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Jul 18, 2016|

On today’s show: Where do we go from here? In the aftermath of the police shooting of suspects…the shooting of police officers in Dallas and now Baton Rouge….where do we go from here as a nation….as Americans and as friends and neighbors? What is the first step? Can those who want to unite make more noise than the haters on both sides?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well here we are once again on a Monday. Dealing with the a tragic events. I mean Mondays are bad enough. But this. Is something that just our continued soon. I was a church yesterday which is 930 minutes downtown. And I had my phone with me and I can feel that I've got a couple of text messages. And I thought we eat I'm really not expecting to hear from anybody so I mean I'm in charge and to wait until after mass before departure my phone. So as soon as I walk out of the doors of the church I checked my phone. And it's the WB welders alerts. That police officers in Baton Rouge. Had been shot. And summit can kill. Kind of courses was a topic all day yesterday. Via cable news networks are in Cleveland the Republican Convention is under way. But from the sets. Of all the cable news channels in Cleveland. They were focusing on what happens in veteran coach. And following the shooting of all to sterling. In Baton Rouge the shooting of Alando steel. And Saint Paul, Minnesota. The shooting at Dallas police officers and two civilians. In Dallas. And then Sunday morning. Accomplice. Interrupted. With the shooting up police officers apparently that targeting the ambush targeting. A police officers. Three are dead. For your injured. One apparently in serious critical condition. So here we are talking about this again. My question this afternoon news. Where we go from here. Can we take a step from this point. A lot of the buffer music that we have scheduled for today. Deals with. What we're talking about. And going into our first break a song that we played. The other day. Which was Sarah released in 19671 of the Dick songs of 1967 which was the year before 1968. The year of so much unrest and turmoil in America. 96 he was when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. It was the same years that Robert Kennedy senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated. It was on the campaign trail. And voice the one who looked most likely to be the democratic nominee. For president. And he was assassinated. There were riots outside of the convention in Chicago the Democratic Convention in Chicago. 1960 it was a very turbulent year effective here part of the baby boomer generation. You're now the establishment. I'd you were part of that generation. That would dissent as a young person. We're learning more about who this. Killer is in Baton Rouge. Are much in the same once in awhile. Gavin law. But he should be remembered as say predator thought. And I hateful person. But yet we can't judge everybody in his race by his behavior. Anymore they've seen judge every former marine sergeant. By his behavior. Before it gets your calls I want to share with you to. Set. The tone for our show this afternoon. I wanna share for you. What Kevin long said. In a video. This is part of what he had to say EP kind of he kind of scrambles but this is a little bit of insight. Into the mind who went on the shooting spree. In Baton Rouge Sunday morning. Over the numbers let's go with the history. 100%. Of revolutions. All the victims right there are pressures. From. Victims try to bogeys. What are your president. Had been successful there. And fighting back. To bless you. You know I've been successful just over we called text. Does it it has never worked in it never would you. You've got Barack has only way to bullying no really he doesn't know works he can't understand words aren't you. Doesn't understand politics. If I want to protest and do their book but this series with the world wants back the ones we know what he's going. Italy. I'd move back or money quality care. Revenue Angela. Revenue and below where they do an blur it. Out who else. Don't even think about it. Is this killer. Right. Is he a martyr for his cause. Or received typical. Predator. Thug. It only thinks violence is the answer. To some degree historically. What he says can be argued to be. Somewhat true. But in 2016. Do we have to resort to that. I don't think we do I think this is a barbaric. Way of thinking. It is. Typical of our past. Not who we are today. And there are. Far too many people. Who are not willing to go in this direction. To manifest change. The question is. Where we go from here. If you are join us for the comment on numbers 260. When he seventy. Harry code 50426. Cell when he seventy. And checks numbers 877 from Slidell Eric you're now on WW well good afternoon. Pagan. Culture. We are out there that you wanted to call comment on the black rock movement mean well that a lot more on matters movement. In an area because. Look at it like to leave the justifiably Q black person or on our secure public person. I don't think that it wore the black community life boat that went on it and you'll black. A black man murdered black community and other and know anything. See you don't like that that music artists. Q that particular body and we and we actually we play and we children commit to a and we actually the we act on it and charms on final each we actually act on that. What when why cursing you like we're. All is racism or how important. Matter. Black should it matter where in quite intrigued by election which matter. What I'm saying and what the black community is now. What you wrote has been in a black matter. When that happened when the black on black you know at a protest in July and then when the wiper action on the black or because. People. As. Are not the troop African American male. And the direct African American men. And. That doesn't that doesn't fit the agenda of those who have in my opinion have hijacked the black like senator movement for. For dinner and dear college of weren't out of his point there are blaming points for everything. Right and right I mean I totally agree. I mean are readable by a matter matter but I disagree with read in court. Because a lightly with their. Took a black Ers look like a black he everyday whether in America whether. Whether Nigeria. I liked it in the and the vote. You know. Well it's it's almost as if it's if it's almost as if it has become so common in in New Orleans and Chicago and in many cities that it doesn't. It doesn't raise eyebrows and it's a horrific thing and I I talk about it quite often on the show in the afternoon native is this just allowed to happen. Then it just continues to perpetrate this idea that debt that life is not valuable. Well what I want when they took to the community. Protesters were more accustomed. Don't know that right now there are being written. And some magic bullet. And they're gonna come and go to that. These men in an electrical. You want to happen because it. The thing is happening. Right these laws and you know these are all black logic and look this belt in one victory as well. Law in the region at the law being in Albion me because it in and all the way to prevent lost or been. I think so it is important that everyone know. Hire people could be weeks they want the forties why he couldn't walk. In Japan these were called black law. Derek I appreciate the call if your hole stay with us if you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Harry could 504260187. Ticks ever say 77 he hears a song that was written in 19671. Of the big hits of that year. And it's so applicable. To today and welcome back to our show this afternoon here's an update on our party general opinion poll. The back to back shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge and Dallas may have brought us to a tipping point where will we go from here. 19% say com will prevail. 81% say violence. Will continue. Can assure bring him by going to our web site every WL dot com I do or remind you that right before the top of the hour news at 2 o'clock you've got a chance to win 1000 dollars in cool cash. In our nationwide cool cache content just listen right before the top of the hour news coming up at 2 o'clock. You hear the code word text the code word to 72881. And you've got a chance to chill out this summer with 1000 dollars and cool cash good luck for Smart radio intercom. In all of us here WW well we never charged protects an individual plan text and data race. May apply that to get back to your calls to from New Orleans Anthony a year on WW well. It. I'm open holes speak out before cargo from Anthony first of all and let's let's let's start off on the right foot here I don't cut people off I've got I've got a ton of people to get to you're not the only one on hold. You say a lot on this show you've called before I continue to assailant so don't. Don't set it up like we cut you off. Right student initiated. If you wanted to stop the problems and issues right. You have to go to the white folks and politicians according she's the golden also Google to be people entail the can you give them a lot of people keel but it would Whippet game would did it to people like Richard Cody itself that right secure broad. And DNC is. Let it these cute. Parnell let's stop right here might stop right here Anthony Anthony stop right here with. Anthony stopped right Anthony K we'll stop right here. Police officers do not have the right to shoot people so you're wrong. Yet at the right because all of them come and I would say. We would beat. While our oh in the collective cool dude get elected to. Nobody has a right to shoot and kill anybody. Elicited a defense. What what big week. And it did. Anthony used made a few months to work that went in and it's also it's someone that murder report itself. Well. In these in in many of these situations there has been some kind of a confrontation. It's not you see if somebody was walking down the street in a police officer shot the person walking down the street. That doesn't happen now there are questions about how police handled certain situations. I agree with you. And I'm not naive to the injustices of the past in the injustices today. And that we didn't. You know we it would have. So it sounds to me like you're kind of justifying the shooting a police officers. What would explain to you we have right to be in the two. What to do it didn't do apparently to upper deck in the right I'd been I'd say you go to Britain put and an occasion and it would. Well first of all all publications do not let people off. With smarter so year. You know totally empty and we've seen in north and points that that we need to do we have kept the bad points in support. Current and able to admit I'm going to operate at a bad point 01. First of all I don't I don't I don't like the way you say EU haul. As if we're two different countries I mean I don't do that TO panel think you should do that to me. It will mean right. Politico took Puerto Rico right. The gallery to see if you have weasels that didn't see a white racism prone to the boards and he's not done. Why did he know and rape is so. I agree. An a lot of people agree with you. I wouldn't the majority in this country agrees with you all. And I shouldn't. Name. You you can't lock somebody up for having racist feeling you can lock them up for breaking the law. Acting on their racist feelings and Anthony US and the difference between. White police officers and some of these cases are shooting black suspects. Around and somebody hiding or ambushing police officers the differences. Police officers are responding to a call they're being shot doing their jobs in the other cases there have been questions about. Confrontations. And fear for life and I'm gonna bring up the case against a Darren Wilson in Ferguson. The Obama administration the Justice Department found no evidence that could convict him which meant that Darren Wilson was doing his job. In defending himself from eighteen year old Michael Brown you may not like that but that's what's on the books. It doesn't matter Anthony if he's trying to get a weapon then that is a threat. Now don't start making excuses for people who do wrong this is one of the problems we have in this country. To. But policy in rule. That we got up to. But the with a beat it's you need to change the. Why people if you do not speak for the black people in all of black people we're not saying what you're saying. I've got to get to a news Rick I mean I'm already running late. This is the problem is this subliminal. Justification. Well there's no difference between this there's a big difference between those two things that doesn't mean that either one of them is right. But the difference is there was a confrontation. And there are questions. When somebody is is doing their job. They're still question if you shoot them from a distance before there's any kind of encounter. There's there's no question that that is essentially an assassination. I'm screwed in the afternoon we'll be right back after this to be WL there's a date with Jim Hansen. Welcome back George showing their sound. Very hot so Monday afternoon I I'd. I know you had a great weekend stymied it was nice weekend up until yesterday morning and then the breaking news of a police officers being shot in Baton Rouge truly changed the mood of everybody not only here but also are around the country. I here's an update on our party jaguar opinion poll on the results are changing. The back to back shooting police officers in Baton Rouge and Dallas may have brought us to a tipping point where will we go from here. 38% stake com will prevail. 63% say violence will continue give us your opinion I going to to be if you don't like count. We're expecting a press conference with the governor Jon bill Edwards and others I'm assuming a colonel Mike Edmondson from Louisiana state police will be here as well. Also the the can't have on the sheriff's department site in Asia India Baton Rouge area. That's coming up to a clocked as soon as it happens to carry it live here on WWL. A from Baton Rouge Stephen welcome to the show. Oh. Stated you agree it's even. Worst bloated. We were allowed to compete. More crew of public so close. Is go in. And vote them or. We'll see. And it also all works. Public office of kimberlite. Well there certainly are cases where that happens it doesn't get the attention in in the eighty. And I think you have a perception Stephen fed. Did it it appears as if I'm. Using cell phone video to show a police officer killing a suspect doesn't convict the officer but he can fix other people. If the if there's video. I is the video shows I anything in question it's not gonna convict anybody outside of being a police officers well. So there there there are going to be many cases where the video does not lead to a conviction. Is now. So I actually been hit is the only war. While. Oh. There's role on. Our second though to get it well because. A whole country around. Oh. So it has age is. Where I would rather go out there would be it. It's true oil is cold as. But Steve you know what you and I are not in in in a courtroom and we're not part of injury it's it's easier for us to come to one conclusion I mean there. There were people who were stunned at the the outcome of the Casey Anthony case and I mean this this is gonna I'm making a point you're Steven. This goes on a lot of different places the point is we. We judge based on what we see but if you're in a courtroom if he goes back to the de de de LA police officers who were found not guilty of criminal charges in the beating of Rodney King. And I were specific things that applied to their job. That. To allow the jury to say what we cannot convict because. Because because because Rodney King did not comply and they were doing their job. What that a problem. At all. At that particular but. Second. You. Know. Beat them. And they go. Talk about. OK and there. And so but that statement that case is not over. Or just that's just the game. Meaning you control. All move on his second. Okay and the development of her not a ticket to Canada. It took him. What may but it but that. That that police officer O'Grady the chief and that police officer may Avery will be convicted. Go there them change in. California. You'll brokering a Q was it different. It. There stop put. It's sort of the went into black. You know he. So you think there's a certain point where a black guy would comply after being asked to seduced that there's a certain number of times to police I understand the point your making but you're saying that the police officers caught ought to. Well wait a and it did they chances has been given look I I I'm not judging the situation in Baton Rouge Stephen and and I judging the situation in Minnesota but he sure looks like the situation Minnesota was an unnecessary shooting of an of of black suspect. You remember. Back to a mpeg obvious each of them. Police. You don't repeat it cause there. I understand Stephen but the instant argument is the instant argued the instant argument is that sterling did not respect the police. Now look I let Steve I've said many times that what I see in the video I wasn't there and I'm not a police officer. I mean I you can let me say this country you're passing judgement and and usually it's like you're talking to me like I'm a white guy who thinks all white cops are innocent and that's not true and it's not a bad. You. Can use in there. The end of the green out. Of home. I. That really. That. And that has got to change. Boy I don't know. I hope now I mean it should have changed a long time ago. And so in the meantime Steve do you tell your son to confront police or comply. A chemical. It's been on all. The it. Okay that's that's a case that states being looked into I mean I understand the point you're making but Steve and that's one. That that's that's one case it doesn't represent every case and there are some blatant cases were police officers. Appear to have like done the wrong thing I've I've got to move on I enjoyed our conversation. I understand this idea of the past I get it. But what's the choice. Is the choice not to comply with police. That's not the answer but police need to change. And they need to treat everybody fairly. And they cannot allow. Inside. Racist tendencies. If they have them. To impact how they treat people. A lot more to talk about more of your calls texts coming up. I disputes. They've handled. When I thought what's your calendar Wednesday July the eighteenth 1974. That would have been during the Nixon administration. The US Justice Department quarterback Shaun wouldn't be deported this is another chapter in the tends to deport John Lennon. A federal appeals court to overturn the deportation order in 1975. The following year John when it was granted permanent US residency. The government the president the Justice Department worked very hard to deport John Lennon thinking that Lucy threat to national security. I'm from gentility billion on WW well. But definitely a two. Individuals. That are not amber is going to should be very. And Provo so. What no weapons. Grew no down here and what he's done. Race and the and to bow on it. Stating that. No worries the ball around the country. Of being and so treated. The terms groups. And that that fourth that we don't know who investigation for a fine let nature. As a matter of fact one of the up and down. And questionable time is our affiliations. The only problem today. Too aware. It can't be solved then. A week. Mama. Create an opportunity. But what we hear. It is the arm and you suppose to. Ma oh engine you're correct for me when I hear you about the engine. Freight agreement today. Me. And that witty comment from Whitney law. I would reply which are under lighten my hip pocket. Registration and earns an ego and all sure I retrieve them what would you choose. And many individuals. Show. That people. Keep sang comply comply. Probably show. Officer who. UN comment from where I'm going. You did you commit to it explains me what I did wrong here and you're dying and you Egypt the paper about the book compartment and if so. Eager to. Technical my car. Until everybody has I understand the torture making everybody has a choice of how they deal with those of situations that I would say that. You know police officers. I'm in certain situations may have they need to ask you that I don't know how in the world you tie this back to the Tea Party. I mean that was an absurd. Linked all our apartment in the city with the the conception. Comply. I don't know. I don't I don't know why you would go I don't know why you were just went back to why the Tea Party I mean that's that's ridiculous. There are many many in the black community in many black leaders who say. Comply. Yesterday was a really. Really tough day unfortunately the song speaks of what happened Baton Rouge I stood in the afternoon hang on will be back on WL. Resources in the range. Is this just the way it is now I refuse to accept us. It's time for the 1000 dollar nationwide cool cash contest the code word this hour is kick. Text KI CK. 272 waited one that's seven to 81. Chill out this summer with 1000 dollars in cash without ever putting down your phone. It's one tax away cool cash 1000 dollars listen for the next code word right before the top of the hour news at 5 PM. And good luck for sport radio Entercom. And all of us here to every W well we never charged protects an individual plan text and generously apply please do not text and drive. On the press conference with governor Jon bill Edwards and others officials at the Louisiana scheduled for 2 o'clock we'll start with WB will news and as soon as that news conference starts. We'll bring it to you live and and we continue. Talking about it here into the W.