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7-27 7pm Bobby & Deke: talking Saints training camp

Jul 27, 2016|

Bobby & Deke preview Saints training camp ahead of tomorrow's first practices.

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And getting into him to the final now a sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert I'm Deke Bellavia coming up at the bottom of the hour replay in Sean Payton as he spoke India about 440 this afternoon he spoke to the media here at the Greenbrier. In West Virginia getting sick but the thought of Saints training camps and aggression think coach coach Payton talked about with how the team went out worked in the community day. Have been some of the areas that would devastated by the promotes that took place appear. In Mannesmann. Are keeping the Greenbrier classic of the peaking to a from coming back and some of the events he talked about the Saints overall it's a team pass the conditioning test today. And so much more so we'll have that coming up in just a few moments plus. A lot of big news handing in a row or the NFL moment focus Cora but that it just a moment and operated jaguar Pena told us up. At WW though dot com. What is the biggest story line for the Saints going into Saints training came you can vote at WW Rio dot com its operating Jack or opinion poll. The first were bring in the Saints are of course one of our members of our sports fans more minority. He gives us an ideal would take place today some. Interesting note a dog in the year at New York area with their quarterback situation also the Saints a could have himself a veteran receiver tomorrow. Did people start with the same thing aside Hakeem Nicks today is Tony or you'll receiver. Formerly of the New York Giants mainly that's we spent. Most of his career from 2009 all the way through 2013 very productive receiver for them at that time and when he fourteen. He headed over to the Indianapolis Colts didn't put up quite the numbers there than last last season. Very sparingly used. In New York in the shadow of O'Dell Beckham junior Eli Manning only hit of seven times seven catches for 54 yards for all of last season. With the Giants that he is had it on to hopefully greener pastures here in New Orleans he instantly becomes the old man of the receiving Herman 28. They had Vincent brown on the roster 27 years old and he is headed to IR after yesterday has cap issues. So Hakeem Nicks now becomes the veteran presence in the receiving room. For the New Orleans Saints he signed a one year deal. And I am not seeing the dollar sign. The dollar amount connected to it but it's going to be a one year deal for Hakeem Nicks. With the New Orleans Saints and and the New York Jets finally shored up. A very Rocky quarterback situation they've been dealing with a all offseason they finally resigned Ryan Fitzpatrick he signed a one year. Twelve million dollar deal that deal could be worth up to fifteen million with incentives this season is Patrick had the best year of his NFL career last season. As as he led the Jets to the very cost. Of the playoffs. So that they are looking to maybe improve even further with a another year of Fitzpatrick under senator. He is at 33 years old at this point of course Harvard grad. And and obviously an upgrade over geno Smith who. Pat was weighted mean as a starter. And that has Patrick ended up taking over because geno Smith got sucker punched in training camp. And of where we all remember that incident but but. Geno Smith ended up about getting a broken jaw had to sit out it became riotous Patrick's team. And and he did very well so he's gonna get a one year deal. Worth twelve million dollars base salary and fifteen million dollars possibly with incentives of in the big. Our involvement on thank you mark how to be a fun you want but you follow me at mark Menard thirteen. All right now Bobby V is Kasey Kahne and restaurants are offering complimentary launching these to all lawful the personnel. Tomorrow's result in response to recent talk that Texas a police offices. IVE Bay's. Keita candid restaurant has skated this event to show our support all the men and women who bravely serve if protective everywhere with a base just invited to come out and join the complimentary. Active group buffet buffet from 2 PM to 5 PM tomorrow. For more information call 504324684. Wore Bible for three to 468 form. Yet because his phone here are some green and then they'll they'll Georgia it's over it Bears remember. If free buffets where they're out there at the moment when things we've been put it wants our unit like I think what you have to give back it show you appreciation. Because the we talked about this that. You gotta have law and daughter you know you want justice but you can't have anarchy you gotta cricket big you know we've well let us know what that that that while Obama got a call me yet to show you appreciation. The law enforcement. That's that'll do indicate it different from two to five pretty goofy. Demolished almost in blue come on out and enjoyed the book faithful to defer appear got a couple question this console Cowboys downing him he says Bobby. I keep hearing this mouth talk about it if they get the quarterback Brandon hairs you go see him much improved this year always. Well why wouldn't it be improved believing that more excited we had seen in the and improve well I mean. I mean just that experience teach it you know with better I don't know to be enough to overtake Alabama. But big I can tell you this. If you put eight in the box you're able and you as a quarterback you cannot have success overseas I didn't pay him an Alabama my Canadian. What they've got about five years in a row and every every match I've been eleven yeah yeah so. I mean. This as a quarterback you duplicate each jobs that they got eaten a box trying to stop the minute Barnett. Deke it will don't want out there to stand in the pocket and make the throw. Now I deleted so it's been puzzling to me. It's probably give me the long throws and Alvin nice to us feel like at 3040 or throw right and I threw to swing round late or the ground there overhead that should be the easy throws little. That's telling me and a coach Cameron knows this. That that they that chip footwork. Via unit because movement and it is that the damage if it actually be at and easy to nordic that'd be a 100%. On because that you get into play makers and which elegy at the art that that he can't. That you get better numbers. As a passing quarterback then you know active trying to reach every yards could you accurate because you're accurate you gotta get 300 yards. So I never to fitness now. The only question I have a Cam Cameron. And that and I know there's different coaches is different abilities. And Kolb. You were able to teach. Our how you're able to get a player to truly get better. I think Cam Cameron B I don't know if I'm just speculating here. I think if you could play he keep coaching yet if you can they play human I've got to take it to the next level and develop for it. I think AB's go to Joseph Flacco Drew Brees he can put him in the right direction. And have success. Who worries and now I mean you know you lead a horse to water and you get to the next level I don't know. So coaches are better than others. As far as developing young talent. But I know Cam Cameron knows now he's talking about right but but how can get a young guy to grasp that. And on the big stage being able to do that now on the football field which confident. At wicket physically not like a lot that he's turned a caller in all of us in well maybe not so fast right and at that that's why DK it's. It really put up or shut out right now. Worries that knowledge experience and that no more excuses there isn't a funk with discounts from Jerry down it is appropriate you want to know where it. Kind of Scott Udrih coming up with a barbecue team. Barbecue kick anything single ball. You don't go to that they've blended. And availability this week bug you they'll they'll you know play his game I think they are abbreviated over there right there you have it just pure. You ain't paying twelve years or more. Two others that more single malt. Mean Jim was present to knock you can't rule and that's noted sciences the world's biggest him actions cuts and on about you know Larry somewhere and knocked video. It was the often not there and that is that it was ski country in every night you would think. Because this guy is like Tennessee Kyle likes sparkling line vs Champaign you know UK call. Champagne the United States champagne that this from champagne friends. California medical sparkly line. So with this safely UK called Scotch in the Tennessee mounds are at Kentucky. In that you know you gotta call risky so you're like in. You say United States here you can go camping no it is Matthew chance is like you know restricted it's a registered. So it CB go to Cologne read all about you know you get champagne from California state of the city's department line you'll see champagne right. But like Moet nowadays campaign. That I'm not a champagne Drake and you know I like the political year. He's a different note they'll bring it to champagne yet like that that ship they've done champagne drinkers but as a special occasions but. But I know you can't call champagne glasses from Champaign. I have assembly man out in that we've been going to some practice in unity served them almost at the approach yeah yeah you know beat them. So I wanna be approved it I don't drink like anybody can hit like yeah pineapple on pineapple is champagne you might get an orange juice or champagne here they'd make you got into a problem ran both yeah Holmgren in there but yeah it was. It tastes pretty gougne get that you know it now we have little off topic now I just thought let's let's go Ryan you know it does at that time I really. Focus on your state that he you know only could we didn't retire any yet you know Vietnam era in three and today I did not know this this. Blew my mind you've got one as moaning. Yes but you must got to mop with Ackerman you don't know when they were gone and Elena Bob Graham you know he can eat breakfast you recorded a one man yes I went out there. Could act as I missed it this morning but but but hasn't that is that this is. It was a pity it was namely that the before. Yet privately before. I didn't know that you know you look at different times of the year hall of fame. Cooperstown. Via you know my PI call on notre ratings and beaches Adam Mazen him to you talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. The visit that I know you period autobiography. Ken Griffey junior yup. Became the first level one overall draft pick to be inducted into the baseball hall thing that's amazing and I thought they'd be in 1112 and now more. Overall pick if he's that burst and the number one overall practical to let it sit you know but you don't have good though if we if we factored in all the leaks. This got to be that low until my baseball fans I'll hockey football. I would just battled back from a percentage standpoint the number one overall Paek he's if he's the first and only days blow the rest of the league that they have at least. June exactly do but I went out a doubt now. I'm big Barry Bonds. Was the number one overall pick a club like it recollect. Yeah monitor that not now I have Vietnam and I he might be black ball whatever it is gas and Allen received very lives and and I think he would deservedly steroids illegal steroids I think he's on that level. With nobody got I would have thought it would have been so a dozen. Or so so so the bottom line Ito but not being an exact science. With that thing of like you scouting department. On enough. While there I got a with a six from the man's pick in the 62 half he was almost six picks and I've been there about. Right coach at that as an ease that he's a tainted about it that you government out of it EPO hall of favorable for a hall of fame. But this seek demands round. He goes to the hall of it may be the greatest hitting Keita. Maybe that they were scared cauldron at the moment but he's up there. Yes so I just thought that was an interest that it did because that that's what trivia. Question you can actually buddies that work. That and be interested to see an end date would acknowledge it did not know that begins. An intimate if you just get humidity out they had probably yeah no doubt it doesn't that the guys that would be in the whole baseball thing now. I would take a timeout will come back and Saints coach Sean Payton would he had to say today. From via press conference and also what have they update from the DNC democratic next equipment. This is sports talk on saint camp radio WW. Able comics bush so here on derby dip your radio to six so ornate seventy. He beat Texas at 878 saved me. I'm in there each and every bottom of the hour from now to aggressively who have abate and CBS news on the DNC Democratic National Convention that wraps up tomorrow. In Philadelphia the city of brotherly before we get to here with Saints coach Sean Payton had to say earlier date opening training camp. It's got to Metairie for dale on line one dale thank you for calling WW Rio. Beat stake in all it didn't want. Well I wanted them both you guys and a real real neat guy every night. Currently tied and it being out and do and I like the inflammation but. One thing and our about it we got Laurinaitis. And we dedicated to the quantity it was for an old play it was right at the guy. Incredible athletic ability. Hammered into about the improvement operable. What line guys being page B eight pitches GA and what the league action on am. How much is. Think that could be much male increase in his second year and I'll happily. Yeah well about it now I ain't. The pot and that he not having. So much and it's played like he had his rookie year that he can't help but improve and I think he has the football players he has great instincts. But now he kind of focus on his assignment. Instead of being the quarterback and the now we've been actually. He eagle back in the middle. None out the more you could do it that just prolong your career. So he hitting knowledge that he would respect. A guy like teams laryngitis who played seven straight years and never missed a game. And I even acts them. I don't know reflected back excellent team army key moment. About you know economic trying to repeat what you've done in the past and have success. And now a game that night and I don't know with the right words. Almost being like the second coming hoping. I like it Jonathan Vilma. To be that better presence. Happen better presence and be that leader. To lean they young's done it and put him in the right direction so. I think the upon Anthony. But it is too late. I'm more optimistic. As far as the go to the worry was strapped in and and his billing. I'm more confident right now in the finance in his tee. Because I think the line Anthony. Contributed from the gecko. Where anchors the we've hopefully. He ski trip right took it to Travis so week I think. You know I'd kind of like thirteen in not there yet so I think I'll line backer. Core. Will be better. You know you look of our Robertson yeah. Over Jamaica buried yet yet it even went out. Look at that. Then being in run support I think they can help in pass coverage which. I know we were the worst pass coverage linebacker group and. In the league if you look at it would be a highlight real. Of what not to do. As alive backe cool or not those statements paper every game mine I wanna look at this. Look at big game we played against the Redskins Ernie peak they had like 200 yard Phillips greens and you want a back cut up by cousins. Feeling confident having a great game other sort of screen play you now. Autos linebackers a lot of that there. Not yet no more so to speak. But. Yet you know other teams in defeat at so they can challenge I'll be there to see how well we play in the green underneath coverage. Now obviously you get a great pass rush. We still have to be fined if industry we all know how this green was so important to us. Well we won the suitable date we like the poster child high you run a screen which Pierre Thomas. And off the Salina 2009 hit on important that was Iran although all of it's a blind in panic. They would like minute they would so cohesive timing is everything and it Pierre Thomas not panicky and I get now to quake. Drew Brees set now the pass rush. Let every game what is Vikings Colts. The screen play we'll put the negative standpoint and came back that bias against us. The way to Redskins were doing it's still have a Carolina backing core knowledge getting laryngitis. If the fine and that he. And X-Factor are not like Jared Burton. It now Ellerbe. He's hell it is well. But is he well. You know I can't we count on them you know instead of a handful of games I'm just not my two handfuls. Of body the thing all sixteen games. Saints coach stomping his some of what coach Payton had a fair today as he opened up training camp 2016. But we do every year that the start. McCann all the chances to visit with you guys before we get into our actual practices small. Just briefly normally we have a conditioning test today in and we made decisions team would help you be a better idea. You kind of go. And help do some rebuilding. Help out just one of many years ago. And I hit hard with. Terrible floods back in June so. I think all of us you know the coaches the players that there's a by busloads of people. We all did a great job and then you realize when you they're just the and the amount of work that needs be done. In. And I thought it was a good that day if you will for our players and our team. To have a chance to go out there and in help out. Any questions on that. We have not. We'll let you know we do if we do. We won't that was it. Unfortunately for the rookies they took it last week and did. Did well but. But that was in move. Played in the. And what. I did not. I still have the same golf cart I. Should someone else. It's I mean were released Red Cross street on that someone else maybe. I don't expect it to be long and yet. It's pretty. Pretty normal. Who's who's gonna always be a handful of players that. Are ready to practice tomorrow and so. No way you go through the rehab and and we don't expect it to be I don't I don't expect either of those. To be long. Training camp injuries. Hopefully some better. I think he's doing well in good. Good summer of rehab he was here. The whole time. Real diligent and I think that. I think. I think he's gonna have a real good training camp I mean I think he's real close to being a 100% and you know when you when you have got to that core muscle sports hernia if you will and then you know you're you're gonna hit Barea. There's some scar tissue that breaks up there's there's a process that takes place but I think he's doing well. Yeah he's he's fast and physical. So he's practice and then he Jews had a real good summer. You spent obviously the players were discussing now spend. An inordinate amount of time rehabbing and working in the training room and you know he handled the conditioning test. Extremely well those guys. The rookies as well as the players coming off injury. Took that test and and passed back and won't so when they report now in that group of players whether it's rookies of the injured players they reporter earlier within their first. In a day and a half. They've got a they've got to do more. You know what. I don't we don't have any you will be Smart with the reps but. But we'll keep track about how many reps these guys are all going. She's being. Although. There were signs of it in the spring. Woolsey we saw in a lot of work ahead of us but. It YouTube. You you you you sense there. Eagerness to please into. To get to work on. Guys are all in real good check the weights were good. There were exceptional. You know it's time sound gets started. It's been first Simon normally has been one. I think in our time here we've got with Houston. We've done with New England. But I think it's good opportunity for us to. Go see competition. Get a chance to measure ourselves and where we're that you know. The typical scrimmage weekend we've had in the past for ten years. There's always been you know that second weekend of training camp hall of fame weekend if you will. We're gonna have our normal practice schedule. Right through that week and because we're getting ready to practice against and we win and then play them and then Houston next week so. But I think it'll be I think will be good for. Not only our younger players but it will be good for our team. I don't know you know. There's certain years run together a little bit but. I think listen I'll. Each year's different each team can have a chance to write their own chapter and so different for me in in regards to time I don't know that it seems like ten but it it doesn't seem like four (%expletive) you know. And it it I think the more more your round the players. There's less and less than. That we're here. You know when we started in. But that transition is normal the transition of your roster is normal in and you know I I like. The veteran leadership we've seen so far and I'm sure. More Vettel emerges guys begin to play and establish that themselves in certain roles. I don't know what you we wouldn't. Look there's certain areas that were paying attention to but I don't know that we'd sit down and in list all right. Specifically making I have these discussions quite a bit you know this what we're looking forward we gonna be mindful of numbers here. And. And it's hard it's hard to take that. With this team and then compared relative to. Other teams at this point I mean obviously we've had. Teams that were better maybe than we thought we'd have at this point in the teens who would that we're. You know we felt real good about that that under achieve or they weren't as good as we expected so. You'll. Gonna get started and you get a chance to see who we got you in. Knowing I think there's a process involved in that but that's that's exciting part of turning that. And 2060. Degree ground we're expected you're well radio if you give you. I think this I think. We have to do better job create turnovers and we have to situationally. You pick the zone third down those. Those situation all categories football wise two minute especially. Those were all areas that that we've got to be smarter and and we've got to be. Better at his players and his coaches and we've got to. I think make sure that communications clear were on the same page with regards to what we're doing and and obviously there's a certain amount. Complementary football where we. Offensively. Improve in our run efficiency or. Our drive numbers the thing that can help your defense stay off the field so there's a series of things. And I think that. I think we'll see that not to what degree. That's the question. Well I don't know. I think the first thing that comes to mind is is. Is is the coaching during practice. You know be emphasis of effort to the ball and and you could say we'll create turn over one now and then there's ways to cause fumbles there's ways to. But it starts with that. That emphasis. That relentless pursuit to the football eleven guy you know those are some of the things that begin that. Coaching of it if you will. I don't know it's turnover related as much I mean I think we've seen in our league you know a lot of different schemes create turnovers it it's it's still about a month's. And obviously you can. Improve your pass rush the clock in the quarterback's you know all those things. Lead to turnovers go about. All right that is Saints coach Sean Payton a bit in the media today most of it you can rest of it online at WW attack couple come back about its final thoughts. You get to sit christened diva this is sports talk on WW. Who'll be the surprises of training camp and getting your thoughts on who would that right 53 B if become a position battles so much smokers together and T about maybe a commitment next. With double covered sports and more a circuit take on the democratic national competitiveness that you place him but the depth in case he can and as the coach as you can see it he is in the barn massed on the practice. Yeah and now it's on its on footballers fare well wall to wall football peak. No it it's here the ball seed in this years with the answer that part I'm excited about that. I'd like to go and watch evaluate price now which is different. Usually you have a conditioning dais bars of the test to see in cheek to go to training camp but now they train year round. Tonight doing more public service yet and after the teams did today in. And if you look and Sean Payton to this making moments the thing to working with the united way. That the offer there assistants. And the Saints went on the same would encourage that those memories and providing assistance. To visit WWW. United way Greenbrier dot org. If you wanna contribute because all of by giving back you know the things being a party united way in an NFL. And given back to the community in. It's kind of like the you know to community kind of players do would have it that at him and any yeah. In all that NBA if you ain't here yet yet given back so. Yet the Saints are gambling and about. Community green Brian white of whispering all right thanks so much to a Chris Miller on the news. Augmon back in the studio and exits Christie Garrett. Ante by a bad 23 of them in the eighties in my life Jackie Emma and my and they I want to say in my view it would see you soon will be training camp now for the Knicks while with. Would be back home before loan it to fix our training camp tactics that words sports. 2878. Sam on the ability as always talk about the cajun care about BA affiliate plays dol. Goodnight people.