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8-12 4pm Deke: on the Saints' first preseason game

Aug 12, 2016|

Deke takes calls about last night's Saints preseason loss to the Patriots.

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A good evening ended dame consistently big ability coming up later in the program a four hour it's basically like a Monday during the season you know what it is academy at this there was that but the guys being. By being a man might be 38 the second guessed at to a doing on today's program because it is a day after a game and tradition that too we do. On Monday he's on either Tuesday depending on when New Orleans Saints. And coming up might be debuting with the entire 6 o'clock hour to get his take it or break down. The New Orleans Saints 34 to 22 loss to the New England Patriots Steve call fall off and so. Hall of Famer. New Orleans Saints great and of course our member of our sports fan fan's first XT Kobe was to give us his take in the 5 o'clock hour bus LSU is getting up. Boy there first big pre season scrimmage of fall camp. Tomorrow and Death Valley Ross diligent and as you report for the advocate an advocate dot count. Will be with us as always in the with the UMO 2601870. You can Texas and 8787. Well folks when you go back and look at last night this is a fair question and we talk about this. We got bodies take deuce just take my U fans they might hear you a's take Steve core Christian Steve. Do our lives and I stay. And the question was going into the pre season game number one. Was a Saints have mom and ought to our ties there was a Saints team that gave his take everybody. Was this team. Better than they wore a year ago at this time and I talking about at the end of sixteen. In the fifteenth against the Falcons in which we one of the 21 to seventeen. But what is his team what they've better than they were a year ago at this time. And I think news by now we all agree that what we had so. Just great in the Saints on the Saints with they had done in two weeks of camp but it first pre season game. They were better. But at the lieutenant last night he coach Sean they would he had to say. I think would come away with a few conclusions. Juan is that. You know stuff has never really as bad as it seat or is it sometimes has never really as good cause palaces it seems or is. And then there are certain things the magnitude of things that take place a transpire. And alive during the game the course of a day. Seemingly out wage some of the things that kind of and up to be big things. Case in point. The saints' first quarter as nine. New Orleans out gained the Patriots Heinz 54 yards to 25 mile total off it. You Wallace had 81 downs to just two with the Patriots. The Saints off it was perfect balance wise team as it's against him resting at us we hit a sex but managed to Rio casino about. Okay. That sounds good then yeah but. When you're hot back. Takes a hand now if fumbles A goes away on his first cared. And in Abu Drew Brees and that was after drew completed a 37 yard pass to Brandon cooks. So boom. As like indicates that it's to. The end he divas does go to wa sex. Grayson comes Ian. It Spurs pass is a pick six. It up I was able Connors they well you know receive that you're right but this is a team game that my golf. I talked about it it's. Andy negated a good first quarter. And what happens. Bulletin a second quarter when you compound. The turnovers. In the first quarter it kind of negated the good play and you look at the second quarter. When Evan missing court well doing in their discreet. They walloped. After holding the Patriots. To just 25 yards Altman's thirteen passing where Russian. The Patriots come back and really do good in the second floor they out gained the Saints 192 to far. Mean I had ten berth then the second quarter the Saints attitude. And the Patriot play clean quarter when no penalties. This thing to a flag three task Antonio it's so again you go back and you what. Took place. The conclusion to draw what was being in what was I guess some things leading up to be being in about it sex now gaining. Eight burst down to 21 downs. That was all positive bone in the final game as it's not bad. Interception pick six in the late in the game it was set a group Disco. In support team and appoint you guarded in all of their points came from Saints mistakes but as the game of football. So operated jaguar paid him what are the Saints a better team today in the war. Last year did Stan the more important mistake do you think this team is better than they were in the season. When may be a man it was evident that you had to be and a people rooting. You go seven and that of 60 when he served. And and you could give bag. I think you could take a lot of good editors Kassim at about. Michael town I mean into Marcus Murphy at times early on a defects. The main office last struggle. Anders he easy easy target and go. I don't gray at left tackle 'cause we have ought to be the best tackle in the game that tackle rob Rossi who was take you know PUP he's ignorant okay. He. Ought to me I'm no expert. Does even like a first round Rampage. There's Andrus peat. But like a first round draft pick. One could all be if you look like a draft pick at all. Last night were only show in some might take the city 7870. Is AP does my heart gobs Audrey Reid digs about is that it might be nice. I mean it that frustrating because he's a gas because of how he looked last year if it buys most of the better he's the ultimate bad. If you get these holes of a better disease the defense. That can only go one more place to be a worse winning go thirty to be better than what they wore. You to Jimmie and some of the same things in applied the Saints. Continue to play. Run of four bow. Stop Enron internal. You'll bowl before last night during his four. With formidable fourth then we lost to two picks. A fumble with force group at a school the second account and a pick six off of grace and two touchdowns. All the report. You know if at all an editor you'd Jimmy O'Grady gave the Saints you good your bag ugly. Which of positive and you naked to a 601870. You can Texas at 878 Sammy a lot to gate to. Coming up on WW yeah we're here with Bobby and deuce had to say some take as aero point would attributes now from him. And it was Chicago but I lot of picks to get to. But do you find your sales may be. I don't know tempering your attitude to whereas. You don't wanna be so negative because history pre season games meant it to me this is exactly what coach Payton won't. He didn't want to have to like drama sundin to cut like it dictates and dean you're a coach famous night after that performance he had to do it and get the attention. They can do showed that there and Angel what happened but I was really discourage it past the way off into Milan look at Andrews Pete. I mean. If he's a star. I don't know where you can had him I really no question is if he's not he's not an asset. Where you had in my ability now mean a pound on him took a moment the first round at the key to step again. To a 6018 to seven Texas eight San needs and he was second guessing we get to. Pair of four we got two full text of Gleason did is to give away. And Nicole ward the coop has contest and the ability this is WW. A lot of floating on loan. Especially down intentional prayers human neighbor the way naught in. Amy. Blue group it would on the greens very area a lot going on as always have into had a VW that come. Governing air with who's a native Amy declared a state of emergency for the antacid and we stand it steer raining all over. So take it out the latest pitches and so much more. Plus it down from just say you know how when are taken Nuys on vacation. And Hillary Clinton released our tax returns with Adonal we had the latest on the election. Nobody can predict. Did your coach on page frustration. Take out. The key takeaways for our resident pros Bobby Hebert Deuce McAllister all online at WW Rio. Dot com 2601870. Texas 87870. Is it takes that. Since you always reply TK when there was someone disagrees though always reply take care regardless of all the time. And business and all we disagree and I mean it's like you know some people are so the and skeen is. It'll be Pete you know to a he's a pro he would he would. Only if you look and and coaches and Michael Vick will be in new people is as an at the first game now. You get in like their fourth of fifth game my coach they needed to Emery is back when Charles Brown was out dead and I'm not from a piece on the Christmas. Joint USC Charles brown and coach exit. I've seen enough. Well I think coach is there and frustrated they've Bears and pushed players under the bus that'll mean you don't job out in the in the film room. The main Kamal if the end scanned this is football Ramon now we've may have been in. As the Michael Rupp who plays band in the corner negatives but a Lucifer Baird spared thank you for calling WW Rio. Equipment in my just a thank you. This and based sold on the open I think Ingram out on wall or didn't commit hostile at night and out of that gets beautiful sport. But it seems to me that this team. Both know how to. We'll build a wall. What we have an opportunity to pick in the game. And but the article on what against the period interception in the and Butler out that little thing called the game probably the same. I'm an old saying can we achieve maybe a little bit improvement cap in the outfield when an award he can't beat. And it's been. Week oh it would play well at that one no quarterback an elite. He got portable field. I'll I'll put the Latin Hispanic I would be a benefit is there or suspect about second or whatever the I don't know I've practiced so it was worth it and there. Well I mean and and that's that's that's the did that take on Vegas Bears I mean I'm I'm rent a call at the one game. You know what they went to was going to be but I will say it is I mean in France they call us and we hear it's frustrating because. You know when you go to an all season. You look at Summitt thinks it hindered you from winning games a year before so naturally those that they enjoy trying to work on. And in the saints' case. More times than not it's running the football. And stop the run which neither we didn't do last night. We have to we ought to cared. And we gave up five or to care. I mean that's. And this is the you don't have to listen let me just follow with three follow every would be coaches we wanna be able to do the calamity who have had to run the football. Well you know. This one pre season game down in history that league is to be Farina. And in TO to Saints can stop the Iran are consistently the run down other teams haven't come right now and it looked continued to run the football. The best way to beat the Saints is to keep the office of the field. Nicky did defense don't. With teams did the last two elementary years and has their continue to try and do going into the NC onto the scene did an otherwise. Welcome rags to riches Sammy and the rest you call us all the Saints a better team today. And they were at the end of last season minded DA's when it's in the attack 6 o'clock hour promising Alfredsson and I'm misty court. Gives us his take on how to land the last night Bibby to be a new sack. It's sport artists I'm the first news and go to Donnie. And welcome back to sports outlets get out to Shell met for Richard Richard goodies and thank you for calling WW yeah. I do and and it's not like repressive and yeah the first one out like about laws but they did get pretty good golf try to beat them that idea ought to you know. Oh yeah I rigid. The numbers in the first quarter eight you know because you can't take it away but the number as they really dominated the first quarter with a two Toronto was cute. Back out but it caught that ball throughout the event on local and almost do you know what that ample. Oh the night game on. Knowing it is. And that way all went in Tibet a bad guy great guy. I had to get the injury report I'm not sure. Makes it not. Go play at all so but you know what I'd be. Into it because talking the good Colts and omni point about it I ought. And quote. And it looked horrible like that people to. Right where I mean you know rich I honestly mean it that there's no doubt about it his record speaks for assembly did fourteen and eighteen him there's two seasons moment. Davis to play Austria the last four years. I'd go all. Out on him not all that open when we have a lot more about Ayala made and I. What do you know they are and you have to think we all go out on a yet they do you know. I got there. Richard thank you so much that call we appreciated. Georgia for Roland Roland thank you for calling WW yeah. Do you can usually do is going on our part I'm good man good I know to let my doesn't look over the Atlanta in the running game. I don't look at where Michael you know number one pact which he had more explosions in 987. About Ingram mark. I know to go out and nobody on on an upgrade what was a quick. Islamabad did deliberately slowed it that you could hand me I don't know if you don't you know what an old line the sort strict attention. It seemed like it was the what brand of ball. We just couldn't do anything I mean. I don't know if they're. Quote one open and are open so open enough with enough for being negated it. It was if it is an initiative they would want me that it would. I don't that the don't give it to get back what you took a well. Ronan every day eight. He he's he'll be the featured back and he's easily easily in Russia meaning the I'm on my would deuce is that he's ought to mean Russia and you know he's the most complete back we got some doubt about Russian. Black and has it takes in everything mental assignments across the board. Now some would argue you know he's he's not any Bynum on he might be hard on him but he snotty about it on. And you know you we got some other people in here. That you know Tim Hightower runs hard -- days the lizard is a versatile back we could get it too young guys have bought in that Murphy looked good last night. Yeah. Mass coach did pretty good last night but when it counts are all top. You need him he has demand mean he's he's the main here activity that. So whereabouts ability and little more like on the but it there. I would think villas and it's villa's kind of in a role of you know they want him to be like the Marshall ball kind of guys you know maybe like that and were you wrestling more to follow but I made more you know pout and moan do more like in tennis public Sproles he would in. Even as he's an excellent back at the bank the year he's not a bad Russia but you know we the you know we need we need those guys at the season. We didn't feel like it here we need guys that we pay money to have good seats. So personally I wrote you take any idea it brought eczema. Yeah it was is one pre season game but he Ian you know I go back in this wood to the coaches. Tristan coach being came out of the gate. Torre said. Its importance is a sense of urgency on the pre season games who wanna go out and wanna try to execute and play our best. Now I will replay coach paid for you last night. Made an issue. Did he sound like he was parties now. He's seeing it day you know when you're on that plane ride home you got to understand what you deed. It ended you are have retained to win the game some of the things it hurts you vs if you did those things as an act execution sometimes. Certainly there was some good things and coached they would talk about that tomorrow because there's no media access at the practice tomorrow. 33 at 6 o'clock now with Christian about reduced knew you were coach Payton had to say. But from in two of the players said last night. And outs of a coach pasted the day expecting him a mole that it was a pre season game that's the model franchise. We'll see what have is from week one to week two. But wouldn't it be nice to go into the season with the team you have a demo and two Russian of Bobo at a better level stop Enron. And we go to rushing the football ideas all right let me just ask the question how many times in third down on short down chart yardage situations. As Spain's do you fear really confident that the Saints don't pick it up. I mean damn you relief but getting go okay brutal pick up his first day. All you confident more time to unite confident. I would be with addicted to not pick up compared to being confident as go to Jeff in Gulfport Jeff thank you for calling Debbie did yeah. A things. It's a lot was probably. The biggest area of concern. Watch especially at the bottom. It's very personal. Want. Like. All. Our our. Yardage. We hit. I'll. Here lit up talk. Much I'll call. Our. Part. They should. First. You can you. Bring him to catch all. This is really the first. All. Your own team. Bit so I. And not think that it. Rarely are top and has a lot of players out there are. Some notable. Really good plate yesterday that there ought to. Israel. Again and so you you'll when UC abuse hold me in like overall as a certain air YouTube you see this team. The evidence exit evidence that 'cause 'cause Jeff. Nixon Evans never started out as slow. You could they be they became the greatest pair of college in the National Football League. Right anyway about our job to judge army was a rookie Jerry was a regular season he was a group we know six. He took over the starting role from the first pre season game and never relinquished it. So he didn't start out slow. Eating in he'd need big ain't the Knicks came a couple seasons after that he was a guy that would add to add Nebraska. At a few college issues but they knew he was last year they picked him up in when he took go boom it was instant. Couldn't remember which one. Spot out of the art you know which. Which are so. When you first saw the practices. Of course. I'll. Talk. To the you wouldn't expect to pick out. I had to go back if I had to go bout wit big debut you media. I'm peaking you going back in in 09 when Jammal Brown went down in Houston. Mario Williams with was the Ian he was facing he went down at practice and they had to put jamaat Busch ride at tackle. In our embrace ambush rod got ate up which are right. From the front net Saturday night bit. Pre season game on weekly Houston he took over and in the jamaat sent to beat contract so. You're exactly right if I think it's Wichita my jemaah and I hope I hope I hope as the case would Andrews be if he could indicative jemaah Busch or I mean that would be also. Yeah. Talk about as far as people get. Yeah yeah. Well. It is appreciate how this. Actually. Yeah well you know it didn't get thank you days they say you know a lot of depth the biggest improvement in a season is from week one the week too so. It gets out of the say you know the biggest improvement the pre season has some. Week one to week two that grant the third pre season game as the one with just honestly the most so we're probably see through and come in May before a couple of positions. But you know again if you take away a bit too Paterno was in the first quarter it was a clean first quarter we didn't having apparently he's in the first quarter of we out gain him 154 points that we get 81 downs he had to. We had to sex but to fumble by Ingram stalled a drive. In the pick six. That was a big deals especially when you hear coaches say we pay close it is an eternal about. And we you're not on the eagle at least be even when you minus one. I mean it's so hard to win it but when you're minus one and you've given up six but when you managed to do given up fourteen. When you're minus Bo Kumble in the year you know going on the united all Madden team could be playing the north Texas. They're not go win minus forty you given up to exit a pick six in the scoop to score. And we talked about Rose these are all professional players from him and out the talent who you draw from is the saint. And the winners they put him to the back of Atlanta pick from the ten improve in the losers they put the front nine. Is a league is that that everybody go eight Nate I'm fortunate to Saints have been seven and then the last two years. Sterling BO marked the rest you callers text me eight Sam gates and they come right back to you the sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports saw. 2601878. You can techsters in 878 Sam the to the phones or go home for starting starting getting a thank you for calling WW Mayo. Based on how are you certain. It's one on that note. What. He was you know excellent job you say you know what. It is being on. He'd be I would ever call it cheating rumors that he and I agree. Yeah we know what they're about stern and you know. Over the course of a season a season stunning you the other seven get like a backup guy. That is as it would like a team that's got up a premier quarterback without doing and any unique situation. But us Green Bay guys at Seattle on Cam Newton. What point is that when you got to back up it's got to start. What are you know Lucas all right you know Luke is gone and Lucas go BR he proved that last year we had a great chance to beat Carolina when he played Mayhew we just we can't have shown their ballgame but yet. The I'm not worried about Luke not you'll be fine. But you know Latin noted here. What they do. That there is real well bowl that you. All the old and yet I went ignored it both ways that arc. People ball on the ball barking and keep your career goal in mind. Equitable and hold it all you know and I don't. You know you'd want him. A proper ball and now. You wouldn't be an involvement what your goal. And black. You know ankle that book now. Yeah granite Randy Coleman look at real real we're all enamored and I think we all of the you know appreciate his his his physical proudest of his size but the you know sighs don't matter if you don't if you don't do Rio. To me really don't on the size does matter and if you don't do and at the end of the day at Butte Uga fan list there right now. If you go to the game to. What would you rather see more balls don't Mike Thomas and Tommy Lee Lewis and Brees need and Marcus Murphy. Out of the backfield and Klesko. All keep trying to. Randy Coleman I think Brennan called his time is it short I really do need to be that big unit physical all supposed to be you gotta do better than then I mean look at Murphy. Murphy across the board just a ball fifteen times ten yards average. The got a guy like Tommy Lee Lewis its smallest thing out there coming he's averaged sixteen point two New York but it's so you know it's kind of like. Is time to move all I don't know how much more time a guy like Coleman hands is based and you think about you already locked in to get top tier guys on. If you look at the Beck in let's say this a fourth through fast. For all you know 34 of 53 starting Locke though before if I make he normally is just a six because guys specialty guy. Is Coleman that in those other ones I don't think so. A lot to get too with second guess and Steve cordial to to break down Alford to land might deviate. Thus giving the coordination why Coke as contest coming up Nixon beat the mark in BO on WW.