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8-8 4pm Bobby & Deke: on today's Saints practice

Aug 8, 2016|

Bobby & Deke break down today's Saints practice.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the team today's program consisted Deke Bellavia indicate he can and Bobby Hebert was nervous in a few moments before those guys have canoeing and what tomorrow and Wednesday's practices against the New England Patriots really mean this is sports talk on WWR radio. Coming up on today's program we have a lot to get to we were here and Saints coach Sean Payton gave his take on today's practice. Also coming up from a player's standpoint we hear from wide receiver Tommy Lee Lewis new fullback there was signed over the week in John Kuhn offensive lineman Tim Benito. And defended Darryl Tapp on its kinda senior writer for Saturday down south John Crist will be with us to give us his take on SEC camps. Across the country in FL analysts might run in CC FL analyst Mike to Tedy will be were this. At 640 and Jason Galloway who come with the Wisconsin Badgers the Wisconsin state journal. Will be Willis this week go ahead start taking a look at LSU's first opponent the Wisconsin Badgers Saturday September at third. And historic Lambeau Field. In Green Bay 2601870. Is the number to be involved. Also coming up on the program would be critical were in nationwide 1000 dollar K as contest here on WWL. Radio you can Texas the text line is up. It 870. 87 black and go practicing today in the or travel this evening to goat to. Or ugly from West Virginia Greenberg. And they won't get ready to go to New England weather take on the Patriots and a couple of joint practices. And and that they were about the Patriots Thursday night in the back goats first pre season game so a lot of action forthcoming. For the New Orleans Saints will welcome indicate he came Bobby a ban is time now for a cannon ball brought him by 29 university's school of continuing your studies were about eBay takes a look and give you. One or two his biggest takeaways from today's practice. Case think well can you take a jump right in and give us your take on some practice. Well peca very vocal practice for the cause so does that seem like Hannibal. Now you know to eat it K ball and idle Saturday but you never can rest on the laurels. And argued that he Drew Brees took it to but three straight birdies scored a touchdown. Briefly cooks fifteen yard third down beat about the Paris to. But they apparently you know corner to open up increased the need he's not TO caught corner Crawley. They call it that turned down the breeze that Coleman. Beat PG way. All of a they do drills and yet now. You know it's species don't talk to be talking you know Joker is outline well it's Alan. We haven't practiced one way and that's Paul's speed you know he's you could see he would. He wanted to get happened and Aaron clay in Europe former NFL quarterback who you've been. And he'd say again you're going would you rate oh you know if he's getting on those young guys really that the bring it. I thought that was in the Finley a little bit out there when they played pretty good. And you know coach calls you out like that so. Then there. I mean it kept on that. You know coach pretty good competitive they had a driver in the red zone it's like bottom line is pocket of scorecards now that he if you own goal in overtime. But they cannot believe it cannot give up. Our cars don't partly because you lose the game and coach Payton were telling the defense that's been our lives. It picked it up and throw that third down is on right now. In the bigger thing than having companies like internal went eight for the pupil. It in New England overtime but I thought that was out there like that and then I didn't that are apart now right now. Now we liked about him when they've done that at the end of practice opposite as the fourth time the defense kept them out that. Making a play right. Yeah yeah it lacked lately been happening the I don't know to me look like it's there's not a when do you look around at Glasgow. In the flat that looked like the ball caught the line in the Beattie 045. Yard touchdown in the B Tony Stewart. Like techno to me so I think that's what. Would have been called him like the ball that broke the plane is bought it yet there. You know ball broke the plane. You know and and in. Another thing. It'll be an yet again. When they drive the ball on the field toward the Rezko and might get it felt like I know we put on the and they were getting it done. Edited due. You know tell you extended you know when you're the game like getting yet yet. You know bad word dent in the game he too went on and on. Forget that in that circumstance who lowest common it's. Make the opponent throw. In pretty unique or make the tackle you cannot live now that the receiver get behind. And it can be placed so that would. The very vocal coach he's very that I went to Billy. You know towards the younger players because they count on them. And our body catcher Dave was close it was agreed to release me. I would have been about forty by yours. And did that it would drew Conor. You know look forward to and Jimmy Graham with some time to put the ball make them play to a particular be the PGA it was about 25 yard gain. Thought our battles in Justin. A judge on the site and beat upon Anthony. Partner down that have been. You know and I actually combine that he can beat Duke struggled in coverage and I mean it's in the feet. You know what down it is he would. Not great city. Threw an interception about it beat and they have been active that you would not sign Branyan because. I'm number 37. And but the economy Lou watcher you know go out there tonight and 87 in the and a few plays later from a talent in that be an addiction. About thirty yard gain so I don't know those very competitive. Look at that. You know even conduct talked about their we need Colby leader to step up. Well gets what he did step up at bats drew applause that night. Pat down the middle. It has been thirty yards or more the cupboard is there. It was just a great play great catch in that beating 824. You know put thirty plus in. Not say what to show up about the Paris and the coaching. All of a sudden Coleman thought it may have attacked now it would be alert. To a seeing Brandon. That and because. We're playing. Bradley couldn't play in the Raptors in the corner who have come up with the ball. Annika are art that I would direct impact. And then the quarterback in all of a sudden. Coleman to break it's not yet arsenal's and they are from me to play what they're supposed. The market Aaron Boone actually great vertical. I mean that he's not he's a little guy when you look at the market or the other vertical. Leap Coleman to get in the past. I know. Took responded to cup coaching by England. Until it. Real competitive start out well. You know there are special but that's boat here you'd an art practice Saturday but you know on the court enough the practice the guy I make. Tomorrow. And entity because I'm limited reps that you have a big block there you that that an important game maybe practice. I mean courts they said he talked to coach Belichick in. The people here somewhat been reported being in. Initial that and adding it's going to be to our practice is good because they don't want to me anymore. Is that he. So India but it rent an actual game. And honestly basically Bobbitt who would just daughters that dale Seymour accident practice and and they are. Then you gain that back on the theater say aired you know. But I doubt I'd go out IQ these. I don't know group Rico even Utley hurt it but I could feed the next few days. Guys that you familiar with that agent would be familiar with that putter don't get a lot of reps. And you don't get that opportunity it would all groups and that's what you perceive in the first second third group you know I agree. I think I wouldn't be surprised that your agree that does not start. And play a long time against the Patriots and also you see him get in. Reps in practice then the big one of the personnel although you don't make a difference. So I think he did Macau and it's like I'll look on rookies is you know. And the count to lead to a congress look. They're not 32 better starting quarterbacks to meet him. But if you go and I think the pro bowler but there's not a partner I think is that now. They're not 32 start and it felt better in the column topic you know they haven't won he would your agreed to it. Barry I know you you've got this book I picked it up earlier today. I was uptown and drugs to on the and wed November oh his calm it has not been Shaw a remarkable Mazen extravagant whatever you wanna talk about. But here's an aunt and an I was talking them earlier today is that you know basically he's he's he's become the player. That was predicted to be a great player at a high school when the top recruits in the country. But by a different route. But they the Athlon sports this did happen to any each position in the Davis and about a noted TN vote you know who nick I was a second Tiant. And he is listed at cornerback position by having an ass or you wouldn't book a bit before Mathewson that they will mean deuce. But they've got dealt a broken out of one your family as the fifth best quarterback in the league behind Sherman Pedersen just moment. And Chris Harris a Denver and they got him as a party eighth. Best player in the national football to me that's amazing. I made and we tell maximize batted only you'll have a talent to mean when Madrid nor in Norman roster it. Is it no copies. Well that they're here to do Eric Kyle Aaron yeah. Take our pour it in the though. He was cal poly said that there Al sport that will be. A lot to do it. Ability that it to there where. If you look at it it's amazing over bro actually did it and things to build on and you know go out there will it go and grow. As a football and get better. Pat that's been now. Hopefully he'd turn that in interceptions where you know make it happen that are both applause but. But you can see it that the talent is there and yeah odd to be a partner I mean you are tired and need teams you look at Eric the story. Mean look at down broad oh great football league it's amazing it. And it actually found the also today on I'm in the in though. I think you have a chance. As a returner what you might have looked at part of it you are put return in preceded it and I eat all the city. But you know me coach street where. Was Bill Parcells. They spoke for party with the on the Illinois. Yeah Sproles why. You know fives that you and five. Mean that's five or. 38 by seventh in pro form and version and a 10 with Darren Sproles on. Could you know won a wide receiver route a comedy and Jets sweet. The fifty yard when you first line go or urged them. But he he's the kind of guys. In straight. People in this yard out to the kitchen. You know other opportunity other coaches in. And make an art oh weaponized form a lot of but he definitely corner a potential. This decay dink and M by BA bank KC can have a safe trip ought to be on not ease it looked Altamont we recap which should be a very entertaining day. The Saints in the Patriot. Orton are right he is the cajun cannon Bobby Abe and that's Campbell but by tuning university continuing studies this is sports talk. Ought saints' radio WW. And welcome back. Saint driven a practice today at the Greenbrier and West Virginia a lot of sanity too late in the program including Saints coach Sean Payton. Tommy Lee Lewis among others voted today in the 6 and 7 o'clock now. And operated jaguar Pena bogus Saints. Defense has gotten the best of the saints' offense those thus far doing training camp that's a sign. Oliphant is regressing. The defense getting better each day overall you think the Saints might be that great of a team. Cast your vote on line it debuted at your dot com. WW and whose time is 430 this time the first news or go to Christmas. And welcome back to sports so appear on instinct radio WWA American and I kind of moment out a little quick. Queens assignment mop up. Maybe Google this would have but see the top three feedback you're getting across the border where there's New York Times washed imposed. So my dad would this saying about the NF Mayo is inept. Toward last night's not being able to a hall of fame game due to it a market now on there to what players describe. If Theo. Way areas were painted in the in the end zones in different places felt like seen. Is very hard Seaman and they call this all than last time that I can remember. He game was called off in the pre season. It was the year the first year that the Baltimore Ravens all hard knocks. It was the August of 2000 and with 2000. In one year 2001 because the Ravens have won the 2000 season Super Bowl I've blowing out the New York Giants. And they had Jamal Lewis and ray ray Lewis and their they wore the team that was on. Part knocks. Following the Super Bowl and I wanna say the first day of practice tomorrow Lewis two hours a CEO and things and then in the it is that a lot of challenges and the coach Brian Billick in. But they were scheduled to play game at Veterans Stadium I would say it was veterans or womanly than link. Against. The Philadelphia Eagles and because. Players there on the theater and there's a player rep in these one player from each team. In India are representatives from the NFL players association. They go out and dean of the U. Playable or not. That's the last time Mac remember because of field conditions in the pre season. Was canceled was back there and I think it was Philadelphia and Baltimore game was cancer and they didn't have a game that's what happened last night. All because of and look we're talking about a game days being played on a field. Micah memorable game unless you play against in state Syria back. They had a bowl game six days before bed and had high school championship games. Like two weeks before. So we talked about a field that what one game a year is being played zone and got all you'd get ready. So yeah what is the national media saying about this argument and Bender the in if they haven't I would imagine tomorrow. Well I can tell you with some of the people have that at that or at the game are saying Beers and got a little bit of stuff here from CBS sports. What happened was you know they they let us know that the game had been canceled and we kind of knew about it bank what is it about 6 o'clock and apparently they didn't let the fans in the stadium know until just after seven when the game should have been kicking off. Alone Maine and so people are angry because they spent an extra hour in the stadium buying concessions. Get ready for game that they thought was gonna happen. And then it didn't happen they actually had a countdown clock on the scoreboard that kept going all the way until 7 o'clock yeah we knew we found at. We steaming gala send us an email about a possible. They could possibly look in the camp to the game about a quarter to six last night now we was scheduled to be on to 630. NFL Westwood One was going to do it pregame in the games must up about 707 descent like get a moment aren't telling us. Once we learned of it inside of what you see Foster stadium now it's bits and stadium. They had a clock that was steeler running showing the time coming down to kick call that is made it there. Yeah and so so what people are saying obviously is that while the NFL want to keep making money off concessions as long as they could as though they didn't tell the people in the stadium but the game wasn't gonna happen. Until. Kick off came around and while there's no games and how they had to make an announcement. And people were extremely angry they took to Twitter to voice their there their anger yeah a lot of things that we can't say on the eighty ago. And and and you know the people saying they spit you 5065. Dollars in concessions and an hour didn't you know food and drinks. And they could have been going home and eat for for. The one good thing and thank you mile get demoted among the one good thing about this again if you beat. Via the Colts in the Green Bay Packers is that you don't lose a game in essence you do which you don't because. The two teams play in the hall of fame game played five pre season games they play that went. And the east you get there if formal and it only ones that are playing now however when you look at the whole grand scheme of things like someone just takes his peak a few bad for the rookie trying to make the team needs that. Absolutely you take it from a standpoint well. Kind of maybe a bit of it's I'm gonna get some snaps and in that first pre season game is as you claim a five. All of those outs they saw and second team third team guys is out there trying to make. They take a 90% in that over 9% of the snaps but I mean for for the NFL to have this happen. This guy that's got to be embarrassed that that is embarrassing you charged in people. Full price for pre season January so. But that's what happened last night case you're waiting to hear the ball game we go on from supposed to go to 630 but that we got off that six because and it fail canceled. Last night's game in which two players have said it in certain called as of the end zone with a lobos were paid. They'll like Seton. That's what took place last night threw 60 point seven. You can text this it 87870. And talk about. Has some of the pre season magazines we get to you know to start the season. And bonds puts doubt that which is usually more pitches and anything they don't have as much right in in miniature some of once. But this one is is given a bit more needed a player rankings. Andy's position Drew Brees. Is listed as the fifth best quarterback in the National Football League. Out of position rankings they have Colby cleaner. As the thirteenth best hiding in in the National Football League are looking down. It's born and offensive linemen in the National Football League Tehran on stated is listed as the seventh. Best tackle Zach Strief is at nineteen. Max Unger. Is listed as the ninth and ninth. Best center in the National Football League. So breezes and number five the best the next best rated from a top tens standpoint cam Jordan is at number six. In defense in the hands and November oh is it number five. So you know when you look at the Saints defense moving forward in this what they wrote about Devin broke. Suffered a serious neck injury Indianapolis for about incompetence if that wouldn't be injured guys who signed as an under at the free agent with the Saints. Man season started all sixteen games in 20151. Of the league's emerging Staal. This isn't only place where we've we've seen there on pro rated this time I mean how many photos so that goes to show you they take some it is about it with coaches. In the in able to play against in teammates where to kind of get the the rankings for this and then they had an overall in at their top fifteen. And they have been over bro and number 48. That's impressive when you think about young man who has who Korea was coach short. On a kickoff. In the opener on BO. You know if you have trouble using his motor ski again for the rest his life is neck where he walks and moves. I needed that time in a run and was out of the question. Just to be Stan it is priorities as follows the most part it was his tail. In his family out strong great support group. It's an opportunity gets into the Canadian League ladies and now the wrist is man and and you think about how how great stories he is you know. Think about some guys like that they don't beat debts. Maybe nobody gives him an opportunity coming to a cane. There's some out there. But luckily for dale when he got an opportunity he's taken advantage of I mean we're talking about it gotten now. They clearly on the radar when you think about what he said up in what he duties at his first Steelers here. He's probably here I mean he really. And you think about it that's just in the things neat I mean. It was last year. You do get it to about it did gain in you've gone like would got a dad you know from a standpoint if you look at his track record in the game where he came from. He's he's a longshot to make hasty he went from longshot to make the team when he signing in his sprang into August. The Vienna that it was. That he can you as most relied upon defendant this year for the Saints. And now this in like I said yesterday. I wanna sit back and pain of pitcher. That's something it doesn't resemble anything it would actually go on such had to simplify yesterday Marcum now and Ian. Where the Saints are right now crede finished a couple of weeks to practice. And it on apprentice is the Patriots before Thursday's first pre season game. If we go from one years the next. You optimist and I mean I'm talk in what you would have just won you to the Knicks for instance masters they would talk about all week. Nancy it is now I stepped on a scale August 8 in Mitzi I was it 220. Sam. Tomorrow I step on the scale. Same date all the associated eighth army in ninth and it's 213. What do we know for shall we know for sure just from one year to the Knicks. From seven at thirteen I'm six pounds heavier now. Opponents under ladies at the only way you could call it if you if you go about what the Saints defense in May this year and how they looked at practice. Verses eight years later. From turnovers. They have improved. Now how much have they improved its total continue to develop all your ball. But I would tell you starting tomorrow. And Wednesday. When you look at how the Patriots look. I guess the Saints. In the middle all of us last year at West Virginia. And we go from that. Joint practices last year. To the dollar prizes this year. Game if I go about what we saw us all that we should see that a planned defense tomorrow and if we do. And they are improved. Up to that point and a now caveat is. Can they would they be improved. When week one comes around from Asia's first game it is his first game and though so on and so. But right now when you hear Bobby talked deuce guys who play ball at the highest of levels had a lot of success. Other pro people. You I was gonna take into consideration. And their opinion is more about it validates the situation more and I'm I'm I'm a harm personal bull that. 'cause they know more about it they played. But just from a standpoint when you think people to sugarcoat and I. From last year at this time August 8 to today the Saints defense is better. Would get a better indication. Just tomorrow and Wednesday if Tom Brady goes eight you know what on the saint Nike did last year. And you know I'm not saying it did not going to be improved from that from that aid to Morris beat. If we would say now they have. When you compare notes. But that bustle on the that is on. Coming out on the TV as we go to Britain dismal choral music how many times. Have you heard me in the last eleven years we heard Drew Brees say. That was the worst practice I hand maybe two worst practice. And Sydney obviously a lot of it on him. But he also be a great defense. I don't think there are out they trust me the way guys compete in out there to make some ideas feel good you know. Is in Bobby Brady nice teeny kindness in him and he came home standing Marcia L had a trophy reform because they wanted to feel good is that pro football. So I I would. Suggest and it buys just listen to the pros. That Tate Tate did take better. Because what we heard thus far they are about. Right comment we it to some phone lines and a lot more to get to and the code word in the 1000 Allen nationwide has contests on WW. Yes there about 1 o'clock the NF now. Football operates out tweaked army of fans. And ideas and Euro Pro Football Hall of Fame game. It is now as tank in FL ops makes should the feud Israeli. Operation done and you know dotcom and the games managed game and when you going to mean immediate readers to you how much of a snap the disease course that it no. Few things play. A more important role in the quality integrity and safety in the NFL game and the playing field. Playing services must be in the best possible condition. To showcase the players he knows. And now dissidents. Home teams are responsible for insuring that the Theo to meet NFL standards. Okay. Does it within 72008. Home game clubs must certify that the fields are in compliance. So. Well. In. Eight. To ensure. Then it comply. With safety regulations would get beat and called the game until an hour before was bought plate. Fields that don't meet NFL standards must be fixed. And retested before game day. So if you just go by this three bullet points in which the NFL themselves sent to their fans to ensure a level playing field. Mentally as they say. And that Theo don't lead the NFL standards must be fixed in re tested before the game. And you go back one before you see 72 I was one shouldn't he have known. On Friday. That the deal weren't ready. And they critter he tested this thing maybe Saturday maybe Sunday morning. In the end as mark told you defeat in the stadium didn't know until maybe a half hour fifty minutes. That the game was in the game we frenetic and about 2 minutes before 6 o'clock as was was goat if there network and Westwood One for pregame carts. Oh where you know. As much as we love football and things are not always ending bear in mind and I made him play two games I always seem to hurt. If you good errand and in the C inactive get knocked off awesome habit. Think about. The league in sports and they can't 'cause like he's you know lack and we do that because McCain. But. The that there has an arrogance a way about them. That baseball basketball. Hot hand they may have won them but they don't. And in things like this maybe sometimes at home was David. But it hurt my fear come Agassi more because simplest will be be the Cowher in the nationwide 1000 dollar Coke has contest on WW.