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7-6 5pm Bobby & Deke: on great Louisiana sporting venues

Jul 6, 2016|

Bobby & Deke ask which stadium is on your bucket list and talk about the legacy of Louisiana stadiums with Paul Swaney of StadiumJourney.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number two of sports saw Paul Sweeney have found a stadium journey dot com be witnesses and other issues ranked. The number one baseball talk according to their power rankings buys out dot com more asking you operating jaguar Pena both. Ever Louisiana being used which stirs up you'll find a sports memory meaning any being you in Louisiana. And what is there one you wanna go to on your book and missed would did you haven't you been to the two ago to. And we Tomas on the sports memories could be at Tulane stadium the superdome. Allard runs had gone me. Tiger Stadium no right or wrong answer just to take it to 601 hates him you can vote online at WW Rio. Dot com. I know also buddy here is some Tex I think we had to knock their train cornerbacks when the Saints beat the Patriots. Brady Brady was on the crowd before the game and Bobby we went back and look PS. You were telling the story about where my McKenzie was the week before we also had a McAllister the of veteran cornerback from Baltimore can. You AM mom might McKenzie was watching the previous home game in the sweet and Ellis thing has injuries he's. And that's activated. In. Stab the other interception that was policy essentially while mediate do you want to economic out to be. Yeah so now. In other saying is if you wanna be the best chance to beat the bed with you look at the consistency. You know at the pages similar against the Spurs. When you do an event dedicated dozen years Kalus. And you in the hunt in the thick of things you are in your round yet that's why to me. That I know we had arrived. When you beat a team like Newington right and wed be playing at home or on the road but just as dominant a dominant factor when light. Well we won the game and we lucked out though you know it was a bout will open and them and they even even Belichick I think now and he didn't. When he muted and have a chance. Other column I have what was the score. 3017 yeah you made it yes on the heaving you know that is 56 minutes club this game's over. To the phone to go let's go to vote. The C Bobby on the whereas may about it thank you for calling WW Rio. Thank god was going down. I guess by it though. The biggest one has brought Louisiana venues. Unethical to the home common of these superdome mapped out Parker Katrina against the Atlanta Falcons. When our. Greisen went ahead and now blogs blocked upon yeah I mean not resolved pretty festive not to mention the open man but the gamers. I mean if you have who respond that night you you you weren't buried them all. The second one. I think one on them up again is not the Buick 1983 and type this stadium to blame. Going against Staal and ball up old ball. LSU. Well. I think Chile beat them twice. Yet they beat him he'd been here before 48 to seven in the dome in 8082 is suppose the only LA she sat. Rematch game they'd beaten Florida State do we before 55 to I think 21 to clinch a spot in the Orange Bowl. At it and that's why at Boston Bobby that's why I mean last time Tulane beat LSU big offense. Bids Gibson big when it went three out of four years he BLU army could harping on that you don't wells alerted on its one local he hero. And now believe heels the pizza place Raja now or did you read by reg in LA and we who had more success of the two only player. I magical really old school here but as far as ring and executing and Leo McKay hit him in the financing to be to the house raise your regular Hanley. Relaying witness may pick by Dominic instance down. And date they had right now the arm over the middle on a little low pass over the middle. And you ended up running it and and not that you met Jerry Stovall at the coach. And yup that's important is that you would Mack brown and Alan you. Elway was quarterback and they had don't know yet in Craig. Are James. Yeah and they got beat about Gary aging the manager Eric Boston body you know my dad being a diehard LSU fan and you Hermanson before on the show. That he ban my wife. Remember going to and Ellis the only game in. The Hewitt did two games. It was two elegy -- games right now wanted to superdome in that range every event we blame when you can do but be 48 to seventeen and then to do with me he was. That your elegy to anything in the whole history of the theories. And Ellis who has only to the right and you know as you get them in the game anymore NCAA ban that's the would be it all right let's go to dale Cole on line to thank you for calling. War so Delco it's gotten and you ready to any Campbell won it. Me if I did. All of the we have been doing right now. Oh yeah and it. I it is not all over the guard Jermaine gave Joseph a lot like yards and. It could be out there it was written but. Let I think my greens and it was the I think it would 1999. Deacon. When this thing. Be there Graham the greatest shall call her and me in game Graham got into him pretty players. Felt that. Internet man it would keep the ball all the that was my big moment when you lose. It was Saturday December that started their close the first game on nine ABC did they they had the war call around. And I actually remember it because Bobby we will we will host and get home from Atlanta. Because the night before LSU beat. Georgia Tech in the peach bowl in Knicks statements first bowl game for LSU and there was is so per season and they they came in they were just on unbelievable. That the momentum you know about it was exciting LSU is back they made you know they they got Nick Saban and now and you know he was on me and plan and they beat Georgia Tech based in their backyard. Are in Atlanta and then the Saints played at a Rams and expanded your pit was it 31 with a thirty one's 731 to ten lead. Something like that in the and they came back committed 31 to 28 and thrown a the Saints upon the ball that are Rams and he's like oh here we go in the Saints history stacked against him a new coach a new GM but this is same O same history Ryan bone. We got a real close but so far media and probably weren't great union revoked recovered a fumble and probably wanted to greatest calls and Jim and his his career. Eddie you could talk about Tubal calls and everything you know Jim McKean drops the ball or that's on me on via that that that you hear that and Jimmy Anderson highlight real. No doubt about it I'll come back and get to a much more do you take him more vehicles. But let's what stadium is on your bucket list. You baseball does this time a year you get out maybe not. Go to Boston Red Sox fairway apart Fenway Park or Yankee way we're about waive an avenue check out the clubs who are the favorites right now to win the World Series between the hedges somewhere yes as indeed you can go a many different venues that are out there is a duck. Is it a hockey venue is it a base above you could be basketball hallow grounds like visited. A Chapel Hill. Candidate Diego state did speak and hallowed grounds a lot of LSU fans getting get the experience not to open now. Lambeau Field and try could be Lambeau via I think we got a shot Wisconsin fans and big hits and the comedy LSU tiger fans and Shula. Now they've been Monica now and it was that they get to that no issue fans have been of gear and put them out be making news. Then laced a summer trip. But everybody in Libya that maybe they we can't. I'd just as boards so on WW. And welcome to sports are remember you can Texas at 87870. KG can miss and rest them one over and then. Yeah. Yet now and seven yet or five imported. In the eyes of 45 over talk nobody keen of the ball I think finally winning play scheme. Of this fallen to sixth this one. Guys in the Patriots. Yeah Aaron Brooks is the quarterback that we actually won a playoff game. So you can never talk bad about Brooks Bobby. Because he did something you could not. Always remember that body. I don't know when we talk bad about iron goes I said there are roses are things hall of Famer god never. I know I interviewed him in hand in a there was again when we now when he now thing I've never thrown a pass backwards. I know I've never done that and you know and he's saying because he does that mean you could not always remember that. But he's like you know he descending. And I didn't do win a playoff game in NFL. Man but I did sending. Ninth have four applied that you denied do. I went to to play offs in the NFL when you play Provo. Yeah I mean I don't know maybe knights have 451. Maybe you went and guys who both on and you know I mean he's. Might be too bloody Sagan on them you do over the rocks and ask that to buddy. Yes this is the code among athletes and Agassi is the code among friends went with you know it's gonna is kind of all of those things if you correct and so on makes or is there in the grand Duke they did do it as saying something that limits the topic. But as far as Aaron Brooks to last time we talked about in books on the station is when Aaron was inducted. To the Saints hall of fame and we interview errant and he was disgraced graceful. And is gracious in and as pleased as he could be. To be into the Saints and Clinton fans argue and you'll always go down in history in Saints history exactly because he had his franchise Roland. At that time and you can go back to the personal quarterback in this league when they talk about the explosion. Post the Warren Moon post of Randall Cunningham. There was a big part of it again it was a big part of that versatile guy and has been in the caught the used him in a big big way here without him we wouldn't went. Had as big time arm argued anyway that Drew Brees doesn't handle arm Brooks and now. You can know if you can never down down Amanda one playoff game is baseball franchise has never had a want and doing well and prior to that though acknowledged that route Saints history and his. You know and get their first victory this right how important that's like that we're getting the monkey off your bag a different level that's like LeBron. Getting his first championship when Miami right LeBron. Bring in their first championship to Cleveland forever. And Aaron Brooks a big party in their first win. Founder of stadium journey duck compost when he joins us now Paul thank you so much for the time how they do you were in scout dot com in in your book on how do you come up and decide who has the best. They use in baseball. Why gotten into it doing things on we've got a whole network of people around the country. And our guys. Suited to the Marriott stadium. I'm in that case I'll baseball stadium and each of them reach the stadium experience based on that criteria that we haven't come back in. He Wear today where score out. Now all you look at a popularity of College Baseball especially. I guess since the ninety's in the TV exposure now. On ESPN is those things like go on I guess they could be controlled by the climate. That if you break it down and when you truly look at the top baseball stages still dealing with things like with the self. Yeah there's no doubt about it he's he's out of the top fourteen honor that turned that eat Guillen. And Olerud to Lamar are somewhere in the top actors to Florida for the most part. Now Paul what you would think because they do have nice weather where all of a son you can't play in February and that's why you always see of the art teams. The beginning and are baseball's schedule travelling down south so the teams negated gains in an and the night canceled. But is it maybe. Actually go do something else kind of knocks like this it like California can maybe you have that atmosphere now heard. And you wrote the once state and has a great atmosphere cal state bulletin. That'd be maybe the closest thing at the the self as far as the baseball part that you haven't California. Yeah I think they've Fuller and all the long beach state are both really outstanding venues out in California and took it lightly after that US being QLA. Yeah there's no doubt about the warm weather certainly make a big different you know then. Century game and seventy degree temperature vs 35 degree banks that make huge difference on the experience. Now up while also. A senior peace that having success. And obviously gay alumni Florida. And it is to Arizona's teams the teams you look at Arizona State Sun Devils but it. Not the success overalls Arizona while cans that the wildcats in Tucson. And their upgrading their facility even since they won the attention about believing 2012. Yet you out of ya you know more and more in across the country school literally. And that being in that are there other program besides football and everyone has. Don't go our mind football but there's no doubt that with that TV exposure that you mention that. There might need to be made based on and tampering and not the baseball field. In the Gatorade Buick what you gotta have a venue that is that makes an appetite for them to come out to the ballpark. Follow Yahoo! are you have a top three of top step of the top three stadium VO LSU is number one always go to. All three are all at. He he's schools at South Carolina number Q and that the beat bit number. I guarantee you Paul for those that they're missing the paid attention Carmen the direction of the article the website how they compile you on social media. We're at scout dot com slash stadium I been learning I Atlanta on Twitter at stadium journey on FaceBook danger. And we reviewed stadium all sports are around the world got writers and sixteen different countries. And will continue to add to cover the world so folks go onto that it's more of an actual subject matter what side and and we endurance and get on how to enjoy their picture popular game. How Sweeney Paul thank you so much for the time a great article we appreciate. All right a B Doug and whose time is 532 time first news we'll go to Christmas. And well welcome back to sports so. He's occasion can and Bobby a bear. I'm Diego veered off a bit. Coming up and a week and next Thursday it's a daylong broadcast will be Centre court a clear view mall are they for education and about our. Partners and friends at clear view mall and fidelity bank. The Louisiana hero project and everybody at W DeBoer from earning the morning you can see Tommy took anti about a bear from a six to team. You can all also see Garland rob and it was special guest and DiLeo from ten no one scoot is with Christian from one before. Pleasantly induce will be a different sport eight combined troubles your donation don't know open might challenge. A team that your business club organization and talent of the companies to meet and exceed your donations appreciate your teacher store with us. I know every host will be talking about it teaches stories I will as well would be haven't teachers called in the can be a fun day. As we get set for a school calendar year 2016. And seventeen on the day of education. WW. And you don't big gallery beside that takes. You know that. It's kind of what you remember lately are you look at that atmosphere what would you say policies means you agree with this car. Padilla last season what was may need it the most and that the entertaining game like in the superdome where the game we yet the crowd's into it. And obviously got a win out to me out of the best game we him as he was at Pittsburgh. Okay about Dublin in the superdome like oh. Well this then them is that it's the Saints Giants gained last year it was that bad oh yeah a year now and act and and we seem twelve tell you now pass that was what that was all but I'm just came from from our stamp on a weekly I am and how good of the team did to ask what terribly Giants would Atlanta divas we have heard it was a it was a battle for a number wants money in a seat time and we went over and we. Might have been the worst out you know he alone right I want to say that with they had. Either one or two losses at home number one album that was the most complete game up a weekly. All offseason I was there he just says this year to do is an American football in this old school in the way of the game has changed. Let's say good have a lot of Australian. Artists from England a lot of members of wood and as you come and take things. Blog you can gain Jain Saints game how could you know oriented in the NF had one game to pick to showcase the league that would be that would offer it as a concern ourselves going back and have a game which in the loss to show. The greatest offense against the greatest because they don't know at thirteen pin and know that that's not seventeenth either team I think you know we're a show you twelve touchdown passes any anybody in his defense reminded if you have you ever. If it's. 3521. A 3540 deaths due to Haskell of what defense right right steadily like Tony on the team in. Some of my dad and you know to be entertaining but that game man that was like video game like he had an arena like yeah I mean how does not pass highly excited which you know about and I know we can we're gonna to sustain it you've been all over NC seems I think given the bull fights before. You've been to but you know I think soccer matches. Personally you know in 95 amid an oval and Barbie to select a cricket via human to please I can announce. Al I was Three Rivers Stadium. In their later rip season that's when Tim monster board was coaching the Colts and Jim Harbaugh was quarterback in the coats. Marshall Faulk was on the Colts that was his last season with the Colts before he was traded to Graham's and Marshall Faulk. Didn't play in a game they had I wanna say with some of these camping in the name of the back because he was a very good back. And they also veteran back there was a reserve back Bobby it was deck here in the plane crashed policy Caldwell might have been his name. Reserve and Floyd turner. Troy after burner turner was one under receive was in the back of the end zone when Jim Harbaugh out due to hail Mary. And rolled off his belly and they were to beat Pittsburgh and here mayor Pittsburgh's Ronny got to Super Bowl. Although as he would be a coward Pittsburgh had AFC team to game at home they've been in the one seed like four out of six years asunder and and they finally got in that game that was that was distort that was one of the last few seasons three very it was a open before the Buick Heinz Field. And they had just most almost 95 out there and the next week almost no Mayo today and it floated up there. In Easton on northeastern Pennsylvania that was more than intercourse the world's most famous arena Madison Square Garden. More and more degrees venues that I've ever been to fall it's historic venue in all around but. Of everything we've been to a you can go low you've been formal place and I have it's hard to beat when you say. What has happened in one B Oden is ought to be that big white top down the street when you think about a collage of sports area be football basketball other events is hard to beat. So well especially when you look at domed stadiums that don't ask how housed more Super Bowl losing ED one being new. In the world well I would Nome is home to more than just a bottle that and one being new in the war that concept. Make an indoor stadium. And you know as it would eighth wonder of the world when you start with the astrodome. Right if I can recall I remember them promoting the superdome where you can put that national inside the super bill did. So you know nice going to be cake needed to you have a dome stadium in an open of the groove thing you know is this the 21 century. But you know would be something knee deacon the fans can be displayed in this. That you look whatever relatives of the the four major sports when you look in. Traditional in the football basketball. Baseball with the hockey like Major League professional sports. And Allen any yelled at takes off and hardy are in a trying to out there and being it was bailing out right are hard to call. And and tell us what would be you know more one football venues stadium. I've it was who was both for the Seubert on the number one football stadium number one basketball arena. Knowing your bucket list now number one. Like Yankee Stadium whenever Major League park right our hockey arena. And and feel like you're fighting go to each one of those are you can name a compliment. This league I guess the gods diehard sports fans that they either attempt to do that art they have done it right and and you know not necessarily just going to be an atmosphere not necessarily have a dog and hunt are trying to take a team we just wanna I'd be at that stick with him like that go to games Chicago with the. Right out here to to coast and you know the Yankees the Red Sox that I departs I have a lord journal was in the end zone and David and Bailey was ironic is that throw attorney play with the Saints and him Bailey. Came back in a few years that's their play with the voodoo he was in the end zone. Somebody take him Edgerrin James Edgerrin James and not on the Colts team needs and that was more shall follow. That was pre that trade that went down or Marcia ball went to Rams knew what to threw an entity that the Colts right from the you'd react from the U that was a part of that that's what Harbaugh was there and I want to say about get to that. They had one moment that they get to Peyton was 9798. When too long man today in the courses here began a stretch of what. 1112 seasons analysts say with an editorial they won the division or never strayed it would just it would just dominate the Colts or and we knew Peyton and they're strong. With the Denver Broncos to this issue when that's who. You know is this something else I can recall 'cause. Talking about a big big news in in something. That's international nudges seated state wise. But I'd like unbelievable heavyweight. Boxing match. What below zero at. Semi New Orleans mania and is it a 78 and hated leaving bent down the road depositing it has them like that again are and always having like in Vegas so. I think only only of only way it would have been down here is if there was a conflict of what's going on and in cowboy stadium because any big match I went activate any big match Isa Vegas if it's not like. In Atlantic City. It's gone be it in and there's world could hear the two paktia fights right now are you know that you stated that you Villa Los Angeles Alia the I have there if there's anyway as the Vegas yet Eric going to be out there yet but he's you know remaining see now the one thing I like about Madison square ball guard by this deal a big continued seat. Of boxing. Boxing Arenas small being using GMs in New York is we had this been an all went Ali that does not demeaning New Orleans anymore. Where they you'd have night fights where they have based you have like night fight of the new York and then have small tickets in Madison Square Garden. In the melting pot is just we have American pie he is to some logic contingencies you got. But a Puerto Rican descent of paired you've got the Americas in the sand. And they don't they all go there and I had people that have gone before they told me you've got to go to one of the them the lesson on call it in the garden. And is like a sack commenced people coming there would become their country's flag about right dissing their country song. Mean to meet as best as apart about being in the atmosphere there was some sports reporter a this past week I don't know if you had a chance to see in the OT about the eight. He was partying with Iceland Spain's the other day. When they were playing who would they play Argentina a nice France fray they play France and he was just telling about the experiencing any nobody got beat bad too. Just how amazing it was to. He really did a capital. Eat yet he went to where we're at that case our total market announced somewhere in France right resounding. Somewhat Horry and they would know well that I thought maybe watching the big screen back in the capital I don't know I don't know he all the mile and almost don't hate our answer he went to the state he reported on the whole time he sat video that was night. You know it don't matter what sport it is the team we just haven't there been attacked many writing in these countries and that's why and I tell you and Christian that we need to go to World Cup remain on I've been a person today. I don't. I don't know I've flying here and you know you know I I'd go to some light there but just because I don't care for the mean albeit no no no I mean it's been an amateur begun to I don't know I don't anyway I don't like doing a good time. Yeah like it Jazz festival by accidents that's a slightly ahead Germany game a day I'd been there in my blue Jersey now they have a lot of people a bit like us we were all on magazines there'd be. And at the Bordeaux in like on the patio out there would have been nice. The fans at the miss on Manny has MP rideau Jeremy Jersey's zone a lot of Italian people there watching it. That's how it is I mean in the got a big following of people. Then they'll watch soccer you see him a clue as they do it wanna say it. Needs city got club about a lot of now businesses are played in this stadium in 1985. That was our home stadium which is it done right now all the NFL's the Oakland coliseum. And the black hole that fiction. Yeah limit the black holes come that is who would only one or he would have been an idea where you had to be here with Marty Smith is the gap is is some might take me that's exactly right as the guy who who partnered with I RDG. Rigid gently RDG AV ICK Reykjavik director of the net the capital. Applies them yeah we've got some sloppy but it take a few that are him. All right. Thank you so much for the ticked you can Duke and Texas a seven hates him. Bobby can you share with us what venues had the best worst visiting locker rooms and playing serve and his eyes since we didn't close to a break. Give them the best venues you like about the best street being injured likely in. The best venue is any grass field that. Even the Saints practice grass fields are on Billy give it to best of me I Tate of bad runs ilbo Eagles a debate as grass field via was in 1984 in the Los Angeles coliseum. It was a month reported Olympics was gonna start Israelis are in a grass field goal all this we need an hour shifts breath yeah okay play in a against LA express an 84 being defeated Venus when you overdue to author at Michigan. And and it was a playoff game this field was so nice she wanted to roll around the grass you know I get dog and Alex Narnia. Our guys had a field they get a now I'd it would be we've got magnets hours about. Jailers. The worst field yeah worse locker room right. And and I were worse planes services at worst place to have the day I would look at it the words locker room. Was also when the coach tells in the game to keep him helmets on because whiskey bounces it was fine you know I don't have any help probably my head. The most stadium stories nixed a deal to sling is that dictate the how about a wrestling shows soon. He's about rebounding ability at this is sports talk until 8 o'clock tonight and that's been Christie Garrett NT Bobby Hebert tickled would double covered sports MO this. Is WW. All right Babbitt got some stadium stories is here would you wanna hear yours which venue is on your bucket list and yard have been the Suns visit WW him.