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Aug 2, 2016|

Tops is being cut and tuitions are going up at Louisiana universities. If parents pay more anyway, will they go to another state college that doesn’t keep cutting courses and professors? This hours guest: John Nicklow - New UNO President Cameron Henry - Louisiana State Representative, Chairman of the Louisiana House Appropriations Committee

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I gotta tell you a bit I don't agree with the burger a number of being caught in Louisiana unit brick in the legislature. Money going to parents. Foreign education in Louisiana and hear a lot of people say jubilation Gooden didn't first. It's is just giveaways. That Sheila Moly they shouldn't have. Pores in the college kids college. Let's send it. Planned addition of more don't. Send them to. Fareed school or send intrude in the world sports or military. But now coaching problems like those. Number of universities. In this saved or impacted. All too low tuition rods. These highlights. And then the top cuts all together. So one take a look at this number on Friday given overall actually barred look at that we've also. Asked that question. If you were parent. In Hewlett Tuesday. Were ones have been 67 years in row higher education gets caught you go to Mississippi. To go to Texas. You find a place that let them get cut. We know the protesters. Or going to be there the accreditation. Is going to be there and play. This singing money or who else. Better understand this thankfully we have about John do Nicole with this new you know president. John thank you so much appreciated the call. Good morning. So and so you think about tops you do your apparently knew or union to the air Rio or jaws the new president. On nuclear. President of but I in the new world for about a year now. And go over here so horny think about the the whole concept of top whom went what do you think about people that say hey. Should the bit emblazoned with her remarks and Charles and try. I think it's a great program to assist families an educational attainment. There are. Fuse state that thing left that that provide this kind of program for its. But for the taxpayer course families and towards. Keeping education. Many chains to other models to root for exactly the same reason I think now is changing because. Financial constraints and and to find a model that is sustainable. Add your normal let's see you. So you maneuvered students. And also helps or somewhere between two routes experts and cuts which amount soon. 200 odd dollars per cement curable words month figures. I think likened those issues that turned though too deep almost thousand bucks a year one abort situation that you know. To I think you're going to what your tuition. Increases. Were we have and decided not to increase tuition at the numbers in the world and this year we believe that with tops cut that that's that's enough of the burdens on our our students and our families. And so we we've made concerted effort to talk with them and sent out of the student government and had a conversation about what we thought they could afford and what we needed. We have a slight increase of p.s. That are. It's at minimal but it is these are dedicated to a particular purpose and bolt. Build those fees and a help links to more students and figured. We now can be retained and do better and of course work. It was endorsed by the student government and again coupled with the new acquisition increases we tried to hold the line as much as possible. Did the unfortunate part for an island government institutions. That would. That the state budget reductions and in the in past years it's become harder and harder to. The serve each student and be you know worked worked 49 in the country and per student funding. From the state so that they have been really great challenge for us Serb students effectively. As an industry but I think it is the university. In the world and we've we've done a good and still bring incredible value of the tables and I've opened. Folks will see that as well and and you bullet. How many times how many years has you know been caught. 88 years in the room. Grow and not just annual. Typically been at the beginning years have been in mid year cycles ago but overall it's been. Repeated for many years and that not just easier in the world that's been all over burst. Probably had a strong but don't you have rather extraordinary. Courts and the naval architecture. We do we have one of the only programs and sell them anymore picture marine engineering. Only handful of programs like that in the country and our primary competitors in the university mentioned Michigan. But it of one of the program. It's. An expensive program maintained that high a quality program that students come to a country. Well the reason I bring that. How in the world rude to eight years ensuring years of cuts solemn. Twice a year. How do you you've got to have highly qualified professors from Rwanda program and end. Other programs in your your university. How do you keep them. Plate you have an ailment that Garland that the challenge will funding and and and the cut that we incurred. It is challenging them to mean encouraging and bring somebody here who could be essentially go to a number of other places across country. We have to make sure that there. Paid appropriately for the market skills. And and keep them. We also have you can imagine that tremendous amount lab equipment and particularly in that program as a under so things were recently. Ships and vessels and he of the week impact on those. Vessels. So it it is counting on those and that's where some power these command that. It's been. We've we've had to. I'd be awfully strategic about. These or existing bonds and the majority of funds to go to pro personnel in the dormitory where budget is for personnel for. Making sure we have those all that is is frankly if we didn't have those those. Professors in this programs. This students wouldn't be here either there. You backbone to avoid loss for posters and cut courses over the years. We have law. Professors. Over the years that at times and it is not a new phenomenon but at times. University. Who was growing will come in and and pole so to speak from another university. The that they knew in order to counteroffer and that it happens here it happened a number of institutions across the country. I don't inaudible in that. Dilemma. It is it is it is counting in India and it really would be. For a you know programs like maybe more fiction most of our priorities and we're gonna do whatever we can and make sure that there sustained in and that those. At times too boring real patient corporation. Ari give me you know there ten minutes rule on the radio we've John the glow. Usually those presidents and world think about topped god we've done multiple shows but now talking about. Tuition fees schools. The height themselves. These being applies to. And that the caller it's growing and growing. Wild the university's. Continued to sustain cuts. Halas death sustainable. Two's exit or one lead celebrity double B. Well we don't know mobile show's own views concerning. Current route to you for tops that cutting the people that all the ammonium hand. Via the legislature provided tops in the papers that education funding outdated they don't get all the expected impact of what it can't now. We're hearing reports of tuition increases. In fees Ireland now. Talking with good job in the glow of the you have new you know president no. Tuition increases at you know. But Joseph there you go online and will move to the caller. Mike in New Orleans you were wrong with those young new. It's doctor nick load girl friend. I'm looking here and I you have out civil engineer and and I have a question for. The president. My understanding it two weeks ago we got a 33 dollar per hour increase and all our tuition. And that's only being applied engineering students. Are thoughtful prompted in the pumped up you know approximately four under 396 dollars. And it on tour already in seemingly texting. Situation. And the question is is how does that university justify. Increasing tuition on. Just one program at the university and it seemed like it probably one of the most important programs do you wish you wouldn't. Think that you be trying to lose student over. Some of them more important program that the university and a lot of the programs that the university does very well which is the engineering department. Here. Mike and Mike thanks for calling in. So civil engineers and so you know by trade and I'm glad you're here and I'm glad you're an excellent programs degree program. If there was a fee increases. Called differential. Engineering feed. That was not actually did. Disapprove that was actually proved last spring and that'd in the collagen and there was some discussion with students and I don't know you're in involved in this does do. In order went a span. But I can explain. Engineering is one over. An extremely valuable program it actually is one of the most expensive programs and a university can offer and it's because collapses because the competitive. Salaries offered in that there is those fields. What we did. At the college of engineering was. The let that sort of put together a proposal for these fees and what that he'd. It is. To ensure competitiveness. That the program we based it on a comparison of other schools across the country. And you'll find schools bit. Thanks for the majority engineering schools have what's called differential these are different conclusions sometimes as much as 50% greater overall cost in the engineering. We had no difference. At all and so did the proposal that came from the college of engineering. And the faculty there. What would that be increases not certainly not 50% pre utterances much smaller now. I understand that the burden owners students it is cover the incapable of being covered by financially it is scholarships. And what I encouraged or whatever Mardy Collins do with that the increase was to divert. Strong percentage of the back to scholarships so must some of much of it is for labs and for faculty and that the people's sport I've always exactly in that field. Let them much of that little. Also go to support scholarships and helping more students be successful in the complex here is what we'll mechanics thermodynamics and calculus. Doctor. Little courtroom were ruining time. Issues tuition like government that you write some were. Would have one dollar and twenty to tell him. A look at the Mississippi university boots I'm new to. Very successful. Executive. In worldwide company graduate when they come here. Their tuition to about two and l.'s. And daughter almost went to a beautiful school in Austin scene Edwards and the cost was 181000. We choose just about what I would choose. But 83%. Of the kids including mine to partner. Did 181007. And thirteen dollars. In scholarships. And and Brent. So. If you're gonna cause to a couple of thousand dollars to push through in the city. That god more jobs and they know what to do that. How do you compete. With the others moves you win he's cutting. Up there. Very good question. But it would it values that that would be even though we've had our value propositions very much still attack our students get job. We have 42 problem in the area they already felt the engineers the planners and managers and computer sciences of this region. So at that so we compete. It it is it is challenging and difficult you know it's we we are are more affordable then. LSU up the road. More particularly. More affordable. For the new world families who knew we cannot we can send their student locally. Because over tuition structure and then these as much power much slower but we maintain high quality. We are competing. Karla because of our value that we bring to the ball. Doctoral one final question of the most important question. Have you had crawled through Asia. Well my gossip but I get lost the luster off this. Whether you're gonna make that you will be successful. Doctor Nicholas to a good talking to you and nickel. Good talk and news thank you for Inco. All right come out of that fueled talk to a ten minute break. His new head of the Louisiana House Appropriations. Committee the money part. Say well bunched each day on the phone will take your call dubbed it a via. Our I'd win don't go multiplicity. Of showed on top fiery education. Numbers during the headlines like it is now or chew and end of the universe to do is impacted as to mention. And preview hi X and then talks codes piled upon students and their then it's. We have Cameron Henry with the social reasons the Britons injured chairman Louisiana House Appropriations. Committee. Cameron appreciated Stalin. Good do educate me or the news headlines valid or of these concerns or. I think I read something during the legislative session that during the fiscal session. Some top for all talks might be replaces. Well what would happen. Just to give a brief background we popped let's funded at about 70%. It it will nobody. Out short shall the target amount it which and with a statement saying means that it you know increase in Nash just mentioned it to me and so. The wage structured mail is. Students who pay. That that pay about 7% and situation. All master we're gonna this state who recovered 93% of all. In in the spring semester on opposite number dropped about 48%. About but I guess she it to about to keep interest because in the spring that. Everything every Drummond figures were wrong about 50000. Kids involved in tops. In the way above that giving in again you probably just told me but the the percentage. To that they're gonna lose out of top. Would that depression and that will lose out of every one then you'll be producing topic. Across the board so where that you're at 834 on the east Kiki were twenty on the ATP. Every one. Across all 50000 the students pick five based on you know all of the students will pay scene. Percent that it will all be paying 77%. Or you can say that the state is gonna cover roughly 93% of their. The fall semester. UC does skimping here in the U lowering Carl most students of minority students. Kids that they're just kind of poured in kind of a cog or tuition hikes or PI. Well we hope not that for the read that we crucial all or at least that's several members push their ports to truck load it. So that he would let the aperture you go in the fall and we probably feeling Kabul and about 7%. Given that you're a significant amount of money for a lot of folks. That was the best we can you want circumstances and you know I don't believe we go too much retriever rescue and keep keeping it at that level. I'm so yeah we might hopefully we will open era on the mechanisms are student that program that alone there's a lot of pain that. Maybe you don't wanna do but I mean I can put my purse which paints and my wife if you vote as you lonesome. From from the college and grad school and I'm proud that is that that the way you have to do. You know it's a risk and reward of that nature obviously you know walk with the orderly painfully self. And unity you know that you get that they'll do at that point. Well what do you say to the people bread than I've heard that a lot. Should have been Thompson's first issue one is stingy kids' school. Buy into what you spend them if you can dissident trade school of him putting services Buchanan does an amended the service industry and get them jump up. Well I think the the thought process the talks and make sure that many kids get the best indications optimal I don't think anybody frowned upon. I think the idea that will be at the same topic irradiated mail and the greens growing and it's unrealistic. A lot of states simply get a lot eight dollar amount each he would have that they can afford that divided equally among so students and it recovers. 90% recovered 9% which it recovers it can bet that a cover sick person. On top that is unique in that we all needed value. Could have a few and had an educated workforce. But the problem the issue that allowed members have that tops it's important to people who have children who wore talks. Once she get that stake and an individual who don't have children on top they don't see that out. Tool when you're talking about rape and taxi to take Four Tops. That. That's very pop look at those you've had children tops. And so that children along on and that still paying higher tax choke. I think we have to work etiquette and I think one of the things we can probably look at the top is to private schools like eBay YouTube in little. We might wanna look at that also booed right now we're also paint the culinary school indications school and things like that. Think that might be something that the first step and ratings plummeted in it. To get it back to where it's going to the public universities. And obviously its ecologies as well. Palme. I think code red statistics. This Joseph we've gotten pretty high drop out braid to both for these kids graduate. If there in tops in the American consult more junior year for us and drop out. Who pays for that. Well if they if this student dropped yeah. That the money is lost that one of the problems. The issue a lot of head. Is some of us a lot of it's like to see it kind of as you go there and keep it receipt top shirt freshman year. And if you qualify or great life cure. You're sophomore year in the Lotus forgiven for your freshman. At every year alone and it's if you re qualify every year and beat BGP that you need to keep and stable forgive them. If not then you have to pay for once you lose against the the argument and that sometimes very difficult to collect on the debt. That the student would have. He some validity in that to an extent but it would be more of the process of the student have to go too well. If I don't do well and that paid money back at all we want students to do music take that second at take a second and think. Am I ready to go to college or mail to think I'm prepared to a need to go to junior college first. And that they don't have they can get hog as well who have good proper a year if you look at. That's not what tactile don't fool. And that's what the issues. It it's initiatives but as it is an issue that's legal exemption. This in the part making it alone. Or having some stipulation. Some state oblique and actually you don't get option freshman year you'll get out what junior senior year. This is seeking qualified for. The unity can cover your freshman year which is obviously to call a lot let them that transition from grace who. And it's gonna take a break that can hold you another ten minutes. On the rodeo with Cameron Henry. Louisiana State represented and chairman of Louisiana hopes Appropriations. Committee got questions comments this is your opportunity. To music 0187. A thing will load that tops is being caught one word nobler. Up good numbers saying we have bonds at some universities rinse intrusion brazing p.s re doing. Food plants. We have Cameron Henry will this chairman Louisiana House Appropriations Committee. A camera you know liable bring an illusion her jaw hung in Gretna Carl Cameron. Yeah yeah and I never that they bought the top of my column at the bottom that the parents make other words can repair actually being in the air enemies. That you are caught off the tops. Yet that there is no income basis for top recruit. It's and the reason for that is just because your parents or wealthy doesn't imply that they either pay if you go to school. And elect to just assume that the case. But from the topic with a thirteen fourteen. Income page per recipient of top the 21 and it looks like. Made over to pick it out that parent the average about 70000 dollars. It goes the track probably she. A law. And that budget issue. What are some. Income. You pay out percent and if you make enough thousand a year maybe 2% and a key and you pay a percent. The issue that would be in that direction that the bulk buy me as an action picnic it because school. That the debt debt debt that the the argument on the other side I agree we use that if you make you that that type of money you should be a dispute you would you would think logically that you spin it. Seven to ten bout without the due to child and education. I'll bet that all week the cage. And that's for the leak that pushed back if we get on that it that it income patients or that. All right before elude your longer read this stacked. My son at a 26. On Aziz CT. Sophomore had no issue with the 3.5. Averaged the adjustment coming from talks ports spring 2017. There's a 50%. Caught. Does that is that about ride in than. Get it that cheap it's that yes species get. Our follow up question. Wind and I just got through Iowa talking with the column on new president the new head. Doctor nick load viewers know. And he's he's talked about. That bring your 49. In per student. Funding. Talks about the been caught for eight years sometimes twice a year. Talk Ed about cal or offers coming in to their professors. That they're having a tough time responding to. And it ended little reading today Ellis shoots to bush and somewhere around 21000. Mississippi State University a really highly gleam in reverse in the 101000 pilots. You can go to Austin where there's a ton of jobs saint Edwards and loss in the tuition is a 20000. But they pay eat eat pretty Bruce and of the two would issue and and no words 181007. And thirteen dollars and 20000. With scholarships and grants. How do we keep parents from saying enough is enough. We we don't north of protesters are going to be there we don't over the courts are you going to be cut Gordon is simply we're going to texts. Well it is it difficult challenge force what are the issues. So the state has cut the resources to university. Beaver keys that turn race beat to generate gamma. Diplomat respected and even walks but copper belt but that's still. That those receiving significant amount of resources. The need the big issue we I personally think in that that the company that once talked about it typical move on to the number of universities that we have. And a spreading so cute in the resource that we do and a lot of members feel that we do and more open that the border region come out with something pretty significant as the week she could Cahill. It's the that's it amounted university that we have and the graduation rates and the university. To try to give me a little bit one line where universities are supposed to be educate students that too late. Clock tower that. A more we've got to hold on what was true that politically impossible. Do we have to wait until we have moved towards its sports. Well we're we're pretty close to that at what you're seeing now UC university. I believe Grambling Louisiana Tech share. Classy behavior that had requests the old Louisiana Tech and it's all a predominantly the but served in the compact both between university. That they'll. And they wanted to classes and all the Q2 but one and that they can transfer back though you're seeing small. Step small incremental steps like that so hopefully he used to it you know that we need like they would like to get. Camera and know you're busy always appreciated some have league greet and thank you all right. We're coming back here it's WW. Public call and to Angolan problem that we do. Art don't go away color index were. Gonna bring about a number newspaper. Article concerning future of new rule Norman. Not an attack on him not even clearances removed him instead. A look at press coverage zone Obama look good to our league gold system. And see if you think. It's the best in the world and that the news. What held as a everybody else that. Come objects in the thing to bag whose eggs or 187. Wanted to talk to expects that 77 it. It doubled on the L brigade celebrity AM 1053. Yeah.