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07-06 3:10pm Saints Saturday with Kristian and Bobby

Aug 6, 2016|

WWL’s Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert discuss Saturday’s practice at New Orleans Saints training camp from The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello good to say Saturday here on WW alive from the prior packed it was Virginia along with a cajun cannon Bobby there aren't crushing Garrick in the seat practice today. Dominated by defense for Drew Brees took. Interceptions. To biking Crawley. What like James Laurinaitis. And the that was the my mind at the moment to one of the financial tell me. You're notes. You got it is well obviously. It Crowley had one learn that it had one. And all of all of. Rough day for it on now on bill yep yep no way it's. Oh. I'm not gonna throw hard deep that does arrive. They got that swagger they got the confidence on it. I'm still take it that way the approach I'm glad it's going this way so for a camp because. I Camaro we had the black Eagles it was that this time and we have thirteen men on the field and then on it was 45 occasions. That we do look organized defensively. And we're not at that stage right now obviously we're making plays the instantly and we're winning. Thought kind of taken as a good sign now cookie is being. Against the Patriots they gonna play third he's so I think he'd be Morey pitched practiced on Tuesday. It with dignity reported game nodding. If he Belichick didn't Peyton. If young try to make it team. We eat you might have to go back to back the lie in the back to back days alive. And another word the thing you might do some drills. We're not a walk through and you have to compete in the got to compete the next night. And it is it just who want to Nicol wanted eighth minute now where the players down. Like if you get that do you think it's that it's cute thing night it if if I heeded the kids who put in Holland. In high five in into it. Yeah against Tom Brady are a wrap below. Whoever it is than me to get the Patriots team. No matter who's been there that you know be. Wave more optimistic that I in this cellar right now because. I don't know if this indeed. Beckett be realistic in that nick necessarily positive or negative kind of way the is it all of a sign yet that the it is getting better. But all of it may be taken a step back we'll get a good could utilize. With those seven and nine are at that the team not what I think. We need to do is to all of its Mayweather at what he'd done in the previous season. And that the kids get better well it or not evident Berger well about it. That's got to hope for me that's how competitive NFL they've got a hole. Bit off fifty keep pace to what they've been accomplished and indeed it gets better couldn't be that the kids get better and obviously to step back. It's like a wash it bit you still have seven in nineteen you know with them I thought. I hope we keep getting takeaways. Because I think we can do that. There's no coincidence and we went to Kubel. The guys that we have thirty at night equally. And we won. Carolina Panthers at 39 takeaways but he got a bit lost but they got there. So when I look at that on the day if we get now has a ball intercepted in Nicky please at what they are. It forced four Drew Brees took over the Eric Harris bodily. By our parents reds are fortunate read interceptions and a fumble. Today so five turnovers in his team period it was mainly focused on in two minute there will put a football it's the simulated. Normally it's the data they hold the black Eagles committed who's right simulation of that like Eagles. They had yet drives of what they call drives you got a case situation as you make a first down continue to drive definitely did they also finished. But with two minute. In offense and but it it will look pal account struggled against that the business I'm not. Putting on all on agreed to shoulders. Now. This the thing and I got to give props to him as we sit up there with him wouldn't it in the nick on the you know. And yet it opened up advocate used to be the morning advocate that you is that advocate now he's you know it now mental thing an old school. Yeah if it was the Baton Rouge got it again yeah advocate how is that at advocate yet you know it and and that's good to have to pay the times Picayune advocate that hey wouldn't it. It that this is that they would encourage it. To be somewhat discard it. Everybody is starting secondary. With out they when he practices. It about that. They went Keenan Lewis there was that Melvin bro. There wasn't at Harrisburg. I mean it. You don't get you the entire started secretary from last year. The car over Karl's out. I mean and you know all of a sudden. All I know is to me when I when I see right now. What these two young cornerbacks that have have accomplished or what they're doing right now. I know they could Peyton EE DU his knee. And at the thing is you know you got a bunch of players that don't recall them in the end the bond they have got I'm outlaw like in them I'd. I think that's a mean mean it's only January and wanna. Well well Neiman headline name of stories that put all the right path would have. I deeply Crowley's name on there. That you get a break parked at times here bodies they did it and that's I'll let that all the time I mean it's hard at all everybody's being that much you know ninety roster Bethel I mean he will alerted me. Like addicted to it. I mean. Mean that's Brandon Bryant I think Brian is the one week familiar with number forty they have them at 37 who came on board late so. I. The alike to me that article yet that it did it to land let. But you know and I did that the one that we evaluate our our Goodwin. Evidently by the go when he he's accomplished things that thing with the quality in his you know coverage skills punt coverage making tackles and all that so. But. I tell you what. That the fitness at the flag if that's the confidence that obvious in this the is it that continues because. I they would last year at this time. It was easy Pickens yet elections vision airlines are I'd do whatever cliche you use it with ease. While they have it what they call like. Like 101 you know if you got one alone go to the back if you know receivers legally picket chick I mean that's like alls who. You know eagle at seven of them about Raj path skeleton. And they won Olympic ticket policy picket ticket with the ball on the ground a lot of times. And as well. Maybe they're holding a lot officials aren't there and and alcohol with the fishes in their little one and all that had not been dominating. The when you look at things that I look at a car. And it what happened that in the practices. That and it needs to be. Continues process that the that he has to get their comment that hopefully that's the case because. When I've seen so far I think it's a good thing about this bill crawling. We wanna think probably that that crowd with him but it's crawl at the Colorado. And the bunting in those. About the past faith history it is going out there play in the course of putting him out there and telling what they have to do. You wanna make get a it's got to do so well. So that one of his interceptions thought the days that we had early pick Marreese he can't pass. It's kind of realized that furcal off at least like they were subsidies on what they want you painted into the Calzaghe is focused on what your assignment is and you breakdown oh Libyan and Arsenal tight coverage and it just your footwork to beat the excellent. You know that I believe the job the that there in the back in and the players respect that Derrek Lee in the column AG. Apparently an out of state played seventeen years in the NFL with the Jets. The decades and guy. They I you know all the ticket dark arts I don't like doing the month they Harris came up and in my today. It's got but it via the Eagles swagger about it yeah. He felt the people article it's some pretty well. Now that I think that'll what you wish for. The odd though it Tom Brady yesterday practiced their ball when he hit the ground. Well what was secretly five point five he was point five it was like out there are so yeah I would and I see last year. Went the Patriots keep it green briar. In the drill he had I think twenty patsy knew he had twelve touchdown. Oh. At any weathered all the all we can make it till we had a Patrick they'll Apple's coming out and were giving birth to hope you don't need penalties between legal opinion. I was talking with a exceeded it awfully legitimize itself the wrong. Are my eyes deceiving me because icing or call me wave war. And tested Rose this year that we saw last two years without a doubt I attract them about. I think protester throws. DBs get in there it's a tough cat but for the receiver or it's a pass break it doesn't look as easy as a team. The two you know last year and the year before this thing that's why I am encouraged by the group that nickname might take. Now I know not that you bring that up I had to bring this and I'm political. Kobe cleaner. Look at me to Oakland without Jimmy Graham a regular bring it out there right now I'd go through with gun on him what time down the middle Robertson was right there. Jimmy Graham catches that ball and all of a sudden it's a 34 play the Saints touchdown drive ended it with this a complete. And in the next play through pick some felons save Saturday a five then lie you don't know cliche success than. Success and failure you see happening out there are times. Six Saturday live from the briar patch here. The cajun cannon Bobby Brown Christian Garrett it was in the state radio WWL and that's not a couple of housecleaning items yet to hear your theory on Saints radio Bobby either Kristian garic and a six announcing a couple roster moves when we found out. Last night fullback John Kuhn officially signed to the roster who's out there practicing today and we've DJ Pettway. The defensive lineman rookie to the line we've injured what that means is that that's a designated they have to. Give a when he puts a body to science money on waivers in depth and now that they are the injured and he clears waivers they can put him on injured reserve and snatch him away but getting to Sylvia injury reports from today. Our guys that did not practice at least. By receiver art Harris not a practice along with wide receiver. The big named the headliners quarterback you lose it's his third straight day he's not worth it alone Mark Ingram that makes two for him this week than gain it's one also his third straight ACC Jarret bird. In came a Carlo both I think those were kind of better days off where it cuts scheduled rest we've seen him do that with Jared Burton passed. But the big question mark is also dealt them grow up practicing didn't get an answer. From coach Sean Payton has to go why. That's pretty much the injury report for the Saints to the guys that didn't. Work or did not practice but you wanna talk about Kobe cleaner. Live in Florida though all the injuries it I don't know well listen with an unnerving influences on three straight days in my. They don't want to speculate during these that mean I think I wine. Like a fan. Fair so you that your your goalie there's a lot I don't know that they don't line. That I'm bored about it Keenan Lewis. You know when he jacket the hip. What if you're an old person what they tell you the level of ball not breaking here right now that he hit all he's done. She's done in my at a gravel are grappling of theories. And all of oatmeal unavailable backs the quarterback. With the Cardinals what's his hip was jacked up if it goes Bobby you don't know Howell up fell. When I hit with that's the colliding at about the run in the NFL but boat Jackson Lee and great example Christian Bo Jackson though. We keen to Lewis I mean that's the thing that it served me if they come on him with a young quarterback to step it up. About it when I look at all the in his whatever the key influence. He came out there one day Drew Brees and those that they. Oh win at hand back to back plays friend nick who beat him about a thirty. Forty yard fade route and in ending with a speed of Ryan and he and I won I mean that that that fifty tickets that we can. I wonder if there might be maybe some fluid buildup or some swelling that if injured. Lot of note there yet you Linda Gordon out of iron again not just I'm just taken a step about it in terms of just thinking about why would you be off the PUP list on Wednesday. And you're not practice and you practice Wednesday via practice Thursday Friday Saturday originally it was O scheduled day off but when one spills in the three. That's no longer a scheduled day off that there's a bit there's a bit. B well I think into this day why the players PSU. And way Keenan Lewis. What a month ago yeah about. Yeah and now I'm ready day one I'm ready to roll I'm writer wrote they won me Gerris burden does that day all this and that you wanna give them. The benefitted out. What it's all cat and mouse game what they get a you know tell you know that that. No he's not been ready to roll they won. Now. That's the thing is. Yes money guaranteed. And eat memorable what was the big stink. A week I mean yeah I mean yes is the year for his last offseason. He said because the Saints were that was an area that roster purge they were tree in the way everybody RD arguably watcher but you have to take a big east yes and he said without seeing all of my friends the post on its counting all my friends my teammates being being shipped off. I want the final three years of my contract guaranteed. He would have hit it. It which is unheard of 'cause his heart out and on top of that when he made a public spectacle of a that he did I'll surprise Sean Payton acquiesced. He has a six point three me dollar salary cap figure for this year and then nine you know it's our cap figure for next. To a better hope it's hip heals. Whatever is Bob and because what I got the in the day that's why I don't care what the collective bargaining agreement between eight that the union. And and and and owners they'll never give guaranteed contracts. To players. Because that is the Galaxy of football. Because. You gotta have it fit to play hurt our you don't laugh if you have guaranteed contract that I'm really hard on anyway that they'll they do that if they expand the roster. Yeah yeah yeah expand rosters of butler's yet that's a bit that you can guys but it has more money out the owners' pockets that that that. But you look at the NBA Major League Baseball than never have. The thought it's be guaranteed contract might get the signing bonus or upfront money. But. You know there's an economic stimulus man I think his experience. You know opposite Calvin bro. A hole hopefully he's healthy but. You know that's. Guarantee something all the that you want on the field not the Harrisburg what we Garrity. Played it casually in a million to get all of them who we think. He's feeling but it because the other produce in a state of your problem keeping with the bills. Bobby you tell me it could it be making a lewis' head I haven't confidence and let him mean in other words you've been through injuries NFL players of the in particular to a joint like a knee. I hit actually like that but that at some panicking creep into the into the mind of an athlete. I'll without a doubt that that book but I could never run I mean I mean as late as if you blame the position that Keenan Lewis. Know you've got to build to run. Now I've said this before wanted to greatest athletes of all time in the NFL beyond then. When he's highly regarded big toe was jacked up. When you know that made him I think it's a big throw doesn't ever hurt yet you make you pay if you gain run UK play. Have you think like oh just a big throw shooter that could only hindered us so much and it is to where there that so. On though is. We need good skill people we got a built to run I actually gets our mile bull. And I finished playing when I was 37 years of age. And now it's telling you last year. I threw 24 times now I don't know how much did like trick people. If they what I would do at the beginning of the game. I would just throw it deep even though. I knew it was going to be a complete just to keep the quarterbacks out on us so they would squad. It's up that I can pick pick and they need the slant curls and do all that stuff but now you know now at high status and I should. Tried to steal and actually here because you know you. Check eagle at the door. And you know and and outlook that humble and outbid because I'd adding wanna. The fans to favor you saw quite is still playing stealing money but I'll look at him and it's just build a million and a half. The you know it all said and done. I look at the Kobe flee their here the next pitch over the conversation as well at 504260187. This state radio. W well you method in W could well dot com live with him I walk a backseat Saturday along with the cajun cannon Bobby bureaucracy Garrett phone lines are open at 5042601870. Text 8787 everything you're hearing about the safety that's of particular today was a dominant performance of them. Are you concerned that. Or I guess. Optimistic about what you're hearing this with a sixty that's a concern about the office perhaps take a step back I know it's early understand that that's what we do here. Entry can't make those early assessment 5042601870. X 87870. And Bobby wanna talk about Kobe leader year. Your thoughts on him today throughout camp he certainly that stack up Jimmy Graham I don't know that anybody really expected them to. Hell yeah we expected to Ovechkin made a thirty million and a team. Yeah. Oh yeah Cologne gain. Is that no. Back up tied in our. Tied it by committee charged Leo. That's vote no we need him. To be reliable would cruise look at him there was a play down the middle and now good. But I figure who has covered and we count on him. Robertson Craig Robinson was right with him stride for stride I see through all the time. When Jimmy Graham with Blaine thing I know now that he's ever continued Jimmy Graham was gonna kick until with like a rebound. Naked body position but at the pin and hit. Was running down the middle of the faking it that he catches this ball. And I seen this in a passes like at three or four play drive by the Saints offense it's now. And the fans going crazy. Well and it happened it was just like greatly Tuesday when you think depleting throw long. Lol I'll ball. It would help it that I think now. So is throughout radar images Simons sea dogs. Alone absolutely motivated the comeback that the only thing. I mean this guy it interrupted me yeah yeah I know though that that that's big news that I think Jahri Evans could still play. But the line. With TC well as hold we get. At a couple more house I'm a breakdown what happening on the offensive line you know what was later with an outlook of cleaner. And kind of threw me. Yeah he kind of excited if you daughter brought him home I mean is it like a nice guy good Stanford guy mark. But remain open one that kind of player. I mean I or at the Mets would be that's gonna win because Jimmy Graham was in that conversation it was Rob Gronkowski. As crazy as good golf is that you might one in the Kumble with your daughter. And anyone who would you see how he is and I think that's one thing this team that the Patriots topic structured. Big Coleman. Rob Gronkowski. And then now of Martellus Bennett right. You know what that form that's old school form they were trying to do it Hernandez before he got in trouble. And so it be interested to see how we get a matchup we practice against them. When he utilized in this too tight is that the capitals miss matches but I think cleaner. You'd be very productive. But yet to be productive where. Looks like he's covered at the fan we want to go with Pittsburgh trying throwback. Old. Great pitch. And not like. Could activate pocket take what has happened I know it's a fact because I've built few people. Jimmy Graham going to Seattle and I think Russell Wilson's does. Yeah you never like oh rut Jimmy Graham that is involved was a field office that he wasn't the thing. We have a rough tools that is that a different level when Jimmy Graham got hurt. But I'm telling you there were times. When Russell Wilson got him back and look at it Jimmy Graham and he looked covered. But the Drew Brees he's not covered Russell Wilson. He's covered. Try to develop that relationship that flags Kobe leader and true. It got it get to that point because I think once that develop that but I don't know Kobe cleaner has that ability. Because you do that a few times and you like him a chance you don't make the play. With that you take approach the quarterback well he is covered. I've got to go somewhere else and that's that I think we've seen right now. Which cleaner drew vs Jimmy Graham and true and that's why I say it. When I've seen so far Kobe leader is no two programs. Well yeah I was very few people are the media but I don't think they totally dead so you're not saying that the Saints. Aren't necessarily having buyer's remorse. By not too early it's way too early it's Buehrle but. I don't know we go practice against the Texans. It's just like training camp the whole process. Within a couple of weeks and now and I see. Green trying to hit Kobe leader down the middle. And if they felt advancement cruel to trust them. To give your chance to make a play. United double team got one hole it looked like he covered. The globe and make a play that this evening I see today. They knew more question. And that you'll ever have that opportunity to be on the level that. As we've mixes things quarterback Drew Brees have a bit of room dale rough days he describes it he can't remember the last time he struggled in practice and how do you think he did today. Guys are rough day by one of our properties of and a long time maybe ever can training camp practice especially some bad luck solemn anticipate where you know the ball should be and what reason it is tipster. Just not quite the execution that we hope for one at the end. Shouldn't happen that's critical mistake you know you. Need to avoid those. So those are frustrating but. Brandon Morrow are now. You know hours and up there not rule you know look at NATO alone and this is. This is something that we hadn't seen who have training camp practice that he covered a ton tons tons I mean I had ever seen like that. Seventeen years and it just with the Saints eleven training camps. And crew has never. So to speak and had a practice like that means. He had. Negative practices but not on this level and you know took time Allan green to report to him ever. May you feed it Guiel when his them and be with sublime things that bit and it is by chance they hit the ball it pops up. Was sure that should get intercepted right and you know you going the right place in the passing defense that all fall harmlessly the grout what today. Can't guard we've seen a pat that the entity to have the past. Goes up in the air teams there and I'd it's. Picks it off sixty yard touchdown now I hope that happens that. Good on the play which Darren Sharper and 2009. Reds seventy it to ourselves. That made it different. When you threaten the title and have that swagger. And you get even that I thought we had to keep it that night now. With school or picks takes. Retired quit whatever all not from an arbiter perspective you get that. You should win when you look at the percentages. Of all the game it's eight like in 87% now eighties with the W couldn't keep it does that in the opening. And you win when you block parties galore yeah it's like in 90% yeah it's like all of those kind of nobody thinks that you feet so. I would say. We've played a Raiders. That they can't yard. Against Eric Gordon gets the past that are not his picks in there. And and we school or whoever picks that it's course which you'll win making. I'm just I'm just if you go to all the games what do cars in that kind of big play happened the week one whoever you play you should win that game. Saints quarterback Drew Brees goes on how much of this offense be the extra time working out some kinks and how much is defense really played well here's drew. I think it's. Probably both things by vote. We can certainly be doing better as the offense just detailing some of these fundamentals some of the technique. You're so much of you know the offense the passing game is timing and anticipation. And trust and all those things and so. We can have a vested today and the defense played pretty well. Who will be looking at. Possibility. You get the ball cleaner. We'll look for pitching you have to give. Big play on it a little game that process it leave it until we get to do an actual game or start the practice. Saints quarterback Drew Brees there are bodies well. Why didn't Adam today it's not me and actually know what. Talk to your son he's gonna cut and I don't like get out about the I can't beat that became an assistant here truth answer. Mythic that values on the with a ground could it be he's it is a the right thing golfing I can develop with cleaner. But it still ahead happened. That a that a date till it happens. You listen proof that the putting right. If he could do it brags that unity gain. I was trying to be diplomatic you'd think that would drew you need a few days in the game are today practice. But. Listen I would like leader dubious I'll likely it'd be a fantasy I would choose to take leaders fantasy football. And Eddie and overall the reds and you know why because there that they throw winning. Well dating back to look last year the statements on the tents with him when he's. Completion percentage dropped dramatically last year. It was a 40% in the reds haven't tight red area because it had those big target when he called and it disappeared for stretches on it didn't have that big tight in that mismatch so that was the whole design of giving Mike Thomas and get a call we think it was targets in the red zone to prove their percentage there they settled for way to beat you locals that product out there two touchdown of the year and that's. Lives their hoping whether it's Michael Thomas the virus to Ohio State Kobe cleaner. I think getting dragged out for not setting Celek mcdougal's now as we go to break now we're athletes and athletic Dynamo okay. I get paid if he fits of late there's no way I think we gonna be dead math you look at our red zone the bit. Touchdown percentage and I said this last night ever repeat this again. That we we gave up almost 70%. Conversion rate like touchdowns so when a team move the ball thing and the rentals that it was that they would get a players now. Now you look at. That these diapers at the perception and it is reality. Because I think fan the bad thing that jet the Seahawks that being of the had pretty good can't beat it. Well it correlates also they don't get rattled touchdown. You know it give a rental touchdown. It's almost that the it's right at almost won the Jets their defense gave up 35%. Redfield touchdown we gave up 68%. So another that area I think. We will definitely improved and hopefully that's the case because. If you look at scoring defense. And I said this again. But it solid date that Drew Brees. That we allow plenty of viewpoint with 55 point four think about it. 55 wins four loss to fill a few fortunate few goals we've always stated that top 8% we've always been top three. Scoring office has been the Patriots to the Packers. And get through the quarterback Drew Brees Darren Rodgers Tom Brady. We've been in that number so far be it even that the like you've been seeing. Opinion bullion neck it is so they make a play would get a kick a field with that a given over to look at it and. It has gotten it he's played really good red zone because even go back to Rob Ryan points thirteen year they weren't that Grady. But they've played really good red zone defense scoring defense and they did that the players and coaches will tell you alike. They don't necessarily paid a whole lot of that it's a total defense as much as they they hang their hat on that score you could see absolutely right. Well if you look at Rob Ryan. It's kinda. You know. You establish something and they can't you continue it. And Robert had a reputation the first year. That all of that the team responds. In the scoring the pit of nineteen point eight and so I. That's like in the top five in the eighteenth. You look at sacks. Disrupting opposing quarterback we have now 49 actually missed it I was born for the magic know it was four. Is that now. I dictated right now our defense is right over for last. We give the most touchdowns so we basically. Talked with the Giants defense. And I think book we get to the middle of the pack when our offense. But I may offense has the state where they've been. The office K take it dramatic step back so we get that a middle of the pack in the NFL people instantly. You look eleven years the work that they double their bid at the mistakes. What time they've always been top five. And at it if not the 123. So I think we kind of kind of stay. In that area. And it also. But even get considered a pack stay there is nothing will be all right. Six quarterback Drew Brees had more to say is articulate support to next week's work out with the New England Patriots that it was. They get to you get to see you get to play against personnel that you don't usually get the chance to play against them. And then defense the scheme. You don't play against as well also. Just as forces are ready to really work especially throughout the course of practice because you don't you know there's only so much your comfort comfort you can prepare. In other than just you know maybe what you know about these guys in the past or you know watch him on film from last year that you don't know that it worked on tracked him. So you find out a lot you know when you begin working against those first couple days have been into the game but it's a chance for us get a gauge as to where we're. Were better. You could tell Bobby that it's that time of the camp where you have to start the team another point it got a little chippy today. Needs to far Greg Robertson took the lead up believe the numbers are Jack Allen accuse me. Jack Allen in Annika Robert that got into a little bit they were standard each other up by just kind of shouting to those faced. It comes Bates who are taking a shot at Jack gallons legs which was in the I know we have a you have some ill feelings about. Well. Wanted to talk that streak and all linemen again keeping you seen that film. And I think football players take it old testament version is that a new testament it'll turn seventy. And I've been I would ever again Houston apartment again competitive level. Because. You might get a coach Don here hold that time because. Of it that that was Vietnamese that we've freaking kidding. I mean that cheap shot snuck a platoon every coach are you going man to man. He had Jack Allen all American trying to make the team from Michigan State go to its Robertson and he kind of hole and each other. And Othella with the with the island each other. And in the that you notice not only is it for tonight who can play at that today they'd they'd they'd they'd daka each other problem. And the elephants through part comes out of nowhere. And just knocked the crap bottom. C'mon in the legs not not not Wie is holding that it came high era hold of it and it could be you why not in the leg and all that all came about. But the point being. It was just like this and and a payment that man. But it was like they Jack Allen. Pat Robertson on the ground and went well man to beat the crap bottom and developing and all of a bit that you could he be back. But as the filming of that going on in this two part of that Coste actually got picked off. The Yankees look like 67. Three toys I'm just gonna watch. Apart vacant as candidates level that I think somebody's. Gonna come to an era column because of that at and that's enough I'll likes to par. But it took the money paid them back not a fan of Bobby Vickers and yeah I think he needs that. Get a little bit of business. That that that he delivered anything you know payback though. We're alive an idea pretty packed house here prior to West Virginia Bobby and Christian actually Saturday rules on them read it well enough and not a pretty solid crowd here at the prior back to West Virginia welcome back to see it Saturday here on that we did well in Athens dot com anymore we. On the black people along with rookie camp body on crushing Eric in which you'll love yeah you'd that it should be should be proud pretty strong represented this week. Less than they. Realize the Saints at the green -- have a training camp West Virginia number of fans from Pennsylvania. Maryland. We've had them all over in this region of Virginia. A show up and they wanna watch their team. Now I hope their team can reward him would have playoff appearance that much in the playoffs anything can happen. From there we got in Steelers country right here even though we in south. South southwest West Virginia. You know the university mean university now I don't think golf and he Marshall fan it. You know Morgantown west yeah that's right about Pittsburgh. So. With a lot of history with the Steelers but I get to a one day. Thought they need to read this had the steelers' number. If you look at and and I know Garrett yeah a lot of faith fans get a tenth that they went to saint Steelers game. It's Steelers at the kind of kicked off his success the thing that had against them they capitulate. Because approximately two Virginia though Washington DC the Redskins at the Resnick who went something. It about trying to look at what country we in West Virginia and not have an NFL team. But at the feet of fans that I've talked to who are not think they have an electoral vote while the tent to care for the Steelers. And I gladly tell them. While Drew Brees and initial pain is that if you lose them. And I can't. Exploit it see what a pro football focus treated early and about they've been to several camps now. And he said that six the only one that rivals the seat template fit the tally of practice has been the Pittsburgh Steelers those are the two most physical games they've been to so far. I candidate because that's exactly which on Peyton talk about it the onset of camp was in the this kid's gonna be more committee we're seeing. More heated right and we see avoiding it report date that we solved last cancel. I actually paid exactly. That it bit treaties. If you look pitted at the black Eagles scrimmage that's kind of what I mean but if musicality. Is. Inactive the open you're hitting running backs. And that you take it to the ground which mussina preceding game actual tackle. You know god forbid they tackle too much though somebody might get hurt way that it football but you know there's so much money involved that's why. It's right conduct practices where you can limit interest and all that to understand it because. I played a past two seasons. But I look at practice because they've gone live goal line. Which is basically twelve plays for port Florida give Drew Brees four plays McNown graves to whatever. The twelve total plays were now. If you look at it. They went Thursday Friday today where. Not that into that I tackling any of underground. But they seen what Daniel last goal does that round pick out of cal the running back lend him a goal line owners took bars cadet. You know that these young guys go alive and actually seeing now. The defense is gonna tackle Britt is the very first day. Fine bell. Did a reds don't run appeared he hits last cope pretty hard on bell. You know you know we count on him and activity couldn't pick it up pick at Ohio State he can make plays and a ball in his hands he catches it. He catches Glasgow last go through the all right so when he pitted teams very. Last go red animal but that would have been a penalty out of it targeted as a matter who under the new rules that would have been talking I learned that it fits me now is like a lot. How can that ultimately how we penalize. Think the public but I would just have much of flags. I'm not doubt that they wanna protect them if they get a call against the team with the bags that they don't like just running backs lowered their hand radical view but to me. And no that would be kicked off a last go we ran over the opposes state that like that it statement they got to keep the ruled out like that play sports Saturday are Saints Saturday should seek to you right here on stage radio WWL Bobby Kirsch.