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7/26 4pm SportsTalk, Saints: playoffs or bust

Jul 26, 2016|

SportsTalk with Todd Menesses & T-Bob Hebert: As a Saints fan – what is acceptable for this season? Is it playoffs or bust. Playoffs or better. Just a winning record. OR, we gotta win another ring or it don’t mean a thing? And, do you think Sean Payton and Drew Brees still have or have they lost their edge to win? Is it all about the D, OR are other factors contributing to the decline? T-N-T take your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coach going on they'll welcome and to sports talk here on WB LA MFM and dot com I can keep up a bear as the crew is travel. To the Greenbrier and you have to West Virginia did you all the hottest and lied list is that or Todd do we know I don't know it's going to be very hot there that Tuesday but it will be the action will be hopefully yes and of course during the two Niger in this line north coast of their top NASA says. I've throughout the show will probably be every instant common come talk along with our same topic today it will be a Saints the show and rightfully so because here we see it odd. At the onset of a brand new season and ask our audience. A few different questions as Saints. What is acceptable for this season is there really play offs or bust. Playoffs may be even better than just two playoffs is it just a winning record. You have to get another ring or do you does not mean where or your expectation. We'll explore whether we think Drew Brees and Sean pain of lost their edge and and what do I do a bit of all we did last night as well which is. Take a look back. I can years ago 2005. Where this team was before. That 2006. Turnaround and it seems especially appropriate. I'd give him that we're entering Sean Payton is your full decade but at the Helm and worked at a crossroads of sorts but before we explore. All of these issues and the cream by gene involved throughout the ship to exceed 787. Call 504260187. Vitale got to see him and he got to tell me ramble but aren't ya because. So my favorite times just like being with your dead got it exactly right this is what my favorite times of the Saints camp. He's finally the battery NFL can't. Is underway right I mean this is it man this is where. The big money is earned this is where you can go for making a few hundred grand a year. To a normal job rightly. This is where do the stakes are decided Andy can be decided by Amir. Handful. Of places to view on things couple bad. This may be one of the most boring times. For a lot of fans you know if everybody you don't truly love the team you're probably not following pre season that much but. It is one of the most intense times for. Arguably the majority of NFL players gives how many people are rosters are right there in ninety. Now there's an are still released and be able Falcons released administered and we will discuss that bridge. On ninety players on each roster so. When you pair it down to 53. You could say that. The majority of players are fighting for these jobs these next few weeks they're going to be filled with an internal and external challenges. Starters fight for a piece of that pie. And the funny part is like we said although the stakes are so Ohio most of us won't see or truly. Care about the majority of them but make no mistake. These next weeks determine. Why the league truly is the elite of the elite. These camps are represented the flyers in which teams are for just still saying. Is orange as iron sharpens iron so one man Sharpton right. Like the in this process. And have 32 teams. With 53 members standing tall and proud 53 man who have battered their way through mental and physical burst he'd perch it's to shine. On the biggest. Of stages for a chance at. The big money they always say to the Victor goes the spoils. Well these next few weeks will lay the ground work. For whichever team will eventually raise that Lombardi trophy above their head who will be the 53. That represented New Orleans that question we're gonna explore throughout the next few weird as this team's eventual destiny lie. It's impossible to know the answer right now. But this camp. These next few weeks it's gonna slowly but surely start to revealed that tale of the 2016 seeds and after an offseason full of trying to read the tea leaves and guests in discern and in promise I'd tell the future I'm excited to see the journey. Finally get underway. Yeah and I think as most of the Saints fans are as well and at this point like we said this is why we're asking the question and what you guys to. Quote unquote. The analysts tell us what you think you use is gonna happen this season what does your expectations mean the reason we got this a question. T Bob mitts are pretty jaguar opinion poll if you go on line you can vote on it or used to call it Texas beats him meets every tell us all about it. Is because I've been seen a lot of things on a fan boards into a lot of tweets let attacks things people say and that Le you know look. You know the Saints just. Don't have it I just be happy we have a winning season again yeah I just be happy if we make the playoffs again. This is the kind of talk we heard from Saints fans in the seventies. In the early eighties it's like you Wie fallen that far back. That we're just we're grateful OK if we can just have a winning season and not go 79 again. Will be happy that we we know we've made we've turned the corner or if we just make the playoffs and will win. We just make the playoffs. What does this season mean for you what are your expectations and what is it what do you have to see. From this New Orleans Saints squad. And we know they've got a lot of areas to have to pick up and did the clean up a lot of holes to fill especially on that the defensive side yeah but. What do you expect to happen is it playoffs or bust playoffs are better late go deep into the playoffs. Seven win in record just don't go 79 again the goalie make a little better the only at least get a winning record better than you know at nine that's the ten wins at least double digits. Or we gotta win another ring or don't mean a thing at this point. That is. What it did the closer this season gets that's one of my favorite parts about this Saints team is that due to all the turnover. Do you assume the French preaches and his young faces maturing this is an enigmatic team now like I'm really. I cannot land on where my own expectations like I pride myself randomly. Now having if I don't optimism I don't know why I went back can you start reading about there's great article on the ringer dot com by Robert Mays. Disgusting. That 2005. Offseason in the turnaround that took place. And and and whether this is wishful thinking or there's something there you start making comparisons like. Are in the team that had like eleven new starters as a team that was kind of made up of journey man in the inner some people who had been cast aside martz. As Sean Payton because Mike is Kim this team in really bad team or work. Like I did say for the majority of the policies is that all crazy talk and this is a seven like seven and nine to be a good season for this team I don't know. I know I don't think 792 good season for this team again I don't think you want him wants us to go 79 again I don't think the fans can handle that again but you know at this point. Every year. We notice every three years there is a quote surprise team in the NFL that someone that all the experts wrote off. Someone that everyone looked at and said there's no way they're gonna win anything there's no way they're gonna win go anywhere and they end up either going really deep into the playoffs or make in the Super Bowl. And it's happened many times before. Could the Saints find that magic again this year that's what we're asking. Am and we when he your commute to go ahead and text 878 Sammy and call 504260187. Heed your called Tex next we're discussing your expectations. What do you think. Detail of this 26 teams Saints teams will be. Gotta gotta say I'm loving your storm trooper mug stipulates. Some excellent and a Star Wars esque vibes as Korea. Prepare for this wonderful afternoons to talk and we got a lot of good Tex out that the before getting to some of the real issues. There's a man needed drafts preceding couple takes rolled in here about Todd. And it involves. Jeter go. Good towards Achilles that you descent year row. A lot of seats and understanding did exit on the bested terms. A lot of sinks him though celebrate. What is happened to collect. That in and of itself you know on dealers and clutch karma for what he did it will. Celebrating that injury I'd be careful that in and of itself in my opinion is a bit of bad car. If you really want to be truly done with it. Don't worry not with what collector were not if he plays or doesn't Wear and out of he's healthier injured. Out of sight out of mind I believe that's the correct place when he comes Nikola. I believe Saints fans are allowed to have their fun where that way of their fun here. So all I'm saying II celebrate injuries Xavier all about is that old Carlos thing I'm just so native. They wanna be happy about it at the league is it is ironic. Two seasons in a row same injury doesn't he's still not playing for Washington. So again you know it is kind of ironic in Saint Andrews like you know at first when he was like oh he's given the money that he was like oh. Over the controversy of a minute video what you do that you mom's money now. He's not play it so would that have happened here we don't know what yeah. Well one reason why eagle and it does still remain against someone relevant to New Orleans. Is that he's absent is still being felt right from the camera and disgust me get into position battles but how leaky got hot. Looked like he was the man to fill in Olympic he was the man to finally. Fill that void that Collette has left. Well we on other key guys torn ZCL once again it is a few players that are mixed up in the line seem to Bali open and watch him. And I deepest hole beam Dallara but more on that later first let's get back to expectations. And doubt we'll go. Two phone lines just Kordell. Saying that that he thinks he'll Kordell and on. Allred Al on day. I think it probably. It out there and landed here and are they and landed the car. They're a bag. It's on page and green. Who. We walked we all met there and we. Devin. Ma that's been the only game. Admiral ban me I don't know aren't. Yeah seven or not is the worst we have done worst record the Saints have had since yes. Read that that they had it we have it we have done our corporate. In my area near spot opposite. Okay we have there were people rant that got it out historically. And though. Are you couldn't get if we ran every game. You know and then paint it bet and am. From the bottom yeah I'd bet I'm not agree it right there I mean you know you know. And Cornell I don't. Disagree with you I guess. Where I'd become a big concern is while I like the changes. That these Saints may defensively this offseason. They're still not much in the way of gear and he's right this is a defense. That's coming off the record setting Lee bad season and they are riddled with question marks how is James layer Knight is. And updating you with the beer game better I love him in that role moving over. And to be but it's still a bit of an unknown he's come up and down year out is apparently due on his prove it deal. This secondary. Is just a giant question mark top to bottom so I agree with you Kordell in that because of the strength of the State's office which is going to be spread attack like that we all know that if the defense can make an improvement like game. Twelve spots. I think you give yourself a very good chance to end up but it is 97. In in six bright. What I can't come to grips with yes quite yet. Is in viking game of the defense that much credit I mean they've always got approve it first. We thought we we know when that game and you. We you know. I'm quite mopped. If he is being out you know most people on his lost cardinal went exactly exactly it all on. The it. But Aaron. You know. And what were outlawed it a bit spoke. Ago. Cut. And I. Would go. When they walk. In. I caught it. Jammal Brown. I. Beyond her. Don't that don't don't we need it we don't celebrate this tell you are OK we know it's it's it's not all of Kordell Darren Sproles had agreed year the year after he left to the Rose ran and harper Roman Harper yeah. That pretty well himself but look thank you for the call Kordell and this is what else. Is that at this time we discussed in the area and she. It is all now it's your guess is as good as mine so if you believe that the defense is going to improve in they're going to be tainted secret you beat. That hammering you let the people now. Just don't know what to make that jump. With you quite yet sports talk T Robin Todd TNT. I know. Right now sort explained underwrite CDs comments close Coetzer yeah Todd got a great tax or on an aide said needs and what you say reach them all. Yeah a lot of people commenting on what we're talking about someone says he thinks he'll make the playoffs and Sean Payton needs to go. Someone else says it's no great that's not gonna happen to sign for your engine guys figured unit also. That is they thought you did just jagr had well and someone response to that is laws were paying Payton breezes but we are we should be in the Super Bowl no less. Otherwise we might as well higher Herman Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick. That's that's a that's that sounds like you to comment or a FaceBook comment look. You are welcome to your own opinion but if you want to avoid crushing disappointment. I would. May be stages. BP bit realistic with expectations it's one thing to be optimistic it's wanting to be. Blind you played to win the game. Hello oh all right sums as I love the Saints and always have but unfortunately this is starting to feel more like the ninety's in the post-Katrina Saints at this point. I'd be happy with third in the NFC south with I think we finished last year third which I felt which I felt more positive but I don't see the big step forward with the from decent in Kenner. Well and that's kind words Todd I find myself of two months because like I said. I can craft arguments were this has 806 type of feel where this could be a team that comes out and surprise you. But I can also Kraft arguments. That this is a team that you could argue. Was better yet they could go seven and nine again like because I did the increase strength of schedule and granted. They do and what a tougher schedule this year any any any time you talk about that I I I will admit you've got to dig with a grain of salt because the unpredictable nature of the NFL schedule can't look easy at the beginning and then. Be like oh my god that was actually terrible. By year's end we don't truly know the top spot we're assuming that'll. Then it's much tougher than last years until you went 79 last year even if you improved. Is it a situation where you could. Still go 79 yet have a better roster yet be moving in the right direction and then how would the fan base respond to a season that. Another text you talking about the karma thing it's his thank you Dolly Lama. The Arco which we. And he can't see it can rate but it actually polluting. Here cross legged Flutie and completely at peace there. Another Texas the Saints have been that have been announced have a difficult year with the schedule which we just said but I know ward because no team is the same. As the year before our schedule seems to be here because of opponents wins and losses but those numbers don't mean there will carry over to 2060 just like you said de La. Preach while it. Let's the would go so low media please tell people to turn your lights on for draining. People out there it's if you're driving through the react I still can't believe. That at this point in 2060. We still have to tell people if it's raining if your windshield wipers are going your headlights are supposed to be on its the law. Okay an ego. Yeah I guess I kid I guess additional marinade cheer my true millennial nature in that I don't know if I've ever owned a car that hasn't had automatic headlights now so I had I've been a deterrent. But even the not many mean the automatic headlights if it's raining you have to turn the actual highlights on the future automatic headlights only turned the front ones on not the best now on that your that's right now turn on you know what he learns about everyday now. Wisdom my friend that's my elbow that's why we have to learn from our elders. Seventy Jimmie during considering the contracts ever coaching QB is it unrealistic to expect to be in the playoffs. This is an interesting question because. I understand the frustration. That comes from hey you know for me. Perceived lack of return on an investment in your putting all this money and why he's not Seymour. But just because your putting money in just because your best team. Doesn't mean you're investing wise right yeah and as far as investments go what do they always say to minimize risk you wanna diversify. That exact hasn't exactly been the Saints Forte. This past had decade when you look at some the big free agent contracts they've handed out. When you look at the fact that they've had the least amount of draft picks. Of anyone else in the NFL so I I would just say to separate this. I took a deep roster it's okay to be a separate separate the thought process to just because your putting money into the you know the court records that you should automatically. Be good because it's. The fact of the matter is that the saints' roster is still. What it is and it's a roster that is severely handicapped by him. Deep financial issues when you look at the dead money and the Drew Brees cap number. This is a Saints team that was having to go bargain shopping to put together pieces. And they did an admirable job in my opinion this offseason. Of kind of navigating a problem they had created for themselves. But yes I would say that it was a it's a miss step to symbol since Sean Payton is the highest paid coach in the NFL they should be in the playoffs every year don't you can't be upset about. Yeah I know and you know who's who's the second highest paid right after him as a Belichick. I actually had on our. The Laguna but I mean. They make the playoffs last year the year I mean and make the Super Bowl legitimate playoff got one game away but. It doesn't mean you're gonna make them every year that's the case. Then the guy a huge one why play the games the term with the why play the game just look at the who OK who's getting paid the most and okay you guys win that's it you're the Super Bowl champs. Are that way and let's not forget this when it comes to highest paid it's not really abouts. If you're the actual best yeah it's about belonging to a certain two year deal and savior in net here. Then when it's your turn to get a contract. You've become the top paid player right that's why Andrew Luck now is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL that's why. Watching next year in Matt Stafford and they're the highest paid quarterback. In the NFL and people are gonna freak out and they're gonna lose their mind but that's the reality of the situation. Even with the recent struggles Sean Payton is perceived. As a top tier coach. So that's how he commanded that topped your money it's the same. You you wanna have a guy in there in the Shawntae nor in your quarterback elected to sit bring them Matthew Stafford. You wanna have that franchise guy you wanna have that guy you can build your team around but the guy is going to be there for the long California you don't wanna be Cleveland. You don't wanna go through a million quarterbacks and never find the guy. I mean with the last guy they had arguably you could say. Those are. Vinny Testaverde that's probably. The last quarterback they've had. That really made a difference on that team they've been searching forever so in the people that are commenting on texting and think hey. I don't know why I was upset about Drew Brees just pay the man's get a contract now when everyone's weren't. That's why some fans say that one why some experts are saying that as well. And how much that has to do with Drew Brees and what he makes an Andrew Luck contract and that's why owners. And teams are willing to pay these guys because all they've got to do. Is look at the Cleveland Cleveland's in the Jets in the day they haven't had a quarterback and you're not going anywhere without a quarterback. And at the end you have the chance to go there real at the well what's this new league. Years ago you could. Now you can't that's a good pointed to that is the modern stipulation. I guess you could say of the NFL is indeed it's become. More and more quarterbacks intrigued and that is why wouldn't be Saints always have we talked to Robert Mays the guy who wrote that article on the realized and I love that he put it. That's why the Saints always have a punters change it's because they have a quarterback in net here. If they and we'll discuss this. But as far as the key to hitting these expectations the key to. Matching your goals. When you look at the history it's like we said in the paint near the the consistency is the offense. It's the defense that is still up and down wind the defense is they they didn't pay. So potentially could this would be that year. Astle someone says let's talk about the elephant in the room attacks the defense and yes we will talk about that as well probably wanna hear. Bobby in the big chief but yeah there's travel and Kona West Virginia. You know Saints have arrived there already southern getting off point shots from saint website to they arrived safe and sound in the favorites on the green briar. And our guys will be there tomorrow. Bobby IndyCar have you will be on the year and will we have to be here. From a coach Sean Payton and also Mickey witnesses they have their press conference tomorrow. It's almost like Debbie avail I guess you could say is like your home. For all of the best hardest hitting latest breaking Saints camp news saint flagship station with a point on KO you don't go to the phone line to get JB and Hammond. I hope the players who were on IR bad jiggy what's going on and. Yeah Slotnick or comment on defense for all I really like. You know on beyond deep and coordinator. And check out that we have a quarterback you know I'm back in the went on injured reserve. That was drafted last year. So PJ Williams. Ended up not plane at all last season and Damian Swann had multiple concussion issues. I'm trying to think of them ahead. Weird I'm bad injury Carl yes told the now played all now told will be in the Howell he's become a world GB he'll be. Competing with. Over and watch him and I Kassim at a ball he which not only does that. Physician group had the best names of anybody on our team and but today he's going to be competing in that group. To try be that pass rusher opposite of cam Jordan. Okay and how has come on line up and listen. To me that sparked deep it goes starts apart. I'm open. You know nick fairly young children or ankles and I know you he thinks a rookie defense tackle for years to develop but. You know it's built to go out and develop and elbows up front but bullish. Outfit will do. Better much better but there. So JB one interesting. Defensive theory I guess you could say it's kind of gotten a good call my enters his offseason it's a Carolina Panthers gave them they let Josh normally go right right. In a day and age where quarterbacks are. How you'd above all else they let him go and it's because they'd get him and said look we believe that defense is built. Inside out there right in that although we're not going to get a eat you know you're not gonna get Josh Norman. The falloff won't be so extreme like you can handle having a lesser player out there. Because how strong your interior guys as it stands to reason if year. The your interior defense instead of pressuring the quarterback a quarterback running for his life and scrambling. Let's he's friends organs in the or you know Ron Amadon I don't know if he's going to be scrambling too much and get the ball where it needs to go you'll have to worry about that your your quarterbacks covering. Guys for and targets in your your age it's. A but Miller. In bid when you look at this and Stevens lasting until bug also and operatives. He is. JB is spot on. In that. Looking at starting defensive line get he had John Jenkins buddy you'd you'd undrafted rookies you read. Drafted rookies a lot of inexperience all of that depends on what that led to where you've giving up five yards per carry. I'm so at that point years. Your liability just gives you can't stop the run and also you can't rush the passers are you going to give me record. You have given up a record number of touchdowns quarterback ratings it standard setters so. If you're looking for the quickest route to improvement. In you subscribe to the gay dental and in theory that it's built inside out yeah. Then there's reason for hope in right fairly and sheldrake detect pro football focus at and via. Saints defensive line I wanna see is one of the top five most improved position groups in the entire adult now. We are what where you improving from. You're absorbed from the bottom after I up five it's not that great let's keep the expectations in check but JB is on to something. There and vote that you know these new interior guys should help and getting some guys healthy again which we will discuss well before leader before we had a great counsel cadets at him and before we go to break. Are pretty jaguar opinion poll right now 32% of you say playoffs are better or what you expect from the Saints this year. Looked me in realistic we're going deep into the play really realistic or not news it's. Yet actually coach him courtroom mere amateur my way way way way. I'm not arguing against myself I'm not saying it's right you're saying that's what it's an interception. That's what's going. That's what people are going to expect I ever to argue against ourselves all the time I don't think myself constantly. One hour down three to go Saints talks sports talk TNT debit.