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Jul 29, 2016|

Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination and history is made. Hillary’s speech – did you change your mind? Father of Muslim American war hero said we cannot defeat terror by dividing America. Is he right? Do you think Americans would be willing to come together to defeat ISIS? Or is political posturing more important? Moment of silence for fallen police officers broken by chants of “black lives matter.” Does anyone who supports “Black Lives Matter” want to call and condemn this behavior? ALSO: 2 San Diego police officers were shot – one was killed – during a traffic stop. Doesn’t this remind everyone that police officers have a difficult job and non-compliance can easily lead to the death of a suspect? THEN: Saturday night – a man is going to jump out of a plane at 25,000 ft. without a parachute of wings suit – and hopefully land on a big net. And it will be broadcast LIVE of the Fox Network – not Fox News – at 7:00 pm Saturday night. Will you watch? Will you watch because the guy might not live? Can you admit to watching something live – in person or on TV – where the possibilities of death or injury are possible? Is that what makes it exciting to watch? PLUS: A study was done that found that the rhythm of rock & roll music causes motorists to drive faster. Do you think that’s true? In the world we live in today – if it is determined that certain rock songs cause people to drive faster – wouldn’t you expect some lawmaker to push for the banning of listening to certain songs while driving? What song do you love to hear while you’re driving? Can you blame that song for making you drive faster?

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It's a Friday afternoon and we're heading into the weekend together. I'm glad you're with us love spending every afternoon review. Even though you and I might not always agree on everything. We've just had a thunderstorm and downtown New Orleans but it looks like it is kind of moving honey hear it may be moving in your direction if you're not in it there's a chance of showers. This afternoon into the weekend typical for this this time of the year. I here's what we do every Friday. March and just reach over. Crank up your radio turned out. Because this. Is what we've all been workers for. And was again a lot to talk about this afternoon and we are just getting started if you do wanna join us with a comment about anything we talk about if you don't know the number by now. I hear it is. And if you don't have it plugged into your phone just a program this into your phone so we have fun. You're listening and you hear me say something or call our warrior attacks that you disagree with regard to respond to you could just hit the button the numbers 260. 1870. Every coach 504260187. In a text is 87070. Saturday night a man is gonna jump out of an airplane at 45000 feet. Without a parachute. And about one of those wearing suits. He's gonna hopefully land a big net. And I tested this with a 200 pound dummy. Ended dummy fell through the net. And I guess they're also concerned about the possibility that he might bounce out of the net. This is gonna be broadcast live. On the Fox Network. Not Fox News Channel. But on the Fox Network. 7 o'clock. Saturday night. Amanda is gonna jump out of a plane 25000 feet. With no parachute. It's gonna be lighting will be taped delayed because all of life TV. Broadcast for the most harder part to our tape delayed. You know I guess the question is if something happens will they show the yen. But here's the bigger question are you gonna watch this. Would you watch it because the guy might not live. And can we admit that we sometimes watch something live in person or on television. Because of the possibility of death or injury. Is that why it's exciting to watch we'll talk about that a little bit later in the show. Also we we talked earlier in the week about the anniversary that one of the gas companies for the major oil companies. And released a statistics of a survey showing that rock and roll music the rhythm of rock and roll music makes motor strife faster. So since it's Friday we're heading into the weekend who had a lot of series just talk about over the last couple weeks we're gonna have fun in the last hour. And we're gonna talk about those songs that you love to hear while you're driving and and you might even be in the car heading into town this weekend. Also will be out talking a lot about the convention affect its first up on our show this afternoon. What did you think of the final lights of the Democratic Convention Hillary meter speech did she change your mind about anything here's our party gentle people this hour. If you're still undecided. Get him to clinch except the speech sway your vote and you can give us your opinion by going to our web site. Every WL dot com. I thought Chelsea Clinton did a very good John DO she's not a person who seeks the spotlight often. But she was put in the spotlight last night of the Democratic Convention of introducing her mom. And even though she doesn't have a bubbling type personality there were something about her that way is just so confident. That I thought she sounded and looked really good here's part of what you said last night. Every softball game and re piano recital every dance recital. Sunday's spent together at church and the local library. Countless Saturday's event finding shapes in the cloud. And that was part of what she said in introducing her mom and an obviously an in the same way that T Ibaka trump I don't trust starter did a great job and said nice things about him that's exactly what Chelsea did. Last night at the convention. Here's part of what Hillary said in her speech and she was wearing all whites wipes out pants outfit I guess that's how are you would do I describe it. And there were times. You know there were times once again that Hillary got into that. That mad angry talk and she's she's talking more like a preacher then she is talking to. And audience and I until after all these years. Her being in the media spotlight and being apart and I guess I'm amazed that somebody hasn't been able to work with her and convinced her to. The a little more personable you can still have passion. You can still speak with great passion but it's the way she talks it's up its date and Donna which round. And edge again it it it's just not polished public speaking. But how she says it is it is important as what she says. So here's part of what Clinton said in terms of talking about how she can't do this alone if you get select. Don't believe that anyone who says. I alone can fix that. And. He. Can't. We're actually. Donald Trump's word in Cleveland. And they should set off alarm bells for all of us. And more highlights from the speech last night are coming up again if you wanna join us with a comic this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601870. And I text is 87870. There was also an interesting moment before Hillary Clinton's speech last night from unmanned. Who I thought did a lot to make this country we are the fact that we are we are far too quick to be judgmental. And when I use the pronoun we I don't necessarily mean you or me but as a nation we're we're equipped to be so judgmental. You know one of the things that really launched. Donald Trump to the top. Why is the idea that it at a time when there was a threat of a terrorism that we ban all Muslims entering the United States. Now he's he's changed that somewhat overtime. But the the quick judgment of almost of an eye here on the show a lot there are people who are absolutely convinced that every Muslim is a terrorist. Or has the potential to be a terrorist that every Muslim in America is a bad person and we need to watch that we need to be suspicious of every. Every muscle. They're people who don't wanna actually except the truth. That all Muslims are bad. Last night there was a father. Of a Muslim American war hero. Any more slow. Fighting in our military. Who was killed. And this father. Fuzzier Khan. Was essentially saying. We can't defeat nicest or terror. By dividing America. Donald Trump. You're costing Americans. To trust you with of their future. Let me off skew. Have you even read the United States constitution. Okay. The father of a Muslim American war hero. Doesn't this go a long way toward terror showing us that you you can't charge almost lose. Any more than you can judge all one group of of any finger or hear Ernie Boch. And and one of the things it is just so quite obvious today in in America is how quote we are to pass judgment to lump everybody into the same group and it ends up being a rallying cry. And it just goes to show you how simple minded some people are two to the point where there they're they're quick to rally around. Just something that is so simplistic as everybody in this group respect. You know whether it's it's the debate over guns. The debate over. American Muslims or Muslims coming into this country the debate over same sex marriage and the debate over anything that debase we have over crime. We are so quick to to pass judgment in and again I thought this was a great moment we've got a couple more comments from off from him coming up. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 260. When a seventy. Area code 5042601. A seventy. Text number 877. I'm scoots in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions every afternoon. Niger witness that was a moment for the fallen police officers last night at the convention. There was broken by chance a black lives matter. We have that moment from the convention. We add that to the conversation. When we come back. On WL. Welcome back George show this afternoon yet there's a little bit of a son out there but I also looking across the river outside of our studio winners. I also see a tremendous wicked looking thunderstorm on the west bank and pay a system one of those candidates. Here's an update on our party jaguar people this hour if you're still undecided did Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech sway your vote. 8% said yes 92% said now. It was your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com that that really doesn't surprise me I'd I'd I didn't think that there was really anything in the speech last night it was sway anybody. I thought it was so it was a good speech and again it's her delivery sometimes it. They did bothers me and it's just amazing to me that somebody has been in the public spotlight in politics for so long and some. Sunday. Speech coach hasn't been able to convince her. Hillary back off on this kind of presentation. But much of the speech was a wiz was very good and and very calm Schilling got really angry. A few times like trumpets angry too. But there's just something about I'm not defending tropic criticized Hillary I'm making an observation about the woman's. Speaking of talents and she even admits she's not a very good campaigner but you would think that somebody would have been able to get to her. And made her a little smoother up to this point. Here's a part of what she said in her acceptance speech last site. We are not afraid. We will rise to the challenge. Just as we always have. We will not build a wall all instead we will build an economy where every one who want to say good job can't get one. Let you know that sounds wonderful but you know again how is that gonna happen. You know I'm still not sure exactly how much power a president has over the economy. And I'll tell you right now the growth in the economy is it is slowing down. And so the next president. Because of what happens under a a current president the next president inherits trends. And it could be that the next president will inherit an economic downturn. And if I'm not mistaken I remember talking about this on the air wind died George Bush was in the under George Bush senior. Was in the last couple of years of his son now the last start a couple of months basically the last six months. Others terminal office. And the economy was was was was turning up. They were Sparky. And I said you know whoever wins that the next election is going to inherit an economic trend that is spiraling up. And so if the trend is spiraling down if trump wins or if if Clinton wins there's a possibility that they're going to inherit that trend. So I think we sometimes put too much into what a president can do about the economy when he president can do is instill confidence. And Ronald Reagan was a great example of that consumer confidence is something that does drive the the economy it's kind of an intangible. And if they had a president. A presidential candidate wins and instills confidence in people that in and of itself can. Spark the economy. But there was a moment last night I thought was kind of disturbing that this was a moment of a silence for. Fallen police officers at the Democratic Convention. And he was broken up by the chance to likewise matter here's that moment. Please help me in honor of all of American's fallen officers. With a moment of silence. Analysts. It wasn't that it was that. Loud. But that doesn't represent everybody who. Who relates to black flies are matter. In fact if you support black lives matter only give you a chance to apologize. For those. Rude people. Who broke the silence by shouting chanting out black lives manner at a time when they're honoring fallen police officers. I mean there's absolutely no excuse for that. You protest the way you want to protest but that in my opinion is unacceptable. If you would join us on numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601. A seventy tech's 87070 at from home or Richard welcome to the show. Didn't mean I agree it was you know under the sort of offer delivers oh. That's like such a change the change in management at four. I don't imagine what this country would be the market it would have report wage. To keep change. We're going to. Kind of imagine and it it it it's not a pretty much. Exactly. Almost gone the work every day. Don't know that come home. Although only come about well in the polls money over there I want. Tomorrow they'll grow and so whatever bill is all or him I was actually stopped for speeding ticket. Tomorrow. Always also weapon. Well vehicle and about it. The doctor's attention naturally. You know I mean. Yeah Leo Dick. Issues involved. In this had stable on the vehicle natural from flawed. Well you know what you're supposed. To tell you what they do and if you you know well. And Richard this is never more obvious that something could happen to to star last night to a two San Diego police officers where shot one was killed and it was during a traffic stop. And it's a reminder that you know police officers don't ever know what they're coming upon and that doesn't excuse the the abuse or Ian necessary shooting of a suspect. But police officers. Have to be on guard because they don't know what they're going to encounter and that's why it is absolutely a necessity to comply with the police if you stopped. Am OK so now on the over side swallow things all the let's do that day job and at the end of the day they'll go to another gig total current actual money from. From what little money and plain vicious they should be paid double. And along with teachers also bullet to that are critical jobs in this country in. Now operator there there recognize I'm not roots arbitrary every day. Nobody got something. Warm. Had a son in law that. Or police salts are. Then sometimes he'd work to the region change you know holed a few hours just to make an actual money to pay his bills. And is positioning of the day not a golden you know long hours sometimes sixteen hour days. Though the main point of the next article about the work. Richard I appreciate you calling you have a good weekend down on the volume is here on hold hang on I'm studio the afternoon we're coming right back with more after this Teva got U welders update list on names. And this was the song they played when Hillary. First came out after her daughter Chelsea introduce her last night. You know Chelsea again not known to the spotlight I thought she did an excellent job and she had talked about her parents last night while introducing her mom. Always. Always knew how deeply they loved me. That feeling of being valued and loved it's that's what my mom wants for every. Child's. I mean that sounds really great and that's you know it's one of the things that we often talk about as one of the things is missing in the world today. You know a lot of these a lot of these kids that turn out to be. Predators they turn out to be thugs as they were not loved by parents or granted the Purdue we're not loved they don't know what it's like to love. And you know my parents were perfect. But boy I I knew I had unconditional love from them and I I felt lost and I hope you did as well. I'll when Hillary was talking last night she obviously talked about it. Made reference to the fact that she's broken glass ceiling because you know this is the first it's official now this is the first woman who has ever got the nomination for. A major party here's part of what he had to say about what she's happy. I'm happy for boys and men and because when Manny barrier falls in America. It clears the way for our every line. See that's what I'm talking about with our impersonal delivery for every all lion. You know again I just. That's what I'm not judging what she's saying but how you say something. Is he is important because it's it's what it's what resonated how you communicate and one of the reasons why she is so. Insincere to so many people was because of that kind of stuff there's another way to say that. Here's a quick update on our party. 8% yes 92% saying no a from its city Michael Euro on WWL. It it's in Asia machine. Come on these so they're kind of there will be a bit about that the state of the economy in the NATO up in the country toward the Bush Administration. I'd or college being. Like tripping. Four Chad good thing. Everything it track it back that saint Anna but that was numbered seed meeting where Obama and John McCain to. But copper at advocate were called to the got all these they hours. Policies about their burden the next the next couple years and it it would have been built think. But it for a look at. Cain would have been elected. What are the actually. Michael. Of this particular social Bill Clinton inherited in Chicago Clinton was often given credit for agreed economy but the economy really started turn around in the latter part of also bush senior administration. Like the one of the point you made about statements that. The president. Early in the economy but certainly it influences consumer. And I think that will let you remember about a year. Ago. Everyone's like there was money be made that was part of energy it seemed like you were and identical. The way about Hillary. But now that he acted. You know build that tried but I mean to be I think it does believe that. By a bit of practice is at an oil. At a fuel economy or anything I just know bill. And both back east. Of here so. And that any other. Should any. Including what party. You ears lax at that in the most in any way of pro presidential candidate to behave better what you affiliation that dash. It they can really become a. And Michael a lot of people have criticized out front for being an ego maniac and I I would have to tell you know I I think Hillary Clinton is an ego maniac as well and and it is almost as if he is almost as if you have to be. That kind of person to two to go through the process of winning an election. I agree that it took to be yet in the I certainly think that she she got here but yeah. They have been issues that the have been talking about the most important thing about that year. It is Supreme Court you know we would. If this election but at the true forty years four year forty year so to speak about that we. An article and read this morning day and I've heard this before but there was an article out just this morning on news that the the next president could because of the age of some of the other justices. Could be appointing a two for new justice. Hitters and if you're such who's going to be the challenge. Because Donald Trump and Republicans have been campaigning on the idea that we need a balanced court so you have to elect. A Republican. Well if the Republicans had a chance to nominate for. Justices would see Whitney. Use that same idea that we have to have a balanced court or with a stacked to the conservative side. Yeah well you know what it. That real liberal Democrat would have an argument about politics of people ask one question and I was it crickets what were they when they are. Give me. Republicans that any. Level whether the governor president whatever given. Forty years. Policy. That they'd been put forward that your Prada or one leader Lisa you know so what about that person. In America. People. That he was a great for the average president bet as they. Oh. Policies they are looking Republican or obligation they. Thought they were. About making the mean. You're. Pressured the 2016 of the doubt that the 2018. And and move forward that way or get the most fortunate like it or not the change we have to keep up with that changes but not limited war. Michael I appreciate the call it fly if you are tourists with your comment this afternoon on numbers 260170. Erica final four to 601 a seventy text numbers they 7070. A Tim Kaine who is the vice presidential nominee and by the way I got a text a moment ago saying you I should show the picture of former President Clinton and Tim Kaine. On sleeping during Hillary's speech you know maybe they were resting arise OK maybe they weren't really sleeping. But Tim Kaine has inspired a lot of dead jokes like he's like he's everybody's dad and I'm gonna share some of those with you when we come back I'm scoots in the afternoon. A song from the sixties and I hit the united the charts on this day. And it's a song and it's now you might not think it's outrageous but at the time. It was not considered to be. Not something that the establishment approved that's coming up next on Demi WL. On our pop culture calendar resigned Tuesday July 29 1967. This song hit number one in America. Light my fire a very harmless song today but the whole idea of our girl we couldn't get much higher. That was are considered to be a reference to drugs switched back in 1967 was a very very big deal that would be. And if the world we live in today that would be nothing but in the context of those times that was considered big deal. I sometimes I like to do things to prove this is life radio and this show is not to scripted. I just did the Winn-Dixie commercial and to set Armand Hammer dealer percent two dollars and hour. And somebody sent via text. Google Armand Hammer two dollars an hour no don't don't don't do that it's Armand Hammer's deodorant for Dixie is two dollars. At ninety dollars an hour. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll if you're still undecided did Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech sway your vote while a major shift. 50% say yes it's 50%. Saying L a from Kenner failure and every W a good afternoon. They all. Her. Good outlook. These people comment. Everybody is via the wrong right here about. Right they keep saying he's going to be in the dignity control. In Eden dude dude. Mean they really don't know what it means to actually cute. People. Opium. Country he can be YO. That he can Regis tilt to vote legal or any. He's going to be in in you re going on it or is that Hillary goes. Wouldn't know would actually be in that. Union. Could take it. And watch and see what this woman. But still you know it people like there are people who find things are wrong with that with with trump and and disable those who support tropic excuse these things in the same way that you're saying that to people who support Hillary excuse those things and it. It's true because of my god neither one of these people or any politician is is is perfect. So you did you tend to support a candidate and excuse something that you wouldn't tell excuse if it was so the other candidate. How can you excuse. We're not making that phone call where those people got. Well until I look at it that that there's there's there's so much of what I understand your point and and a lot of people. See it that way. On Derek was a lot of information. Vet and and we're not talking about that today but there was a lot of information that made it seem as if you know I don't know if there were some there were some questions about and I wasn't there. But there were some questions about whether or not this was not was handled the right way I mean there there are questions about it but that doesn't mean that you have any questions about. Will mean what do all. Can easily cheat lie under a common she'll laugh out lie in it. Can you think of nothing negative to say about Donald Trump. I thought you were just telling me what he's not cores. This and that and therein lies with this campaign is really about which one you'd go and vote against. Well I definitely not gonna vote for the ones because. They're open to me what hit on April went to all of the people in the United States what they are what it. I would I would I would agree look if you vote for Clinton you know what you're gonna get and it's it's an extension it's an extension of bill being that they are a political dynasty filling got to move on I appreciate the call. But the clintons are indeed a political dynasty. All right I didn't have a chance to do a in and that's segment but to coming up our share we use some of the dead jokes that if it's social media about the vice presidential nominee. Tim Kaine EC scene is as a big. Big bear big daddy tight end it's a funny funny on tweets if come into social media and on FaceBook post. On this day in 1988 this band Matchbox Twenty began their first headlining tour and they started it right here in New Orleans as a you know like from arena. I'm scoot in the afternoon it will be right back on Debbie if you well. On this day July 29 1974. This song was released. And to this day. It's one of my favorites. Now on his side. And just like you feel good at it. I'm not gonna have a chance to get to to your calls because he got the code word coming up we will continue this conversation coming up in the next hour so you'd say was this more your calls and text coming up next. It's time for the 1000 dollar nationwide cool cash contest and the code word this hour is school. Text SCH. OL 272881. That's 7288. Point. Chill out this summer when 1000 dollars in cash without ever putting down your phone. It's just one tech story. Listen for the next code word ripe for the top of the hour news during sports talk. Live from the Greenbrier at 5 o'clock this afternoon and good luck for short radio Entercom and all of us here WWL. We never charged for text and individual plain text and data race they apply. Please don't Texan drive a guy's gonna jump out of an airplane for 25000 feet live on television with no parachute. Well and that's a conversation next hour. Whatever your view.