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Jul 21, 2016|

Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump last night at the GOP convention…was it the right or wrong move? Which candidate represents the future of the Republican party more – Cruz or Trump? ALSO: Do you repsect Cruz for not towing the party line or did he just create more chaos in an already chaotic convention? Should Trump have let him speak even though he knew he would not endorse him? PLUS: all the highlights & insights from the Republican convention.

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Here's a quote from the bandit queen. We are frustrated by the repeated unauthorized use of the song after a previous request to desist. Which is obviously did ignored by mr. trump and his campaign. Accord goes on to say queen does not want its music associated with any mainstream or political debates in any country. Nordisk queen wants we are the champions to be used as an endorsement of mr. trump. And the political views of the Republican Party we trust hope and expected mr. trump and his campaign will respect these wishers moving forward. There have been numerous cases of thought of politicians using songs and artists don't want them to use the songs and sometimes there are lawsuits affect yesterday was the anniversary. But he settlement between Jackson Browne. And the Republican Party because the Republican Party without authorization used Jackson browns are running on empty. As part of or John McCain campaign to get it something to do with the debate about ten fuel prices. In any event that this is something that is it is not do. I've this is the latest because the song we've champions and has been used by air by truck it will be interesting to see if they stop using it and there are those who say well you know they should be able to use it. I guess part of my question is is. Did you change your opinion of the song by the artist. That is if you if you like trump. And you like the song OK that's one thing if you hate trump. And you love queen. Does that change your opinion of queen or disarm we are the champions. If you if you hate Hillary. And she uses a song that you love it's been an inspirational song for you. Would that change your opinion of the song I I I don't think so. Here's a Texas says I vowed to never play any queen's music if they continue to try to stop trump from using the music. Not like is being stolen I'm sure trumped a pay fort I don't I don't think so. And I know there was a lot of criticism and and Rush Limbaugh had to pay for this Limbaugh was using a song in in in his opening it was a song from the pretenders. And Chrissie hi in the pretenders did not want rush to use it. But as long as they paid for there's really nothing they consumers as far as I know. If you wanna join us to comment this afternoon we're talking about the Republican Convention last night in particular. Ted crucial speech where he not only did not endorse from. But he said that some things that cause people to actually start boo. Since America they were pulling the fact that he did not endorse Donald Trump during a speech but the trucks can't newness. They apparently saw the speech a couple of days in advance and they knew he was not going to endorse it so should they have allowed him to speak. Do you think the of the crew speech last night do you think that helped or hurt. Trucks campaign or would have no effect at all that's a pretty general opinion polling you can give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. I think it's interesting that dais this psychological phenomena takes place. If if you like somebody. And somebody criticizes that person or that thing that you like. It's. Rekindle seeing you. The delight that you have poured that thing or that person. And so by tech crews doing what he did it by people bully. Does that not cost those who support Donald Trump to support him even more. There's a lot of talk about Ted Cruces future. It's a cruise may be looking at Donald Trump not beating Hillary Clinton and then Ted Cruz runs against Hillary Clinton in the next election should she win the election. I don't think this hurts Donald Trump at all Gingrich in his speech last night which Russia very fiery speech to mean this guy gives good speeches. I'm Gingrich responded to our cruisers comment on who to vote for. Ten Brusett. You can vote your conscience for anyone. Who'll uphold the constitution. In this election. There is only one. I. I guess that some form of of deduct your reasoning and I thought had Newt Gingrich was brilliant to make make that connection. The other big speech last night was from Mike Pence who's the vice presidential nominee and there's less talk about that didn't all these other things have gone on. Also don't trust on Eric I'm gave a very good speech he struck kids or. In my opinion impressive and that goes beyond politics. Even if you disagree gonna politics these are impressive. I've young Americans. How wonderfully part of his speech will do that in just a few minutes but let's go to my parents Thea vice presidential nominee. I'm the guy has a sense of humor. He's a man known for a large personality up a colorful style and lots of charisma and so. I guess he was just looking for some balance on the ticket. Meaning that my parents is not involvement flamboyant and exciting. But that was are a good speech as well. Again I get to more pure text you're just a moment we'll be get back to your calls not from New Orleans Ree shard welcome to the show. Hello Reshard. OK let's go to Algiers on disaster here on WW well he's half. Those cute I didn't listen just a couple quick questions. Like mic comment after primary quick question number one. Which go to doctors that didn't go to medical school but maybe you owned and quick ascension round noted that no. Thank you are upset and question. Speak one I notice a lot of callers are just super super patriotic in the local matter and every week. I would make an appeal on May find out billion here here Sharaud doesn't data Jackson's. You know that's going to be kind of got to restore blocked well. The if you use the system properly that's one thing if he gathered illegally well that's something else. Well being investigated that right now and is used to but who don't pay any taxes either. Also like in the early on that you don't of America. You want you want people to pay their fair share that kind of what we're talking about I notre. Says I'm more now so when I want to form embodied in the east medical army couldn't do certain any political position at all. And I don't know anybody who attacked the media mortgage strong dose. And bodily Hillary being cleared and Stevens is Graham has come said that Hillary and but nothing to do. So. So. You know that they're using cheap tricks. In these in this convention. It is no accident there's no qualifications. There's a. What's so tell me what the qualifications for being a politician. Well how about Jacoby president you know why don't why don't know what he's just being a politician goes. Straight to being president. There's there's nothing. There's nothing that says you have to be a politician before you run for president. No no and we're finding out why. So. Jeff I I totally reject this comparison between a politician and in going to a doctor and we're talking about a specific com and scientific of biological trade as opposed to somebody who talks. We you don't you don't think in the united equal to running country hear anything. Well there were people who said Ronald Reagan wasn't too are qualified to be president because he was an actor when he first got into politics. Yeah. Your first trillion well legs yet you've made up your mind understand that but the point is you cannot point to you can. You cannot point to anything specific about qualifications for being a politician because there aren't. Our studio and you don't but I think just aren't just actors keep. Your taxes you YouTube. Age. The public in some sense you get you don't have to sort that the witness it say that. We're telling our children we're. Well first alternate way Georgia present you. Okay you answered my questions you know about the doctor that you go to Q when you don't care about the country. And use that ridiculous and trying to protect you. And Hillary Clinton. And say that she has been a dedicated sure that the why. Man enough to say that it is quite beyond measure. As. We speak about. You can angrier too. And so they care about the country. About this topic but yeah. Man and admit and apologize for just like that oh. I'm not. At this torture into the ground. And you. About that you've just wanted to show did he at all. Yeah I do want that but I'm honest about when I talk about it and I've never endorse process separately is that first of all sent. Were you review we UConn down. Just ask you are. What is good for America now listen to these guys hear me. You know it into the age collars and you just jump or do you advocate your callers. You when let me say something know oh okay I don't know and thanks for calling and I'll I'll talk about you when I get off the argument you wanna stay you wonder. Well for the record Jeff from Algiers. Hung up. I have said Hillary has not been indicted. But my comments have been based on what the FBI director Conley said. Many people the majority of Americans according to the polls belief that she should've been indicted. Now I wonder if this caller. Has taken any deductions unease income taxes. There are very very Smart rich people who don't pay taxes. I don't think it's fair I don't understand how they do that because I'm not in that position and I never did in a position. But if you talk about people and and and I'm short I guarantee you there are a lot of Democrats. May be even the clintons. They're paying. No taxes or a minimal amount of taxes but again zap is an example of hate that lives on the left. And here's somebody who just can't understand why everybody in America doesn't feel the way he feels I'm quite confident. About the things that we talk about on the show and the way we talk about. Not everybody is going to agree. And there will be those like that caller. Who says well it's a right wing conspiracy. No I get criticized for being liberal so much that I'm ready to gonna pay attention to what this caller that is suggesting that I'm bashing the last. And then when conservatives I get caught doing something it's the liberal media it's real easy to blame the media. But the media is a reflection. Of the audience and covers the things that should be covered because of white people are. Interested in. The media is a reflection of the media did not make Donald Trump. Donald Trump became a phenomenon. The media covered. We were first introduced to Guns 'N Roses on Tuesday July 21 back in 1987. When appetite for destruction. It the music charts. I'm screwed in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions will be right back with your comments on W well. Coming up next hour we'll talk about this video of an unarmed black man lying on the street with his hands up claiming that he was shot by police in North Miami. I scoot in the afternoon I'm getting a lot of text about the last caller we had and some of them artists are derogatory that I don't wanna do that since ours Jeff is not here to defend himself. But I hear so when Texas says so. It scoot I freaking love your show such entertainment she can't pay for this kind of entertainment. Well I mean to some degree that's true but here's a guy who's criticizing me for for being on the on the radio trying to get ratings. I mean isn't that kinda what we do in this business. The media's driven by ratings. And I got a couple of the text of what you push for trump to marvel to release his tax it is income taxes. I half Donald Trump should release his taxes it looked really suspicious that he hasn't released his taxes. For battery Eric curative WL. Go to certainly appreciate parent your your show and I think that you are fair and balance and under had a column about that left college. And yeah. Is the post it's I was all the listeners can help better the poster child what is on these left out of your typical Democratic Party voters. That believes in it's still hate. So would you rate at what the problem termed racist and bigots when big and then make their point based on tax well. Well he he he couldn't make the point of what what are the heat he's criticizing truck for not having their qualifications to be president and I understand that that's what a lot of people think but my question is what are the actual qualifications and he tried to compare to a doctor. You have to be a license to have a doctor half to have the job. The ability to practice medicine yet have a license to be a lawyer beat you you you have to go through certain on certain things. Before you get to those professions being a politician I mean did this and indicates that anybody can be a politician. That is the that is being mentality that that song being beat people and. Up but not all of the left demean their a lot of Democrats who who who would not agree with that that last call or an. And who are not hateful in the same way that not everybody in the right is he full foot sophomore. Well that's that's that's true but pale into two wanna bulk of these for the the biggest thing people running a mountain in a couple of examples but hey. People that are on the left of the book ought they believe in not only Boerse and greatly term abortion clinic. But then they want to take you right by the wait hold on August that they want the fate children the panic in the aisle like in mental do good there. The thing one rep and I believe that we should abort. You know them the majority of African American children that Al. I know who is who who in the world is saying that nobody said that Eric. Certain of these of these these these these argued. That are made on the beat these people are well nobody's. Arguing that we should abort a majority of African American they always. Not on now on I'm not saying you know what but what I'm saying is is that. Playing compared although it did the boarding. Mainly African American children because Bill Clinton took. Well they're not children. That's what you legally they're not children and and if if if this debate is going to have any kind of logic to it and those who are pro life. Need to address that part of it. According to the law it's not murder. Whoa whoa there that are are true what were when it is that people on the court look believe in late term abort some to. Exactly but then they also believe at and Brett that they should be able to take away. Second Amendment right because they want the city's children they want to save it and give examples of neutrality. Well again Eric river going back to the idea that you know a child is protected by the state to points child is capable of living outside of a mother's body. Which is about seven months. So you know this legally. You know I can make this argument that we're not talking about children and children were talking about. A fetus or we're talking about potential life potential child and then we're talking about and a child. That's basically they don't legal argument I'm pro choice because I don't think I should tell a woman what to do but I am also pro life because. I don't believe in abortion. In the a part I the odd one. I didn't wanna make aren't on abortion and ought to strike is simply to point out is that on the left there are these contradictions that are soaps that are. People could be the only to really look at visit that. Well they're coming of their contradict its on the right as well Eric I gotta get to a news break meant I appreciate the call and I'm going to part of our arteries to call us back. You know there's the contradiction on the right and they are there are. Think of the Republicans who have stood up and said you know I'm a Christian. Nobody's gonna guide me Jesus is gonna guide me in my office and what they get caught in in sexual situations they get caught in in. Situations where they're cheating on somebody I mean as a contradiction there as well. I'm scoot will be right back with more of your comments and here's our WW wilders update with dining it's. The idea of interesting contradiction sect came from a caller had just a moment ago and here's attacks that reminds us of another great contradiction. Many on the right are pro life but yet they support the death penalty. Here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll taken Chris his speech at the Republican Convention last night did it help or did it hurt trop in the national election. 21% say it helped. 40%. Say it hurt 39% say no effect give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And death from New Orleans session tell welcome to the show. All right well. And we understand. Art the big problem last night 88 get credit card agreement are not patient EE it. It won't get the nomination he was in or whoever the deal signed the pledge. Aurora it up on him should. And John casing is another one who is not supporting them now supporting try. And it like he's not even at the convention and it's in his home state. Much. About them in it for about. Hillary. There. And grandpa neck where it. Didn't like. She put it. She well. I don't I don't I don't know my dad my Bible isn't I wasn't too. Old enough to be aware of anything I was around then. Idle and neither the press that her. She got things aren't and that's what I don't Indians. Into. Well you know it show until this freely dies explained that the of bitterness and hatred goes along with political discussions today. Are all areas and people are people looking for reasons to hate. Mean they're looking for reasons to. To find a story and and sensationalize the story into and somehow inject hate intuit. Which Intel I appreciate the call glad you're listening and pass from the Ninth Ward John MacKey or Debbie W I'll pay Mac. If schools. I'm gonna. While. There are other people. It is all of that someone should do about that. Like in. People. Call it a lot of different people now. Yeah about their mean. All of the the talk about. Consistent. About it should. Oh wow. All anti abortion. Then touched the ball on in our fair ball. Ball pick their economic issues before it won't caught well. There. Or the job so what you're. You wanna you know. What you and you'll see him. You know while Mac you know its system once again shows him how deep the hypocrisy goes. On both sides. There and took to a certain extent our group now as well cultural being crawled. Being. Qualified to be. Ordered it ought to be a politician. But now it ought to be there. There's a whole different now. Well if he's qualified to be a politician and deep the public put him in this position then. You know there's no policy to the question is whether or not he'll be good president and I don't have an answer to that if he becomes for I don't know what the answer to that is. The usual. In people. You know they should be sure that diplomacy. Paying me. And I will be what. Were burned and you know our personally if payable by the arm. For. It. Well qualifier. Could be. And one of the problems with that the Mac is that if she's so qualified she's been in politics for so long that there are people who who don't trust people who have been part of the political establishment for for so long so. You know Donald Trump is the the manifestation of frustration with the political stunt. What are some example why are. All from business people who bought because I'm a woman compliment like been on the business etiquette do you care at all. All people want school board that it. You've Britney you know. And what educational. And you bring him and so on the schools and they as a business and they feel you eight. Abu. It appears in the field. And need people. Like like they. You want to eat off which. It may is that it may get. And get third in the old. Well I mean I'm I've talked about this a lot I'm not naive to the fact that you can't run this this country like a business if physically should be run more like a business but you can't treat. Your opponents in congress like employees you can't treat other countries. Like their Europe competitors Beckham got to move on I I appreciate the call if you're on hold hang on. The conversation has gotten very passionate. Coming up after this break we're gonna come out with a song that was was released on this day in 1965. And it really did reflect. The tension in the world. We'll play that coming up this this album jagged little pill was number one in the UK and a stay in 1996. This is where politics. And pop culture meets your opinions I've stooge here in the afternoon. And really attack on deputy Euro. It was a turbulent world back in the sixties this congress released on this day united July 21 at 1965. By Barry McGuire eve of destruction and as some of the lyrics are. I think evolving hates their reason red China particularly around their Selma Alabama you can leave here for four days in space when you return. It's a single place. If we which has had that test yes and every at least you know this is just a testament every WL. Does that remind you when you went to school you had a pop quiz that you really weren't prepared for. For battery Tony Herman WW well. I don't screw you Tom. Basically. The dining separate thing there goes on here. In its erotic thing on a lot of things I agree with him except wanting him basically. About true acting picture. Wondered if fear its people that come on every real. It and give people opportunity. It's reworking the history. I didn't agree that awkward the product and future elected agree where. I'm basically you think you're. When I call my old course and now. I'm I'm really disappointed in him I think in my opinion. Debt down. Eatery a really do because of the week up about pertinent. And down vote command that the Manhattan and to do it there. Including an art and it stopped. I really am disappointed in him. And I can do you wouldn't be artery your mobile. Caught peeing. On apple and the fact that. When it goes. It started this thing out of the two incidents and motor ridiculous said that he'd be because those two incidents. I couldn't hear him say that he can mean the fact that. He's he's he's cute and might not have happened. You know so incidents happened and toast to re offices are involved in those things. They should feel guilty because people will be ignorant. Are you going to over. In to do with DD. While announcing other three officers sort of were involved in that America officers on law and law enforcement officers in general have become an increase target. Because of what appear to be. Unnecessary. They're shooting deaths of four unarmed black males. Well I understand. School. Like retrofit you know. You know what you try to bring up appoint some people good morning here. And out records and really disappointing coaching gear and not go out and beat you to keep on open night anymore. Tony Christian has just try to have this opinion and you know there are people that would say the same thing about me. If you're saying about two about Christian and and I don't need to defend oppression he can defend himself everybody's entitled to their opinion. What I know of Christian I don't know anything about him that would lead me to believe that he is he's a racist. It in anyway but there are there are things that when we say certain things or when politicians say certain things there are people who. Who see them in a certain way and they they and particular meaning to as to those things and in a lot of ways that's unfair media if if I say something about you know it paid I don't think the police officer I didn't seem to me like the police officers should shut that guy within an anti cop. No I'm not anti cop but I'm I'm anti police using lethal force if they don't have to. Now I leave the the question open as to whether or not lethal force had to be used. But we do tend as human beings we tend to respond to some of the videos that we see. Well you know it's simply an elementary school and try to get my personal opinion. Tom. Personally. Oh and I'd be happy. Japan out. Their firstly of this country. A person that ministry of an impact in feet. I don't think she was a stripper I think she posed nude for. For a photo session she was a model I'm. You don't you're entitled to their dead view Tony but I can't I can't hold that against somebody I don't think that's a that's I don't think that's a big deal. Understands lyrical beauty you know you'll remind the court and and now like you and I think that you know some time you know you've got opinion that you. You fear not what everybody. That they don't have to your opinion. But I do have to get to break that I appreciate the call. Q all right thanks for listening. I'm here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll detect crouse his speech at the Republican Convention help or hurt trough in the national election. 23% say it helped 37% say it hurt to 40% say we'll have no effect. They'll give you some highlights of that also coming up after the news at 3 o'clock I'm gonna play part of Eric trump Donald Trump's son part of his speech at the convention last night. Where I thought he made a very compelling case for. Our for his dad. We'll talk about that and also will continue the conversation about Ted Cruz not endorsing trump and also getting booed last night. Also if your hole stay with this we will get to your calls coming up on every WL. Willie Nelson's first album redheaded stranger released on Tuesday July 21 back in 1975. And this was one of the classic hits and an album. Relies client. Willie Nelson. You know he's gonna act the same whether he's in a place like Colorado or. Anywhere else I guess I just got a text message from Def cameras already honesty here on the aero on my phone. A reports say the 2017. NBA all star game could be moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to New Orleans. Wouldn't that be awesome. And let's remember why it might be moved it might be moved because of this religiously pretty long the bathroom law and all these laws that if as I've gotten so much attention around the country if you wanna get text alerts are new sorts like I just got. As you can get this on your phone just text the word news or text the word sports or both of them separately. 287870. And you two will get decent instant updates. If you're on hold stay with this will bring up this this issue of this unarmed black bantam and by the way I mention an armed black males and the the black males who were shot recently the one in bad person one of Philadelphia. These guys to steal it in sterling and they both had to apparently they had guns on them so yes they were they were armed they were not using him at a time so that's why there's controversy about those but. I you know we talk about a lot of stuff and it's sometimes I say something it's not totally accurate try to correct it right away. But we'll add that to the conversation about the the guy who was a shot when his hands up lying on the ground. In North Miami and also we're gonna continue with more of your calls when we get back I'm screwed in the afternoon collector witness this is WWL.