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Aug 2, 2016|

On today’s show: Does the media favor Hillary or Trump? Some say Hillary and some say Trump. There is now a controversy for the amount of coverage that the Trump vs. Khan story has attracted compared to the Hillary vs. Smith story. During the Republican convention, Patricia Smith, the mother of an American soldier killed during the Benghazi attack, personally blamed Hillary Clinton for her son’s death. Why has that not attracted the media attention of the Trump vs. Khan Controversy? Is it because the media is biased toward Clinton? Who do you think influences voters more, the media, Hollywood, family members or the candidates themselves? THEN: It has now been revealed that Melania Trump posed nude with another woman. Does that disqualify her to be FLOTUS? There is also a challenge from a left-leaning website that Donald Trump’s vow to crack down on pornography is absurd because he has appeared on the cover of “Playboy” magazine.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back choice show it is a hot Tuesday afternoon we were gonna talk about some of the new laws that have gone into effect in Louisiana but I'm gonna put that off at least until tomorrow because we're gonna continuing decent. Topics that we've been talking about and if you've I just joined a sobering up to date on that. In just a moment I wanna remind you that you've got a chance this hour to win a pair of tickets to go see Gypsy kings. It's an award winning play a Gypsy kings will be and in concert this one Grammy Award winners juicy case. They're going to be concert at the Mayo you Jackson theater on Saturday August 13 so you've got a chance to win and we'll play a one of their songs and when you hear that. You'll be the eight caller talking about the contest line and repudiate college and you win the tickets from WW well. We have been nut talking about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this is your home for radio politics in the afternoon. And we did talk about whether or not the media is not favoring Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Because I've heard both. Once I says don't they favor Hillary Clinton gives us another favorite Donald Trump. So which is it and also we talked about the the controversy involving Donald Trump and this a father of aid. Fallen soldier who was a Muslim American. Attacking Donald Trump saying that Donald Trump doesn't understand Muslim Americans and it. He was disrespectful to his son. By the things that he says disrespectful to his son who is a Muslim American who died fighting for our country. And done that has gotten more attention then and this this was brought up. Why didn't the years the case of Patricia Smith who's a mother of a soldier who was killed during the very Ghazi attacks. Why didn't that get more attention because she personally blamed Hillary Clinton. Why did not give or two more tension. I think they're couple reasons one is on she has sent said those things before she's personally blamed Hillary Clinton before that was not a new story whereas. This story with the Muslim American I'm man mr. Khan. Wasn't her story also on Hillary Clinton did not fire back. If she had fired back that it would have become a bigger story. Since Donald Trump did fire back at became a big story but I also think that there's been so much talk about. The heart and the intent. Of Muslim Americans. And there are people who don't trust anybody. Who is Muslim whether they are born here or they moved here. And I think that's one of the reasons that it's got discussed so much attention because it it fit the narrative of a national debate we have in this country. About judgment of Muslim Americans if you rejoice for the comic this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Very code 5042601. Meets every text numbers 87870. And we also denied talking about whether or not it matters that baloney trump pose nude and yes she also pose nude with another woman. There are pictures. I I'd say they're tastefully done on the cover of New York Post. But they're they're really not that tastefully done I mean there's a little bit of room floor here and there you don't really see anything because there arms and things in the way. But you do a live picture right now when you do see if you see pretty much. She was a model and she posed nude. So does this somehow make her disqualified to reach the level of first lady of the United States. And also there's a challenge from the Huffington Post dot com. It Donald Trump. Is vowed to crack down on pornography is absurd because he once appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. Now I think the criticism is absurd I'm not defending Donald Trump but I'm trying to stay consistent. Where if the ethics of this year. Playboy and penthouse are not legally. Pornographic. Now I'm not asking you change your personal opinion a Playboy and penthouse but from a legal standpoint. At those two magazines are not considered pornographic so we've had that conversation as well. And it came up last hour that is if he wanted to judge Donald Trump because his wife posed nude and she might be First Lady. Then what about Hillary Clinton whose husband deals gonna be the first man first gentleman whatever he's called. Who had oral sex with an intern while he was president in the Oval Office I mean to me that doesn't even compare. To posing nude when your model. So if we if if if you're going to be fair which I know a lot of people only care about but then you have to to look at at least both of those things. Donald Trump has sound has said that he's gonna perform better than the polls are suggesting and right now their polls out to show that Hillary Clinton has gotten what is considered a bump from the convention. In one poll she's up by nine points over trump international election. And. They gonna vote for me but then they get the blood they say it is anybody looking eggs. So anybody Wal-Mart they can trump. And it is there that that didn't trump factor are there of people who don't who wanna sing on the phone that don't vote for Donald Trump. But they can't bring themselves to vote for Hillary or. They they just feel like this country needs change even if they're not crazy with the person who is gonna change it. Hillary Clinton made a comment about tonight trumps a GOP speech and here's what he had to say. It was like he was talking about a different country. Forgetting about every one in America who gets up every day and works together. And billionaire. Warren Buffett's wasn't Hillary Clinton rally he supporting her. And he brought up the idea that Donald Trump issue it should reveal his taxes. He's not afraid. Because of what of the IRS. He's afraid because of view. If you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Errie code 50426018. Semi tech state 7870. And shock you earned every W or good afternoon chuck. I'm. Getting that had. I've. I get some little confused year is it seemed like you guys are kind of playing along the Democratic National Convention slash. The liberals social mainstream media like just key facts and dropped deep then and nobody really. Do you think ideally you'd think you'd think on bashing trump. We'll tell me what I tell me what I've said that makes you think a matching cup I mean you can't just say that without having some some evidence. Okay let me be okay though. The point I was gonna make is is that whenever somebody comes here and match control you don't correct them but when somebody comes our actions. You correct them though and and we're doing content. Well I just like nick called start talking about the coming Asia on the Asian real quick vote about. We are talking therapy or complain that I do the same thing when it comes to it to trial. Well you bought it appeared earlier and he basically took at that stage you know Meguid appointed. President. I'll listen to New York not scoop and you know and grandpa to get my blood. Borland and sometimes. You know I'm a bit and we've yet we we count on the same gender of people and stuff. And and and the legislative campaign. You know. The mainstream media's playbook on it is is it down all. It all and and make him look horrible outing just absolutely yes keep. Keep them keep. And only goal is. Making a horrible. But Chuck Todd then make him look horrible if they're not telling him what to say what to do. Because here the whole thing is you know that you're not saying any saying. You know I mean even though right there and they lie. On Fox News. And he. Whenever she was talking to that big box now I mean. Suspect that the media not going after you re all alive and all the stupid steps done they had just given her out. On his belt but yet agreed to a deal deal I mean trop will talk and sarcastic about you know asking Russia to bring port the very. Not that dark let's stop right there stop right there that's your interpretation that's how you perceive to what he said that's not the way everybody took it. So your perception is what guys what you think and it's your perception that the media is pumping up Hillary. And making trump look like a fool there are people who believe it's just the opposite. Well I think I don't mean you're doing it means box and they comic altered is. There is there an optimal because they. There are certainly likely weigh in Beijing you know and and if somebody called appearance at the box dollar. You know Libyan buys are there code on the lot and. Well or just change (%expletive) up I I perceived in his could be just my perception that I perceived at fox has already changed a little bit down the Roger Ailes is no longer in charge. And I don't know where the grid to see more of an evolution with Fox News or or or not. But I think the days of of of hardcore right wing media. On being so dominant in this country I think those days are coming to an end because we're starting to get a reflection that American is not represented. By the far right or the far left. Well and I agree with you in to a certain extent but I am a bit and I. I mean that normally do not better and took. Quote immediately cut and time. It. They're coming there and you go to him and beat me they're total by day they're gonna pick make Hillary Clinton smell like a war. It real ultimate target don't watch Chuckie you watch MSNBC and the changing you know. Lineup it. Or why not why don't if they have the ability to brainwashed why can't they brain washed shock. Because the simple fact he went out there and do it I'd just listen to what the fact is it the it to became a player I acting he can get. Because I mean. It's cinema will be out in person interactive way you can toward. It can collectively they they say the word Aetna. And somebody thought they make you know copy it up the top. They're shocked I about I think I appreciate the cause I'm gonna get a break here. It's called come on what we call it confirmation bias. People aren't changed by the media. People go to the media that supports what they already believe. I'm screwed in the afternoon were coming back on WL. This is a story and I mentioned at the beginning of the show and haven't gotten confirmation on and I and I don't think it's true. It's been on a couple of web sites and looking at the story from the website tell observational dot com. But the headline reads fund fatally shoots self in face while taking anti trumps LT. And this guy it was it was taking a self Ian antitrust self pity in the Seattle area. And the gun was loaded and he he he shot himself in the head the guy's dead. And one thing that makes me suspicious is this story reads the man apparently had been greatly against Donald Trump. That just doesn't sound like it's copied it would be written by by something this widget that the man apparently had been greatly against trump. I don't know if this is true or not I just can't imagine anybody being that stupid it and believe me there are a lot of stupid people in the world. We're continuing our conversation about the media and and Donald Trump and what when somebody says like a Collison just a moment ago. The media is making trump look stupid. Implying that that's to benefit Hillary Clinton. How is the media. Making trump look stupid. Mean they're not telling him what to say. From the east loosely here an editorial page turning in on Leisle. Carl I would not comment about planning and over water. What would do you remember. Eight in the American Idol of the net but and to assure you more. Yeah omni is that you can lick that Mac are out okay I'm a lot on the ER and let me. Well the Miss America the the CEO is Miss America. A couple of years ago he wasn't part of the the the committee Zantac took the title away from Vanessa Williams but he did apologize and say that they should not have done it. And I don't think they should have done that either but you know we disagree on that. But Wesley that is something that actually launched the career of Vanessa Williams who went on to become a singer actress. We certainly didn't and I agree that you. I am I out of our Green Bay should treat you caller. About the need and actually on the whole he unbeaten record level. And I say I read that. I like eat (%expletive) hole from all our own way she sure why why are the treaty of Tripoli and might not. Well there are many I would argue that the deposing that she did was was very classy now again that's in the context of a posing nude in some people would say that any posing nude is not as a classic saw I understand that. Right at my. Machine. In what he he had a little. I'm in Iraq and let them. I think he. Can see. The belly. I'll think about the stories we heard about Jack Kennedy that he was having sex is Darrell Munro. An. Israeli President. Well true I mean ER. Me. You know are well at that. Nag him and I. We know the audience and you know I. Think. No no you're teaching. Me. A. Some saw some. That's your shoe but I don't think it served its have its a big deal to impose new when your when your model when he and look sometimes some of those are aware practically nude. I agree on it. Or loans from. The world should patent should. Well. Yeah when. A short in a lot of people agree with you. When you said Tony and I appreciate you listening to us from Algiers Michael Euro Debbie WL. Yeah local and that is the Hong Kong's great Graham. Who the United States to. From Germany. In Alaska was. Diner in 00. That hatred. Grown certainly. Don't know. Do you think given him any place. Don't know what the topic for noticed you know. The court had been Portuguese started. And then his son moved to. New York. And started building. Michael have you ever done anything in the past that you would not want to be judged by today. Who saw Ava. And I united posing nude is not like doing something illegal satellite killing somebody it's not like hurting somebody. A to me that's. That's just an action that somebody chooses to participate in and it again if if she's not if she hasn't done it recently and isn't doing it now than. I just I'm not I'm not comfortable holding that against her today and I'm not saying that as defensive Donald Trump on saying that because that's just the way I feel. Under him. And in I don't over the I don't want that one. You've gone across the beaches of Europe or do you console. Yeah we're what we're a little uptight about or something like this Michael I've I appreciate the call. If you're Paul stay winners if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601870. Every coach final four to 601 a seventy. And a text is a 77. I'm screwed in the afternoon more to come after this WWL news update with Chris Miller. And this song is says still topping the charts of our rocket alternative stations around the country. Red Hot Chili Peppers dark necessities. Here's a text that say is so. Remember the criticism of Michelle Obama is going sleeveless up posing nude for a potential First Lady deserves criticism. Okay well what if you were critical of Michelle Obama for going sleepless. Steve this is a this is what happens with with arguments today and with opinions. Well if if Michelle Obama was criticized for being a sleeveless then of course you criticize about proposing Newt. But they're a lot of people who were not critical of Michelle Obama and did not think he was inappropriate for her to be sleepless. So many of those people argue like myself that if you post you posed nude even with another woman in the past when your model and should that be used to judge you today. From New Orleans Steve welcome to the show. Grew. Misty. What do go to school and Hitler which occurred well. You talk about the goalies. Booed him. The mapping issues to deal with. He that they eat that the big army would commodities. That you'll follow. Unemployment orbit of a dual oh. That the man at the end Eric Chase and somehow I'll see what is it about these candidates let's talk about it because. In the I can't. Return. CNN. Well I'll say it again people. But. Nobody. State or your ears open I think you say it is scary and I think this is real. If if both trump and Clinton. We're talking consistently. About about the issues. About the national debt about some of the real hard core issues that really do have an impact on our lives every day if they were talking about detailed plans all the time. The same thing is people wouldn't be paying attention. I don't agree with that element there. When your arm the issue we prepared. These culture out there they came while we have police all those kill. There are issues that need to be address. Right now it's in their economy. Well Clinton is addressed all the time there. Oh it would be another big. A court. Of first of all they talk they talk about it talk about it when it happens and and they they let it go they don't talk about why don't talk about one thing but I'm not disagree. With you Steve but I just I don't think the American public as much as they say they want content I honestly believe that they would be absolutely bored. And that would not benefit the media so we don't that's a topic itself. It's a particular well well well all we all fall we voted on these. Candidates and the politician. So party or other common fight all what is right. The fight for what we need air America so that the would be actually bought all here is. Well by the arm. And video in merit in many of the sound bites both both Hillary and don't trump talk about it improving the economy and creating jobs for the middle class and they talk about some of the things that they're gonna. Hillary more than bill talks about some apparently she's going to do. We don't treat it but we all get over a span tool. Vehicles have a lot of Time Warner who got a group that they've all been a lot ever even the media outlet that a lot of all of our economy. They don't. Christine day. People were actually two people people don't pay attention to that. But there malware that it talk about America you on the but it bill on. Want them all I'll cope. What you Wear. It on built automatic. And one that would borrow that is. All of me at all on the issue. Issue from. All. And where you. Are oh. Understand that Steve but it's the audience that really does dictate to the media want to want to put on. So they'll potentially. And I mean it that it is sad but that it had the whole relationship with the media and politicians really began to change. I'd during Watergate after after Watergate after Bernstein of Woodward became stars. By focusing on on these things that ended up being you know a lot of personal things as well. No that was that was a time when the media would never cover some of the things that they're very conference today Rita were there were times when. When Franklin Roosevelt a lot of his wheelchair but the media did even show that. The media knew about John F. Kennedy having affairs with Perelman bro and and others but that wasn't covered but today. That is part of who we are not saying it's right but at the people make the media what it is. I'll play and it seemed like reality TV scene right here I'm there are presidential. Current air right now you can have immediate view that we talk about it in the morning in my. They like reality keep it like a big joke. And it really they're like people Arctic that bank here. We need to articulate thanks Terry. It's it's it's army and its crew. I I I I I do I I do I I do agree with you put to the sad thing is is that the American public in general maybe not you or me but the American public in general. Does it really wanna hear stories about the issues that really matter why in the world do you think I'm gonna have to get to break him but why in the world do you think. People have have spent so much. So much time talking about things like same sex marriage and abortion the president of the United States has a very very little to do with that with the exception of nominating I justices which is a is a big deal. But people act as if gubernatorial candidates at presidential candidate can can impact the Second Amendment the First Amendment or or same sex marriage and they really don't have that kind of direct impact but yet they talk about those things because. Really getting down to the nuts and bolts of talking about improving education in this country is boring in America doesn't wanna hear whether they admit it or not. And school warmup where. We wonder why are good it in the sheet that is now. If the American citizens don't share our follow what normal ordinary share. More ball. Reality TV spoke. Secular. Well they only have that tells the blame Steve I enjoyed our conversation that you bring up great points if you wanna join us on numbers 2601 Stephanie. Very coach final four to 60 when he seventy text numbers 87870. All right time pop culture calendar. Wonder who he's talking about here. On this day August the seconds 1991. Rick James and his girlfriend at a earnings Tonya. They were both arrested. They were arrested on charges that they forced. Our young woman to have. Sachs. So who was the super freak. Is girlfriend who. And I don't know. Apparently he reformed item that is sadly our Rick James is no wonder where there's. Our congratulations to Roy Aubin he just won a pair of tickets to see The Gipsy Kings Saturday August the thirteenth at the very hilly Jackson theater tickets valued at a 119 dollars. And don't forget if you wanna purchase the tickets go to Ticketmaster dot com. Or phone 807453000. It's aliens pay. And source of the topics we talk about on the show this is from the station that brings you the best axed from around the world. Demi WL a from Pascagoula Fred welcome to the show. And in the states that allow. I just wonder on a Kenya it was used in wondered what the definition he's. Been. You're you're a imperial life or use one. You know I don't know I I heard does somebody out of print out the idea that essentially that's what Hillary did in her interview with Chris Wallace on non Fox News says Sunday this past weekend Hillary during an interview with with Fox News was a was a big story in itself. But that they're she essentially was a going on the whole email thing by you basically saying what what is your definition did with the definition is is which of course is really stupid. Absolutely a little bit about it and it'll. You you know you can outward so herb back pedal boat. I don't know you know well sometimes his own worst in me. And that's that's what I find interesting when when when people's Fred I appreciate the call America to break here when when people say the media is making trump look stupid. The media doesn't write what he says. In fact people don't write what process. Process what he what he wants to say. Here's a text did you imagine Debbie Wasserman Schultz nude. No I can't and every few text about bowl what if Hillary puck you know. Yeah I mean I understand it this way along the Sony it's because it's so weren't so very entertaining and on a daily basis. I just I personally don't think that. It should be held against Gilani trump. Because she posed nude in the past that's my opinion and again you have your opinion when it comes to that. And you and ninth may be different and I'm not asking you to change your. Your morals or or or anything you had your beliefs I have my beliefs but I think in the big scheme of things we just don't really. We just really shouldn't hold that against somebody like. On Gilani differ for posing nude when she was a model because that's something that a lot of models to. I'm screwed in the afternoon will be back on their video. This is the saddest part of our day runners I say goodbye. Sport's darkest coming up next life and assays training camp and West Virginia the saints are off today but not team WWL. Bob behavior Deuce McAllister size of the saints heading into week two of training camp with the big chief. A lot to the pros next for an aids here on WW well. Here's a Texas says so and at least she Maloney looked amazing as she was a model in Europe and get over it if she wins at least tell if you if if he wins she will be the least of our problems nude or fully dressed. I want to thank Don Newman our executive producer Tom and NASA's associate producer and our studio producer today. John Rick I've screwed in the afternoon yeah we'll have a lot to talk about it tomorrow afternoon. Thank you as always for the calls tax and even if he didn't call or text thank you for being part of our show you're an important part of us here into the general. My usual is.