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6-22 4pm Bobby & Deke: on the NBA Draft

Jun 22, 2016|

Bobby & Deke dive into the NBA Draft and who the Pelicans might take at #6 overall.

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And gaining a book on the sports are going to 8 o'clock tonight he hated anybody a fair. I and the ability coming up we'll go ahead and game point or tomorrow night's 2016. In the BA draft. Mason Ginsberg will be with talk about the New Orleans pelicans of Bourbon Street sense dot com and it Isaacson NBA draft amnesty in BC sports in NBA draft blog. Will be with us as well. 06018 Sammy is the number to be involved you can text this at 87870. The Cleveland Cavaliers celebrated they were their ticker tape parade in Cleveland Ohio and new. Other two pro sports franchises in major. Sports franchises. In New Orleans which one. Do you think we the first the next one to and its image in the head at some rate him very well to be the New Orleans Saints. On the New Orleans pelicans you can cast your vote online at WW dot com in the program moment all have a sight and sound for us. It put together a package of today's action that some sound bites and there's so rating in Cleveland and rightly so it is PT two years since they've won a championship and Kate again the way you look at things. In only thing is a happening. According to the odds. Are you when you look at it against the Saints and the pelicans or right now probably more apparent Mayo on what how their photo of in a divisions. And how this photo of. In in what copy you might give the pelicans and I wake and yet according to Vegas you would yet accord to base Zulu excited. It's and it did and attack the singles and the west yet so that that's a playoff team right yet anywhere right now actually who's picked. And I think this is no then not after losing in not so well. You know and they were both expressed a retirement this year they would both had to be surprises this right out about it but the New Orleans pelicans are expected. And as we sit accorded it's to be a playoff team they should be a playoff team in 2017. And the New Orleans Saints nuclear Bobby that they if they do get to the playoffs this year. It would be a somewhat initiative over achieving a corner whatever yes you can project in the Saints at this point. Idea over achieving. Because you have to win loss total. And I kind of thing. Then do B same ol' same when I mean by that being average. I think of side 97 type season and who knows now the team is gonna fall weather is good enough to make the playoffs. But. I so think they'll from a confidence standpoint. And because with the Saints have have accomplished on the Drew Brees. That. As far as winning a syllable. I think to think they're gonna tentative suitable then the delegates to win the NBA champions. Menard as everybody could both said they're going to play dogs Elway both of Kyle's right place in my heart erode in the NBA yet to be a champion I mean right to be because they it'd make it happen. One game but it just how we can have a growth Abbas had I don't palate and the Colombian. It's the three game sevens there was so they would ask a wanna take artist that that worked well gain and you look how close we came with Chris well right at that. The nod NBA championship what the conference champions we have played a makers in the NBA western powers yeah we're we're one game chart and and that was why I say that because I don't look at football. And you never know how things can and fall. And it is one game. Is that a series you know you can beat a team and it would be favored to be used. If you played a series you might now win this series but you won that one game when it counted. The reason why bring that up. Had he ever had an NBA champion. To be below 500. Or Ryder 500 in the regular season NB ABA champions. And what I mean by that look at that you are Giants. The Hibbert and you are Giants and Eli Manning who they kind of I don't say squeak in the playoffs because they got there. And Lowell will the united salmon. And now and it's everywhere on Maroney around OK. If you look at. They got some Sam I've got to educate me what I do and any. Resurgence is coming. On the top of my head taken that I don't know if we've ever had an NBA version of the New York Giants as far as the season. My ignited seven it to be champion and I'd say the. All I only global policies packets say you had. What the Manning and season and that was a strike shortened season with the Knicks would acie they went all the way to the finals and but there are whispers in the guys swear. But did they got a video law right they still lost but jobs and that's all as the only thing I can think of in the in being that they've been some eight beat points before we saw Seattle to a before right most recently when but you gotta anyway you know Khamis and Avery Johnson you have but doctor said he did to a championship. It only ten minutes champions. Get to the big guy even look at is it Agassi there 'cause it's hard to do it doesn't exist if that's roasting even though the Giants like the Patriots. In this suitable. To be a bit playing a series right the what you think that the way it went into an even it can be a situation where he's at oak Iowa what about when Tampa Bay was stint of the Devil Rays made a good riot and even Ross. But over a causal aren't 62 games in a season. As like oak eight. Mean they really come out of my left field you know and I'm saying the UST a buildup to it they just think oh. There's just like to close last year go find a playoff but you saw I'm getting better. In this year day it's it's kind of come into fruition so to speak yet where you are seeing in those sports with a series you got Garcia like that. Yet that's why I still think. Even though. Orchestra at the schedule with the Saints are faces now you have seen hockey yet that but like extra at the schedule. What is Saints facing them. Maybe to shock the world. The they did shock Vegas for a few years. You as far as covering the point spread and being dominant at home and I as the other days. And have a chance does Drew Brees played at a high as such a high level last year and so can all of a sudden move the ball bounced away as the B Florida 2007 season and ninth season. No one thought. They dare charm was to do what he did it's these balls and you get like seventy with a tired. You know was truly magical. It would be our champion you look at a handful of plays key situations if I even more. That went your way in helping you become a champion at phi at this day. Now lifetime. And socialist is goal. I don't know quarter century. So. You know like it changed as a means look at the face of the Saints now are should say. Sobel winning players on the saints' roster is like a new team. You know basically we Drew Brees. Is a handful of players but all the NFL like that. I just think right now. That if you may be immediately. Deceit in years I'm I'm more confident obviously things. Being syllable champion again before. Being winning being NBA champions. He did they got to add that he Dave could you got effect in the road to go out and name me even though you have Anthony Davis because I still think our champion you've got to have believing got a. Well educated I agree I don't know where I'm by the same makes stance. I agree with you wholeheartedly about who who's got a better chance to win 11. But to me that one has the most promising future. Right now at this point I'm right now in the books is apparently yet to be in the playoffs you are in your right because they've they've got they've got their core the Indy five. And let's just say and I'm just throw it makes you say they able to walks when the deal in the next 24 morning hours in get a guy like Greg Monroe in here. And a huge piece of upon a doubt and their mock close. Because. Eat it just an artist out there if he couldn't give wacko from Macon since. There there mobile two way it's a you know 2.2 01 side you got it about a man on the on the the closest today Asian and what they need to be. It's always in in in the NBA although there Rose and like so far though if we put the pelican to a site where we were all agreed that it would be to them. Well I and like you said if I had this same formula I'm playing the percentages and and and look it would Vegas they. I mean. And don't they don't say yeah we have Anthony Davis. You know sell the future greatest player on the planet. But still you QB of the future are when that marches past and he becomes the greatest player on the planet. That you not to win the championship by themselves right and any little look at anybody Kobe Shaquille O'Neal look. Pippen Michael jarred let LeBron. The way you carry average well what I'm saying. You gonna have Andy Davis and then all of a sudden you couldn't name two or three other guys that low. That that we we world champs but as a wedges because Anthony Davis look at that team we had in the superstars on the team. Right he's a case he can't embody Hebert and the ability this is sports talk on WWR. And welcome back to sports talk. 2601 a seventy you can take this and 87870. I hear that takes ethic that overrated on this who vote either 88 or nine and seven. As a while car in 91980. Was that day in the superdome when they beat the Eagles. I may as and 1980 and the can hear about it it was sickening AFC west epic San Diego was twelve and and for a year they won eleven of five. And then they beat them all is in the first round the Browns. And anyone out to San Diego and I don't know if it was Jack Murphy then and beat him man and he came it'd home. And obviously as when they had the other haven't had a around the dome with the hostages right excited to down yet how that that suit was. When it hit the play is the even if let's say the Raiders wire I'd nine is seven off five or that type team like John you look at the exam was yet to reach for a given as my partner like a thirty. 35 year span. So it it's illegal it's rare and gave vague also. An NBA example. One fan as a finesse. About the Houston Rockets. He says I don't know 9495. Some are on there and Rockets were six even erected a point or 35 and current lower seed as seeded team. To win an NBA titles were you looking at a twenty years and their right but you did that so we think previously been. It wasn't that big of a shock though because they had they had I mean they swept in the finals here before. I mean I sees me they spent the final as a unit beady Nixon seven in 94. And there was sixteen but I acronym he would tell maritimes on August they want to third in the in the division that year the Spurs wanted to beat him again in the and conference finals. But they gave it wasn't a shock of what I'm saying is a good thing to do is come off a winning a championship. Yet is so was that all of a sudden the next it that's that if you remember that was a summer. Did they warn you before against the Knicks in the net that's parliament summit and Clyde Drexler. Okay you had to pick to Clyde Drexler at that point we did a point being it wasn't like here it's you know those that don't have a good examples but is like you said there's not meaning though to point now yes aunt and because those are rare feat or. I guess associating with it like winning franchise with ours tell ID came out of nowhere and you know and Nelson both like Collison admit for his Grizzlies which is a winning team that. You know but you don't really think big and be world champs right today good friend to be a playoff team. I remember any moral agenda dispersants. It's about the rate as our member in a divisional round they played old Cleveland Stadium I beat. And that's when I messed Hayes picked off Brian Sipe in the back of the end zone late in the game San written on I was coaching the Browns. Is trying to get Ozzie Newsome and that was at that time when. The Browns have good runs in the eighties but it was early in that point in time and in late in the eighties when they had. You know Mac combine I'm Michael dean hairy in the end the Bernie coasts are. And we're on about the drive and the fumble and so forth but. I thought that was the year they cleaned the good one at all it to Macay McBride NC because though and and they once they had three teams a year in the sense of it once animal games. That season and the oh no it was three wood into his if there was Houston actually the one who he is a hit three teams that want to animal pain in the division. It was Cleveland Cincinnati and I want to say Houston at what point penalties but it was a narrow that I was a when Pittsburgh was on a down slap in the early eighties. Well begin a lot of fans. You know kind of take this approach and that's a lot but I've heard this before. You could take the safe team did ten years to witness who bull the delegates would never win a title in New Orleans. When only basically getting 101000 fans in the stands the NBA's gonna move the Seattle. Or saint Elizabeth delegates will be here. Oh wait may go back there anyway if that person just said that then I take dead. Because we artists ever hear that to sumo so witness in my citizens going to assume Busch and then three years in a little invade. Yes oh I'd take dead beat you say you'd you'd you'd better be same like. This year I don't know but you know Knicks yeah oh yeah obviously there are seven when that would be about right in that you have to be a player of all I think we don't stand a mandate that. Yet did. Now this cowgirl fans says Davis. AD was soon be passes time breezes on the last aside. Well as some might not meant that he says that he says go cowgirls via. You know dallas' going to be Nash and right now is basically a north and it is somewhere as anybody just read my take on the way he presented there and any human I'm not have been the candidate isn't as bad visit. And I think Tony Romo is a good enough quarterback he's addicted to be a super winner like a big Matt Ryan about it but when I look at the Falcons defense. And the cop cowgirls the thing is though that that's borderline yeah there are certain to win not until I don't think our team to win in Dallas is where I'd ought to back. Then that's not a problem today they have to quarterback. WWR news time is 431% of the first news and we will go to food donations. And welcome back to sports are. You can text us and 878 Sammy what do you think is the next. To win a championship and celebrate like leave India today. In Ohio to be the Saints the pelicans whose most likely to have that celebration celebratory parade Knicks. Cast your vote online at W had to be there. I mean did Sharia had a celebration. Started this deal on that now this remind me this would happen here. That morning 20000 fans greeted the team. When they arrive back in Cleveland early Monday afternoon are here so this is like a long is that a weekend. We gave way celebrate nick sat next time I have been here. I wanna do it like Mike did we did avoid deeper into an afternoon. They were down all day long party in the in. Steve compartment lite 2 in the morning invites him at midnight they are it's part of our history is in the inning be debated these are now get him you know have a group. Does that separate at night I remember. We reset in the back on Mondays I was we saw a clause in our garage that was packed up on the seventh hole. If you're in New Orleans if you got here when it was time to leave. You would get now no time soon I mean just took Allen how can a Contra thought it was this it was a million people here it was a AM people what an a six mile radius that the two and a half hours before the all know now we just came into. Thank goodness the man down downstairs we and and eat. Would look at their names kind of set down their points I made a sandwich. Mistook appear that was a good or anything. Benefit Jamie Jamie thank you for calling WW. The guys carry a major I'm okay call me crazy but let me ask you if you would just deal here. Would you trade but hello crazy. To fill out categories. Okay that Philadelphia for this year double. And their number next year I'm hoping that you were 16 this year. And a potential lottery pick next year. It will what's to keep them from below in this deal could there haven't been anywhere. Bobbled it being a solid get rid and hit Davis does add that he gave is not is considered all star. Are great players syllables he's been in a conversation you talk radio and pass that tarts. Like you know when you look at whoever you might think is like degrees when he's in LeBron. Staff curry. Anthony Davis has been. Like when you look at young judge deluge or Philadelphia went. Evoked a number three they would go by number one in 201819. To get into Davis. They give up three number ones right off the bat that at bay bailed Barrett anyway thinking that because nobody there right mind would do it. If if they had an Dave's including who want to you don't do that. That would be like that would be like somebody get rid of Kareem Abdul Jabbar get rid of B or Russell used don't do that. What he he's not Karine a Bill Russell went. Yeah you know he's he's not immediately be he was injured this year Kobe what was your eyes and last year. You can't about the bandwagon because he was injured. I thought I had not been against big but he's the only marketable and yeah. But limit days it there if if there any team in the heat. Would take would you just laid out they do in a heartbeat well I did think is every heartbeat Jeremy. I look at where he's at his age you know that you know I'm gonna get better by game narrative. Potentially the greatest players in the league. That that that that's that's as route look at it. You not gonna get better but by. Basically given away a franchise player you when you sit Tommy craze I was thinking you glossy someday I mean you think that that's not even crazy. Okay we'll look at initiatives were erected. I got a couple of Nichols shall except for Cutler Chris. Now I I hear. I don't know when I. When the city music comically something like and you know if you would would you mostly like maybe some guys race but being in Simmons or you know its way to get it done out. I would and that what are you visited him now Jeremy what is your take. On. The approach. Of delved in as good as you look as though this what had the sixth overall pick weather right now up three years ago. And I guess has surprised at that they draft night trade at the the Orleans still well he picked him in any shipped him the Philadelphia. But I think I was I like Jrue Holiday I think jrue holidays and all star so when I look at that but you look undid tenth. The pelicans have traded their first round selection for the past three years the only one day camp and l.'s obviously we talking about Anthony Davis. The number one pick in 2002 also. You wanted to stay pat. And you think you'll have an impact player at no mistakes are you autumn. To do what he's done in the past basically is that maybe act at a general what it would be you want to do. You know he had this great player but he okay. You need to shore and it was the people tell them columns are this year or church or school from a mistake. And and that football ferocious. Phenomenal job may have mentioned. Which can happen in and getting obscure players to play roles. We've been unable to do here yeah you know where we haven't even come close to simulate. We're look at it. It's great role player. And stretched for it should. Why they're talking about let him go actual legal the other kid can play the art. He can flat knockdown of Reading pitcher a couple of reaping. You think Billy shoots that that be a gentry type player of would be a no brainer. Yeah exactly. Exactly so I guess you know the curious way out. Or on on build their action and in the history and what he's done. That yet as far as a team. It's say it is an olive avenue K and is you can make those exist and it. Yet Dick and Jamie thank you so much for the call and gone back to motives of this and to in the NBA covers last night including Chad Ford and other other than Philadelphia. And he zipped past them makers but it depends on what will be content with the Lakers. Picks three through 73 through eight. Are looking to dump out of those picks not to trade back to get more picks they wanna get a veteran players somebody has already proven there's been in this league already. With the a year or two years. Because they are mean they look at okay how long was taken back you've got the original was it's over there Wright has about three or four that they feel can come in in. And be an im gonna say impact player come in and I had to be a star. But quality minutes and be impact players at other ones you say well if you always year and so forth and all and the pelicans cant wait a year or some to some situations. But they can't wait a year to make the playoffs so if they got a piece that can help them make the playoffs right now not a work in progress. Well deacon. He's a guru gurus Chad for when allocated I've been volleyball basketball baseball mode Chad Ford. Amused all over on top of and I trust him way back Russell Westbrook. And his perception. Resident Westbrook it he said. Look that you look at me and salmon and and Ingram ran dining room as the first two picks. But after that. No it's who knows what's gonna happen and how the players are gonna fall. Not solace in is that what he said. And a big decayed throw Milwaukee. Who did play some point guard at six foot eleven he did right it's never. Off on how to pronounce his name hyphen out to a guy's name on. Moscow look at them to them yet because he's international player but wants Jason Teemu into the point I wanna stadium like. Now and the end to put so we'll go on the second half the seats I was put them out and could be something we start to see now what would big physical battle with Paul back and handle the ball well that Chad Ford things that now Benson is not a you know as a point guard holly can distributed handle the ball. Could be a sixth in point guard you bar even as a name on its Janice. I did to Cobo. One more time super calloused fragile as that I would those who is here it's Gianna and to took a blow and a ethic took whom well. If you and I thought I know he's a good young player and any has played pulling guarded real gains it's excellent yeah. We'll take a timeout comeback and how one trade already may have shaken up the part of the draft. Some people are expecting to be several trades tomorrow not only because they wanna get better but who can enhance. Who could enhance the way they look. Gone into the first of the month. When the Kevin Durant sweepstakes in this day and seemed like this is a a former blues this guy who has kind of made back in quiet. But if you look at Kevin Durant in the last several monster and the way kind of came back and Mark Cuban in the media is gone and there toughest PM look Dickens who starts out the back. And he's going to be playing in the wind and that call and think he would pick and a bat but he's going to be entertaining several teams in the first of July. If he decides to go in ways that embody it might be if he defeated anti doping Oklahoma City. Well DK if you're old school team you know he went too long when he favorites at this that you've been a little boy you know I think the Knicks. Have have better there cause. Nixon they look bad I don't know if they've gotten better rap community in the NBA now a big a big player that can do it's and we saw in here rabbit. As he's a proven commodity I probably Lopes is a good player that would be good talk about that yeah the talk about the trade to New York. To get growth data sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports talk. He is a case to gain about biewer on the very Maria. Am I mean I was have. Taken out you know we are partly in account family. You know a bit ago. Are gonna come sister station Emily picked up the rice to arrange ams so now we have I think I was reading the email over two pointing sports teams. And country. Chiefs. The Red Sox. Rams the Saints. At look who would've been a bunch of that's. At best British drone Aminu Chris I would imagine and in LA now and you take. Those of those Bible France this year you don't because potentially. I think in my reforms are redness. With the new stadium with a guy gone. You know Dallas as they kind of were Jerry Jones the top dog as far as you need. I heard like the Rams value is going to Saint Louis that loss as like seven billion dollars or thinks about two billion. With a retina would have the Rams won nothing. Moldovan but if they get to be a pulling out by being in that market so if I play with the big dogs and intercom yeah I haven't. Mean the franchise that the voice of a Rams just as big time in LA has go to hammy for JB thank you for calling WW ago. Thank you shake my caller made it goes patient brakes problem as quick question. But you can talk about the trade with Wimbledon. And I know a lot of mock drafts has taken in the Bard had a providential Colorado Kentucky. I would like goes should a big deal local home. Yet realize that it JB to me on the body heal thing although I'll watch all sports I'll watch college basketball to me who was clutch. Not an awful lot of times the scouts and teams how they project right and you look at the of side if they think. Because the college their body heals and hopefully. And it paid yet Duke would Judith hit on me when I was here environment you to overdo it in the only hit. They they don't see his upside is much as the young man from prominence because. He is a senior right he's being Collins and in Pete and I heard Tate Posey took figured expect to see he conceded. Ralph the battle but here they think it can be a starter and a good player in this league. But to make some of those superstars shots and be like Stephan curry they feel like you know his potential is not as great as some of those other guys simply because. He had more time in college it's three years to some mostly to for the majority of them to where is he comes in league much moment to. Read it in and not to say I mean to me if you're a top ten player c'mon he used to. Well I mean in the czar is like should be because I mean that I look at it oh everybody knows drop these drop I mean. So he's not drafted three of forty goes them a mean right Tuesday I don't. It is way he's been given Kentucky is there I'm much or anybody you could you see I think more immediate impact right. But he could be is gone in May go down there with the things I've been a potential ago that's I think gate to waive him this is sports are you're missing a WW.