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7-28 4pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on training camp Day 1

Jul 28, 2016|

Bobby, Deuce, and Deke discuss Day 1 of Saints training camp.

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Good evening and welcome to sports talk saint camp coverage continues here on WW radio alone our resident pros. Bobby Hebert and Deuce McAllister I'm Deke Bellavia coming upon today's program what it would take coach Sean Payton had to say you know Drew Brees mocking of cam Jordan can you Cairo next on his next three. And teams and Aaron night or those fourth comics also we want to improve to 2601870. You can text this. At 87870. And we're asking you. And operated Jack or paying employed at the derby Rio dot com. Which of the following defensive backs so make the most significant contributions to the Saints defense in 2016. Give him a Cairo. He didn't lose to Harrisburg. Or bail them broke you can get to vote on line attribute to have your back comps and you know it is should be no it would start today for the first time in three seasons since he sat out in New Orleans Saints. At the at that time the highest paid your. Free agent acquisition. Three offseason to go from the Buffalo Bills. Gerris vert practice on they want with the New Orleans Saints at training camp so that was the first time in three years he's practiced on the for. He's limited practice. Gave tragedy that he waited till the thirteen to get some you have with the book where he was out there. No definite fan if he would if he would've got him on a situation where it was team. I think it would because he views have Cutler and Olerud you know get a handful or reps out there lately and I are unemployed right before that he was fielding would ponson right he gets it it'll you know he'll probably at some of the beautiful bird watches out there regarding had a bird's side yet. Well it's. In my opinion if you look at. With David to bag the economic based on that I think there's a lot of upside for him to say the least and he does keep getting better and that being Al groh. If you look at without an of and other NFL team and how they view them and no worries that. And keys that would be a bit but he did last year now. You get a few more interceptions than even more impressive Delmon had fifteen passes defended. That with a third though as the third most in the league last season. That I mean you around the football and think of well. How much the ball's in the air and he was number three in NFL as Bulls past the in the now. He peaking yet few of those being picked our pick sixes. And you know like times that you have that the that the players whether it's this group we scored a fumble. Aren't specialties who return team kick or punt return. The odds go up that you will when they gain now. Dealt to tell you that with the needs to do. Is get better maybe the red zone area of the all. Not as is kind of I guess oxymoron when you consider. That it's fifty passed within that group third most in the league last season but he also led the league innings gave up ten touchdown. Those kind of like feast or famine. But I think you definitely improving that area if you look at all the top quarterbacks. And where he was ranked among the top twenty. You know. He was in that number in yards and receptions allow part coverage now. Thought I think Delmon bro. Would be. That kind of guy that we can expect. To be approval ultimately. He's an all pro guys and continue to bath and a bed India there Revis island all but. If you are. You know Pro Bowl in you among the best and AFC NFC. I think the Allman bros definitely heading in that direction and will would ultimately helped them. It is though what we do in the front seven. That always helps the back in no matter who we haven't there in there it's a new corner. And that we can disrupt opposing quarterback who says that over and over eleventh. Of the mineral edges and I think the linebacker corps. Has been upgraded in he'd definitely be before glory in my notes on practice. He definitely. This linebacker did not miss a beat from Ortiz admit it in mini camp Craig Roberts or you he had an interception. And it was offered through. And even when ought to pass rush he got inception in. And that played they crank Robertson made you could feed angles and instinct in. I'll elaborate on that play because the count. Their Q drills going on at once we call a pass skeleton or seven on seven. McCown. Threw an interception. And this is the fun at Denny's teammate. Tony Stewart whose it to your got to Clemson. Now on that interception you boy from southern Rashad Allen who made simply a couple of plays today. Like you bounced back had a 25 yard catch from grace and but it went off his hands with Tony Stewart predicted I'll tell you the the next well look at other field. And Craig Robinson was able. Intercept a drew on that play meant and I turn yet and Deke. He's one that. Look at his NFL experience. The five year veteran regatta from Cleveland. He within North Texas State so when it starts in the mean green yeah so that he's he's a ball and I think he's deadly enough greed. Alive Mac record of one thing. That I got to today's practice was that. I just getting past the pin and we had a chance. To have four interceptions. And now we got three. 01 of them. This is I guess light at the with a bag. Is that Dixon made a great. Break on the ball and just went through his hands so we get ahead four interceptions. And that being Tony Stewart who won. Craig Roberts have a one crew actually threw a couple of pick. Double with a fine belts that I promise in Ohio State used article it deep to cooks and find bell overlap that made a nice. Interceptions so. Until they put on the pad that thing you do with the putting on Saturday. Here to pretenses yeah how important and so look at it. This morning I think it was a great confidence built for the first practice. To have that kind of outing body's defense probably. The highlight players. On offense. And they paid him to be a highlight player and that's saying he's the second coming and Jimmy Graham the Kobe later. In their haven't TK just about seventy yards. And he also. He could add about five K just which Payton's knowledge apple 100 yards that are. Probably you know drop the ball guy puts out but. You can devil is the truth that he's healthy he's ready to roll and that he's gonna be. Getting into the mix or going forward whether it's a definitely an art drew and cleaner I could see him. Being utilized more. That tight end position or we expect it. It's all right we'll come back and look it deuces take on today's practice and over the phone lines Saints can't covered our resident pro Duce McAllister and by BA they give you two days take. All the dates first practice at Saints camp 2016 here on Saints radio this is WW. And welcome the sports talk laugh from the Greenbrier in West Virginia has become a cube are as they approached by the eBay and Deuce McAllister and now we're due up then we get used to take. On today's practice deuce and I know Jim or what's pregnant together. Reduce overall UConn priest who which sort of thing. Yeah overall you can please one thing that you saw was probably carry over from note he needs in the mini camp that they so. You know they have to be pleased of where they were able to start not a lot of drop off as far as. Information. What they want to go out and execute and you know when you look at it from a defense standpoint they were able to get their hands on a couple balls and to be able to. Interceptions so football's ahead one that. Came in a little hot but Dixon did a good job of jump and it and you know that would have been a spectacular reception for him but overall you're fairly pleased. Deuce when you look at today's practice how important is this guy that we told about these. Which airs Bergmann three years has not practiced on the first day for him just to be at Dickinson Ripken. Bombing. You know what you're bringing slowly whatever term you want to use it's important and be there you know battle for his psyche would release four. His teammates psyche is well I mean because weeks we haven't seen. We haven't seen him before and when I say that I mean I've ever been up in a way that we haven't seen the individual that was in Buffalo. You know we haven't seen the guy that can pick off and lead a defense and you know he get the ball is in the air he could place in the field he can go up and give it. So we're still waiting on that play here and for him to be able to come out and just get you know some reps with the war and maybe not an all the full teams. Deal but you know and and some of the situations. He was there I think you have to look at it as a positive. He also point out early on deuce in between sometimes from the team broke from exercise. Two when they broke off from the defense and offense. Where there was a lack Kovalev in their own time moving fast the defense is doing up downs like two minutes into the real practice. Send us owners they broke from a walk through and you know they they split up office defense you know would visit. Coach Allen didn't like the speed that they get to that real weather heated like the way they broke the huddle. Instead of them do owner normal pursue real. They give up now and he did about twenty to 25 you to beat him. It was a tone setter for him that he was not going to let them sit around and let don't know laws they came to work and he he set the tone early and I think. If it didn't wait those guys up at local you know those look ousted fairly quick here and also do one thing we talked about 22 run being on the PUP loose and just peek at some reps in the attack Dave knows it's in the see which way they would go whether they would move Pete up left we'll leave him at guard but. You know you're able to get killed lamenting yet we get to legal little working in you know of them both being dark and not really rotating with each other and you know we knew he felt cough away at the top position but you know he's. He's head and shoulders of the where he was last year as far as when he got to camp in worries that now and you know where this not only conditioning but footwork understanding knowing where to go you know the challenge for him to be okay now when. RC comes back can flip the switch and go back and sad you know not miss a beat so. It gives us the Saints an opportunity to look at that competition as far as guards are concerned but in no if something happens on the outside arm says that they have a pretty cute. You know back up and in and Pete available. It's Saints. Colon was Deuce McAllister his take on today's birdies are we talked about it turnovers. And we talked about how turnover would have to be something that is gone all the time in the when they chomping talk about yesterday was how we practice Paterno was well. I don't know how must admit that he's changed or where we're at as coached a unit did do anything different practice last. But this is the first time a long time on day one. Well we've seen what 88% UK's channel three or four opportunities there and they picked the ball lofted. Well and you know bringing out there is bird and the media is unbelievable. When you look at now imminent never eating it at this but deuces talking about him and a Buffalo Bills uniform. You look at the NFL leaders in interceptions. From 2009. To the president. So these are all names you familiar with. Charles Woodson who's number one having 29 interceptions. And keep the lead 26. Richard Sherman. 26. Is that managers bird and it's not these Samuel bring crimes right hand. Petersburg and 23 weeks when we take his hammy or five dead into you know what I thought I might be in. He's. If that tells with any retire it is your so. And you look up a key to the game he's still plane. He's only like three behind keep the lead in his career so you don't put it in the water Buffalo uniform. So why am I saying that'd be. In the pitch all anywhere like he accomplished what you accomplished a Buffalo quickly got to give something. Utley plays corners well Rackley he's the corner. But he debuted yet in the instrument the corners well but he they'd get his hands on the ball and he can pick off but that's probably impressive. Him being it's in a field with the bills well. That's telling me you know what else held tomorrow. They'll disrupt an opposing quarterback the front seven that that's what this feels yet at progressive for a you know built up front and out up front right habits though. You know whether the quarterback is rushed the ball where he's in good read. Well on formation and play you know if it's in his hands he's he had the blues acute. Starting off on today's practice those on injured reserve offensive randomly team Saturday and interest so that was him. Tomorrow is Sanford and Kyle Wilson on the PUP list order of the day I'll see heroic caca Keenan Lewis is out there working on the side. It from homestead in reserve non football entry on Mitchell lowland DT that week and. He would do well Dick was telling me could you think well why isn't Kaka ha. On it to reserve. Well he's probably on the PUP and is not an Ohio the manipulate the numbers. Then that someone asked Mickey at the press conference and does that mean he's been actually. That you can take the avenue rule you can take Kaka hop off. The injured reserve and have him ready for the back candidacies and like you potentially game yet I don't know if you don't put him on injured reserve now that he put maybe potentially Cain you know you never know how assert unfortunately he's been through a couple of ACL surgeries right you never know how quickly he can come back and altered the stretch on. In and and they have room to Kyrie you know. All of their roster due to bring him back alive after a couple practices than they have built them so. Now look at it the. Hotel right there to combat are injured reserve talk you'd welcome back in just a moment. First of debuted a young news time is approaching 431 as time the first news and we'll go to Chris Miller. And welcome back our resident pro breakdown practice each and every day by BA fan Deuce McAllister live here. From West Virginia the black and go predicated date each practices skater from 9:30 AM local time 212 point. Think off at about 11:34. This morning so that was about forty for fifty minutes shorter. I'd want to practice was scheduled to go in them through their rip open a bit more kimono pregnant again with jerseys and Saturday it's a first 43 straight padded practices he got a quick to produce about the 2601870. You can Texas at 87870. And of course operated debt or Pena for the following DBs which one will. Make the most contributions this season ago broke into the Peron chairs Byrd bought Keenan Lewis. Cast your vote online at WWL. Outcome do sort of things we talked about our today was I was asking you about some of these guys that are considered long shots. All the guys that need to do something right away you sit there it goes from practice to practice. They've got they've got to have the way to roster changes Natalie players have brought it and and especially between now and gained. If you're you've served certain people are have a certain amount of time to do something if not they may move all. Yeah I mean because really what to look at and you have to go back to the body of work from. The other the mini camp as well as the you know 02 days so it's really not just okay this one practice this practice had a terrible practice. It's its culmination you know and its culmination of late in the states is culmination of it looked this guy's earned enough for us to at least give him 34 days a week. And and training camp he's picking it up you know and so. Some of those guys are right there on the ball you know. It it's true that yes you know it's 53 man roster but I can guarantee to you know 35. To maybe even forty. Of that 53 is our exit in Mosul training camp is one to figure out positions gay guys and and and and and in shape. Etc. you know honestly figure our positions I mean starting you know who's going to be at the start contribute but you know it's really a fight over. Tee in thirteen maybe fifteen you know our roster spots for some gas. Yep no doubt about it and him before in the phone do tonight you wanna thank I laid it they would eat the country kitchen and deuce and I got educated don't have a Fuller took place down and we didn't know what had happened you know last month there afloat and actually think about authorities to see a lot of rain he probably at home and told not to come to. And stay out of it but that's the complete opposite of what happened over in West Virginia everybody was it worked. Deuce we we have some lady in this area over the country kitchen about it and she said it in a short amount of time. They had a shift change in between the people who work in the morning in the evenings in the evening people call it and we can get it could to training. It's bad and all of a sudden war distort coming off amounts of people got stuck at work you got stuck where they were. It looked like everything happened all at one time do some people couldn't move. Well that's why they called a flash flood Guillen you hear out there truthfully nothing that you hear on the radio like Iceland but it's sunny outside global what are you talking about. That's when they creeks are all hopeful and and there's a wallow walk them yet you know that you don't realize what's happening and we're column float. What can be a gradual flood of flash flood is like rapid light Niagara Falls. If we face as they say this with like you with you were rector is you're right they lived by creek that creek an overflow like you'll note if you you hit it behind drive. Now they've earned a tsunami. Because if you get earthquake and tsunami comps are a couple of your ocean. Yeah because there are great would happen in Indonesia. And I'll let that those people like man it's so funny to look at this wall water covenant. And you know waterways. Almost foot nine pounds a gallon. You look at the force of it. Did you think about we deal with Hurricanes. Titles third year look what happened on the Gulf Coast you've got. What a point five foot wall water. You need to stop and so it's that'd be safe than sorry at least you know I look at earthquakes at times you got an army warnings. You might it have that will get the high ground when her kid is Davey you've got to get out you got a tooth we deemed. But there's a lot of what's the did you strong sand on the fatter road and it really not much in the was Byrd went over in no white's office brings with the golf course is Greenberg. They were where it was affected the most in depth about this could default that's good can a four wall to on line ones thank you for calling WW real. Carried me great joy you are art course Beaubois. That I'll. Never yours bird being able to use proper doctor do you think you'd be. I think if he's healthy. I don't know thinking get back to a Pro Bowl level but I think he's a legit starter. And that makes it's put it this way. He's not gonna beat I'd be shocked in an All Saints fans that it brings this out of the need to be the second coming. Of Darren Sharper on the football field. Our Derek carpeted is wanted to advance in NFL history is not even close. That impact. The list of textiles which he'd be. Knows much is true reason and whip 39 takeaways that Darren Sharper with the big part of us winning assume he would miss him BP yes and no doubt about it now that if we can laugh at Darren Sharper I mean. So I I think the bottom deuce what do you think about it that you think ami pro bowler owlen. Mean the talent still there yeah you don't know how to body will hold. It would be a tremendous tremendous. Feet for him to make the probable what talent is there. For him do so you know you have to get in that flaps its seventh an exceptional range and absolutely right they would have to be winning. For him too cute quote unquote true consideration. If he does that. You know you have to be really really pleased with the. I agree over the arc of my first three years like we like like you're here early. We have seen the. No we haven't that we haven't seen and you know real joke as fans and everything that Andy stealing money. Oh we don't wanna we don't one of the backup that a pay when the now. Well we wanted to come boldly and yeah I earned his paycheck in visible level OK so it didn't work out and the pats think about this topic given will. If Jarrett berg kicks but this year. The it view we weren't ger has birthers that vehicle we who we honor roll and it that they elicit what I've beaten up on the latent errors Burton. Yeah turnaround it's deadly read demons. Obviously you know people want Goodyear that's it. Meeting or fault of thank you won't record to 60 or hates him you can taste it's the 7870. And then you know a about Paterno that's what Jered Weaver was brought here for because it was such a ball went right and it. And in those numbers you read a while ago he was up there with the greats in that air of menace in the name of people you all heard of Wright and if anything you would think if he does get out there. With the reputation this defense has the backing of governor of Florida factor down passes NFL record best 45 touchdown passes this umpteen more. Passes that you beat to look at. You are heavy Theo daybreak there. Yeah and and because the thing at the start of pride that I think he goes hand in hand and I think he's humble enough. To recognize the front seven that if he does that success tease you he acknowledges it will make getting pressure and uncles. Both quarterbacks can make a play on the ball. Well both doubles preposterous. It was almost a joke. Type of label as the team last year and came in the Iran at each other Michael you gotta be freaking kidding me or you hit big old (%expletive) at. At interception. It was a tight game they didn't like hockey check it down the tide and the walker book. Ultimately will let Delanie Walker. What does pat has left it a Gloria you gotta be kidding me and you offers big bold but they had been in the sense that is kind of a bad luck with. You can not happy to have my belt that I'll ball whether it's Pete and those are Dodgers bird what you got in that and that night he took it now. Yeah induced you know it doesn't seem like it. It's turnovers come and sponsors now which coach started that which no turnover thing fruit and after the city's just that particular thing comes in March is. The good teams. They they consistently Paterno was only along just like you know now we we got them all year long and that's why I think that they would have good signing it and you see they've practiced dude she lobbed a seat in the game we don't seem to practice. You got to score show Palestinians don't have the list it's. Leaving that something good is gonna happen in his believing that something positive and I happen because one. You have all eleven run to the football you know and want all eleven reverence of football somebody's got to figure out away to of to get a hand in poked the ball out and you know. The EU need bounces you know sometimes you need to be lucky a lot of times you need to be looking where the ball bounces your way and that that is is that I've just talked about it just didn't bounce our way and it wasn't just that played it was a complete year. And so they they do come in bunches and when they cult you just know something's gonna happen somebody's got to make a play. Where it's got to be something positive and a defense gotta feed off of. And you know I thought. Of Weaver's gonna do something special and make a difference. Specially with Darren Sharper. Was it that wrote Eagles gained and the only game as well in hand. Darren Sharper still had a pick at you in the red zone and it just seems like it's eating it looks like whoa it's every game. That that the with his two driven in a high level it's still with Drew Brees you mean if that happens. What initial pain all the talk about. That one or two extra possession and what our offense that never competed divot whether we win or lose by getting those one or two extra possessions. That's about he B deuce Macau Sunday they'll they would continue which Saints camp coverage here on Saints radio WW. And welcome back breaking down today's practice with. Deuce and Bobby hero at saint trader WW which of the following DBs will make the most contributions to the defense this season to overthrow Gerris bird. Keyon Lewis balking at the current cast your vote. Online at WW Rio. Dot com the news we heard coach pay insane arts. After practice today that it's kind of different from the standpoint when they get through practice. I'm now because the way the schedule business TB it is no more real late nights for the meeting rooms so what what does that do for polian going to stick in the extra time on the back and they've got a lot of time where. They would be normal practice and let the second part of sticker price if maybe usenet that stuff in the classroom. Well you got a BA and make sure they're sharp in the classroom you know whether it's. Given a more written to us whether it's having him be more active as far as don't stuff on the border with computers. Just to make sure that they know what's going on you know you don't want it ever overload of player would information you know I think if you're a veteran player you can adapt to pick up quicker but if you're younger guy in you have to be careful would have weakness. You know you don't want him thinking as far as going out and try and it's a cute so. There that there are pluses and minuses you know lie he eat talked about guys being able to get you know true eight hours of sleep just because of how the schedule. Is manageable more for the players now so. You know you have to take advantage of some of those pluses and at the same time you have to make sure that the team is ready to go play as well. Well in the old days I can tell you if you let the players off early now it changed that they are more professional. But Billy Kilmer days in the meetings all but nine. Navy color local hope they'll. We have it Joker and I guarantee. And as part of that it would went on the level Billy Kilmer. You were don't count. Before refute you know below the bullet and what time I got out item is that what is it yet a camaraderie you know I got to do that but. That's why you hear those old school stores like Kenny stabler or you and all that the U wanna give players time off. You want it ovals so structured. That OK with that as the meeting its time to go to bay hit bed check because they knew when I guess responsible enough that. I looked at different different now because they would like using him different than they were coming out of one error and comments we wouldn't discipline that it was that is disciplined you at all he could easily comedies that you do would you speak got out of curfew in right might run pictures restored now there's so much money involved. It's that you're this it is that you always at events and you don't have an all the and you get your proper Reyes right. Our comment Knicks who can beat cohort in nationwide 1000 dollar Ku has contest here on their leader Buick.