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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the New Orleans Saints. Practicing but the third wreaking about a week for you think about it didn't into the real acts in the Saints. Pre season game no one is in the books on next to Houston Texas this weekend in Houston that come moment wrap up the regular season the following Friday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the game which obviously is mean the games. Of the pre season that means the most to the starting lineup for both clubs and then there wrap up the following Thursday night. Against the Baltimore Ravens in Saturday September 3 the first extended college football that's when they get down to their mandatory. A 53. Teams beat their players who clears waivers that you sit your practice squad in the and we sent the game week. Sunday's intimidate them in the Mercedes-Benz superdome the Saints in new pick up against the Oakland Raiders. Why did the New Orleans Saints had difficulty running the football players to vote online at WW Kodak car and taken in the bag now. You had a chance to really kind of hear. You France take. You talk to folks on the phone there was it now is it. Of down magazine street Bubba so. Says on gain good spokesman. In the heck yeah if you wanna find out what Stanton in there weren't a street speak out toes. So to be. And really get that back you can kind of like it at the Bob shops. You can hit the as the post offices so it was a good place. Isolated you'll find people common around and they go on the talk about and boarded by talk about. Now and Lesotho and about Hillary and now I just move alone tactic enough enhanced in the morning February but he won in Oakland but that's just me. And I've heard a lot in the last few days I've heard a lot of I would assume that the people who adjourning negative on thumped an apartment on the negative after what they sell. From the Saints in that. People who always positive going to be no matter how bad it's that as my team ambulance and 60 Burnett may am. They starting sixties him out of his sixtieth OK man is man. They did in nineteen numbers support. Yeah people like that. And in that kind of like. Again as you say makes Saints people winning the Emeka Saints appointments and they may be negative. Where is that I'm Mike Massey. It's a that this team has not improved would be he would not be correct but. This aided if I've seen sent in this on meaning that the that they have been seven in nine. Don't that they statement is kind of one on the this one Rios sent him one right down the middle. And where we all are you probably have an opportunity here with other people mistake but now here commuted the pin back on these. You give it did you have you changed. So to speak I know a lot of times. From sitting here watching the game miss in the game I'll sit back about BC's National League teams. I'm gonna studio liked in the game and that's been here. By having Steve in the back. And then we'll kind of meet for about a quarter beat the field with him in in the game. Bodies take yet to gain would the coach Seiji here with the players say in the all the callers the email of the sixth. Social media and in you know in America and it's and seen. After that. You know what is the national media things in unless the nasty mean he was covering when I'm telling you is that this is just follow football. Would have a crew is designed for that brought you might be fox. In my BC BS. But. It's day group. Who's the color. Who's the via openly about play the San report. Everybody knows and I'm sure there are some people but it counted TV all in. May be wants but it did it cherry pick their watch and how lights. Am. They're kind of like in the field what is it like he has seen Danny boy everybody has value with these same as you. And I'm the point and I'm trying to convey eighteen years of its campaign is it your take your input you'd have people who follow things and issue. I've had a more valid in this and in the national media. And I'm telling us where I'm hole and believe it because I know you who called me show watch all the games not just some. And there's no intern and there's nobody handing you a sheet of paper it says it's aces expert Stan sentences is when all and you know they do. Everybody's got dale and said numbers don't look they may go to journalists in eagle rushing on this immediate. It's dangerous for cars and the yards in his voting. But they might not know that on one run Mark Ingram had 82 yards and on another on less than Vasco head sixty. So outside of two runs that went 41 party we got Arizona runs for 30. You understand why I'm coming from now same thing people look at numbers but they don't agree on this story. But now you've had a chance to sit back and Hewitt everybody Agassi Andy change in my on this in the team by Baker's yeah night he made some valid points on offensive line. Not so much two ways like. On issue of Cody anything. Makes up in the openings Houston and his Pete but I mean that's not his spot. We don't know that actually is left tackle for us is legit. We've had some good and attack Kosier when you think about. Jammal Brown was a villain in when Jamal went down two months ago boom right in there. Name based there jamaat I mean there and it is just to. And you talk about again it's you know be all pro probable for quite some time so we're all right and it's. Where does pizza in as the guard. And they want in the stock. Vehicle bay. The start of game you know they see eucharist is his eyes he says Seymour himself and and starting on his offensive line. Is he one of the best I've ovitz and on goes it's an. Deep you know do you kind of goes look at it it. And a guy like Pete antsy men and in a column brought this park tonight they take this is to be. What about a guy like Stinchcomb that you know what that's an excellent point. Jon Stinchcomb when you think about it talking about. And cross routes and need to comment put episode tan in 2006. We've gone through it all season okay. We know we're the number two pick. Everybody and their mom is like is the worst kept secret in the world who is number one a year Reggie Bush USC's go all way to Houston. Okay so the Saints possibly have four players can pick at number two. The four players that hectic and at petition to. Because bush we all well and I was going to Houston right okay. Was. Mayor Williams. AJ hawk. And I'm back. I Ohio State. And D'Brickashaw Ferguson. The offensive linemen whom at that time would have been isolated. Probably at right tackle may be your future. But right. Because. You still have brown. On him. Chris Brown went down you know in him in and year to year three coach. But because register an out lap and part of that was predicting have a penalty for radio talk on that but for Jon to get an opportunity coming off injury. And the and he's not downright sad for several years. In the exact knocked it down we talked about basically you had two right tackles since 2006. Mean you could go if you Google position where you get two players in you know 1011 seasons hold now once spot that's also. I think claimants and what sixteen quarterbacks in the last twenty years Cleveland Browns so. You had a chance to kind of Beckett wasn't his attitude doll was it as good as you go or is about right what you kind of against UT paid to a 60187. You can Texas dates and its intimacy or from here from Saints coach Sean Peyton some players and coaches coziness Allen spoke to the media day rooted in an interest in. Branyan river ridge. And you too and he Bellamy it would go to 8 o'clock tonight. Sports talk and that's what Christie Garrett NT Bob Hebert to go. And welcome back out to the phones we go and escorted in and Davis and yet thank you for calling WW you. He did we got a good idea what the statement and the most exciting thing I was start defensive lineman. On the football team in the back the little stuff about this. Whether there was obviously some hot points especially early on I mean there was one time where. Mechanic caved in on both lads out though Bobby yeah Bobby in on the other sack the scene did a good but there was a good listen to middle you know to to into defense alignment attended pretty good in the there and I Israelis it had its act on it second one that Kassim he's been system all but. Yet there was it in this will be kind of talked about it you know if you gonna get at the quarterback you know the best way we might be going into the two got to come out of their pocket Anthony's yet. It's not that good if we can get some type of play. In tier defense of that's to make all the difference because. Yeah I think I you know Bobby induce him what we've seen this thought they did pretty confident we we've got some mass some good guys that indicates again make a good. Good nickel and Emeka good you know four man rotation and second evicted two corners and two safeties. O. Line. The great defense that urgency that the business that are in the top five you look at the Broncos Carolina. Yet. They get asked that a opposing quarterback night with a you know fan at all blitz him blitz that though if you blitz consistently in the NFL you gonna get burned I tell. The great quarterbacks will burn. And even got a great quarterbacks we try to blitz very auto. We've played the Titans he was like seventh with that in. The deep pit does that exceed and are amongst the best. Can get after the quarterback the comedy that we get a that a quarterback would reform and rush and their winning and at seven guys covered. They have seven guys that coverage so. When a quarterback seeing that you speak up or branches of the tree junior what it would afford to try to complete a path. Both quarterback at this level they've been hit and how to protect the quarter they can hang in there. So when you're out now blitzing if you know where equal with the blow it's one on one coverage. That's why when I look at LSU. The golf that little edge that got 8 o'clock it started Dublin departed in the rowand. There's no way the quarterbacks and I'd be successful it's a little one out there make the throw. You should be Akron that's why I'm telling Rodney that he truly succeed. And he had a high level that you pick him that you blitz but the form and Russia thicket that report to the pulled the quarterback in disrupt the. Deuce gone back to southern I want to talk to a few moments ago and then we kind of got sidetracked but one thing we talked about is that we had they had their moments of the night but today in in the tight quotas in and I guess it's eighteen and Angola and you'll take on what the offensive line did become a physical bought a practice. I mean at I think it starts would. Pad level I mean because if you two have critically short yardage and goal line situations. The gonna get knocked off the ball you know everything happens quicker as well only because you know you don't have as far as the run run America's you looked a little bit more. You know today was an issue or situation where it was like hey look we run the ball. Regardless of the front and to see how how how how we manage you know our team not no knock against him but it's not built in that manner you know we're going to be a team that. Maybe flights out of hiding him or you know look. Column and it'll throw the ball won't we get closer that the U war two yard line demeanor may be a situation to where we're gonna have to get an at retired answer would fullback running back and just try to figure our way to manufacture. A first down or a touchdown so you have to have any pads it's not something where you have Kyrie. Birdied 45 plays a mean but for us it's knowing our personnel will we'd like to do bits and being able to go out and execute. Well I thought he could do though I think this would agree with this and the you've seen enough things football. You know restructured. Is it do you know we've been noble 13 down often the last eleven years ahead of Patriots. The Packers were party happens in the 47%. That is un believable. How many times we see it if it's 31. We don't play action we passed that you pay it because it's almost got electric. We're not going to be smash volley when you play. You don't think the days are over we've seen that touchdown goal line run. Against the Eagles and a full well what kind of rugby place where we will always in the end they'll but it made me. Well I would bet that that would that bill I've played. You know that when the two guard two guard and it felt like a fictional Iguodala from the sixth until what will we have to understand and it is one million personally. So you know as far as upfront. You've got good run blockers back great you know and sold exploit a personal note a part of it is. Know who you play the immune because the run it right you play against Carolina or or someone that has big defensive tackles you don't want right there. I really running against the wall. I mean yet yet you know who you're attack hit it what you can do about it made right now the way we structured. And I think you kind of take its the grind it when you have that. But we had the bad you'll caller in NFL Wendell question what they were noble Lola car on the exit REM well we don't have the sake come and welcome Carl hitting sixth and Jahri Evans right now it hit the go nowhere near what Lee is open it angers me. Can right now be a legit starting all it took or that Max on repeat council. They communicate with actually going to be between two veterans. I treat them act so there is no reason why it was speech didn't have success at right guard left guard I don't know he might not to be on the team yet. Who readers a look at how would kill a month in the of the though but right now to say that rob what's that line is gonna win game any game out and run the ball on the on tape that ain't happening. All right command more from Bobby induce and it take it today's practice those who gave the can involved. WWL and his time is 530 to have a first news and we will go to Christmas. They're welcome back it's time now or deuces do deuce focus and all want to play each day training camp and Sparky by Sanderson bombs. They practice days and goal line work there as well. Deuce is new Deuce McAllister who is there one dude it stood out today. 260 is that they were let's get the brining in no river ridge on line I want Brian thank you for calling WW rip. Oh. All right well. Actually we're yeah are in common. You know the world war talk about but it basically we already know what he's throw run all. 01 reason is because. Where were you ask first all. And what happens is there oh win when they get down in the game it is no longer able to commit to running. A update. We rarely ever replace guys play Rome Jahri Evans. Conflicts. On what they leave me a little success with it and grow that effort who. Mean you know we really haven't had success running the ball well. Okay. It with a question now brand. The old one era in the city's Central London well. I guarantee a guy he in the in the group all of what what are some you wanna see take place. From week one to week two improvement wise. Well realistically you know it was like a potato. Established the run that would not have been in these. There. I got okay Brian sounds good talent you lose 6018 at the you could Texas and 87 the insanity it's time now for deuce is dude do spoke zone one play each state. And training camp brought you by sentencing on deuce so if you do to get. Thomas horses. And you know. You would you wonder why it partner. One here at the a's had announced in. He has been. Really on the ball really really well he didn't get off one of his discipline in the game. But I think with Thomas. Being on who's in north hilt this year is definitely make a difference for the Saints and offensively when you think you'll won't be beat on. But when you have to. For him to be able coffin corner order view of European team. In fact their team and it's out of fifteen. That's going to be critical for this team to make opposing offenses Eagles 8085 yards etc. so. Today he was able to skew our probably Rome. Probably at least five to six pars where they had. I'm at least force it goes warning maybe five seconds. So he's going to be critical with having him healthy. Is not only help defense boarded deftly you held office that you note you can probably do a little more aggressive in some play calling in certain situations now. Oh reduces dude posted by Sanderson Farms recent each week day. At 530 fast for more of a resident pro Deuce McAllister insights on the black and gold by the. Yeah I was fellas. Does that. What you say that you know the Cubs at the play your smarts that one of the best putters and NFL. But it does come and play what we have to pay him to meet. What I see the consistency not only at a Pro Bowl level but all pro. That what you could see lead in theory of the IP he's had that conversation. I'll directional punting I can do the Aussie punt where looks like kickoff. Patrol even normal public hang time in the direction. That's why he calms the balance. You know when you sale it would it would actually can invest in upon. Mean when you have a great players you keep a great putter and figure things out. With the salary cap I think their approach. That it's all hindsight now. With Derrick Rose you know you always would get rid of a player. A year to suit there a year too late. But Darren Sproles is what it eagles' best players. And you look at OK and he just kind of experience yet please it was he worked four million hell he might have been word eight million. So you look at pick and choose who you pay. And that's why to me. Would Morse there it that he deserves this contract with authority salary cap low. We had to let him go and all that I said hell though a city he's at a high level amongst the best NFL you keep that I've put our sailor. There was a reason he hadn't made you know all all pro. As a partner and then you know he probably had his lowest numbers last year and Els because he was hurt deliver that but I India to the with a quad injury and the other part of it but you have to consider. Your putt your punt unit should DC that would more stiff for probably the next 68 years you know until you because partners of that I get hit they can punt forever and Osi not to whereby kick at all that they moved it up and as they changed that but right now you don't have to look like you can hear right now are you don't have to worry about kicking off so that's a Lister is and where her own lyrics oh. I mean for him he just has to stay healthy and be able to the you know produce fills. Ford have 52 hang time NBA with to a coffee and Q core you know Corky can be a good pin teams inside the team in the fifteen. 2601 eights and it's go to good John John thank you for calling WW well. Hello John thank you for college sports talk on WW it. You guys did that about Bert. Well the like go on on that are not well. Yes that yeah we it. All right you've seen hitters that are on that because I got it. Yet that is that are out there currently can't help. You be on the we. Anywhere and here we get in Packers. Here wait. I've been around and there's. No. That's go I guess there's no sense I don't know on the net today. From what we were told yesterday did not turn it officials McCain. Legally come out and say you know hey we. Week in week we want Jay Leno but did it again is Michael Leighton mixed at -- pays presidency yesterday's inaugural tail somebody. The doggone save somebody and there's a lot of people had been out there doing that. So hot out I got I can't I'm not saying I'm not terminated by deuce. You know at saint would be Bellamy is say it but look if you if you wanna go out there and try to save somebody. No way also wanted to use some going out into as they've to be. Wendy key got to understand as well you got liability that's gonna come in the plate. If something bad happens I mean right as the one thing that you don't want happening is let's say that someone passes away or you know you're not successful in rescuing someone and the and they come around in and try to blame. Deke Bellavia in his rescue crew you know there has to be some liabilities that go to someone. In that situation and any other part of it is. Obviously if you ever had to deal with FEMA you know you have to be activated and have to know that you've got to be reimbursed. For going out you know obviously. But Hartnell to go out and do it and it's the right thing to do but at the same time you know. Be willing to. Be liable if something goes all. Oh absolutely need it you know out and know a lot of the but it com business of being here. People who grew up in fish and stuff then that. Then now waiting on somebody to tell him to go to a certain police and the beavis and a point people today they just they they went out there and they did only because again no government agencies go say. Oh yeah we needed to have beat us exactly from what do see it because they can't it's it's a lot and I've been involved with nobody nobody can keep you from them going out there on your only trying to say you. Say somebody's life I can promise you and has been there's been a ton and it and I'm not saying that you know we're. Alan I think I had a out of all of the states you know as much as we kind of got put a black now on us for the that it happened back in July. There's not many states they would have as many people going around volunteer and saving people. As it is a state like is best in the southern states because it gave people hunt down in the fish down here. And it got the equipment I mean they've got to resource to jump in again on these big boats eagle save a lot of people we talked about Saturday in a matter of fifty minutes. From the time it takes you get from about punk and senate. The junction I don't fit if that we turn and you try to go to band roots. It took that much time for him to shut down that watery and handle a thousand people will without people stranded. On that strays between 55 and into bad route when you turn from you can you go. North oak 55 toward Mississippi or you go back south. You go east to slide dale Winston band roots. It took about 45 minutes in the show at that. Watering it down of people got stranded so when they hit you and you hear the AP here and say do not get on a Rhodes because we don't know what's gonna happen. That's that's what happened sanity and thousands of people were stranded only in a state in the Kaduna and had to sit there. We did at that peak you don't let that happen it is that amazing the human spirit are human curiosity. Now is that is that. Okay. So times Perth all of this that there's a vehicle fire appear to. Let's go see it afar it it's like it's amazing how people one of view. Even though you might tell him don't go near it disaster that you can hinder. What we tried to accomplish and as he was still wanna do it all in it's just human nature and I I just gave the fiery battle because. Then that I seen a number of people. And then. I know in the past. Couple accidents. Where that they were racist though firing and got it back car wreck your because because they were going to see that that the five alarm fire Europe or whatever it is saving. I don't know does that curiosity factor human beings and indeed they wanted to go see what I. Here allowing them days and about what what you say it what would Jennings did I know is that it was telling me is this week in our family is indeed. What they AD it in order to like that you know somebody might say while I was gone seem on with some. If it wasn't somebody that was just being rescued all you want in a rescue boat. It didn't matter who you work if they were on the road era they were right tickets they roach let me take you said it was all in hand and him once people got word amount MacKey -- road. They they got off the road because like you see it how many people are trying to get to a certain place and go hit somebody but they got people cites the right in those fights the putter wrong exactly miss save everybody first. I will come back get John in only Sherry and the rest Acosta got him Saints coach Sean Payton. Became involved is coming on next bout is take today's practice. Less Ford announced New Orleans Saints practice and it does a few more left the West Virginia donated eight down and take going Houston and some practices. And also a game this week in it before they come back to the Big Easy for the third most meaningful pre season game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this is sports talk when our resident pros. By being a bad Deuce McAllister on debuted a new era. National. And welcome back that's been out to Busch area on I'm going shared thank you for calling WW ago. I hear about this that trauma that I think is good samaritan and allow some of the ones that I had a child out. And I'm. Now how many times he gets exactly right. So how are they should look. No stay and they. You put it is Wednesday I say this is just my my take. People I know from where I'm from I'm as a whole area Amy. Been out when I don't know by determine the ghostly somebody. Am not not and somebody's admitted doing on the government to go to me to say some and not do that they can't do that an issue all. And government agencies so if you handed devices all the equipment to go save somebody. In. Don't wait go do it destitute wanna do because no I said did he always you can find out what kind trading area of people law it is being need to be seen everywhere. Right now especially me mr. pace in the band roots. And get get to go because I can promise you it's it no no bodies don't call you into a oh we need to we need to commit to knock on new candidate. Right I agree. I mean I have an idea that they're. I dietitian Jared do you have any people that you know that are. Related to anybody gazillion in a hard hit area. Oh yeah my card and get got eaten and James Barrett shouldn't be a war. So and BJ get Chile mine fortunately we're trying to figure out how we're gonna do it. And that Nancy Jay get in touch that the impact. Right right where you know in that the phone thrown it phone service has been. Tennis gates you Boeing you know about who it well or technology now of course Katrina were just so long owner decade that's one thing yesterday when I was doing that before file hours it. In that area of the you know. Easy Davis and it into you know the east impart a bad route is around Miller veal O'Neal. It was the one thing he was say do it nobody could get their cellphones and this goes so even with technology now and it. I guess you know word amount that a little school phones as the best way to get a hold somebody because of cell phone to a warm while working at all. Well the one thing that's one comment. By what the hell that you have to be competent. And he just that you might. Bowl. The you know how to really operate that will unfamiliar territory Yang you don't know I knew quit. Yet all of a sudden that got me art is anybody's. They let that you know what you may be involving rescued in the medical rescued him via that you don't hit it big problem if you complicate matters though it. And I think that's why a lot of times and all waiting waiting. It if you really handle it what you're doing and you involved with the time riske and you Finley with the waters that you live on the water. David Gale you need to come on you with the I. That's all that approach I think it. A lot of times the reason why maybe you know adding curt implored people to get involved because you know wanna complicate the situation. Because they don't end up make it where'd you have to go rescue you even though you won the hill. I'm I ended no doubt about it no doubt about it and of course we will continue tonight and that was as can be a mix. Of a Christian anti bout tonight they'll be doing double covered sports in more but they'll also be talking about the north. And the latest row closure school closures fully floating facts everything is available online at WW rail. Dot com come back on the clips that would have put the can involved also fourth downs and also are settling in this sounding drink Saints coach John Payne. And defense appointed Dennis Allen this is sports talk radio on Saints radio WW.