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Think Tank 1110am Skyrocketing Rent

Aug 4, 2016|

Rents are skyrocketing in New Orleans and Air B&B is wrapped in controversy. Can anything be done?  Should anything be done to minimize the problems? This hours guest: James Brubaker - Board of Directors, Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity Meg Lousteau - Executive Director of the Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents, and Associates (VCPORA)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Already put so I hope we get into the main topic. I'm looking ahead to a year and balances from something called John the captain GMAC or through prone to Asian. And what they say that rental the portability is gotten substantially. Worse in virtually every major med crew every. And it's no longer in New York in New York City and San prince's school problems it's Cleveland it's Hudson's Miami's Portland. Blood to I heard today ago one of Barr wrote reviews say that extra to have tremendous respect for. So bald that true in the crescent. In this city but I'm in the metro area. But the economy moves that I talk to. Say the big concern is will he or need to root them become. Worries service. Economy. Unlike other cities. When these servers for Obama. Or herb. Hayden. Cost it out of their city they can go to this sauber. Here were violent. You're hidden from Slidell gear and for the north sure you didn't pardon him. And you're going to be trying to apply and mass transport to get back in port. In the economist at least that I have talked to says it's it's a growing concern because in particular shall there roamed the river. Prices going from room notes on the moon bag down. I wanted to touch on that. And then go to. A subject we've we've talked about the report. Air being beat. Everything every number it extensively. Lotta benefits to it to a lot of current or solemn controversies. Surrounding. And I thought would look to both sides and try to better arrangements it which would change Brobeck went. Gordon director a hawaiians were neighborhood prosperity he moved appreciated that time. Good good. I'm let me dilemma do you personally. My concern. About derby and BO will soon neighborhood prosperity. It's kind of been La and we did derby and be. And yet we advocate for or equipment operator in the one. I'll live in new neighborhood on down there initially to rent the room when Helms who's very close. Aren't really got a problem. Would somebody renting for a week or five day is important is to tourist. Dad dad are gonna be drinking that aren't going to be imparting that are going to be loud. How is that hard gonna be controlled because. I think I've talked to many people in my neighborhood that their concern. And if it sorts occurring it's going to be a big problem. Talk to me about it. Yeah I think that the big. To date there have been. I hand poll out that operators that sweetie. Are very interested in. I. By far back majority. The so it meant so are good actor and and terrific people Oppenheim that well but never am staying in the home. He. We're advocating for the city to light and regulates. Act short term and so and then that. Bring on the bitter rule. And one of those who talked about quiet or there. 9 PM and I'm amber treatment to be and that. You're at school. Is that the peaceful and eagerly. But isn't the Caribbean beat of fighting regulations. In other cities that are in San Francisco. And New York. Our. I don't have their part in these kind of upper and Tom I know there have been talk. Shutting down the numbers. A few but I I think they've both been advocating. Four. Good operators and and good guests and putting policies in place that will ensure. Of this says Caribbean duties suing San Francisco. A battle through legislation. In New York party mortgage friend allegations. That maybe you've toes discriminated against rim two errors and Friday even grown to a new web side. That bear would be. Is called. On the corner. The boy accusers are recently shared storage of pace from rejection from potential host. Then the viral hash tag of Arab B&B while black. Talk to me about that. I know it yet. Racism and discrimination in the bank and at no place in the short term rental marketplace. And the Caribbean the agreed to back completely. And they that they. They've actually hired Laura bird in choose the former director of the Washington. Legislative office of the American Civil Liberties Union. And lowered that right now how sort permanent road and get currently interact and looking in. The art of racism in this convention it's my understanding. That it. Expected to include in September 10 at that time Arab League and he's going to announce their policies and actions miracle to take. To enter the or architecture. School. I'm looking as you've wept right couldn vests to preview. And its pros and cons of beer B&B. Units and one of the pros is attracting new larger share of boos and problem. That can save money you've for the businesses. And my daughter and I went to a local. Beyond the coached to do to support them. This weekend and they were talking about the the hotel. Or begin and heard from that very thing. That era B&B U is cheaper for companies and hotel rooms could be in trouble and you've got to. Ochoa unions Garcia in twos cities that are protests and house Alba can be more. At the hotel are funding a lot of media opposition effort and they are trying to. Shut down short term rental that they don't want the competition. If you remember 25 years ago but hotel did did we didn't practice in the war liberal when they were trying to get. And licensed and regulated. They console there. In the neighborhood associations to fight against them because they fear the competition I want a monopoly status. The reality is it would competitions. The can. You know when prices go down in an option got a lot. If you look at the performance of the hotel. In the Portland get remarkably strong. Absolutely. Resilient and Uga. That are. Occupancy rates are at six your partner. Fair average price grew into that particular time. Either that it is. So I don't think it is it is it is 88 the year that. What the future. Could burn them. And was forced them to load the pricing perhaps I'm inadequate money to their content element and the competition there. Or they would me limited's big brick we Euro on your it would change Brubaker. Board of directors allowance for neighborhood prosperity. Would think that but Caribbean beat pros and cons what do you think. Covered up via. Sorry we're out and get about Caribbean being the you know probes and colleagues. On the broad we have James Rubin who with the exported directors know lions for neighborhood prosperity. As the words and mr. Elizabeth Warren bra and Charlotte's. Or why he'd done and seen a California. Cosigned a letter to Federal Trade Commission this week. Requesting the agency's study and quantified the extent to which are short term blogging market consists of persons. Or prolonged acting and commercial manner. By bringing out an entire residence from multiple resident saw him obtain news. During your thoughts on that. The pollution. And he read lots of junction you can give him. Go to a couple of text. I'm actually pro error being being an important remark at hotels need to compete. That says that's what some people below the book. 111. Of the things I think it players who were thinking of pride as some live. Or the going to be in regulation went through of all right we have James back gingerbread man. Yet you talk about the other or lack yeah that's terrific. We have we're glad that they are yet to be to look into it when you wanna be part of the solution that well the problem. And in our in the open editor did acknowledge that short term lock in current cut sparked an addition to increased competition. In the provided mutiny. People earn extra income. But they are concerned that there may be initially with them. That after the department but it is so we're happy. That they're looking at a and then it would be at TPM. Corpus and content quantify. Under the under the Marlins. Carlin. Britain to war. We're not often enough we're not and it wouldn't hurt look like it couldn't America there're certain and waited on in the Portland. They're in Yucatan. Our resident electric. Car rental account reluctant coop partner at one point eight. There are plenty of room. Rhetorical example operate constructively. When. And who do good and help build. There typical topic that is. Two per cent of the short and Michael on the that are available in the world or like. Who knows the congress and the houses that are no longer neglected or abandoned. People are now in. I might dream up there. Market generally the more active and we're hoping craw there are many equipment to a city. Economic impacts from the sort current market actually 2003 we want to that would preclude concentrated. At a 170 partnering. I act over ten million here we employ over 8200. People. They're the trucker Paul has two people. Employed by our crime but there are employed by. And that rate they're paying it really cared if one part but there are pipe it about twenty dollars and 94 cents an hour. So eat short term rental that are regulated marketplace. It kind of eliminate one point nine. Okay. Here's your one mock questions MP if you agree with the regulation. You agree with the taxes you agree with. Inspectors. Said that make sure that are. Its own code properly. Making sure that there is no loud music that disturbed and they blues Mortimer. We're told repeatedly we don't have enough police in this city. Where does the money come problem. To pay heed the inspectors. And and the ones. That can be called elated by eight if violations are recurring. And if it's taxes paid by Arab B&B or B the people that participant. How many inspectors or weaken the 800 styles and. Yet it did before that it shouldn't it work now and then current proposal going around. I thought that the and that they're going to be like to create. Eat operators that want to get a light and a lot of equipment to pay a Major League in meaningful it would go to a lot of mud. The fact that either to regulate their. Yeah them all but packed in put in place that it couldn't attack but it is putting an attack. On the income generated. I'm like a hotel occupancy tax similar to that kind of a and we are off quarter and we want. It regulated like them crack we wanna recruit at the local economy we want to help you feel. Obviously a problem. Minute he would go to typical from a that it would help solve the affordable housing problem and the content that problem. The potent bat and it is an earmark funding. You know attack and I like them and go to a portable. And concentrate it in Garland. Or not caught in the affordable. Housing. Problem though what he doctor Gartner. Another round this sort of uncle. The first thing driving it come out of the Russian people lost their home. Lot of people that you could homeowners are now they're now in order to market open seven million people on recession. And recession advocated. Lot of controversy concerning surrounding. Air B&B. So homeowner Google educational both pro and con side we have meg blue so we'll do some executive director of the U operate properly who lived residents in the associates. They've welcomed as a show. Carol and academy do you have regents has listened to James I did little. It's the same old saying there's the cherry pick statistics that they throw out trying to justify what is essentially a commercialization of neighborhoods. Abbott particularly interested and he figured he used about how many blighted houses had been renovated I'd love to see the addresses that bill that stresses that he's claiming to be polite. Image that he's only probably up 2%. Yeah I I've. I back on that very hard to believe and the problem is that without actual data that can be analyzed by third parties and analysts and city officials and people just want to understand what's happening. There's it it if they make it almost impossible to challenge their data. There is stated that comes from David great being organizations and what in particular inside European B dot com which is based in Brooklyn. Run his regular analyses. They're indeed listening and New Orleans and what they have found is really counter to that irritated that the alliance for neighbor prosperity continues to try and sell. What inside ABB has found that 70% of the things. In New Orleans our whole house rentals that means an entire unit that's how to an apartment or condominium. In other words helping that they could be occupied by full time resident of New Orleans. That it could also found that 86% of the revenues in New Orleans to their DB are coming from new listings so. There's they're an attempt by your being be a lot of data platforms portray this as a mom and pop thing where. In a New Orleans welcomed them and it's their men and sharing an experience with them. But the vast majority of these places are owned by investors who are buying up housing units for the baby houses or apartment buildings are konduz and turning them into defective hotels. Often in the middle of our residential neighborhood. They I'm reading. San Francisco New York City. Air billion do you have to refuse. To. Released their data actually only the low form of releasing data. There ABB is not locals there everywhere you. That I mean. I don't think in in the city you've gotten date of their dude just describe for the right at the or are they giving any of those figures on their. Absolutely not now a decade that you know we're being mean that the platform and there are a number of platforms they keep saying that these are good for cities that they helped cities. If that were true wouldn't make sense for them to release the data that the that we can foul analyze that come to the same conclusion. It's it's hard to get away from the conclusion that they have something to hide that these. But the industry is actually not the first city that it is harming. Cities and in particular eastern parts of cities that's another statement that mr. predicament about just small percentage of the overall health and stopped. I liken it to think about this and a different way. It's taking healthy stop out of the pool of available housing so out of the percentage of health and it's routinely on the market for sale for purchase. Caribbean because cut into that pool significantly. And really significantly and obviously certain neighborhoods. And different quarter last year there were 137 European delisting this year. 313. In the TB DD 79 last year this year 182. In that city last year the 73 now there are a 166. So that numbers are X. Growing exponentially in our neighborhood. One of the sex with plugs blog a lot of people say to me when. I talk about it and to homeowner my concerns are headed this civil war on us early April it it beat air BM BE. But I'm pro free market. Hotels lead to compete to other entities need to compete. And and if this is a pre market. If you own a home go to be able to do what to one bit and why would that. Well and we are free market economy that we have restrictions on the free market there's not there's not an industry in the country that doesn't have some kind of regulations. For health safety and welfare and the regulations that applied in this case is donating. And the right to municipalities to say what kind of activity can happen where in the cities with ratified. By the Supreme Court in the 1920s in the ambler vs city. I can remember the name Talbots. It it's from court decision. That that validated the right to city to do zoning we have examining in new parlance we have just gone through almost ten years of very intensive public procedures and processes and workshops to come up with a master plan and then more recently a comprehensive zoning department. Which set now what kind that he is can happen where. And the master plan a particular speaks to the importance of protecting neighborhoods in protecting neighbor character. And when you have houses. In the middle of the block around the corner wherever that suddenly don't have neighbors than them and have. And ever changing cast of tourists. And really does start to erode any character. All right Greg John coming right back we're looking at the Doug Collins saw an end of her being in being. Sue Willis double A bureau brigade celebrity and 1053. At the. They get a good Caribbean being he's thinking about the pros and cultural and you're both sides for an educated and admittedly so over the as the executive director of Dubuque rate property owners residents & Associates. Meg blend well and Adams coach Jim Rubin acre. In the world or you can pay regulators on the news in them or them being. How we get the money to do all this. To have the good to be licensing pleas at their role for city and state taxes that there roll form you'll. Well this certainly every industry is regulated and every industry has a regulatory. Regime that included actors and rookies and you know what we're talking about restaurant after the airline industry that that's just part of doing business and its. That you know confident that this is going to be funded. So I don't think that there is wholesale objections to. Having that kind of structure and that win these supporters of short term mental thing we just when he get legal. With a really talking about it the flight indeed legal they're happy to pay taxes. And they're happy to have against you like safety. Regulations Alda and would like to point out your listeners that win. Repeat in the plane Emery and it brought a bill to the state legislature this summer that would have required. The short terminals have just the bare minimum level of like safety measures. The industry fought it tooth and nail and the only two speakers and in opposition to her bill. Where did you lobbyists and so I've actually picked back I don't think that they wanna get completely legal I think they're happy to pay taxes. But the one thing that they really insist on it to not have any geographic restrictions on where these places can be located they want to be able to be in the house next to you. It would be able to be an helped make me an across the street corner. Because what they're telling is our neighborhoods they're selling the authenticity of living like a local the provinces. When mature look like political at a local Republican Michael local because a local town has been replaced by the fact that help him. And naturally the problem here the public not with providing people with. You know options and they can they are taking visitors money the problem is that when it comes to the extent of our citizens of our residents. Here are trying to stay in their homes and neighborhoods. Then we got a problem. And we structured it that our cities prioritizing needs in which of the people who actually live here attempt at making our top priority. Got a tax and believes a memory the whole thing but basically. So we're a country basically you middle collapse from room we're in trouble. Economically. Everybody's concerned about the inequality Euro. Income. And beat him every few Beers waited too dependent on extra money. They can make. To make Kinsley. Are thought. The percentage of people who are actually middle class and they're running out of room to make and meet a very very small dot but the date it's great to reveal. The majority of voters that we got short term rentals and New Orleans in early he'll replace our investors and large corporations. For example in new war island onstage Alfred which and 26 yet in New Orleans plastered Allen forty. Has either which is based in Turkey and 22 units window on the lot filmmaker and studio owns twenty units. It all vacation rental and thirteen units. There is an attempt to hide behind this the weaker side of the middle class is running out of room here and there. That's really not the business model that stuff when not to growth model that's not how the industry has been growing and needs to grow in order to increase its valuation. It's about here making money for shareholders. It's not about helping cities. Our head to in the last words were running out of time. I just appreciate the opportunity to. BQ listeners and that they considered the community that you know that the new Rollins made up its neighborhood that's the base of our culture it's where everything they do and and that should be our priority protecting that particular people who live here and make you want to work. Meg lose so appreciated that time very much have agreed to. Overrun it come and ride that this is a bit off you know. All right. Tired of politics yeah I don't think you are of them don't ratings keep going up for a blow broadcasting. Every time we say. Down Rahm Hillary Clinton. So we're gonna look at Pope or real items in the most recent item news concerning the campaigns. You wanna get involved to exit or one lead celebrity of a couple of political analyst you can ask questions. Our taxes and go past the yeah. Taxes on 87870. This is double the DO you listen to think tank with coral rob it and sometimes London Robin and Garland that. We're coming up next.