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Think Tank 1210am Police Shootings

Jul 18, 2016|

Your reaction to yesterday’s Baton Rouge Shooting – police officers ambushed – 3 dead – 3 wounded – 1 fighting for his life Sunday afternoon. The shooting happened near the busy intersecton of Airline & Old Hammond Highway. One suspect, later identified as Kansas City, Missouri resident – Gavin Eugene Long, was shot dead at the scene in what witnesses said was a shootout. What happens in a society when the people, who do the brave work of protecting us from violence become targets of violence? What happens when citizens who police are paid to protect - fear them? What happens when police... who may now fear getting ambushed... fear the people they are supposed to protect? What are some possible solutions going foward, that would improve police relations with the public. Is NOPD's solution of 2-person vehicles & 2 vehicle responses a good one...even if that means slower response times? Is helping police on the job to feel safer - worth it? This hours guest: Captain Black - Anti-crime activist

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Boyd were thing can vote today Mon April Jackson. Brad Carroll pull one. Matthew Gerald it and do three others. The three of them a general's name. Bad route leaves killed in an ambush yesterday Mose Toby knew all about the three others wounded. Couple of them grievous and so. I had a talk about the coverage. In the virtual ports that I listen to yup. Primarily you know I'm Christian Gehrig and cause it's my station off. Because he did an extraordinary job he didn't allow the race thing to take off. He did little the cop needing to take off. He moderated. A muted its move music could very. Fluid very angry and shoes and frightened cent wage. And while I listened to him saying dynamited TV on and and I would mute him if what's all that talking on TV. Camara errors. Or four or our zone radio wouldn't. At least three on television. Were people talking. To each other. It will wide popped up. In some form or fashion. And of a black I've climbed to abuse knew what he was gonna say. And on his radio in Chicago. I would submit it's almost a 100%. That way win a war. In anything. Might be hinged wood racist. Or blacks are involved were black and white children ball. And I sat there are. I went through war of one home through tough times. And we were the port kid we were not the officers. We were at the bottom of the barrel on. A group with kids that parents were on welfare. Work with kids whose parents were in prison forward with kids written off than like me not them like my culture Indian why. To serve five book. We all got together and found. And the reason I'd say to survive. As I can't how many of mob wiper in some black ribbons and white and black ribbons at the same. Meeting. Say this is gonna blow them and catch fire in blazed if we don't insult them or anybody talking about what to do. So. Had a couple people today that I think. Actually had some good ideas. And in situations like this I don't think there's any more moderate boards. Or boy's dad that understands. Witness in the black community owned slap by because of low black or white community. There's different sections the tide of from people. But Rome where he can problem. I think gives tremendous educational understanding we have captain black. Anti crime activist. Who are New Orleans capping good talking here it's been awhile. Garland I would but at least serve also would be anywhere. A invoice numbers. I'd talk to warn you do and what aren't there are answers out. Well first let's not rush. To accept an invitation to a race war. You know less. Is clear that there's no agenda war but it just don't work if we buy into what we mean by me we meaning white. We've been in America. Looking ahead the latest series of events. You have to do so. Our political almost. And police ambush. Acceptable methods and American life. No overwhelming majority of course Politico or political orientation or background which say no. And that's what we need to expect no we don't need to Wear some people might get. Condemnations play well because also. Mr. orders ethnicity and everybody like mostly where because of the victim's ethnicity. There are Bartlett mostly where the same way. You tried to region execute very. And reaching beyond the rhetoric get to the common reality and common values we share. What you sort. Sure of new Norman was on Tommy show this morning. And interpret using I don't have cringed group but I think. I heard him saying. You know part of the problem to DE news. We just hear what we won't care. We pick and choose the city and moved here. Something different it doesn't matter. Doesn't get at a guide text me and said. You're worried you'd treating black people on this to cancer. And there to I I would challenge anybody delusional all three it's absolutely none of that. And love Pat White send me tax or why you're you were depending on the blacks. How we get past. Dole lose. That just. I had third. Don't have the brains. To get past. The way they think to get to whose solution. Or just don't want to. You don't have to include them in the pro surged amid Ingraham and you review shall obviously you aren't a at all you. Situations like where is very user and so the people were really actions solutions group. We're not spending. Are remote or particular Islam or equipment should be we're getting the Germans saying. How do we stop this become the feature so awkward and out. Give mr. York. Do you want America to be calm like co host NORTHERN IRELAND Ireland in the 1970s. Where it. Militarized police. And actual soldiers patrol the streets were total local care. It would be no belt arrests did not have a bullet holes were taught to blow white policemen morals we weren't so can. And white terror and the reason why make that distinction. It is for. Some of the issues are raised some people that we don't slip caller and we got to define everybody. So must that step I'll. Republicans Democrats black employees. On the do know one simple reason and watched Bill Russell or mentally beard degree is concerned about Marta police. Less united. Norman as an independently smoked. They independently models all sorts coming up what were you before that the review board. Lest you and I met stereo outs. Oversight is required. To cut down on people and trees that we saw on rooms like we saw and so we. Over the past few years then in at least to me. Do you in this rhetorical also were share. That might be a better aside as a part time and effort. As polls are reached he shall. Or who's right and wrong don't mechanisms our employees and reusable people vote to put it is important here. And in the cities around the country that's one. Very easy solution which is already in play. We evident in the police monitor and the police marbles all those goals please talk to people but it can be very sorry. Most middle forties and even ways. So that would be. Solution number one and put on the table just as an institutional sense you have to build those strip it all revert. All right. Born of these hours. Venerable auction on fox and blows. Louisiana congressman his name is escaping me right now but he's said his church in his words. Predominantly white. Went to black church words sterling. Servants. Are part. Yet. But it was a Louisiana congressman Dwight white church went to the black church and said. Let's talk let's figure this thing out. Border of the clergy. World word where are the religious groups. On TV. In the streets on a regular basis. Doing. Exactly what the congressman said they didn't. Well now and I'm not application to any particular denomination. It is may shock some people my pastor happens reward. He and the members of his nomination. Our denomination. On a daily if not weekly better. Don't ship and the people helping people talk of people out so we can project. Put build relationships and build new. Usually you only want to know are there a lot of bother. No no not one bit it's dark nomination. So that producer is generally. So the bat and drew was on the routine basis and who almost sort of routine very. Missionary back to a normal routine days. You go denominations across the board within Christian them. And all the religions that are out there acting in their communities program rules well not a model throw in the ball. What were in the meat in the lead these the world. Or I remember one final chords from your very limited time. Isn't working do you see results. Output to do those were in effect. Has been slighted that Lohse. And doubtless. Our old Norman went out later on as we do you or I would say prove that it is work well most people. And we may be bitter old politics we might be different proposals on the issue of police. But most Americans. Do not bring an acceptable responses. Political almost. And an abortion. Oh it will lead to legal we'd finally talked about and solution count them black. Always a pleasure and I'd like to have Buick and rubbed her dozens of your congregation all the on and other churches that should go on. And and let us get educated. As towards having done always alert. Met my pastor when an open phone. Always a pleasure Abu Ghraib. Come right back Dublin. They get bumped via policemen and their families of the policemen were killed. Threw them on April giants and broad general Fulham mab feud Gerald three others injured. I cannot even in men and horror and being moved through. As a child. Aaron. When do sinkers. When your husband goes all to protect the community. All right ball were asking. Is is we do we hear all the shouting and screaming. But very few solutions. I think we've talked about a couple of day. Let's go to the phones will Euro and of an idea. And oh Argo is we're go for it though. I would like to book a little bit solutions like that. I mean white Hispanic game here eight years ago. Who worked for the court. Highway. From thinking OK relax couldn't wait to march day are all forward career. Video for the port. To that point now. My position. Changed optically. Soul goal and solutions well. Going in what you do right now. Outlook that your whites here when these in to what black light to moderate the sort. I outrage at their moniker so being disillusioned so it cripples. And we can't go and try to see how want took true. Are a warrant there saying that this accent and and everything that complain about that much about it. And my personal and I got it conclusion. He made anyway based on kind of visually straightened it and I'm not saying the animals. Are raised its old date who. Did not read your book orders. A little and let me give you an idea what one I think I'm pork. I mentioned black lives matter to me I guess some mighty vols looked at content words and gold and apparently. Call themselves that long term thing. Protests with without moniker. You know I've soup mom. Whites don't have to tell people their lives Mallard brown bill alone don't. The blacks have reason no problem with that. Put it. I was going into communications. With them. Instead it just leave room and I believe. I listened to in an interview with the three women. That created it lacked the lives and honor. And I heard tour didn't say end of course we want to deep bond. All police department. While. The communications. Would be no longer with the debate over black lives manner. They're obvious scored from would be how do you avoid anarchy without leaks on or you mourn the use of revenue. As soon did you or community but how that work. And I don't think it would have a good answer and that thing may be. If everybody kept their cool and pointed out the pros and cons. We could find an answer to it and that's exactly what I'm talking about you call. Content depending black lives matter and I would too competitive problem with the but among heard depot and police. We'll wait and I got to find out more about this. And I read some more of them found some more evidence of that I'm not convinced. That it's totally proved that it is. That's a bigger problem with the movement than than me bright. And kemba we talked we find solutions. And if we don't talk we can double them. Word thing good about two the three policemen killed in routes through wounded. Family agony there going through and and we're trying. Bird cents a little bits of success. Drove through Rio or not to scream that's the joke there but to look for answers solutions. Even that they be small Lehman that they be part. Al Euro and double BO. And all of them both of them someone good for an my important Novo number. You know one of the people that on the street and bit on the control. Over the use and Novo equal of weeks ago law which opal. Above from work got done in time between noon on. Administrative vote no would you rule amounted you'll serve and but only one definitive dead that you know the solutions Provo. We had people we have definitive would go. I mean to me the community cold to the Geneva different Lenovo. Will walk of life. The girl would who would go off while we don't give the government because of 01 we go to this into one of they have a serious policy and we go to the table. Yep from parliament we've gone when they went so there may be true. A boat you'll all vote then. And when it is if so can it get me but stayed there if there in the senate and pick from the oh. And in you know and once we did anger that we can stop talking about abortion because of the point of they go. If we active men who won't will be good whom would you will be able to Google. My friends ammonium. Maybe who wouldn't want them to group of my my problem. But two Brothers born in the in the central City Hall with a book to Wharton school. They would law enforcement. Would do that aboard along with the with the law at the moment. And one of you know with the share of the all the more poignant. And we treated people right rid of them then it would have complained. Some medical complaints but what I am saying is legitimate complaint we don't look at in the care of and it went neck a checkup from the neck up in seats. What would. Mean in this some people in our community cargo from seven them up there with a look at that right I'm not kid him about it booked about awaited. Riveting I can to make my efficiency. My grandchildren are gonna shoot them by example pole winner months and on the and yes me and I in the I'm not yeah. Another thing. You're just negro. A mom and dad loves to assembly. Among almost all whole. And you know it knuckled knuckles so go to Monday it would not going about it penalty you know what it looked like daylight in the. Well America but we've winnable talk again admire what should do. And what they'll fluent kept compliant soon and give your cruising the a lot of the bullish. May born to do some. And I think a lot of say what am I gonna do organ group of trees to bond bills of play. Again kids that tanker vodka why you find jobs we got. Saved for an education. For this. Well. Years ago I'm good lewd TV news and loans beyond busy everything with a deadline and all the time. One time took a break went over government texas' grocery store saw a kid. Very very young journalist looked Har looked hungry human beat up not physically do load beat up didn't have marked. And I talked him at two outs and the house's said. We're trying to help him you know to put a couple of canned on the show opens and rage we campaign embryo lead so it's a problem. And it's it will find out where he lives in a moment give you some money and you give it was while there. So well known for a few years and we got word from my house. Down the mother wanted to know why a blunt Judd told the odd mourners you know of which won't smoke which ones should be but the kid. Then that father. As a OK sign had taken the skid but he children two over is currently in line. I had to at his funeral camping proved they cage and Camby didn't live with me. And today. He is or he's success in this wonderful. Man. And and sound it will have apparently zone. So much news in just a little. Trouble in the pond. But he would suppose. Other family song that. In other families found out. Who's fluent and maybe it's ripple effect as saying that evening when the ink. You can't get involved. In the in answer. Maybe you can in particular talk to you churches. They did they know what can be done didn't. Short term won't ever wondered what time we got. Just thought were looking for answers. Instead let's say and saying. Saying over and more double up. Heard strayed to the caller that have been hanging on Franco you're wrong governor of the L. Act Colin. There have been Woodson green is small and and you know want to have been going on and Dallas and rouge and listen to your story just. You know I'm not cynical and Kyra but I'll make very hawks guard shot. They treated the same thing about it young man you're all quick check. Are you okay can. Pull it what I seniors. Oh god why black. I am one that wanna keep them god. Told him. In Kenya but there are a lot. Now what we're actually a lot. The leadership. In the black community. I don't and a while blacks killing black. That's me man. Because it was his lack. Why don't they. Each right. What your saying. Is we've heard a thousand. It's a valid question. But when you ask it you're just shell out and perhaps the other person. So along the line and we're gonna get to go with a and so why is that why you killed and totally new bureau own. Israel would stop at. And and dude dude who say. That because they're doing that. Mean nothing can beat them should be done and just didn't do too many. Makes us look at a potentially. Explosive problem. And say nothing can be done and to do it isn't regular points or. This Siegel. Once home and not the are on con but the breed is fighting people. Ever Trenton. And it was a bad moment. And he's said to me. Let me put things in perspective for. Let me tell you how to think about problems. The easiest problem. Is one you can do something about. Quite a bit more difficult than one you can only part release. So I'll sol suit. And the last one is it easy is one of the ball. The one that helps no New Hampshire. There's you do sit back smoke a cigar he'd soon she don't break open eyes green. Cause that held scum and and there's nothing you can do about it durability word or anything. Bloomberg shelving paths lead to other isn't that ball would. There Killen and Joseph there of the lord of the color image there. And the black actors and opening up on the up and chilling notes. Solution that. They're still thought of code to ignore saw. And might side standing next to an explosion. Aboard that no. It is a crazy thought and that really and then we Euro in Dublin via. All in Garland of it's outfield all indices dissension right. Gain in little white people that went out today is important so deeply important and so it would BP. Shipped little pull themselves. And but he you know one of those wolves would don't want people the facts right. But it took the old white ball right. Turn near and it looked round at the same to be put cones so it wouldn't go back and get it yet well. The road they're buyers no solution that. This solution he has in the Asia. To grow up and do the right. Properties talks with Tokyo and didn't come up its say he's been brought it to life. And I and if you give you. Say that give you white man that says what you'd talk about all you have to do. Is dual blog they'd help you or abuse go through the order. In the meantime there's wind there's no solution than that there's not even then and tempted solution. Knoll dorm room was only here and come on the show what he says. He BM exaggerating. He said his officers. You're dead tens of thousands of hours. Of three every year. Got pretty good record. Seems to be going okay. May or may be able to look at that. And just see if there's an answer in there. We're just looking for answers. Instead of hiding. Next door bomb get into law. Bridge. All of us are gonna get wounded or to hide forum. Double BO. Incumbent right back. Where oh where you a look forward solutions answer that I think we came off. Would three or four. Have a long live from academic study. Just in them a chance to read. Baldwin a read these tax. I I get a house. You'd tax primarily when you're angry. And they certainly. Don't say it's it's anything. That they're looking for one solutions. Don't order where scourges that. Gonna have governor road jump bill Edwards say police chief Mike Edwards since press conference. Update. On the ambush in Baton Rouge yesterday. Wasn't gonna talk about trumping Clinton on the development front Turkey and more. On the scoot troops stay above him. Album a video.