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08/09 - Beyond Reality Radio - Luis Minero and out-of-body experiences; listener calls, and more

Aug 9, 2016|

Out-of-body experiences with International Academy of Consciousness Director Luis Minero - what makes an OBE, and what do they mean?

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This episode of beyond reality radio aired. August 9 2016. And we are here it's. Our Jason Hawes GB Johnson and it's Tuesday night welcome to another. Expedition into the weird in the unknown in the paranormal welcome. You can chase that's pretty much than normal day and analyze I believe Jim there really isn't about will we do 24 hours a day everyday of the week so up but it would welcome we got a great show lined up for you tonight of course visit the website if you are interested in. Checking out chat room that's where it is beyond reality radio dot com. There's just not a lot of great people in there as well right now so I'm in Jimmie and I hear counts Lia -- chief technical professional are constantly in there hang in Allen talking with everybody so makes you tune in -- that they you do that with their quotes that you like that -- JPG view the answer that debacle DJ it's panelists Steve it's I'm the only person in the world he allows a call column Stevie. I know what's funny when we started doing the program and you know I used javy and you can see Jimmy people like who's Jimmie and am I going to people in the world they can call me agent Jimmy my mother in Jason's got sick. But we have Bob we've got a great show lined up don't forget the told free listener line is a 446877669. Will be taking listener calls throughout the show we've got a gray. Guess wanted to tonight. Honestly edited and this is a great subject and we got Lewis and narrow from the international academy of consciousness. He's going to be talking about out of body experiences. I'm meridian to different things because he's on their website they talked about a psychic abilities and and also how you can teach yourself to do out of body experiences. That also comes down to the thing where remote viewing and being able to salt project yourself to different areas. So we're gonna get into a lot of that and then tomorrow night. Tomorrow and it's a really great night we were supposed to have a couple people on talking about multiple multi dimensional time traveling. And hold off on that just a little while but. We've got a director Oliver Irving and debt actor John pattern you guys would probably know John hatter best as he was Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite. They're going to be on tomorrow night talking about the show by the movie that they just a ghost team. Steve and I both did a budget cameos in the movie and posted want FaceBook to mine and spend. And playing lots and lots of times so and it's a funny movie really is and if it's great is wild. But John headers just so awesome he's funny and down he did a great job and Napoleon Dynamite when my favorite movies he's also their film bench warmer so. There was. Not long ago my he's my son loves it always wanted to return comes on so I'm really anxious to to talk with them and I'm anxious to learn more about go. Steam because it does sound great it's a funny movie and it just just holding it send me the whole screen play on and everything else when man because they contact me wanting me to do some cameos and and the semi the screenplay and I was reading in a practices. It's it's fun and it's not just funny arm and making fun of him making fun of it. But it's fun and they they enjoy doing it I think that that right there are set him apart from for most of the other movies out there. And then of course Thursday they were bringing Steve Huff under the program from off paranormal or anxious talked to him about his. Experiences in reaching out to some celebrities and notable personalities that have passed on specifically Robin Williams who. We actually played on an earlier program some of the sessions that he had where he claims he got the VP from Robin Williams. Yes and Thursday and Monday show I will be here but I'll be remote because of the out in South Carolina so armed. And it definitely sound different but now we're we're gonna make this word. Yet road to baptism by fire here as we have Jason had a second week it as a courier lives at sake we get a program and try something very technically challenging but we could we should be able to make it at the data and a radio show motel room engineer on itself. You know we last night we had them a guest on who Ian holed hula was bit of an expert in the Dracula legend and we talked about vampires one and one of them segments we talked about. People real people who claimed to be vampires or Lou vampire lifestyle. And just so happens there's a gentleman. In England who identifies himself as a vampire. This made news today in USA today. He sleeps in a coffin and he actually drinks blood. On human blood. While he drinks cow blood and pigs blood but also human blood substitute which I'm not really sure what that is but must have some human blood components in an aura just looks like he regularly and ninety in my mind if he is he related of an important part he probably is he has some blood relative and no pun intended actually pun intended. He changed its name to darkness glad. Tatis and he's been living as a vampire for thirteen years now see that kills it right there white like he did it change your name to something so blown out. Come on he actually had a custom. Coffin made so that he can sleep and at the coffin is six feet seven inches long and he is six feet six inches tall so we just bits and it. But the reason this became a news story is he feels he's being persecuted. Arches doesn't everybody you turn everybody does he went to a bar with some friends and he was immediately being. Picked on I guess noses a six foot six guy can imagine whatever but he's being picked god. By a bunch of people in the bar for the way he dressed and they were saying things like. In a world we were abused as a child is that what would the reason you are the way you are. He's 25 years old and he said he felt so we shamed and embarrassed that anybody would ask him those types of questions just because of the lifestyle choice. That he has made well I don't think anybody should judge somebody for the way they dress or the way they choose to look I think that's that's childish on those peoples and pass. You know but then and in return. You've got to. I hate to say a B you have to pretty much being prepared for people to to ask you questions. About half when you when you're you when you're different than the norm of what they're used to it did do I feel that's right now if somebody wants to dress a certain way to teach their own I don't care. But. And he got to be prepared for that I I just think in this world people need to grow thicker skin the only do nimble he says he might be a vampire but he still wants to be treated like everybody else people's have to accept the fact that. What's normal to them is not necessarily normal to him and vice Versa. You know he can't expect some if you if you are vampire you can expect. The rest of the people altered to treat you normally. When they know it's tough it's really tough situation. You you're drinking animal blood you're drinking human blood but hey you wanna hang out and be friends and m.'s most. Be able to falsely next UN trust the American and on me. And when he was asked. What it meant to be a vampire he said to be vampires to believe that he has a living body but it did soul and he thinks is a lot of preconceptions about being a vampire from films and books like twilight Dracula. He said garlic doesn't affect them and here's what article if you quite happily walk around in the sunlight. And he said the coffins sleeping in the coffin is purely choice. That he made as a vampire it's not one but he has to do but it's one that he does because it feels right. Then that's he hopefully he's willing to answer people's questions and just deal yes there's somebody asks me a question about my life. Choices. I answered bottom line I'm mark to sit here and and complain about it. We're gonna go to break in just a minute before adieu adieu let's go to the phones as we do have somebody's been waiting on the line since before the program started Brian. You're around young reality radio welcome to the program. You know you Brent. Cardinal Bernard. Or that are great we pull them from. Well that's yeah you you called two weeks ago last week. I have. There are located two years ago. App by app that credit for. Ed that it's what about. You know and in the many times. Oh yes I attitude that there are indeed gave her I loved what who. Outlook or their possible. Oh. I let it go. It appeared guard by area. Yes I'm number up. That area and in on an investigation and feel free stuff on mine off from Osama some filming a photo from filming then it's kind of tough spot. Yeah man he brought his secret CIA sonar. We've inquiry. I want to drive out of the brick brewing at greater Serbia are both Bob. Here are the Beck who has. On the court said. Is there in high school days that there at. Well if you go to more ghosts dot com they handle all all the merchandise stuff they handle it taps. Hats and T shirts and and all that stuff so there it says more ghost dot com. Bert. Dubbed by a parent or tube called up Britain's. Bridge fit for our season they're horrible we sure that is that the Baylor being. Awesome well congratulations you guys and hopefully everything goes well but they cynical. The brain thinks about. Oh they're oh god it's so great. Rockwood golf tour. Right now aren't awesome they give thanks for Conan O'Brien we're gonna take a break its young male. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right after an arrest. You need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. Every launch to serve you better. That's right go to the web sites taps her bag dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedic dot com. And our guests. This. A member of the international academy of consciousness victories director I believe that the California. Office in the spring Louie into the program Louie Louis welcome to the program he wanna say Lily but it's Lewis right. Yes this is a surge thank you so much. A welcome to beyond reality Rio it's great to have you on the program. My pleasure my pleasure acute. So before we get too deeply into the hole out of body experience discussion tell us a little bit about yourself. And I got into this field work. Well. Much media or you guys put it in the universe we expect chemistry graduate at the perimeter for my background clearly immoral but. A miserable trying to pick against but you actually started having these experiences when I was twelve. It may have been involved in peril the opt. You know on opinion yet you I didn't know that what's that mean to them if everybody did it hurt nobody did it I need to include part of having the men they were so. I guess so normal so natural for me that. You know allow the U weapon until I was about eighteen but I realized that not everybody was in bed and not that you might start to to read a little bit more about it all the need for separate and eventually you know when I look at my luck here all the try yeah found or right. I became associated with the LAPD. In Britain not elect covet your. On equipment and right on the coverage pool quite a bit not hear a lot about on the subject that Bennett became mom a researcher and instruct parliament Europe's well. So so Lewis when you're when you're talking about your experiences that you're talking about out of body experiences. You have to I am talking about out of body experience as he had been viewed about you know what I was a teenager I just didn't know. Again I get some of them openly welcome apple fooled the re more something I have communal what that would mean. To give a bit might just remember that I would go to bed thinking. I wish checked and how to pack of like Kool green I get to the work that I would you. Back that. And how do you define and eight ET there out of body experiences that you had how do you define it because his difference between. What you experience in May be a near death type out of body experience. Yes there there comes from the fact that especially the main difference is I get this what what a multi hop but the I'd be out of body experience normally happens at night normally when people are keeping not not model we. But it is Colombia not in the middle of the day he had been what happened pick that you peace Quebec from your physical body and being that you. You'll are we here on shall look script but outside of your body and you can Helen experience where you hadn't or are things you can learn things you cannot travel to be complete system that you compact your physical body and you bring the memory of what about being you more into your brain into your punch felt so speak so we nepotism experiencing which we're aware. Anywhere outside the pure physical body. If you are. The year a little bit on neutral site know that sometimes it may be some listeners might have you know picnic spirits are sometimes we have home where the level about where to record a little bit more intermediary. And then they can get on fuel would agree more with a little creeped me. But the classical piece because a lot of by the experience. You are aware or we are so where we are right now. But you know it worked Alaska. We do we need if you're you know BP W war are we aware you know we. We Nolan you know all the listeners will know that they are aware. So you find yourself with that same level drop Larry what you are outside the body. So those are people actually able to teach themselves how to do. Out how to do on a body. Yes yes indeed actually that's one of our biggest. You know objectives it in a B I feel you know teach people how to how to help you develop that skill and now we've been to India for over twenty years pretty much over the world you know. Euro a US. Up Americo stride yet pepper I'll only proper. And we have seen a lot of people you know develop their skills and it in essence it's a matter all. You know it's a matter of the occasion really like anything in life sides the matter of receiving some information and training a little bit in the cup articles from developing. It takes proper maybe go to mom for people to develop. Oh. Her death. Lewis and beyond. Give us an example of the type of experience that you had when you first started having your out of body experiences. Sure court for example of the the first of year that I have when I'm well quite how to but I'm. Mark. I give him an older computer that's a pretty wild but the Bratton what up party. I'm not talking about the game actually an actual computer and recommending the eighty yet beckoning me hate me you know abated that that had about. Computer beat him how hard is it look a little pool for a twelve year old Kuwaiti man peers. That I I have to turn that on and I have programs something in these programming language basic which sticking profit off. Ed now and then when I turned off it would completely on so I have the habit of mean from Lynn you know putting my hands on the keyboard been thinking about the little program but I going to be time. I'm twelve back and and now and then we'll turn on you know program at play with that for a Koppel about Portland and permit often about the end of that put on these specific needs a spectacle that EP. And then that the computer what actually might rule might Wear it a Mac that what might he be back then. And I just simply went in light bound in my bed and so let's keep but didn't prom because of what some more. In electoral elect dvd may be about how often our leader. I he realized that I was you know they're not about black and white keep year with my hands on the keyboard. And been notable opponent he'd go on on me way to effect on -- ankle deep in the moment but it turns around you know look at my bad I told my physical body and that sort of like who prying media attributed scare me to increase startled me and that means be made me read turn into my physical body and level up immediately. And it was very it was very dear to me that I what's out there and I remember even kept on you know likes being afraid you know I'm out there but a year. But what beer but a year and on that didn't understand what happened but it was very. Peter commute that putt that had a part. They're by the spectacle out of him not with a lot of frequent Larry he may be. Once a year or so. Re a B I I have no idea how we can do them. But many times when I was a teenager I was you know while let my body you know loading or or flying about how old woman he might ball walking round. And guys you know whatever what's going on in the house yet the beginning I didn't know you know how do you have when I was about sixteen or seventeen it remembers thinking look and see cricket on firm the experience it because I expected to expect that it lasted just you know up every dvd dream and then something that I could be it is I would. You know in India by the experience I would I would fly maybe elect the Rio four blocks away from mighty from howls in that will try to keep a car a work park you know over there on best tweet tonight we'll try to memorize that sequence of the corner of a car and in the life of late. All want them. And welcome back my physical body in the year you have you know you often mean there are walking that way yen in the morning you know why you jab months and that the real corporal vocal and informed he basically you know what I ready keynote by the body. I remember one even way back in that Korea liberty science you know like beat the you know the statistics. All tribunal. What would be the probe be YouTube guessing something like that anyway. One means seven or eight million put to beat the an and will be beat it beat secret in the number but of course in my mind I knew. I didn't get. I sort. You've not been a chemical firm that. But the probe BP's interest in but Eden you need to mind it was very geared to complete so it memorized the impact on. So one up at the beginning yet they were very simple experience. Well and when you're talking about doing these out of body experiences so you're able to manipulate it to the point where. You're able to control whether you walker you fly. Yes actually you'll you'll witness who are you. Outside the body in the hands. You know getting a little bit into the meeting greedy. I don't know Oprah you might have heard from ligament might have. Might have already read that when you are outside the body you can go from critical things where you can go through the wall and then be called because you don't make any compact with the physical reality to what ends up happening in the answer if that view your feet or defeat of your throat body let me put it the way the can make contact with the ground by there so they're original. Lecture on our preacher on the you don't expect you know La. One one important bit of a northern you imports from the ground put down to a record you've you've never walked back. You you actually didn't have sometimes we joke that we can recommend you know a lot protect our short people are leaving the body for the first time because even though they're combing up ground level sort of click lit be beating your direction. Big on who you. And there you know trophy in Lex wanted from them the other something good if not meant for aria type of body but it took comic actor but. It. Becomes a habit or what you annually yet what you're used to doing it's it's routine. For this you up their network we're talking. We're talking about out of body experiences with Louis Merrill. Mitch national academy consciousness. And it's this is a highly highly interesting subject him. Yeah absolutely we're gonna take a break when we come back regain in this more detail about. Who lewis' experiences his book and his organization felt coming up. They welcome back. And we are talking about out of body experience. Experiences tonight with Louis Merrill of the international academy of consciousness. Lewis we've been we were talking about your first experiences. Started to run your career twelve years old and you describe one experienced just where you. Or working on a computer in your room you realize that you had fallen asleep earlier you termed. A round. Saw your body and that's what drew you back your body and basically ended year out of body experience at that point. When you were in that out of body experience state were you able to manipulate objects. I know. No no no oil or. Let me see you know sometimes speak speak we can't beat the number occasional what is possible Parcells will be slightly. So in theory you'd be possible when you're in an out of body experience to manipulate Baltic it's great Turkey possible then. One tie web successful long bout but he is very unlikely it took require some or all of problem. He gets a lot of experience collider and a lot of bio and I get a development people most you know may be. Make indeed accomplish especially now that we are in the if you promote the Olympic. Almost like the equivalent both file weaning Amendola the Olympic that you know it's not. Joked they need purse on the knuckles they are certainly on the pulpit but he eats something rare. If something that require a lot of development but you possible yes it's possible. So Lewis another question though when you're when you do an out of body experience of course that's. What do you what do you think it is is your energy that you're. And that you're you're sending out there that is now in in it at different roam more one explain it to. Okay. You know loud so they read what you realize when you have an out of body experience if that you have because they're you call all money from these combat by duke have been called the upper body I'm just gonna give it a more maybe the most popular term obviously appreciative many other national product. You you willed the body help would be beyond provide yet and yet so protectionist but it connection right. Dick dvd. Some people ought to be emotional body the body of that we should affect cook told my pepper sold BP basically the aspect that separates from New York but you won't. What we coal you know behold but on cosmic speed pelican principal goals would be if we do by the end in the eighties you'll win it out there you weren't the one that is but he how you'll have expected your you know your your bully pulpit money sent into Libya are providing you. You'll you know when you come from joke and they say when I am out let my body I have all of my bad jokes and will to. The crack in the same person not to do that I happy you know well I mean die in the physical reality be it ignited my yes sir pixels will be yes and spat once we console where he'd score lines typical back. Pop widgets by the way it went with the interest in benefits of the out of body experience that we can you know very directly. Experience in real life in in not very practical fashion that we will continue leaving enough that we passed away. So when you when you are able to project yourself file or do an out of body experience. Does that put you into the same Rome or the seem. Part of connection has the spirit realm where museum people I have a Tennessee deceit ghosts and and entities. Yet don't seem get the role. How grave failure. Couldn't be sure mark they do you trust what what happens when you when you have enough credit bureau could that there. Meaning many that mean trolls or frequency of reality before political realities of people are describe that and then you can being the basic Cole real Dolly could totals become compete fight here a little bit and you could see that things are happening in the typical. Bottle for you can be protected in all their free quick pick another big topic Chris a. Okay so what and of course for a lot of people out there on. Well there's all different frequency just right don't even sound there's some sounds that we are not able to hear. Because they're different frequencies even though there's there they are unfair just or just trying to. Make it easily explainable. So if you're able to do an out of body experience would that enable you to the ability to connect to where the spirit realm with if you project yourself out. Who would that sort of allow you the ability to connect with somebody who may be in the spiral. Yeah absolutely you know what some people collect or what you can do expression plead the fifth where people hollered at me who put other people called them spiritual plane and be current the plains where you know all of the BB Eagles at how already passed away are and weak yen you know depending on your level of experience. You can. Basically basic goal almost any of them. For that matter. Aren't so menu. The possibility then is who especially when it comes down to somebody who claims to be psychic or is actually sensitive. Is there. So. If there are they while they're being able to connect to that spare around. Are they doing that just through their owner in in her abilities are they able to sort of I guess. Thin veil between where they are now and an out of body experience. He he yet basically they're doing it through some of their own abilities that bear most of the time spent having an out of body experience but what they are. You looking at a very different capacity which you some time that the park video you know all week we should not being able to read the united ticket information from. Indeed more total lane sometimes they have a little bit more of probable you know and then some of them are able to feel a little bit better what is happening in you some of these claims. In some of them may be have a plural Libya and they're able to hear a little bit better you know that spirit in these spiritual real easily and he can vary depending on Bowden on Viet BP that they have been able to develop most of the time they're not having an OB. But even then. Of course is operatives are very very isolated very the very real indeed. And what I'm saying is not not to be having an out of body experience but being able to thin the veil between. Being in our in our realm are our world. And the the Astro projection room if if they can thin that veil between that or somehow have the ability do that without actually self projecting themselves on their body. That would gripes is thinning the realm and that that could explain how certain sensitive are able to make contact with the spirit realm wall being. Just a wide awake late we are now. Yes indeed expect it. Expected. We're talking with Louis Monaro author of the book to mystifying the outer body experience and we are talking about out of body experiences. We have a couple callers on the line which will go to right after this break it's beyond reality radio we. Jason and change feet. It was 67. Seven C 869. Big game it's TV from beyond reality radio when I just want to remind you it's Garrett Connor is approaching quickly you need to put it on your calendar. It's September 30 and October 2. What is scary kind of masked his scare come is a fan convention for lovers of there. Or scifi and pop culture and entertainment the skirt and we can include celebrities from your favorite. And TV shows the need vendors informative panels film screenings parties and much more it's a weekend full of fun and socializing with some great people. If you need more information about Erica on check out the website it's Garrick con dot com. Also subscribe to the email list for frequent updates security none is being held September 30. And October 2 and turning stone casino resort in Verona New York. There will be the best weekend of the year and you don't wanna miss it. At the website it's scary con dot com. That's Gary Condit dot com for all the latest information. And don't forget to check out FaceBook page seats here. We've got a couple of special guests kind of a last minute addition to the show but it's pretty exciting when Jake. I'm bringing Jon Heder in and Oliver Irving both. I have no idea who you're talking among. The yep Jon Heder who is the star of Napoleon Dynamite Quaid Napoleon. And Oliver Irving who is director. And they just to the movies would Justin Long and a bunch of other great actors Steve and I did some cameos in the movie in the movies called ghost team. And it's a funny movie and I can Agassi comes off for release are not sure how they're doing about it comes up for release on Friday. They're all a premiere party tonight I was supposed to be in New York I just couldn't make it. Let's Tibetan that would have been a lot of fun but it kind of timing and windfall going into like Halloween seasons of the deal. Absolutely yeah and it's going to be agree it real I think everybody seizes his government. Maliki and watch the trailer fork as Tahoe areas movie it's great yeah. I our guest is Louis may narrow author of the book to mystifying me out of body experience we are talking. About out of out of body experiences of regular phone line though is if you don't mind we have a dean from South Dakota. Who wants to share an experience with a steam welcome to be on reality radio. Terrific good welcome to show. And think you are. So mining. Experience. I know it's who was near death flesh is what lake near death without dying. Do look at look into this before I know it's something that those here reported but it's not very frequent. But I was living in taxes up the time are probably nearly ten years old. And experimenting. With meditation. And aren't sure that no corner corner quite. And I was you know so very relax then as I became more remarks and sort of let go I did notice. Some things becoming taller and darker and the like export some argue this is like. May be in taxes but. Certain in my face everything was like just pitch black in other the pitch blackness came up here seeing sort of white light. And are very sort of gravitating toward this Hawaii. Offense. Sort of peace. And holders since the settlements in Wolverine. Sort of very much distance are meaningless walked market being on the being cradled an old. That very sort of to move children to their other realm or feel what it's supposed. There was no really communication error or are so you'll certainly expressed to me that this. Sort of feeling of completion. By certain psychic interpreted flying. On but the one thing I think it's served notice where. While it was an error. I was. The only person on the other side and it felt like there were other. Thousand sorts millions of other sort of mind their people to sort of on the other side. And after that for record electric sector now and woke up they're still sitting on the edge of my bed. In broad daylight little tester. My only dean that's a great story hold on we have to go to a break that we have to take and am anxious to get lewis' take on that story in your experience so don't go anywhere you're listening to beyond reality rated case. Genome. Teixeira pretty do you tell them pretty amazing story would this about an out of body experience. That he had and I'm anxious to get our guest Lewis and arrows take on the story and Dina are you still with us. Okay and Louis so what did you think again story. Korea you I think it's great you know lime something that happened crop. What people are dictating it because several of the elements of medi patient actually are very similar to BL amend or Tibet techniques for leaving the body and soul even even though maybe taken very Chordiant Moffitt health. It may get a strategy for leaving the body not the best book deal because. You're full quotes because you're on because current because you're very concentrated. It's not uncommon to hear that several people and having an out of body experience from a maybe page. Gate and didn't you know what you know what mentioning of course it. You know why are right on the you know when when you have an out of body experience you can have the experience a federal people who have near the experience how so you can in -- embedded -- some of the -- where people want to develop them. Because you can. Cleric crumple you can see you that you bowl beyond the pitcher Cole light expect you will sort by critical path. Who comprise and relatives have a rate by the way you certainly. Could see the light improbable I hate that you arrive at different reality sort that main source spiritual leader who were calling them something very very important vehicles so. With the out of body experience. We complain now what is our life but our life purples like the mean the only objective that we actually Latin that we actually decided before being born. Soul you know. What what could that we wanted to accomplish initially. So. So you can put because you have here you know several spills those elements found. Are you need the sometimes ones we have one. You know developing the skill via BP B completely bet liberties here because we know more that's what we're import now. Dean do you feel as though that experience changed your life. It it did very much so is it sort of cemented. Naive understanding. Of the spiritual world and how. Expanse that they can be. And also hold on for dear I am too with the environment around myself. And now Lewis I'm assuming that's a that's a pretty common feeling from somebody who's had that kind of experience. Yes yes indeed it you know something interesting even with these six period expect of course he you know total these. I get a clue phones even though when he had the experience it what haven't. Because sometimes the wind. What people how their first experience for a compliment they are you speak the youth he's sort of like Abby. A bigger change simply because the first fifty years have been on -- Be living -- on Barrett the EU how great a yacht apparently -- Mara I'm sort of speak in the week we are very concerned of course naturally so we are delighted with our draw which you know picking you know you sure have struck sport Asia and in -- and you see such a big shift. You know at the moment but it happens while we are people -- her you know war or seventy. Probable interesting that you know hole and -- -- very political crucial for where you'll be also came even -- you how to putt and sometimes what we are ten you know we just seem pure ready for lop. You can only guy in it took him become a become perspective everything that we interpret it Knoll are the people and growing increment if from perspective because we had to pick spirit took some commentary have such a radical shift so. Well is that help you hunting. Our great thanks for the call thank you sharing that story will this. Louis I did wanna go back to your original experience when you're twelve years old the first out of body experience you had. And you know one of the questions you must get from lot of people who were. Curious about this in May be some skeptics is how do you know it wasn't a dream. Ahead yet you know on really need let let the main thing that the mean mean mean mean when Europe like a party you that you are we here. You work on Q you you know we know what do we mean feels like and we know lobbying now we're feels like court being not weak -- like that's where what sort of -- guy you know mentioning at the beginning you know we who worked a lot of people at the moment that there are at least mean could be shall you know aren't they aware or big screaming and you know we don't even need to clean turtles we are the -- that we are where we are in that same level of awareness while we are out at a party but. Because you know it's such a different condition it is very common at the beginning you know for people who wore on formation which is what what I would leave no matter what seventeen or eighteen you know try to cool on firm you know about. What what -- what's actually real hot you do that you. You Turkey able to see everybody go through a phase of confirmation and and what they have confirmed that you know a couple of times been. They usually upset you know lob we took him across from the pack that we are. Where that we are our interest in electric again exactly like what we are right now it and furthermore. Sometimes that can be outside the body and we can be even more aware than what we are right now. Which it sold a very interesting. To police and from beach and I'm sure the duke you you know many people have already read and or hurt. Accountants. People who'll be Ryan would be moment of expansion of the awareness and you. Have a better maim more you have more logic you'll have better command of your internal processing averaging just much more year they didn't win we are here you cited the error. Our physical body. All right so I'm not. Well look I'm aware of so quick question on when it comes down to out of body experiences you being able to project yourself on your body and travel and pretty much anywhere. Which it in the next hour will also talk about that remote viewing because it's an out of body experience if you think about it. But it doesn't that also take away. The ability to it for anybody to have privacy if you think about it because if somebody can protect themselves on their body and travel anywhere they want. And not be seen in the physical realm like we're seeing now. It's sort of gives that person the ability to enter other people's homes. She's still in the somebody's bathroom or other taking a shot any any of these things. Which also fault falls under the whole aspect with. Leo saying remote viewing which we'll get into when we can we come back from the break bottom. So you sort of lose your privacy if you have somebody. New remote viewing somewhere locally. Or write or or Arlington. Right noted that there are two things here of course. The fact that we are privacy or order the fact that both usually we view our privacy allowed explained that in effect a the fact that we usually equals noodles are privacy. Do you Billiton could hardly say that the effort by the experience prefer not happen. So if you will be out of body experience and her privacy been you know we'll do an excellent duty puppet who. What I'm saying is somebody projecting themselves out of body in being allowed to go anywhere they can enter to make it into your home without you knowing it. Or any any of these things so you when you meet sit back and hope that the person doing out of body experiences. Or who's able to project themselves out has enough common courtesy or respect not to invade anybody's privacy but now hang on because. I know Jimmie we get that we take very. Brand is known around radio Jason Hawes JV Johns we have a lot of people want to hold the wanna talk toward guest Lewis men Errol Louis is the author. Of a book called to mystifying the out of body experience we've been talking about out of body experiences. For the first hour we're gonna continue. That conversation we've got Cody from Indiana. On the line I want to share an experience Cody oh you're on beyond reality radio with JB Johnson Jason and Louis. Out of bodies whereupon my income walked into my buddies out. Everybody lover of NASCAR has quite literally like a drop out of body experience like with the you know the week. He explained. He said you said if you'd like gladly listen no you go ahead. It is time and Chordiant at what you. You hit that everybody mask and they were leaving them. You know blue light into. My buddy's house by a lot similar bodies out and they all that mask on or should it. It was organic dinner and light outer body experience that I held living here I don't awake we'll go. It was a wake Lewis when he knew when he felt like he was awake when it was happening. It OK okay. You know it is. Certainly we we we feel the united very key here we're we're having an out of body experience now. I cannot tell you expect he what what the math clear but what sometimes happens. If at a higher level of awareness dropped it out of body experience it. The important that we are we weren't perfect count that we are having big start to become get it started. Below become Meeks in the with a dream and become prime without having read the elements indeed intermediary type of experience. And back could be able to be PO you know what what's happening up at certain moments we are very aware. It gave you know literal on the you know what there's a little bit of three images coming into play something that happened could be out of body experience if it is very different from a political reality he's stepped. While we are in the physical reality PL winner man he is to a certain expand a unbeaten after simply being a week if something bad. Hard work a physical body gives us the physical body almost like a cup electrical port. But the moment that we. Spent outside the body awareness pick a marine colonel. I've beat your tree and that's inaccurate what people need to develop in the Ecuadorian out of body experience so we can be a we're one more men and they and you know pretty effective leader may be the awareness dropped a little bit. I didn't we need to trains walked law be able months payment. Uptight about hope that you affect the body. That yep. But I hope that helps you thought let's let's have let's move on tended to Millie. Who's calling also with the experience that she wants to share Millie welcome to be on reality radio. Hello welcome to shelter or. Great right. Did you wash your experience known. You know I have a bullet has makes so many. Aren't. Well I just find a slave like. Roy started. You mean that's just it to help but I don't try to do it. I can make you feel like you know strong example of like when I was six or seven. Sure give us an example on. OK so I relate best and moving around. And I was. Nearly a foot chase or not bucket that are are I think it is fractured they hold here. China earn all that I camera anyway the next thing I know is I'm looking at the top of my pet. From the stealing. And I can feel. Remember those old school. Edit the right kind of root. Are feeling good about. I kind of thing. Now the sand painted to textured tape stealing it doesn't amount. And it's armor it's not that is below the fact that we take down now but it was great ski in the back of my neck. But I didn't have like a body I had a body in space. But I did traps you couldn't see the outline of my audience. But I could feel it on my neck out the air but it could feel it. And my body and I am looking down upon a couple currently had warmed up and I'm watching my Papa the fault line. And then it was just it worse or I would like couldn't get back in. And I was I was really worried that the front door we have like double front doors are quick the world that are open book or. And I that I would flutter to the trying to get our body and know little or no risk I was still doing what I was doing. That's. You know when I was six. An extent might that happen like why are being app may or the biography shots and our. It's I'm hoping that it. And a white and notre. Yeah things like about your and I have had one time doctor. Or a type has something. I woke up and I was. I have a fifteen at that time and I tolerance that I was just supper in the corner looking down on both about the incredible that was an actual actions are. I don't know without it I thought what a what is that. He was a Ph.D. so I don't. I don't know it's. Like it's. Sounds sounds like do these experiences kind of are a bit frightening for you. Yeah they're they're not fun because I don't have control. Yeah I'd be in you know are actually. The story just took it into the web something that completely about. That can happen and talked with people that you know when they have the mental parity. Not to useful companion speaks sometimes the I have very frightening just because the person without expecting epidemic but should be from reality here soul how they are. That of course the normal reaction of the person makes what is happening. You know what. What is going on especially old way if you feel what about you know she was saying that sometimes you feel that leap erotic pickups are returning. And you cannot move your physical body and that usually scares people. Even more I remember the first summit summit I felt that that would maybe 1617. And you'll I actually thought I had by which I I the only if you happen. But I ignored that back end and the difference really because I still feel the expectations but. The important theory how old the person interpret that because it meant her outlook we beat a very natural capacity is stupid because we don't know where that the women happens to a combat mineral that night that normal reaction and we thought information it. What's going on. But not home but I feel led the way and I feel it when I feel so different types of occasions my reaction mixed. Great fury gold to base working and really the difference is took having that information and know wean you know why people think our current. If you electrical pearl so you can pitch you have talked quite a bit predictable income. And because of that it would be good for you can learn certain. And they did it or by an Arctic expert striker so that it only happens when you want it and the bottom happened while you're driving more in a better you know equations or it might be. I knew the danger. And help Miller. Yeah it does I just learned that they that I don't have those let them asleep. I have this. Well I don't waste your weak economy and all else only play and I can float around and likened slot. But I don't like how are you can't we might buy a bike in our body down there what they're what else I mean I have on here I wire around. And I can you know around. But yes I entity backed up. Tim thanks Noah yeah thanks for sharing that and and and Lewis that some you know you you understand it completely you've heard that before it. Yes yes it could affect the verdict might buy a Buick Buick that many times but that's why we're mentioning you know something that is important piece of information because it's such a different world. Battle UP you know La wanton and here you can for a school to look a certain extent you look we can't predict correctly. Let's go to at Leona I'm going to tell you pronounces the name in Texas welcome to beyond reality radio. Yeah. And welcome to show. Ain't it. One patient experience. Hasn't really changed my life there's things that happened back in 2009. I've been sensitive. To keep let crossover together Chinese everything that would eight years old. IE I have had I have had dreams of people out of the way that I never evening meal. The day before I was born and find out what her little tiles. But that got older. My experience is have to cut it. More dramatic. Back in 2090. My husband and I went into you it at Lexington and Corbett scripting. We wanted it it'd actually. Other show on tap. He went in there I myself a lot of that is soul. I told my husband it was a good you know public interest but nothing really happened turtle well really there. When that we got home. Exactly one week later after it. I actually I thought me and I I remember it being awake. Analysts on top of my old body but I was on the eagerly looking down. So I could see my body. Right underneath me speaking out at city. When they look toward the door of my own cut I would panic you know what that feeling. I is. This young man maybe about 1518. And and he had a hat and it says he is that something about the US. And I remember a panic because it was very pale I knew it was stated. They tried to cold you know one of the floor I quitting you're my body. I felt like it was going to hold bailing out of the house. And there. An uncle kind of packed away in 2006. I actually saw him in the kitchen and he pushed me back. And he says he kept nodding at me any at this sign saying it's not your time. Thirty kept pushing me back showing me if I'm. So. He pushed me awfully speculative realm and in that room right now by young man again. And he issuing letters but I couldn't read his letters digits or letters in his hand. When my uncle pushes me back into my body that's when I opened my eyes and I actually had chills all over my body. I still did and then called coming from head to toe. I hat I put my blanket automatically on it started to cry and is it I was so scared to look. Away from it like it because I felt like that young man was still there. So mom and you know that sounds like something Jason was talking about a little bit earlier and Louis you can tell me if I'm wrong here but we were talking about the ability of an out of body of expert of body experience actually contact. Or make contact with those who have passed on. Yes indeed I actually don't think about what somebody having an out of body experience for more than likely. I've she's seeing is somebody that how to ready passed but we in wins she'd be fitted you know the job in Florida placing Corpus Christi. Sometimes that the individual took a possibly and there are little bit on fuels they can and swim somebody physically it's a little bit more sensitive. And if the means something sometimes they need to pass. Pass on the message or. The Arab looking to be helped some how big in big on the computer but more to them and that's where when she have the experience you know one week later. You know he was still there are trying to sort of like to communicate to a certain extent with. With her so. It certainly sounds to me elected Knowles somebody at pottery the how to already passed the way you mandate. That's equation is not uncommon what is interesting about the out of body experience. You've not been happening that is partly because you have got Arctic spirit spot. Well unfortunately. It happens to what Laura people. And they don't realize that indeed out of body experience took in control I'll show the world. That app is happening but many people sometime you know lob some of these beings speak cruel to read me you know what people their picker or life for. A certain period of I'm not on base for a couple weeks. And then pop I haven't got pretty experienced with it reelect about it happening and been with him to cool things. So what's to help they have meant who you know also help our sales of we don't necessarily how that might. Yeah I Dioner thanks for the call we gonna take a quick break when we come back takes more calls for a Lewis Nelson wanna get into the remote viewing aspect of the whole thing we're talking about earlier so. US and Jason NG Giambi under Hillary he'll be right back after this. It was 67. Seven C 860. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right after an arrest in. You need to subscribe to taps paramedic. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps parent magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website just taps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com click on the subscribe now button. And through the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the paranormal community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Arab magazine again go to the website tab paramedic dot com. That's tabs paramedic dot com use promo code. Tomorrow night's program. Not Jon Heder and Oliver Irving. From the movie that you want to move cameo NJ a dream team era ghost a ghost in his dream team laugh at that and here's a plant in Brazil after a yeah a huge Jon Heder you'll know him he was the star Napoleon Dynamite played Napoleon and over Irving the director and they did a movie called ghost team. Steve and I did some cameos and it's agree movie comes out on Friday and yeah they're going to be on tomorrow discussing that session interest. And then Thursday it says Steve Huff from health paranormal been talked about his. Efforts to communicate some well known people who have passed on one being Robin Williams but tonight's guest is. Lewis minera we've been talking about out of body experiences and Lewis I'm just amazed at how many phone calls were getting. With people who've had these types of experiences. It yet and you know wow all of you to yet gotten picked. I -- I can you demise are short explanation of what is going on and hopefully a different perspective thing but really vary so much information in the lob. That they can get in -- -- -- committee you know debate skills bacon the battle plot to be able to deal with these well because he never sent something that you know maybe stating you'll be used. And after practice that that worked wheels are would be out of body experience if it but obviously we are not physical beings we are in the fiscal reality you have very conditioned by it but once we pass away we're going to be back at the real. And that's what we're going to keep on nick Hastings sort of speak so be out of body experience helps close who you know Null and understand in the band signal. These these reality the of course but. Are you can see purple but cold. Many times we have you know lomb. Be shook so bad horror. Small experience different from a big experiences with that the. Yeah we have Mike from Jersey City who wants to share an experience as well Mike welcome to be on reality radio. Mike Hsu religion as we lost him. So now we lost Micah let's go to Robin in Indiana Robin your on beyond reality radio. Hi guys blow to the sound. Think you. I wouldn't just give you an experience that I had an error since I was little I had during. Came true like weeks later. Just lending felt like I. Dream about being in the kitchen. And change certain things on the counter and then a few weeks later I would see it again. And then I also have signed to Wear. How wake up feeling like I just fell into bad. So I'm wondering you know is there to try to having OB east and psychic connect. Since. Once you hello Louis explained better. Her head yes absolutely actually you know a lot of the what we called psychic beat the source psychic connection. Are you seem to be basically. That normal part critical perhaps should not be escrow body get a body that you who we are. Body experience. So when we are outside the body you know we have proper you know portfolios we have general abuse we haven't we shouldn't these were sold so well but. But when we commune with a body you could almost look at a critical body restricts the could be peace somewhat and then we need a little bit of development you know will be able puke commune type about it but how can the party. The seems to be the normal. Yeah early on that night my mom died should have been a car crash. And I was actually and I saw fire engine urged flashing lights or sirens and it smelled smoke. And about an hour later the police came to my door and told me about my arm had been killed. So. I did not that was maybe I was having an out of body experiences and seen narrow. Or hurt a child is just getting right psychic impressions. Come out. The difficult for me to say we talk specifically quit being you know what psychic impressions quit being a remote. View we need would've beat them out of body experience but about but certainly all of the old are you know. Cotton. Capacities signal. That we have but that's our goal beyond the physical capacity in the current normal beat it more than likely because of your connection with your mother right back problem. That they're really you know traumatic an important event you know do Liu. Tool that's kicked wage console UN conduct proper seated. To help explain a free Robin. Greg thanks thanks for calling you we appreciate you calling in. We have a couple minutes where we have to go to break Louis but I wanted to ask your opinion. Why isn't that mainstream science seems to ignore this. You know I think he's just stop. It's difficult for certain prime piece you know pool pool. Laughs but he did you know certainly we we we get the days you we have this arm protected albeit at national congress Hong Kong corn sugar and we have college professor and you know from Europe from North America but Coleman BB peaking too we are trying to hold you keep create you know a lot. Greater on pencils but you know. I use it should be very new provincial by the old the you know natural phenomena Redick hit. If duke but unfortunately I didn't respond by hand it in play in Pittsburgh human beings and all human beings we have by aspects. Soul. Not quite. It gonna take a little bit I think a little bit of time for me student you know why. They're actually stepped up can be a bit it's making can't wait. Well and I I would someone disagree with Jimmy on that the time because if you think about it in the seventies the government started spending millions on remote viewing. Out of body experiences and it was sort of in what 1978. That the actually yeah it really got into. Don't they and that changed name one point dispensers stargate but they started sponsoring. Spending tons just tons of money. To invest into trying to get people to him be able to remote viewed to different areas she's they'd they didn't not too long ago looking for a Qaddafi. So analysts goes on and on what but. What do you. They're big they are there aren't those initiatives but means between mainstream. Unfortunately field. Welcome back on my own radio Jason. Our justice Louis minera we're talking about out of body experiences before we go back to Lewis though jail I wanted to tell you that during the break hockey called him. Now really. He said he didn't want on the air and have time but he didn't wanna tell us singer that he had had an out of body experience but it was in his body so he saw his body from the inside out while he was having it. I don't really know and any of that I mean. I don't I'd put that he did ask he did as that we share the sweat filled up to two. Our guest is Lewis and an aero we're gonna go regular phone lines Lewis we've gone does Cindy from Wisconsin on the line would like to ask a question. Said he welcomed beyond reality radio. Hi good evening. I had a question for Lou yes yes yes. I have had experience one time where it was halfway in between it's. Sleep and wake king and I am a little sensitive. And when I was and that's what they can hurt my father's voice as if it was a great here in the early let me. And he told me something I didn't catch every word I missed a couple words in the sentence. But what he did was he told me that too. Someone died and I missed. It sets up my can't tell you the name but he's ready you know OK Mary chain's. Son died okay. And down so I called Mary Jane and I asked her what was going out more come to find out her husband's. Side. And pesto way and there was some Daniel along time ago. So it was like I messed part of the words that are coming up her old. Com. But I wondered if that was an old BD. Come that I lists in all on that level or it could hear him like there and that he was sending me a message. Yeah yeah yeah I mean I don't know how forty separate if you Wear but sometimes even if we are just a little bit you know took a couple of being chipped above are all right we are ready very tentative we are radio type of body and we can year though things what an interesting report from your experience could have variously no confirmation. Right humanity he gave you information and not something that you did know before. And I were able to confirm. Reagan that was seen all of and very interesting experience. Yeah it and the local what you may trim off the probably be interesting to cost. That's exactly how old eagle or Coke but the body in the world where. Are communicating with somebody yelled that even though sometimes it may even work to do not equally trumpeted more like telepathy. Com yes the week that the form confederate head how painful no boy code a person that we we knew that he. That play it was exactly like US rates here talking a minute woke me. But as I listen waking up I was sitting between the state of waking and sleeping. And yeah that's where and I could hear him. And when I got myself when I Walcott. I stopped. Am I really tearing this and that's when I lost to part of the sentence that he was giving me. Yes. Cindy thanks thrilled he has Cindy thanks for sharing that with this we appreciated and Louis that's a that's a fine line that's a that's a hard call to make weather was out of body are not out of body. You're 88 yen crosses like loans that are. Certainly I wouldn't be able to say you know all over nobody can say about somebody opens the furious. Very special program it's a great guest coming on kind of a last minute overly excited to have them. Yeah absolutely Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite the actual Napoleon Napoleon Dynamite. And Oliver Irving the director of a new movie called ghost team. They're going to be joining us tomorrow night and I should be a lot of fun. Yes it's going to be a good night and course and I we've got Louis Monaro we're talking about out of body experiences. And Louis. We have a question about these deja Vu from Chris who's up on the road Chris you're on beyond reality radio. And yet so it really does show. I thought I'd vote question I'd but there are at actually back in a match. And is that really hurt but I always say that. Hey jetBlue we're actually up to the every app. And I want to get your take at that. What you saw. OK so he said was you've you've you've always felt that days of the deja Vu we're dreams that you just remember you had. What do you think Lewis. Yet you know about that that's actually one of the things that but how prepared sometimes not even a three bottles sleek and yet not by the experience where. We were aware that type of body and then when we can mean we just simply don't remember the experience which is very common but that's one of the well to beat these obviously they're there are other so so it could very well be that that's what's happening we if you. I appreciate it like that I went to order a good idea that there you know on. I is did you lose it and nobody sleep its app or your great. Opt out upbeat. Alec but. There. Its net and it's an interesting thought Chris we appreciate you sharing that with the you're breaking up a little bit on the phones what to let you go but. Lewis is that something that says comes into the out of body experience Roman all the deja Vu thing here's a just a more dream sleep as Chris was suggesting. No yeah sometimes you can be you know what what he can be a pretty experienced what what happened to start basically loan. Fact or I guess that we need to have been ordered to enjoy William out of body experience and wanting to be aware what we are outlook and the second one he won the com back in we need to be able to remember or directly transferred memories from the hostile -- to the brain which sometimes doesn't happen automatically. So Tim you know being in using some piece of what did you blow it would have been an out of body experience in which the person on the back in and -- -- don't remember what day in one historian could be a personal mixed signals being the the lead or you know in Iraq in -- something you know the person feels like you have already -- that. Actually something that is very common to be used for people who didn't -- well there's still some one hero either party they're able to remember for a -- bullet -- that they have when they worked fifteen. And in 2030 years that memory just simply never made it to the brain but now that they're up to the body with the body that perceived that the remember that and they have support repeal them back with our collection of both right the current one. And the one from when they were fifteen. Okay thanks cynical yet thinks of that for that call on that theory is actually pretty interesting we've got a couple more callers were enough time to take you for this side of the break but some. General well before we get into the break and we'll take another call caller to after the break Louis working people find the book. They can actually find it you know on the Hamas on the old mobile. All to be single port web site maybe that you get when they learn or B you. Book com. So while we learn or B east and the book com and bacon Turkey or direct air and he also you know schedule affect dvds processor that. That's great you're listening to be on reality radio Jason and javy. Six X 660. Welcome back to the program and is beyond reality radio few short minutes left in tonight's broadcast and we've had a great guest on Lewis minera talking about. Out of body experiences we've had a number of people calling in and joining the discussion it's amazing to me how many. A people's shared these types of experiences Lewis of the to bring one more call in before. The end of the evening here this is Lanny who's been waiting patiently from Pennsylvania many welcome to beyond reality radio. Try died. Dario who show. You know look show do you have an experience wanna share. Yes I do this happened many years ago. It happened between my grandma nine. She's no longer duration objectionable years ago what would have happened to age I know I was sleeping but in my street I would wait. And they senior floating down a dark tunnel. She waited and growing. Challenge to war era tend that and this experience. Her hair was down and knowing she had like a white Kelly gallon. And I would like other and didn't turn on that which reaching down to achieve my arm in my hand reaching downpour. Calling for grandma grandma. You know and it's repeatedly calling for her to bring her back. I don't know what happened. That woke me up when I woke up I was sitting straight up in bed I was crying which and I look at that time it was between 230. The next day I went down to visitor. Early in the morning and I had practiced actually start. And it was sitting across cable summer and I shed each Graham are you all right. Did you look tired. And she should actually she chatted. I would do woken. In the morning early morning I want actually be like between two virtually certain she gave a time. And should somebody was calling me and woke me out of my street. She said I got up and walked to the bottom of the steps. And we shelling out dispatched. To see if it was my president that was up that we showing them steps from my grandma. That she was sick she could nobody answered our. And I was sitting across cable and I was looking matter. Not knowing. Can't explain. What had happened to but I wish it was a connection between her and I the night before I don't know that you wish. Are cashing. Or are what had happened but we connect it in the strange actually hurt me. Calling. For her and my dream and she woke up. Now. So where is so Lewis not so much an out of body experience was certainly some type of fans sending you connection now you know. Yes indeed again that they're very difficult to say that it's an Obie probably probably not in this case but Turkey compatible connection but. But the weight beef beef also reminds me you know walks something interesting about the out of body experience a widget that. You can have an out of body experience with somebody yell where people can be outside the body victim how are shares or a joint experience and keep they both come back and remember. The people on the there waiting not only compartment that but also taking a wait that's what Dick Beatty from the experience. A smile bury somebody else with whom you know these can be. Confirmed. Right thanks for the call caller we appreciate you sharing the story I do have a question from the chat room. If is there anything in an experience is someone's reported where they've had an out of body experience and actually. Seeing the world through somebody else's eyes. No no not that I haven't heard but not specific to -- But he wouldn't surprise me if I happen because what happened except when we are outside the body we may be committed to adequate natural way to stop ordering BB Eagles and their peoples and he told that if you are yet seen the world you know sort of their rights and and by the way that that door swings both ways big and also spark Pete for a brief moment will be very strong connection it is they're active they can also start to create a world who are right. So we wouldn't surprised me even though I haven't heard specifically that. In the about a pound. Well our guest tonight is Ben Lewis Merrill author of the book to mystifying the out of body experience tell us briefly. Before we have to let you go here. About the international academy a cup of consciousness. Yet we are certainly large compared to Florida and patient know our researcher side you know we give a year the front -- client this in we basically you know 11 aspect is that research when trying to understand the paranormal phenomenon spectacle camp and especially the out of body experience. In the other aspect east he had occasional aspect where we give processor power over the world trying to help people who develop spare they're skilled so we have altered her seat and again Brookfield Australia Germany on them here in the U in North America in. Come proxies in New York Miami ember. And beyond that would also be able online for those individuals that made dvds CDs where we eat them. You know lock them. Physical pressure so to speak he had not so we around educational. And research nonprofit organization. And where can people get more information about you the book and the organization. Yet part of it that you hit tight piece learn or B you dot com if you speak your form to remember but the fight of the eight feet east. I T he world dot old Archie. IIBC world book org and we are non profit of seclusion. That's great Louis thanks so much for joining us has been a fascinating discussion. And I know that are or chat rooms excited about it in a lot of you help a lot of people sort some things out tonight that was terrific. The gates and they've been my pleasure relates. Thank you thank you very much thank you yeah Louis minera our guest us and we've all got a couple minutes left. Oliver yeah old Irving and John. Header that he'll be on as well and John was from Napoleon Dynamite. Use the polling in Oliver is the director of a new movies called the ghost team. Which is released on Friday. And Stephen I did some cameos and I'll actually be posting. Maybe a bunch of videos over the next few days com some really funny ones as well. And yeah editor and beyond talking a mile the movie moral literature and I'm really looking forward to. And and we get Steve Huff on Thursday. Steve is going to be joining us talking about his investigations and his contacts. That he he's been doing lately you know one being Robin Williams. He claims he was able to make contact with so. Got a lot of question form on that now I've seen a lot of people in Dallas with questions for him as well also home. Libya and espionage and Joes all right we've we've got about a minute left we've got a caller who wants to talk to Jason Terry from South Carolina welcome to the program. You've got a welcome this had about a minute if you've been quick. Let's remember correctly. Yes I am your biggest fan and I think it's the beginning. Ya got that scientific basis and everything down. I just wanted to talk to our about a lot I have in college. And it still haunts me to this state because. I've never gotten. Ticket buyers sorry you know to argue that this person. To it and. Will promote this do this because were or almost that time but just email me email me at and you descent are Tikrit taps Christen in the chat room as well she did to me that to sending email Jason. At Jason Hawes dot com just so while I can answer about ways that when we have some time connect. Harrison and Jason Jason Hawes dot com now prominently Q aren't so great show. Great show and a hall yeah I appreciate everybody tuning in tonight. Yeah it's been fantastic Lewis is a great gassed out learned a lot had a lot of great discussions and that's the kind of kind of program that would like to have your beyond reality radio. Absolutely so we look forward to you'll tuning in tomorrow going to be great show Linda make she's calling for your questions. Which you questions for. Oliver and John hatter. But you listen to Jason and JPM beyond reality radio until my.