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7-29 5pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on today's practice standouts

Jul 29, 2016|

Saints training camp coverage for Day 2, featuring Bobby's "Cannon Ball" segment and "Deuce's Dude."

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And getting to know whether to our number two or sports talk a long would our resident pros. Deuce McAllister embody a bear I'm Deke Bellavia coming up at this hour on the program what we're here but the Saints coach Sean Payton he would say after the day's practice also heard some fights. We're here are some bites from new receiver Hakeem Nicks had some interesting things to talk about how it's been. Kind of be in the ear of Sean Peyton it was sixty kind of worked out. May with him back in March where they're coming up. At the first break put it into Bobby's take on some things he takes with today's practice as well as do the number to get involved with 504260. Point 878. Fixed his up the 887870. These players we think will come. Contribute to whom will make the most improvement in 2016. For the Saints at these plays wide receiver released me. My back Stephon Anthony offered to run it and if people call them back you know when bro you can cast your vote online at WW TO Dhaka. Well what Blair who we need to prove obviously because I think all of those guys will approve it. Due to throw from the of is pointless hit better Shays Penn State before the war he looks a little more ago. I. This one because you girls you know there are courses right so you know he didn't go two days of training and Marco stand in the location but it's humid year but yet and world write in Internet waits on them you know let's be the game off. Really round. So this and so. And one of Eagles split while players for me that they have the impact. If that means improvement is. In this because you know I look at him as the guy at a hundred replica. You know he can Al over a hundred tackles. Not as it did have a budget that has plate. Well today that have called the right and have called the AT&T that I have to make the chicks. You know he can just go play. Covered I mean here and there blitz a little bit you know but make the tackle right and if he can get over that it tackles that means that may be. The safeties in the back or have them make as many plays and you know so they can have a bigger impact. O'Neal raw team of those four players that. Now with QB it is then. It warms the right now that they it is good. Outing and speed to get an expert at that exact position we did at Stanford left tackle with. Run r.'s that being on the PUP list physically and able to form right now. I'm a distant tomorrow with the pad. When he's on that I left tackle. Could do it who's gonna rush opposite camp aren't. It's can't completely go go get does that streak that that's where a coach from but what is watch him and do. What is that Davis well. If all of a sudden. I don't know you can always get better. But I see last year when do you head. And as Peter right tackle. A fifth event this guy that we need to Marcus Spears Brewster. And it look at this pinnacle of it that way this guy pro way to explain it our. Ourselves so I can peak he'd be good with Davis well it bad it is Fiedler obviously good book watch him. Who speak out on obvious that it can't guard so albeit it's an intriguing battles who's winning. Between enters the watch him a Davis to all anabolic. You know would that be because you know you might think we on the inside oh well. Consider that island armed guards on and on Q what allowed past as does the thin in the court you put them a lot of time left tackle. That to Kudrow because you are on an island. Out the great Davidson is. You tied him and his side art. If you don't flip flop and are you at the back and it chip out the backfield to help well but without that thrill that little it and that puts a lot of and that title dictates that looked money because you're the big going to get the better pass rushes in. Not necessarily as of late it shows like eating vote of both a perfect example look at the Broncos did the camp Jordan. At the markets where Von Miller. To a bad pass rush NFL. Most quarterbacks are right now that are comment. From that right side JJ watt and Von Miller. So that's recant aren't a coat room filled with them blind side on the Tennessee. In an actress beat them in looked every rep who wins but critical pitch time to shorten it. Who who's letting the majority time to watch. Our anabolic talk I've r.s and his people handling them and it helped. He's got windy yes I. Right at you need that win made in the end it was him at right tackle the footwork to the leader of footwork right left hand placement. It's totally different and in that that really his first plan after plan for years. So I'd give him net a little bit in the that we own in that you know we we talked about in our. Oh it's going to be about was when it's Cold War there you know that's when it's world war right but steal you know you may have a little help in that as far as when he plants and herb are. But like east at the backs of quarterback you know there's a lot of left handed quarterbacks. Most of most of the backs and as far as quarterbacks left. Wanting to know you know any tackling QU ESP knows if he gets beat west. And unfortunately there's no back no hail. And you know the quarterback it ski can't take youthful drop know that yet built whiplash hit them over the if we look at Ottawa where it's either going to be stripped fumble. Always is going to be you know devastating hit because the quarterback he has seen the other thing you know he can be a little slow units but you get beat just automatically you know. I mean problem you know you got it right wrecked my Ole Ole like a like Clinton nodded but without the look like without globally he got behind me in the lake of. All right that's our resident pros by David Deuce McAllister and Deke Bellavia will come back give barbies biggest take away from today's practice this is sports are on WW ago. Based on now look at embarked on a good cajun cannon Bobby bears' biggest takeaway from the day's practice sparked by Tulane university school of continuing studies cajun cannon who can ever be. Well because I would have loved to keep given that the his confidence and gauntlet game in line had a chance a couple of pigs and he can't get any. In the Ginn a couple of past the pin it's practical on the office decided the ball. And I was torn between Michael Thomas and branding coach Phil materialize and taken branding coat. Because of the competition. Michael Thomas in them being beating crawling he's a rookie out of Colorado trying to make an cornerback was a great catch. One hand and a bomb what we need Michael Thomas. To make those kind of pleased that. When I was encouraged to bring in the coaches that Alvin grow with the whole room. And know who let the ball the words are are who'll have to make a play on the ball Delmon. We interviewed about the pranks he thought he was shocked that Brian Cook but he thought he had interceptions. Some article would of branding coat. Down the foul line forty yard night through from Drew Brees so hopefully brand cooks. Makes those kind of plays. I'm not saying every game felicity. Do it a couple of handfuls. Antique I think he truly would be odd noble one type receiver. Because you look at his size you know look at make it to I don't know that it. You look at Julio Jones do you look at this right all the big guys ever to be that kind of guy he's going to be like Antonio brow. With the Steelers Steve Smith could he be at its girl. He's a little guide to Kenny make those type of plays that truly beat the double receiver for the Saints and Dominique give with a brand because this team. He made it greatly over I think. And was ranked top twenty quarterback in NFL and they'll liberals of today in practice. At a barbecue by Tulane university school of continuing education that's in each weekday during practice at that point for the Katie can take away. From Saints training camp to six over when he seventy you can text this. At 878 since I deuce for two days in the books pants books would go to amount of players to mono in the but the pats. Well they excite mean. It's trash talk and everything going on whether it's in the locker rooms in the in the cafeteria where they're excited and you know this is where you go out and express yourself if you run back and linebacker. You know you eat you to it. I don't wanna say tackle to the ground there may be. A drill to where they do that but it's it's it's more with food situation that. You'd definitely you know from the random bag and I wanna let that lap back and older I'm there you know and I wanna let that that quarterback no. But I'm there you know you don't wanna get anybody hurt obviously that's the overall goal of any practice but you know there there are obviously excited because. It's indecent it's of these apartments and look. He is at I realise this a new CB but I just can't imagine like what we've seen here the last few years especially two years ago it was like. And dishonest of what it manor which they would do a Kazuo TV Seattle Carolina. I mean our real physical Emma. I don't know. I'll I'll I won't say that they are. Redick in me. Right. I mean Q you Rex that the intensity where. There's something on the line whether it's now after every series if if one group and we in north if it's more conditioning one of the group you know after after one group and we put them on a line that put something on the line form. You know because it's hard to say okay. We thought we jobs you know it's a plus four plus five that's positive room and then you know but so what what is it the situation that you broke game one yard game and expect to win for the defense you know in it and these are the overall for him to achieve to say. It looked well lost his plate but we've got another plated two can bounce back too so you know there's there's some ways to get those guys Golan but that they just haven't well. And he fared well. And it's Sean Payton brought this that. I think Kyra obviously that you looked all right we did OTAs mini camp in without pads so even though you what not taken down tackling. They notice how curry era Robinson how he ran the wool. That's a different player. How will guys about that other off bubbly when they were trying to hit him high and at tackle them and they'd notices the Cairo to now question the questionnaire that you do it is. You look at vision and you look at cuts you look at print it Daniel last goal that elaborate on him Mark Ingram and feed it nice cut. Hightower. Spiller bill gonna have opportunities. So pat as a running back. You know breezy today take deep down you Duke goal line and let them jab my goal line to take you down would you look far in a running back. And those cyber drills where obviously still have and make the Raikkonen in the right vision that. Is it like can you break through maybe just a thud or are thumb went out and stole the urge to break that. Now let's really the situation you know and if it's going to be a short yard situation he got to find a way to get to New York you got to find a way to get three yards and you know it may be a muddy run and muddy run is a tough row where they're they're there may not have been a bit colder but there was a crease. And you've got to find a way to get to shoulder pads down to be able to find that to three yard roof. A lot of times what you wanna see is. One who was his footwork correct you know what what did he have any false steps in this footwork. Some was the L path you know what was he looking at what was he reading wasn't reading the right hole wasn't reading. That the double team gap wasn't reading this Ian blocked you know because of Mitchell's color inside the opening up to play you know what's supposed to go outside or you know it is in May be a situation where he has the option L owners own room. That kind of pick is all hole if he stays threats that it's a big play feet cutbacks that it it it goes the house solos and different things that you know hump. We can look at it we don't know what the play was cobbled we can guess and say look. This play was supposed to go here but he saw that he may could have broken it back and he got X amount of yards so all the different things that the banks will will go through NC. Well at bring this book but the fans both discouraged by avenue for his cable or you can't hit a homer in the NFL every time Reggie Bush. Yeah eclectic and don't know eight of 45 yard gain. All of their time about the I'll like at six yard run. You get minus one if what if the defense that is ethnic unity that that that Eagles leader rate so you know just because those the American. Regardless if you looked like they can move fairly quick. As Dusan counties Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Debbie video news time we're approaching 531 as time the first new to go to Chris Miller. Our right training camp we have some special segment it's not producers do deuces focuses on one player at training camp it's brought you back Sanderson bombs deuce. A lot of candidates today about can its epic and the what you call Wendell made it made he decree be playing today. Well it make for your plays and houses in what appeared to hear some of disruptions throughout appeared but I mean I think just those plays that he had in who's really back to back to back. We we we we need to see that consists. You know this guy that. My player today is nick early in the mean. Tremendous tremendous athlete. I wanna see the nick follows that we saw me the for the national champion you know where he was basically you know block well Natalie. One game ACC defender of the year it is easy to finish the year not only one game but he showed up. Throughout the whole year you know we can just have that player you know we talk about Nate. They you know and played about very very tough place just because they rotate him so much with the inside guys. He can be a very very disruptive players now when I say that you know note that now ball that the Pittsburgh. Reading screen plays being public pressure. On the quarterback you know being a disruptive run blocker where. Gasket blocked him so he can he can do a lot of different things and he he he's not a one down gap and you know he. See practice to put in the first. Please. See. Him right to leave and be able play defense. There's your market by sadness upon me to each week they are thirty our resident produced look at the inside on the black go. And bad to fairly you know deuce when you talk about that it's it's not like you gotta have. About that means go hit home runs. In a battle had to hit a home the thereby it's a game makes contact. It's a single. They can be a lot better in the B he your only defense of land a bit there and with the three guys in the in the rotation befits a minute Q Tom Rankin. Fairly cheap seats if they all a great with the deal. Him by Pirates and also if he could just do what he did last year. That'd be good but if you get tickets to have a good year. You can beaten fairly to have one of the better years he's there in if he's doing what he's doing now I've practiced. And it Lincoln's and meet you talked about it before is due to be completely different completely if. Yeah I mean because now you know you know slowly put all that pressure on cam because more than that you know. They're gonna have to account for those guys and sat someway paglia whether it whether it's just three Meehan three inside and now leaving knows me and 101 or you know you're going to be in the shade one guy or keep their tiny Indian they're gonna have to account for those guys want some subway so. Inside if they're not going to give help to those guards in they have to win no 11 back. Yeah and you know give me death hours he could never have a defense of land Bobby to come down. Our which one of ours can beat the beat two days but in India's defense is bad they were. If one of Barth could dispute to kudos to get to know who take up to over that thing if you can't be here UK dealt with team everyone know. So if you get dealt with team U hole you grow. And when you watch and you know whoever's single call you that the way it. That's right that you got the lead going to got a point now not even demanding because they have great players. Like Jerome brown he would be dealt looking at the Eagles within the art of path but you get. Where you'd double team is hosting a bit that you can't be too weak link you gotta win. And now this problem this in the break. Breakdown that a fan that you'd take also. Because it is human nature when you have a contract year. With that Jonathan Aiken fairly you don't you know you look at that that is that motivates. It is definite motivation mean in and you look at it is if it it it makes you wanna go out and and play extremely hard because they know. There's a two base and whether it's here to sound bad with the Saints or whether it's this time would someone else you know the numbers are gonna speak for themselves so if you put not numbers due in your only helping yourself for next year so. You know for the site you at a pretty good situation and you don't have one thing that they can it do those fall into the trap of you know okay this guy had 86 this year he's gonna have 86 mix here. Was the only motivated because of the money that we're gonna all for a mobile we're offering him 00 or this is the new player this is what we're gonna give year. Your what they did you know let that Johnathan Sullivan and no it you just you know he got everything out there is work yet you got it to you gotta have a good nastiness in and when the when Anthony came the news and Hargrove he bobbled nets Pistons defense he had a good run YouTube to space eating he made some plays. He brought de Cadillac is that'll be that and the head to beat they would think Helio how without Hollis Thomas had a hell of a run yet I mean he was up there isn't it if Islamic. Probably what you think about where he came from what he'd be in the shall pay a year industry operated in your defense the last. He was the most consistent and I at all but he if you could a guy like we were talking about. Haven't too bad in the contract year from a coaches standpoint. Would a beauty is they do everything martz you'll get paid a which you do if you. What is to be alive now a goalies are are you and this owner art you know you cut at Oakland Oakland you know. Well you're an NFL live at you via a par them. Both of you know yet if guys like you know. Contract right for and they always gaining too overconfident. It's ridiculous this is his second this will be it's second and for. For nick this probably be his serve because I know he was with Saint Louis and start out Woody's not here aren't yet but since lately about an average and now with the so you know he could really set himself well for the rest of his career you know for the next 45 years. I haven't really did years and and shown hey look no it's not just because of the deal. I'm locked room gap among go out and play all sixteen relief are. All right with at a time I commit it to the fall to 601870. They'll have pro Andrus peat. Released need. As the thought Anthony of those four will be thick will have the most improvement. Deceased all of them are pretty good seasons though the last garden this year. But who's going to be the most improved from a standpoint of who has the most I guess comer from down the stretch the furthest to go which would probably mean he's got a better shot to be the most improve be a guy like Pete. But if that got my pro improved greatly or Snead. That would go well with both of them coming off of the C this is sports talk on WW yeah. And welcome back to sports talking oh deadbeat yeah BO radio 260 when he seventy coming up tonight though there. A sports talk he would double covered sports animal Kristian garic and he about needed a review day to Saints can't. Who stood out who had a game and we're rookies or veterans beat if they expect for the black and go all the same I'm back in and missed cuts and they give us his take on the saint. And also now that the presidential nomination to officially say it. Who do you believe that it's going to the general election 102 days and effort to the election in November will be trop while Hilary and quality in their party candidate. That can have an impact on that coming up to nine supposed to discuss the Olympics that is coming up as well that's coming up a Christian music Tebow a bit tonight double covered sports and it's a. You know pick it would probably depleted later in the show a Christian Tebow like play later we talked to CJ Spiller yeah. You know where he's in the pitcher contributions. And and I it is I accept a couple of questions of Mike kick off returner. Because with the bills he's wanted to ban its explosive kick off return in NFL history. Hovering in the falcons' O wanna talk about also Devin Hester. That without his cut of the Cleveland Tuesday and he was do you it's not like. Three years that nine million and an even CJ Spiller talked about now you would be surprised. But it next collective partner even for five years you know and have kick off coverage kick off return. Now fans. We love the returning game kick off return. They were kicked off the Saints history fifty years ago that John Gilliam returned for a touchdown. And and how important that is in franchise history. But you know he says he still could do it at a high level and I asked him. If you look at it. Why when you take a touchback would explosive office like the Saints get the ball the 25 yard line why would you risk of the you might see kicked kickers even experimenting with this. It's amazing what punters kickers can do on the neutral football. And trying to get more height and not let that much depth. And the ball landing within on the one yard line aren't that area and in all of a sudden you covered it down there and and now all of it is starting between ten and fifteen yard line. But I looked at Devin Hester. Indicate he would dinosaur. So to speak if they don't have the return game and how he made his money. And he was a quarterback Kerry Collins to me it's amazing we've accomplished in the NFL level but he like I said he was released on Tuesday. By the felt that after two seasons with the team. And you Internet final year three yard nine million dollars deal with this is unbelievable to me when you talk about. Gain changes he old NFL record. The total touchdown returns you know he gets you might you know look at Deon whose flamboyant art. You look at the great return owners whether it's a part return a kick returner. Well Devin Hester as the NFL record for a total touchdown. I don't know it is a chance twenty. Toward eight touchdowns total as a returner punt returns he has fourteen. I thought that is outstanding them and I was 33 years of age if you remember last year he was. He played till week twelve he was sidelined would it toe injury. You know be with a politician beat code is 220 just suck it up we play. You get two or two of you big toes Jack beyoncé has told me that's one reason why he retired but it's what I remember. About what. And yes and adjudicate Ryan UK played it was politician tell though is that the budget explosiveness. That's good camp Devin Hester Albert. Yuki was selected on all pro three times I just a Pro Bowl all pro. So that is sensitive as but. He did acknowledge that the value as a returner. Has greatly been hindered by the changing rules and kick offs and you know the NFL will despite the kick offs five yards. You know if it had in 2011 season and he was just saying Al. That. That he might and keep in that record because. The return game where it's gonna be in the future. But I actually. Far this team and well when you look at the punt return kick return. We have a lot of dangerous players back there. And and the one on the treatment that we not familiar with and this guy is fast watching the pre season. Tommy Lee Lewis. From northern Illinois them 87. How fast he hasn't gotten not a fast received from Ball State Jordan Williams lamentable. But but Tommy Lee. I even notice. When they are doing drills and OTAs. All the connect cut. So mighty might all of a sudden get everyone to pick your pre teasing games he has like six yard return. Arsenal but there's a lot of competition the first thing you gotta do is feel the ball but watch it every drill. Went born or part. Think Tom Morris Marcy Hart are definitely. But look at him bars that that they all fielded the ball clean it looked very comfortable. But but I know one thing you cannot do. Is when they rally that of all what happened with Marcus Murphy will lead on the ground three times to reluctantly got I think two album back. Is it that caused. I cause you ball games and still love. Right now it's going to be tough with a lot of companies from Marcus of Murphy. To be on this roster Oakland because of the competition. Deuce it's so much depth at him back but it goes back to a pavlik which usually you know it's for some of those guys it's the impact on what they can do a sack from being in the bag for you. Yeah I mean you're that. For for this lie if it is seen days till the I'm not gonna put him back they'll kickoff return at every place it's got to be a critical situation right we need a big play it when you need a big play and stick him back here but I mean. Could it can do it you know he can be a return he can be an outback. I think you use high tower as a well back you know would with a pitch and yeah a little bit more explosive guy. To be a returner. You know obviously that's Murphy's jobs to lose as far as a returner on kickoffs though. Last day you rookie. He can probably idea but they'll do you know that can probably do them both he can get back and that's what he's gonna have to make his money to make this team is being the returner. It in hoping that mr. hope rumba. Hoping someone is nicked up. As far as that running back room because adults in beaten anybody else out. Well you don't do is and I say this you know to me about Glasgow and I think that's why I'm big on his bandwagon as them look at too much notes. Was that he was unbelievable. Even before he became I don't know 1214 yard rushing juniors with his coverage units. He. Look if you look at. At what he was able to do as fours. Tackles. That he was and a guy that. You can count on kickoff coverage punt coverage and on the other faith though that and that they think he can be one of those Beckett needed different. That very similar. The tight end things that mama you Josh sale Cologne kick off. Hours recover and make a tackle he's going to college numbers. I mean and when I tell you that is because it's really good in all what happened in that second. You know because you have the Dixon twins one of the key reasons why play it is because the special teams and being you have guys that are banged up and it's second there so not only can they appeal on special teams but they can help you to be a recovery in ailment a commitment may it may be that in your base defense sometimes that may be the case but. Definitely in the nickel dime situation so it's on the outcome Nauman numbers. As far as. Everybody's help the offensively and run him back world OK so where does he follow in as far as coverage units well. We have 12 guys they're still banged up in the secondary so that makes us have to here. Another deep in Tibet and you know that that's it have a numbers fall just because we know that you can only hear 53. The best part about. You have to try to sneak communal practice squad in print that that's the only way that you can do in the B a parties squat. Saint color analyst and Russ sports that Deuce McAllister and by BA bet it's a sports talk from West Virginia here cover in the saints' training camp 2016. On WW.