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7/26 7pm SportsTalk, Saints position batles

Jul 26, 2016|

SportsTalk with Todd Menesses & T-Bob Hebert: As a Saints fan – what is acceptable for this season? Is it playoffs or bust. Playoffs or better. Just a winning record. OR, we gotta win another ring or it don’t mean a thing? And, do you think Sean Payton and Drew Brees still have or have they lost their edge to win? Is it all about the D, OR are other factors contributing to the decline? You be the analyst.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No it's 20 and on and welcome back tour fourth and final hour this special. TNT edition sports talk that he Robin Todd as the rest of the sports team including. My father and the big chief. And the marine himself KG Al Keller pulled crew at the boys. All led up to western union along with coincidentally the New Orleans Saints on the bad camp starting this week. You know football season. It tomorrow home Mickey Loomis Sean Payton video will cover that for you live here and every WL cellular and stuff like that happen. And remember lest you forget. Every DiLeo is your home. For the Saints and all the latest breaking saint camp coverage and did you all over the next few weeks and it's like we said at the opening of the show Todd. Although this is not always the most exciting time for me like I should really loving to hear about the team's. The pre season is not always most exciting times or the fans this is an incredibly intense time. For the majority of players on rosters and out each team has around ninety players only 53 get to stay in May the money and let me tell you from experience taught. There's a stark difference between potentially making hundreds of thousands of dollars. And then like looking for a job in wonder what you're going to do with the rest of your life and it. It's because though stakes are so high. On dead if you give it a time of day. Pre season becomes vastly more interesting because you have guys fighting for their jobs fighting for their careers fighting. Not to be grandiose but. For their futures. Whether you're going to be you know I guess so it is not like it's not like them the days. Back in the day you we get. Gritty old man may indeed be would've would hold. When players. Didn't make a lot yet actually had another job in the offseason you know your on outselling cars in the off season they'll do that anymore so. So this is your career this is this is where you go and and about a I did that selling cars ahead of an excuse that. Yet general manager Ricki Lewis Saints coach tomorrow here on sports talk. The press conferences schedule bring you live they start at 445 Micky when was this supposed to be first again Michael press conquers could be a couple of seconds later so. And and show on us of scheduled to follow after. At five so will have those for you here on WWW wanna hear. What Mickey Loomis has to say about the season going forward way up coach Peyton where his head is before we get started on trees. And I can guarantee you on that you know you're not going to get anything earth shattering they're not going to. To Utley out they're exact plans bought. It's not to say that we can't. There is in knowledge to be gained there because they're absolutely is and in my opinion. One of the most fun parts of this job even if it is one of the kind of most treacherous as far as being wrong. He's trying to read the tea leaves is trying to read between the lines is trying to Parse through coach speak. And be like okay what he's kind of telling us well not telling this. What is this and it's mean in relation to what we know about this play your position group and so while I'm looking forward to not only here in them but really. Like everybody else in this city reporters or football season and. I wanna addresses because I got a text and or what has been asking me about it. The same will Todd and Steve the part about Steve court be back for the pregame show this year. We're gonna have the first takes show this year. Steve court will be doing the show but I will not be doing the show with Steve this year K dog is going to be doing it with the Christians going to be doing the show with him. And that is because. I scored strategist told is just needs a little tired himself now I I asked died I was this is the first time tournament gonna break this though for for every all the fans others I've got to meet Texan. I've gotten tweets and people asking about it. My FaceBook. This is the first time since my wife and I've been married. Were going on a 24 years sorry I think regress here and her partner wrong. Or. You know. I had dived to step dollars this is the first time we have to ourselves this is the first time in our lives. Were empty Nester. And they're they're not home anymore to have all moved out everyone's gone. And so for the past couple years the evened her as a football widow on Sundays and once the season starts you know how it gets scale and Yemen you don't really see I do a lot of stuff still behind the scenes for the Saints radio network. And go all the other things during the week. And for LSU getting everything ready so I just said you know what I'm I'm gonna take a step back. I love doing the show with Steve court I misty court Eminem is Jim Hendry amidst all the guys up in the Booth. But I taken Sunday back to spend more time with my wife. Well let me be the first to say Todd you will be missed. I love you you're in c.'s biggest free pregame show. And really probably the most disappointing part is. Arguably the two best voices on WWR just heard it hear her voice standpoint. Between your range I mean we we we saw your impression of it depends which won't sign you is exactly exactly between your range in the raw sexuality. Steve credit boy you scored yesterday gravelly like. And whatever I can't be due to pressured just did it Canada. Warms the low points just tear it hoax speaking it is yes exactly so are you will be missed but congratulations. On do you have some more what else I'm still be around I know you'll be out there I'll fill in if if need be if something like today is something that you know that sort of thing I'm I'm not going anywhere now. How I see why you were able to bridge watch a stranger things that when you got sick of mortgage and having. Right. And now I was homesick but OK yeah yes why yes exactly mentally he yes it is I mean to imply that you were playing hooky all go. Homeless on the town as well and they get a little stranger things engines watch that on that might be on the menu tonight speaking of menus on the menu for this hour. Committed next finally gonna talk about these position battles. We're ranked in the order of importance talk about which is in them and then towards the end the power. It'll comic. Might as well I mean it's Bryan Wright and seniors now I'm not one. And yeah. Sometimes we got it won't really wide lacy base here on WBO. And I know that players via. Lardner contingent how it does that's Murphy are confident talk about San Diego comic on which of the large one which happened last week yes yes not WorldCom which I love what you wish was a bit differently timed. Personally it's always in the beginning of every year you know which above the back then but. That's neither here or there. After an awfully weird text message. We'll learn every destroy you get thrown out four in the position battles. Yeah we had to the browser as did does something for the law enforcement. This past week was great. Last week Bobby Bears cajun cannon restaurant there aren't sure you've heard that but honestly. Well they're offering a complimentary lunch and fees to all law enforcement personnel this Thursday July 28. In response to the recent targeted tax police officers. They've scheduled event to show their support for all the men and women that bravely serve to protect us so everyone with the badgers invited to enjoy complimentary meal from two. To 5 PM. This Thursday July 28. And Bobby there's Keating can affront to there and I believe. It's being called the back the blue black and blue buffet that would wrinkled round pitch it out worthy calls. All of our own pace you don't know it's Logan 4101. Veterans memorial boulevard in met yet it's right by. My favorite board each. To close game Torre you don't mind actually miniatures for him but an aerial bunker that's it's a gutsy choose battles. From where I want to start I think don't wanna start in terms. Least important. To what I would deem most important and I think you start Todd. At wide receiver that we talked about this early we all know the saints' top right printing books Willie speed. Michael talk to get excited for Michael Thomas to me and if mean policies reports you'd be believed he was very impressed so you don't put you'll put Coleman their you put -- oh yeah well irony I already moved him yet and it's not just me I know I'm I'm in order absolutely I just when you my boy nick undergo the advocated shadow and I thought he had a very good oracle. In this regard and I just know how you always liked the underdog the backups to fight well I am and I generally don't put it that much stock in any rookie. Com. But I think for what he's going to be asked to do. The dead you know obviously breezes waive LB players again Michael Thomas showed during these entities that he has the potential to do exactly what they're going. To ask of him and when you're talking about transition to the next level. Players. He's saying but there's a school of thought Todd that yeah whether it's high school to college college NFL. The transition is easier before there you are away from the ball right like wide receivers easier to play right away in tight end. Quarterback and linebackers setters and because two littlest man a little more just physical skill so those are my top three. The question then becomes who is four and five. And the guy you just named Brandon Coleman. He's probably at this point your four right right. On finished pretty strong last year. Steeled shields some inconsistencies. Tour and OTAs but I would be surprised Coleman is one of the five guys. Which brings you the question who else is going to emerge in that. RG here it's looked good early yourself sees Browns are have been put on the pup list. Yes Vincent brown is on the pup list four players. On the pup list talk a bit more about dollars on a big lead we as kids brown published but this is a group in which. May be the premier position which level player kind of come out of nowhere these could be veteran. On Devin Hester released today news accounts touch the waters pyramids and humbled and signed with the Lions. So wide receiver outside of the top three. A bit up in the air did you light that top Roddy White stolen there 20. Trust me I. I think it's I think it was April fools not to say they Getty's saints' band once Roddy White and I did an entire show where I never forgot to say April fool's I just lied for four hours instead this thing could sign him for like twelve million dollar dog yeah people were freaking out they were. I don't know. I was just think that. You know I would like to click. I would like to see make the team in the wide receiver position I haven't seen played the rookie western Kentucky. Jerry Dangerfield just for the last name just go ahead Dangerfield. That's all else out no one is beating. The weak side defense hitting group of names like we said holy key cal hop over and watch him Kassim metabolic Davis told. They've still come boring you sound now that Dozier all star names but actually. It does bring guys that is one of our position battles ever. I would say the next in terms of importance after wide receiver I could go a couple different directions here and but I. The guy I'm gonna go back up quarterback. It has the potential. To be the most important battle but it also has the potential to kind of not matter. Right now that said last year kind of prove the importance of this got to win breeds missed time McCown was magnificent. Stupid but now I'd think he stole. Way I agree I of records I agree now where this becomes intriguing. Ease how impressed and are you if gear grease in dies so plant McCown as the back. All of a sudden the gear grease in the aired it at that point. I think Sattar a massive term really swinging in a positive direction it is right now. He's been an after thought. When you look in the counts time in this league when you look at his experience. When you look at what he did when given the chance to play last season. If racing can't beat him out. All of us and that's a future that looks. A hundred times brighter cited a couple weeks ago but he is the then you start thinking it's maybe he is the heir apparent exactly so. Go back up QB next to go either way. From. Ricky on the offensive side of the ball. And once again some would argue this maybe should be higher on the list but I think next you'll get the guard positions and we assume that injures Pete slots in at one of those guard positions all the which can be interesting to watch Todd is that. Ron. And what do they do practice wise with injures Pete when Toronto Armstead sits out. Like do you they practiced him at left tackle because he's the left tackle Maine back up or. Do they tried to keep him practicing on the interior because they want him to start in that role that's something to do even I am Bulls soon pizza ops in one. And then the question becomes who wins the battle between senior cal met day. Tim Alito. I think Alito slightly better at this point now. I think cal amenities advantage comes that he can actually played tackle as well which is incredibly rare he's personals so you gotta use you got to keep him around just for that reason. An and ended though the wild card. In this guard conversation. Went out and he's undrafted linemen that you brought couple Americans in the group blanks and turner from North Carolina all American. I was a Jack Allen from on Michigan State now to hell of an American sounding name also an all American. Do they push you know admitted that probably I'll push for practice squad over an actual roster spot but you never know. I mean if you look at a guy like Todd McClure I believe he was undrafted out of LSU. Maybe it is center I'm taking the starting what eleven years now at sinner for the Falcons and having an excellent career. Honestly that's kinda wild cards that they guard opposite of Pete is one big position while I don't think it's as important though. It's because the rest O line is really did with Unger. Everyone else it's better Kabul longer arms and you know analyst office on his strength of this team tell about you or just pass skiing. You just. Federal under the quarterback you only about a as a backup quarterback and can you imagine I still think it's Luke McCown. But if McCown wins again the back of position then. Does that mean. Garrett Grayson. Is the boss. Do you think that means that he's not. That would these and he's a bust he's another missed draft pick. Or. Because I I still think they're gonna keep him around yeah they're there and keep him you know somewhere around here on the on the I would practice squads of the does that mean that he is still. Down in the future he still could be the guys for. Is that Jonas OK this is this will be year would. This would be second year third year via. Third year thirty years though. Is it was that a little bit quiet and that's we're. It's such an incredibly challenging now question answer because. We have no real way. Knowing the answer because days. As far as starting quarterbacks go knocking Libya to breeze right and as far as back up quarterbacks go Luke McCown in his experience over a decade in the league. That's one of the better back up in the entire league let's not forget last year he steps in. He goes 31 of 38 against the Carolina panther defense that led that team to be 151 record and a Super Bowl. I think right now I think the Saints and Carolina probably have the best backups as far yeah quarterbacks. They've got to it was a Anderson got. Derek Anderson I think still in the Carolina stepped in admirably couple years ago for them. I mean that's a great question though as far as great as far as the fans a mask and I guess I ended that they think is that is that okay does that finally say this was applause or are you willing to still wait. The Steve the kid develops. I still think you have to see him. In an extended. Playing time type of role no right to bust in the unity never earns that role than he is but. What could what could happen. Certainly we would have no way of knowing whether an obvious being the case. Is he committed go to another team and you know to get in the right opportunity and being really good but he just never had the Ab do you play he would think about opera far over the Falcons we kind of talked about it earlier on the show right. Everybody thought he was a bust wind dies in Atlanta. I always use the example of Drew Brees after his first couple of years in the league. No one would have guessed that he was going to be as good as he was still even when he had had good years and was a free agent. No and I guess it's Greece and savior of the second and third. Second year really you now. Now a two years experiences earlier this will be his third it has two years expect to right moment that I know we've been struggling with simple math here we are not necessarily. There are strong suit now now armed or before we get back into our the comics are sequential number how fast but he very easy to cap issues that there's a 78. But before you back to our position battle conversation let's take folk call. Good Bruce. Bruce what's going wrong man what you got. It. That. Some big guys and now and I love. Where he out there out on note great then birdied the got to give these guys that gives them to work with here we gotta go way it would obviously. They didn't track it back out water back and meet him. You know. Me and I. Go five hurdles the Chargers. Would you call to look at it is as as your dad said and he knows everyone loves the backup quarterback. Until it's time for him and actually play. It is they are always the most popular person in this yeah you know who else and this is something that Steve palatable provable focus put us on. That a things and pretty. Well it's appropriate for the city. I do you know who else what position is developing like that it's the right tackle position now and the reason being. Is that because defense is no you're putting your best player on the left side. Like if you have JJ watt. Are you gonna rush him against Toronto Armstead or unit Russian begins extreme CU had these right tackles who were inherently not as good as their counterparts. Having to go up against the best players which we've created by the pre and basically people think it's actually sucks. And he was one of the best right tackles in the entire league last year. So. Verse six pigs call man or one for me. Yeah I'd graduate draft and what they're doing this will be your second year. Yeah I I dispute this on basis. Not. A hundred is a disagreement. Aren't so. We imagined Soares position battles Mitchell wide receiver. We mentioned backup quarterback. Made you guard. Now we're finally going to get to the defensive side of the ball and this is where I will go with the with the question of who is your third quarterback. Who is your slot corner and you get consistent production out of that. I'm obviously Keenan Lewis and dealt him bro are you're starters slowed. You know Keenan Lewis and if helping if healthy I mean an end and really broke quick when you talk about the DB group like I said. Question marks top to bottom you know Lou this health questions. Delve him bro. As good easy what is the risk of a sophomore slump like that date term for a reason right like that happens I never expected to have. And a bit but actress you know speaking with Delmon and and and talking to him and interviewing him draft fast. He does not seem like the type of guy. That's gonna slack off he knows what it means to be where he is right now and the work that hard and I think he's gonna keep work him he's one of those writers. And that is true he's not as they truly rookie Iraq going to this year fell right. Also I would say that if you ghost you face swamp you I don't think could be due to lack of work ethic right sometimes we see players is they burst on the scene. But teams getting here film on him. They got to figure out their strengths and weaknesses and then that player has to readjust. To the adjustments that are made so. I think there are question marks there. Lewis' health this question mark cherish Byrd's health is always up in the air. On a team cars actually probably the surest thing you have and that's a myriad buried a good bounce back year last year that you know kind of buried underneath a miserable. Too good to be here otherwise and then you have. Massive questions regarding Damian Swann. And DJ Williams and those of the guys. You were going to be competing for that third quarterback job. Swann was. Good last year in that all I guess you could say admirable was adequate hum it's hard to say anybody's getting that's a myriad times last season. But injuries remain a concern than the worst kind of injury seemingly now days concussions. And then you have. PG Williams you know how good PJ Williams is or isn't at this time he was not able to place so. A lot of question marks not just with this third quarterback corner back position battle. But also with the group as a whole. May be a I hesitate to call a bit of it but. Maybe a little silver lining in Keenan Lewis starting on the pup list. Is that in Louis because of his veteran veteran ship you can trust that. He's got to be ready he knows what to do. If he is out. What that means that they are now more reps available for these other players you need that experience. How much are you counting in waiting in the this whole factor here we we haven't mentioned him except in jest but. Roman Harper. And his leadership and locker room that was greatly miss the second year Kenny the Carmen. But Carroll's first year when he was Creighton and Bryant's defense looked great yeah to a harper yet the leadership he was the leader back there. You left him out and buy a car there was really no leadership on that defenses came a Karl wants a world what we're all leaders. You can't all be leaders got to have someone who is the the alpha dog that you're looking to. To run this thing you and Andy Jarrell we thought Jared Burton would be that we brought him in. He's never panned out to be that veteran leader so now you bring it back Roman Harper is that gonna help the secondary mentally. To get done what needs to be done I you know it can't hurt right and and harper were two didn't sound in the past. So he can beat the Olympic he's gonna coach he can be trusted conduit for that message right form the coach to play here I'd message. Betts said. He hasn't ruled the play on the field like its not purely symbolic or an area he was a starting safety and a team that would fifteen wanna make a Super Bowl last year exactly. How extensive that role is I don't know that that's great part about can't manage that this is what we get to figure out this is where we finally. Stop making predictions get to talk about actual. Results. Coming up next here on sports. On WB in that moment because. When he did the our number one most important position battle. Heading into camp and want to religion. We're discussing the day. He did this here's Sheldon go what what he thought it. The biggest position battles on the same team with some of the issues man right K got the real issues and we mid June and two in in in terms of least important the most important. I think he's at wide receivers a position battle next went to backup quarterback. We stayed offensive and we said guard. That we moved to defensive side of the ball. Who will be the slot corner that third quarterback and now we've moved toward number one most important position battle of these upcoming Saints camp. And it's all of that if it's audible I don't think it's that hard to guest in it is who will replace. Howell all Lee he Cobb. Following. That ACL injury man and as a side note I am just like personally a big fan of keep a ha. And this is one of the top five injuries and I would have never wanted to have been so. God bless recover my man he's got a great mentality he's used his third time but who will replace whole key god over a long way. Toward deciding these be this deep into his fate in this upcoming year as a Davis tell. We know it no you know I mean we know way of knowing winner Davis told factors in. The far more intriguing prospects there are first Kassim metabolic Rhein and in second. Oprah watcher now yeah well watching watching BK is. In a very small samples suck it's. On an very small sample size he was productive. Last season and you'd watch him play wide receiver in college he's only been playing depends then for a small amount of time and I always like to look at a player's trajectory. And in that small amount of time he's taken the position like a fish to water and he's been productive in limited snaps. How high is watching ceiling. And keep an eye and that. But the favorite to win this job has got to be Kassim metabolic and he's someone who has improved every year. He. Was there on the team is second on the team in sacks last year Aoki cal. Was actually third and Joseph hand Kassim at a volley. Continue. Down he's being too like we take it is we give him a bit better each year can he continue with that your victory. On how much better squad to within the years down the reports are that he gained like 1520 pounds of muscle and the Davis tall. You still have an unknown that was a three time conference player of the year. And I don't era level of football your plane at. To win an individual award like that three times speaks of some pretty hefty talent so I hate that he got injured it hurts his team. Badly. But the damage could be mitigated but one of these guys stepping up oral three of them. And then again you know if you look at it and at all these playoffs and it's like you said it's adjusting for us to think of all these things and how they're gonna go and who's going to be where the battle's going to be a lot of added. Turns out in training camp and I hate to say it. Who gonna get who's gonna get bitten by the injury bug it happens in training camp yep that may change the whole dynamic of all of these things that were speculating. Yeah and looked and that's always the that's like the comedy and bright they unites all times he injury bug Kay and Ken recchi. Even imagine hey this guy always aside and as he runs up the field he. Polls open yeah ditto for an end like it or guard cross your fingers major sacrifices. Say your prayers do whatever you do. It just hope for the best but very have a those are your biggest position battles although during the break Todd vernacular that kicker should not be in there and actually Jeter might win the group because they'll actually decide games but. We'll see tied for batting Connor Barth can be battling once again. Sports talk here a double to be LA amassed from dot com. And see this like look dude shows Todd. Because. During the breaks we have I just I learned so much about comic lore. In history I just learn more about the flash and cameramen and look I thought I knew the flashier I grew up they DC. Fair like I I didn't know much more reds just we talk about that looks about before we talk about comic now notation speed which got a couple minutes here. Tom got happened last weekend lot of good trailers. What's it out to any favors. Suicide squad stood out they didn't release the Justice League trailer oddly enough. Marvel didn't release a lot of trailers for a lot of that stuff. Via the guardians of the Galaxy of volume two they just kind of hinted that it makes shooters some shots but they didn't do a real trailer for it. Although the Internet went nuts over basically agree B glared showed it's not actually baby group because he's grown so it's like between group he's not. The little gruden at the end route its group buddies about this tall stand there on the shoulder length. Tracks as long as as long as he can dance Jack's example two of the biggest Patterson. I'm excited for fantastic beasts and where to find him him potter potter they shoot out of the woods or get relegated Redmond now. I'm with you viewed suicide squad would trade Justice League footage looks also Jordan would put a good one of Mormon look awesome looks Olson by it. I still have concerns. About DC's me well should DC has decided like ketchup and they're going too fast they've decided that. With the Batman vs government didn't do so well because it was so dark. And it relies marbles movies are fun and light yeah so they're trying and lighten them up a little bit going for I love Zack Snyder. I question if he has again now we know what Todd I don't question the show and I love you there's been a lot of fun sports are likely Monte. Bedecked tomorrow night Steve Bobby Hebert Tom nets decide enough to be Libya.