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Jul 1, 2016|

On today’s show: It’s the 4th of July Weekend in America! Millions are traveling by car and by air just days after a terrorist attack at an airport in Istanbul, Turkey. There is no known or credible threat, but there is a sense of heightened awareness this weekend. Turkish officials seemed convinced that ISIS was responsible for the attack on the airport in Turkey and we have all been warned that ISIS or ISIS sympathizers may one day attack a crowded place, like an airport, in this country. Do you feel safe to travel? AND: Donald Trump is said to have narrowed down his search for a vice presidential running mate and the two prominent names are NJ Gov. Chris Christie and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Who would you prefer Trump select? Or do you think something will still happen and Trump will not be the Republican nominee? THEN: This weekend is the Fourth of July Weekend – we are celebrating America’s birthday. Americans celebrate the 4th of July by having BBQs, crawfish boils, picnics, going to the beach, boating, visiting family and friends, buying something during a big 4th of July sale – but how many Americas will actually take time to think about or talk about what we are celebrating? Especially during a presidential campaign, we are reminded of what’s wrong with America. But isn’t it fair to also remember what’s right with America? What right do you most cherish? What right do you think is most abused or misunderstood?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm ledger where there's it is a Friday afternoon it's hot to the chance of rain has decreased. Which is good news that you wanna be out and doing things but he spent days because it means it's going to be a little hotter because the heat is more sustained. We have a lot to talk about since this is the Friday before. Fourth of July weekend. I would like to not be serious if we are producers but we will we do have a few things to to talk about. It is the fourth of July and this is the weekend we celebrate America's birthday so long holiday weekend for many if you. Thank those of you who are working this weekend so the rest of us could have a very good time. Millions will be traveling by car and by air. Just days after a terrorist attack in an airport in Istanbul Turkey. There is no known or credible threat but there is a sense of heightened awareness this weekend in America and you may see that. At airports Turkish officials. Seem now convinced that crisis was responsible for the attack at the airport in Turkey. And everybody's been warned that crisis a crisis sympathizers may one day attacking crowded place like an airport. In America. Do you feel safe. As the attack in Turkey cause you to even think about changing any of your plans. This holiday weekend. And by the way one thing we'll talk about this afternoon to it's if you're traveling. Lot of people on the road. And you just heard in our Newser a few minutes ago. The downside of lower gas prices. The downside of lower gas prices is more people were on the road. And that has led to an increase in fatalities. There are basic things that you should not do on the road. It could better protect Q and everybody else on the road so. If you're on the road or if you are going to be on the road or if you've been on the road and you know some of these things let's let's talk about that on the show this afternoon as well some of the things that you just shouldn't do. And one of the biggest things in my opinion. Is tailgate. It is the most unnecessary thing ever. If you got a comment on numbers 260. When he sent an area code 5042601. A serie a Texas a 7870. Also Donald Trump is said to have narrowed down his search for a vice presidential running mate and the two prominent names that are coming up. Our New Jersey governor Chris Christie and former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich. Who would you prefer our truck select. Or do you think something's still might happen and trump will not even get the Republican nomination here's our party general opinion poll. And and this is for everybody even if you're not a truck supporters. At this point there is a possibility that truck is going to be the next president of the United States. At this point it's a good possibility because of the position that he sent this a good possibility that Hillary Clinton will be the next president. So regardless of who wins. You still hope that the person who were selected to be vice president. Is somebody who is qualified to be president if god forbid that person has to. Step in and be president. So here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour. If trump as a GOP nominee who would you prefer he select as his VP burning it. Chris Christie. Newt Gingrich. Or other. Give your opinion I urge our web site to be a hero to icon. Here's a text I saw late today on the interstate reading a book she had propped up on her steering wheel. Here's your sign. Demo that's a sign that there's obviously. A problem. Not I hope this person isn't texting me this before they're typing because that's not. That's not wise either. Also Loretta lynch the attorney general we talked about it yesterday. Bill Clinton did a very stupid today. He should not have met with attorney Jim. Loretta lynch I don't care what they claim they talked about he should have done it. And there are. Political experts all over the cable news channels last night and again this morning saying it was a stupid thing for Clinton to do it was also a dumb thing for Loretta lynch to do it. But especially for somebody like Clinton who wants to do all think I'm assuming he wants to do all he can't help his wife get elected. This does not help the trust factor. And poll after poll after poll shows that. A majority of Americans do not trust. Hillary Clinton. And a lot of that trust. Comes from Bill Clinton. When he was in the White House. There is this distrust of the clintons and so what does bill do. He goes to meet with the attorney general. At a time when the attorney general in the Justice Department is investigating his wife on criminal charges. I don't care what they talked about. It doesn't look good. Here's what the religion decide. This case as you know is it generated a lot of attention. I'll be informed of those findings as opposed to never reading them or never seen them but I will be accepting. Their recommendations and their plans for going forward. All right so she's also now said that she is not going to get involved in the in the decision making process about whether there are charges filed. She's gonna just turn it over to to others so because of that meeting Loretta lynch the attorney general has already said. Are okay because of this don't worry I'm not going to be involved. Because you don't even if they didn't discuss it Clinton was Smart Bill Clinton's a charmer. Bill Clinton it even if he just talked nice. That was a vicarious way of putting in a plug for his wife. To the woman who could have ultimately made the decision about whether criminal charges are filed against her. And I guess bill once again back in the White House. And I'm sure that's a wonderful. Place to live lot of perks. I'm not even gonna bring up the intern thing. I'm scoots in the afternoon if you majorities of the comet this afternoon on numbers 2601. A symphony. Arie code 5042601. A seventy text numbers they 7870. Our pop culture calendar today July 1 is the birthday of Deborah Harry but I can't believe what I'm reading. She 71 years old. That's information I got it checked it. 61 may be Debra Harry's guide 71. This is going to be administrators. Will be right back WL. Yeah Clinton and struck both wanna be elected. There are some of the people wanna be elected to and there are some people on the Republican side you were not giving up hoping that they still have a chance. You know I still think it's it's very very bad for people like John Kasich who I've got a lot of respect for. And others. To no longer are the pledge I signed. To. Endorse. And accept. The Republican nominee whoever it might be. I mean this is so typical of the dishonesty politicians. I think I would have respected politicians more if they would have said. Okay you know white. I'm gonna follow the pledge I'm gonna live up to the pledge I signed I don't like to go. But I did sign a place so I'm gonna vote for the guy. Wouldn't you respect that more than just. Not even respecting the the pledge. And the whole plate ironically. Was to make sure that Donald Trump. Support the nominee if he wasn't the nominee. As and you have these other people who were not the nominee and now they don't wanna support. The nominee. You know off. I'm pledges pledge I know some things have happened. But in my are wrong on this or should everybody under the plan which we don't really have to get into that this afternoon but I thought it was just. I bring that up because it's an if it is part of this whole 2016. Presidential campaign season. All right so I'm getting some text here and and John wick looked it up during the break Deborah Harry and Blondie is 71 years old today. She could be cougar for me. Kinda here's a Texas since Dan scoot I believe she is says 71 I listen to Deborah Harry. While I was in the Marines in my twenties face it we're getting older even if we don't feel that's from jail. Well yeah we're we're getting no I just didn't think she was that much older than and then I am I didn't think she was up there with McCartney and Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger who is Mick Jagger says. A great grandfather I mean who would've ever thought that that that would happen but it did and added that the coolest thing about getting older is you don't have to accurate each. You're right to feel it and you don't have to do active. We're talking about among other things Loretta lynch meeting with Bill Clinton it was a drama. Dumb thing for both of them to do. Loretta lynch says. She gets. It has now casts a shadow. Over how this case may be proceeds. Yeah de La. And what part of that didn't she get when she agreed to meet with a Bill Clinton. And at what point did Bill Clinton not realize that this would somehow. Be used against. His wife. It's like some you know that the clintons whether this is effort true or not sometimes perception is equally as important as reality. And the perception is that even though maybe they haven't been caught. The clintons are perceived as being people who make back door deals. And in a world where that's what everybody dies in politics makes backdoor deals. They're known as the ones who really make backdoor deals. So it just just to look quite a reduced if there's nothing. Nothing wise about it but. It it did happen and of course you'd you'd think that they would have known I'm going into that. Also here's a pretty general opinion told us our. If a truck is the GOP nominee I I say if he's the GOP nominee I expect him to be GOP company however. There are still those who are trying to. Work somebody else into position. If he has a GOP nominee which you prefer that he select as his vice presidential running mate Chris Christie. Newt Gingrich or someone else to assure that you're going to our web site WW real dot com. And electric that Paul throwing our show here's a text John Kasich is intelligent. But not supporting. Trumpeted the fraud all by not supporting talk to fraud okay that's that's fine then they don't sign the pledge. You sign a pledge and then you break the clinch don't sign the pledge. I I'd have more respective agents signed the pledge or if they said look I don't like the guy but I signed a place so. I'm gonna vote for the if you'd like to join us on numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica 504260187. Tech's number since 78 Saturday and from Covington Wayne here on WWL. And join the show thanks. You know it may. Look like you said what at Portland had been I am a law on. That'd be the epitome of arrogance. And it in and my opinion it just applies. What the book Barack Obama administration has been. Like. Seven and yes it's exactly what they don't care about public perception because they think they're untouchable. And an inept at it on both. Wrong with the clintons know that nothing sticks tool. You know they called Reagan Teflon president I don't know what you call it like Hillary got nothing has ever stop I mean you got impeached. I haven't sex with a nineteen year old intern and you know that would be in the economy it from may. It is a nice again and and Travis and me Daryn those who now say Wayne didn't know nothing sticks to Donald Trump that he's gotten away with things that nobody'll sort of got their way to the arms of what he said. Up. No idea but in terms of what he said I had to send it to our between between action and and some think it said but he's also been described as the Teflon Don. And I think that goes I think that goes back to a mafia leader who was a Teflon Don because one of the one of the Mossad authors I was guilty of doing so much and he never got caught. Yeah I think it is it's just amazing to me it is at some but Bill Clinton I mean you're their attic politics. Call it what you want you can go and land or any column. Arctic was more. But there one thing is desserts every politician. In him that these in an election cycle in his life I mean. I would challenge that this really this would've been the easiest thing to avoid. Yeah it's absurd and it's it's it's it's like. It's loading. The gun the political gone filled with political ammunition against Hillary Clinton but you know they did it I'm sure this will ultimately blow for but. You know you wonder if the court but if they'll do this then what else are they what are. If it don't mean it or something beyond belief. And has now been caught the ball quite different that they make in Hillary's work. Wayne I appreciate the call I gotta get your news break if you're hold paying on if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601870. And I text number it is State's 7870. And get back to more viewer calls and more of your text coming up and write down here's our WW elders updates with Jim Hansen. I went to my FaceBook page last night which is scoot on the air had asked for some requests for songs about America and this lawyer's son this is one of them. Lenders Kennard the red white and blue. I'm scooter in the afternoon of pleasure witnessed some of organize your calls here's attacks dead terrorists says. Well this is about to yesterday I wish to fill as Elmo the late singer of parent terror gleefully tells the government comes to its heavy metal. A feel as Elmo is to from New Orleans and I wish you happy birthday yesterday so I get this section is mother. Nice to thank you for wishing a Philip happy birthday yesterday. We were at the saints camp for the united way football camp. And Philip is a celebrity quarterback every year my husband. Are called to let us know how you're well wishers so thank you for bad and they're pretty happy birthday. To Phyllis Elmo. Now we're talking about Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta lynch as she is now going to excuse herself from making the final decision are also talking about vice presidential choices. Because this. Is something that is really now starting to come to the forefront. Now truck is not supposed to my eyes are not supposed to he's he is indicated that he will not mean he can do whenever he wants. But he indicated that he's not going to announce his or vice presidential running mate until the convention. At two of the top names that are being mentioned as two people being vetted. Our Chris Christie. New Jersey governor and former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich. So our party general opinion poll is if trump is the GOP nominee who would you like him to a select Chris Christie. Newt Gingrich or other. 8%. Say Chris Christie. 22%. Say Newt Gingrich. 69% say other from Gonzales Louis welcome to the show. It. Glad. You know. It is name I think she is the smaller states and preeminent country. Whether it would sell on non I don't know. If you are. In. Tremendous all well. Anybody. And it courts were against him again is age. But not young and he's in Cambridge. I don't know it that'd be good choice and not chase. He would be much. Contract America under the Clinton administration. And had some. Match a match is between two party but good views so now. Contract for America. And set up number one number two and nobody. On that and has a full. Yeah. I don't agree with everything Newt Gingrich says or stands for now I will agree you he's a very intelligent to and and very well rent statesman. Yeah outlook that tried him and immigrant group that it would they do you have to get a a young. Yeah two. You have to come up with a young. Janet. You know the choice for life. I always enjoyed our conversation and I have a nice fourth of July weekend. And from Le plus John you're under the WL. Yes. I think you should be a good match for drowned the both completely unscrupulous. And I know I think they'd meld well together. Goes the public good to see what they're really up against and. I got a text a moment ago from somebody who must must be a Clinton supporter because she had this this text says it. The trumps it should select Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate or and that's that's got to come from a Clinton supporter. And probably. But you know people work at mr. Gingrich had the lead fell so the currency. The senate that he was there and fair on the staff members of the same time you attracting you know President Clinton for having an affair report Pakistan and. So there's a lot of other piracy on Capitol Hill. Club and John have a great weekend going to call. If you would like to join us with your thoughts and comments this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Every coach 504260187. In our taxes 877 and here's a check to says that Chris Christie for attorney general only. I agree that if if we're gonna have an attorney general. In some ways I think Chris Christie would make a very good attorney general and remanded bills Steve here on WWL. You think the fundamental. Well that's right won't go for Newt Gingrich he's been married six times. Well they tend to look the other way when they wanna support somebody. Yes that's true OK. Not to make exceptions. So I think Donald been married three. And Newt Gingrich saying I think I did. No Newt Gingrich is married six times but I know there were some questions about one affair that he had while his wife was in the hospital cancer. Yeah right away from that. These cracks me up I mean come calling you. First though the Republicans can come up with something better than Donald and I personally don't like demand as you can well see but. Amber and admits even this election cycles they're people who aren't saying so it Democrats can't come out and anybody. I agree that I agree with it is. I totally agree yeah at sixteen and absolutely Donald and is that you enjoy and again sixteen people. And he is fully gambling and he's. You know a big media star. But he also he also tapped into something that Bernie Sanders tapped into a bid to and that's just this idea that we want a real outsider and a I still repeat we're a female caller told me once on this show months ago. She said scoot truck scares the hell out of me. But no change scares me even more. Yeah I can humble and in fact I can understand them outlawed group did you change. I'm not a Hillary supporter either. But come on folks we're not looking forward. You know he's the head of art show is mean that we are seriously looking for the leader of the free world. It's a whole lot more serious then. You know I like to get these wild and he's crazy him say anything you know. I just and I'm more concerned about not knowing what somebody can do you did most important. Court. Well just being politically incorrect and should not be such. Such a qualification for president that that's why do vote for somebody acting as if it is important to be politically incorrect or to stand up for what you believe in and and say what you believe however you can go overboard and offend people and that's just that's just not good hour. An end it how you pick your doctor. Or you're you're lonely you know. I mean this is an incredibly important job that the clintons are going for the problem. Clowns is the key words there Stephen bicycles. Part of your whole hangover coming right back in order comments. Congratulations to the Kenner police they have made a third arrest. And the case of the murder and raising canes are we as foolhardy Kenner the other day. That's her suspect eighteen year old Gregory Donald of candor. Has been arrested. And they're still looking for a fourth person who possibly was in fault maybe a woman. I'm scooter the afternoon and we'll be right back on WL. Our I don't have pop culture calendar it wears on this stage July 1 1956. Elvis Presley appeared on the Steve Allen Show on NB CTV. And he performed a song hound dog singing it live. To a Basset Hound. US TV critic Jon Crosby said Elvis Presley was horrible. Called him an unspeakable. I'm talented to vulgar young entertainer. He sang the song told Basset Hound he was not allowed to dance. Because he's dancing with so provocative now like this was 1956 but the point to be made here. Is that's what the establishment thought of Elvis Presley. The establishment thought of Elvis Presley watch a lot of people who are part of the establishment today. They give hip hop in and rap music and and and rock pic of of young artists today. So even though things are different today. The spirit of the establishment. Condemning. Young performers is is. Is part of our evolution as a society in fact. The establishment that was so defensive of people like Elvis Presley in The Beatles and all those bands back then. And and hip popular they are now the establishment so let's for the sister kind of an interesting moment in time. There is a hostage situation in Bangladesh going on right now six to eight attackers on Tony hostages are being held right now. I believe at a restaurant. In now in Bangladesh Bangladesh is centered just to the just the east of of of India and it's in that area of of Miramar. And town. Vietnam and it that your worries if it's not like this is right next to a two Turkey but I guess she would say it's deal. In that region. And a Turkish officials are now convinced that. Crisis was behind the attack so you may wonder why is an ice is taking credit for this. Apparently went ice as attacks. A target in a Muslim country they don't announce. They don't brag about they do it. And you know there's a lot of progress and I'm not hearing as much about this in the news as I thought it would. But there appears to be a lot of progress being made in the fight against crisis in Syria and in Iraq. A lot of leaders have been killed crisis is being pinched me they're they're far from dead. And on over there's still alive and well. But a lot of progress has been made and one of the reasons that they may have had this attack and it has so many attacks in Turkey because Turkey has actually. Helped the west at the United States. In the war beat you know turkeys do one of those countries that you can argue has helped the terrorist. But they've also to some degree in the minds of the terrorist they have really helped the west. And so there are a big target. Thank god nothing like that that happened in Turkey has happened here in the United States. With the exception I guess of a 9/11. And of course was terrific but since nine elevenths. These it to happen all around the world and a lot of people are surprised it hasn't happened here. So if you see something that doesn't look right. Don't be overly paranoid. But don't be afraid to say something. And we hear stories after a terrorist attack and how many times you hear a story from someone who says. You know I thought something wasn't right about that guy. I thought there was something about that couple that just didn't seem right. Well if those people have spoken up it may have. Turned authorities onto these individuals to these couples. Editing of profanity or terrorist attack. Also talking about it Donald Trump according to one and hearing in the news he is a narrowed his vice presidential selections down to two primary candidates. And it would be Newt Gingrich former speaker of the house and I New Jersey governor Chris Christie. If he picks one. But do you think he should panic. I don't get back to your calls and mark your techs coming up our numbers 260187. Every coach 504260270. Text numbers 87870. We welcome everybody who's in town for essence fest just walked by the the death of food and that T shirt boosts along pointers I mean I saw it starting last night. The city is ramping up for essence fest today through Sunday. Oprah is going to be making her first appearance at essence fest. And I think that's coming. I think that's coming tomorrow. Maxwell. Into tomorrow. Ivories and Mariah Carey. Performing in essence fest. I'm screwed in the afternoon ledger Willis will be right back on deputy well. Now one of my favorite songs. And donating protect your fellow man. Happy birthday today to Victor Willis he was either that cop or the sailor depending on the show in the Village People. Victor Willis. 65 years old today and apparently he was on that are sure to tell the truth which has which has come back. And he was among apparently trying to guess the real person from the Village People. I'm surprised they never had a plumber. For some reason it just seems like they should. Here's and a plumber. In the navy and it. You know if this song or written today. Buyer group like there's always people about. Joining the navy instilling the service. So in the seventies I don't think it would be received to violate I'm scoot in the afternoon Glazer witness and from Canner tearing welcome to the show. All of our. Potential. Candidate that you. Are so one. Virtual can't come like. All the lines as superior court are getting. And watching. My president sore and you don't get attract voters. Candidate. I think it's a good point Terry and I don't know in which you do bring a Beverly are important to factor in that is that the that the vice presidential pick we as voters should demand. That this is somebody that is not they are to attract votes that this is somebody who could really actually become president because I know there's a lot of talk on both sides. About selecting somebody who will I attract votes today that that's not that's not the reason that you have a vice president of a vice president at the stepping in case something happens god forbid. Are these. And you know general. Just the age that than normal. But the big job there's step didn't end become president and also to consult with the president. I think we are in jell O. Internet some. Well OK let's let's go back to the Bush Administration I think in the Bush Administration it was more case of bush consulted with Cheney who was surely the president. The first blush I mean it can actually. So it quail yeah partner. Register election politically and she is. If Dan equivalent it was it was the first bush if they're Croshere vice president which you consult with him. Are. Right. All your mind. I was never really impressed with with Dan Quayle I was very very much impressed with George fish walker bush. Terry Deutch called a few Arnold hang on we'll continue to talk about this into the next hour. Also I wanna talk about why we have this weekend. We have a holiday weekend because we celebrate the birthday of America. This is when America became America. We have somebody writes in this country that many of the rights. Are misunderstood. Many of them are abused. Which right is most precious steel also got a text here from some listeners listening on Pensacola beach. Yeah Andrea having any fun he'll listen to shown physical and have a good time I'm Stu will be back.