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Think Tank 1010am Violence & Economic Divide

Jul 26, 2016|

A former resident says violence & the economic divide in Baton Rouge was caused by blacks leaving the neighborhood.  Could people who succeed after leaving make a difference by returning? This hours guest: Ed Pratt - columnist, freelance writer and media consultant Captain Black - Anti Crime Activist

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right guys in there and think things should unknown world known. Again Hillary can win the Democrat. Survive beyond slow groups and supported him now that they knew of the DNC worked. This time sanders' campaign. Is it with the human shields in Hillary Clinton or anything associated with pepper. 11 o'clock Donald Trump. Says he's been poured in eleven million illegal aliens build a wall to keep them around. And to get exactly. What would that Brooke for higher what with the cost B. Ordered them were taken a look at new report called that did starts and York and of course today or liberal shall will be talking to a very conservative. Think that. And alt slow you representative. Of the black community Agile and I think. Hazards for Ingraham appalled with the community and works in every day and make it. On windward and numbers show since the shootings and of them shooting and Susan dollars. And I think we're bald look for. What some bridges and new bridges new ideas. To have tried to get over the racial divide Edward leaves me a different even if the bees from all. What at bottom line. Our road blog I consider couldn't opinion duties. India and the current. And a bruise Britain by a broad threat and huge credentialed or extensive. Retired newspaper reporter and editor. You were put the ago old sitcoms that didn't Baton Rouge oral lender lists and to move in Florida. Was Press Secretary for lieutenant governor like Kathleen Blanco. Press secretary of with the Louisiana Department of Labor in the immediate. And related. Meet your relations director of children who Robertson in Baton Rouge now. In his retirement is a columnist freelance writer and media consultant. At what kind of retirement is that. Military would it the events they are a little right and we elect who work the way and models who. I had to do. I thought boards are sitting around and grooming that you'd make a note. Oh are lit skinned and UP which I've known Benson. Evelyn woods ad for a move and leading north that moves more maps of the allies in the suit. Talk to me about that. Well. Are we gonna try to think about what was that the normal. In my Cairo and and at Butler look and it's written column you know. I got more than. And make a change in my life it is oh yeah my market great teachers. Hold yet in my home in that enables loveable Rick. They would neglect of the musical. On the right near Williamsburg. And two in the column but you know war. Which struck me is like wow this is it is like a perspective on the that. My blog topic about it removed problem. No I'm war. A political outlook for whom would she every now with with in an epic you know with ms. And I got it now but but because Baghdad this part of the town but I adapted now what could do it there. How cool though by more than out of the community I was there. I took away. Money that the community it and leave the issue rule tomorrow. Well my cute who have been role model that way we all no doubt. In the Albert. And there are a lot of people like me be is that we all the move become a way is so we've seen to be better. And we have. The community is where we do. Oh what we could've been could've built. We could've been. Oh Vick could've helped school there all of these things but you know that the and a lot of places now. But thought about where it looked benefit man I'd go out there and then get on the use of the pain and a lot of who had done it. How much better the community convenient and I think that that it happened in from the areas. Although occurred in this spirit in the air Wednesday it made him great in that way move down. Both ought to be in the city long time ago and took with them their money in their leadership and all of that it. And what that is what we have now. And you Rhode specific glee. Then they'll lose like me and now live forward where you from our Lieberman. Our departure is sent consequences. Contributed to economic divide in bad news. Out of frustration and people could have been Monday a little bit liberal new ride over the years we've demanded. That those left behind do you like clause. What it would mean blog. Well you Ra. Buyers but I think in moments away from the community. You go if you'd go in those areas and in our parliament but where's the oil oh yeah you know the government does not the guy. Everything that they be having you know we chill the it. It is there no Walt. In the mutineers who bill. Don't look like the schools the advancement of who is we have on the port that now. You have people in both areas. Contrary to belief that well you have people in those players who were in Tunisia. And the Big Apple you're prepared to work into did you. They can that be pulled apparent equipment war foe but much. They have been bringing home money there they give them and it would be decently. But you can have these. In the he would look they'll call mobile video device that. Yeah crime that thought the bill. The eagle at some of these areas and on the net and a problem. It you have people who all know who know they'll treat acute walked in on the street is nowhere for. And all of the field in the community in he's he would. People who can be yanked. And if things that happened around them and the they're not that it exceeded the well. To know how to go demanding on the low of all of state go off the epiphany is the common you know they have to look me in the could do in the. Are added burden we've got to dig brig bug to one of the reason we called I. Is. And we've we hear above white blight all the time. But bear little issues talked about it concerning middle class black light opera play out black light. And then when we come back. The obvious question what can be done in. Should those beds left and and property that should they move back. Coming back and calls to select 01 except need to exceed 72 ebony the Columbia. Okay important thing good about something a little bit different. Our own opinion peace and via an advocate by a Pratt retired. Reporter. They Evelyn says money leaving band roots sport massive divides in the city. And it goes on Satan and you lose like me now live or where you from our old neighborhood groups. And our departure instead consequences. Contributed to this economic divide and bowed rouge and the frustration that the people who could have been my name starts. And I wonder who. We've we keep talking about briefly and in grain we do coverage from problems in the country. But I wonder for a word not talking about that claps central election. And I don't mean to be plugged in but the shootings in Baton Rouge Oprah and Will Smith didn't show wa. Well that that are here that are very you know that happens sure. The people in bedroom. All the voices that need to be yours. But the image you mentioned earlier. About. Should gobble de people like me move back in the enabled. Well that would be that would be interest being bought my apple Wednesday. In the ability of places where cool would that be dead fish. Now what will we need is people with families. To move their children. Because you have to keep the school. Alive in the neighborhood and at major. They're two and I had a company about a bank there. Well one a week. The deal would give tax breaks to big cooperation and a whole lot we view picked great. Two people. Build houses. And apartment complexes. Ian. All periods and in the the that it would be warrior you. Are economically strapped areas if they would have peeled it Abiola note areas in the air they've brought children with them that would be more. That it would have children oddities of whether or PPP Oreo. The that you could keep the schools scroll you make it maple would grow grew yet to hear children there but all though. People like me. Can BO boy of the people in my old neighborhood we can go and talk. People in an entry there. Pick their complaints. The city hall and I think that all of the and that not happen in the a year to epic there were more people. Like my bill will not go back in those communities entries grow what the UV in not a pill that would be. And make build up the pieces and they built. I think the people to pick in the city on the tape on the way they need to get that help would be neat to meet there commute could stroll. You won't mention them when it comes from march's. You're believed to a march through your your your talk and look at the yeah battered school buildings compare and Lehigh bedroom tried to look at the public parts. How different they are from the lunar and bring to add. They better bring Carroll pulled boomed because so neighborhood. Have a smorgasbord of serious and dangerous mental health problems walking the streets. What do you think condense. A family with the children. Say to beat the birds one of the tenth one. To remove them. What what you have to do is than it had been using the correction that. Dick Campbell the middle you know probably would have been in the in Beirut and crawl the country nip the problem. You know we don't put in the money into things like milk bill. And though I've put things we thought a pickle people in the one up in jail. Where they were before. They commit crimes because they very equipment and jail. And soul that something you'd you'd you'd have to at the field wide range you know for a few years it'd be lower multiple movement punitive. Uh oh. That it would be the community visas and whom I would have to join in the is that it ago in the everybody has the pick a unit in in who beat. These various. Upon is that every. And you're not gonna be up and it is. Change the OpenId. It has not been there and take. Several years. Could get the people they like. Because the problems of old wide range. In the middle help a lot of it took it and put me in the but it Oakland's dangerous border of the because we don't have anywhere or. Although people would go about Vegas people because right now. Couldn't with the oldies is that you know people would know oil. What do what do you think of gentrification. I'm not a big fan of gentrification. Because what would gentrification is people come in and they basically moved well. The poor people who would have been there before. Driving them to areas where they came up for the Leo. And I don't think that he'll be anybody in Italy when gentrification come I don't know how many it'll bring children that it's become. A community they've become neighborhood of of a light people. And I'm not a Amado I want everybody in ball. I'll wore it in their what do or talk about me little bit trees. What route they wanna make sure that the people live in these communities are able to they've. And then not priced out of there polls. Let's fix that he'll build tree there all. But they'll they'll pick industry in the sidewalk. And all the other problem that they have not ruled them out. And last question. If if we're gonna tax credit whatever may be for developers. To build homes in the user error the views or have parents working two jobs. Sir you still have on supervised. Children. And what it's so often talked about the the breakup of the family. Does a new ounces and you'll apartment. Make that much difference. Greenville that they uses the community is only audit. You know we have to raise the minimum wage here is in the in out on. There's no way you divided over the field. If the senate aide that I ego now that it would go to these twelve or fifteen well. But the these people can make a leave in the way but also at the same time we have to do things to educate people where. They can get jobs that pay minimal. You have the community college in Baton Rouge that we should make way. But these parents been in and their old is true of the eighteen years old time war. Give a way to get educated have hard work it actually is in the it'll. That McConnell you'd you'd you'd get that you get that changes in the community. But once you bring in people who formal though more educated. We. Job at a different they can also property in the book about being put on the pain that you need to look look into orbit. About aren't some of these people. In these communities people know small. Albeit an honorable exit it and the BO a wide range in approached. Kabila would go oh we just move by is that it larger and larger in the people in the community is those words that work. It brat. I think Europe. Causing those to think about something a blog is don't think about. Should thank you boots on and thank you with the article that you will duel. Number of Martin conceived and the injury. Thank you appreciate the call come in right back stay with Hughes. There are Google. Bought. And writing and thinking. About this subject. I missed it I haven't found so. And article. I retired. I am. New to report groups tones and tons of experience. And the problem exists money leading north at Andrews port. The massive divide in this city and that problem. And this Wednesday black journalists write about himself. And he talks about when she and there were the upper middle rope route. Blacks. In the black neighborhood. Nice Holmes with nice interiors. And it is doing now but he odd -- and mortar new TV. The reachable. And student group so forth and so on. He's got out. And education. Move. Lives Tuesday opt for middle. Citizen in this country. An apparent regret. And many others like me now look forward from our old neighborhood. Our departures. Had consequences. And contributed. To be economic divide and a rouge and the restoration of people who could have been my neighbors. And we've we've talked about these issues even. Slightly elected. Attorney captain black I think he's gotten pulled soon. Local community. And you well birds and schooling on and a you words in daily captain black it's always preaches the call. My apple has a girl I ordered orbiter yeah. Umpire had just look at across. She will wouldn't be sober. And so what you thought it it's something I did its ultimate everything about middle collapsed last acts. A brand. Just like we use our room up or. Plant blacks. Yeah ran past the winds to the 1%. Of the upper level it's. Would what do you think it is is there anything that can be done. Within that population. Two million lives the problems were looking. One we have a real let anybody feels black people not on the and edge trim changed. Particularly. Doors open. Remember ordered merchant. What to a black millionaire. Public dip stick it likely that you live from the same geographic air. You know that there won't know oh optical cross wearable trek in little birdie. Console that abolished now believe there will be Imam Mahdi or your credit. Man you saw like people were Armenians. Take flight. And a and urged him would troops. About black people being Mullen. But if we look at it is playing mixed reached problem. Wipes the move back in in an attempt to hell it's gentrification. And and their crew is is so. Little black or a model list. Aren't they. The only ones that could move back. And not get that short drove. It. What know to where. Gentrification. Fascinating issue integrate our. But where it's selling black people just because evil players here grapple with does not mean you have to leave. New York. If you're concerned about the people on the cooler you can always go back you know and that's not much on the Q&A market and brain bush. I do understand. This sort of shuttled middle class extra little. Nor wrong with some of the black community accountable look at the trio and the destruction. And the maturity and now the field technical move. Or that parents will control pulmonary this'll. Or so we drew. Gotta take America calls them little. So total Colmes email. You have at all will be you're also a slight goal. You object in Israel as a black middle class manager organization. You can build that took him assert. You don't volunteer. At a nudism and you can become a ball at a program alert or Robert. Which as blackmail. Then triggered this yogurt there are no orders to return that so people in the in the city except the ones that may be ma. Or let lunatic breaker more come back and let's talk. About more injured what she just said. Sir leasing pliable. But I'm in the middle collapse and where I grew up was very pour. And if somebody said you ought to go back in min two or. Get involved with the organization's. I couldn't tell idea I would say a word to jobs. When I go home I'm tired. A moment sit and read or relax. And how. How do you get the energy how do you get to die and Heidi get the work with the all to do the things you're talking about. Come right back in the thoughts or comments up there to see general 170. I think you all bringing to here's the discussion. About white flight but quite differently. I don't hear logs discussion about like plight what brought it tomorrow and via a news reporter and I'm assuming. Little notes are from the Oakland. Broder article opinion piece in the Baton Rouge look at these Sen. I knew Julio was like me you know lived forward from our old neighborhood. Our departures had consequences. Contributed to economic applies in Baton Rouge. Frustration people who could have been much neighbors. We have brought our captain black where those whose and crime activists as the old suburban neighborhood. Captain we've we're just talking about there are things it can be done there orb programs that. The people who didn't move would weigh in don't veteran profited. Can come back and help wit. I'm lecture at the in the old and Will Smith level. From the time I do you find the resources. To do that worded so that. Is an example. From recent history you might know his marriage yet have a Ph.D. yet a vote against a little. License and they got mark quicker. Chico who lived very straight life even under Karl because well stated in the church he could have been present them in double ACP. In that order be your call is. The major issue at Lehman that averages a convenient time to help people this time you shouldn't do and for the typical council board or bring it back to present their. You only have reached Jerusalem program made it remember. Stool in the neighborhoods in which. Shall allow doctors. You're outreach person can be interacting with remembers who are in same neighborhood they view or repair. Moved out. And again. You're requires. Deciding to Jerusalem and nobly and people Lee and answer giver. One issue where we don't break we talk about black life news the same. That they'd like people were. And it just football. Oh the urban service it was a review of wind enabler people who put ago some people work real sports. Just didn't move well spiritual Nubian slave. And we have to Boca on the table also on the very. Inconvenient truth and Israel culpable because the troubles in the community don't want to admit. District column on. Even public. But we don't commit. And what you're provincial it those because most of it. Server patient schools or parents who need little training or protection African Serb what we need more police we need more. So frustrating if we don't. That some sort of social that you described as a reason why are like people resourceful. We will leave in the city just like an audio. All right. Lifted Williams a young William bureau and with captain Bullock. They killed very much appreciate the topic. I did read at all. So. Yeah yeah that they'll get it read. These commentaries in the paper with our allies and that oracle material on Sunday articulate but you know I sit on the board. More like sit on the board it olive grove. That it helps that the U of olive grove and he used yeah they're you know that they have money. They're looking for people. To help with that victory and the organizations all over terror on people to go help out whether they're white or African American or whatever. We need people to get involved in these organizations in need city help. William captain blacked. Maybe you please talk about it and think about it and start to begin deliverance thank you by the time we will do the show again and hope you'll come back of an idea. Number Google of Texas born to a new word of fun and view article the Richmond and now we're talking about. Its goal of proud Murray leaving north that route sport massive divide in its sitting. The resume the but could to July be twenty these second. And Cutler next word we're gonna talk about Donald Trump and his zone wall and that he wants to bill. And we're gonna point out a couple of things interesting thing you know people who owned the old. Illegal until they get a job would forged documents. Paying Social Security taxes or forgotten. About Sodexo. That is the 1000 dollar nationwide cougars can't that's code for this hour is star and T isn't on the use and useless. Ours and rotten in the is in Nancy Tex turned up. To seven into raider boy and seven intuitive blunt. Good boy and a thousand bunch of one direction away from cool cool track. Listen for the next go word from the top of the hour news 2 PM good luck. From all of us at W a video we never charge for text blunt. Individual play and directs and they're great supplies please don't want to stay and drive.