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Scoot Show 110pm Donald Trump & Chris Christie

Jul 20, 2016|

On today’s show: The person who worked on Melania Trump’s speech takes responsibility and said she offered her resignation – which was rejected by Trump. Does this end it? THEN: Did you watch any of the Republican Convention last night? Does anything stand out in your mind from last night? Last night – Donald Trump officially became the Republican presidential nominee – so many – including Ted Cruz – said that would never happen. Cruz insisted that he was right and Trump would not get the nomination. Ted Cruz is speaking at the convention tonight and it is not certain that he will endorse Donald Trump – in spite of signing a pledge during the campaign to support the eventual nominee. Ohio Governor John Kasich has not endorsed Trump and is not even taking part in the convention – which is being held in his home state. Now that it’s official and Donald Trump is the Republican nominee – do you feel the Republican Party uniting? At the convention there has been a lot of talk about why Hillary Clinton should not be president. Should there be more talk about why Trump should be president? Is the best strategy to bash your opponent? ALSO: Last night – NJ Gov. Chris Christie presided over a mock trial for Hillary Clinton – the former Secretary of State. Was that effective or was that Republican rhetoric? Polls show a majority of Americans believe Hillary should have been indicted over her use of emails. PLUS: How did the new ramp meters work yesterday afternoon? Do you like ‘em or hate ‘em? Do you think they will improve the flow of traffic on the Pontchartrain Expressway? A new survey shows that New Orleans is the 8th most stressed out city in the country. Shreveport was #6 and Baton Rouge was #13. Detroit was the #1 stressed out city in America. Fremont, CA was the least. S.E. corner of the San Francisco Bay area – noon – temp: 64 degrees! Why does LA have 3 cities in the top 15 most-stressed out cities in America?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon we are gonna have fun this afternoon we have we've got a lot going on last night was a big night of the Republican Convention will be talking about that here's Sarah. Here's what the moments when the crowd started chanting. Lock her up this was while Chris Christie was speaking he basically put Ronnie mock trial for Hillary Clinton. The crowd at the Republican Convention chanted lock her up at one point. No. Our sport. And we will talk more about that later you know I just a blueprint for coming in the studio I saw something really interesting CNN. Pet life coverage. Live TV coverage. A patrol helicopter. Practicing landing. At the Quicken Loans Arena the site that the convention. It was a practice landing to construct is just landed at the airport and the choppers gonna go pick him up and in bringing to the convention center. But this was a practice landing and I thought you know could it get any more dramatic than this CNN covering lied to practice landing of the trump chopper. You wanna tell me now it's not all about showbiz. New Orleans currently on a hot new survey ranks at number eight. In the am most stressed out cities in America. Shreveport was number six and vin rouge was number thirteen. What are you so stressed out looked. Talk about deadly are also what about those ramp meters yesterday was the first day of the ramp meters and the punch train express what you think those were good getting to that term a little bit later. In a proper music this afternoon we have a lot going on going into our first break. You know I've been doing this this stuff farm relating music to what when I talk about too much arson music radio is astute in the morning and be 37. Moisture was not that much different than conditionally except there's more talk here. But I remember talking about political events. And as a sort hit number one on this stay in 1995 and it was a song that I remember usually on a morning show. To talk about a big political controversy that took place in the mid eighties. And it involved senator Gary Hart from Colorado. Who was the leading democratic candidate at the time. And he. Was it was apparently having an affair and he dared the media to catch him. Well the media caught him and it was with Donna Rice. So I remember relating to particular song to decay number one on this date 85. Odd package nastase or will will play that for you going into our into our first break. Next hour on our pop culture calendar a very very significant event I remembered happening are against us 3:4 in the morning. I mean I was a kid. Millions watched in America and around the world it was. It was just have those monumental offense we'll talk about that in the next hour and I remember exactly where I was when I watched this at 4 o'clock in the morning. Also this is a very important day in the life of Vanessa Williams and we'll talk about that. In the the 3 o'clock hour with a proper music. I'm screwed in the afternoon glad you were this year this is where politics and pop culture meet Europeans every afternoon I love being with you every afternoon and thank you for tuning in. And being part of such a screech radio audience. The person who worked with Maloney Trump's speech is not taking responsibility. And she says she offer your resignation patrol projected it so. This might and maybe not we'll talk cover more about that in just a few minutes. Did you watch the Republican Convention last night I mean I have to admit I'm not sitting back watching the whole thing. But I channel surfing watching some stupid TV and then watching the convention but wait a minute to thank this canard it's completely to. I mean do you think those you think those delegates are really having a good time. I mean have to sit in that conventional for a very very long time to a lot of different speeches like I destined having fun. And is that the Democrats that tend to Wear the stupid hats because I haven't seen as many stupid hats as I'm I'm I'm used to seeing. Already it's the Democrats of they have their convention and next week. Last night's Donald Trump officially became the Republican presidential nominee. And so many said this would never happen including Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz insisted time after time after time. That it would never happen. Here's Ted Cruz. With Chuck Todd. When NBC's. Meet the press and Chuck Todd tried to getting to answer the question will you support Donald Trump if he's the nominee. And Ted Cruz. We don't answer. But it is spent this entire interview trying to eviscerate Donald Trump. If he's the nominee I take it you can't support many more canyon. I believe that the Republican Party nominates Donald Trump we will lose to Hillary beats I understand what you believe my Republican Party are you can you support him can you tell your delegates when I'm at what they got Gary Varney and support Donald Trott while you may not John realize or recognize. I recognize that that that many in the media would love for me to surrender to Donald Trump. I mean again on the counter is that about a hundred numbers it's about the numbers he may win Republican voters are the ones rejecting you this is not a media. Conspiracy senator I can't you answer that question of whether you can support the crowd trump or not I can't answer that question. Why won't you answer that question black and straight towards shock and why we can't answer the question about whether you're going to hear in Korea are you going to support Donald Trump if he's the nominee. I am going to be Donald Trump we are headed to contested convention and we're gonna win don't you think it's important to take a stand you just said it's time for choosing. If it's a time for choosing say. Forum or against them as the nominee it's a time for choosing is it just got here welcome you're welcome to lobby for support for trump does not just possible we're going to be trump. But if you care this much about it. Don't you think you saying I can't support him if he's the nominee doesn't light a fire and send a sense of urgency to the Republican Party. All right so the glut the records show you have not taken a position on whether trump whether you can support trumpet these phenomena. There and up and let the record show you tried very very hard to get me to commit to supporting dropped the record will show that fair enough. Night and it was an exchange where we edited that together that was that was still part of the same and I interviewed the same conversation. But we edited out some of Dave the stuff they went on between. Because he still didn't answer the question that these were the parts where he just tried to chart a chucked out of NBC tried to nailing. Two to answer the question would he support Donald Trump and he would not. The question is. Will Ted Cruz support Donald Trump tonight. Will he say he's a Republican and he supports the Republican Party will he say he's going to endorse Donald Trump. And I guess there's some slight technical difference between. Supporting somebody in endorsing somebody but it's there's there's not a a real big difference there but. How will be talking about that surround by tomorrow afternoon to show after tipped cruise says speaks tonight. Also former Republican presidential candidate and governor of the state where this convention is taking place governor Jon K sick. Has not endorsed Donald Trump. And is not even taking part in the convention. Which is in his home state. To now that it's officially Donald Trump is a Republican nominee do you feel like the Republican Party is uniting. Do you feel like that the best strategy is to is is to unite even if you don't like Donald Trump. And here's what some people are saying this is really an election about. Who is. The least. Worst candidate. Who's not the worst. And truck from the Republicans are saying Hillary's worst. The other talking about some of the things that the truck will do of course but there was a lot of time spent bashing Hillary. Don't be a lot of time at the Democratic Convention next week bashing trump so here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour. Is this election about which candidate is the best or which is not. The worst. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com if you gonna join us with comet are numbers 2601878. Area code 5042601878. Text numbers a 7870. I don't trop is in the air India truck shopper and a flying over Cleveland on his way to the convention center and again I just thought it was sold. So funny that it. They were showing the practice landing at that the chopper. Remember Gary Hart I dedicated a song to her to Gary charge. Gary Hart was the leading democratic candidate he started having an affair with Donna Rice he dared the media to catch him. They caught him I caught him holding Donna Donna Rice. I'm screwed in the afternoon we'll be right back under review well. If you were in your car on this day in 1991 you heard this song a lot so this is the Davis on a 1991. Hits number one and America. I'm skirt in the afternoon if you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon numbers 2601878. Every coach 504260187. Your text number is 87870. We talked yesterday Tucker show where is really dominated by deer controversy over whether or not. Via speech given by Maloney trump the other night towards a plagiarized but he Trump Organization staff member now says she made a mistake. She quoted passages from Michelle Obama's speech in Maloney is conversational speech. The does this speech writer's name is Meredith the Khyber. And she says she offered her resignation patrol projected. She said that she wished it was taking notes from on Maloney. And Maloney said that among the Pete associate buyers is Michelle Obama. Now I know that's gonna upset a lot of conservatives a lot of Republicans. But there are admirable things about whole lot of people that you might not like. She said that Saddam did. If wanted to trample Ritson passages. Of on mrs. Obama's speech for 2008. As she was writing all this down anyway it is up in the speech and she says that she's sorry and she did not make a mistake. What we have coming up this afternoon are a couple of examples. Of how this is not the first time. Speeches have been given that sounds similar to other speeches. Here's a montage of speeches from the former governor of Massachusetts who was also part of the Clinton administration. To fall Patrick. John Edwards presidential candidates. And Barack Obama. Listen how similar these speeches nor. I am not asking anybody to take a chance on me. I'm asking you to take a chance on your own aspirations. I'm not a says game. You could take a chance on me. Also as you pick the giants. On your own aspirations. I haven't spent most of my lot in politics with much being. But I spent enough time in Washington to know how much we need to change Washington I haven't spent a lot of time. Learning the ways of Washington. No long enough to know. But the way the Washington must change. Laettner this. Point and I hear a lot numbers that. All I have to offer is words will. Just burns it. We pulled these drew. I. And. Okay. Yeah. Don't tell me words don't matter. Have a brain. Don't worry if we don't construed to be self confident. All men are created equal all just words. I'll let the air but solve John's words. Just begins. There were some similarities and has some of those who were quotes that have been part of our our history for for so long but that was a montage of Governor Deval Patrick. John Edwards and Barack Obama. I hit it in someway saying the same thing also there was an odd time when Clinton told the same joked that Ronald Reagan told we've got that for you as well. If you would like to join us would comment on that one of the questions this afternoon is do you think Ted Cruz will endorse Donald Trump when he speaks tonight. Ted Cruz consistently would not even answer the question will you endorse Donald Trump. Because he insisted that he would win. He said there's no way Donald Trump is going to win the nomination. Ted Cruz. Was wrong. If you've got to Connie in our numbers 2601878. Enrico final four to 601 ace every text is a 7870. And in this election which the candidates are. Battling each other you know I think it really comes down to is this about the candidate who is the best with a candidate that is not the worst. And that's a pretty general people give us your opinion at WWL dot com for Metairie date I've got time for a quick comment to welcome to the show. So quick point that they got. And that's a corporate legal or some what my account at the or you were right there there's election. It may Republicans to take and there and fiasco. Trumpet but what. Smoke clears. Of charging people think oh well. It's been so long. Though it. 86 move it would have thought. The withdrawal. Oh and so you know truck in good. Pre. And they're gone I personality so. So it should Bible does it check. It out and Hillary out so. Question did you edit track or Republican. Edward bench and Hillary so. Well now I I I I don't I don't think so I think there's so there's been something special about Donald Trump. I'm representing. A non establishment. On opportunity and and data medical back to something that a woman told me ever repeated this many times because it really does sum it up for so many people. On the call the show and and she said scoot trump scares the hell out of me but no change scares me even more. Ego and what do they expect a compact. Elaborately. David I wish I appreciate the call if you are join us with your thoughts this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Erica final four to 60187. And Texas 87870. Coming up after the search news day voters are talking about some of the things that are Chris Christie did he essentially put on a mock trial for Hillary Clinton last night. At the Republican Convention. Was ineffective. I'm scoots in the afternoon and here's our Debbie WL news updates with. Jim Hansel. Yeah tennis is sort of tough so into the country. Yeah Jonas. I skewed in the afternoon high through this so we have added that date to a sad day to our pop culture calendar. So we'll talk about that coming up here. Later this half hour here's an update on our party general opinion poll. Mike is this election about which candidate is the best or which use not the worst. 21% say it's about which is the best. 79% say it's about which one is not the worst. Give your opinion Michael tour website WW dot com continues a conversation. I have protectionist as what about Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson is a libertarian candidate will talk a lot more about him effect on actually like to get you on the air. I Gary Johnson is the libertarian candidates let's get this Republican Convention or the way this week and the Democrats like their convention next week and it'll. And our Gary Johnson to this conversation for battery Lindy your under the WL or good afternoon. Yeah. Or. Linda are gonna have to ask you call us back because we have just such a bad connection review call us back we'll get you back on. Last night New Jersey governor Chris Christie who might be. Donald Trump's. Attorney general if he wins the presidency. Chris Christie. Why is on fire he was electric less mean you can disagree with him but the guy gave a very compelling talk. What the essentially did was he held a mock trial. For Hillary Clinton. And used to record as secretary of state. As the evidence here's par what Chris Christie said. She was America's chief diplomat. So let's look around the world act of violence and the danger today. In every region that's been infected. By her flawed judgment. All right so here's what Chris Christie had to say about. Libya. She was the chief engineer of the disasters overthrow Gadhafi in Libya. Libya today after Hillary Clinton's grand strategy. Pure economy in ruins. There's death and violence on the streets. And crisis is now dominate that country. So gonna ask you this. Hillary Clinton. As a failure for rooting Libya. And creating a nest for terrorist activity by crisis. Answer me now is he guilty or not guilty. I. What this reminds me off I was watching it last night it it reminds me of when you were you read the passion in church on on Palm Sunday. And they they asked the congregation to say what you know what are you doing Jesus in a rarity shouts out in the congregation crucified him because that's what many of the people said at the time. It it reminded me of it reminded me of that moment in church. I would tell you more about what Chris Christie had to say coming up next it's on al-Qaeda and our young women from New Orleans Michael here and every WL. You don't screw it. Oh well I don't wanna the city that. Where do you like them and aware that you don't like them and Democrat Republican. These two candidates should help everybody appreciate critical. Because it would have what you say about it. He doesn't have any scandals. Nowhere near that amount of Hillary Clinton and it means is that when he was running try to that you what Christian of the month chart that they that. You know what component here. And it also doesn't make. Such inflammatory comments like trial but a month alone the women. You know she may not agree with that politics but I think we can all say it. Hated above the right. Only a lawsuit through a similar terms of those controversies senators some truth to that. Michael also the other night at the convention it was the Arab. The the actor who he's now an actor but he started out as a Calvin Klein underwear model. On he is absolutely convinced Andy said this in an interview on the other night. Advance. President Obama is a must. It even though he goes to church regularly this guy is is among the many who are actually convinced with no evidence. That the president is is a Muslim. Well I mean that's just because I believe she wants to believe it. You know because one and Obama brought him back in Italy where reverend. Poll by virtue of that scandal that basically true that he was Christian. Because you know what you're group were Reverend Wright in the pulpit and we both know that you with the Christian preacher. And that was the charge that Obama wife and children attend so that write additional. But there are so there was a break toward the end to be no Obama did not stay with him or to the entity. Knoll he had the break with him because I believe Billy inflammatory comment that he made you want treatment well with a lot of Americans. And soul probably to win you know other to stay in favor and win the election Obama did distance himself from you know. You know the type remarks to probably won't cut it. I'm by. I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with the Euro thoughts this afternoon here's a number it's 2601 a seventy. Erick are 504260187. At Texas 87870. Here's our. 24% say it's about the best 76%. Say is about which one is not the worst. What does that say about America. To assure opinion by going to our web site every WL dot com. On this day in 1960 eights this was the number one album in America wheels of fire or under bad sign was one of the seller from that by cream. Eric Clapton and ginger baker Jack brewers. Stayed number one for four weeks. We'll be right back WL. A sad day has been added to our pop culture calendar and producer or writer director actor Gary Marshall has passed away at the age of I 81. Gary Marshall was the genius behind happy days Laverne and Shirley. I'm more and indeed he was a director Arafat pretty woman involved in many many TV show is and in many movies and he will be missed he was an absolute genius and a giant. In Hollywood Gary Marshall passed away at the age of 81. I'm scooter the afternoon let me get back to your calls or before debenture cause let me share a one of the moments from Chris Christie said speech last night at the Republican Convention. If you just joined us we're talking about Chris Christie who essentially put Hillary Clinton on mock trial. And and got the audience to be the jury but it was really kind of flight. The jury when when they were asking that the people what to do with Jesus and they showered up crucify him. I do have a text here it says your right scoot about your analogy when Jesus was on trial however. On. Like Hillary he was innocent. That's interesting. Some people think she's not in a sit in fact a majority of Americans according to polls say that you should have been indicted here's Chris Christie. This the part of the mock trial last night about al-Qaeda and young women. These al-Qaeda terrorists abducted hundreds. Of innocent young women two years ago. These school girls are still missing. Today. And what was the solution from the Obama Clinton team. I pass tag campaign. So now let's triggered outlets decide Hillary Clinton. As an apologist for an al-Qaeda affiliate in Nigeria. Resulting in the capture. Of innocent young women is she guilty or not guilty. And I. Scene. She fights for the wrong people. She never fights for us. She doesn't get the real threats that America faces. And at one point Chris Christie had the crowd chanting in unison and lock her up. Put New Orleans Byron York and every WL. Byron good. I'm trying to do this speed in there. At this celestial what are your. I think that's a little better. All right we look what policy now is everybody is now optional. Chris Christie will proceed with this group and they've been in jail if there. Battled well university. In communities. All right now about a people sort of good news is that you wanted to be in the sale and beat you today. You do. Too popular to do you George Washington Bridge investigation. Reiterated. It is. Different here's an object if you don't you can. And to. A human being shipped them if you. Want it when there. Well you know I just say it would be funny I mean it would really be tragic and I wonder what you would be cloning in terms of it would be very very ironic and you know life. But would we ever be surprised by anything in politics Byron. But. Really good. One. Reason. That you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It. Will be. And he came in England. You know so what what you're reminding guys is that it is conceivable that the president of the United States his attorney general might be on trial while in office. Yeah yeah. You heard that it will be completely. You bought it in front. He. We can you be sure all predicted it long like. I'm Byron she she hasn't been she hasn't been charged as an indicted she hasn't been convicted by quick all that the FBI director sent about her a majority of this country thinks that she should have been indicted. She's lucky. Should it. Include encrypting. Not everybody there. And and and. There will be following will be we'll be following all of that fired. I if I appreciate the call you know politicians are quite often don't really think too much about the future they think about to stay here and now. Also if you just joined us on TV the person who helped Maloney a truck with her speech Meredith diver. I she has offered her resignation which was not accepted by doubt trust me she said she made a big mistake if she is sorry for including words they were so similar to. Two Michelle Obama's speech in 2008 we will be right back hunt every few hours. It was on this date July 20 2009. Jackson browns settled lawsuits with US Senator John McCain and the Republican Party after this hit. Was used without permission in a 2008 John McCain presidential campaign and that aired on television and the Internet John McCain in the Republican Party said they were sorry and said that John McCain was no part of that decision. I heard that our queen is not happy with the Republicans using we go to the champions but haven't heard if there's going to be any action taken on Mike you're on WW LA good afternoon. In my. The paper umpteen Gary. Trump or pants and queen I was like it. You aren't we can talk all day about nasty things that now talks. But we're quite literally in killing people and eight. Maybe not personally but earning. So instead of focusing on work let's focus on. And on what you. I guess the big question is why hasn't she didn't charged or convicted if there's that much evidence. Sometimes people seem to think that there's more evidence and there is and I know there are a lot of questions about the clintons have talked about that over the years. But what we're not sitting at a bar. You know we're on talk radio and and you know lawyers would have the opportunity to indict and try to get a conviction. I against the clintons if there were enough evidence now I guess we could if you want to believe that's. You know nobody's gonna ever recharge because it's the clintons. Will continue the conversation starter for the 1000 donation might cool cash contest the code word this hour or is angry. Text AN GRY. 27288172. Weighted born chill out this summer with 1000 dollars cash without ever putting down your phone. It's one text away cold cash was the the next code word right before the top of the hour news at 5 PM. And good luck for sort radio Entercom. And all of us here at every WL we'd ever charge for Tex but individual plan text and data race may apply please don't text and drive. I will continue with the Chris Christie's mock trial of Hillary Clinton last night at the convention and will get to a more of your calls and mark your text I'd screwed the afternoon at a WL.