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Scoot Show 110pm First Lady Michelle Obama's Speech

Jul 26, 2016|

Last night on the first night of the Democratic convention – did you get a sense of a united America? Not everyone watches the conventions – but you all hear about and read about what was said. The Democrats are still somewhat divided within their ranks – but do you get a sense there was a message of uniting America? AND: Even if you don’t like President Obama – Michelle Obama gave a stirring speech last night to the convention and the nation. One part of the speech stood out. The First Lady talked about waking up every morning in a house that was built by slaves and she thinks about how her daughters – young black females – play in the White House yard. She said this in a way that made it seem as if she was recognizing that the past is over and we should look at and focus on the opportunities available today. How are you reacting to that part of the Michelle Obama’s speech?

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It is storming right now in downtown New Orleans I don't know how it is where you are you here either injured or you're not in it a good chance you'll be in it about a 60% chance of rain all day today so you'll be a moving in and out of thunderstorms if you're. Driving around. Lights on them. No hazard lights if you're driving with the flow traffic you know the drill and those who on art not to following along with a drill obviously they just. They don't are really get it you're gonna have a chance to win 1000 dollars in cash right before the top of the hour news at 2 o'clock so that's less than an hour away. And you don't have to do anything except what you're doing right now which is listing Tori show. But it WL. It's 1000 dollars an hour cold cash nationwide cash contest just listen right before the top of the hour news coming up next at 2 o'clock when you hear the code word. Text the code word to seven to 81 not 87870. I feel badly for those who text to recently simply because you don't have a chance to win their ways or texting decode were 272881. I'll remind you that again like about the Covert. And you've got a chance to a Sheila this summer with 1000 dollars in cool cash good luck from Smart radio intercom and all of a certificate you'll. We never charged protects the individual plain text and data rates may apply it. I'm skewed in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture Beecher opinions every afternoon I'm glad to witness I love spending every afternoon with you. Once again this will be a show where not everybody will agree with me and I may not agree with you. By we welcome different opinions we celebrate that we don't condemn that on their show. On hopefully we can remain simple but you know sometimes people get passionate and I have to admit I'm a human being and sometimes I do get passionate. But what are what are really focus on is that this afternoon I'm gonna say something that is based on my objective view of something that happened at the convention last night. And there will be people who absolutely. Hate me for when I'm gonna say. Because it in in 2016. You can't really if you're a position like I'm in you you can't really. Say something about something without everybody thinking that it has everything to do with politics. I mean I've already got a text before he even came on the air parity got a text or somebody calling me a Hillary hater. So you know I can't make an observation about Hillary or trump without people thinking that I'm either trump or Hillary lover or hater. And sometimes it might just be about the politics of at all. Now I have my biased views on a lot of things in an and so real and that's okay. And I'm gonna mention something that I think was an objective comment. That will cause some people to just absolutely go all by god I can't believe. You think that but hey I'm OK with that. To date July the 26 is the 73 birthday of Mick Jagger. Who by the way is about to become a father again. Now they're not many people in the world I believe is a great grandfather. How many great grandfathers are still becoming fathers today. All my guide. Me accuse them. Spreading the CI guess 73 years old tennis in the last hour of the show we'll talk about that anti establishment rock generation from the sixties that has matured. And is now the baby boomer generation. Do you remember the things that you do if you're a baby boomer. Do you remember the things that you did that were rebellious to the establishment at the time. It might not seem like a big deal today and in some cases it might actually be like many of the things that young generations or are doing now. Can you think it's something you'd did. That your parents hated. Music that you listen to that your parents hated. And also with the baby boomers now being the new establishment. How have the baby boomers made America better have they made America better or made America works. And you know that I quite often describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. So if you're a millennial Generation Y. Generation X. or what will have all those definitions story coming up if you're not sure which generation you're in malevolent coming up in the final hour of the show. More shootings all over the New Orleans area yesterday and last night. Two double shootings. One in Orleans parish when Jefferson Parish. There was a shooting yesterday afternoon on the punch treat expressway. I mean that's not safe. You shoot the driver to driver goes off and crash it to Africa a progression disappoint so. The problem is these are not thugs shooting thugs. These are not bad people shooting just each other they're endangering everybody's lives. But in all of these cases era at least in most of what I I read was that the shootings yesterday and last night once again. No motives. And no suspects. How can Anthony. You don't know who shot you. So in other words what you're saying is these are random shootings. And since their random shootings that's why nobody knows who shot him. That's why no motivation on the just their brand of right. Well if they're not random somebody knows motives. And somebody knows the suspects. But talk about that. At 2 o'clock. First up on our show there was general criticism of the Republican to the convention last week. Because it focused only divided America. Well last night the first night of the Democratic Convention even amid some controversy. Did you get a sense of a more united America. Now I know that not everybody watches the conventions and and maybe you're not watching at all on you might be a Democrat and not even tortured on that they're not the most exciting and at the most exciting things in it can be boring. But yoke so honestly just last night were very very fiery. So not everybody watches but from what you've heard or what you read about what was said last night. Do you get a sense that the Democrats. Are trying to unite America more so than. The Republicans. And even if you don't like President Obama. Here's what I'm gonna save a lot of people are not gonna like. But from. The perspective of a political speech. Taking some of the politics out of it taking some of the the motive for the ideology out of I thought the First Lady Michelle Obama gave one hell of a speech last night. It was a stirring speech it was a good speech. One part that really stood out in my mind was when the First Lady talked about waking up every morning at a house that was built by slaves. And she thinks about her daughter's young black females playing in the White House yard. I don't know what you got from that but my take away wise. She was talking about recognizing that the past is over. It's over. And that we should look at and focus on opportunities available today. And look toward the future. She also talked about something that we talk about quite often which is. Not allowing ourselves to be defined. By they hate that we see on the nightly news. If you join us for the common this afternoon if you're not in the thunder you could be hearing thunder in the background because even though we're soundproof studio it's still gets superstore studio winners here. I'm hearing thunder maybe you could here at a microphone as well here's our number if you wanna join us this afternoon. 26 cells. When a seventy. Very code 5042601. A 78. 77. You know just just by saying that I thought Michelle Obama gave a really good speech. It's gonna cause a lot of people to just totally discredit me because again it's it's not even possible. To recognize either the good of the bat and yesterday recognizing the bad about the DNC. And the emails that were sent out to support Hillary and put down Bernie Sanders discredit Bernie Sanders during the campaign. To comment on that negativity. On how that is damaging to the Democratic Party. There are people who assume that I'm trump lover and I hate the Democratic Party. So what we've lost in this country is the ability. To make observations. Without too many people thinking that all well that means you're this or that means. You're that. Again if you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon on numbers 260187. Enrico 504. 260187. Texas a 7070. We have a part of Michelle Obama's speech last night to coming up also hear from Bernie Sanders who gave a stirring speech last night. And Donald Trump had a comment about Hillary. And the system being rigged against Bernie Sanders you'll hear from trump as well I'm scoops in the afternoon. Here's a song from the eighties that I I guess this is one of the themes of the Democratic Convention. It's all about. Carrying on the Obama administration. Agenda which a lot of people disagree with don't know what you got till it's gone. Some people are looking for a change. We'll be right back on never WL. Well there's no question that millions and millions of Americans still want change and many see I Hillary administration and is said not enough change from what we've had a to this point. But then there are a lot of people who are scared of of Donald Trump. I'm stewed in the afternoon Niger weather site here's a Texas says so why is driving with hazards bug you so much. While driving with a hazard lights on in the heavy rain now when you're driving with the flow of traffic first of all. It's illegal. Secondly it's very dangerous anti terror reflects the stupidity of the driver. Because it's illegal it's dangerous. Now the flashing lights are supposed to mean that the vehicle is stopped. Or just moving along at a creeping speed and if you moving along at a creeping speed on the interstate picture but off the interstate in a way to the rain stops. Now this is all backed up by. The law and people go find these the law is here and there but I you and I'm speaking for so many people were listening right now. Who are frustrated with people who put their flashing eyes that we'll look at me look at me I'm special always raining heavily at the rays coming down look at me I gonna put a flash you idiots. Now you don't have to put your flashing lights on. If I come up behind you. It is sadly I see a car with flashing lights on ice slam on my breaks assuming that car stopped I cause a chain reaction accident. Maybe I die. Maybe the people who are running to me die. So you're murder. So it's not that it bugs me it's that it's just not the right thing to do and yet. There are people who stake out their territory in being ignorant safe while this is what I'm going to do anyway I mean you can't if you want to. But I didn't make up the law is. At issue staters to do that are from nine New Orleans Jason you're never WL. I have no good buddy done good. But what that song Ito heard it was my. I have been in my opening preferred. Cory Booker is there a lot more fire and and it is in my. Yeah he says he's a rising star the Democrat party. Yeah yeah argue that that on the other ticket with Hillary. Though I'm hopeful life may be a little young. Yet. Yet and it certainly some was William run into the bar and opened with these key is what our. Anybody even around the camera and look what abilities of walking around street happened to the well look well my book islands he's. Now you know it's it's interesting Jason wanna bring this up once again because again this is a microcosm of America it's not just about me. But if I say that Cory Booker is a rising star within the Democratic Party than there are people who will will condemn me for that. I EE could have rising stars in both parties and and and believe me the Republicans Republican leadership realizes that Cory Booker. Former and I think he was mayor of new work now the senator from New Jersey. The Republican leaders eagerly if you Republicans your leaders recognize that Cory Booker is a on a potential star in the Democratic Party. Yet you have to that we have while the world track. Well I want probably animal we email email with Hillary and well what one viewer opinion on this. We need I don't see the difference between what devil want show BAA and what the Republican establishment it is true truck. There isn't any yet and so what battle you're in the market stepped down in their steps and problem well. Is it that they they the Republican Party was a little. Was a little more vague in terms of the people involved but essentially they did the same thing but it could be blamed on one person wasserman Schultz was so brazen enough to. I to do what she did in and you know is she showed poor judgment by going up and speaking before the Florida delegation thinking oh they're gonna love me because I'm from Florida I'm here I'm there woman. And and they were people who booed are essentially she had to leave she had to leave the podium. Yeah. That well you know that a commitment really kind of an out of likely appear as though. Which was trying to do with dealer's lot in tackler and it's wrong. Yeah yeah it is an outlook for tropical callable. That put the democratic process is pretty. It didn't. Same jet into Portland six months ago when it was on the Republican primary and Alamo how out of Republican primary was great also and how ever you vote. Treat it well earlier I gotta like this I got into this extensively yesterday afternoon it that there were two renegade candidates on both sides and both party establishments worked to keep. The renegade from from being the nominee the Republicans failed and the Democrats succeeded. Like right under that is commuted hypocritical of him c'mon Alibaba what really than any normal Republican competitor and you come out there while there it. Not worrying band open wheel wrong and that the Democrats but also you know the political right political drawn. It says it's hypocritical on this. Jason appreciate the call. And you know what I say that when I say it's it's the same on on both sides and it did that Democrats are worked out behind the scenes to make sure that Hillary was a nominee. Let Bernie Sanders was very popular among a lot of people specially Melinda Eagles and younger voters but Bernie Sanders had his own built in problems because of how aggressive he is. Because many people perceive him as being well and by his own admission he's a democratic socialist. So you'll Bernie Sanders may not attend the mass appeal to win the nomination but the idea that wasserman Schultz and others. Supported Hillary Wednesday the DNC are supposed to be totally neutral that was the problem it's not whether or not they actually affected the election. Process. It's the fact that they tried to. And so that's the evidence it was very damage. When we come back we are we've got some highlights from the convention last night when we come back I wanna play this one part of Michelle Obama's speech it's about a minute law. But it's the moment that really stands out in in in my mind and it's about her talking about what it's like to wake up in the White House every morning. And just recognizing this is a good speech. I get criticism from this but I can't let that shopping. I'm scooter the afternoon if you're our whole stay when his sport your calls more of your text to coming up and here's our WW welders updates with Jim Hansen. Demi Lovato sang this last night city Democratic Convention. She has quite the shapely body. She said like millions of Americans I'm living with mental illness she says but I lucky I have the resources and the support to get treatment at a top facility unfortunately too many Americans. Don't have that we'll be talking about that I just I'm just a little bit later. I'm screwed in the afternoon glacier are clincher whether you are part of an outstanding radio audience even if we don't tell always agree. There was a moment last night in Michelle Obama station and I didn't watch the whole convention and watch everybody but I I watch much of her speech and I thought it was an excellent speech. There was one part that really stood out in my mind now maybe you have a completely different impressions is denied to. Alicia here it is and and I'll tell you what my impression was because you know there's in the communication process there's two things that happen. There's intent. And is reception. Somebody can intend. To say it misses this goes with you speaking to your friends or me on the radio or somebody giving a speech you can intend for something to mean something. But it might not be received that way. I don't know whether she intended it this way but I got a definite message from what she percent which he was saying here's what did Michelle Obama's atlas like. Is the story of this country. The story that has brought me to this stage tonight. The story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage. The shame of servitude the sting of segregation. But who kept on striving. And hoping and doing what needed to be done. So bad that day I wake up every morning. In house that was built by slaves. It. And I lots. My daughter's. Still beautiful intelligent black young women. I am what they're dog from the White House loan it. You know there are times I can be objective and I'll tell you what I got from that I I got from that she was saying that look. The past is the past. I'm living in a house that was built by slaves and let other people built the White House as well but useless to tribute she is she had a decent point. She's saying I recognize the past. But I look at who I am now. I'm waking up in the White House my daughter's two young black females are playing with her dog on the White House lawn. To me she was saying the past is the past. And it's time out of focus on the present and the future if you were to join us with your thoughts in your comments are numbers 2601870. Very coach 5042601870. In a text is a 77. From Metairie Joseph welcome to WWL. They've been much group. Our video on global public in and crawl and I'm not been denied a speech. All the wars and I'm Irish beat bush talks. What about eight years ago were problems and pain man and she gave this speech that you probably. Feel like she's in the Merrill. All policy and has been bothered to this nation. Trust wouldn't you. Undoubtedly. And current. Economics. You name it. In my opinion. Is award present it a all of Barrett that stepped out ball and and almost idiots. If you want saying. Ball for more he has Obama. You'll hopefully he'll read if you want to change Google put on neutral and I'll Warwick prediction. White black or don't. Cherokee are all dale who you all if you got a little sense and look around NC which and Arnold draw will be our marriage per. Can I join it went all right when it constantly hear when it comes to the current. Number one. Just look at the morning edict or restrict him from the stock more is always. Let me talk about the economy here are you talking about how every individual American as it is affected by the economy that's a different topic you bring. Well already do was look at the church which aren't important what about you. Tell me about you want eight trillion will tell me about huge you know our current or rent out what's true and. Are we understand what I wish you luck that's all problem but that's a different topic when you bring up the economy over the last seven and a half years you're talking about how individuals have been affected how have you been affected adolescent nephew. Deep and we are. Are so you can. People raising children. And its origin and then into India stepped. On ball the ball you know usually opted. Let's let's listen declined to go to topic could be just watched. And what you. Paul talk politics. Like you should fool people you know and I'm gonna. Tickets are gonna have to get to a break so we have to get through this out very quickly what would it and when when a country. Joseph when it comes to when it comes to crime. I agree with you what we see on the news makes it seem like it's everywhere not talk about crime a lot. I have a hard time believing the statistics that the murder rate even in New Orleans is is down. The murder rate is is a fraction of what it was in the mid nineties in New Orleans so in some ways it has gotten better but social media and the media in general. On makes it seem as if it's a lot worse I don't feel any safer now so my perception is it's it's worse but people argue statistically it's not worse. Well all right if you feel like rich or urged its war it's a pop trio like its words it wars he has Obama this or this problem. Oh are callable sentencing and in all there's 34 on the more people in merger in chief callable at the scene in Chicago. And old ghost equity could do for his own people not to. Man Joseph this is a very enlightening conversation. We are very you know religion. Much to so I will surely it is. White black red audio you will have now central Asian new approach and make huge coup. All right Joseph I guarantee you if they're trump doesn't win that guy's not gonna call me back after the election. Because that's the same kind of caller. That said there's no way Barack Obama will be president that's the same kind of call they said there's no way Barack Obama is going to win reelection. I think Joseph said it best when he said. If I believe it that it's true. But that's not really the case you know. If you're holding on constitutes a coming right back for your comments on debit WL. And I guess this would be appropriate song for Hillary to use as a rock campaign song Cheap Trick. You know this song another song. I want you to want me. I mean you might have thought it edited one way but he could play the politics as well I'd hang on we'll be right back on Demi WL. A pop culture calendar a sad day it was on this date July 26 1992. American singer a motel now a star Mary wells. Often referred to as the first lady of Motown. She had this abdicated 1964 with my guy I she died on this day in 92 with the age of 49 from cancer. A she was forced to give up her career with no health insurance had to sell our home. I she will his son. She was one of the favorites in in hotel Diana Ross. I'm Mary Wilson the temptations Martha Reeves along with our Rod Stewart Dion Warwick Bruce Springsteen Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Raitt pledged donations. In her support. I'm getting a lot of reaction to a caller we had just a few minutes ago right Joseph and if you're listening to the show. Don't let the callers. Necessarily define you. The mass audience is not defined by the individual people who called the show. And there are a lot of different voices but don't don't don't sit back critical wait a minute that's not me this is not know you know this seizures shall. From Lafayette Michael here under the WL. Dates to two point so we're going to address the speech that you are here for you understandably confront and I would I would love. Hope that is the end and didn't leave me. Because that would be beautiful but. And I could well be in the past but. I've I think world war and pseudo number one. Democrats that hole. Eight jolt exactly. Yeah. Yeah I did I not. A disagreement I mean I think you're I think you're right and and also know that it's in it's important the message is important because of of the messenger that delivers the message and but you know I wondered if anybody else took away idea that I looked at it objectively I wasn't looking for a way to like her speech but that's the way I took that part of her speech. And I am currently the human being the same arts. Accept that but the point being he has. And apple also a robbery of I don't ever see it in to do that victimization. Victim mentality that continues. To Actuate. I can never see day where. African Americans sit ago. I'm an. Obstacle to the. There there are some who who do have that attitude and and Michael that I guess the sad thing is that they did because of because of human nature there's there's power in victimization and that's something that is not just. Reserved for one race or or one religion you know when you look at the amount of lawsuits at today I mean every everybody is a victim. Yeah yeah ago. You're in College Board vote. It would be. And I. Knew what he wants to treating them. At. This on some it actually will. Sure you not to succeed emotion that you. Michael sick about this think about think about relating this to football. If if the saints had a a a victim attitude if they if they had the victim mentality like won't know I mean we're not gonna win because the NFL's against us the refs are against us because we don't have a good defense. That every time something bad that happens they they start to think about the power they get from well we're just we're just victims as opposed to trying. To overcome victimization. 100% and you're. Use that same and YouTube and it took it more. Mutual group's. So. It's that Sheen you're the chair. And and who will be able here. But instead concentrate. In the superstars everywhere. And we started to like in between those. You know like. My exported. To the stage. Michael I do have to get through a brave and I enjoyed our conversation and I'm glad you listen. If you are on hold. Hang on you know the number 2601870. Terry code final four. And it text savvy Stephanie we'll be right back on BWL. On this day July the 26 1960. Eights the Jackson 5 were discovered it. I Gladys Knight. Most people think Diana Ross discovered the Jackson 5 and it was actually Gladys Knight on est 1968 space under one year contract. With Motown. We're running out of time I don't what you have to rush through your saw thoughts on just asked YouTube to relax and and hang on to the news. And he told your calls on the other side of the news we'll continue with this this conversation and if you've just joined us. I thought Michelle Obama gave a really good speech last night and I realize that that's gonna cause a lot of my negative reaction with a with a lot of people but I thought from the standpoint of of somebody who was in that position and giving a speech I thought it was a really good speech there was one part in particular event that I paid attention to. And it was the part about where she said she grows up she she wakes up every morning. In a house built by slaves. To me she was kind of recognizing with what she says she was kind of recognizing that that's the past will continue that conversation. Right now it's time for the 1000 dollar nationwide cool cash contest the code word this hour is diner. Text DI NER. 272881. That's 72881. Chill out this summer with a thousand dollars it only have to do is listen you don't even have to put down your phone. It's only one text a way cool cash. Was it for the next code word right before the top of the a reduced by hero into the WO 5 PM and good luck for Smart radio an account in all of a certificate duo. We never charge for tax the individual plant accident data race may apply. I'm scooter in the afternoon at dodger weather says still raining you know most of the downtown area. We're coming right back with more conversational so we'll talk about the shootings at New Orleans last night.