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6-21 6pm Bobby & Deke: on the NBA Draft and the CWS

Jun 21, 2016|

Bobby & Deke discuss the upcoming NBA Draft and Florida's elimination from the College World Series.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our tournament three of sports talk he had to Kasey Kahne embody a bear I'm Deke Bellavia open lines as our 2601878. You can text that's an 8787 in a fan as my identity as witnessed in its past 7 o'clock. Our operating jaguar opinion poll if offense as the Saints greatest threat what are the black and goes Grey's weaknesses K to vote on line. At WW dot com with the team you pull for very hard the hardest you had hasn't been your favorite team. Meaning that your favorite team was either beat the week before maybe in the playoffs. And have a dog in the heart of a fight so to speak. And you just that you know I'm I'm Hartnell seated down get a championship I want does that mean you win a championship I think we saw a lot of Pete we experienced that. For me reasons that they hate to a pair dining Cam Newton put us out of his seat Peyton Manning go out on top this past it where. And they got they also obviously. Look at the NFC south. Obviously when you're Carolina. You look at Atlanta and Dallas you know well as the recent. Which is anti. You know and I think so to speak. Because. Us trying to get their way warned Iraq it is the field. That even though as far away you'd agree no influence. Then the things fans. They went out there I'm in order role we got embarrassed that we initially Rose sit. Park. You know in Allen in a Pro Bowl you know and then at the C department Taurus or improve in. Is it you know come back playing as he came in tonight and will be from now we can't seasons with that is that Stanley Mineta Monday night in the game but we can't print NFL divisional round of that money in banking the money and I game. It was a battle for the top seed you know right on ought to be the number one's the and so again a lot of you know. Fan speaks who's beaten and talk and the different individuals and how they deal like the Seahawks that is like Carolina. You know focus the sea dogs. They have. Eras swaggering defense who what where they gonna talk smack Russell Wilson doesn't have. That personality and quarterback. Agassi's things things pertaining to cheer more. And Arizona Cardinals for sure over. A team like Seattle Green Bay as the dangers. People appreciate green me. Yeah you know there Rogers and so when you market. And primarily gonna NFC nibbling at the Patriots looking at NFC. I think he'd be more. Top three knows Saints fan Juli call and tell different but I kind of put like. Dallas Atlanta and Seattle in that category. And probably maybe Carolina simply couldn't via you know what what an eagle before Pete and me and as a result of my candidacy in SE OK yeah busted trying give back consumable. Yes you have media think Seattle is because they've been around you know even his pace he was kind of like a down year for him but he still gloat but it divisional round and yet you know and I almost came back against cam. Yeah yeah and and and right now all right with and now. The vision NFC south we got to knock the pan dissolved the world yeah they rolled them because they will it was never the NFC's self first came into existence. And it was a pattern. Where you go from worst of Perth. Or our first two words. And now when Carolina count the house can you say they have a stronghold on David Dominic would it on a fourteen they offered a fourth peak yet the quad squad. So yeah if you Atlanta. If he's the saints' New Orleans Tampa Bay popular overtake. Carolina. You know two in division. I don't yet on who we knew they we have as good a chance as anyone last year view replies yeah. Especially have Willie Green three in division and we swept. Atlanta and sprint. Tampa Bay Tampa and we got beat twice out here and realistically this should be a Goldman being a homer if if you look at those gains. Can you go forward to. You know and you sweet maybe one opponent. In the split would mean he can't get. You know throws four wins in your breakdown the season house didn't fold. But the one thing why the I think the obviously you know me. As North Carolina go anywhere because their deep you can't India and their defense. And has been a constant for them in the eye Calvin did you come back. And the way way over profits. This you know an idea and it sprint discredit them in advance defense time and effort for a so. Yeah I don't see him going anywhere any time soon even you gotta figure on a bay game offense and their defense couldn't keep winning game well to show you how good award the if we're on the road. Laura by hand. Real and ran home and all world bowl fourteen and we know. Who knows about it comeback. A division opponent. That shows you. You know those gains in the past. Additional pain in two reasons thing to. When you had that kind of momentum get off to a great start use we were able. To put Carolina away and obviously that was. Secret that a scenario Nazis. He is its own take not overrated but I root for my says they reds and and any team that plays the Cardinals miserable teams. Incidents of course they'll say yeah but we have more. In recent championships they may be. True there may be true but at least I don't. And then now a big would you say that he says a nice playoff related but I root for my Cincinnati Reds solos that and this is a zero in those 6090. I would think by that fix my Cincinnati Reds then it's a person from Cincinnati are Ohio you are southern Ohio and then moved in you know. Maybe it maybe grow up for an probably you know as you do look at baseball round here because what we are exposed to you my goal is summer vacations Astro world. Our six like as the Houston Astros and you know all of them and and you know let's Alicea a few games this go see Theo Niekro hit the proximity and a if Houston don't aunts are. Big guy US you know well as you can be two things because that is superstation WG end to bring the Braves in a cup you because they're always on TV. And on the gravel and all you know a week to watch all the time you know. Boy yeah I'm from Chicago Orlando the only regular I don't think I yes an has risen not a well markets that don't have a team toe. Would they get them out come maggots and takes to get to and some calls to 2601870. He's Bobby Hebert dig Miller had a sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports on. 260187. You can take this and 87870. That stands out to define the phone or go geno geno thank you for calling WW yeah. And gave. Me huge. The majors. About. Not only are you flawed. Bob to accomplish. Obama you each. They change. One out two years ago there years ago. Able. Literally attitude that change. And Cobbs was so again and WG. Yeah yeah yeah that's the WGN and Mary Kennedy you know yeah Harry Larry Andy does superstation had a brings to remembered sounds seventy. Why you're right that debris and body lies and. Could be dodge to Boller in oh. Yeah. That's OJ you know that's how you became a Cubs thank as a WG and watch it. Yes yeah. We just said. If I don't you know right. Would you billion dollar ruled knowledge and thank you Dixie beyond the now oh it's hey you know they'll use Greg Dixie beer. Are you are. I had I don't main balls that the objects like jags yeah only within the city act who really Riegle I honestly it's. Did they do accomplish what evil bill that's why I'll alone it will still fail. Better now geno what would it mean to you because it might have a this year and have done it Dustin Johnson he never won a major you won a major. That you look at look at the cavs clued the city of Cleveland winning a championship. He's big as the Cubs zero life. We'll let JU. I'm branch and I walk my grandsons of the gate G. In obvious. What you would want it Jaeger trying from the air out. They could take a dig at geno you beat at 8 o'clock in the morning. Are you and I love that column but then again. You know it is what is it well miles Ares. It would be right there wouldn't change one under so well. Art is no doubt it it would be Dino and it would be for many reasons to it is no doubt about it but you ought to do it geno if you and your grandson and you know I loved it tried. Who I am sure it won't yet do every endlessly. During the 100 YouTube. Yeah. I Russia and the tree is legal. Well you sound like you have a lot of passion he had Dino we got him. I'm not I'm fullback actions. I'm from new but I'll let us. Yeah our college I. And when ballot that they soliciting geno and I'd tell you what I'll become wins that you dean did begin about I tell you that's another parade you know G dobbs and ready at all today to Brady Cleveland they have now makes or avenue ms. NN news you know they'd take an hour from now Chicago they went back. Well. A bit. Say that he about. Just beer look at that convention yeah yeah yeah and this. You mean you know that. Stories and people like that the people. Liked it calmed down. You look at got a quality team they got the solid team. Right. You know. So geno thank you Colin we've TCU. Mara. Yes you know sit on the bank can use him in the land a few props. That now they is of the dominant that you wanna. Degrees you. Youth must out of they would. Now if you wanna go real compromise CO pumped about that third owners don't know that third our all on the third out on dollars and Thursday so he could they would become a man Bruce read DT. And when they get their baby is sent to the year as they seem to have. And a big bit of by IMM and Matt a year now on the at all on the Tom I had one man saying what are we do with the Cubs did three or four years via. I know has been over a century. The though it was 190 he'll act in nineteen only yeah yeah so I think that. They got not as if we animal barbecue gold and I have a good go to my home town that's good or bad BO occasion to barbecued ago man and well I think it would that's impressive. Cleveland in their championship. I think about it Cleveland times too with the Cubs are you. And he did love the Bears I think is the thing is football country and of Bangkok amateur events on knows the black calls for it and I think as a special parade I don't know it would come and it would be you right in me would it would be special but he still has to the man's town yeah yeah but good pat White Sox bruises. And that White Sox cub. They got the young they got the young you know prodigy Theo Epstein he promised them. And he ended look he had this upon they start to make a move to Nancy about mid season becoming a decent team and he say and they go to they've got to do dread through the farm system but. Estes somehow a guy he's like he's like they're movie you know what do young got takes owed a base while he has to lead us well listen these ads baseball genius. And you know the biggest get ready Goran used that's an editing as the fans out there and he writes out have a dog or not but let's say the Cubs are in the World Series. To me. If you're a fan of sports the only reason why you wouldn't be that for the Cubs is if you from that American League City and make let's say I don't know. The Cubs are playing the Tigers Detroit are to come in playing Kansas City. Are the Red Sox you'd almost have to be McCants in Detroit. Or Boston tonight cheer. For the cup oh yeah yeah before then like when Boston was in the World Series it's that's Obama memo from both right around no doubt about it. WTO and whose time is 631 as time the first news they we will go. To Jim Henson. And welcome back to sports talk. They won that wonderful Father's Day week in Knicks how they come and it will be Independence Day. The fourth of July as we officially here in the the sum a month now visit they have some I was incident tonight at the sports so dawn Qaeda Christie Garrett NT Bob May be of a double covered sports for more. The Louisiana house voted defunct cup scholarship program at 70%. Would does it mean for students and parents. And not also the talk of the NBA draft lottery who other logical fit for the pelicans with the sixth overall pick. And in the state of the city address mamet's Andrews is New Orleans is strongly getting stronger. What's the outlook as a resident someone who works employees in the Crescent City do you agree with that assessment what do New Orleans greater stress and what needs fixing. This as a road to make few. T about forces us to talk soccer. That I think Christian group and I. And the Copa America some of our team USA I don't care what sporting it is USA gambling problem when it. USC and taken on who voted taken moments ago that's all one man on the best in the world. Yeah he's about to Bart is that the guy like Nolan is Argentina is. When he's to be. Nom essays or you do it again he's good the team is a boy you know got embarrass. Boy this is like nightmare. For Mexico. And big the Mexican fans that they had to be like shocked the big it is a shellacking they played Chile lost like seven to zero yeah. Seven mil that's my third not yet of the big even worse the end and that's what I can be like that there's sixteen. Is the Big Easy as soccer games as the World Cup they take on Argentina. To Monaco will America semi final when you watch a final ticket. With Tebow are Christians from eight to midnight tonight. Here point of view him and you know that you brought out who's obviously the draft and I am going guru. That I think is above all gurus in the NBA draft is Chad 40. But the urgency do better care. You know those chat board. He as the one that enlighten me. You know few years back. Win you know we do a mock drafts him telling me. Act like and you don't talk about but I was following Chad Ford's lead a NATO whom outlaws that taken Russell Westbrook with the fort. You know you know with the GK and we laud. Larry oh arena ball. Now let's outlaws Oklahoma done a problem ID on. What he did it messier at them. Wait I am out of it yet because the ram with those I don't but it was that organization anchor. It was an organization and that's they were going to have are might have been the first few guys having a that you might have been under the rain it was definitely the supersonic right. But they talk and a respect wherever he's coming from. And when he said Dan Simmons. Is a good. That if he's not one he's too he he he basically said. And I waist down after a first two picks though. It's unpredictable. What's gonna happen in the draft he has been salmon is going to 76ers from LSU look forward. And Brendan England before from Duke going to the Lakers. But he said after that it's unpredictable. A draft you know guys gonna rise and fall Ritson Jalen brown Lama and a a great situation in the far from cal going to the Celtics but I said that their buddy Gil. Has fallen some and that he's projected now. To go to an eight pick with the cancer Kingston Sacramento Kings and I'm a body healed bank is not good thing I think you contribute. You know right away but you know teams always look at that of side Natalie you're a short term now but I'll also look for. Has done the guard from Providence. Of the point guard you see me down Diaz and going to pick before the pelicans that a few books that being Krista from Providence. Going to Minnesota. No problem. And that sentiment too I credit take body healed and Jamal Murray from Kentucky. See as Jamal Murray. Kentucky going to appellant has of the six pick in the hands. The top international players Bender from Kuwait Croatian going to nugget. Via the Knicks that seven pick. Anybody you going to the kings now. When I found surprisingly and would this beat. And you can because. It's Atlanta's sixth in right. Yeah OK. I don't know have they ever had at sixteen and match it was 69 and a sixty and point guard in the NBA. At that he thinks that being Chad Ford Chris I can distribute the ball in his handled right he things being seventh. Is going to be a point caller in the NBA at six but it in no way. But that actually think these guys and I and I I inaudible basketball and you know I'm no but I mean commodity who value the sixth at that point though. Well LeBron plays point in time now on nobody in the primary point oh. Well but what a big if he thinks he has the handle like it passed because he can't pass out to me. He's a point guard so he definitely has to prove his outside shot but it's not like he's shooting lower right. So but he that marked by mismatched. And you know in any even made a statement you know appeal might be disappointed in him as we get an LSU. But he made this statement have been Simmons was a Kentucky or Duke. That is supporting cast their final four team. You know minute Andy gave examples of plays. Alley distribute the ball with the players around them. Couldn't finish where name BA because the people you playing what you teammates that they will real pitchers and I'm not a moment that Sixers. Where there rat but. I thought that was interesting just how could and I catch. Are easier when you hear something like. Been famine. Being a point guard in the NBA it's expert. 260170. You can Texas beats him and that attitude you beat it like. A mall or I don't know that attitude via Pomona it's and that some problem but he hits and all of the core you know off the court. I don't think Benson's. You might maybe too quiet laid back you embarrass him as you wasted. Yeah I talked about it he was he when he still wants and when we got coached. Yeah they knock on him is is not him the biggest knock on him is that he was -- couldn't tell up up his entire about of his skill set because. It didn't give it all Kentucky with some other teams. They'll close and I made retirement teams even the difference in Ambien a final four team yeah bigger we had a test this out and report Tracy McGrady was that he is 610 point guard and he was like more success. McGrady when things don't McGrady was taught penalty was sixty MV was close to grab a look that you know. He was tell because that this guys says Tracy McGrady was the sixth and point guard in a row over. Overheard from my ball he met was about an hour ago yeah he was when he issued to you he could shoot you know he. And then now Lamar Odom elevated Sam it's just like the moral Marleau Odom is drinking whiskey in the mornings you know and brain that examines. Is that the Lamar right. No island and and Lamar Odom. I don't need had to handle. Like passing. As Benson now on his or mine design history nausea and yet here. 2601 aids and he could take to sedate him needs him to Florida's down to their final out. And no outs they were Arnold first did you Texas Tech to the bottom of the night three to zero an elimination game at the college World Series bought by big you're gonna come Magid talk a little college World Series because of Florida doesn't come back. Like to rebut. The. Favorites so all is heat would still be there. When she's number five seed Texas Tech. The only bigger things. The AC CLs our goal as the AZ also he's don't you stated that pass and no I mean that does happen. Louisville Miami Florida unanimously Tuesday. LSU goes on and on our mind right. While people groove and it takes this is that McGrady 68 ought to have success you know I don't think he was sixth thank you politics this is. Or sock on WW ago. And welcome back to sports talk and it takes to Bobby about. Minute ago we were told about wind book what is a good someone you know about one's humor and at the end need to get educated on it now I don't know like like I chart in there well I mean. Will be a wind that would be more more delightful I had it lined a cat. More. And are cabernet Morton and Ramona who have a mentally morally red meat here okay like even when meals and on the line and so I'm just saying more. Spring summer of a huge article one nightmare well this type that temperature used in drink lightly that is heavy. Right line like you can't give Eli a red wine drink morally Marmol as it nailed Chardonnay in. More like red line noble Mora. Homer low rent it and they can. Notional creep me and I KG can and Cameron made him. That's collect as it is now so no emotional creek Bears have a blast. No night change and and overnight train. No no on the blue only Cooney and yet though and the two an excellent man nomad. You said I was a freshman at least it was that was. I've been doing things made it. He used to run our rights in the days in a Veron had a hole cost in in his I don't know tonight to be rated Annika on the Tampa raising a lot of people coming down. For the reasons Indy is we all you pointed out to you what united steel show up Ohno reiterated his fans it was a good word the last time they were undone for reg season game like four years ago. And we beat them pretty bad call goes my claim that Spain nothing god please help in this game in the united football we rushed. Right. I came back and and it will be between seven and. And in and we'll what 29 had someone in the beat. He had them on united as a thing or he was here yeah. I was of one of the greatest comebacks and Ryan Wright I'm never forget that but yen and how you know and that a lot of people come a move we would have. In the call course affecting you cruised into town would be like you know rented a sonic and back. But they they have a little thunderbird and the announced on what does that the new you know they educate you with. Using a like you know when you know and then like that for you on my. These greens is the most important stuff the brew agree grew so it goes this the Atlanta where this is there are running the they had. Scissor worthy and they've lived it when Melissa and bonuses that are or were. That was 2030 years ago made it. Are gone back in the stat but not just you know this time with someone or buys in their via you know what I didn't know speaking about someone. But I was a lot of people on the waterways which you know when you own a war it is the same while I Fisher's agent told media's. Is the same exact principal. Is if you on the highway. Mean our yeah you'd grab on the boat I would have the same exact thing. And and I have our our row were brutalized the other Cairo would cobra bit him Iran wouldn't welcome those conference Upton. An enemy rat with them and they will coordinate and they just say it a little bit and it or drive a known only additional ones who they were doing. In and the majority of people who in their boats. If your round around like he's both beat you got ahead I tickets in the bowl canopy each person's right if you tiger might take its own in you going the speed limit. They ended it just the way they list like this doctor. I mean able could mean they they see which you know whereas if they see you don't handle my jag and the speed limit on the wall is the way it is there's no way zones. I'll always always spin now it's an amino and he had no way of thought the wake zone you this Holland right and forty get them over Warner. They noted you know pay you about that route but it's the same exact principal and if you grab on a howling on war ways. Was allowed to well at their fathers there's going to be allowed multiple for a report quarterback Eli Elena you know. Being on the boat. This of the that's the 2601870. You can Texas states or anything in the the you have at the same knee that many sisco back in the day old Mon Emerson. Yeah it was a that was an on night Graham and Portland tank occur without on this Cisco beat him with that. Texas Tech has eliminated that only SEC team in the college World Series. Three to two mark went off with a college World Series a bomb. Ed deacon and it a couple of crucial errors or would did Florida in in this game. Texas Tech hit a two run home run they had at 20 lead. And if Florida will still hanging in there but then in the top of the ninth inning. Florida had two errors on the same play to allow Texas Tech. A run. They a misplayed ball by the first baseman followed by a an errant throw to the third baseman. And tens that ended a scorer making it three to nothing that's important because Florida came in in the bottom right. Hit a two run home run which before that other run would've tied the game and others still down three to two then with two outs. A Florida of their last batter hits a shot to the outfield. Easily safe at first but he pushes for two. And he's gunned out at second base to end the game. The Texas Tech would their first ever win in Omaha at the college World Series. And the Florida Gators now only the third number one seed in history to go winless at the college World Series. Following the 2010 Arizona State Sun Devils and the 2012 Florida Gators. Well Manson is the same coaches there about it's all over into it becomes worse do well I don't know I have ever seen this and ecology growth series as far as the ones you predict soda is three and only who got Owen to be as in them once the saga as the parity because all the only seed market the now number five seed Texas Tech but who's still in the thick of things and they have a law's rank so when you look at it. Begin an odd to me about this guy is going into the the super regionals. And I go for it does Florida what you've got five to one. In Vegas though like Ellis is 1112 and a real dostum Wynn Ol big you look who's still land it. Santa Barbara hundred to one Arizona is still an even though they lost 10 hole was the third one coastal Carolina. 25 to one Oklahoma State who is now two and 022. And one. Twenty to one TCU fifteen to one like Texas five man on on. Oh what Oklahoma State known wanted to turn to one ball off and Carla Howell man. Well and and big and and you pretty adamant about it and then now since the today and then they lost the game while you look at Texas Tech Alou and at TCU but now beating Florida you look at Texas Tech. They like Mississippi State in the SEC they with a big twelve regular season champion at 12 or three games against the horned frogs against TCU. Before sending in teams didn't meet. In the conference tournament. You know out in hand picks in a Monday as C tournament right what TCU won their conference tournament but but look at TCU where their deacon. And Oklahoma State. Is it takes has come on 'cause I'm OG. Keon today in the we've basket yes I do know about that can't take one I never have tried in the basket that. But done their reminds me of that I'm Landon made so famous about Dionte in the movie land. Was Hannibal Lecter and certainly eight as it is and they were with a pile of beans and I can't. Animal elect. That's when Al west and as one of the movie as they get old man SO is she came back and get their lancet. Quick pro quo he's used to hit that happens Andy's used to that. I'm on my man alone and do we did do comedic and they took while his own. They and a collective. He was a paid dude you show us. Never you know that's one of the Reyes beat in the 20 and about me just talking that's one of the rare move resistance like a horror movie. They got emotion pitch in the year and kind of swept all the awards because it was at that time you know is different now but that's 25 years ago. That type of move it was still kind of like ahead of its parent and Allan Roth Roth move again in the through commitment their thing with. It it would against what with the academy kind of looks for the John's they won only lawless Anthony Hopkins Pamela. Why not type cast at the enemy come Monday about it I was thinking and and reflect that would be even if you have nightmares of the Oilers no idea there. Idea to do both rubio he withdrew and he was sums. Is he all right this is sports talk you're missing the WW.