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8-12 5pm Deke: with Steve Korte on Saints-Patriots

Aug 12, 2016|

Deke talks with First Take co-host Steve Korte about last night's Saints loss in the preseason.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the team is a relative coming up wrapped up first break we'll hear from Saints have a board Christie Garrett. And Deuce McAllister of the numb to get involved with 504 to six though when he seventy. You can Texas and 87870. Operated jaguar opinion Paul Revere in last night's Saints 3422. Loss. The New England Patriots in pre season game number one on the Saints a better team today than they were at the end of last season. The cast your vote online at WW and I count Steve core coming up later this Al might be to be a Nextel All Saints talk. And a couple of college football LSU peaks of their first big scrimmage this fall camp coming up tomorrow. And over gay when you hear the Gleason blocked punt. The caller number eight. And not and when it way too but it would do would do would do it twice. When you hear a call that it's Steve Gleason on if you call a number eight Bible for 260 wins when you hear it. You pick up on four tickets to go see Gleason and you're in it to win the ultimate Saints fan grand prize. Force and I passes ample closet takers. To the Saints. Game in which they will be without went in the Mercedes-Benz superdome Monday night September 26. All on behalf of Gleason and it is now and flagship station new York New Orleans Saints. WW yeah. There is. I guess over the course that time. You never gotten to listen to sports talk here you get to know who has so you know we are. He was down here were kind of close that they relate to each other about. What we do and Whitmore is in tune close in the pub we do like LSU is saint we CP we hear us talk. In back in the fall the week before. Who we played it week. But it was a week before we played Falcons and you're by the talk about his good friend Mike Aiken and now Michael Young man in the past the way. Well and actress to me that's the part surgery ways it's been a tough time in my hometown. And the last policy. We come and so 1 o'clock between I guess who commendable about 1718 hours now. Because I was told it's ordering consistently about right when panel and it might about me in mind that the men night and he's been steady rain. Mama cause homes in jeopardy of going to war. My children's home is on the war news and all that close and and belongings and everything it just. A lot of people out there you know in my eyes got insurance we'll hear from rod Melvin now he appears president. But his main in in points is the most thanked him and so forth. Well in the end earlier today you know he Cuba with social media and so forth. And you get you know different stoked about we have good news and bad news and I am formally will cherry toughness. Likes and dislikes and it kind of throws to give meaning it in good times to all kind of celebrate and santorum's. It brings together. But in 1986. There was a gentleman by the name Mark Wilson. There was a fullback and mainly high school. And was a 46 years old. And mark was a good dude. And he might me. He never did nothing wrong anybody. Was a good man. Good Family Guy. His wife and I scrambled good brand lifelong friend and so forth. Well. Long story short today. He passed away your work and I was two Odeo he had a heart attack compares the way. At 46 years old and you know we never really. Guess stuff ready never really resonates which until you do stuff like that and I was like Maine and I discussed shall come and emotion Bernard. And I didn't really know and I realize that everybody here do note that much about being beat war you know. About and you know aiming high school or whatever but I say you know certainly second to meet in something and mean. 46 years ago. For. Some idea that Horry ten. It just saves and he was he was a good to be there I mean he was it damn good me and how old ballplayer and a acronym. When I was a sophomore he kind of looked out to me and abuse and reduce a really good dude in his son just graduated has Ku. Animal Wilson junior and his wife obviously I wish him all Leo Burke who remain. Pick Aniston just disputes to you and trust me one thing we learned over the course of time it's come on knuckle fighting motion. If you try to fight in the consume you and gobble you'll put it in anything. So what what happens happens. But done on our day to day palace many. And I fell back to when Bobby lost his friend earner and send me a nice for NY just recently passed. But I said I'll take a few minutes and now on my FaceBook page at put. A pitcher of the year 87. Amy. Warriors. And fold 86 that go into an 87. And we lost in the semi finals that year to Washington. And in the quarterfinal game before. We played eighteen Zachary. And it was rainy night. And I think we have 42 plays in the second hand. 37 of the plays with a fullback that in the in the thirty formal Willis. And he semis now supposed ago. 46 years ago. Then it will put any weight to earnestly among junior I'm. I'll be beckoning me tomorrow. And then. I know people always say that you do so important. You know but I promise you there isn't a market who we. Ohman don't know what to Morgan and hours until he was going on in the world sport tomorrow. Thank speak yet the biggest story in the world of sports at the moment is the Olympics if we're if we're talking about the world and I know that you know football season's. Kind of just start to get started here in America but the Olympics. Going on in Rio de Janeiro right now the United States in the lead. For the medal count with 43 medals overall and sixteen golds as good for first place in both of those categories. They lead China India China and second place in both categories with thirteen goals and 36 overall so. A little bit of a cushion their the United States as as we kind of come to the close of Olympic week number one. Looking at with a slate of what's going on ten night at the Olympics. They'll be handing out bronze medals this afternoon and gold medals in men's doubles tennis. And also in in men's fencing. But the track and field competitions are just kind of start to get underway as a swimming star come to a close while the finals of the women's 200 meter backstroke tonight. The the medals handed out there women's shot put getting started. Men's 100 meter butterfly. In in the pool and and and again the swimming kind of come into an in here as and that's usually how it goes in the summer Olympic the first week is for the swimming competitions. And in the second week is when you get into the track and field and that's gonna get started. This weekend with a lot of the preliminary track and field match ups. And of course basketball is continuing as well that's. A basically a two week long proposition when you talk about the Olympics in the tournament that I that that is it involves right now the United States. In competition against Serbia. And ahead by quite a bit in the first quarter three point seven to play in the first quarter in team USA lead Serbia 43. Two of five so a lot more basketball to look forward to this weekend in Rio. And track appeal get started swimming coming to an end. But it will be a full slate and we'll have a lot to us to talk about in terms of the Olympics all the way into next week. All right mark thank you very much art will come back until we are going to be visiting with tens bloopers president Robbie Millar is there is a lot. Tough situation going on intentional pass suspicion on an author Ian and if you steal rate when I'm told. Nowhere near it to DO water's not arise and has stopped rising and of course and you know we're about cresting but I know that the several you already lost the award is in their homes to lose that time is a ton of damage. And that will get an update for potential partners it's been bad over as his early early this morning and now from what I've toe with good weather a date to on how much more rain is expected. This is sports talk on WW. Is the president of tennis openers joining us now in not taught him Prez got everybody is oh present in every across the state where it's been declared a state currency by the government number with the Jonas now is Hansbrough prayers president Robbie Millar. Robbie thank you for joining us wish it was in better circumstances by a currently. Just jumping in the game and give us what is the current state potential players right now. As could be talking to you the you appreciate you let this couple and that that the people. On that had a real but that was born on in the nearby issue. As you know we you premieres you know was only a lot in all day today. Since last night think it's probably close supportive of fifteen inches in the 1000000018. Hours now and just has just been replacing goes so we have a lot of flooding and I was sixteen. Open down the sixteen was loaded. We're expected to himself likely it looks like the rain is kind of like a little while had a break in shortly drained from well a lot of people displaced. Lot of lot of people you would put there property damage in bloated but. It looks like it's passed some. Big thing right now is that the people of south of the payers need to remember that the move it exploded in March. They're able to plug those don't river levels are going to be things that weren't march if you applauding to keep that they've backed replete evacuate. Go gently your home now because it's gonna happen sometime during the mightn't have been through tomorrow afternoon. The river that's discussed tomorrow afternoon with the problems happen way before crest. Ruddy Witten when we talk about and a lot of people and that's that's a data minutes game there was a torrential flooding and embarked a lot of the season on upon two mayor. Well homes and someone just kind of didn't get their home are back in that that they've gone through this no doubt that alienated. They got a unit we've had people today talking assessment was that they're gonna float again and unfortunately at Potomac looks like it. They should just put off Florida's just been awful last night. Yes horrible situation we feel terrible form but. You know I'd much of them gently even have a house flooded poise and to lose one of them book of notre random Tuesday. Or double apart responded put data because they definitely have to come to. Robby ware might right now is all you have and the call is it people who were trapped him he pretty much stated well I had to get out. OTB have you had to risk. We've we've brought probably 200 plus rescue missions which is I don't know how many people that is throughout the mute the day. And it's on going two more own. From. Outside they need from it would they need to independents and some and Hammond and in the same here that's started the flooding back in March in the quick both Orton to spikes and rotors. But which we just expect that. You know prudent in the into the night sometime early tomorrow morning and that displaying new pots to Robert. Partially east Robert although theirs and probably in the same thing happen. Looks like maybe in the west side of the of the pairs and have it too big of it we have a curfew separate tonight everybody should go home and stay home. You know don't don't they departure fires don't need to be dealing with a I don't need to deal with people just try to leave and travel around. We are probably ten people Trabant toe into the water today that we could get rescue at different times of the day. You know that the put yourself in the later put spark responders in danger is just not necessary police they called speculate if you were applauded in March. You had did back in March. Whereas you please evacuate now don't put our responders but don't put everybody in danger. The Stewart wins that might even place in and go and go to open and clear you to pilot member friend's house. And nobody out should have a yeah broke a note that for a couple of days institute this. Tennis folk there's and Robin Miller goodness the state of what is going on intentional pairs right now there's a curfew from eight paean to succeed him gone from tonight tomorrow Rabin now. Where why am Downey of course a New Orleans or what not were expected some some. Wet weather also we're kind of we'll look back and Jonny have you guys work what can we do right now when what we do is Indy we can duty at. I was a big difference comes with it be nicely storybook. It's really you know to answer for folks that have to leave their homes. You go to a comfortable place to say it would be nice players is always always called pork and very helpful. You know maybe you've been trying to break up in the world about. He's attend though as president Bears president Robbie and Robbie thank you so much and attack would be to open Q are all all weekend alone. Okay thank you very martz that in the best thing you can do going in now is of rape her body in. And those points in that you may remember on back as the Packers saint Anthony's in the imports of those years is. It territory and the footage just back in March and 011. While co workers in front nine out of one dale. You know spam has gateway important part to two he is in the whose family is it's a division paused to. They would Joseph drug tested in the full on several people were upon whose career. Refurbishing didn't carpeting and lows element from the previous to it and now if you're rod obviously because it's political in the naught and they go south. If you floated in March you'll miss out there right now. More than likely going to a again so go hitting get out now and you know on the which orbit. Who would have to worry about that so later he seizes it in nominal risk beating that gave her. Now they go in leave now because you put it in March you will LaDainian I would and then makes a full 48 hours because through the wars I even knew cresting. Debbie did a newsstand is 530 points tampers news we will go to Donnie. Isaac text and it was the curfew again intentional prayers so they're having a curfew. A from dusted on its about 8 PM tonight to 68 him. A intense focus keeping attuned to latest here on WW a amendment dot com and how we can all we got a lap low lab local programming of course in the mornings. And it tomorrow evening a space addition a Saints a Saturday from three to six in the game Sunday especially this in the Saints Sunday. From three into sixth 2601878. Other Saints a better team today. They were at the end of last season right now mean if you don't agree with that. 55% you saying the saint or not better than they were at the end of last season you would probably be in the correct. Because that's what Las Vegas is thinking that they can the Saints are not going to be what they were last year though over on on the Saints is so what seven. Six and a half seven. 45% you're saying yes you think the Saints have better so right now it to Fabrice and you say the Saints on not better than they were at the end of last season when they beat the Falcons are in May be similar. And forty fives are you saying yes the Saints are bad let's go out to Portland organ for mark mark thank you for calling WW Rio. I don't think I. My condolences about and want them it's important once you understand. Why are the reasons why I shouldn't and organ every day. It isn't just because they. But it's because I always appreciate the way you and Bobby. Bring that southern community. And to me out ask close that we deal. Lee thank you. You know there's a lot of old move lenient that the live in the world anymore. That can can understand. How you guys bring the world hole and I really appreciate what it is it is that you've demonstrated. We've shared your ability. With the listeners so that I can have the opportunity to say view. I think that you are fabulous person sharing that kind of grief well the threatened. I think they'll know that I feel your pain and you just need to understand. What you do for me as a new league and close you and Timmy. I've read and read it. We're used you used. And my kids have grown up listening you and it would be from the because of Uga. So. Well mark thank thank you want to know about about it now both appreciated it as a whole span doesn't. You know we're all proud to be from the premier would commit did you Youkilis slice of home every day my man thank you very much it means a lot. Now among where you worry what do you think about last night I know you that it with the sites aren't. Your your take on that and you Montague Tebow with the Saints I think. Some of the frustration that sits in with fans as it is not. We see him being doom and gloom is just some of the things that have plagued this team before that you hear them say as players and coaches they wanna work on it. Way it didn't abandon him and sometimes they are talking about stopping them on and run in the football. Yeah and and you know I hit the crime old you know. I think are as people probably serviceable. Linemen. But I think I made two huge mistake in last year's one. Picking him again and again Colin. Brown. You know I don't know that that some sort of type on anybody. Columns but you know. It took me. Here's a city. With the production all the guys because. You know I mean it'll. Kicked out for number thirteen 00. You know I'm a bit and there are mine it will be at a pot it would chip things and sometimes Mickey Wright and Q. And you know I think that if you pop it back. Problems. So you know I've I'm sure. They the only. We need this problem it. Now there are among imitate some I don't know they don't bully them all look again thank you so much I'm a pass along to. Jamal Lewis and spam I appreciate human and you stand down organ into only anyway out west with. You know. It's the last night as another another reason why you you know usually go in sandwich you know it's you've got sound though his team. And he is Drew Brees without question Steve court who who better as about offense of lamb play. That a formal offensive line for the black and go. Steve O before I think allows some players does what we talked about this some of the things you broke down yesterday what you're looking for which he wanted to see. Now at at UC fourth quarters your assessment offensive line play last night. You know it is yet to sort of put it perspective and I mean by that five year was increasing. Its because I. First and foremost. There are some reliable sides if you will you understand that same time you also realize that. These guys are probably not the guys are going to be. Out there are cool I'm still trying to figure out who they are and really sort of been back to go quite so. You know when you see. There are times you see flashes of good things. That's what it is certainly a he's good things from time to time. Scoping all the guys sort of wild about control which is understandable that especially young players in the you know on the kind of game are they want to knock everybody down. And I haven't been there done that. I here is you know how they execute. You know. And critic for the most part it was a little bit sloppy there's no question about it you look at that because everybody is what baker says that. But all at all that you can really begin to look at their pick and dive into it can't be able to play. I think you're gonna see that there's something that you shine a little bit and it's not all. Need Andrus peat we we knew okay look did to have him move around and knowledge that's kind of a puppet of China found amendments but from a panel they gave us a really concerned about left tackle. I mean Toronto is taken out the PUP I mean we got one of the best. In the outfield so we're good there yet but but as far as heat concern. I mean Steve if there was any guide it did should chose to meet some good strides from improvement in any may care. But it. He struggled what is it about instant is each created is if the world is it technique why why's he in India this is is normal for helmet to to take as while to would you. Well you know. Yes and I don't mean yeah they should be but I think time I think that. Any there's guys mature at different levels and goes off certainly. If the point for different guys and in the I thought that they're peaking at last year but he was overweight. Saw. And the game look too big for him last year and sort of removed except score here. I thought it would be in the group with this year Agassi he's a better player than it was last year. And I think they're. They're. You know he has grown as a number thirteen being on the first round. That's pretty lofty position and and you'd better play you better start I think they're trying to. Sort of I think you're trying to force him into the world it gave giving him to the need to think that. It is if he's artery you know find the spot to settle down and don't give him the job. At left tackle. For the same time they're trying to evolve reps or possibly get. And so I think it's perfect piece on the left tackle record. You play at left tackle for the walker play left tackle because you need as many reps that you brought here. Doesn't matter where they. You know to try to break him down physically he's it's kind of a man. And I just don't understand why you're not physically stronger. That I don't I don't understand that. He's got good feet quicker athlete. I think he understands the game so like you know like him more in the battle. But he's not firm enough he saw. And he's got to get an attitude I don't understand what you're wanna go out there and restore it to people because. Manitoba on the football that is. And at the song playing in my ears he in the net better topic to lighten love could do they look for one football. And when they begin to do that. And you see that he is not able to do that very effectively. I worry about that. Steve now you know is is only one pre season game though we know with our team and work on there when the cleanup. No was that incumbent to Christmas night they went around the football and stop the line. What what you need to transpired and I'll go back exactly which Steve quotes him as my before you that the studio and we did camp and kick abuse it the you practice you play like you practice so Steve you know what has to have these next few weeks and often and like. Practiced it's when I can play good it's oak. Yeah. Who looked at they've got to continue this you know and I ask you say you know could be in there watching your owner Artie you Barrett or prologue. Narnia and I totally icicle and I I'm more I I did better I think the abetted DEB yeah I beat. And and I and I still think that I really do it to our debt and I think that. They have to continue. On that on that same pace. And they got to get physical and those wraps up there there's got to be designated reps during the practices. You know the next few weeks is that because you're still training camp. I'm ready to go out there and he gets physical they need to step told. I mean it's an attitude. Run on the football attitude everything you've heard me say that many many times before. And look it's it's like anything else to equal out there and you need practice soft and you during. You can't you can't go out there and all the sudden just slipped switch and become you know on animal. You'd have to actually practiced like an animal if you wanna play like one and and again as the I've at this point. I think they've made strides. I think they have made positive strides in that faction that is don't think that they. They certainly don't need to give up on now. And certainly need to keep the gap. Adept help press this or they can't score board with this because there's no better current roster or practice the running game. And we can't write that we have not colonel down. You know the five spot them where they're you know under guard spot in the left tackle guys are like a go to spot. And everything else and me is sort of just sit there wait for. Somebody coming into these positions of these doors and say look you know who want response. And right now. A quick open here don't you. Man looks the you you you need to see man on most pretty spot to the net today yet. And me could be a combination you wanna set and ran but I mean I mean. You know it it's uncommon for a team to go like dead but I mean that steer it might be a third a full week for you really get settled in Oahu that of those spots. We may may have ever be settled really it's right over to mean sometimes it just takes that long. But by that confidence in the gonna work. In a situation where you can count on each and every week. But that he he certainly could be they play sloppy at times it really quickly talk about Cuba. You know 66 and a and then out you know. Fumbles six cuts that. And and that's not gonna win anywhere so they're protect the football Albert I'm good marketing in the order and first game like that. I'm sure that that's good about interest several weeks so. It is certainly an element of that and guarantees they'll be. Still an amount that they want to probably more delicate subject remember that now don't ever do that. Leave court. Former sane off into Lamine fans first take our co worker here at WW ST take you so much for the time brother we'll talk over the weekend. You're the Belmont. All right coming up a lot more to get to hear on sports talk. Congratulations to Jason Bessie he's going to see goalies in three guess he has put to good to go see the great Tim Gleason. He's also in doing that great Saints fan grand prize tackle for us the club ticket temple a silent dances. The Saints beat down of the Falcons on Monday night September 2 point six. Now gonna give wait another four pack of Greeks some tickets in another chance is someone to be in on their ultimate. Paying grand prize pack later in the show when you hear the Gleason highlighted in. Beat Colin number 88504260. Wins final four to six or nine point 67 and you'll be in that number. Whether New Orleans Saints fair to the New England Patriots last night 34 to 22 in Bears reports agree in BC coming up mark with the New Orleans Saints picking up a veteran defensive back. That's right NBC sports is saying that multiple sources are are are saying that saint. Signed veteran cornerback Cortland Finnegan infineon 32 years old. He played in five games last season for the Carolina Panthers this will be indians' fourth team in four years but. He was one of the best when he was in his prime into the first team all pro back in 2008 when he played for the Tennessee Titans. He recorded five interceptions in both 2008 and 2009 for the Titans he's got eighteen interceptions over on his career he's played in a 133 games. So could be a nice veteran pickup if you still got something left in the tank want to see how how the Saints wanna go about. Incorporating him into them. I'm mark thank you very much mark how to be picky but we don't social media to follow me at mark Menard thirteen on Twitter here is it takes very good six and locate I agree with his birth. They can remember here in the same thing about stands Coen took some time for him when he turned out pretty good and the analogy but Andrus peat. You know what their press is exactly right it was if you go back and remember it was a very crucial point in time in this done and comes career. In New Orleans he was a draft. Off coach has been. And he was coming in off an injury out of Georgia. Very point you were coach Payton took over if you remember it was uncertain whether Saints are going to pick is boys in the draft they were at number two. It was a spot on the cozy Houston repeat Reggie Bush went number two they were a few players there were released three but the Saints about a eight. You remember. AJ hawk so I'm back. Mean there was the defense and I'm Mary Joseph Williams and eight offensive tackle by the name a D'Brickashaw Ferguson. However Reggie Bush dropped out of that because of mayor Williams just it's all worked out. And it wound up being good. That's a great ticks in a good point and look if Anders beat it takes a while but he could develop into a solid start like Jon Stinchcomb was. I think at this point what we've seen thus far we were all we would all say OK that's that's a very good return mean that is what you might see at first rounder. Will we see in right now it would be. Are a big ability at this is sports talk or WW.