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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our team is our time in Russia and from a great with the New Orleans Saints Deuce McAllister. Are. Team is also. Moment nor insane great quarterback in the Saints hall of fame. Bobby a bad gonna get there and take into tickets and have points and recap what they've artists arises today's by Google brightest of the Greenbrier West Virginia. And also coming up a lot of sound to game 22601870. Is in them again involved you can text as an 870. 87 as you heard India players there are a rookie defensive lineman. Stared in rank and that break and if they've been it was going to be Alpert four weeks about four weeks. I guess you'd say in the end they'll go from there to see where young man is in nets and that's not as bad I guess is that we heard earlier kind of a collective sigh of that. You know it could have been worse it could have been a situation where it it was hey. We don't know but it looks like now for five weeks though you have in the pre season into a few weeks to get him up to game shape and then he'll be ready. At the three days to digest the saints' first pre season game was the saints' performance good bad or ugly it's operated jaguar opinion poll you can vote online at WW you know. Dot com where they had submitted themselves a pretty much it's a comment too hard to move the pendulum so to speak from a numbers standpoint. When coach Dennis Allen took over we did see a couple of big performances down the stretch of the season including holding to opponent. To seventeen points in two victories over Tampa and Atlanta in two of their last four games of the regular season. Dennis Allen came back as an assistant last year became defense coordinator and that he has attire to himself. Coach Allen spoke to the media today about the defense of progress and what he's seen thus far after today's black and go practice. Cause a daily process trying to get better trying to improve. Any aspect of the game I'll focus on today. It's been trying to do this is so long ago when did you. It's kind of hard to say. Maybe what I what I got my first thought actually doing it against really I felt that week week after week. You know you the confidence from initiative ability over and over so. So once I got my legs under me when I was gardening. This week after week kinda felt more call to. That's. It's. And it's been good doing good doing good conditioning corneal. John Mark Russell technique was getting in the groove and office the flows. Oh while working as units those trying to get back in the same. Same group with the as the rest of those guys hurt. Feel pretty good feel pretty good teams do not gonna Rose Bowl there's idealism. Tussle and so. What he's seen you play next September we'll got a group. He Sabres. No it couldn't believe you handles our. Thames whose critic on myself and as a good thing. He you diagnosed everything he does try to work to give us. And I mean you gotta got a guy like that those trying to give it is no way he would he won't so. Mean the fact that he's so hard on his so few words to get better our guard got all the faith. Toronto that you. Eagle. It would take tires things that I yeah so low as much time elation of my guys who have. Yeah. That's the guys made strides in this offseason home whatever reason he's learn more about the game more experienced Russian he's. He's he's each own challenges. He's incorporated some some power it was Pete Rose. A cigar were with a lot off the field. These. He's improved. As. Well. That's him that's as the and they these days ago. These are Mota since he walked in these. It. Anything in it. I can do to help any team mate in this same him telling me something emotional on himself and we all decided to. Much of us forward part. He's been improved a lot he's been as they worked really hard any technique thing I see I kind of incorporate in my game while Philly could help them I'll let you know and he's alleged to help him even beat him him. Yeah I'm I'm kind of like the third most experienced on the whole line is. It's kind of funny. It's that thing that already. Among them who would I embrace it a lot of young guys might be a lot of courses any I would work with anyone else. You. For sure for sure the film room. I assume the other guys what to do what those guys. So we're going a small details that need things. Watching practice. Picking up on defense look at that other teams so. Yes and it's my job Islam is all I'm doing. Just let them. Real great here what what is this so this you know experience here been like this year it happened there. Haven't been out practicing for the first couple weeks. I mean just watch him and me going through this is one of the it's early but I think his best of this thing we've trying to count we've had this we've been coming to. Energy and got the defense defense fund who got me enthusiasm and experience. Mean is it's nice fellow out of the way our team is. We've got some of you honestly you can feel. So it feels like the good to me who uses. But guys that. But decided to much doubt the best my ability whatever that is we'll have a coach. Any player in the news do those are the best Bob Owens. And Eagles. There's only to back years. When you run or. Pass. Friends from. Say. Trailing come much and I didn't and physical sport and when they were when I rim sufficient force one. Trying to coaches like. That was made you sick today and he was expecting me go look for us. So far away so you got a few weeks. Analyzes the bad ones you know and everything would. Please think you know you. Look I think the biggest thing is I think their understanding. The way we have to play. The effort intensity physical illness. With what you got played a game of football. You know defense I think is probably. Maybe it's a little bit different mindset and then maybe what most teams might think offensively that. I think that's it that's the biggest thing and the courage. It was almost silence you. You. All well look he's you said the word I won't see improvement you know I think. I think more consistently. We got to do a better job fitting up the run game more consistently I thought we did pretty good job in the run game and then also and we missed that Ron and their explosive wrong so. I think what you know limiting the the explosive plays. And just see us be able bit more consistent one. I. Yeah look I think all I think always you gotta. They'll pay attention to the flow of the game you know win and so. There'll be certain times it that. No situation might dictate that we won't bring pressure and then and there will be times that. We got to sit back and play zone coverage there may be times where we need to play Forman Russian place man coverage so. You know I think it's really based off the situation of the game and in. And that's what we try to do. And we've done so many turnovers here. Well look hey you're you're not gonna get takeaways and every single game I mean that's that's back to life. But. I think the key is is that we've got to continue to. Stress the importance of taking the ball away and and you know that's what we call takeaways and not turnovers because we feel like that that it's our responsibility in our jobs. And that we were in control of that and in not the offense to control that so. You know I think it's it's just us continuing to distress that in. And I think if you play the right way and you play with eleven guys. In a run in the football the right way it was the right type effort right type of physical play. I think those takeaways we'll come. You we had opportunities. You know and and we didn't take advantage of those and we need take advantage of the opportunities when you picture. Look I don't know it. We just started call it that in in in. Makes sense to me you know I think. I think when you. We have saying that we use and and in our room that when you begin to blame others give up the power to change in and really what that means is you're in control of what happens to you and and I feel that way and in football feel that way of life. You know you make you make your own breaks in life so. So that that's our that's our mindset that's our philosophy you've. Hurt us this. Well look I think that's all part of it at the end of the day. You know it's players going out making plays and my job is put him in the best position our job as coaches is put in the best position. And and and make sure that they understand exactly what their responsibilities or. But look they got a lot of decisions that they got to make battle out on the field that you can't make or miss coaches. And there's opportunities out there that you can't. You can't make the play necessarily for. But but we try to do everything can put men in the best position then and now. I've been encouraged with with where we going. You know what to this point in I think if we continue to play the way that will play and I think takeaways while injuries. It. He seems explosive player he he plays the run well we please pass well he's got an ability to get to the quarterback. So what I think I think all the things that we saw on tape. You know it Louisville or saying things that we've seen here so. I think Jesus I think he's good player or. Well look it. If you won important level that we drafted him with the twelfth pick in the first round so. So you know I mean he sees it he's a good player. But he's one. Our main guys we're gonna keep on defense point five point six guys on defense so. You know. And you 50s50s. If it's any significant injury I don't know what the what the situation is Sean Hollywood would know more about that but. It's next man up. In you're gonna face adversity. Throughout the season nobody knows when it's gonna calmer in what form it's gonna it's gonna happen. All right but but if that's the case it's next man up. Thanks guys got to step up rise up and and and and played that same level so that's our mindset. Yeah probably. Anke and this season and you know plays right. Seed from them on film. I guess in terms of areas where. It's better we. Well look I think with all young players that the first thing that jumps out matches just. You know the recognition of what type of plays you're gonna get before they actually run those plays because. Every time the offense breaks the huddle there telling your story we got to make sure were read the book we got to make sure we understand. There's certain as a corner there's certain routes that. That you don't have to cover based on formation and splints. You know there there are certain things as a safety that give you a you know run pass indicator out how tight I need to be to line of scrimmage so it's really more about just. Getting the reps. So in the formations. Siena plays and what to expect. Rather than reacting to a little bit more anticipation. Yeah I think I think anytime you get a chance to have a veteran guy in there that's that's got experience it's been through battles that has. And understanding of how offenses are trying to attack yeah I think that's obviously a loss mean. The biggest pluses and the veteran in there that can kicking to win a place you know going in in so. I don't think we bring anybody into this program. Just for a veteran presence. You know the primary goal was a bit. You know the guys that we put out there on the field and what make plays and so that's what we're evaluate with him and in he's a nice job at this point. There. I think we're more athletic than probably world war at this point a year ago. You know I think. Well. Yeah we've got the ability with with with the old guys be able while matchup with action it in tight ends and so. That gives you a little bit more freedom as a signal caller to. You know to do some different things were you might put those guys in coverage all on backs and tight and so I think that's a that's a positive. With a lot. Yeah I think anytime we get those guys out there healthy it's a benefit to us you know me. So yeah that's been great and looked and l.'s done a great job throughout this offseason program. He's changed his diet he's done a lot of different things to to try to helping. You stay as healthy as you can and and so I've been. Extremely pleased with that I thought he had a hell the game the other night some some some great snaps in coverage. You know and I think he's been set up the run very well too so. That's applause. There. Outstanding. Outstanding I think he does does a tremendous job he's got a wealth of knowledge. These great players this week. He's able to you know you talk about veteran presence and veteran leadership on me you get a guy that. You know was an all pro player. And and he's got a chance to come in and and import some of that knowledge on our all our young guys I think he's been outstanding. I'm bomb extremely pleased. With coaching staff I think they've all done a tremendous job with a really young group of players. They've done a good job of all of installed in the defense. And coach in these guys in in. You give them the information that they need to know so they can go out next you. But yet not so much information that we paralyze them would too much information so been pleased. It's. Well I think when you look at that at the game of football now mean the team Josh right now and in and it's a little more. Basketball on grass you know I mean that they're trying to get athletes in this space. You know and take advantage of that so I think the way the games movement now. You I think. Haven't speed haven't atlases to home field. It is gonna make you better defense. I thought it was solid you know will go back and watch tape and in NC where see where it is at the first group did pretty nice job. Looked like they got in a couple times and you know its second group so we'll see it look what the goal line short yardage those things are about control the line of scrimmage so. You know we'll see that we did us. All I've seen a lot of progression out of him. You know he's not the finished product. But but I've seen some some really good things obviously apps he's worked a lot on this past Ross. In the offseason he studied a lot of the top rushers. And in China expanded his repertoire of moves. Which you can rush or quarterback but I think probably when I'll look at it. I think his his ability to deplete stout running game. It has been probably the most adverse things that. I don't know I don't know where is that. You know but. Here's how you handle injuries as a coach you knew ball. And that's the only thing you can do we're gonna play sixteen regular season games this year no matter what so. Our job is we got a job to do our jobs to go out and win. And whoever we have available to us to go out winning games that's what our job is and will be judged whether we win or lose. So that's how we look at. Are they SA's defense recorded Dennis and has been to the media proud that we repaid for you to run on stint saint left tackle taken time out and come back. Can I gas out of today's practice and also gonna hear from a saint. DJ Williams who's having a good camp is one of those that as it last year. Made made an impact on Lisa's place in the guise of the fans and those of the coaches. Enough to go to me entries in this and a pretty good camp as well be about mean deuce recap on how PGA has done thus far and we from the and is worth. This is sports are. You're listening to WW. Already jaguar opinion poll right now to slam nog has at three days to digest the saints' first pre season game may 3422. Loss. Do the New England Patriots it was a Saints opponents good bad or ugly. 43% say ugly nineteen cents a good 58%. Say bad that he can cast a vote online at WWO. Dot com ways come and is expected to play a bigger role from a success standpoint this season in year number two. With the New Orleans Saints here is Saints defensive back PJ Williams started the media following today's black and go practice. Seems like you're really. Real yeah. Like you really starting to understand some. Rob. Accommodations. Your ball commanding and make plays is just how far you. Progressed. Oh yeah that's definite thing that you learn over time it is learning. Different rock concert scene where you're lined up and when the fall off a rod and stuff like that so. Thank god definitely learned that. Over the strained calf and if we get better. They got on at a pretty good this. Again a lot of reps definitely always good for you essence been healthy so. Definitely used the word might say need. Just get a feel for with the force he was in how to play different routes and stuff like that so. Definitely a lot of technical things. Looking to get better. He means. The season game. Yeah I think he's out first game so far enough again so it's definitely good in the good yeah. Those good hands. It felt great. Kind of like being back in college. Definitely a little faster. This makes you know age in. Pretty much know those things. On the run and stuff like that it was definitely fun. Like pretty. Much. Yes always always things you can correct. A couple of pretty we've got some little things well I had this feeling things and stuff like that. That work on but definitely I'm working on those things and but it means. When you see a teammate go down. Like my children today you you went through last year look what goes through players' minds. Religious. Open he's okay so. Never once it played in. Everyone. Every one of the things they had this long process. I'm serious hopefully he's OK and then removal. Do you feel like. You have to gather yourself and because ultimately got them back there things you haven't figured he'd rather than others though now. Lawyers say that just fail lot it. We see is and then you know got to move on to in this place of this guy we we came down to. We've seen for. Yeah how does that help. Or funeral. I'll keep going against him he's going to. Practice. You could get in the U receivers and they see now that Texans team. Oh. Oh it helps lives just. It didn't see different receivers. Different looks different offenses different quarterbacks because I feel I'm going to guess. One of the best quarterbacks in the right now every day so you know I've made some plays on them. So on just in the different looks. Seeing how different are receiving long Iraq's they got some pretty you receive a list of definitely can tell of those guys so it was always good thing to see stuff like that and it's just if he looks cool. With the competition like to do you quarterbacks need certainly got a lot of guys in there. You need some serious rest. Oh man we. Will close. We are pretty close and we are lucky sudden stuff like that so we get exotic scheme we are helping you tell them. Is looking to get better every day so. Obviously lot of plays out we just there were. The difference against. I think he runs. Pudge is really. Where you help is. For us further. From the nickel. Got in the fifth save the a lot of farms and you're close to them the sense that you got to know you can play him or we got a little hole. You have the outside stuff play then namely outside. Pretty much locked up no help almost solely on knowing that and they also zone concepts you'd. In the box and a lot of times got us quarter forcing. Forcing the ball inside stuff like that so is lot of little things but bizarre. It's all quite a bit. We're definitely on my came out of college I was definitely. Real physical point values let it come up and things like that. Now this folks you know my job in and don't gospels do every. Every place so I'm definitely got a last coming in. All right that is PGA we have exit you know it's a second third time that he spoke this a training camp. Bobby your thoughts on DJ Williams quit where's where's here grow what what does he best served as an in what did you see out of him more have you seen having him those phony to believe he's improved. Well that only improve I think he's the number two quarterback right now I'm positive they'll grow I don't know we have cumulus. With him. Being hurt so he's improvement we need to use them to. He had a nice pass break up against Willie speed and he's had a number of nice pass breakups but I mean. You know can't get a few more. It was handled the ball and get a few more picks. But it actually the only thing but he looks like he's playing a lot more a confidence that that's gonna go a long way. You know you knew we had doubt. You know to run arms that in that in it view. You could see to never quit he's hit it left tackle you've seen anabolic beating and his feet left tackle. With that doesn't happen again it's norms that Armstead. That it Morel wants dominated at a volley. And then not so good in how we keep focus there right guard. Theme nick fairly the beat actress beat pretty bad. And 11 at right guard in. Look at another one that stood out the big goal. IE of I don't know how to pronounce his name by never do but he beat the league till that actually courage because. Now which held that rank it being down oh hopefully he could step up. You know maybe I take that next step but I think overall. The offense that beat the defense the last two practices. Scores. When you go from seven on seven. The team drills when everyone involved I thought. Often does that advantage over the. If you take out. Several seven. The defense well yeah yeah we'll have put that in that in the past plays that I mean is that Rose 7 NEWS or B and you know they'll pass thrown right right right right yeah look at it I like Michael Thomas in the three. And at just different eat you know stepped up at the fifth nobody calls me alive and now. The laryngitis. By the majority wicked day at the end and nice pass defense where coaches were really president. And hopefully that continues where we are calling me. He rarely rewards screen he was older he he he he was all over the screen and you know. Couldn't really inhabiting it definitely one what 11 thing about TJ Williams and he can spoke owner. In his interview Bobby and in the and use it as well. His ability to understand route concept could rise today on it hero on will he didn't take into the ground but he came off under the receiver. To be able to break that play right you know until that like the third or fourth time we have sought you know. Com off another receiver to give me and all of a player that's going to you know just a constant up and he see in it and understand and in. You know like he's if he can get it handled football being picked it off right when he sees and understand those parts of the game is slowing down form and you know it's becoming a little bit easier for. Because you know he's still the more you can do well you know and not only do it responsibility. But he whose responsibility plus of their forty help in the defense so when you have the old concept. And what you responsible for. The Unionist and route recognition that you double that jump other routes and cheat a little bit and they come over plays in. If you attack quicker now only pass that ended with you get an interception right. That's our resident pros by BA BA Indies in the count to give me dictate. On PJ Williams and of course the black and go look in the game now this week no rule of thumb is second pre season game you see a little bit more of the stores how much more of course will be in today and snap count. But again this week data I guess I would imagine reduce it kind of depends on you know what it is a Landon obviously yeah. You know coach O'Brien coach Peyton hand what did look in the get out of this practice and you know it's it's kinda used to be were to meet you you know we can't wait suit by now and it's. And looked at that time is money any kind of scope for knowledge they waste in ribs and so full of this stuff these Shonn is look down upon a senior home. And I would imagine do you know what what takes place you could obligate you meaning the coaches you could give. The majority of probably what you want out of the two practices and be like hey I've seen in the off Estes does get a few rips in the game but. I'm very had would to where we got in on the practice field earlier in the week compared to pre season game. Well particularly young players on me because statistically young player that's an opportunity for him to be able to see some different looks you know traditionally. Houston is have been a base 314 you know and so for us we don't see a lot of 314 so to be able to work against at and view of them I was nude Sri Darryl. And figure out who the less guys going to be you know is that gonna be clowning or is that another. Individual that that's player like that that down backer he can rest sometimes he drops into into space or in the flats sometimes so. You know for an offer to lie on the allowed back to be able to work at and you know on. He had to move move around a little bit that's going to be do it and then for them to see route concepts from other receivers and work and won awards and you know just here in different calls and making adjustments that's always do that so the games are obviously important because it's going to be you know more. It's no control but in that practice it if it's controlled and they know exactly what they wanna see. For referred for battles seven and you know it's it's 98% of run the ball you know he may have one situation Woody throw it out flat to fullback but. For the most part. You wanna see it's you wanna see if you're blocking and and who goes there Simon's so. There is different objectives in practice and is more control and games are going to put everything together. Well what's gonna happen I think is gonna be like you know 11 it would mean that O'Brien award as he could open the Patriots. This could be like the practice that against the Patriots I don't see any Scoble like the last that we in Houston. Jeremy Shockey. The fight with the linebacker. Eat. Rhein. Yeah if you go around yes I don't. I don't see that happening at the closing rate is tough fight it almost happened today. Account through art Harris CP I can't crawl on a slant route. Plus two ultimately find out I lit him up in court you are just threw the ball land and by bills that all right all right you know. And the farmers say I agree with me because I think if the tackling drill it right right and the really hit him but did he throw down a Ingram as though Archie it's through the ball and you might seize that Matty is that Texas but the practice that things are gonna happen. And I think Barry so the Patriots is that there you cracked the game notes that any. I think Thursday can the Saints win their price is that mixes. Friday Dave reporting you know I think we've very similar bit rainy practice the Patriots but yeah hopefully we took former high level Thursday against the Texans. And it Saturday night in Houston. All right come back from a bout some op pro Bobby you made Deuce McAllister would be to set the double covered sports Samoa Chris Canty bout. This is saints' radio WWL. And welcome back double covered sports in more Christie Garrett into about a bet they've got a lot coming up on the program tonight. Thank Corey token about the Saints showed Rankin did Hendry would does that mean for the Saints defense. And saint deepened accorded Dennis Allen they'll get on that and use same boat what he did. He would do about the kind of her for an airborne numerous media days. Remember it's in a row you think that Rick who were there will be broken all of that coming up tonight on the program thanks so much although one of hill. Do without group also Chris Miller on the news nine time sports they have. All the folks have been dealing with the flooding and so forth but relays information go to WW dot com and of course everybody back home. And not drop there's anyway I'm from course limits and same lane and of course my home pass attack a hole. Be safe you'll certainly in all grades or Deuce McAllister and Deke Bellavia in the present relays in not alive decade Emma and the senate allowed you to use him. As always John Buck that he can and Bobby a day.