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WWL>Topics>>6-14 7am Tommy, terrorism in the US

6-14 7am Tommy, terrorism in the US

Jun 14, 2016|

Tommy talks to Amy Pate, the Research Dir. for START, the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism & Responses to Terrorism, and Adam Lankford, Prof. of Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama, about terrorism and mass shootings.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm now on there is going to be the Linda Hunt good email of the day. And I'm going to get some music for that because this is the violence lady and hear oral bought it. Len is an example I don't know what Bronx and it added a liberator of the navy she served amino what what division of the navy and and she's a submarine sewer. Or aircraft carriers are battleship on last year's us real she aquatic got quite a vocabulary otter I'll tell you that. I have never. In my life. This lady strings obscenities together like Beethoven string notes together and others together I don't know anything about music. We keep talking about the suspect the one thing I think you know allies is sort of a website at WWL dot com excellent side of you know what's going on. They've spent over a million dollars. Defending. Not putting air conditioning on death row when in fact they could've done it for less than that. And repeat it and understand why it costs more to keep somebody alive on death there'll two to send somebody to death. And Anke Mon death thrilled that that's a pretty good example often it's not always about air conditioning which for whatever reason. Sentencing them to death as a very expensive for a. Position on didn't the judge say that bill might go to a ten million I don't before the courts hold on. Reshard New Orleans ironed out and you well thanks for calling. Pay your ego on that. I think it's well past. An honorary. Thing going to like in. And library where where bodies. You care our beat. Excellent. Were call. I didn't let it go it will. It is in your weight. Well. Is seeking to divide this country. Let me tell you we've got under state and in America when it worries mayor. Home stable she and hopefully. We had. Bigger coup. The airport circuit he picked and book. The old white school and it is as recent. Could be in real. And I let him go. In me. Industry. Rashad let me say this week we get a good news I appreciate you call please keep listening cull again. But this thing would meet with Donald Trump and number registered Republican I am probably philosophically more libertarian. Oh when he says something like that. That makes me wonder is he just pandering to people it really like him or does he really think that'd be really thinks that. That makes me think that he's perhaps a conspiracy theorist who believes the 911 was an inside job. I Kennedy the mom and everything else and rounding some other popular conspiracies that sandy hook was an inside job. And at that makes me question is I gotta tell you competency in Hummer registered Republicans 713 Tommy Tucker back. In a flash. WW well. These are people they come out and you have no idea who they are and here's a lot of discussion he does a lot of properly describe it. And if you got disgusted and describe it properly you're never gonna solve the problem. That's Donald Trump courtesy of NBC's today show. And I guess atomic the president there properly describing yet and I don't know that. It well let's talk to Amy paid research director for start the national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses. Teach terrorism that morning ms. Tate. Does she is a doctor pay it might duct tape let's let's get on with a here. Any thing new in terms of or does this affect conversation and all I guess because now we're hearing that. On the shooter had been in the polls. For a couple years not you know said he went home and and often on for a couple years and that he had visited some some gay apps. And had some conversations with some people and if you look at the the southeast that he posted its its seems a little outside of norm for. Radical islamists. And I would just as gives that it changes anything in terms of doctor. Blaming this blaming that blaming the other thing when in fact we don't even know yet or do week. Well people personal emerging at going to be probably weeks before. Authorities can sort of reconstruct the full picture. I'm at apple that will ever truly know what was going on inside the shooters had. I looked it up and are start street circuit on the lone actor parents. Especially we frequently see. A pick next admitted it usually it's not just one scene driving a person and to get these back to back. Though in this case. For example it seemed like he hacked into a relationship it seems like he adds it's coming out now that maybe. He had game. On gay dating back and then act patent gay club. So maybe that's certainly within that sexuality and on topic you have hand. Making statements in the island lot call our support at. Content and this really in this match. It was terrorist or has he actually just write that but he also expressed sympathy for the marathon bots and bombers who were not. Affiliate with the Islamic state. I'm also went deep for. The pipe bomber that was working for actor about this trial which is the al-Qaeda affiliates are rival of the Islamic state. I'm and we nodding useful with these lone actors that eating circuit and very confused. And and Mikey. That it's. Strike played so they don't even know. For whom they're killing these innocent people. And they are it's very extracted them tourniquet Michael inaccurate they haven't been interact contact with the group's stake probably been consumed means. Apple propaganda coming from. A variety of these groups that may be some from al-Qaeda affiliates from the Islamic state. The they have that they guide and maybe there's this ideology. Out there that they are attractive for some reason. I'm but they're not particularly well schooled and well informed about the nuances of that ideology or how. Different groups me. Baseball within days. So. It could it be something as simple and I don't mean to make light of this at all but. Kinda like when we seen not heard that are rented but I don't remember where something like that where they need is fueled me don't quite remember words fuel from. They they know. If for people who don't spend a lot of tie game sort of keeping up and you want this. Now what differentiates. The Islamic state are al-Qaeda. They may not even be aware that the third. To act really networks where does include groups and networks pattern active rivalry. Out with each other that they are killing each other and as part bat right where you. It's that you and Alex because ideologically they are somewhat similar when in fact there. The other couple more minutes and take a break and come back and and pick you brain. I thank you doctor Amy paid his or gas research director for start. The national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism. Seven Tony one Tommy Tucker double WL back in a flash right now traffic. I backward doctor Jeanine paid research directors start the national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses. The terrorism doctor of the nature has changed and it's. It's no longer com. Hi tech bombs or suicide vests that senator not the preferred method at least of terrorists. Yes I mean in the United States. Widget will it differ from the rest of the world. That the preferred method. For the last drop really simply contracting act. And then gear devices to art and Molotov cocktails are actually being that popular. Types of weapons issues. At war terror attack the United States. Followed by way. Bond and got that we've seen a shift recently from. And Europe bombed and more guns we still see your firearms the percentage of overall attacks in the United States that we Munich pact globally. I'm the one thing with the United States attacked at the attack with firearms and to be in the people. So doctor Cooper doctor he'd rather on czars and it was telling something in mind here. Com these it would seem to me if it is. Well let me ask the request in this way I guess considering the availability of guns I'm not new for the audience and I calling for gun control because. Two things are my thoughts here first off if if you wanted to really controlling guns it's too late to genie is out of the bottom of the UN headstart with mosque it's in the in the early eighteen hundreds. The other thing is that if there was ever legally slash politically a chance for gun. Control measures if that's what you believe if it didn't happen after sandy hook it's not gonna happen. That those just my opinion so we have. If the guns if guns remain available. I mean Tom does is does is keep going on exponentially does an increase etc. what you think how you fight to. Well bare arm public opinion right now it's actually left the paper got control that lies immediately after Indy. Doubt that the Nittany. Change conversations. But these groups. Groups like al-Qaeda groups like Islamic state have actively. Encouraged supporters. Or sympathizers in India US to take advantage. He would gun laws. On to obtain weapons and launch. Actor attacks in there. So it's it's certainly something back pack these groups are aware of as a potential vulnerability for the country. It just barely like. Spread app public support and maybe not in political well but public support we need to look at opinion polls for things like. It is hitting background checks waiting period for all types of flat and even indicate to deprive itself where right now I would practice partner required. The art things along those lines as well as. Batter being able to prevent people who have mental illness war. History of violence as for example and indicate that the shooter there's a history of diagnostic Iowa. Do it there are some ways to dazzle. Them that he had a history of domestic violence literal laws that would circuit people who. How'd that track record from obtaining weapons. That made it has helped in the case. Well we only have a minute left I'm gonna ask this we had a guess yesterday and distinguished guy EU Ellie Herman. From UC I don't know if you know of him or not but he suggested that that maybe this was going on the other way from terrorism that rather than. Somebody being radicalized and then moving on to. It with the action is going to be to carry out the the radical organizations mission that this could be just the opposite. That he was angry that was before we knew about the dating. Then he found somebody to take his anger out on and then to make it more grandiose to make it bigger to make it worldwide news. That's why may well midstream and he got the three groups confused with al-Qaeda ices and Hizbul is that is and a plausible. Explanation for this source Norodom sequence of events. It certainly adds I mean it certainly if you look at the sort of history at mass shootings. I'm there is. A tendency for these people to engage in one upmanship and public that it's like they're doing this for the public. To go out to make their mark and and bearing at various ways. In two. And their then people who is possibly all the attention placed. And terrorist groups like the Islamic state like al-Qaeda and make it more. Appealing for individual. Command that actually have any ideological sympathy. I'm still claimed that the attack it and back in a group name in order to. Increase the public city out of the. Thank you appreciate your time doctor nobody to talk to you again thank you are you bet doctor Amy paid research director for start the national consortium. For the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism we will continue the conversation. All morning long right now though time for DeVon WL first news and for that we go to David like. Okay I see I give my pencil from under the table wouldn't think they'd have somebody do that forming here. You should have saw that I have a personal assistants sitting right next and it's like. Excuse me Eugene I dropped my pencil again I don't wanna see you groveling around on the carpet X that's an idea for Garland that. Need. A phone lines we go talking a boat terrorism with a grant in Kenner and guns I guess say grandeur on DeVon have you all morning. Good morning he has well. Not much aren't just jump and so there is gas and change some. Question that there would outlaw four people who committed to not challenged not by. That party on that idea form 44 cents or like one firstly questions. That the FBI are really the ball and you know things like that happened computing error human error Tallinn percentages of and then in why by. But something that large and and the drop the ball on somebody you'd be is why. And these these issues with people com. You know complaining. On the where they'd use religion used. Sure that we are heavily law news or you know. Grant and say so I totally agree with you on this and that. I don't know how you can point of seniors the FBI to different investigations. On again I. Yeah they're they're now saying people are coming forward saying that. When he was in class he gets sent to the principal's office when 9/11 happened because. He was. Applauding and jumping up and down on the bus he was making noises of playing on in a building in Lansing. And if that happened you would think they would have done. Some resurgent it was high school was like in high school etc. that are they had done some research with the family. And I gotta go as he Manningham to investigations into the guy and not pick up on any of this and this is the FBI. I don't know. There are like our network just thank you for taking my call probably on the order for you to 96 a 187 who comeback will continue to talk about that. We'll talk about a professor criminal justice at the University of Alabama talked to him rather. That might that that has a theory. That this whole thing of being a Marta Leo Lou lock bar or whatever it is that they say a lot. A little. Lou. That that that might not be the reason at all Willie back Tommy Tucker Devin WL. Tommy Bates. 744 Tommy Tucker they gave seventy WWL talking about. Terrorism. And motivations. Is setter and then I'm anxious suck their next guest. Doctor Adam Lankford professor recruitment to criminal justice at the University of Alabama. Morning doctor. Taylor Rick nice to talk to you sir tell me about the midst of martyrdom is is at a book or in op Ed. That book I wrote. And not a few years. Let me get be entitled entire title that says amid the martyrdom would really does show drive suicide bombers Rampage shooters and other self destructive. Killers and before we run out of time on this book is so available sooner. And it's Amazon only usual outlets sure I take is I think after we the people here from the Huntington and wanna get the book. Tell me in essence what you theory is when it comes to. I I guess terrorist. And what in fact they're true motives may be. I'm sure well you know what that person again. Parade so. It doesn't then it is that these people talk about martyrdom and here comes suicide bombers or match users. In the name of Islam for example. That this is it during the current air ideological warriors and they're just so fully committed to the cause they're willing to. There are lives. And the reality is that. They're more similar to Alder. Shooters com. In other words societal problems. Psychological problems that they won't die. And that they're trying to disguise themselves as someone who's. Fully commit to vote on this the Atlanta guys you know. Are increasingly seeing that. He doesn't seem like eight committed terrorists. And that's what the guy that diagnosed. Com if they'd been looking and more like a school shooter morally and with severe problems. That may tightness crept. Even as far as sexuality into a meat and yet they can always make up things in your head doctor and I do it all the time myself but it seems like the the dots is certainly come together here where you may have had a guy in and we had a belly Berman I think it's gentleman's name on from UC yesterday and he was saying that. You know the the order on this might be reversed that he was angry. He founded target and then to give it more credibility and make it more grandiose. That's when he picked. A terrorist organization align himself with however it appears now that he didn't know Davis swing nicest. Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah there's always that candle and lend credence to it username and these does that seem like a plausible scenario to you. Sure are keen countless cases where. Individual doctrinal latch on to callers organization. And to make themselves seem more important. And and that can be what's going on here I mean. You know real. People who've for example throughout their lives hold racist card usage. Dull and go out of our way to spend time with people that other race. Com real committed terrorists. Don't brag about com being martyrs for years. You know this guy brag that Osama bin Laden was an article notes so. This. Clearly. And delusions of Granger Cobb wanted to make themselves seem more important. Com and unfortunately that means seeking. I'm you know that I concluded that this guy was just bragging and boasting and wanted attention but. How wanting attention is unfortunately. A common. Risk factor and can Fred enlightenment. Actually. This strictly relates to mass shooters and not terrorists Nana and I distinguish because. If if a guy a is or woman it's Hampton inn in Iraq for example or Afghanistan wanders into a blaze. Wearing a suicide vest and just blows himself to pieces. Maybe they're in a country they may be known but. We have no idea who that is so would it be. According the weapon may be a different motivation can you make that assertion. Well. You know I think I'm in Maryland different cultural factors sometimes. You know in the United States and Google look shot by time. And the content in Iraq War and. And it territories. Instead of going to shop in a weapon at a local terrorist organization. But I think in both cases Jews should be. But psychological problems we see. Did it hackers often feel like victims themselves they complain about. Bullying abuse are coming in disrespect and mistreated. And it is you know. Some of the Palestinian suicide bombers for example tell martyrdom videos. They have year old posters made about their actual. On their seeking fame and of course. You know does it tragic reality is that in the United States. Cashier's. And he came out and do what they. The threat has been that and again Ellie Herman from UC yesterday told us that. Element to make this competition between you when he but I think both you very learned people. In his field and he said that the you know they did the thing that we want to believe. As Americans is that they did they go for the promise of 72. Of virgins in heaven when in fact it's deletes them. Oh idealized. Fully agree with and there com. In other words. I don't think is as much about the awards in. Irwin who believes in haven't believed Evans can be a great. You know we don't think. Our normal psychologically healthy people being watched at an avid going to be there can be great. Com so what's really going on is that these people are eager to escape. And you know we know the disguise. According to a XYX com was mentally unstable and indeed bipolar. Abusive. There are some history. Armed struggle and has passed in terms of com each other's flapping in the face in front of everyone's. You when he got in trouble high school and yet the longer. That this relationship that's fodder public how bad must have been in private. Arms I think there. You know probably a lot of pain and and certainly a lot of raged. On stand out as noted in this case. It has the FB and we gotta go here and I know both of us do but. In terms of the FBI's some people are saying the FBI dropped the ball I think they kind of did. I'm not exactly privy to everything that they can or can't do. Is it either Rorer should the FBI CIA whomever it is. National Security Agency start screening. Of people are when he gets money analyst. Notches from a terrorist angle but from that mental health issue in terms of who this might just be some troubles losers that slogan for some attach themselves to. Riot think that the passage in the exit point that are not words on this guy's. Behavior was not internally consistent you know by. We CNET forward other match yours the Charleston church shooter. At black friends. And was being considered by a into the black people who don't should be completely gracious. And yet he committed this terrible races. Shooting at a black church think. You know when you investigate someone at the FBI just. The person. Statements are erratic or inconsistent doesn't mean that person can't come. Thank you sir appreciate your time hope we get to talk to you again. As an LSU fan I cannot tell you roll tide them. Jordan Danny went to Alabama thank you sir doctor Adam Langford professor of criminal justice and the University of Alabama I think between yesterday and today. Our conversation has taken a different direction about. Mass shooters in the name of terrorism at Saturn does not go back to mental health 7537. Before any time down double WL traffic. I Tommy Tucker. 758. No real time to take you call now but this. In the midst of martyrdom the gentleman we reduced talking to brings up another point uses ironically most suicide terrorist. Come from the Muslim world where the stigma against conventional suicide. Is high for those who appear both life and the religious repercussions of suicide martyrdom seems to offer a loophole. The only honorable death. Islam does not view homosexuality. Very highly at all that is strictly prohibited and I wonder if the shooter. Wasn't acting out on his repressed gay tendencies. And then figured out maybe instead of Megan is attacked more grandiose. Somehow tricking out lie and I think in that. It was martyrdom. So that instead of going to the eternal hell he go to heaven. Because he was an effect being a martyr for his just an idea.

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