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Aug 4, 2016|

On today’s show: A new Fox News poll shows that Hillary now leads Trump in the general election by 10 points: 49% - 39% -The Fox News poll reflects a current trend that has Trump losing support. The controversy over Trump being attacked by Khizar Khan and Trump’s response is still alive. In fact, now the debate is over the debate about what Khan did and what Trump did. The core of the controversy seemed to center on Mr. Khan’s challenge that Trump has never made any sacrifices. Coming from the father of a US soldier killed in action sets the tone for the definition of the word “sacrifice” in that context. Trump’s response was the he has sacrificed too. He has worked hard and created thousands and thousands of jobs. All of that is true – but was it fair to compare that sacrifice to the sacrifice of losing a child who was defending America? Retired 4-star admiral John Nathman joined the military personnel condemning Trump. Newt Gingrich condemned Trump – so did Chris Christie – and there are more. PLUS: Another tragic ending to a child finding and playing with a gun in a home. Louisiana is “Sportsman Paradise” were there guns in the house where you grew up? If so, did you have access to them as a kid? Were you taught to respect them or fear them? What has changed with the current generation? AND: Is today’s entertainment to blame or is it just that parents don’t know how to talk to kids about guns?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is very hotly may hit a record high temperature today and you heard that July in this country was the hottest July on record part of that due to el Nino. The departure allegedly due to. Global warming. Yeah if you wanted to know what they show looks like over doing the show I was just handed the the current issue of the is magazine VIC biz magazine. And the current issue has sock craft on draft here it's a cover story about two of the local deer bone craft beer. And on the last page they do behind the scenes that's their last page and they came in here I don't know month or so ago. Answer pictures and they wanted to show when it looked like behind the scenes additional in the foreground you see John wicker studio producer. And then and in the background there's certainly in the other studios so you could just you know white it was into the show you can just gonna prop this up and that's exactly. What it looks like from John which perspective. We've been talking about the new Fox News poll shows it to Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump in general election on match ups by ten points 49 to 39%. Is this because of what Donald Trump has done recently or is this a boost from the convention. How we don't know yet but we'll have to wait and see. The Fox News poll does reflect current trends that has trop losing support. And the court of the controversy seemed to be of hype recently about mr. Khan. And how Donald Trump has responded to mr. Conn I'm getting text and went on a few calls from people who wanted to discredit mr. can't. That's a different topic. The man simply said I think this would not even be a story had Donald Trump not continue to make it a story. And nobody was talking about it any ordered out again I mean not nobody but it was not a big issue and he brought it up. Again so you know the question is is they're going to be an intervention. And his Donald Trump going to. To find a way to get under control and stay on message as a political candidate which at this point he has to do to win. Is he gonna do that. Or is you don't lose. And deceit even there are some who even wonder whether or not he cares about winning. I hear a lot of people say he never thought he would get this far and now that he's here he's not really sure exactly. What to do. We'll continue this this this conversation. Also the tragic story of B five year old to accidentally shot and killed his nine year old brother of the West Bank. Raises a very short and obvious question. Why. I knew where my dad's gun once. Never thought to go get a play with a my brother and I were home a sister. We were home and we never went to go play with a gun. So what what has changed. Why is it different today. You know I was pulling by a few kids in the neighborhood because you know I'm not a big guy. I mean I had red hair freckles. My god I mean it was like a redheaded stepchild I mean I was flock to it took select to live through his years. But I did and you know I'd never thought to go to the go on to threaten anybody. But kids do that today. So what are you going what what what has changed. If you wanna join us with your comment. On numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601870. And I taxed is it 7870. Before it gets your calls also I won't add to the conversation a Republican vice presidential candidates Mike Pence. Had to say this about the media going after Donald Trump. AM you know they think this is over we finally got to and then they turn on the television the next morning and Donald Trump is still standing and. Fighting on my god please Syria break that's not the case at all. The media's not trying to destroy Donald Trump Donald Trump is doing a good job hurting himself now what he's got time to. He's got time to improve. The question is will he but you know we talked about this on the show yesterday this idea that in the candidates are still look bad and so suddenly it's the media's fault. As I said yesterday the media is not scripting Donald Trump Donald copy scripting his own campaign. The media is simply covering what Donald Trump is say. It's so easy to blame the media. It's so easy to blame something else and you know that's what we do in this country. We are becoming nation of people who refused to accept personal responsibility. It's never our fault. Kids play with guns it's not their fault. It must be goes video games. And must be entertainment. It must be something else because it can't be me. Can't be my fault it can't be the fault of my generation it can be the fault of a my family. It's got to be something else. It's committing crimes it's not their fault. Don't have they don't have a lot of money. You know a lot of people don't have a lot of money. I didn't have any money growing up. Stop. Making and most of all stop accepting. Excuses. Even if you love totally completely support worship and pray to Donald Trump that's okay. But did not admit. That he makes mistakes totally discredit you. Are to blame the media. I love this conversation because it causes us all to reflect on the role the media plays in our lives. If you would like to join us with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601878. Enrico final four to 601870. At a text is 87070. From an appeal Ron you're never WL. You're right it's good. I had a question and also accommodate gay is bad people an education that it neat but it. It's far so we get elected actually ER two or college that altered by a neck cracked. Like so I vicariously through the popular voted in each state. But he. Added that you'd. At school college and he couldn't go for the people boarding school but he can vote their nearly two days ago. I mean. I don't think it will put it but it still physically after you don't need to it is a code of conduct Electoral College anyway. If that's the problem though that they should be and up. Opposite she opened it yet I cheated and it convention. It EDT to continue to go once. Again that penalties. You know Ron and I'd like talking about the Electoral College I'm not an expert on it but I I don't like the idea invented in the elections are not decided by the popular vote in real talk about that we get to or closer to the election but. You know there is a connection between even though there's not a direct relationship between the popular vote you have to you have to win over certain states. You know Louisiana is not a significant state because it only has eight electoral votes. And it we we are red states so it's assumed that did the at the state is going to go for trial. In the same way to some states are soon they'll go for pro Hillary Clinton. And so the candidates do pick and choose where they where they campaign based on that so it's about the popular vote in those key states. Rod Geist Elisa and thanks for viewers. I'm nor sure Bobby you're never WL. Yes good afternoon good. I really appreciate your chaotic here or experiences. Would people trying to work very. Thank will Rogers victory count personal experiences. But that the only kind ever yeah. I had a student. Retired army also but I student dollar substitute teacher here at saint Tammany. And it was belligerents the entire hour error until finally she gets and let the players. Wrote Europe long form for disobedience if respecting the importance of the city assistant principal. He told me. He had to leave the classroom early because it was type one diabetic and had to do we're testing of secret. Getter in salon before she ate. And I quietly tore up the Foreman will take care. Or ram her down in the cafeteria. Favorably around the neck and say if you're over lol again you hate me because Kerry in my briefcase. Boehner and you've and a funny about. I have a daughter who would I want. And when she would lol that we were blown understate. So I knew where this student was coming from him and I really had to apologize and in the case don't follow. He should call the ponds and go to a town hall meeting with the Conn. And sit down and discuss the situation. And he would have to follow it. Is it in Bobby's is that a thunderstorm here in the background. I'm appear in court order and wow. That's a hell of a storm there are not my telephone out almost didn't get all. Sat down with the cons and opened it just like he did repaired crew. And I think he could make amends for the stupidity did you tell us. I don't think he will do. I don't think he is a big enough individual to do that but I think that would resolve the issue. Bob I appreciate the call and appreciate what you did its service to our country were you doing for community is substitutes teacher. I don't think Donald Trump needs to meet with that the Collins family but again there was a way to handle this and he didn't handle it the right way and this is one thing that it it just it's. It's a pattern with Donald Trump and if if the dice and accept the big eight from the media or the Democrats is he going to accept the Bates. From North Korea. Or from Putin. On our pop culture calendar it was on this day in. 1987. August 4 1987 that summer. The movie dirty dancing was out and the soundtrack was first released. Nobody puts baby in the corner. Will be right back on their review well. You know this is one of those obscure songs that you never really here but I thought this was a great song it's called nine to eighteen years seen by the blow monkeys. I'm scoots in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions here at W bureau. You know when when you hear the saints' training camp when you hear about how their their their full page ads in their their full contact. Touching at little nervous. I mean the last couple of years training camp the saints had that devastated with injuries. And then you start to hear about some are not showing up at practice I mean I hope it's really nothing but I'll tell you what when and when the saints for their training camp because it was capitalist w.s I get a little nervous. Also a reminder of what police officers deal with when they just make. Routine traffic stop. And NO PD officer was shot by while he was shot yet. Tried to shoot him I'd driver card issued traffic stop Florida and allegiance fields. Two door silver gray Acura vehicle. Single shot fired the officer drove away I Donnie was in her by the fund got away. And so here you may be this person was trying to initiate the traffic stop so the topic come out to the car to shoot. That's why it is so important to comply when he police officer comes to your car. It's not racism it's because of punks like this the police have to have a certain attitude when they approach car. Now they should in this treat anybody. But they have a different attitude when he approached the car from Jefferson Mike you're on WW LA good afternoon. Good. We're just talking about for sure. I won't Hanley. That's not an apology. Is welcome. And it comes to. You know looting and the worst air. In slow you. It is support and you know there's. If you make a mistake in life we're humans is okay. And it's worse to not yeah. Hillary has made mistakes like this politicians always make mistakes if they do something wrong it's like not not not admitting you're trying to. Content to try to cover it up the cover up ends up often being worse then. The the incident. I salute. You were. On. My. What am I actually. The Chinese. News. Or Korea. Now. All of that happened. We don't we don't know that's I think it's a big question in between now and November. Donald Trump needs to show America that he is going to handle that situation differently from the way he's handled the campaign you can't treat other countries. Like yeah like you treat political opponents. I'd like I appreciate Chicago idealistic. From Baton Rouge Joseph welcome. I don't get an eagle that until our own niche you know a wall talk. That SO goes like there. And you know here's some light meet. All being done. Many years ago we had a precedent it. We are certainly it was a non politician. And it will play as a did you get this little undermine. In the course. You know you know. Well there was there was always some form of the media I mean even if he leaves. Me. Can. You used if we are. I. I. Believe I. Wish I wrote. Quote. You know. The first. Some. Surprises in the changes here. Well Joseph I I would agree with you that the media should not tell people out of whack but it's not the media it's it's the way people react to what they see in the media that. Causes that demand for change jury that indicate something has gone too far. So I should hopefully he issued. Years. Issued share earnings. To be a part. Of any. Oakland and personal. Look at. It's. So well. I I agree with that they're dead if you find dead if you find out that the person that you really get to know is not a person knew why equal in that there is another problem but a but I like I like the concept of you know being yourself. I'm in at least it would like Obama and well. Like which. Joseph I appreciate the call. Here's attacks and says Skoda looks like trump wants trump news network CNN. With Roger Ailes is general manager. You know we've we've talked about it. This has got to be the nightmare scenario. For Fox News. The man who created Fox News kicked out because of sexual harassment charges Roger Ailes. Is now free to go or be wants. If he is guilty of these. Fences. He should not succeed. But that doesn't mean that he walked. And it doesn't mean he won't have another chance to. And if trump and Roger Ailes get together truck loses. And started network. That will be major major competition. For everybody but he execute or. Fox News. It's going to be if she deceived that develops. If you would like to join us with your thoughts comments are numbers 2601878. Eric 05042601. A seventy. Text numbers a 77 I'm scoots in the afternoon and here's our WWL news update with Don aims. Here's a no hit songwriters are just coming out to other group is called the congress. And the song is called this girl. And especially the beginning of this song reminds me of stuff and it does sixties and ten and the seventies. I like to share when you don't play a lot of classic stuff on a show morality Cherokee with some understaffed coming out that's a song there will be a very popular. You know there's so I still more talk about this or cash that the US gave to their Verney the Iranians. 400 million dollars airlifted. In a cargo plane and unmarked cargo plane. And they procured the money from a central banks in the Netherlands and Switzerland this is the story for the Wall Street Journal. And the money coincided with the January release of four Americans detained in Tehran. This is according to US and European officials and congressional staff members briefed on the operation afterwards. The administration. The government can say whatever it wants but this was obviously. A ransom payment. They can say whatever they want. But they would have to go to some. Length to explain how and why it should not be. Perceived as as as the a direct ransom tanked. And don't think that our government is. Above doing something like that. If you wanna join us for the comment about any they were talking about numbers 2601870. Text 87870. A lot of traffic on I ten west around sorrento and that hole on the whole area of the interstates of Europe stuck in that. I will do the best we can to if you are entertained as you get through out from Henry James you're on every of you well. They skewed thinking you know just think it's good made the Iranians 11 of those powerball Jack. There there. 400. Million dollar you just if you when you just think about the massive amount of money a meeting took a cargo plane to fly this money in. That's a lot of cash and having a good thing didn't crash could. Scoop that's so let's talk about why mr. Khan was that via the Democratic National. Convention. Donald Trump back in the thick it was late last year early this year he was calling for a total ban on the immigration of members of the certain groups. It was based on one thing there religion. Donald Trump called for a total ban of all Muslim immigration all Muslims coming into American Al east since backtracked that a little bit because it's so it's so. Evil an outrageous. So I think you know if it's ever been done in in this country's history but it's certainly something I think violates. At least some basic principles of of who we are as a country music is clearly you know little bit people based on their religion that's Donald Trump wanted to do that. And then. Mr. Condit talking about basically hate. If I had one when I was trying to get into this country if Donald Trump would have been president I wouldn't be it would idiot and guess what my time. Would not have been in member of the US dollar. My son would not have given his life as a war hero my son who was walking towards. The entity this this explosive laid vehicle telling his men who stayed behind. That that was a wonderful action by a man by a war hero captain con which which probably saved the lives of other US army soldiers skew. RJ's that's exactly what I I got from it all mean when I got the there was likely you know it. I represent that the sole reason he should change your opinion of of Muslims in this country and my son as well. It exactly you know they wouldn't let people like me in now what are they doing to mystic con well Roger Stone who you're familiar with. I'm sure he's he's one of the of the brain trust of the joke of the trump. Campaign very I think that justice sleazy evil guy. He'd been trying to attack mystic Conn. Alleged membership. In the Muslim Brotherhood. They're talking about how mystic Conn. It has spoke positively about true real law well you know what's cute. That could all be true but here's another aspect. Mr. Conn is a gold star dead. This son gave his life is his son didn't have to join the army that no compulsion nowadays to join the military like there was you know with. But James that's that's why you know those who are attacking mr. I mean look you can attack mr. Conn that's a different topic but his. His bully feature real law or his pastor his term believing his beliefs are your irrelevant compared to what we're talking about. Now if you try to discredit him it only makes you seem like a weak person that. He's trying to defend something that should not be defend itself O yeah we bought mobile look who sent it. Well that's not part of this conversation. Does not matter one more things cute they're also trying to smear captain content some of these right wing web site. I've I've seen where people say well the reason he was advancing towards this vehicle. Was because he was trying to get to the other side he was actually a the nicest of them Bertrand a dessert is troops that's the disgusting and also comparing. Captain con two super bill that would definitely had a dessert. This captain con was a hero. And he's being smeared because they don't like with his father is saying about Donald Trump who by the way 12 billion Muslims. From America. James. This is how bitter and hateful political debate in America and it's and it's it's really sad mean people can't even recognize their their own faults. You know Brooke relating to this race. It's like what you can say something negative about the saints. Or Drew Brees. Drew Brees makes a mistake thinking you you you're not entitled to say something negative about them. And if you do Europe. You're not a saint standing longer. This inability event that many people have to to recognize. The truth to recognize reality to to recognize balls. Where does this insecurity come from. And it's it's so many aspects of our our society is an insecurity about. Oh my god you can't dare attack anything highlight. Really cool what if what if it's deserving of of an attack what it's deserving of criticism. You can't you can't tolerate that. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. Erick are 504260187. Ticks embers a 7870. On Tuesday August the fourth back in 919. 1990. His son became number one on the adult contemporary charts it was Mariah Carey's first release and the rest I guess is history will be back. Whatever your view well. On a pop culture calendar on this day August the fourth. In 1957. The Everly Brothers played this song on the Ed Sullivan Show wake up little Susie. The song cause quite a controversy with the establishment at the time. The song that. Is about a high school boy who wakes up with his girlfriend Suzy. After they fell asleep on a date in the driving end. They didn't do anything but they fell asleep at the drive in and they wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning her curfew was at 10 o'clock. And Soviet know what to tell the parents. Who's trying to point the wake Iran. That was controversy deal. In 1957. So it's it's different today but I guess there's always been controversy. Opera Sabin our body are WL. Paige who's out there in the beginning I was that the vote for Hillary when she was running but this campaign I am not Obama I am Obama. And then when everybody dropout rate on the side analogy that are you currently see in a while ago yeah I've been these committees and with you know on you to remember it is. Said what Obama opposes the court I'm at apple were as Cheney big advocates say what changed. And you know the structure would grow real. Quality. Should child is edgy side. And I think he will. He could have its it would which she did everything by itself because the light through. And Brett shape Obama took Abu Dhabi. Via eBay account a lot of people that's for me happy marriage earlier. And you know that's and that's what that's what people do I mean they've they vote if if things are not good when there's an election they tend to vote for the candidate of of the other party I mean that's that's just kind of a natural thing in America it's not. Not always the right thing because the president has not always to blame. But wait did yeah. They are unspoken rules about United States yeah. Hate Koreans want to have walking with kidnappers. That's why they see you ransom to close it application. So it. Obama for being. In the fourth and eight track but they. Well and you know there were a lot of questions about on Iran Contra means visit the government in general has served as a history Arafat of doing things like this. And if backing down on what we have been led to believe our. Mr. Rick strict rules. We are but again ability to adjust to. Despite president on election despite the president that we can be bought the audience doesn't do it. That you know that's been brought up before that would be at receiver Bobby I appreciate the call complimentary Gerri welcome the show. Ellen hey Jerry. I as it was like a Jerry's talking to somebody else and sometimes that that happens. I if you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601 a seventy surprised more people have a one to talk about this. This this tragedy in the West Bank today and yesterday. We talked about this a little bits a five year old boy accidentally shot and killed by his nine year old brother. The mother has been charged with and I Richardson parish with a child desertion do you qui with the charges being filed. Also here is another story in a long line of stories. About. Kids finding a gun and playing with it and the gun goes off. Did you know where your parents' gun ones. I knew were my dad's gun wants what is different today. And I don't think it's fair to blame violent video games and many people do I don't think it's fair to blame entertainment. We have. As a nation. We have developed. Some people have developed. An unhealthy infatuation. With guns. You know I think one of the things that happens quite often as I think kids. Seem mommy and daddy casually handling guns in the house. So when they see Garland it's like a well mommy daddy play within so you know let's just you know what's Hamlet home. Kids dead. That shouldn't happen. That is one. 100%. Preventable. Innocent child dies from a disease. Can or prevent that. It just happens some think just how. This is 100%. Preventable. And I don't think it's fair to blame. The media entertainment. Or even violent video games to me that's just another excuse. It comes down to parents it comes down to the kits. And here's a pretty general pretty appalled Louisiana is the sportsman's paradise. When their guns in your house. When you grew up. If shipping in my go to our website WWL dot com. You know even when we were kids we knew what the song was about. We knew was about that kind of house with those kind of women and my guy Weaver. We were really young when this song first came out there a song was it was released in this day in 1964. But he animals. They would have been The Beatles were the good guys the animals with a bad points. They weren't as pretty as the deal sitting with the Rolling Stone says they received a C to use the rebels of the bad boys. President Obama has identified himself as a feminist. Is he the feminist in chief. Well it's just coming out today we'll talk more about that on the show tomorrow. Lol yeah oddly you know what Lou hang on I'm gonna get to you after the news I just I looked up at the clock I was gonna go to you buy too we're too close to a a news update I wanna get your chance to express your opinion our congratulations to Jeff gas and he's just won a pair of tickets to see The Gipsy Kings Saturday August the thirteenth. As a prelude Jackson theater. Tickets valued at 100 in nineteen dollars and don't forget you can purchase tickets right now like going to Ticketmaster dot com or by calling 807453000. It's telling intake from the station that brings you the best acts from around the world WW well. I bore great cover music or great tech conversation coming up in the next hour we're talking about a violent night in New Orleans last night four people were killed four people were shot. In five separate incidents. Over 24 hour period. And also we have I talked about since I've done this being an households are pretty general opinion poll says 77%. Say yes they grew up with guns and housed 43% say no they did not. On when I grow with a gun in the house I I knew not to play with it. And if kids play with guns today and kill somebody. In the parents and the kids have not been taught properly I think it's as simple. Also we continued talk about the turbulent presidential race all of that coming up next I'm scoots on every WL.