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Jul 12, 2016|

How does LSU running back Leonard Fournette rank when compared to other SEC greats? Is he on the same level as players like Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker, and Darren McFadden? Plus, more from SEC Media Days. The Big Chief covers it all.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a good Tuesday afternoon tea I'm big Miller indicate he came back BA there is now he's on vacation coming up on today's program a gentleman that. That is one of the top names in all of collegiate athletics particularly college football field steal. Who are not too long ago came out with his. 2016 due to his college football preview he previews everything from pillar to post. And when you're look at his cell numbers and it's a it's very unique style as far as how he lays things out at the bottom and you may. Kind of be like Paulus snapper started. Getting involved reading cards and if you do magazine outcry meanwhile as a symbol. What does this symbol mean. Once you get into the rhythm so this be Cole or he kind of did down pat. He is is the best and I'm not to say in it because. He's coming home because. He is going to be against his ceiling but it's deep there was inflammation a ghost several years back and he gives an idea of trans trans as far as Bulls what teams have done. You kind of look at the statistics. To get an idea you know you may see something for instance. What Florida has done. In a few years apart be terrible at boys of the difference in passing. It was a few years back and equal UConn appoint twelve well you got a quarterback. Passing offense without coach spectacle for the defense just out coached. Then mine that Diaz are going to stick out as much if you have. The past year's numbers and soulful but it is really good though so fear would be were this coming up in the 6 o'clock hour here on derby derby out you gotta. Question you think grown as VO texted to me 870. 870. And we'll talk about a few nicks is surprised pigs and that the way of college football where we are moving away moving toward more of a hands and I have not. Meaning that the pal account is gonna continue to put a corn on the market and if they do include more playoff teams say we go from four to 68. That is just going to be more of now five conference teams here we lose this o'clock now. The voice. On the San Antonio Spurs bureau showing will be what is coming up at the bottom of this hour talk about the great Tim Duncan retiring. From the NBA at the nineteen seasons by a world championship two in BP's. And a slew of other accolades and awards he will be with a testimony can be up at 435. Being baby of the damn Dallas sporting news sports day and Dallas covering the sand and Aggies Aggies football and the council on state Texas. He will be with us talking about coach Kevin Simon is he on a hot seat the last two years. You know. Two teams are a team that is one fairway eight wins in the past two seasons and they're coming off a season and weights a lot of against UT turmoil in the form of players and leaving the program. Recruits. Staying away and then of course an assistant coach and getting into a public to a tobacco are. From a coaching standpoint really didn't have too good so there's all end up as a strike or strikes against Kevin summoned. Or see another big season like the first season when Ian came into the league and that and two and they stuck to about knocking off Alabama a year with a high Phoenix we'll talk to him about that. Just indoor prep will be whether some of the knights to a new sentinel he could with Tennessee Volunteers football as the volunteers or a big pick this year in the SEC. Favorite to win SEC east. As Butch Jones is recruiting all the hard work and the people behind the program has found Iraq it would Tennessee Casey and and win the east this year. And we're about to Georgia Bulldogs in new head coach Kirby Smart the longest tenured coach in the SEC. Mark Richt is Korea did you GA came to an Ian as the inside DePaul where he's he's now at the University of Miami Kirby Smart longtime assistant in defense courted. On a Nick Saban is a new hitting coach who talked him about that missing Tuesday also speaking to the media today. 2601 and seventy you can text the city seventy eights and operated jaguar opinion poll is up and WWL. Dot com. And though we are asking you about this year which is most likely. To happen this season put LSU. The Tigers and SEC. Minute phone net wins the Heisman Trophy. But the Tigers winless in ten games. You can cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com come back to just have for the show which you know who spoke to the media today what's on schedule tomorrow. And of course start getting into our previews this week we always. Preview all fourteen teams in the conference and they got a lot to get through. Irving Texas in him Tennessee Mississippi State and Giorgio steal. The six Klecko coming appear on WWL. Radio Massey who worthy. Playoffs and we felt Clemson its battle Oklahoma which Clinton came away big so did Alabama Michigan State and then the Alabama Clinton that winning. The national championship who. Would take this year's national championship. Tuesday zero when he Tim Newman you get questions for a few of you when you can take them to a city Tim needs him to be if you thought he always has a section where he does so his top. Teams in each conference he rates the positions. By group as far as offensive linemen defense around and across the board he's gonna get a gauge on how he thinks those Recco with the other conferences. And then he breaks down the yeah I like when he breaks down to the quarterback this dual positions. And you get an idea and it's pretty much don't call for instance you won't see like one team it's at the bottom of the barrel. Or maybe not ranked as Chinese. Position groups units. And then they're ranked it the in mean it's it's consistent across aborted Purdue this week. Of the pre season magazines. Here is to me would be the list like the UB's than near you kind of tight contradict that way to me what's wrong moment you a question so to speak. But. LA issue is how he felt. It's always in the position groups that they have here that a number one the smallest field. Rename back there on number seven. At receiver. And they are number five at the offensive line and eighth best rated defense to land a best land back in unit. He has in here in the Gannett a position groups he news. At the basket one minute which you know it goes show you. How college football has changed over the years and how programs. And change with him I remember. Coming out watching college football in the seventies and eighties name in the ninth. To whereas I always thought Alabama games. Just. It was a blowout it was him because. You know these smash mouth that's alone be runs did defense. Was that and and most of the teams were. But the point is is that Alabama and what they mean reduced change with the tan. And most programs have had to. Mean just because you might be an NL SU gets a lot of criticism with this and coach miles doesn't and rightfully so is that a we know. That you want to run the football we know that you want to pound it it's a safe way it shows consistently. Run the football and playing sound defense needs consistent more wins but also he got it chains you gotta be able to. Go with the flow so SP NB it would Alter what you do. And my point is is that you know I remember you know Alabama will be like run on run defense in the in nickel pick a few really good to some nickel beach. High percentage. And they played much same as things that coach mound who boasts a Mecca. Coach is kind of problem the last ones. To kind of change so we'll see if that changes some this year but the point isn't it in in the individual units. They have Alabama. As a team with the top receivers in the country. And you think about it now and Alabama mean they've had good quarterbacks the M had great quarterbacks. It's a slap in the past and I think there there movement toward. Tutsi receivers obviously that would Julio Jones bullet. Maine when you think about what they have car wreck and you know issue is highly ranked too as well so some screws and a follow up. To be where they run run run now they have some of the best position players and passing in the past few part of the game. Today SEC media days. A lot having course. What are things that people talk about. I'm zone time is the criticism of the officials. And seemingly you know not this it was 2000 team in on it just it was a real bay gear when it was some games it was one. LSU vs Florida in might have been the way LSU and Alabama two with Pia with the Julio Jones of Patrick Peterson you know. Was an innocent it was enough that year and there was a lot of criticism but today Steve shown he's quite a football officials spoke. The new Jiten new head coach Kirby Smart are Georgia. And then he bowed Dominic Sanders a junior strong safety and jab as it is to tidy and he may be one of the best tight ends in the country for Georgia. The NB CB state Dan Mullen spoke. Which Jones spoke. And Dixon and coach Kevin summit will preview those teams today. Here is a text deet based near wall finished in the top ten Islam as they don't improve in the quarterback position. We can gain managing and we need a better offensive scheme that win the other teams are looking for an opponent to run. I think you're absolutely right and it's not just okay. We know. Dating coach miles air when LA issue has been able to dictate when they need to throw the football any team these. Have a lot of success a lot more success. But it's the pressure. That I don't know if it's the way of quarterbacking coaching all what they do you know. Prepared for the games it's the pressure I think you know put on the quarterbacks. About the waiting game and it's a lot of times it doesn't seem like it's as long distance. But it's almost like you can we go draft Matsui and as you can ignore dropped him to hold their breath on the third down situation. Can't beat whereas you know we have confidence we can complete those passes and I say that because. I think the players say the right things and now you're trying to do the right things. But I also think a lot of pounds of players they feel like the fans feel and you you're at that list and now you called a show at the games. You called a show when he was mere Bobby now on the team about before games. And it's it's overwhelming it's a resounding two whereas. I don't. Think we can I think we got the talent. But do I have confidence in the game completed and I think the fans in in the players' account the same sonic. But when you get into that rhythm and you start early in the season and you'll completing those chances it's like you know it. No issue with 2050. Days of 2016. Is team is different. But. She's proud of one program. In the next decade. You know meant masked the marked the member in the from in years to where it's mean. The same thing a quarterback. And not not and the players it is like who. This is 2060. Why is the same issues Hendry and his program third in full alone. Good teams have adequate talent. The very good teams have equal to Houston. And the superior teams which LSU that they would have the best they have the best. They arrive there with the best of the best. But when it of aside his dad would you have. He's like he is it arrogance is it safety is a caution. I don't know what it's like you can't tell them. Okay we'll come right attitude. That we don't come right at you we continually go do and if we good enough. Sometimes at flags but when everybody on on the side is scared as me stars behind their name on front him as organize our. There executing whale you're executing warehouse level. In the eight is don't come down to Oakland and the coach. Welcome we do better put these guys in the position. To get his rhythm you know and that's we interests to see relation goes against Wisconsin or don't do some quick. To gate harris'. Confident so. In it could be passes and I've I'm not not a above them out of scrimmage swings don't ball screens. The theme and you know it's kind of like in basketball. You Taniguchi jumper down and jumping him when you do. Though it's if you lay ups get to confidence and come out eighteen feet you know in you know the eighteen point feet in the are you nailed a three. Final warmup to the first because I'm the jump right hand and happ. As years it's been like well we in the streets of long balls and that's receivers that can out run him adios. Who was gonna happen you know with an in the east what happened with the four and longer to eighteen and rodeo. And I don't think fans really have a lot of confidence. When he has been more than life it would we don't do that third team in there in the amateur and 20 that's almost like at the bomb complete. So that was counting game although this was Condit team is not as good as the one was. When it was you played in on Tuesday in Houston a few years ago but he still well coached team and their players and come from a power pop comfort. What does Taylor's you do did you pairs going because it starts in game one is passed on game one and the Yankees don't. Teams it had success of regulation and then the back the saints' nine that Alabama last year. They start. From the beginning of the season due to give better yet they might look great story but that's what they're gonna do in the in the comes a point to what do we all are from that point. Where we play golf what we do successfully. We keep executed them grow but they don't change their stripes and a season. They don't it would injuries the quarterback back in though he might be able to throw it and run Indianapolis where the complete game. You know open option to rid gone. At Mets waited so to me that first game is important for many many more reasons than just the first game if it was not. Feel still college so bow expert analysts will be reduce the accused you of college football preview it's out of the book the experts. Can't do without. He will be would this coming up later in the program 6 o'clock power SEC media days as we college football. Right around the corner to six so when he Tim the context this and eights and the eighth seventh operated jaguar opinion poll which scenario is more likely for LSU this season Tigers when the SEC title and an opponent win the Heisman. Or Tigers win nest in Tim Gaines voted WW dot com and an opponent. Would this season this season like he had a year ago. And a little bit more in LSU does better. To meet. Ranking backs. The numbers obviously important meaning somebody coming NC a with a bit prior averaged. Caring probably yards or averaged. Overall. Per game in a season. You know how many times you guys didn't fumble. They're probably backs in the conference and here here as you see that from that standpoint they do a better statistically. Than guys like. Bo Jackson Herschel Walker. But as I brought this up yesterday. It's the wrongs the actual what happened with that ruined meaning that all he he had her and eighty yards and gain. And welcome it had a 180 and again but when you talk about the great howdy while that gave him when he. Touted. Ingram gave his 18 howdy fought nick. Mean you can look at those numbers and look at what he did in some games at. All look at those numbers. External last scrimmage Boone how TO touched. Or it could be one where he breaks through a wave of defenders started with somebody shot against the bank field. Mean he gets past and linebackers. Any rumbles and stumbled and Rondell full five people in the secondary. And gates into painter. Those type of plays to me alive Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson have been the standard in the SEC and steal hand. For so many years you don't have to have and drove around numbers to be. Oh wait you consider as the greatest. Of all great you don't. It's what you do. It's the -- account is the Romans. And those guys I mean they did just like those of gain ten minute handling issues especially against Auburn. That's how adamant trophies to that's all time great Darren McFadden. I put him up there as follows OK who's close maybe not on the same level. Up there. In him and it has and more games like that this year and to me he will be. Cuba downing SEC if you want the great backs. That seat to the phones we go let's go to rehear the day on my entry date thank you for Garland WW Rio. Yet he. It was yeah it given all of the other numbers are different positions are the current opposite of that but it didn't hear year. Well what number did it for quarterback. Our brain that they now consider around the they're not considered among his top individual unions. It then like 39. Yet what he does he do he did he regs every position he does like a top fifty. 5054 different numbers and he has been ranked is at the quarterback position at 39. Right yeah it took up every day you're like him and his good stuff. He's got to stay broke down popular vote via. Back to the phones ago and is. Of staff for Derrick Derrick thank you for calling WW real. Sense of being. Well you know I'm in that you know. I'm. On the court positioning errors you hear people and their perimeter command respect and they'll be much better. You know when you're in the championship game and super. Edgar can borrow if they cut them on that and given a chance to go and be at court. Oh you come out when he was how scooter. OK I gotcha I gotcha yeah yeah he come he the rookie came from a a scooter along the ball. And yeah it. Wouldn't like. It if it's not the quarterback men in the position. Oh round coastal but also them them printing and it would be Saint Louis clinical. All the players involved with the line and it wasn't the quarterback in the beginning and Steve Belichick can bench. But the thing. If you'd keep him in court. And you know well. Vehicles not be open record and get well coordinated. Law didn't accorsi. Who appeared. I actually do you should know. And in the we're so. Yeah yet that note that November did day know dared. I'm Ricky is like its kind of got to beat. A coached got to become a coached in guarded and but I think. Clearly Brandon has has the potential. To be a guy that is not. Our LSU does need in. Programs like LSU and Alabama. The only great quarterback they are below his team's welcome we do for the team's draft and but they don't need to be great. If they can be adequate they can be average of the above errors but I think Brandon Harrison got the talent and certainly a talent around him to be better than net. And when I see it as a that's I think an issue needs to get to where they wanted to go but he can't be better than that. And I don't know if I have to ask and you get any this year. Other and in that when we get some games we need you. But they may he's can be in or see what he does because. Even when you go back and look for me in mop JaMarcus Russell. That Roy and Davey. At times you know when they needed in the that you need to key areas they did at the idea it. What he had to do that way NC he has to take CD Brennan doesn't know what to do with the ball. When he is that amount to throw their for the coaches don't doesn't toast and thrown. That's something that in the net but you know hey from what we here in it they should be more trust in to the young man this year. And is this a couple years starting in the Iowa City. But advance to go back to like when they're took a few minutes ago in about that the reins go. You've got to get to that point. You get if you go to a whole season or you know a year hear you on that the third year of the main young man's. Tanyon issue and you inaugural turning loose. Then. What progression can be made if you got restraint on your whole time. Now I don't care who York. Tom Brady Drew Brees Dan Marino Joseph Montana means got to be you know would he he's coached. We got him in the right position. He's healthy he knows the game plan. Now guys CP and do we've got to you in now not when I mean win if you don't do and and it is now his now for eighteen starters back. Yet the big dogs at home. And an occasional one on with these chips and you've got to this got a BA could seize a special season fairly Hugh. 2601 points in the context has an 878 zip he has been the more and most constant in the NBA. Want an all time greats when you talk about at his position and overall. And that attitude of people around him and everything you hear about in. Is not and the great news because truly instantly that's what he is talking about Tim Duncan gentlemen it was an awful lot about it. Probably had a BA every bit of abuse and it kind of bittersweet kind of a maybe a little bit of a sour there hearing yesterday and Duncan would retire. BO showing radio votes in San Antonio Spurs in BO. We are talking about a career that he embodies just about everything you can possibly think of from success on the court off the court. And I don't know if there's many people that can equal I'll get to that have a success and medically what endeared. And he's he's a ten times probably greater person offering and then he has an athlete. Yet probably the best teammate began Everett might be with you today. You chocolate or ours is gone. You know the aptly continue it well sir now. When you think about it that assists the Kobe quiet they're well toward it more publicity. He was not the press copper today or about this document. You know just one of those so laid back quiet guys. You know went out and it'll work out war and didn't really want the glitz and glamour that comes with being a star yet. Bill when you win now this it and to me it's big combines about him but I'm not just Tampa probably eight. It's like it is a guy that you know he he warned you know a couple of jams it's on the backs and he wasn't in his cram it in in my pops in and how many. In as it stands is the other day how many guys have you seen in the history of sports when they were at the topic Korea at their peak. In on a Becky and a coach is going to repress county say well. You know quiet manner you know grain they kind of note these are guys now this is quote unquote the Big Three these hostile as those other guys know their role. Man they'd be more dust sour sour grapes and cramming going on but these guys. They knew it and they knew that and all of us to get to a championship we do we wanna do. These are role now we've been the stalled before we've done it. This is part about being a team I don't know if I've ever seen them before. And it's not only that we've taken a backseat in terms of scoring and minutes played and those sorts but also the money. I you know you look at some guys play Dirk really try to make much money as they possibly add bit but the opposite. Plate for a fraction of what he could've made. To make short but there was enough talent around him make the Spurs still relevant and still title contender of course they won some games it has on your -- Eagles or else they would like that law check probable will shortly but. I got to the point being is that they were contenders all the very yet they won fifty games every year there are important it was because he was on shall. Video of what was it Mike and of course watched them in and and seen image every day it just the constant you say teammate. I would imagine a lot of that you know Benin had to do a basketball hates him in the back that is going all. And in my life family and so for that that that's that's what teammates are not just about sports. Absolutely the team captain and it was ex Tennessee. And good luck course got the the first fifteen years ago. David are still there for years. At a course you are a lot and are a classy person from David Robert what a great individuals ball aren't. In my opinion that wreck records Antonio it would be a what are you would wind. Yeah matter whether you adamant. That. And it don't feel good that I am alert a lot of that last and being a real good day I make. Up front David Robinson but all the players who played with them they're talk great terms about. Help him would be you know counsel them. School and not just all or stop although he was very good with that but also some personal that was a very special culture in our locker room all those years. It would count and the baton over to ten. The other as a certain type player that Popovich wants and there. Our guys to try to get all the Shell. They're more about Seymour about winning and they are bout at all our number two game. That's basically wait till one's too. Radio voice the San Antonio Spurs got to watch one of the greatest careers in the history of sports in any sport that of the great Tim Duncan. The were shown in BO always a pleasure and that. Can be removed nearly unique a little odd that C in the amber I'm sure he'll be in the Spurs fan may have been around an awful lot like I was saying earlier this week you know. We see him in the they would bring some of the kids that might be this a total of underprivileged kids after the games and we seemed down and in the arena just we're thinking Senna just. Just a nice dude in the distance I mean he's just. Eat what I would imagine he's what are you on the court what people seem there's no different guys know nine day no no recommends that Tim Duncan is Tim Duncan. Yes it classy guy no question about that and you know about court John disperse try to. Elected people walk about so much the only art but my point eight rebounds lecture but. But they're the big vacuum that after our leadership perspective Tony Parker about a National League back. Obstacle part of my job of that but there certainly are he will be missed no question about. There's Sean B always a pleasure thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Your appearance yes are you take care. Nineteen years our champion teams to almost all us of course the most wins with the heat in an error. And nineteen years straight in NBA history the best of any four of the major leagues demonstrates him down. That's good to Kevin Quigley Kevin thank you for Colin WW rip. And I have a do you always. Oh yeah. We're. Quarterback situation. I can't help them out on Margaret. Now Kurt Kurt pro ballplayer. Who. I thought that. You hear you well there aren't that it is in two. Certain minimum there we can't cheat so I am. On and tune in China east it's easy. At all right so much into. Let it. Alabama. And you know and Shoppach got on with the with the we can't beat him try. And give them someplace. Comparable. Give military and make some plays at the camp and I thank you so much for the call combat it prisoners to collars. Sports talk on their B Dubuque.