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Think Tank 1110am Ebrahim Moosa, Islam Homophobics

Jun 16, 2016|

Is the religion of Islam homophobic?  If so, should we partner with Muslim countries that kill homosexuals? This hours guest: Ebrahim Moosa - Professor of Islamic Studies, Co-Director, Contending Modernities/ Keough School of Global Affairs @ University of Notre Dame. Also author of the new book, What is a Madrasa?

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Billboard may well I've served this. In term of the think tank up. Where he. Hopefully I can explain it. We're on the thing during the whole concept behind. Tickets are big cut tell you what I think he's and then we goal about trying to disprove. And I think. And we really do cry I'd pride not conservative not liberal. Education. Trying to get to the true. So the bleached. Mean abuse viewed as they are in this country. When we draw the clubs that would destroy the Republican that did them out and we believe what everybody though those in that group. And nothing of the group says. Can change our mind about it in the thing is this this show is about trying to get the true now. What we wanna do this story is but I understand. You want. Well we're we're spend a lot of money and vikings sections of it. I've read hope to sleep every night. A lot of conservative blogs blow that problems. And I see more and more anger towards Islam. And I beat her quotes from the Koran and then you're doing that people swear it's true. So we're gonna try to get at the dude from of that in in the beginning. Of the showed park and Donald three hours. A Serb born and the reason boarded the the course. Some time ago. Is is. A little. Homophobic. And I got a couple of and return here one. Are all conservative Christians whom pulled it than that part of his teachings Pat Robertson. Said some horrific things out that the shooting in Florida basically. Those rapper braids and subtle my edge is group what happened to leave me. I'm not here to do and refuse and today certainly go to the Bible. You confine. And old not relative but I'm told you can Poland. Sections. That Wrangler. That are violent. And then again as soon as you're somebody's that somebody oats Wednesday cuts taken out of can't throw. If we're here what we're hearing about Islam is being taken out of content. Where to be a whole lot better we get educated on spam. And a guest on the view of negative for very short period time. But I have just speaking to him said that the doom and I need to get educated. Who's going to roots Abraham Moussa. Professor although Islamic studies Islamic slogans. University of Notre Dame and author of the new book YE is among drops. Professor Moussa did I get that name right. Good day do dove I've written and your name correctly. Want it okay and make sure. All right let me if you've read let me tell you why America and the question is long. Is it homophobic. I have watched probably. Different videos. In drafting doing homework. Primarily I suppose but also oak high ago all told a local problem. Who claimed to be Biden under through real law. Who claimed to believe in the quarry and and end lean their actions to the Koran. And I've watched them. Kick tie ago homosexuals. All five story building. Afghanistan. If the report is correct last week skinned homosexual. A lot. Obscene and stoned to death that's in their heads. He is. Is alone whom. Well thank you for the opportunity. Garment. That. Well what created the example you quoted from Afghanistan to crisis al-Qaeda. He's been reports had no reason to doubt that the courts that these reports are true. And that these are the positions all those groups. But at many appeal listeners pennies so no. That these these radical groups. On law. You know represented about Islam but indeed do speak up on some of the issues that. Have been available in Islamic law on the question. All of homosexuality. To a question of homosexuality. Is quite interesting an extra. And the Koran only makes reference to insert the all the law and there'd be lots people. Accused of approaching men last will be instead of women. But. The Koran itself does not outlaw. It seems that all homoerotic sex. It does not outlaw back. But people and scholars and taken combat veterans to. The people outlaw too which is also sort old testament. The date is a you know opposition and he is day. Sit them. Resistance if not condemnation. Of homosexuality. What do what is hugged it is that to my home I had quote a high. I'd be kind of the quote how deep quote. And statement activated the Mohammed. And some call the column be teachings about that. About homosexuality and the probation. Could be found in these but you know they have the material is all fairly. And we'll look for any get a mixed bag because not all that had been under through an authentic. And Serbia good ad we can all I'd be. And so people who have been engaged in explaining. You know the place up. Same sex. Homo erotic sex and Islam abnormally attacked those Aggies and not being out. So the question yea is. That and look and culture he saw it means people its individuals engaging in chicks. And six. We are expirations that they would be right about that giving poetry about it they have been talking. They Jolie's. You know I'll be motions on. I've also been available. At the same time there has also been you know strict teachings. By the kind of legal side all ought be ethical peaches in its history. Viewing homosexuality. As geeky friend. And so that's what we have that and and that made it big east today. And and let me to make sure. Polian human beings can races. One listening to the interview with the father of the year alleged co were the people in Orlando. He's says that when we come into almost central quality. They'll be punished. By god is that a bully that you do it so wrong that they will be punished. Well the boat you know that the that in general position that yet but because. And majority's view all of that homosexuality. And biffle is dead no it on Richmond but it will be and still will be punishment for a choke. In some ways he what he says is attractive call eight altering every re lacking outfield. Our. He's in and we're gonna take a break. Footed that is a very. Widely held you there there's certainly Christians. That believe the same way and often times. He would admit approach that so why actions against homosexuals. But I think most Christians who would say those are isolated. Incidents. What were seen. By rice's book called rom al-Qaeda. And the the man in Orlando or those isolated. In not true basic beliefs and actions. All of Muslims. At a red tag says the other client kkk you were a Christian faith group. So that would make the encryption terror is for the help they brought upon black people right. They burned her alive and some keys and that slaves to dogs so they have to be terror. And again and I think some of your missing the purpose of this show I think every religion and history. Where violence can be pointed out every religion. Have some kind of written believes system would violence can be pulled out of those believed. But where it's a lot of war. With the Islamic. Law weights. Or at least some people feel about. And we're spending a lot of money losing a lot of lives. Tearing the fabric of our society and eventually end and humankind. Wide. And I thought about the beer go that I did given expert. In these fields that approves a drug things we hear intrigued conserving is well. And we have that we have brown mousse and professor of Islamic slow and humor to the you've known for going 02 author of the new book borrowers month wrought. It brim of forgive me for repeating the question over and over in an all move on after this but the bottom line. All of my initial question is it law basically. Religion. Homo phobic if I understand overtures saying. No. And the do you don't writings. The quotes that are being pulled now. To playing that he is so and taken out of contacts. And have an in my understanding crept. Well you know what you'll see is that wild very strict kind of statements. That discourage a behavior vehicles that operation. All homoerotic practices in Muslim societies. People from the lists in the eighteenth and nineteen entries. I would go to Markel and bought Turkey and spot to be a little too. 24 fold themselves actually. In almost O'Meara expect because. Ability in the policing and implementation all those rules so the emergence all homophobia. He's in the modern concert. And it comes with the rise of the order in all. A sexual mores that emerges and that spreads throughout the world and so globalization strategies to. British colonialism. And the actual British colonialism. That sit in the laws implement that into that most of country Asia. Bought the Middle East that begin to. Outlaw. Homosexual. Conduct. And practice but before that is some very important books and stop it. Back talk about this question about. The amount of toleration and then back in some parts of the world be funny will not want the Islamic world. You know homosexual. Almost that your other yet the content did not exist number one and what the war only use idea practices and will Coleman that. Yeah had a certain kind of toleration. Now this all exchange you know lot 150 and 200 years. Wouldn't that some parts of the world you know culture is extremely homophobic. But within those same awful we culture it is also a great deal alt toleration. So you question that it Islam homophobic. We only see if you can of all oval will be that little conduct as homophobic behavior. But not the full time tampering in the Egyptian government and its cable would. Arrests ship that goes in in but not Mediterranean. Where people were engaging in and certain kind. The next sexual behavior including homosexual behavior as people. It'll satisfy some. Electoral. You know constituency. But lucky me and tolerate it when did you see today in Turkey Turkey. Is the most the majority country and homosexual behavior east tolerated. And there's no law against it in fact. Preparing for the interview I've found that at least five looks in countries Albania. Jordan. Turkey. Mardy. And one more country they don't have laws against homosexuality. So Indonesia at the end of the country so I think it would be wrong. To make a generalization. To say that obvious hole. There's gentlemen Obama asking. The killer the what nine people and so. Obviously he's much more complicated case. Is one someone who's attracted back radical ideology and we do not really know. We had a he'd be you know that OG one certain way certain. Spot. To redeem himself for either he's. He's. Oh and attraction. To homosexuality. And biffle and the act of self loathing to redeem himself or he could be that you'd call will be. So combination of either homophobia. Or himself struggling with sexuality. Combined with radical ideology whatever reasons. Bet it all becomes. So we need to understand that you know. Got lots of people will hold. Great strong views opposed to homosexual but he but it will not illegal act and kill people wearing Asia back at practice. And that's what we find them Christians and Jews in this country and you'll find amongst. Then it's almost social might have a particular view on this issue but never necessarily. You know be paved in in a way that it is appropriate it takes a lot. Angered and I usually. Almost always have the opposing views. One view one app one and just could not fun and won't disagree with the book I I have read. That. Muslims. Most of the protesters. In Libya expert. Who have virtually opposite view view was. Again textures says. And moon did smoke is only telling half through Barton trio album. With the opens have you come back out he is. Propaganda. Now wind we're hearing. Other more. Look beautiful what what do what they mean pan am I right at getting their act and meg giving so to objectively. All it did because I'm not satisfying. He'll text. Senses. I think Jim I Lincoln again I'm due for reading since I think what you're doing. They're responding what the hero and conservative renewed the conservative blogs. Those that claim to be experts on Islam bids today. It is a violent religion it is homo phobic. Harmed in the middle of the independent senator Charles looking for a informed me action. How to win know what are. Got gaga gaga I mean facts speak more than that buys the maybe one opt to millions possibly three million bucks and in this country. What is correct but how many of them collecting but a lovely cushion extremists are committing actual act a wire on a daily basis. How many people I'm in need doctors are being killed at abortion Albany. You know mobile will be actually individuals have been killed in the country how many army of god that the CNET schools on Columbine. Who you know. Development and in Georgia tools things sandy sandy hook so I think we need to be Frey yeah. You have you do have but that it individuals who are using Islamic faith with the justification. But that it represented tie it to anti tradition for the ball the violence that you've seen them that leaves. We need to open up to the fact that he's under George Bush and change means that we rented them destabilize a country that market and out enemy and the whole. Whole region east creating and bit into decent lies and bull have committed between most of again most of the book on the verdict about it and so will acting in the Middle East. And that bug that is becoming between soldiers get killed. And and and that is not going global and those radical actors in that region I'm not saying it because you paint it and I'll country. And you ups you destabilize the country created by Tia and you don't want us to accept established well. But that it kept it in my beautiful that it chemistry by ice ice so that age. They have not been to bring back and get to all cities. Everybody you know. Gonna take and bring her and I am coming back. Or out and take a break but I am coming back. I appreciated that and that then in the who's is in the hands through that is very bow. In the child and broad view. We get skewed view for an elderly tend to have three minutes they would become and bright and public via you a broad poll every hour on the it's a big billboard think it abound. Red jaguar Debra bill opinion poll would call in here what we're doing the show we. Is the religion. Of blow them homophobic 91. Person believed that. I've. We're been talking to prepare after the Islamic stories broke him once you're overseas you know day in. And didn't professor room and move on a couple of subject Opel bug in an excellent. But the bar and have a oh good good I salute. Bird on our part or compensation. For example among the basic and for a god is no. There are or isolated it fractional parts. Of Islam journals like christianity. In real religion. That is violent towards. All homeless central. But basically. It is not taught in the Koran. It is not talked in the would choose I think quotations. Mall Obama. Is that correct. No I mean and I'd need a you'll find people saying the idea that that homosexuals should be bunch. But the Koran doesn't mention that the bit of people Dick if you. What toleration toward homosexuality. Would ignore these teachings and would only follow the runny teaching. And bear it will it would have been having. Won the Koran does. Condemn. On the people of law. For luck from the approaching man should equipment not all kind of a problem. That you know is out in the approaching men. In the last approach is that an act of rape an act of violence against men. That's what the number all cushioning typical opt am all cool and it almost given that Google's. Would surely. That it was not the act out of homo erotic. Sex. But it was more that question all the form and the modality. Alt alt addressing this credible. Many would argue that. Community out with traditions. Pat had some really. You know negative views about Lehman to an opposite cultures will religious tradition today and recorded just Asians we'll patriarch. And they have slowly over time you ball out patriarchy. A lot of that Tex might be establishing patriarch the practice is no longer than and that's what happens to. And that Islam now have to confront the question opulent sexuality. Which is very complex issue. It by Patrick told you that you could look at history. The complexity of human sexuality was always about fall. So in fact you quibble we almost like he Islam is a frantic in until that visible. Tolerated homosexuality. On the one hand. Prohibited at two at the same time. And that paradox. He's eighty east is so self evident in some article culture and also. It'll help evident today. The question today is that. You know be active he has become an identity question. And people won't want the full recognition of that where most good thinker theologians and generous op having struggled. As this struggle is. Bat something that is that as a edition to a and the law. And also in this sentiment at this thing Democrats said it also kind of pretty tolerate a practice. How do you make from a heck of sexual moment of the also my whole bowl Iraqi and homosexual. Practice also a moment about the big debt and expand. That is the struggle Islam going through and before the gentleman. The murderer in Orlando. Did you even back the last ten years they've been in very very strong debate. With in academic circles especially in all America and Europe but also elsewhere. I had dozens of books have been written on this topic hall on homosexuality and Islam. Trying to deal with this issue what does it mean about communities. Question about. Sexual orientation. And studies have been undertaken by the most since clauses in order to get to grips of this with this issue. So be eaten this struggle within Islam. Is that generally the one hand and others boldly he had in mind that made up their minds as a knock. The general position by the mainstream Muslim. Organizations in the United States and Europe had a bead. But probably a bad. No one of Guidant had more break but it's they would make. We're coming right back we're talking about shore real law were talking about the idea. Religion of Islam believes what Americans many Americans think. Ones prove. What is still being formulated. And get better read educated on understanding. Something. That is a partial war and now and could turn into a real war the underdog. You're also amend sewage foolish. I think kind of sums up this hour. Says I'm Christian and it sounds like to be Euro Garros is being truthful. Saying most Muslims or not Broderick on homo phobic not middle and Millwood did not violent. The not a threat to anybody of any religion that is not a threat to them and I think. That's what I understand our guests and saying all so. On the radio where the professor of Islamic studies at Notre Dame beat you brought home mucho. Professor boom boom for allusion before we closed show. Hole. How are I can dance this question. And in and worried that understandable. Our third Diego lendu killing. I didn't show about that aren't as we a couple of hours and then 130 minute show it's added. You know. I think it's time for Muslims in this country draw upon and will he permit Alps communications. It's what's if our. Lived in Middle Eastern Muslim country of 300 million plus people. And I was a minority. Of throwing Miller. And I look different sometime dug right it's different and people of my belief of mine or religion. We're being depicted on television news killing and torturing and aiding. I would find a way he took communicate. Exactly what true communicating. Two wars today. Not. For Americans. Not. Because. I'm more convinced some toast nice. For my own protection. For those of the reaching up and more Americans don't profile. They don't cure Muslim thinks short real long at 72 versions. Homophobic and on Norman does does that make an easement. You know why aren't you don't make sense Aaron you know you're right most and are already in this country do. The the committee on American Islamic relations care than. As he's doing and made the models were going after you know by media and point it out and a lot of workers being done. But of course you know it means you need to. You know region whole community and use the same phrase over and over the president strike the day. When you went he chastised some people on the right who had you know either the Islam. And you think you know what's appointed using radical Islam debate to be up to all these people terrorists. That there are terrorists like using Islam as a vehicle just occasions on the activity. Of them are accusing the GQ and all of Islam. You also mentioned that you know the other semi wool. Optional war with Islam no we. We. And I am an American citizen and GAAP number I'll look conserving and particularly in light of this country into it. And I and I didn't stay in them but I would submit when we year that Saudi Arabia. So optimism. And and teaching the real law. Is primarily. The ones that have originated. Prices are notable quote wrong. That's what. I am talking about per cent. And then if that is the case is Saudi Arabia it year after at least they're doing that. And you need to talk to Wall Street was taking billions of dollars strong. Billions of dollars in the ads but it hasn't. Talked to did you do need to talk to wall streeters say. Unity in these trillions Obama again is gulf countries up associate. We you have to guard combo and in my profile rebels who were unfortunately we're out of time can get you back to later date. You know our. Our thanks so much of an idea. Oregon and acts were. Gonna talk about the Electoral College. There's an audio web site called from seventy. To win. The number of elect towards the patients to. Take over the Oval Office. And I know I'm misunderstanding. Something. Butted Lopes like. In the states say the way they have been historically. Hillary Clinton won't need a very small number to get elected. And it's. Gum and trampled the whole lot more like I said probably grown. Well written talked to dear experts they witnessed double though ago.