regional super regional play. Are you surprised at LSU got knocked at a super reasonably you can cash to vote on line. At WWL. Dot com coming up on today's program matchup for us right Chandler Romo cope with LSU baseball for the advocate in the advocate dot com. We'll take a look back at the season. And what happened especially can't against coastal Carolina the chanticleers came in and we to a no against the Titans. And next now we were preview game five of the NBA finals Bruce Allen covering the boys the PGO radio in San Francisco. Golden State. Can win this second straight Larry O'Brien trophy tonight with a victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. At the bottom of the since Clark now a hit a helpless rebuke the Saints three day mini camp is can't derail the effort to Rio of the time thinking you know dot com she will be with us. And Scott Shanle promising slam backup will be with us as well. Kasey Kahne in the last ten in his weakened in the world of sports got to get to obviously basketball game five of the finalists. And Pittsburgh is glad they won their fourth Stanley Cup about it they had a chance to winning going into the weekend at home. But they did it last night on the road in tennis snapped a streak. That was a first time this post season as San Jose lost back to back playoff games all post season games in San Jose. He had big if first back to back games San Jose has lost at home. Now you look at the Penguins the guy I guess if you win that you win it. And ought to ultimately you wanna celebrated championship. On your home ice but you can have a parade for that against that if you win a Stanley Cup it. They won four Stanley cups all on the road. But he got double a somewhat surprised. When you look at the San Jose Sharks they have a loss like you said back to back games at home and that was the first time. And I don't know deep maybe if you look at the pressure of the cup final. There is the first time San Jose went 24 seasons. In their franchise history to get there. When you look at detained Wednesday. They were back for the first time since winning it all back in 2009. Now. And the even at a coaching change you look after Mike Sullivan replaced Mike Johnson. As a coach in December things like that wasn't that long ago when not to mention even. If you look at goaltending they added 22 year old rookie goalie in Matt marry so when you break that down. Now everyone knows when. You have a player like Sidney Crosby are Malkin. That that's considered like hall of famers best that are banned and big they had made it twice previously. Losing a 2008 that a Red Wings before finally winning it. The policies of the congratulate the Pittsburgh Penguins in. A big guns now look at that takes. And you correctly it was that slippery rock on the green and that that I say slippery rock instead of Stony Brook needles on Ellis to. My man or a month and they attending to pace the team down by Danny yeah you know that now this thing in. Think that UK we must have played in mentality thumb on them to think you know we always make again is toast of the losses the garage you know but that's about this club on nine about like you don't broad right known only and in the same category. It did in the big job in always joking me. In the NFL anywhere where you program the rate to go and you know it wasn't the you know state school would be like that that you from Illinois. University Illinois witness. In all round good programs. You know over the Dallas they call it the right direction you know he's big and eat you feel tired when you need to add to that they would always say what you direct those who have done well even directional school had more cash eighth of his beat. Slippery rock. Are still a rookie it is they delighted to name even big buckles the Carolina big eatery at east Carolina whole west Carolina. That's in the state of North Carolina. The calls that Carolina is in. He thought Carolyn Collins to Charleston. Berman. Environment that's Ryan you know sit down yes sit down and there's. Tuesday so when I don't and a Icelander Tony Romo not slippery rock Berwick for Delco thank you for calling WW ago. Won't grow older they don't go interview you know while what you are saying little. I'll know man. That meant at Auburn comes in work in but you know not do it more multiple then you go. I get called in the they'd put it about the Titans and you know look at the part going to be geared even on the ball while he went to you gain you know. Kabul to. To me deeply QB you feel about being in Kenya beer and of course they're young team on paper. Killer too and I mean you know these. Can't hit it we gained a bit too. Waited the rally ponson. Well I pop you know that's a good thing that you know. And in the world then and it become a call. You know. Most of getting. To just to. You'd like big game. They all play our local Chicago what do to do. Deep deep deep in need to do so wanted to go win ball game you know so I feel that it needed and a well you know. Hey you know you can't really important for every time we come back. You know ball well you know old guy you know like give you may call and it just look like he did give. Fielded it won't didn't even make it to the world we took or where we knew what channel it was dirty word you were could be pretty right pretty laid. Well Delco you look and you are optimistic maybe it is in beginning. I mean big inning and scored me 44 runs in. Keep the rally going although. If they put runners on base in every inning. But you know stranded twelve. In the government as scoring position you go three for seventeen in. Within. This promote yeah yeah it marked the Alamo. Be. That the galleries and you wanna get that and quite. All of this and he thought oh shoot that hole from the start. And you QB to win the tie you to score early economist at film. That it was calls that Carolina. That was standing at home from the game and colleges portly catcher. A one on one thing I've noticed that they struggle would be achieved this year. I'll probably Paul and they're asked to look and get a top pitcher to come in and probably that extra to the big eagle. I don't want it. Yeah it's like whenever Delco calls were missed of these and he can steal. You know they did B yeah statement to be we. Should know an example would be actually in addition to achieve you know. Cold call or get in street not a bit but rationing and in a few other well obligated in. Oh a lot of commitment. I like to go. Come back next year you know you could just come back do you know we knew. Yeah you know to go through hopefully. This year you know you know and double B rate will achieve that ball. Delco thank you so much of the car we appreciate. This is sports south on their BW yeah. You could Texas and eight Sammy seventy. Page again and you've got a couple over the now at least one that's auction I don't know if someone's. Enlightening me. And listen this is impressive. When you look at Stony Brook avenue enrollment is set approximate 26000. But the names Stony Brook where is that neighborhood. It has its up its end I think it's around Long Island somewhere around when is the main Stony Brook right oh what it sounds like a country club or something like a resort on the Internet games out yes it says my man Stony Brook college enrollment approximately 26000. Then there are Roman avail issues. I don't know this the need to it's Ellis on those 30000 hits via less about 5000 slippery rock it's enrollment thinks about less than 5000. And it tooling the Eagles on the seed Tulane approximately 9000. Slippery rock not on the same planet as Stony Brook what they in this same planet conversation is four's name. Sounds like neighborhoods slippery rock Stony Brook I mean come right. Mean it's not even. I remember we played a team be back in 1980. And him though there was such as Ku New York tech university. Non ending yet. Being a Georgia Tech or Texas the yo Louisiana that we are today. Demanded the team and have a turf shoes remember that. He's getting his inner city school and I just kivu with the team that we don't know they are playing men's basketball shoes and no this was this on the clear number must on the road was a C rules. I remember them and they can't have been routes that he used back. The LSU Tigers season comes to an end Chandler Rome it's basically there was throughout the entire season. Chandler I you know it's it's car I guess fresh off took a loss like get the people that can't take it eased back in and in I guess I evaluate the entire season. But now as you do digested before we get to overall thoughts. Are you somewhat surprised the way LSU. Season came to a need. I think I was more surprised at the position they found themselves and not think that may be open and your neck question but your old me and yeah ball achievement and even in the beginning of rape photo shoot it to win to get home all of the player now our stadium on all the lapped. Up to the fact that the that they turned Nazis and right now to become a national seat. To battle back in the regional like when they're when you know pitching depth was. Was a kind of a question down the stretch you know that that would bolster them not a government of the regional to seaworthy and battled back. And to see that they were to win the way it will all that team that replaced eight of nine so orders and as a so much turnover of the year you have a little bit surprised that it ended like that just in that. Position medal she was in the position. Well when you look at coastal Carolina common and they were not a good matchup pro should look how swing team they will veteran. They're a lot of pressure on you and were gonna force so should put a oh you didn't play perfect game to game the outlying. You know. You gotta give credit to coastal Carolina Cougars there's been very very came after that first go round again without flying the second time in the order. They have kind of a clear they knew exactly what kind of approach to go with the Jets match a signed veteran team. In some of those guys that one up at 56700. Code. That bat I don't think anyone besides Jake freely now she's one had to beat a veteran hitters that knew exactly what they were doing you know we've Mayo looked like. Alex playing at a ball bounce than he did for good at eight strikeouts he pitched well but they adjusted. Every at bat they were watching they adjusted. The second time through the order electronic got to being knew what he was gonna boring when it was an important and make it Shoppach to. And then you know last night I think yeah I think Al Shula I. I mean you look at the number twelve men on base or haven't scored commission. Don't need in the last orient and at every opportunity to win the game could get that clutch hit and then mentions baseball on me. Sometimes the ball fall for it sometimes you hit it right on scorers and it does to somebody. And you look at coach will call single in the book. Ten hop on the infield that just take the call on the better group of the third baseman Gload and Canadiens election season so. Kind of kind of baseball microcosm but yeah definitely don't want despair it coats Carolina's the programs that. Has been around for awhile I mean this is the Dick Lugar program that does not a program that just had a Cinderella year. This was their fourth super regional they've been in first on the walk obviously the this lets you know the national seed three years ago I mean Gary Gilmore and their program 41 years now he's built. To being one of the better major programs and in the country they'll be in the Sunbelt the next year you know Lafayette of the feel laudable. Now logjam that we speak to a Chandler role of advocate. When you look at expectations. And coach and Aaron whether rat and and obviously. Look at amazing late season run. Then all of a sudden it's over one it kind of just slashed you right in the face him. And it's so sudden. But when you look at what LSU has done as of late for years ago you look at Stony Brook. They kind of burst that L issue bubble. You look at Houston coastal Carolina so now that the third time in four years. LSU team that was a nationalist he was left we kind of I guess a punch in the gut so to speak in. In his over where maybe you might have expectation that they were gonna do someone will what is your take on that as far as them then even being nitpick at things and then. At the end we just. Accrual of his appointment. Portland yet to look at expectations are two different ways personal expectation every year Strahan missed Kirk bell 00. That or the expectations anything short of that gonna be failure to everybody that. Follow bill and they all anybody saying you know grateful to agree with that no matter how much should. They will agree. However you know when you're active I think your real value week expectation you're by you're like I mentioned earlier this can. You on ours. College or is keen watcher team last year many people thought that keep out all of the best you know you ever had last year. They were placing native now I'm eight draft picks not a pretty guys graduated eight. There are replacing them. You know guys and guys I mentioned if you told me. And about more of February the team struggled with. Cincinnati to open the year after the team a walk. Baloney Ron read all our after the and got shut out on your home in two wins away from home on May. And they can in those two wins occurred on the wrong. We're told Corey you both. But you know. Like he liked what that are expectations for the program always guy and all going to be that's what he's. A. It if you would and hang tight they're Biron had a couple more questions for a boon come right back to vehicle mown Chandler about the rest of this season what Ellis who has coming back. And also how so how far the draft has affected the LSU tiger baseball pro women who more like in the state and leave. Via Major League Baseball general with the advocate in the advocate dot com recapping the LSU. Where are regionals and super regionals and the entire season and we'll get back to ban on line to derby to be a news times 532 assignment first neutral go to Christmas. Chandler Roma the advocate in the advocate dot com is what this a stance on LSU baseball this season. The season comes to an animal get more into how the draft was affecting LSU baseball moving forward the first abandon Andrews is with us Dan thank you for calling WWL. It'd be about our minds and I couldn't agree more with that comment being made by the all the media I think it's a bigger. That an area in this coaching staff got that team are they did you really take a look at their rights was wearing purple and I'll that you. By popular shoot it would ask. Coastal Carolina with a number of seniors. And you know those were some of the players were from their third baseman remotely. What from upstate New York proposed New York they're willing to go out. By players from all over the country all the other vehemently stated seniors Butler shoot sports programs have a general problem. They can't holder that that went past the junior year yet what albeit basketball baseball. Critical in the draft come about the big contract on or probable are long gone wrong and it got to solve that problem. Dan thank you so much for the college jam why is talking about that I guess one question the kind of found that was. The draft at tell us about the of the big draft and so far war where an issue prayers have been selected in your your take on who's likely to stay with like is ago. And OL and along those lines. All the Major League. One Major League Baseball world with its ugly and yeah honors and that's how that's just around him where they have it means could be weight are and you know we got on a tangent let them on camera at like Bob I was thinking oh man in the bowl games going on. In the maize and in the NFL draft has gone all pulled it off I'm on the NBA draft is has taken place at that time. In the final I don't know it's like dead you know whether it was miles brand in close and then now it's a marked him whoever it to be that happened in this. How do we work with baseball because it's so unfair to those kids and the most of them especially notable programs and now. This and there's no party in the big in the minds he'll celebrate anything you do is okay look you've been drafted little bits it. And so on and because colored shoes first day of super regional practical or Friday expert start that you were on Saturday. Only go down the field practicing. And they're all our twelfth cellphone lined up on the LU dugout and they made brought awful on an undergraduate assistant coach. He was in chore to watch in the it was all the cell phones of the draft eligible though you players took the draft was going along cracked. There will be many times were born at that hits or somebody else. Go get Albany area. And I have pulmonary to bring one of the players and to practice and speak toward that buys or maybe it's incredible BP but that itself in the pulmonary long been outspoken about not just opener Junco the Mississippi State has been burial spoke approach at all look at South Carolina its slump and that. Not a lot of coaches like I mean all the there all the time what if left miles had to deal with. God what if what model that you work for that being drafted Greg would match did you gain this year. What do they exceed that had to do that last year would have much shifted for the final four had to deal with somebody be driving in eighty he said there's no other sport. There's no other collegiate sport to deal with as the baseball. Part of it stems from. It lack of communication between Major League Baseball and the NCA. An NCAA baseball there's not a very good relationship there. There have been efforts to try them all the have been beating they're there and new coaches have given their group but nothing. Yet. But it's not know a lot of coaches are not happy about it up that they won it would dress and get six because I mean pulmonary till story all the time. He had the whole Nicaragua who is now but in the bullpen for the Yankees. It pulled their global field shagged balls against Oklahoma and super regional three years ago you could draft. I mean middle before getting the woman in practice which in all the Rio four games stalled. And he got drafted by the Yankees and had the pole vault field and he would speak it was big obviously and some guilt for the Yankees or something that could. Look at all obligated it's a very very convenient thing it's one of the time you're pulmonary eight of those. I mean he he logged on auctions guys opportunities to. For the their career and things that just. Clean it put on this kid industry and a couple that with the biggest weeks of machine that this is happening just not good for one. And Sam I wanted to say if if I read it and Keyon it was you you ever by doing team covered him with. One of the highest draft picks and affected an issue with the young man they had. That was coming into the program and on this doesn't know about our all the praise that has a had been drafted by and then Austria back basically based yeah who's leaving UK you know stated. And yeah. Yeah wall finally party who you're human society to comment that covered or sixteen he'd bring Claude harder to model now with what we're regular sort you'll. School he was taken number four overall by the Rockies blog out of that at about five point two million dollars and we seem to. He's he's from campus actually would pick out one height in. So I mean. Thought overall pick in the entire drama debit Chandler I mean can you blame them I mean it's at five point two million India and you have to go program Raikkonen was going back to school. Right and that slot him in there and that's not a good thing in the the year or tree and ought to their own. On agent agent that can negotiate over. The army unit it will with under slot he's in need to do. The idea that you paper. He's not coming. 77 overall. By the Tampa Bay Rays are actually at his watch party. All right after you saw that he will forgo his senior you're not gonna come back slot that it's around. I believe it about 820000. Dollars I don't know I don't know what that means for him how much so I can't fault that slot. LSU actually did burger well strapped action report about two hours ago Greg Dyke and told me he was trapped old well he'll return L super juniors and that. That's something that we reported that the attitude about two hours ago now to sport that so Q will. He'll were hurt you on Leno should hold on and did that he's not a six game hitting streak you portal won the NCAA tournament. Well they'll Shula all the guys that ability to move forward shouldn't get him back. Other than that you you look around I would say right now she's been questioned the problem major tocchet. Jarrett Bush went fourteen to round of the arteries. Out a little bit low work and a lot of people thought he'd go a lot of people thought he'd be a pop and well yeah. And with a fourteen to around that makes. All the there it was pretty competent for the draft toward the middle mr. But this gives a little bit more intrigue at major portion that'll open more difficult the great year because I think you know. I think you can improve his stock go back in there week in their retreat in the top and while replica. This year I think he comes back maybe get in the top turnaround. And now and then you're yet we'll go ahead. I'll see my other question marks of maybe Riley that the Jets stalling. Two relievers that have really good spell Riley nip out of bit shorter she's all yours are never really got fortunately we can do injustice stall and have a 97 miles per hour fastball but you can do. Then you have to find role on this team and where they were draft and I think rot inject stole fifteen while. And Riley that went eighteen to go on all of them were correctly so where they're trapped it back in light. They may take the job but there about thirteen fifty right now get to that react well our players. Doesn't recover players' guilt and that's what most major Kosher well Alex Smith and all. Now I've Taylor boy he Hubert would bring a died and how high he was boy he was on far ahead in the latter part of season you look at the post season. But I thought you know as ironic I guess how crew baseball could be Elvis thing you do in any views and and you're kind of intriguing are talking about the twins. When you look at the jarred twins. By look at SEC tournament outstanding they worm but. And in the post season readers who regional he had to say it is seen leads the strong. Oh yeah I think that that. I don't want that you do have one report in the wall and one Rory two Putin but you know when they're eligible for. Garrard nine guys scored in a non guys Pat The Bat to one another that we've seen. This is not a team that hit the ball the ball or claws go to the ball in the gaps are apt to work on pass in the all on winning very bad in giving it the next. Or Bryce Jordan I mean they didn't have Corey. Post seasons at all I don't think either way and had a hit after you talk now regional opener. So yet they do not mean. In men met in like you say about that question of state that the pool part of baseball. Entry so well and at it and some weeks you can either in the highest. And then. In two weeks later. And right now the whole team field the lowest of lows but don't didn't have agreed. They're not having great resource Super Bowl by. They're not draft eligible they'll be back next year they have a chance to come out of that hole for a whole year on tour de Bakker oh what happened in. Out of their book editor of the Cape Cod league this year. So that's a good point BK cause it probably one of the more stages. Collegiate summer. Calling it a little the places for players to go. In both of them goal. And col Freeman he you know side will be in the Cape Cod league as Craig Roberts and so. Baird and ago there was probable. They're in place sellable now relieve any pressure. It plays for you in and that's what will work on things though took swing better that'll fix mechanical issues. Chick any little. Little actions that war addressed current season maybe they get back start the fall and it would be different direction to go should actually be there should be a pretty loaded bunch. Ten around ten of their mind know what you got coming out in tomorrow's issue of the advocate and how they can party on social media. A lot more on Twitter at Chandler underscore Roland and it's more that we're gonna I know a couple of or the worst kind of rehash what happened last night on it was a crazy game obvious. In it didn't end until. Going on at night a lot of for a lot of traditions. Didn't get or gain stroller what have to order muscle reattached. How last night happened in those crazy ninth inning I'm sure everybody is familiar with the now that. So she went from being really forward can be really hard to talk to the walk also. And didn't want to won't rehash the game you know fortunately. Welcome them they're like sacred cyclical or Nell she's. For his junior so that'll be pretty prominently featured in how that'll help that'll that this guy as well. The gates and Roman advocate reporting a first Greg document will return for the LSU Tigers at a monster season especially post season. He's general many advocate in the advocate dot com Campbell thank you so much as always we certainly appreciate it. Are. All right. About what Bobby Hebert and the ability heard general and Attica reporting Greg Guyton and Bobby and not you know we were saying when you go to the college World Series they come at. You get educated by each of the eight teams and I would've imagined had an issue mated. If he wasn't the hottest he's certainly right that up to a three in this indictment 'cause he was just he was known far I mean it was like. When he's not gonna do anything good he he did some good every game. Well they give you did almost expect him are you would've thought this would have occurred. When you got runners in scoring position. You know and realizes that no you don't have a chance and here in the ground you make an error I guess a fly ball could also be in Arabic. LSU's seven fly ball outs when a runner in scoring position. So kind of like popping the ball a lot and you seem to have him on the Uga but he. Gotta be kidding me nearly as black guys you know fly balls that too many guys who make it Aaron that does happen but seventh fly ball but runners in scoring position. He's a case again embodied branding Bellamy is still yet to come and NBA finals game five preview and a Saints mini camp preview all that to 8 o'clock tonight on WW ago. And welcome back to sports all along with the Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert time Deke Bellavia 2601870. You can take those that ate 7870. What the hell is a son to clear. Well it is in the form of media that Bruce to family. And it is Mayo where you want announcing Santa clear but we've been told that people over the the school it is it's almost like shocked. Sean to clear and won their chances at home is like that's cool shots let's go shocked but. I know one thing. And a lot of people across the country and across the globe they get far more educated on what is our son to clear this week as they will be full for it by the senate states one of best eight remaining team. In the country isn't as coach on that yet that's when they didn't accumulate is that Liz goes shots. Solace she authors. On the buy in order talk different gear and there's always shots you're. No shots Mike show on a clear. Yeah but it's it's a good evening exec out there website was part of these we've party favors South Carolina Gamecocks you know they had in the Rose the fan in their route to fans today are Ruth or that in there was the fan there are an image got to manage down and then have been long authority virus that may go fighting pretty. Ready jaguar opinion poll switching gears next now here's one is gonna. So it's things over to the NBA in the NF Arum. On the day before Saints mini camp we'll talk some things for the ball operated jaguar opinion both switch and it just a few moments. Who has the most of truth out of the following this mini camps is it Gerris bird. CJ Spiller John Jenkins or other we'll get Bobby's take at. The break as big as we go and that break. This is this is a great definition I think is that fairness fiercest and probably as Ruth in the born York then you go. The top the top game they can that that part that takes the right there right the you against the forward for the sun to clear website talked to Clinton coastal Carolina is moving on this is sports talk on WW.