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Jun 23, 2016|

The suspect in the shooting death of a Jefferson Parish Deputy yesterday has been arrested and will face first degree murder charges. He is 19-year-old Jerman Neveaux – who admitted to shooting Deputy David Michel because he was carrying a gun while on probation and didn’t want the officer to arrest him again. If he didn’t want to go back to prison, why was he carrying a gun when he was forbidden to….and WHY then shoot the officer dead in order to NOT go to prison! What kind of thinking is that? 2pm poll: How were you taught to feel about the Police? To fear them, to honor them, to challenge them, to obey them, to trust them.

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Tried this is lover boy they're going to be conserved Rick Rick Springfield tonight's champions square still tickets on sale for there should be a core ray Knight really no chance of rain. And I've noticed the last couple of nights is there have been very pleasant in the evening a little on the warm side but but a nice breeze and very pleasant Chavis corporate receipt concerts are tonight. Rick Springfield opens up his summer tour decided to started summer tour right here in New Orleans because he loves New Orleans. And the concert to start 7730. And it includes. Loverboy also and I Granger and Rick Springfield and it's it's a great throwback to the eighties today in Rick's got some new stuff out of that we're gonna play though wanted to do song song called down. And we share the video fewer recently it's kind of hard to do that on the radio but we managed if we managed to show on the radio. We're gonna play that for you coming out this half hour and we got supreme Barbara musica plan for him should be a great show tonight and when you. It's a pristine when you go to these concerts. Remind us of doing stuff like this in the eighties I mean Rick looks great. And sounds great. And it's if it's a it's a way to not only re live the past but it's also a way to. And it take a look at the road map of your life and see where you wore today in I hope that's not a pleasant thing for. We talked about that extensively on the show on the Monday after the years to cure cut knows that it was a Friday after the cure concert. Or maybe it's just our time one day after the cure concert to remember talking about. How it was great to see so many people are reliving the past but I also got the sense of where I am today. And it's it's it's a good feeling so it should be a really good show tonight Wal-Mart customers can now place there grocery orders on line. And then you pull up to the store. And they bring the groceries out to your vehicle. This is its stores in Covington Kenner and slightly oh no extra cost. This will allow customers to get their groceries without ever getting out of their cars. And it's because of modern technology. Now. This is this is one of the things that contributes to the obesity rate in America. Because you can do something doesn't mean you should it. I mean this is all part of the sit dating of America. You know we we we we have to be active and yet there are more and more things that we can do that make our lives less active than before. Again you know people drive around and try to find the closest place to live to park next to the store and if you're able bodied. You should look for them. Closest place shall be afraid to to to walk a little bit. But I think this is a great example and maybe we'll talk about this one afternoon. A towel modern technology is making America just. More settled and and less active. I'm screwed in the afternoon ledger a part of our after an audience here. We're gonna talk we're gonna continue to talk about the US Supreme Court term blocking president Obama's executive order immigration today. The vote was a 44 tie vote. That leaves in place the ruling by the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals here in New Orleans. Which ruled that the Obama administration did not have the power to protect up to four million immigrants from deportation. And make him eligible for work permits. So according New Orleans said the action would be the approval of congress so this is part of our checks and balance system at work. The president signs an executive order the judicial branch says wait a minute you can't do that this is not within the power of the president this is something that needs the approval of congress. But he does once again resurrect its very. Hotly debated issue of illegal immigrants in America. And when I say that most people think about people chipping across the border. By according to the president there are fewer people coming across the border than in the past. Teresa past presidencies. And they got a lot to deport people. What the president is mainly talking about are those people who are in this country they're technically illegal. But they're contributing to America. They're teachers or students and doctors lawyers. And they're contributing to America's so why not make it easy for them to become citizens why should they face the threat. Of of being deported. And any moment mean I would trade this is like the NFL with the NBA. I would trade some of our citizens for that group of people any time. Those who were here contributing. Because we know that there are lot of people who were born here and they don't do anything to contribute to our country. In fact they take away from our country. Here's part of what the president had to say from the White House at a press conference earlier today. We have to decide whether we're people move except the cruelty of ripping children from the parents' arms. Or whether we actually value families and keep them together. For the sake of all of us it's. You know it's really easy to get people riled up it's illegal immigrants who got to get a lot of here created it's easy for talk show host to do it it's easy for politicians to do that. But if you think about what that means. And you would actually take time to to to think about Saturday and you and I may disagree honest and that's okay this is America that are always have to have the same opinions on everything. I just think there's something wrong about. People who have come to this country. Because they were brought here by their parents they were too young to make the decision to com or not to count. So yeah that they are here illegally but they didn't actually make the decision to do something illegal. Their parents to it. So they're here. As so they've been part of our society and their contributing. Why are we so. Why are we so quick to get murdered. You know maybe some should go. And the priority is placed on those who are committing crimes. And those who are coming in illegally now. As opposed to those who are here contribute but you know it's it's a lot easier to to perpetrate the rhetoric of it's either this way or display. It's just it's it's easier to rile people it's like let's get a body here. Really. Think about how many of them. Are actually help. Again a text here since I'm house painter and earlier this year I gave declined to bid of 101000 dollars labor. Which is very cheap these days and a week before I was supposed to start. They called and told me that should we're going with someone. That. Had stopped by and gave them a 101000 dollar bid including labor and bacterial. Material is about 4500 dollars. So I went to ride to see when they started. And guess what I saw I promise you they were legal and didn't have the license or insurance I have. I am. I am all for competition entertaining anyone coming to a from other countries but do it legally and yet these licenses and insurance is that I am. Can disagree with that. But the person who was also to blame as the person who hires. There equally to blame. Think about who created the market. For. Illegal immigrants. Mean I understand that I'm not in competition should be fair. But in every industry. There are times when. When salaries go down. I mean there there have been times in my radio career. Win itself Reese went down. Just in generally it does mean some some people though to really really well but there were times when he generals and the the celery stick to go down. And sometimes they tend to go up it so yeah again a lot of it has to do with with technology and an in this business but. You know there's. Life isn't fair. And we have to learn to accept that sad reality. If you rejoice in the comic this afternoon on numbers 260. One except the very code 504260. When he salary texting 77 and also we're talk about the suspect in the shooting death of Jefferson Parish deputy yesterday afternoon producers breaking during our show we have a lot of passion conversations about that yesterday afternoon. He's nineteen years old admitted to shooting deputy David Michel. Who died at the hospital. Shot him because he was carrying the the suspect was carrying a gun. He's on probation. And he didn't wanna get arrested again. So because he had more get arrested again he decided the best course of action was to shoot and kill the deputy. What possible possible defense would anybody have to this nineteen year old. And as I said yesterday there should be studies done so we know where. These people come from what contributed to this mentality. I'm screwed in the afternoon. This was the song but it number one on Tuesday June 23 1979. She was not stuff Donna Summer Pollyanna. We'll be right back on WL. I saw a television commercial last night and anybody who buys this product should be immediately placed on the FBI watch list. Have you seen it I've Shia Donald Trump or it Chia Hillary Clinton. You do you YouTube you know you spread the stuff on there has. And it's what's this green there. I'd tell it is. Wrong or right she Hillary Clinton and you should immediately go on the FBI's. Watch list. I'm scared of the afternoon I'm glad you're with us and it earlier sensory yesterday and it's been editors. Ever since it affects it was on a national news so overnight and again this morning. A sheriff knew Norman Jefferson Parish had sounded off on yet another Jefferson Parish deputy shot and killed in the line of duty and in in broad daylight. This I divers that are walking down the street it was a pedestrian stop the a police officer deputy. David Michel. What part of the street crimes unit in Jefferson Parish and saw something suspicious about dispersant and stopped it was that it was gonna patting down. Well the guys on probation so he knew he would be in trouble because the guys on pro patient probation and he hasn't gone. He didn't want the police officer to find the gun so we took the gun and shot and killed. Like dude you think that's not gonna go to jail. I mean again this justice to that we're talking about. Gee I don't know what you define my gone I don't wanna go to jail so let me just killing. In broad daylight. You think people can't see this there were witnesses and Jefferson Parish jump right on and they got the guy that there was a there's a woman and this is a great part of our story on it to me if you'll talk come. About this a woman who was a house in the area where this nineteen year old ran into. And she said that she saw somebody in your backyard and call the police that he he wanted to come in the house she said he does it he let me and and and he looked real scared. Nation have been scared before he did what he did and this guy nineteen year old is it at your mind to Javon Novo. Never rove never. I think Easter is injured and John is it pronounced Iran it looks at me to can beat Germany can be jamaat it doesn't really matter liberal. Canaveral because it's never. Nineteen years old admitted to shooting deputy David Michel because he was carrying a gun. And didn't wanna give it more to get caught and sent back to jail. C'mon nouveau okay thanks so. What possible defense is their finished nineteen your world. There's none. We started talking about yesterday but people are still very passionate and very angry. About this. And we've also been talking about the US Supreme Court blocking president Obama's executive order one immigration. And also another police officer from Baltimore in the Freddie gay death of Freddy gray death case has been found not guilty on all charges. Not people are upset about tennis. You can be upset if there's not a trial but if there's a trial don't you have to accept the verdict. If there's not evidence to convict somebody that we we we don't convict people. Now you can argue that the the trial the jury report fair and and maybe that's going to be part of the conversation. But at some point you know whether it's Casey Anthony or the case of George Zimmerman ROJ Simpson there'll always be cases where we disagree with. The that the verdict but at some point as a civilized society we have to. Except the verdicts it doesn't mean that you have to agree with him but at some point we have to accept what the system dies. Tommy joins a VW are good afternoon. Hello Tom. All right let's go to a Mississippi and Judy you're on WW a good afternoon. Hi I do a couple stories where all those. Subject at hand what I can't or wouldn't need Supreme Court. Let down and Obama. And giving you. Know that it's not so much how many executive. Under active one made. It said. The content of what am keen and what it's doing. Is telling. And for flaws daily not to pour La. And that's the problem. He's the one hire illegals ugly pan he district I think they're like here at 1000 giant. He'd check legal direct from the border. And and hired. Me over here Condit did the president hire people. I. There was one. Job. And he made it at the Latin. That illegals were first. That just came across the border. And you know you I I'd like to find the source of that if it's true certainly we'll talk about it because it doesn't sound that doesn't sound right but I don't think it was personal the president hasn't directly guard people his administration on. I guess can lead the way to to hiring illegals and it out but it articles if the illegals are hired over legal citizens if illegals are hired over. People who have come to this country and they're trying to become legal that's not fair. It is not fair you've got. The President Obama keeps saying. Too bad we're gonna do it anyway. Well and it's pretty cool about a Supreme Court the Supreme Court slapped and our. If you notice the flap in back couple times. You know you get so much time and he he'd buy it good lie in public shooting lately every president does that. Why. That argument is what they ever. It is not a five year. I didn't hear her I didn't hearsay that and I think pat path to citizenship this is a the protection from immediate deportation as a hell of a lot different than just giving somebody immediate citizenship. Well he account and down I'm sorry more Border Patrol is not allowed choose I read people anymore that's not true. To reduce. And from Border Patrol. You you you you heard that from San Diego Border Patrol that they're not allow up to arrest people. Yeah I'm gonna have to look into that 'cause I don't I don't believe that but I'll check into. Absolutely and you ask how many days they are twelve to elect. A look into Judy yeah. And the cry about it Barlow immigrants in a lot thicker commuter. There are right. Part challenging players that are telling you got from all of them. A lot of all of a lot of poker and how to party party I'll party would get that information. The word you see. Red card tell me where you seat unity. It I NBA. Sorted I thought Obama. He he was flying in 20000. Sunday but here. Yes. She's. Yeah. He is now. In the drop in on amnesty may yet another did you going to chew gum when you heard news. I get and backed. MR and that black and get jobs they had. A. Well Judy iron I appreciate the call. Thank you had a chance to express that. That opinion. So the president's falling into 40000 Syrians. A day. I you know it. Sounds to me like I need these somebody's kind of caught some kind of today hysteria from the Internet. I'm scoot in the afternoon if you Arnold hang on we will be right back coming out of this so this news update. Are we gonna give you leverage Springfield supporter retreat feels Brenda Song is called down. And it was written by one of the guys were bit by Rick Springfield and one of the guys in Rascal Flatts took a little bit of a country feel to it. But it's a it's a really good new song he'll play tonight in concert will be right back on WL here's our news update with. Cheer. Don James. It's nobody's sounds like Rick Springfield Amanda got less grade still a sells great he's a concert tonight you can still get your tickets now on line. It's it's a champion square tonight to lover boy and also night ranger will be performing. I had a chance to sit down with director and his manager briefly yesterday after the I had gators are richter came to town. Late yesterday afternoon and he's here. And has selected New Orleans as the place to start his summer tour should be a great night for the concert. I'm screwed in the afternoon this is where politics and pop cultural we speech your opinions here and DaVita QL. Here's a pretty general opinion poll and that update. How are you talk to feel about the police. 12% say to fear them. 5% say two on with. 5% say challenged him. 49% say to Obey them. And 30% say to trust them. What I I just voted a moment ago and I wished you I had to lie to say Albania I was taught to make the police and that's what I taught myself. If you wanna join us for the comic yes we're talking about the tragedy yesterday afternoon the the nineteen year old suspect there's Shimon. Novo has admitted to shooting deputy David Michel. Who's carrying gun didn't want to be patted down he was on probation that the kid was already trouble. And again I just. Their needs to be some studies done. Not only here but around the country on what leads to this. Mean we do studies on so many stupid things. That you think that we can do studies on something worthwhile. And finding out what leads to Vista there are going to be exceptions. Stuff. Shows up in your DNA. A lot of people or just bad people. Even though they come from good parents and good homes. But there's a disproportionate number of people who are just. The victims. Are no parent. The victims of of a system that they're just not shame people who do wrong. And again as I said yesterday that starts with. The sperm hitting the ink it starts with reckless. Casual. Instinctive sex. That is nothing more than eight conquest. It's not making love. And I look I'm not I'm not approve when it comes to sex. Part we have far too many people. Who it is not it's not shameful. To impregnate. A girl or woman. And walk away. And in the context of our society that should be a shameful. Shameful shameful act. You can't really blame the child Kenya from Baton Rouge Charles here and every WL. I yeah sure immigration. I didn't support. The group of black lady that called about the idea that. The president the leader our country. Is saying it's okay fourteen million people. To break the law. And how to get only fourteen million I thought it was a last. Well at that even the tea. Pot point you know that yea you're very challenging people to all agree that it's let me ask you questions. Were you get the idea of validation that these 111000014. The whatever million is our martyrs and doctors and do girders and everything else. Fourteen million are two or Lebanon like or whatever the numbering is they're not all that. Well exactly at which you share while ago that how good they were. I sat sun sets I Charleston set and some of the some of them are some of them are good people contributing to our society. They are but they're brick in the law. What you it will ultimately. Let's go back if you're six years old and your parents bring you do this country and its fifteen years later can you actually say that kid broke the law. That it was years old I was brought here. It. A year but don't stay like that she had broke the law don't say that he broke the law. There parents broke the law. But the walls still broken and one this deal you've got the president and onstage in the book it break the law. And you got the president on Tuesday they pay uncle who at the body. We're gonna do away with the separation of power because I'm the chief. And the system worked. The system worked because the judicial branch said I can't do. Rondo and a great deal. You know duty. Arrogance of the pan to even say that he can do. And he's not happy about the operational policy don't. I actually didn't receive disgusted and this may this or this up and listen to whatever you want done. Just that this president does show signs of arrogance. Senator George W. Bush. And I don't say that to defend Obama saying that because. Presidents show signs of arrogance. And there was a lot of talk. Under George W Bush's administration some of the same things that are being talked about was immigration we're talked about when he was president. So in some ways you could say George W. Bush. So it was OK to break the law. There were Republican presidential candidates last year campaigning. Agreeing with some aspects of what the president says about immigration. I'm not saying this to defend President Obama. I'm saying this because. We can be so damn hypocritical. You can't criticize what president for doing the same thing that you support another president Purdue. It's stupid it's it's hypocrite at it it is so typical in America today. I'm not defending bad people in this country but I tell you what. Those people who came here court technically illegal here I understand that like I get I get it. Put it there. Contributing why not make it easy for them to become citizens. Not easier than those who have been here legally or illegally trying to become legal. But just. Why have this group of people faced the threat every. Hours every day of deportation. I'd rather trade them for a lot of US citizens we have. Who are hurting our society and killing deputies. And shooting people and stealing things that don't belong to loan. I'm skewed in the afternoon and we'll be right back on WL. This was the number one song on this day in 1960. Also on Tuesday in 96 as what kind of set the mood for where we were as a country. Understate June 23 1960 the Food and Drug Administration formally approved and avoid. Which was the first oral contraceptive. On sale in the US. Many said that this would lead to a sexual revolution. That is not been proven. Many believe that the birth control pill led to the beginning of the the women's liberation movement. And we talked often on the show about the parallels between the debate for same sex marriage and the debate over a birth control pills. Because the the religious right which was supposed to birth control pills thinking that. Oh wait if people don't have to worry about getting pregnant and they're gonna just start having sex. The truth is that people were having sex before that and so. The experts that I've read reports from. Indicate that it really did not cause the sexual revolution that some say. But there was a there was an attempt just like there was with gay marriage there was an attempt to ban the sale of birth control pills. And in a case I think you receive a grant universities. Connecticut to. In the state of Connecticut says there was a that could there was a case that went to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to ban. The sale of birth control pills essentially based on right to privacy I'd Julie you're on WWL or good afternoon. I. How are you. I'm. I hear you do. It. In court. I'm. Or are. There. It our. Way. Border check. Out. Pack. Your. It. There. Don't know how that. Ha. Law. And me. I. And we're. And and he got. Here. Can't. Yeah. But Julie that doesn't fit into the fear and hysteria there's some people are trying to. To inspire in people and candidates and and radio talk show host is like there illegals we gotta get rid of out. People who who buy into this hysteria don't really understand what they're talking about. I. Here. You are. You kind of break it up artist Julie but I appreciate the call thanks for being miss this afternoon. Major part of our after an artist I suppose a testament that happens. If you're on hold hang on I'm stewed in the afternoon and were coming right back tomorrow afternoon on the show it'll be Friday will be heading into the weekend. We don't talk about the celebration of life pop music festival which took place in the crate Louisiana. This week in 1971. This was a reflection of today's baby boomer generation back then. And believe me you think there's a lot to criticize with younger generations today. There was a lot to criticize. It went so there Winona that pop festival there was a lot of stuff to criticize with today's baby boomer generation we're gonna get into that tomorrow afternoon and if you add that pop festival I would love to talk to. We'll be back under the have you well. There was a song there was just a very typical of the I guess mid sixties. The electric prunes. I had too much to dream last night. Congressional candidate in Tennessee says American needs to go back to the way it was in the sixties. And he's put up a billboard that is causing some controversy the billboard reads make America whites again. He says we need to go back to the 1960s when Ozzie and Harriet and Leave It to Beaver where the popular shows on TV. There were no break in is no violent crime and no mass immigration. Do you think America should go back to the way it wise in the sixties. Before you answer. Think about it we'll talk about that in the next hour. And if you're on hold I apologize that we haven't gotten to you yet stay on hold to the news and two we will get to you first we come back after the news. We'll continue our conversation about the a suspect in the shooting of the different different deputy Jefferson Parish yesterday. And also the Supreme Court smacking down the president's executive order saying the President Obama. Did not have the right to issue an executive order concerning immigration. That's something that need to be approved by congress our conversation continues Simon scoot in the afternoon on every WL.