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6/28 6:10pm Dell Demps

Jun 28, 2016|

General Manager of the Pelicans joins Bobby and Deke to talk Buddy Hield, Alvin Gentry and the future of the franchise.

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Other local radio they'd do all lends appellate cans and a very good week or missed a week as a jet did. But you know out of Oklahoma picking up tick Gallo out of Kansas now joining us is the general manager of the New Orleans pelicans dale dams coach and give a damn how are you. Would tell your take on the do new digs you picked up in the draft as well. Oh we really excited and you know we're Ricardo local both buddy and check to New Orleans pelicans and and you won't compete community. We're very happy about draft played out we sort we only have added a phenomenal basketball player to a phenomenal people. There when you look at what is taken place since he came in the coach graves and our coach gentry eat a lot of his Cadillac when we get these evaluations and your workplace as you'd throw them out until about the job you've done it. A job as there would have done him breaking down his own fault. But. Requested you know. You know last year was tough you know last year when I went through it and do it every year do that self assessment team. And you know it is tough particularly given evaluation because we have so many injuries you know. Did the pieces never were altogether. Too he did didn't work. Oh are popping whatever know are good routine from last leading could've been you know the latter projections and title company and obviously we beat building we're disappointed. But you know like I gonna chalk that would have to injuries and you know but we got to move forward. Now they'll when you look but he'll than I thought. Is kind of funny I guess when you look at boy if you play until you see year in college to kind of deal wall why are you still in college and and because LO body heals all the players that he's only 22. When you look at that so. I guess a good seed outside is edges because. The next big cage is a guy is. Coming out of high school went trying to think you get him and develop them when they young are why not let may be more players I are obviously did develop maybe in college. Is that a come his trade to the pros and he can't control that that will what is your take about the a guy who stays in college and on pit president Malcolm Brock been. Who played in my son in high school agree Atlantic Christian is ACC player of the year UNL wanna say. 36 to Milwaukee Bucks. But I know it helped him a developed by staying at University of Virginia. You know I think each guy is different you know I think some guys benefit from Spain. Probably any guys that. Don't go to different stadium but some guys sort of race ago a lot of it aren't we have to do with the financial benefits of believing early. And Lotta guys they wanna play at the highest level and they don't wanna wait. You know interesting now the NBA you know development. In the big part of the NBA teams now you know we have developmental league and yet he's young players time to bring them along. Now they'll look at that the paladins over what some of play a July 8 December league in laws Vegas. Against the Lakers. When when you look at who with how that league goes about it and how the format of it. Heidi used what you players out there and see how quickly they respond have played against NBA talent to just break that down the involvement in. And the benefits being involvement that. Well the first thing at a decent. Unity differently wanna put two B fit the system and you want to start getting new players. The terminology. The new system. On you know to different games different rules in the college. In I think brought that the most important thing offensively. It's kind of test when he too little bit. Because I'm not a guy might have a role normally might have to earn a regular season. But you know the key is to make sure they know the offense learn their spots and hopefully you can get some things some leaguer prepare players for training camp and regular season. With new ones pelicans general manager dale dams fresh off a very good drafts a summer league coming up and of course Friday. As a part of free agency and we know the NBA is history department most Eric. All coaches and players so that obviously you know yours as mr. dams about free agency is the cause they are not allowed to talk about every team at this point in time. Because that would get inundated with Nixon who don't know why would enhance that that though were Ruth oh keep dale and the C I can't say look who hated sing it. For him now with that said thank you Q I. A few moments ago you talked about the good players and good people in the organization a guy out to you talk about you have respect for work with a network which even the getting into aren't. Vanity Fair it would it would mean dale for you to bring him into the franchise and you've got with the draft how did that worked the other night in in in your your input and his take on the drain. Well you know the it and into the for a long time either Marcus are playing career trying to figure things now. Fairness I would area want to go win and you want to be a part of basketball I don't want to coach to be on this side in. You don't see he helped me out well first party you know you like good ideas. On. You're bringing him in an astounding board has been phenomenal has been a phenomenal last couple weeks but it'll. We really been talking. For the last couple years you know he's been a good person back in he doesn't arms either he would talk to other people outside opinion. But if you talk to people those teams having an ulterior motives. And so it was always good you know it is to talk to any. And I think the good thing about him rated new ideas and inside you know all that but what the experience that he has. Now I'd tell you look at philosophy and and not look at this and the anti BC while that's all part of and I understand that. When you look at money Williams and I guess his philosophy and how well. The paladins were able to play defensively. And then you look at coach gentry are more up tempo. You know Warriors and how they're structured in what he's done and gone back at the Phoenix Suns. Oh what is your take can a player get better defensively are there with the IMAX to delicate body healed. A pure shooter. Score at that two spot. But what I've read number of places that not necessarily a great defender and he's seen a lot of times you don't have that total package either the you know can rebounded the bits of player are there a score but you know bringing evening to detail defensively. Can that be developed a body healed or you know what you have in him and obviously. Always have and highest court office and the coach gentry did that a piece of the puzzle. William Ward thirteen you know mountaineers a great officer can also great defense team so we believed it defense. Counts mean you can be a good team defender. On but he can also be good individual defender any of actually hit the market right now looking at a muddy field and you know. In a big part of his development would be will be defense you know perfect time college. You know that the scoring will become so much. That is part of put or your energy on defense this side of the ball. Put it you know move forward you know we think he's going to be a two way players you know we steady him. You know we have all the tools to be good defensive player and you know they're going to be our expectations. Dale this is can be used to what coach gentry how much closer or use to having. The players that you feel are beneficial or better with the political case he wants to do may be in twelve months ago at this time. Com. You know offer a little bitter about a week or two after free agency. Good I think the key is you know he's now working together you know on the phone or no meetings in. Worked existing out together as a group alone we're collaborative group. And you know players you know we're we're gonna get guys that are gonna come here and impact winning they'll play hard play. For each other. Now they'll hah does that affect you in what I elaborating on the particular player but. When you look at the salary cap and and how you trying to sign maybe of potential free agent. 01 year to year DR even longer that when the salary cap just sort out Kevin Durant name out there that. It could be you might Libby look at that a long term security. But then also may be looking at a will feel even a one year type deal. Because of the salary can be mingle and I've been in kind of cashing in twice the have to also face that act as a general manager when you try to bring players in. Absolutely you know there's some players that. On you know they want the long term security you know they wanted to build a kind of an energetic air team for four years. And there are some players you know wanna better themselves they want a one year deal leading did back in and have the opportunity. Make more money. And then all come into play you know I think when your bringing players in you know the important thing for us is one they wanna be here. And you know we we never really even ever wanna bring a player and I just want to come in for one year to show he can do you and in. The negative marketplace but sometimes you might read guy in because it makes sense for both parties. And to do it short term deal and so will be look at everything. The market this year is going to be different free agency because of the rise. You know we're prepared to expect the unexpected. Found there were things we attempt pelican German to dale dims you know what we have here in New Orleans is I think what. Probably 25 maybe 26 of the team want is that. Sure afar big time player and a guy like Anthony Davis and and when you look at things they are right in with the draft report coming in and the core which I would think would be Tyreke. Would be AD and drew in the I had body did team wore orders and things now that you may be off that caused you think. Helps enhance. With ED does it may be bring out his game even more and help this one but. Is is it maybe China looked it would be due back court wise for a call wise or all of it may be a situation Diaw do you look at the way you have a plan. And then maybe somebody becomes available that you didn't make any might that be so much quote in a position that you guys won it is it is indeed. But someone gave you an opportunity to be like oh what we are great this something you're looking at it. Just take us through the lane through free agency I realized got a category edges and the naming them what it was a big you've got to try to accomplish. When the clock strikes midnight on for a. We know we have some core players you know what you did you look and see who's available. On partly by penal free agent with an awful by trade. And you know we wanna put players complement each other. There because of the most important is when you're putting it came out here that wins and that individuals. And if you make it easier to keep good people that are talented. That also compliment each other skill. And you know that that can be the main focus for a while and be aggressive and you know it is is going to be very competitive is is going to be. Very similar to cog recruiting going out because that everyone has money and you know are quite a reactor sale and the other team in this city and organization. And you know we look forward to the opportunity. Now del. And before we let you go come on expectations. If you look at next year and considering this disappointing season when. All of a sudden you kind of take for grand as a fan yeah we're gonna active wells to camp we do something in the playoffs. Is it kind of playoffs are busts and when I mean by that. The expectations. We know out of the west has been. Within almost expecting to get in high forests have not out fifty wins in the season. Well. You know I think any time you know look at that group that we have right now you know we put we have a talented group and I think this guy with his group I think he's going to be defense. Playing together playing our. And you know I don't wanna put four or is feeling on this group lists I do think it will would have a team out here that will make a city proud and cricket. The key for us is gonna be elf you know we're we're going out of our way right now. In preparation corrective exercises and make it turn our guys are healthy start to see it and held it throughout the year. He had the general manager of the New Orleans pelicans dale dance dale thank you so most of the time you get ready head out the vaguest now down. Oh not until next week we'll start to the eight. You know create if he starts this week in and so you'll will be. Out there trying to acquire players in and then go to days after. Or just think there when you first got in did it I guess all of this you people used to page we had beepers and asked to. And so on him at at and hit. It as I did favorite right. Yeah they did so much against gradually he's on a great draft and a good look this offseason. Aren't easy general manager of the New Orleans pelicans. Dale dams and Bobby enjoyed it being we would love days dale in some horrible last night club called disagree. Do you Somoza you know what why not make a point. And a guy like KD in and I am like you know you're right in you might not get to sit down with him. But you know it just call. Even if you're going to be gained think because that's got to be expectation you know has got to be expectations to get to that next level and we have got like I say when you talk about teams and have that and there are a few they've got two or three. Made some quick to Britain a couple with three. But the New Orleans pelicans 01 body of about five teams. They've got bad luck they got their surest thing in a guy like Anthony Davis in other than about found that 2526. Other teases me. That would give easy for a guy like Davis and a lot of talk about a best hardest thing to gear is at peace we got that. We got data here. Well they got to show you and look how close they were to being in the finals look at Oklahoma City that is the pat. Traded to Sergio boss Sam ST I get that deer in Orlando yeah. When you look so bonus comes on our board cola doubtful yeah I know Devo analogy of they always taught to believe. That they could be better than when they were up we don't want against the Golden State but they are today but bigoted they still won the rabid that they feel like Cuba Durant leaves that this plenty of talent that's around rust I was. They're at that time there's still a middle of the pay team in the west where had to rent but Durant is somebody it's not a difference maker he's a championship that that's what he years. And he's gonna make anybody he goes to better you know if you will not go to stay once every three games where a guy like Durant they only say to Fabrice in the sixth. B it is in his seat Deke you look at the draft but now the summer was July 1 the start of free agency. Everyone's Q what is the ring and Duke where his direction I'm gonna do is go to show whatever depth formally you held because a onetime member Derrick Rose right. Now he I read this is interest in the first in BP the call. Madison square home since the 1970s. Yet but it's. That's bad and. But when you're having 300 plus million dollar deal with the issue company what Joseph employer can pay you. It matters but it ain't an assi ain't cautiously and right on but. Any need as much matters to guys make it hurt me on the sat while I can't regret my point is he's thinking where tackle went marine. This year that that's why Golden State is definitely in that the ending his best at the may be. Where you are really is right this is sports talk on WW ago.